Realizing Our Sacred Purpose – Part 1/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Nepali Princess Bhrikuti


Realizing Our Sacred Purpose – Part 1/2

I just had an experience which validates the Universal Law of Sacred Purpose and the value of studying the laws.

I have to say as prelude that Kathleen has been helping people find their sacred purpose and is much of the inspiration behind me studying universal law.

Meanwhile, I’m working on a book on the laws and just yesterday was editing the message from Sanat Kumara on the Law of Sacred Purpose.

As a direct application of that law, this morning, I realized my own sacred purpose. And the result is in fact transformative (I’m in the midst of that realization now).

I was looking out the window this morning. I’d gone to bed early and was up early.

In my mind I was talking to readers who had written in and were tired of waiting.  And I felt the tug of entrainment.

Why should I hold on? I’m tired as well. I haven’t had time off in years. Why not just let go of all this?

Move back to the Downtown Eastside, where rents are cheap. Retire again.

And suddenly, in the midst of this imaginary conversation with the readers, I found myself saying, “I can’t go. I’m a pillar.” I will go down with the ship.

And immediately … it would have been as if an earthquake happened under my feet. Rumble. And something in my life that had been unsettled – probably, what is my role in things? – became settled.

I’m a pillar. I’m here till the end, to close the door and turn out the lights. I’ve known that for years. In part 2, I’ll give you some of the evidence from Archangel Michael, but I’ve known it intellectually. And now I realized it.

The whole question of what am I doing here? has now been settled.

What does it feel like to find one’s sacred purpose?  Well, I’ve gone through several stages of recovery from childhood disassociation and each stage is accompanied by a sense of emerging into greater clarity.

The difference would be similar to being underwater and then being on dry land again. I see more, hear more, and can endure more on dry land.

I feel settled in a way I never have before.


At Cold Mountain, we’d say “I just arrived.” And in a way, yes, I have.

I’ve just arrived in my life. I now know what I’m doing here. I was told before, not saying I wasn’t. But now I know it as a certain thing.

My experience validates what the law of sacred purpose points to: That we have a sacred purpose in being here and a lot depends on us finding it.

You can see how much has altered in me (whether it lasts or not is another question).

And I did not do anything special to realize it. Except invoke the universal law.

There was nothing fancy or ritualized about the realization itself.  It was as if someone whispered in my inner ear: You’re not going anywhere. You’re a pillar.

I’m living proof of the relevance of the Law of Sacred Purpose in restoring balance. And I’m living proof that finding our sacred purpose can be transformative.

I’m being drawn more and more to the center, to the balance point. (Universal law is about restoring balance.)

Having lost my short-term memory years ago, I now, at this moment, am losing consciousness of the everyday world.

I’m in the moment with it. A sense of a burden has been lifted. I enter a space of increased ease. Wow, some things are incredibly easier in this space that I’m entering. But I’m losing touch with words and with the world. I’ll have to break off.

If I don’t write these things down – being in the moment – I’ll never remember them.

(To be concluded in Part 2, tomorrow.)


Nepali Princess Bhrikuti

One thought on “Realizing Our Sacred Purpose – Part 1/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey. It encourages me to keep looking within and try to live from my heart and not my mind (ego). God bless.


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