Everything in Balance – Part 2/5 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Divine Light art by Pradeesh K – Emerging Indian Artist


Everything in Balance – Part 2/5

We continue with Archangel Michael’s comments in a personal reading with me through Linda Dillon on Oct. 18, 2017.

I want you to see the fabric of our relationship. The closeness that exists between us is available to you too. Not perhaps through readings but through an inner relationship that will develop the more love we give to it.

After the Reval, we financial wayshowers may be looking for a place to turn to, in addition to our guides of course. The archangels are showing us that they’re prepared to work with us.

Yes, I can speak to Michael through Linda, and thereby we get to know about the celestials’ willingness and ways. But some day I may not be able to speak to him. And this will be the only record of this kind of partnership. So I think there’s value in sharing it while we have it.

I can’t tell you how helpful and reassuring these conversations are for me.  Thanks to Dana for our transcript and to Linda for our reading.

Archangel Michael: You are doing well. Now it does not mean that you put on blinkers or that you put your head into the sand in denial of what is transpiring. But what you are doing, sweet one, is you are filtering it and this is important for every single light worker to do.

You are filtering it through, and with (sometimes using the filter, sometimes using the magnifying glass) of what it means, what this unfoldment means in the bigger, broader depth of understanding of what you would frame as spiritual truth and principles. (1)

That is absolutely necessary.

Steve Beckow: Please help me understand the philosophical principles underlying the universal laws. That’s the gold ring as far as I’m concerned.

AAM: It is the gold ring and yes, of course I will help you. In fact, all of us will help you, including Sanat Kumara. You know that he is the planetary logos and so there is a great deal at his feet at the moment. [Chuckles.] So yes, we will all pitch in, sweet Angel.

Where do you wish to begin for there is much to cover? …

Steve: Well, if we could start with post-Reval…  I’d like to have time to write so I’m trying to create the Michelangelo Fund so that it allows that.

I’m planning to use it to fund foundations and existing networks rather than projects and people. (2) Projects and people would have me busy from morning till night and I’m hoping that this other strategy won’t.

But I don’t want to set things up so that I’m a bottleneck in throughput; in other words, I don’t want there to be a lot of money building up behind me but I haven’t found enough outlets for that money.

So could you talk to me a bit about that? What am I missing here or what am I failing to see in all of this?

AAM: What you are doing, sweet one, is you are going into your feelings of lack and limitation and you are seeing yourself with what you are feeling or thinking is responsibility. You are seeing yourself as insufficient.

Now, you are not, nor do you choose to be, what you have termed a bottleneck, a logjam. We have suggested to you on several occasions that you will surround yourself with a very small cadre of people and these are people whom in the physical realm you … we … are choosing wisely. I like to think that we are choosing wisely!

Steve: And if I’m not choosing wisely you will stop me, right?

AAM: Yes, and the [employment] choices for this cadre are based on both heart and intellect decisions. Not simply because they are a good person and you like them. But also because they have the talent, abilities and experience to address the sector, the area that they are being entrusted with. That [should be] the area of their expertise.

Now these people [are] seven as we have said. (3) There is an importance in this [number] because it is manageable. It is not because it is simply eighth-dimensional or a sacred balance; it is also manageable. What you are doing with these people is sharing; not handing over [to them], but empowering them.

Now what does this empowerment mean? It means, sweet angel, that you’re actually, literally giving them your trust. This is hard for you. Do not think all the challenges are said and done because you’ve had a payday. That is not the case.

Steve: I think I’m beginning to get a sense of that!

AAM: Yes, you are.

In the next post in this series, we discuss Universal Basic Income,.


(1) What the Divine Plan is, who the Mother is, who Gaia is, what Earth’s role is in the universal Ascension also unfolding, who the Company of Heaven is, what Ascension is part of – the Twelve Dimensions and the Transcendental – where the universal laws fit, etc.

(2) The Hope Chest will be separate from the Michaelangelo Fund (although the Michaelangelo Fund will set it up and get it operational). It will fund projects and people.

(3) Seven feels right to me too.

He actually increased the number over time from five to seven and assisted me (as you’ll see in a future installment) as well by distinguishing between seven advisers and the heads of the organizations (Michaelangelo Fund, Golden Age of Gaia, Hope Chest, etc.).  Previously I thought the five had to include the heads of organizations and that felt tight.

These new developments bring the total number to around twelve and that also feels right.


Divine Light art by Pradeesh K – Emerging Indian Artist


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