The Resurrection @ Radiant Rose Academy

The Resurrection

As individuals around the world continue to awaken and seek out Higher Knowledge and a Spiritual Path that fulfills Personal and Spiritual Enlightenment, inherent within each person is a Silent Force acting. That force is the Process and Power of Resurrection. Indeed this exists within every Path of Awakening, paths that guide us to becoming our true Spiritual Self on Earth, however this Power of Resurrection is not always recognized. Once recognized, the Resurrection Process is quickened.

The Radiant Rose Academy embraces Resurrection. Stated simply, it is a Power and Force that lifts and raises us up and out of a limiting state of consciousness that is creating problems in our lives. As we continue to awaken, making our selves instruments for greater Light and Love, Resurrection is the Power of Grace and the Force of Divine Will that lifts us into a Higher State of Consciousness where our lives become perfected and we are no longer touched by the discord and limitations of the outer world.

The Ascended Host teach us the Conscious Path of Resurrection, how to achieve it, to be raised above the discord and limitations of the outer world, and become untouched by those things. The Path of Resurrection fulfills prophecy of those who are on the Earth now, living great lives of awakening, those ones who have a Destiny waiting to be actualized, the Coming of the Untouchables. Are you one of them?

The NOW of the HERE Beyond Time @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


The NOW of the HERE Beyond TIME


The NOW of the HERE Beyond TIME 

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

There is a NOW that is more related to the HERE than to the TIME. In the fifth dimensional frequency of reality the operating system is quite different from the third/fourth dimensional operating system.

Because humans have had many incarnations in the third/fourth dimensional frequencies of Earth, it is often difficult for them to realize, and recognize, that there is a NOW in which there is no time.

In a reality that resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond, “time” is a term that is used for people to “mark” their connection within the collective. By “collective” we mean those who have joined into a collective reality in which humans are no longer bound by the rulers of third/fourth dimensional planet.

In this “collective planet,” which resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond, NOW is the onlytime, and HERE is the only place. In other words, there is no traveling over time to get to a certain place. We know that it is very difficult for those who have had many third dimensional incarnations to understand these concepts.

Because of all humanity’s many third dimensional incarnations, many humans have grown accustomed to “HERE” as being a place or experience. Also, this place, or experience, is usually marked in some manner, by the “time” that they spent in that place.

When they were in that place it was the NOW of that experience as the “NOW” was “the time that they were presently in that place.”

However, on the fifth dimension, HERE and NOW mean the same thing, because there is NO time and NO space to separate the HERE from the NOW. The fifth dimension is ALWAYS hereright now, because there is NO sense of “time” to represent the distance between where you were, where you were going, and where you are NOW.

There is no difference because the HERE has crossed into the NO TIME of the fifth dimension. Yes, there is still a sense of “individuality” of each life form, but in the fifth dimensional No Time, you primarily perceive being’s “auras,” which are always overlapping, joining and merging with other auras.

Hence, even though people and objects may appear to be somewhat separate, you can easily perceive how the auras of all persons, places and things overlap to blend them into the ONE of the HERE.

Even the most clairvoyant person would not be able to see the “separation” between any life forms, because all life has an aura that blends and intermingles with all the other auras. Then, because all the aura’s merge into the ONE of that HERE, all the beings that share their aura with others, are in constant contact with any one with whom they share their aura.

We the Arcturians, understand why third dimensional humans do not allow their auras to overlap and merge with other peoples auras unless they deeply know and totally trust that “other” person. However, in the fifth dimension everyone can see (Clairvoyant), feel (Clairsentient), and hear (Clairaudient) everyone else all the time—within the NOW.

In the fifth dimension, time and space, now and later, are not separate. For example, time and space intertwine and blend into the NOW. This NOW is within the HERE of how each and every perception intertwines within the ONE of the fifth dimensional “NO Time” to transmute into the NOW of that HERE.

Your fifth dimensional thinking does not fit too easily into the third/fourth dimensions, as the third/fourth dimensions are ruled by time and space. Therefore, these dimensions have a totally different Operating System that the fifth dimension which operates via the HERE and the NOW.

It is for this reason that third dimensional human does not easily perceive, or remember their fifth dimensional perceptual experiences. A perception is something that you might experience, but may or may not  attend to this to it long enough to switch from your initial Short Term Memory into the long lasting Long Term Memory.

It is for this reason that our grounded ones often forget their fifth dimensional experiences and/or communications. Therefore, we remind you all to make sure that you always have a pen and paper, or a means to type or speak into a recording, whenever you consciously perceive—hear or see—a fifth dimensional Being or object, such as a Starship.

What we observe is that the Ascending Ones have a fifth dimensional experience, but are unable to transition this experience into their third-dimensional long term memory. Therefore, they quickly forget, not only the message, but the “feel” of the message. This is were you physical body is very helpful.

When you allow your Inter-dimensional Message to flow into your physical body, your body will remember the “physical feeling” that accompanies the flow of a “higher dimensional message into your physical perceptual field.”

When this higher dimensional message enters your “physical perceptual field,” it joins the sum/total of all the higher dimensional visions and experiences that you have been able to accept without fear or doubt. These visions and experiences are stored in your High Heart and Multidimensional Mind as “possible versions of reality.”

Knowing that you have experienced as “possible version of reality” is much more positive than doubting your self and wondering, “I must be crazy to think I perceived that which I have always thought was impossible.”

The truth is that human consciousness (within this major time-era) is just NOW progressing into a high enough state of consciousness that they are able to consciously perceive and believe in information that is telepathically and invisible sent to them from the higher frequencies of reality, specifically, the fifth dimension.

Before this NOW, except in “past peak societies,” too many people would become frightened by perceptions of a person, place or thing that they have never seen before. Why were they frightened by new perception? Because it threatened their beliefs about reality.

However, within this now, more and more people are consciously perceiving fifth dimensional persons, places, situations or things out of the “corner of their eye.” These perceptions usually occur during meditation or dreams, when their state of consciousness resonates to the fourth, or even the fifth, dimension of reality.

Just a few years ago, if one were to talk about the fifth dimension, especially about the beings who inhabit the fifth dimension, or the fact that they experienced the fifth dimension—NO one would believe them.

“THEY would think I was crazy if I told anyone,” which was, of course, information spread by the Illuminati’s propaganda system. This fear based information was given to us in subtly ways, such as TV commercials. If someone would not like you because your glasses had spots, then what would they think of you if they knew you could talk to “aliens.”

In fact, the 1950s were riddled with terrifying “science fiction movies,” which were actually mean to frighten humanity to believe in horrible beings overtaking humanity. Fortunately, ET and all the Star Gate movies sent out the message that there were many wonderful beings from other realities that wanted to connect with humanity.

Before these higher concepts were introduced to humans, many people who had had higher dimensional experiences thought, “Since I am only one perceiving this, “they” would think I was crazy if I told anyone.

However, there is another “they” that would be so grateful that you had the nerve to share this information. Since we Arcturians can determine what each human is perceiving, we would like you to know that everyone having their first higher dimensional perceptions and experiences is nervous about sharing their experience with others.

This is why we ask each of you, the Leaders and Protectors of Gaia, to share your fifth dimensional perceptions. Again, fifth dimensional perceptions seem “impossible” to those who have never been able to consciously acknowledge that higher dimensions of reality run simultaneously with the lower dimensional of realty.

However, we ask our awakened ones to NOT become afraid of judgment from others when your speak form your true SELF. It has been the tactics of the dark ones to ridicule and cruelly judge those who have written or spoken of the fifth dimension, because they KNOW that eventually the TRUTH will be revealed within the NOW in which the awakening ones are able to accept it.

The synchronicity of the higher information being simultaneously acknowledged within the same HERE (location) and NOW (time) will serve to “push new concepts” free from the fear and superstition of the past, and into the bravery and open mindedness of the NOW.

Of course, there are still those who have not yet allowed themselves to “be weird” enough to openly think in this NEW “inter-dimensional way.” They will not call this information “inter-dimensional” if they have not allowed themselves to consciously consider that there are higher frequencies of reality that are running simultaneously to the third dimensional version of reality.

The “higher dimensionals” can perceive those who resonate to the lower dimensions, AND more and more people are gradually, or quickly, having higher dimensional perceptions, such as a perception of  Star Ships, and/or Higher Dimensional Beings.

We ask that those of you (and there are many, many of you,) who have had inter-dimensional experience, share your experience with others. Within every evolutionary cycle, such as what humanity is now enjoying, some humans will become very frightened by the great change, and will usually deal with their fear by being angry.

Fortunately, there are more and more humans who have allowed their consciousness to expand into the higher frequencies of light, so that they can consciously perceive that Gaia is being basked in higher frequency, inter-dimensional light.

This “higher frequency, inter-dimensional light” has always been on Earth to some degree, but if did not change society because too many humans were not ready, yet, to allow themselves to think in a fifth dimensional manner.

Of course, some spoke in a fifth dimensional manner, but they did not call it a fifth dimensional message, as those terms had not yet come into their awareness. Therefore, they talked about “something being different.”

Again, they did not know how it was different, but those who were sufficiently awake to be aware of the new parading of reality, which was resonating to higher frequencies, begin to perceive and believe there were higher frequency realities.

Of course, many humans are totally unaware of the concept of “the higher dimensions” of reality that resonate beyond humanities third dimensional perceptions. On the other hand, we Arcturians perceive that more and more humans are beginning to open their “imagination,” if not their thinking, to the possibility that Earth is a multidimensional being with many levels of Her “Planetary Consciousness.”

We also see that more and more humans are thinking about their own “state of consciousness,” “a possibility of ascension,” and “higher dimensional realities.” These concepts were largely unknown to all humans except for the “spiritual masters and/or spiritual seekers.”

Interestingly, every day, more and more people are beginning to expand their thinking to encompass higher dimensional concepts. They may not be able to understand these new concepts that are floating through their minds, but many are intrigued enough by the information to do some research into “this new, unusual, maybe even, crazy” way of thinking.

Even though some people still fear, and thus discredit, this information, more and more people are looking for answers about what is happening in their reality. And, instead of looking in the news or into their computers, they are beginning to look into themselves.

AND, much to their surprise, many who send “a quick message up to whoever may be interested” are getting answers. These answers are NOT like the answers they get on the News or in the break room at work.

These answers are coming in from a higher reality, actually the fifth dimensional reality, in a manner that it never has before. Fifth dimensional “messages, answers, dreams and visions,” are being experienced by more and more people.

But, who can they talk to about them? Can they tell their friends or family? Can they tell their boss or their co-workers? They don’t know. They would love to talk to everyone about these unique experiences, but what if they were judged, or laughed at?

Of course, this fear is well founded, as new information is often frightening to people. Therefore, they deal with their fear by judging of the information and/or the person who gave them the information.

Fortunately, on the other hand, there are more and more awakening humans who are allowing themselves to believe that their inner voices, as well as the inner messages that are coming to them from a higher dimensional realities, as well as  from their own Higher SELF.

Imagine how your reality would change if more and more humans believed in, and understood the concept of ascension? What if the topic of “possible ascension” became more popular than the topic of “who won the game,” or “who did what to some one else?”

What if humans sought to ascend more than they sought a new house, more money, or a promotion at work? How would that chance their “vision of reality”? Many people have slightly, or vastly experienced vision, dreams or voices from higher frequencies of reality.

What if people begin to remember that they are the creators of their reality? How would life on ascending planet Earth change if more and more people believed that they are the creators of this higher dimensional reality? How would their life change if they totally believed that THEY are the creator of their reality?

Take some time within the NOW to ponder these questions to find YOUR answers.

There are no right or wrong answers.

There are only YOUR answers about how you have chosen to structure you life.

In fact, what does it mean to you to “structure YOUR life?”

We, the Arcturians, and your Galactic Family, ask you to look at your life from the perspective that you are NOT the victim because YOU are the Creator of YOUR Reality.

It was always meant for the humans of Earth to have the freedom to be the creators of their lives, but the dark ones came to take down the Peak Societies and extend the separation and fear.

However, we the Arcturian and your Galactic Family, wish to tell you that:

“The frequency field surrounding Gaia is expanding to accept more and more inter-dimensional light. This inter-dimensional light to being sent to Gaia to assist the awakened humans to return to their Mastery of SELF.

This return to your own Inner Master will give you the courage, and unconditional love that YOU had when YOU decided to take an earth vessel to assist dear Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.

REMEMBER the promise you made with your SELF before you took this incarnation.

Blessings, dear warriors for Gaia.

We Salute you,

The Arcturians and your greater Galactic Family

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 10:18 AM

Reflect upon Your Greater Image and Likeness – Tiara Kumara

From a Rose by Vladimir Volegov Paintings


Reflect upon Your Greater Image and Likeness

This is an excerpt from Morphogenesis
Opening the Crystalline Seals into Avatar Consciousness

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You are made in the image and likeness of your Creator. It is very beneficial to get into the habit of reflecting often upon that from which you have been birthed.

Consider that God, as Prime Source, is a conscious, dynamic entity that exists now, has always existed and will forever exist. Presence is, in its natural state, the one observing in the flow of the eternal now.

You are made in this image and likeness. Your soul is eternal. You exist now. Can you free the mind from any conjuring reality that there is a past behind you and a future in front of you?

When we are liberated from the boundary of time, worry and stress drop away. We loosen the attachment to our worrisome personality and it’s long list of ‘to dos’. Many desires in the outer world dissolve because the single most important thing is what we are doing right now. Fear vanishes. There is nothing to fear right now.

Dare to go beyond your definitions about time. Shatter the illusion! You are a vast, infinite being that is part of an even more and incredibly vast whole. There are no limits aside from those that you impose upon yourself. Align as strongly as you can with being made in the image and likeness of your Creator, the Divine Presence that sustains you, fulfilling your every need.

Perceive and know yourself from this absolute alignment, your genuine totality of self. Know that all that is happening is occurring inside you, within your consciousness and the one point of ‘here and now’, the eternal creative moment. NOW is all there is, all there ever has been, and all there ever will be.

Life, as humongous as it is, always comes back to the self and the experience of the self as it is contained within the whole of existence. This experience of yourself will be seen and felt to be synonymous with the experience of oneness.


Tiara Kumara
I AM Avatar

The Dweller on the Threshold – William Meader @ Emergent Light

Artist appreciation


The Dweller on the Threshold

For countless incarnations the focus of evolution is directed toward the personality and its gradual integration. Once the soul is consciously sensed, however, an individual begin to recognize the dual nature of his or her consciousness. The soul is then experientially sensed for the first time, and the contrast between it and personality comes into view. Aspiring to live and express the soul then ensues, increasingly becoming the aim and intention of one’s life.  Yet, simultaneously, it is discovered that the personality tends to resist giving up its long held control. In this way, the Dweller on the Threshold makes its debut.

Within the nomenclature of esotericism, the Dweller on the Threshold is a title used in more than one way. In the broadest sense, it is a reference to the totality of the personality, particularly as it pertains to its resistance to the soul’s authority and promptings. More essentially, the dweller is the consciousness of the self wrongly identified with form—thus believing itself to be the thoughts, feelings and the physical sensations it experiences. Herein is the matrix from which the dweller arises.

However, when an individual has made the transition from life as an aspirant to that of a disciple, the Dweller on the Threshold is understood in a more refined manner. True discipleship presupposes not only that there has been an awakening to the soul, but that there are aspects of the personality that have already been infused by the soul. In this context, the dweller represents various personality facets that have not yet been redeemed (infused) by the soul. To the disciple, therefore, the Dweller on the Threshold is understood as the non-infused portion of the personality that remains unwilling to yield to the soul’s regime.

It may well be asked, why is the word “threshold” associated with the dweller? The answer is that when an individual is on the Path (therefore partially soul-infused) it is the dweller that stands on the threshold of further infusion. At each initiation, the soul and a facet of the dweller stand face-to-face. This inner standoff is, essentially, the foundation of the crisis that underlies every initiation. Indeed, to take initiation is to demonstrate that an aspect of the dweller has been transformed and no longer holds sway.

William Meader