THE SUN – Archangel Oracle – Divine Guidance



The Sun, from the Shadowscapes Tarot, by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, artwork by Barbara Moore

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Sun, from the Shadowscapes Tarot, by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, artwork by Barbara Moore

“In a flare of liquid gold that pours across the sky, the sun rises. It is the brilliant star of day, banishing the thin and wispy light of his night bound siblings in the rich glow of dawn.

The King of Birds emerges from his slumbering roost as the morning mist rises in hazy waves from the dew dampened ground. His feathers gleam iridescent under dawn’s rosy palette of warmth tinged light. His companion mounts and together they set wing across the lands of their domain. They glide across the valleys, hearing the songs rise from workers in the fields. They soar up high and taunt the mountaintops with an elusive brush of wingtips across the upper peaks.

The denizens of the day trial in an entourage of avian delight. They pour across the sky, trailing after the sun in the arc of its journey to the western horizon.

From fallow field and verdant vale,
from sun=bleached shores with diamond grains,
and moonlit trails that trek like veins
through mountain, river, past the end
where sky is but a ghostly veil
that to Beyond transcends…

I summon all the winged kin
from this horizon to the bounds 
of what is dreampt and all surrounds!
The voices of forbidden songs
will spiral through and center in
to fall where they belong!”

Meaning Of The Card: “Enlightenment and understanding, glory, achieving prominence. The constant renewal of life, vitality, filled with radiant joy and energy, invigoration, and good health. being full of assurance and confidence, a clarity of vision and purpose lit by the clear daylight. From the times of ancient civilizations up to the present, the sun has always been a symbol of life and growth. It has been embodied in vibrant gods and goddesses in cultures throughout the ages – young and glorious and brilliant, full of vigor and blazing splendor. The strength and power of the gods pours forth in the nourishing glow of the sun.”*

OOOh all those birds and each with a different medicine to offer. Wisdom, healing, mystery, purity; and they are all leaving us with the gift of their feathers, a sure sign that they wish to work with us. Notice that the hummingbird sits on his arm, signalling joy and a lightness of Being. Be very aware of the birds who come into your reality today, whether alive and flying in of their own accord, photos, articles, songs or otherwise. Be sure to take note of the species and look up the meaning or animal totem. There will be a very special message for you today. Watch for feathers too!

Finally we have the sun… more than a light a the end of the tunnel. This is about life force, vitality and strength. New beginnings, fresh starts, warmth and life affirming energy. Bring it on! We so need it. This is not the energy of the scorching summer sun, but a message of the gift of the energy of Light itself which we cannot live without.

The angel signifies health and healing, courage and confidence, and the divine light within us all. It is a reminder that we each hold within us the divine spark of Light which can illuminate even the most dense, dark and hopeless of energies. It is the light of hope.

Find a moment today to turn your face towards the sun, no matter the weather and give thanks. Know that there is opportunity coming. A new month full of possibility. The last quarter of the year. What else is possible? How can it get any better than this?



~Archangel Oracle

*Shadowscapes Tarot, by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, artwork by Barbara Moore


5 thoughts on “THE SUN – Archangel Oracle – Divine Guidance

  1. Beautiful description of the Birds and the Sun! Thank you so so much!

    Hummingbird I see in pairs and often their babies at my home. They love my hot lips red and green sage. Lately Praying Mantis, who look so human up-close, have graced us. Skunk is also one of my guides and she or he came recently too, to visit our 17 year-old cat, who was transitioning. And Fox, he likes to tease my companion Dog (my favorite being).

    I get as many pictures as I can and enjoy the zooming-feature on the phone these days. I live in rural north bay CA and there’s a lot to see here, so gratefully.

    I believe Bald Eagles are not usually found here, but I had to pull over a couple weeks ago, as one the size of a kindergartner had sadly been somehow lost his life by the side of the highway in Kenwood, CA.

    We also find Seals in the creek near our home, we are 2 hours from the ocean. Gaia, more than ever, I trust her process. And I also trust that we are all creators. To me things unfold as we create, on a collective and personal level. And it goes from there.

    I meant to just say thank you so much and I had no idea Barbara Moore could not only write, but is one talented painter, draftswoman! Wow. That’s a beautiful Sun card. I always thought this deck too complex for me, it’s officially on my radar.

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    • Your comments are fascinating RachelAnne ♥ you are so fortunate to be in close proximity to nature as you are. ♥ Thank you for allowing me to share a glimpse of your own life. Much Love …. ♥ ♥

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lakshmi that is so kind of you to express to me—thank you! I have been told I need more action in my life, if I do it will come. With wildlife there is not much missing though!

        It’s so interesting because as I write to you near my mom’s old Lady Bank’s Rose there are tons of birds in it and flying all around my companion Dog Boney!

        But today was totally amazing! The divination was spot-on! First thing when I went to pick up my friend to go to Alemany Market in SF we spotted a big Vulture and s/he let us very close!

        I know that’s a bit dark but that’s what happened and it’s nature. I haven’t had time to think about its message for me yet.

        Then when we got home this afternoon I would have completely missed this had it not been for Boney alerting me—but there was a Quail hiding in plain sight in our old vegetable garden just observing us. Again, it allowed us to get very close.

        Next many more appeared

        It’s interesting how different they look from different angles. Shapeshifter-type beings!

        Anyway—here it’s only 7:30P so the day isn’t yet over, who knows!

        Have a wonderful evening or day Lakshmi!


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  2. Wonderful RachelAnne ♥ Every day must be magical for you and I love reading about the birds and smiling about you needing more action! 🙂 Wishing you a beautiful new week in every way ….. ♥ ♥

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