Archangel Michael on the Transcendental – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Archangel Michael on the Transcendental

The subject of the world beyond the Twelve Dimensions is not one that I can actually ask the Company of Heaven about in An Hour with an Angel. 

One group of galactics that I asked about it on the air would not let me post their transcribed answer.

And the Divine Mother wants me to stay within certain limits – easy to understand and interesting to the mass of readers.

But here I had the chance to ask Archangel Michael about it in a private setting. What he said has simply whetted my appetite to know more.

Thanks to Linda for our reading and Dana for our transcript.

From Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Oct. 18, 2017.

Steve Beckow: I used to think of the Transcendental as identical with the void, with Parabrahman, the Godhead, and it was the destination, what the Mother calls Home. And once you enter the Transcendental you are Home and that was it.

But more and more I’m getting the sense that there is differentiation in the Transcendental, that there may even be dimensions of some sort. I feel less and less secure in my knowledge of what lies beyond the 12 dimensions. Can you help me understand little more about what does lie beyond the 12 dimensions please?

Archangel Michael: What lies beyond the 12 dimensions is the entire universe. I do not say that casually. Your question is deep and profound and important.

Dimensional reality upon the planet of Earth and elsewhere by the way, is a framework within which has been created by the Mother and the Father to some extent, in order to have a workable experience of being in that fluidity of form and outer form in some ways.

Your question about the transcendental; it is not so much defined (this is our starting point) by dimensional reality. It is not that the dimensionality is not present, but it is not rigid. Now that is contradictory to what we have been telling you in so far as there is a fluidity that humans have forgotten, between the 12 dimensions, within which you operate.

Think of it as outside, that all of this, what you can fathom of dimensional reality, is present. But does it have the same level of importance of structure that you have become used to and is defined as the human experience?

There is far greater fluidity and it is not that that is a particularly overriding knowingness, beingness. When you’re in what you have referred to as the transcendental state, which is blissful beloved, and you have touched upon it at times…

Steve: What in ecstasy or exultation? But not the experience of bliss I had in late 2015. That was about seventh or 10th dimensional right?

AAM: That is correct. But understand if you think of the transcendental, in many ways it is reflecting (because it is beckoning at the same time) into these various dimensions what is possible; what the true experience of what you have termed “wholeness”.

In that soup of transcendental experience there is the knowing and the experience, the sense of being in complete unification with the Mother. So it does feel, and is, like home. So do not eliminate that but think of it in a practical way.

If you were to journey far away, as you have, from Vancouver and you are returning and you are landing at the airport you’re seeing the ocean and the mountains and the familiar neighborhoods because your taxi now, you will think, “Oh, thank goodness I’m home!” And it will feel, not to diminish, it will feel blissful, it will feel joyful and you will know in every sense of that word, you will know that you are headed home because you know your internal GPS will say, “Now I can really go home!”.

Steve: In the vision in 1987, the small golden star, after the first enlightenment, rushed home and plunged into the big golden sun and was seen no more. But this is obviously not the way it is, right? Because we come out from the Transcendental back into the dimensions on reassignment, do we not?

AAM: If you so choose. Because when you are in the small “h” home, there is a sense of the truth and the might and the power not only of your beautiful self, but also of the Mother and the Universe of the One and there is a sense of such empowerment in the positive meaning of that word, that you see and you know, not only what is possible but what the potential is.

And so very often you take that and you take it not as just an assignment. You take it in jubilation that you can again serve the Mother and you can bring that potential back and do something else.

So often human beings think of the return to the Twelve Dimensions as a punishment. “Oh, I must have karma. I must’ve done something wrong. Here I am stuck again” and that is not so. What you have chosen to do is to bring the potentiality of that love in form which was the plan of the Mother.

It was for her Angels and sheer energy to have an experience of love in form. So you say, “Oh my goodness! I know I can help and I know I can do this” and you come back.

Now there are some who will stay in that, what you think of as, the Transcendental for a very long time. And that is allowed. Because what they are deciding is that they are truly at in the transit to the final return, to the final reincorporation.

Which to truly confuse you, will in fact again…. It is like the energy being refueled and it is like in some ways reconstituting the Mother but she does not have need of reconstitution so that energy very often will explode back into the universe in an entirely different form.

Steve: And when you say that energy will explode back into the universe, are you talking about individuation in an entirely different form?

AAM: It is individuation in an entirely different form. It can be a planet. It can be a mountain range or an ocean, yes.

Think of this: When that should happen and you are reborn as a planet or as an ocean, it is because you are of, not just physically big, but of a magnitude that you can hold that much energy. It is a blessing. It is a big profound blessing. It is not as some think that that energy has become an inanimate object, quite the contrary.

Steve: Well, if it hasn’t become an inanimate object, what has it become Lord?

AAM: A living existing collection of energy that is there for a sacred purpose.

Steve: Does it have an active life of its own?

AAM: Oh, yes.

Steve: And we don’t know anything about that, do we?

AAM: No, you do not. And so now I have truly teased you!

Steve: Yes, indeed you have, thank you!


Art: Angie Braun @ Tutt’Art