The End of History: Letting Go of Time – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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The End of History: Letting Go of Time

How ironic it is that political scientist Francis Fukuyama spoke some time ago about “the end of history” and we here of this generation are presiding over exactly that.

As far as I’m aware, Ascension marks the end of history. There’s no time in the higher dimensions, to the best of my knowledge.

I saw earlier today that any experience of higher dimensionality I’ve ever had has had a quality of timelessness. Or it may be more accurate to say that, in all of them, I lost all track of time. I didn’t notice time and time was not a consideration.

It isn’t that I haven’t been demonstrably outside of time. I have.

During the 1987 vision, when I realized that the car I was driving had not moved an inch in the eight seconds of the vision experience, I had tangible proof that I’d been outside of time.

Nothing like time occurred to me during the six months that I was in transformative love or the three months I was in bliss. Or in peace, mastery, or abundance (as states of consciousness). I never once thought to see if I was inside or outside time. In those states, I had no attention on time.


For me, time is appearing more and more like a constructed state. At the same time I have a schedule to keep so I remain immersed in time.

It’s as if we’re all going back and forth through the Stargate. (1)

On one side of it, time ceases to exist for us. Immersed in love, peace, and bliss, there’s nothing left for us to do but enjoy each other’s company.

On the other side of it lies the remembrance of time, the scheduling of our lives, and the forgetting of transformative love, bliss, and satisfaction. That leads to density and drama and emotionality. And that leads to a loss of balance. (2)

When we come back to this everyday, denser side of Third/Fourth Dimensionality, we don our mask again. We “make up” our personality, reconstruct our constructed self, “put on our face.” And in all that distraction and deception, we easily lose touch with transformative love.


I wouldn’t trade a timeless second in the higher dimensions for anything the world of density has to offer.

I hear the words in my head: Come out of the sluggishness of density.  Come out of vasanas and conditioning. As Kathleen said to me the other day, and it shocked me into awakeness again, hold the balance. Exactly.

Hold the balance, whatever balance means for you, the calm amid the storm. That calmness is natural (sahaja), native to the Fifth Dimension.

Fertilize the soil. Grow your garden. Provide an environment that welcomes higher dimensionality.

One taste of it and we never forget it.  We just spend our days trying to find someone we can share it with.


(1) Stargate, 1994. Kurt Russell, James Spader, at

(2) A loss of balance starts our minds becoming active rather than still and prevents our being able to detect and see, or uncover if you prefer, our true nature, our natural Self.


Artist appreciation

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