Everything in Balance – Part 1/5 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art by Olga Vercholamova @ Kai Fine Art


Everything in Balance – Part 1/5

I’ve just had a reading with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon, a scheduled reading, in which we discussed post-Reval and related matters a fair amount.

The old paradigm is to play our cards close to our chest and not discuss our business strategy. The larger the enterprise, the more secretive we are.

But that doesn’t help very much when we’re doing something as new and unconventional as building Nova Earth.

I discuss my business strategy in these next few posts and disclose the conversations I have behind the scenes with my co-creative partner, Archangel Michael, who is co-creative partner to many, I’m sure.

In the five posts, what you’ll hear are conversations between him and I, some of which he initiates and some of which I do. I don’t usually post the laudatory words he says at the beginning of our exchange, but understanding the depth to which a partnership like this goes is important, I think.

If you see what’s possible and get that you too could be in partnership with the celestials, then we will have done our job because I think one of the purposes of our collaboration is to show other lightworkers that the celestials want to work with us.

On some occasions he’s said to me, dear friend, do you know who you’re talking to?  Yes, I do. I don’t call him “Lord” for nothing. He’s unlimited in what he can do and he’s the one I serve.

Finally, he’s so intimately loving – and he only lets out as much as he thinks you can handle – that working with him is the best part of Ascension.

Serving such a far-sighted, open-hearted, gentle being is a tremendous privilege for me, one that’s open to everyone.

These are Michael’s unsolicited, introductory comments in a private reading Oct. 18, 2017.

Thanks to Dana for our transcript. Linda Dillon is the channel. What would we do without you, Linda?

AAM: Greetings, I am Michael

Steve: Greetings, Lord

AAM: Welcome, beloved friend, brother, ally, steward. Welcome to this precious time.

Yes, we are always together. In some ways we are like Siamese twins! But it is important and it is a gift on both sides, on all sides, that we have this moment in time to converse.

We have had many such moments. And some you may recall and some you do not. It matters not because it is like a family. It is like a sacred partnership. It is like your [sacred] partnership with Kathleen in some ways.

When you live with somebody and they say to you, “Would you like a glass of water? Would you like a cup of coffee? What time are you going to bed?” you do not remember the depth or the enormity of that exchange. It is part of cohabitation and what you sweetly call “life.”

But the fact that there is such intimacy, such knowing in those very questions, in the harmony of existence, in the ebb and flow of every day, is sacred and beautiful. It is an enormous gift. (1)

So I do not come this day to ask you if you would like a cup of coffee…

Steve: At Starbucks!

AAM: Yes! And it is not, by the way, on the forbidden list. (2)

Everything in balance. Everything in moderation. That is how one proceeds in creating Nova Earth and Nova Community. (3)

It is paying attention to what is truly important and that is what you have been doing, by the way. There is no distraction of bringing energy – or the energy of judgment or criticism – to that which is not vitally important.

So, yes, of course I have been fully present in our conversation of yesterday (AHWAA, Oct. 19, 2017). But for example, it is not important whether you have one cup of coffee or two. Now if you’re having 12, that is interfering with your own sacred space but the discussion about that is not really important. (4)

What is important is, “Do I wish other people harm? How do I proceed in the creation of Nova Earth?” So it is putting the attention and the energy exactly where it belongs. (5)

You have been diving deep and discovering and rediscovering and expanding enormously your joy of the spiritual understanding of how things work, how you work, how we work, how the universe works. (6)

The outer shell, if we can call it that, of the daily news (and we do not wish to minimize what is occurring in the physical realm, particularly with Gaia) but that has not been, and is not, the source of your joy and peace.

So what you have done in many ways, and what you are doing in many ways, is bringing yourself back and that is very important, by choice, by free will, by the assumption of your divine authority, to what brings you joy. (7)

So it is not born of a frustration of, “Oh, there is not enough happening” even though it [the world?] is in many ways collapsing around you. It is born more of a joy of seeking what is truly of value and important to you and to your journey. So in this, sweet angel, I commend thee.

Let’s stop there for tloday.

One of my roles, part of my sacred purpose is to serve as Everyman. What he says to me, he says to you as well.

He can be in a gazillion places at once, fully, and yet you can hear how he relates in one place to his “partner.” Anyone can be his partner. Why not you?

What a joy it is to serve such a “Mighty One.”

There’s so much else in the reading that’s very helpful and I know by the way he talks when he wants me to share what he says with readers. So I’ll post more excerpts over the next few days.

Thank you again to Linda, who makes it possible for us to hear these things.


(1) Michael, who only briefly inhabits forms, as both Kathleen and I have witnessed, appears to be projecting his consciousness into our world to “know” our world – trying it on, so to speak.

But we angels who inhabit form have the actual experience. We are angels in form, experiencing “life” in physical bodies, as was the Divine Mother’s plan.

(2) He’s just anticipated a question I was going to ask him about the source of my weight gain. Is it Starbucks Frappacinos?

(3) Here, for a second time, Michael is answering a question on my order paper without me asking it.

Ostensibly answering my unspoken question, in actuality he provides me with the basis of a business philosophy.

I intended to ask him for the philosophy beneath the individual universal laws – that’s what my original question for this reading was – and he’s just volunteered it for me without my asking.

Everything in balance. Everything in moderation.  Those two sentences speak volumes. They hook up to the laws, which are all about balance. They are the essence of the Buddha’s teachings. The balance point is the heart, which is the Self.  That’s all I need to build on. Thank you, Lord. I can take it from here.

(4) It’s true, but not important.

(5) Exactly. Do I wish my actions to cause harm to other people? No. Then some degree of vigilance is required by the nature of the work. But attention needs to remain on what’s important. Another element of a basic business philosophy.

(6) “Putting the Puzzle Together,” 

(7) Research and writing bring me joy. I’ve moderated and redesigned my post-Reval activities, in concert with him, to allow me a reasonable amount of time for writing.



Art by Olga Vercholamova @ Kai Fine Art


Birthing New Earth @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Birthing New Earth–The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie



The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Within this NOW, multidimensional light is traveling from the fifth-dimension seeking to share itself with all life. Hence, every being – planetary, galactic, universal – and yes even human – is consciously or unconsciously experiencing this light.

Before we only experienced the fragmentations of the third and fourth dimensional light, but now the light is coming into us without that fragmentation into the seven different octaves. A chorus of unconditional love and violet fire accompany this multidimensional light.

The beings of Gaia, meaning not just the humans but also the cetaceans and the members of the animal and plant kingdoms, are consistently creating tunnels of Light. These tunnels of light are also tunnels of hope and unconditional love.

Unconditional love is the antidote to fear and darkness.

As these light tunnels open up from the body of Gaia and journey far beyond the third dimension to collect the fifth-dimensional light and love, they also serve to create a healing force against the fear that is forever trying to increase its impact.

Hence, these frequencies of fear are beginning to dissolve under the impact of the multidimensional Light. Those that have lived in, and ruled by, darkness are afraid of this light, as they fear it may end their life.

Because they have not meditated and because they have not allowed themselves to remember their dreams, they do not have any awareness of the light and love that is just beyond the fourth-dimensional Lower Astral Plane in the Land of Faerie and beyond.

Therefore, these lost ones think that they can only live within the third-dimensional reality and fear that it is coming to its conclusion. Actually, tunnels of light surround them, but their frequency is so low that they cannot perceive them.

These tunnels of light have been opened by the members of Gaia to welcome in the wholeness and oneness of unconditional love and light. This multidimensional light and love is first moving into the areas that have opened the portals.

As that multidimensional light moves through the portals into the core of Earth, Gaia accepts amplifies it so that She can emanate out to the surface of ALL of Her planetary areas. In this manner, Gaia can share Her expanded light with ALL the beings on ALL of Her surface.

Since this higher light emanates, not just from the higher dimensions, but also from the core of Gaia, beings that have not been fortunate enough to be in an area in which there are opened portals, can also experience the higher light.

In this manner, everyone can experience the higher light that has been so generously shared with Gaia via the myriad open portals. As the awakening ones begin to remember their multidimensional selves, they are able to call in their higher expressions of SELF within the Angelic and the Galactic worlds.

In fact, many are asking for, and welcoming, the assistance that the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians, Antareans, and Andromedens are sending to all the members of Earth and to the Mother Gaia, as well.

Because Gaia is a “cause and effect” planet, the process of transmutation of darkness into light needs to be initiated by the beings that first sent out the darkness.

These beings are only within the humanoid kingdom, as the animal, plant and etheric kingdoms live within the oneness of love for their planet. Thus, those wearing earth vessels are needed to send out the antidote. It is for this reason that many higher beings took a human form to assist Earth.

Even though many of those wearing an earth vessel may not have been the ones to send out the darkness, they who took an earth vessel in order to help the planet.

Gaia is also a cause and effect planet, so the dark ones who have put fear into Gaia’s reality must receive that fear and transmute it by unconditionally loving and forgiving themselves, as well as others.

If they are able to do this, if they are able to accept the effects of their cause and transmute those effects with their own unconditional love, they too will be able to join the great event of planetary transmutation. No one is too dark to be forgiven or too fearful to live in love.

Those who use their free will to choose to assist the planet with Her transmutation will greatly expand their consciousness. This expansion of consciousness is because they chose to contribute in the great event of planetary ascension.

Therefore, they have set out the cause of “we are creating planetary ascension,”which brings back the effect of being “a member of planetary consciousness.” Within this expanded consciousness they can create portals that will open wider and move into higher and higher frequencies and dimensions.

These portals of light will be able to accept more and more multi-dimensional light and unconditional love. In fact, these expanded streams of light can more efficiently move:

Down into the Gaia’s core crystals

Then emanate out of from core and onto Gaia’s entire surface

Into Gaia’s aura/atmosphere

Beyond Gaia’s aura

And into and through the fourth-dimension

When this higher light moves into the core of Gaia, then out into the third, fourth dimensional time-bound realities, the NOW of this light releases the concepts of “past and future,” as well as the separation and limitation created by third/fourth dimensional time.

With the release of the concept of separation, the third and fourth dimensions blend into the NOW of Gaia’s process of transmutation into a fifth dimensional planet of higher light and unconditional love.

In this manner, the illusion of separation between life, which was perceived as living on a physical world, and death, which was perceived as living on a fourth-dimensional astral world, is released.

As these illusions are released, they are replaced with the knowing that “Life” is eternal and DEATH is a third dimensional illusion. Even the fourth-dimension isnot ruled by the illusion of death, for that is where people go when they have “died” to their third-dimensional reality.

However, once in the fourth dimension, they discover that they are not dead. It is then that they realize that life continues far beyond that of their physical embodiment.

As Gaia expands more and more into fifth-dimensional consciousness, those who go back into incarnation will realize that there is NO separation between life and death. They will remember that there is no separation between the third-dimension and the fourth-dimension.

With that memory, they will realize that all separation is an illusion of the third and lower fourth dimension. They will remember that they are not separate from other people, and they are not separate from the planet.

Then, even those who initially took an incarnation on Earth as beings of darkness to hold a pattern of power over others learn that there are NO patterns of power over others, as there are no others.

Also, as Gaia resonates faster and faster into the fifth-dimension, any of those of “dark persuasion” will not longer be able to send out any damaging, fearful, harmful thoughts, because these thoughts will immediately come right back to the sender.

Then the sender of fear and darkness will say, “Wait, I can’t do that anymore. I can’t send out darkness because it comes right back to me. However, someone sent that darkness into me.”

Then they might say, “Wait, if I cannot send out darkness, then that darkness that was sent into me can now be released.”

Can you imagine, in fact please DO, imagine a reality in which all those who have ever suffered darkness which tainted them to become members of the darkness, were spontaneously healed of that which first created that darkness within them.

Remember that all of Gaia, all of life on Gaia, all of life on all of the planets, on all of the third-dimension came from the higher frequencies of light that were put through filters to be divided into different octaves.

Then these octaves were perceived as separate. These octaves were even perceived as some being better and some being worse. Then that perception, which was really a judgment, went into people.

In this manner, some people were good and some people were bad. Then the bad people made other people feel bad. But what if the good people realized that they were not separate from the bad people?

What if the “good people” realized that they are the beloved people who have somehow remembered that they are ONE with Light and ONE with Love?

What if they were to share their Light and Love with ALL the people that have formerly identified as bad?

What if there was no separation?

What if those who have defined themselves as bad where somehow able to release that programming and accept the light of unconditional love so that they could unconditionally forgive and unconditionally accept themselves?

Then, would they remember that they are ONE with ALL life? What a glorious healing! What if all of humanity was healed in the Light and all the darkness was released?

It is you, the members of Gaia, who have the ability to create this reality with your own unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness, and the power of your own transmutation via the Violet Fire.

We send you all, good, bad, in-between and whatever labels you have unfortunately attached to your awareness of self…

We send you ALL unconditional love as we Blaze, Blaze, Blaze the Violet Fire.

Blessings, we are the ONE – which the many Awakening Ones have are creating.

Within that ONE, New Earth is born.


Dear Readers, at some point in this article the Sue, who wrote the beginning, became the blend of Sue and the Arcturians, to conclude the message as The Arcturians.

Blessings from us all

Scorpio – The Fourth Ray – William Meader @ Emergent Light

Scorpio Painting by Stanley Morrison @ Fine Art America


Scorpio – The Fourth Ray


~ The Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict ~

After an awakening to the soul deep within, the Sign of Scorpio has profound relevance in an individual’s life.  Indeed, all who are walking the Path are subject to the influence of this powerful sign.  This is true whether or not Scorpio is emphasized in one’s natal chart.  Sometimes called the sign of the test, Scorpio stages the transformational challenges that we each must face when on the road to enlightenment.  It is therefore not surprising that the rayological energy that underpins Scorpio is the fourth ray, also known as the Ray of Harmony through Conflict.

Deep within the recesses of human consciousness, the fourth ray stages a conflict between the disciple and the shadowing and hidden dimensions of his or her mind.  Whether referring to repressed memories from the past, unwholesome impulses that have historically been kept at bay, or various unconscious patterns of perception, Scorpio supports the transformation of these tendencies via the fourth ray.  With the assistance of Pluto (one of Scorpio’s ruling planets), these hidden factors of human consciousness are lifted into the light of day.  By so doing, the disciple is able to consciously recognize them.  From there, the painful work of psychologically transforming these undesirable patterns can begin.

Essentially, Scorpio is the sign that archetypically emphasizes the recognition and redemption of the shadow within each of us (to use a Jungian term).  Through the fourth ray, Scorpio stages inner tests that ultimately can release one into a higher and wiser scope of consciousness.  It forces the disciple to see the unwholesome patterns of consciousness that tend to inhibit the soul from fuller expression, and to unwaveringly commit to transforming them.  Phrased in the arcane language of ancient occultism, Scorpio stages the battle between the dweller on the threshold (unredeemed aspects of the personality) and the Angel of the Presence (the loving intelligence of the soul).

William Meader


Evolution Into Our Fifth Dimensional SELF @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Evolution Into Our Fifth Dimensional SELF–The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


Evolution into our Fifth Dimensional SELF

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Hello everyone, Sue Lie here.  Sometimes I get inspired to write something out long hand. I guess it is because the Arcturians want me to pull the message through my body and out my hands. I don’t know exactly why that is.

However, then I have to find a way to share it with all of you.  So, what I am doing with this messages is that I am making a recording on garage band.  So, thank you very much for listening and I will now read this message that I just got from the Arcturians.

Dear Arcturians:

Do you have a message to share with me today?

Dear Suzille:

We always have a message, in fact we are eternally sending messages to dearest Gaia and the humans who love and serve her.  You see, as the evolutionary process advances into the fifth dimensional consciousness, the only time is Now. And, the only beings are One.

We, the Arcturians, are now One with Gaia, as well as with all of the living beings that extend far beyond humanity. Unfortunately, many humans still hold onto the myth that humans are the most evolved beings on earth.  And why do they think that?

They think that because they, humanity, have the ability to harm the planet. Now, this actually means that these beings, often known as the “Lost Ones,” or “The Illuminati,” have come to Earth because they have heard that some humans can be easily brainwashed.

Earthlings, the real humans, can be brainwashed, but not easily.  In fact, more and more humans are beginning to awaken to a feeling that something feels “not right.”  How and why have there been so many disasters in such a short amount of time?  Are we being led or fooled?  Many are at last starting to ask some questions.

Humans were meant to be the most evolved species on Gaia.  But, animals never lie.  They only fight for protection and hunt only to feed their families.  If there is food, it is shared with everyone and they are loyal to everyone in their pride, pack, flock or group.

On the other hand, too many humans have sought to have “power over others.” Even if it meant a devastating experience for the many.  Fortunately, there are humans who have chosen a life of service to others.  “Others” meaning, other people, plants, the sky, water and, of course, beloved Gaia.

Those who have chosen “Service to Others” often live in tight units where they assist and protect the members of their tribe, group, family or area.  However, some humans are more like “lone wolves” in that they travel only with a mate and their cubs. Or, they may travel alone.  Also, all animals have an innate responsibility to protect their pack, pride, flock etc.  If they kill, it is only to feed their families.

On the other hand, too many humans hunt or steal from others, rather than feel an obligation to give service to others. In fact, the most civilized, are defined as those living in a nice place with money and are supposedly connected with their higher self.  These humans are often the ones who care the least for service to others and focus their lives on service to self.

And then, thanks to all, there are the “Ascending Ones.” Now, the Ascending Ones do not necessarily mean that their ascension is about to occur. But, what it does mean is that they are within the process of ascension.

It does not matter where one would be within that spectrum of ascension. Instead it is a spectrum of service to others including Gaia, or the other spectrum of Service to Self where no one else except for the mighty dollar is really important.

Yes, money can bring fun, and even happiness, while the money is still there. But definitely, money cannot create love. On the other hand, people who were happy having money can become very unhappy if they lose it.  Why? This occurs because many of the societies on Earth, for example the United States, often strive first for money in the hope that more money will bring happiness and love.

If people have found love and happiness then money is an extra prize. However, if people cannot find love and happiness, money will only serve as a distraction from the love that they cannot find, or the happiness that they cannot create.

Money cannot make one find love and happiness, however, many a happy couple have lost their relationship over their money. Having too much money can create as many problems as having not enough. Fortunately, there are more and more people are ready to move beyond the third-dimensional concepts of past, present and future.

As more and more of humanity is learning to “live within the NOW,” what they had in the past, don’t have in the present, or want in the future, is blurring into finding joy within the NOW. This shift is occurring because all past, present and future are beginning to merge into the Now of the fifth-dimensional One.

How does it feel when you are feeling as though you are losing track of time, but what is really happening is that time is losing track of yourself?  Time has been like your mother that birthed you and raised you until it was time for “you to be you.”  Now that you are you, you think,  I have raised myself to be who I am now. Therefore, Now is here.  And what am I to do with the Here that is within this Now?

Of course, the only way to find these answers is to move into the new frequencies of the fifth dimension. The fifth-dimension is just now beginning to integrate into the third/fourth dimensional reality to which humans are accustomed.

Hence, those who are able to allow themselves to move into the Now – in other words to not live in the past, to not live in the future, to be in the Here of this Now, without worry, without desire, but to just Be Here Now.

These ones are beginning to feel that there is a certain energy field that is unique, yet quite pleasant, because it feels like something is finishing.  It feels like, that which is unfinished or out of balance is beginning to find a neutrality, a center. And, most important more and more of the “ascending ones” are feeling a new kind of love.

This “new kind of love” is unconditional! It is Unconditional Love. In other words, they don’t have to do anything or be anything or go anywhere.  It’s not a love that is the result of something that you work for, or deserve, or need.  Instead, it is something that just Is.  And, it is unconditional.  You don’t have to be better, or nicer, or sweeter, or kinder.

Unconditional Love IS

One of the first great social changes that will occur within this field of Unconditional Love is that time will begin to shift and sway, as you move more and more into the transitional phase from the third/fourth dimensional reality, which is based on conditional love, and into the Now of the fifth-dimension, which is based on unconditional love.

Many can remember when their consciousness had brief moments of high, or even higher and higher states of consciousness. We ask you all NOW to take a moment and remember when those states of consciousness filled your body, filled your heart, filled your mind and filled your perceptual field…

Can you remember that when unconditional love comes into your thoughts, into your emotions, into your body, and as the unconditional love expands, it goes into your aura? Remember that when you look out into your reality, you always look through your aura.

Then, when you look through your aura filled while it is filled unconditional love, what you perceive is unconditional love.  This unconditional love is allowing people to find the patience that it takes to love themselves unconditionally.

Also, it is through loving themselves unconditionally that they can move into this next octave of consciousness, their fifth dimensional consciousness, where they can let go of that which was past, and let go of that which they fear might be future, as well as let go of who they should or could be.

It is within that NOW that they can move into the experience of being within their own self Now, of allowing their own self to be exactly who they are. Then, as you allow yourself to be exactly who you are, and as you observe yourself being exactly who you are, please remember to give that ‘you’ UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Then ALL of you are doing something that is amazing. All of you are going through the process of consciously, or unconsciously, expanding your consciousness beyond the third/fourth dimension of your physical body and your dream body and into your fifth dimensional Lightbody.

As you move more and more to this new, fifth dimensional state of consciousness, it is important that you let go of your old state of consciousness.  It is almost as if you are crossing a line, or even breaking a rule that you must be harsh on yourself, in order to create a new rule to be loving to yourself!

As you break that old rule, you begin to love yourself so much that you can begin to “change your mind.” Because, when you love yourself, you can think wisely, lovingly, proudly and happily about your self.  When you feel this way about yourself, that is when you find an inner courage to just let go.

Just let of go of who you thought you should be, and allow yourself to become the God/Goddess that you ARE.  Then you can be the representative of Gaia that you ARE. As you allow yourself to take on that role of the God/male and Goddesses/female for Gaia, you become ONE with Gaia’s Planet Earth!

Your inner “God SELF” is your Seed of the Creator, and your inner “Goddess SELF” is your Mother of Conception. Then, when you merge the Inner God component of yourself, your Seed of Creation (the creator of your life), with your own Inner Goddess to be the Mother of the Conception (of your new life), you can move more easily into the Now of the One.

This merging allows you to more easily Be Here Now. You “be here now” because the Now is filled with love for yourself. Also, when you love yourself, you can more naturally look around and love all the world. As you deeply “love your world” you do so with a love is not bound by what you do, or what you think, or what time it is. This love is because YOU are within the Now of the One of your true, Core Spirit.

It is your Core Spirit that resonates to the threshold of the fifth-dimension. In order for one to cross this threshold, they BE their Core Spirit who resonates to inner loving, inner knowing, and the inner reflection about their growing awareness of a frequency of reality that is VERY close.

This frequency of reality is so close that it feels as if you can reach out to touch it. But, the meaning of this “fifth dimensional touch” is difficult to understand with one’s third/fourth dimensional perception and third/fourth dimensional thought processes.

If you are going on a long vacation into the wilderness, as you travel through this wilderness your consciousness will begin to expand because you will be influenced by things that you have not normally met in your normal life. Therefore, your consciousness expands.

Therefore, as all of you, each of you, together or alone, in small groups or in huge groups, in personal groups and/or in planetary groups, move into this “wilderness of the fifth-dimension” you will be entering a place, actually a frequency, that you may not have consciously experienced before.

Actually, many of you have experienced this frequency/place, but you forgot. As you move into this wilderness, this frequency of the unknown, you may experience the feeling that you have newly arrived into a frequency of reality that you have always known, but forgot.

These energies packages are like a quick encounter with a fifth-dimensional energy field. This experience is almost like a bright sunrise, a stormy sea, a huge tree, water, or rain.  It comes to you within the experiences that you have had within your third/fourth dimensional body.

However, it comes to you with a feeling that is beyond. It is a feeling that you know that you are NOT alone within these experience. You know that this feeling is not just rising from within you.  This feeling is rising deeply from the core of Gaia.

Because you are able to interface and love Gaia deeply, because you love Gaia’s water, Gaia’s air, Gaia’s fire, and Gaia’s earth, you are able to love the earth, air, fire, water within your own body.

As you love these elements within yourself, you are able to love them within Gaia. Or, perhaps you will begin by loving these elements in Gaia so that you can remember how to love them inside yourself. Either way, you are maintaining a substance, an action, a knowingness that you are intermingling with all of Gaia’s elementals.

You are intermingling with the fire that goes with every synaptic junction in your body, with the sun, and with the light. You are merging with all the water that keeps you alive inside your body, as well as all the water on the body of Gaia that She needs to keep Her planetary body alive. You are also intermingling your own element of earth, with Gaia own element of Earth.

Also, you are intermingling with the air that you breathe, which is the same air the nourishes Gaia. It is like a gift you get from Gaia, and you pull this through your body, and then ground it into Gaia as a gift to all life. ALL life on Gaia sources from the same elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

As humanity remembers this fact, their humanity begins to change, it begins to shift.  You, the humans on Earth, begin to feel that being a human is NOT that different from being a tree. Being a human is not that different from being the sky, or the water, or the air.

Slowly or quickly, you realize that being a human is BEING a custodians for Gaia’s Earth. You are made of earth, and you are here to take good care of yourself, in the same manner that you take good care of Gaia.

Fortunately, there are more and more humans who want a healthy, beautiful, natural planet filled with unconditional love and a knowing of the true, multidimensional reality of Gaia’s Earth. This multidimensional reality is what you choose when you allow yourself to go into your higher states of consciousness and communicate with your own Higher Dimensional SELF.

As you return to the higher frequencies of reality, and as you return to your Starships, your perspectives of reality will greatly expand. If you can remember this expanded perspective of reality and bring it back into your daily life, something deep inside of you will change and expand.

As you look through your own eyes on the way to driving to the grocery store, you will become aware of your expanding realities. As you wait in line to pick up your children, you see your expanding realities.  As you drive to the bank, you see your expanded realities.

As you walk your dog or sit in your yard, you see, you will hear, you will feel, you will slowly, or swiftly, remember that YOU ARE a member of fifth-dimensional Gaia.

Blessings to you all.  You are very important.  You are the core of planetary Ascension.  And we, your Higher Expressions of SELF,  Thank You!

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Blessings from Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians