Everything in Balance – Part 1/5 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art by Olga Vercholamova @ Kai Fine Art


Everything in Balance – Part 1/5

I’ve just had a reading with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon, a scheduled reading, in which we discussed post-Reval and related matters a fair amount.

The old paradigm is to play our cards close to our chest and not discuss our business strategy. The larger the enterprise, the more secretive we are.

But that doesn’t help very much when we’re doing something as new and unconventional as building Nova Earth.

I discuss my business strategy in these next few posts and disclose the conversations I have behind the scenes with my co-creative partner, Archangel Michael, who is co-creative partner to many, I’m sure.

In the five posts, what you’ll hear are conversations between him and I, some of which he initiates and some of which I do. I don’t usually post the laudatory words he says at the beginning of our exchange, but understanding the depth to which a partnership like this goes is important, I think.

If you see what’s possible and get that you too could be in partnership with the celestials, then we will have done our job because I think one of the purposes of our collaboration is to show other lightworkers that the celestials want to work with us.

On some occasions he’s said to me, dear friend, do you know who you’re talking to?  Yes, I do. I don’t call him “Lord” for nothing. He’s unlimited in what he can do and he’s the one I serve.

Finally, he’s so intimately loving – and he only lets out as much as he thinks you can handle – that working with him is the best part of Ascension.

Serving such a far-sighted, open-hearted, gentle being is a tremendous privilege for me, one that’s open to everyone.

These are Michael’s unsolicited, introductory comments in a private reading Oct. 18, 2017.

Thanks to Dana for our transcript. Linda Dillon is the channel. What would we do without you, Linda?

AAM: Greetings, I am Michael

Steve: Greetings, Lord

AAM: Welcome, beloved friend, brother, ally, steward. Welcome to this precious time.

Yes, we are always together. In some ways we are like Siamese twins! But it is important and it is a gift on both sides, on all sides, that we have this moment in time to converse.

We have had many such moments. And some you may recall and some you do not. It matters not because it is like a family. It is like a sacred partnership. It is like your [sacred] partnership with Kathleen in some ways.

When you live with somebody and they say to you, “Would you like a glass of water? Would you like a cup of coffee? What time are you going to bed?” you do not remember the depth or the enormity of that exchange. It is part of cohabitation and what you sweetly call “life.”

But the fact that there is such intimacy, such knowing in those very questions, in the harmony of existence, in the ebb and flow of every day, is sacred and beautiful. It is an enormous gift. (1)

So I do not come this day to ask you if you would like a cup of coffee…

Steve: At Starbucks!

AAM: Yes! And it is not, by the way, on the forbidden list. (2)

Everything in balance. Everything in moderation. That is how one proceeds in creating Nova Earth and Nova Community. (3)

It is paying attention to what is truly important and that is what you have been doing, by the way. There is no distraction of bringing energy – or the energy of judgment or criticism – to that which is not vitally important.

So, yes, of course I have been fully present in our conversation of yesterday (AHWAA, Oct. 19, 2017). But for example, it is not important whether you have one cup of coffee or two. Now if you’re having 12, that is interfering with your own sacred space but the discussion about that is not really important. (4)

What is important is, “Do I wish other people harm? How do I proceed in the creation of Nova Earth?” So it is putting the attention and the energy exactly where it belongs. (5)

You have been diving deep and discovering and rediscovering and expanding enormously your joy of the spiritual understanding of how things work, how you work, how we work, how the universe works. (6)

The outer shell, if we can call it that, of the daily news (and we do not wish to minimize what is occurring in the physical realm, particularly with Gaia) but that has not been, and is not, the source of your joy and peace.

So what you have done in many ways, and what you are doing in many ways, is bringing yourself back and that is very important, by choice, by free will, by the assumption of your divine authority, to what brings you joy. (7)

So it is not born of a frustration of, “Oh, there is not enough happening” even though it [the world?] is in many ways collapsing around you. It is born more of a joy of seeking what is truly of value and important to you and to your journey. So in this, sweet angel, I commend thee.

Let’s stop there for tloday.

One of my roles, part of my sacred purpose is to serve as Everyman. What he says to me, he says to you as well.

He can be in a gazillion places at once, fully, and yet you can hear how he relates in one place to his “partner.” Anyone can be his partner. Why not you?

What a joy it is to serve such a “Mighty One.”

There’s so much else in the reading that’s very helpful and I know by the way he talks when he wants me to share what he says with readers. So I’ll post more excerpts over the next few days.

Thank you again to Linda, who makes it possible for us to hear these things.


(1) Michael, who only briefly inhabits forms, as both Kathleen and I have witnessed, appears to be projecting his consciousness into our world to “know” our world – trying it on, so to speak.

But we angels who inhabit form have the actual experience. We are angels in form, experiencing “life” in physical bodies, as was the Divine Mother’s plan.

(2) He’s just anticipated a question I was going to ask him about the source of my weight gain. Is it Starbucks Frappacinos?

(3) Here, for a second time, Michael is answering a question on my order paper without me asking it.

Ostensibly answering my unspoken question, in actuality he provides me with the basis of a business philosophy.

I intended to ask him for the philosophy beneath the individual universal laws – that’s what my original question for this reading was – and he’s just volunteered it for me without my asking.

Everything in balance. Everything in moderation.  Those two sentences speak volumes. They hook up to the laws, which are all about balance. They are the essence of the Buddha’s teachings. The balance point is the heart, which is the Self.  That’s all I need to build on. Thank you, Lord. I can take it from here.

(4) It’s true, but not important.

(5) Exactly. Do I wish my actions to cause harm to other people? No. Then some degree of vigilance is required by the nature of the work. But attention needs to remain on what’s important. Another element of a basic business philosophy.

(6) “Putting the Puzzle Together,” 

(7) Research and writing bring me joy. I’ve moderated and redesigned my post-Reval activities, in concert with him, to allow me a reasonable amount of time for writing.



Art by Olga Vercholamova @ Kai Fine Art


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