Everything in Balance โ€“ Part 5/5 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Everything in Balance โ€“ Part 5/5

We conclude our excerpts from a personal reading with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon, from Oct. 18, 2017.

In this excerpt we discuss a readers question as to what safeguards are in place to see that currency exchangers donโ€™t use their money for violent ends.

Thanks to Linda for our reading and to Dana for our transcript.

Steve Beckow: Now someone wondered why some currency holders who are not lightworkers wouldnโ€™t use their money to buy guns and go after the cabal.ย  Can you answer his question, Lord?

Archangel Michael: There is a process that is already underway and, yes, we will tell you what this process is. You see, there is a method to our process!

Let us tell you some of it, the parts you will understand! (Laughing)

In their current situation, they may well think, โ€œIf I had $1 million tomorrow I would hire an army of mercenaries, myself included, and I would pick up guns and all kinds of armaments and I would go and I would clean house.โ€

Now, the first assumption, and it is an erroneous assumption, is that they actually know what it is that they are talking about and who they are talking about. The potential for innocent slaughter, mayhem and grievous injury to self is far too much to allow that to happen, number one.

Number two. โ€ฆ Many of these who are, shall we say, outside the lightworker community feel that they have earned, they deserve and they are entitled to this money.

They do not see it as necessarily something that is divinely orchestrated. Their vision is, โ€œGod is blessing me because I am one of the chosen few.โ€ That is not the attitude that we wish to encourage. You know exactly what Iโ€™m talking about.

So simultaneous to the, shall we say, extended waiting period that you have been going through, we have not simply been sitting and watching the poker game.

This is why the Mother has renewed her Tsunami of Love and is infusing all of these people, whether they realize it or not, with her clarity, and purity and grace, etc.

And the star family has been working energetically with the Porlana C. There has been a myriad of frequency adjustments that are taking place. Now some are conscious, some are not.

But let us go back to the one who wishes to be a murderer and a killer. When they receive their bounty, as it were, there will be a realization of, โ€œI am free! I can take care of my family and myself and every dream I have ever had.โ€ So that is on the one side.

And then competing with that knowing and feeling is, โ€œOh, yes and I should go out and do my duty and murder all these people.โ€ Which do you think is going to override?

It is the joy of taking care of oneโ€™s family, oneโ€™s situations, oneโ€™s community, and oneโ€™s relative who is dying of leukemia and leaving five kids.

The feeling of โ€œI want to create greater mayhem in my life; I want to pick up a gun and kill, just when Iโ€™ve been blessed,โ€ is going to dissipate, and might we say, disappear. We are working on that attitudinal, what we call a frequency or vibrational, adjustment. That will not happen.

It will not be permitted to happen because much of the violence, particularly in the last year or two upon the planet, has been to wake people up. There have been many, many martyrs, the most recent being those in Las Vegas who by soul contract, have chosen to be victims of atrocity in order to wake people up. Not to pick up guns but to awaken compassion and balance and common sense within their being.

There is much more to the reading. We discussed the nature of the Transcendental. We began the discussion of how the Company of Heaven describes the many bodies that we have.ย  And we discussed the value of working with the universal laws.

But letโ€™s save those for another occasion.

Available to all, for the asking: The same co-creative partnership with the celestials.


Artist appreciation


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