Xiao Long Nu by Artist Stanley Artgerm Lau


*Meaning “Pillar of Light blazing in the Unbound Space of Divine Mother’s Love”



I am going to speak with you about parables and stories.

I call it ‘Dreaming on the White Lotus’.

The outer, inner and secret powers of parables and our own personal story.

I am going to ask you to offer yourself and all your blessings and gifts, with deepest gratitude to All That Is, in the time that it takes to read through this, to surrender your self to the power of your Radiant Self.


What would we offer the Buddha or the Christ if they knocked on our door this evening?

Well they are knocking right now, on the door of our heart, knocking from within, and waiting for our answer.

We sometimes think that we have nothing to offer God, no precious jewels or visions, no miracles, no treasure we have accumulated, no past life where we were a saint that we can recall and share.

However when we see our own true nature, then every pebble or leaf, every beat of our awakening heart, is as precious as a wish fulling jewel.

That is the secret of the consciousness of the White Lotus.

Photo Luminous Lotus Flower by The Swan Dive @ DeviantArt

When we see that everything in this universe conspired to create that leaf and our heart, that within the leaf is every galaxy, every sun, moon, cloud and rain that ever was created, then that little leaf, that tiny beat “HUM HUM” of our heart becomes a possibility of our awakening now.

And when we give that leaf, each moment, every heart beat, as an offering to the Buddha or the Christ, then the merit of that offering is the same as the Three Magi who offered gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, and Long Nu, the daughter of the Naga king, who offered the rarest most precious pearl from the deepest ocean.

Lotus Pearl @ Thea Izzi

The simplest offering is a prayer, a song from our heart, the sharing of our own personal story of what is here and now, offered with the deepest devotion.

There are many prayers, songs and stories which we hold dear to our heart and the ones we speak or sing or chant or intone or tell internally every day have the deepest meaning and power.

We can make our prayer, our song and our story a miracle, a wish fulfilling jewel, through deep intention and faith, that can inspire sudden awakening within us.

All prayers, mantras and sounds have outer, inner and secret meanings.

So do stories, because like prayers and mantras, stories are sounds.

This is why the parables of Yeshua were such powerful transformational tools.

This is why Garab Dorje, the first human teacher of Dzogchen or the Great Perfection teachings, chose visualizations and stories to awaken the mind and heart.

They paint pictures in our mind and the imagery awakens our innermost jewel of the heart.

Garab Dorje developed seven wisdom doors of the mind and heart which train you in activating the bodhicitta (the spontaneous wish to attain enlightenment to benefit all beings) of the mind and heart through seven forms presented in the form of visualized parables to realize the Self.

As Princess Mandarava said, cherish this mind and heart as the true source through which all wishes are fulfilled.

These stories, like the story of Long Nu grant you miracles in your waking life, Light in your meditation and in the vision of your dreams, encounters with the Buddha, the Divine Mother, Krishna or the Christ. Through swirls of rainbow light, sweet scent and celestial airs, your body speech mind and heart will be drenched with blessings and you will gain realization in a single leap through the strength of your awareness.


When you read through the following and you reach the story of Long Nu, I want you to read the story three times, once with the outer power, once with the inner power and once with the secret power of your radiant Self.

When you read it the first time, imagine (see, hear and feel) that the outer power of the blessings of all the Christs and Buddhas is purifying all your past karma and that through being totally present IN the story you are granted all the blessings of the body, speech, mind and heart of all the Buddhas and Christs.

Before you read the story a second time, say a simple mantra, like OM or AMEN or OM MANI PADME HUM. By saying this out loud you are purifying the environment as well as yourself and all beings within it. Before you say it, attune yourself with the sacred breath “Breathing in, I am aware I am breathing in, breathing out, I am aware I am breathing out” so you are totally present with the power of the mantra when you say it, sending out its essence to bless all around you.

As you read the story the second time, imagine the inner power of the mantra now becomes the story, purifying your subtle channels, winds (the inner flow of energy) and your creative essence.

The third time, before being present with the sacred breath, saying the mantra and reading the story a third time, imagine the Christ or Buddha or Mary Magdalene or Guan Yin embodied in you. Then say the mantra connecting you to the lineages they embody, which could be the Buddha Amitabha, the Buddha of Limitless Light, Avalokiteshvara/Guan Yin, the Buddha of Compassion and Padmasambhava, Yeshe Tsogyal and Princess Mandarava. Then read the story.

As you read the story for the third time, visualize your radiant Self within, imagine the secret power of the story emanating from that Self, bringing full realization and sudden awakening of the innermost levels of the nature of the mind and heart of the Buddha and Christ within you. You are aware of the unceasing energy and compassion of your innate Buddha Self, the realization of the Radiant Nature of your innate Christ Self and the realization of the skylike Essence of your Divine Light.

I will tell you a story of how I came to a sudden awakening.
It is a very simple story of when my name was Long Nu.

For this story, I want you to imagine that you are a young girl of about 8 years of age and your father is the Naga King. You have the capacity to become a Buddha. You have a jewel, a wish fulfilling jewel of inestimable value, equal to all the powers in the cosmos, which you are going to offer to the Buddhas, the Christs.

You hold it out in front of you, the purest offering of your heart and the Buddha accepts it.

You then say to the Bodhisattvas, Archangels and Elders who gather about you “I have just offered my most precious jewel to the Buddhas and Christs of All Worlds and they accepted it immediately. Did that not happen quickly?”

They all reply “Very quickly!”

So you continue “My becoming the Buddha or Christ can happen more quickly than that, as a sudden awakening in any moment.”

Then the entire assembly gathered on Vulture Peak watch as you, the daughter of the Naga King suddenly transform and carry out all the practices of the bodhisattva, become a fully enlightened Buddha and Christ and for the sake of all living beings in the ten directions you proclaim the universal Dharma or Teachings.

Dragon King’s Daughter by Caroline Young

This is the power of the ultimate dimension.
Right now, in this place, in this very moment, through the Power of Presence, you can instantly realize enlightenment.
You recognize your innate Buddha and Christ nature and in this moment you are already the Buddha and the Christ, you are already what you want to become.
(Now read the story again doing the exercises for the second time…and then the third time…)

All the great saints and sages, Masters, gurus and angels speak with the same One Heart.

Pray single-mindedly with faith and devotion to the enlightened form of the Christs, Buddhas, Krishnas and Divine Mothers within you. 

Obtain the empowerment of immortality through the sacred breath you breathe.

Liberate from birth and death through mindful heartful practice, breathing, breathing, walking, walking.

When you speak, speak with Presence and share your personal story of the Radiant Self.

Make enlightened connections in this world and all worlds through the Divine Romance and the Secret Mantra.

We will become endowed with the noble enlightened qualities of the Christs, Buddhas, Krishnas and Divine Mothers.

We will be led to the realm of the Pure Light of Being.

We will mingle indivisibly in the space, the Ocean of the Great Mother.

We carry this sacred flame of enlightenment, the miracle of the inner fire of bliss, within us.

Let it shine.

This is the mantra of the Heart Sutra, the Prajnaparamita Sutra, the Sutra of the Blessed Mother.


Gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi swāhā

Go beyond your self, go beyond what you know, go beyond the breath, empty yourself, bathe yourself in the miracle of the fire and bliss of Divine Love and the Secret Mantra and the Light within you.

Love and soul blessings

Altair and Mother …

NOTE : As you know my experience with Long Nu’s consciousness has been a deep long and tender one. I do have the rarest most precious pearl from the deepest ocean, gifted to me from the Heart of Guan Yin, and I have long since offered it back to Her (Avalokiteshvara/Guan Yin). On a retreat some time ago in the deepest meditation after a day of silence Long Nu arose in front of me, held the pearl out in front of her and offered it back to me. It was an astounding experience, to have the Light Body of Long Nu physically present. The picture below is as similar to what I experienced as I can show you. I have been told many times of the Naga consciousness I have present in me and that this is why so many miracles happen and also why I deeply devote everything I do to Our Divine Mother. I can do nothing by myself. I can only do what I see Our Mother doing, for whatever the Mother does, I do also.



Son Of Lord Krishna, Son Of Lady Guan Yin, conscious walk-in from the Pleiadian Dolphin Isle Daenkus.

I am here to do the work of My Mother in assisting both in Mother Gaia’s ascension and by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva in seeking Krishnahood, Christhood, Buddhahood and healing for all beings.

Love and Blessings from the Source. Stephen/Altair gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā ག༌ཏེ༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌སཾ༌ག༌ཏེ༌བོ༌དྷི༌སྭཱ༌ཧཱ། “go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”

☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ 

A teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.





Gratitude & appreciation to all artists ~ credit given where this is known.



Connection, Oneness and Unity! By The Golden Ones @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Connection, Oneness and Unity–The Golden Ones through Suzanne Lie


ConnectionOneness and Unity!

By The Golden Ones

Through Suzanne Lie

Dear Golden Ones,

We are ready and eager to assist the Ascending Ones. By that statement we mean that we now stand at the threshold of the fifth dimension, ready for the analysis of your Multidimensional Auras. We are aware that everyone, as well as everything, in your transitional reality is in the process of transmutations into the next octave of reality.

Your personal, third-dimensional human expressions of your Multidimensional Self has gone through many incarnations in an attempt to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Transmutation from a third/fourth dimensional planet into a fifth/multidimensional planet.

A “fifth/multidimensional planet” is a planet that has begun its process of transmutation into the higher dimensional frequency of wavelengths. These wavelengths are NOT like radio or other man-made wavelengths.

These wavelengths are Light Wavelengths, which represent different frequencies of light that will NOW begin to find their way into Gaia’s huge Planetary Aura. Yes, Gaia has an aura just as all Her living inhabitants do.

The reason for this migration of Higher Light into Gaia’s aura is because the third dimensional frequency of reality is merging with the fourth dimensional frequency of reality in preparation for Gaia becoming a fifth dimensional planet.

Of course, since ALL life is multidimensional, there is, and has infinitely been, a higher frequency of Gaia in all the higher frequency of the fourth dimension, fifth dimension, and beyond. In fact, you are all members of the higher dimensional Gaia, as well as Her lower frequencies.

Most of you have had many incarnations on Gaia during many of Her different frequencies of civilization. One is ready to begin their transmutation into the higher frequencies of civilization when:

1)  All the frequencies of Gaia eco-system are in alignment

2)  Pollution is at a minimum

3)  Humans have evolved into a high enough state of consciousness that the realize that, if they harm Gaia, they harm their entire reality—including their own physical bodies.

The core frequencies of Gaia are beginning their process of transmutation (expanding into a higher frequency of resonance). Therefore, just as a person is somewhat debilitated when they are in a process of change, Gaia is also somewhat debilitated during Her process of change.

Unfortunately, the dark ones have taken advantage of Gaia’s transitional state to create as much fear and damage as possible to keep the human’s afraid. You see, Gaia needs humanity to assist Her in Her transition by remaining in as high a state of consciousness as they can.

In other words, if humans fill themselves, and their surroundings, with the blessing of Unconditional Love, that love will travel through that particular area to merge with other areas that have also been blessed with Unconditional Love.

Once one area of Unconditional Love interacts with another area of Unconditional love, that Unconditional Love is amplified logarithmically. What is meant by a logarithmic progression is that, instead of it progressing in a manner such as 1-2-3-4, it progresses in a manner of 1-2-4-8-16.

In other words, the progression of Unconditional Love across Gaia’s planet will be greatly accelerated. Unfortunately, just as the light-filled “Service to Others” humans are among the greatest catalyst for progression into the Light, the darkness oriented, “Service to Self” humans are creating the greatest resistance to fifth dimensional Light and Unconditional Love.

Why would anyone treasure “power over others?” The answer is that these beings, who often look like humans, but inside are NOT humans, cannot imagine the concept of Unconditional Love, or any love at all, for that matter.

Just as one who has never seen a person smile or laugh may be frightened by someone smiling or laughing. One who has always lived in the darkness of “power over others” would think, “What is wrong with that person? Why doesn’t that person own their Power Over Others?”

Since most of these ones haven’t experienced much love, and have experienced NO Unconditional Love, love is an unknown, and no one likes the “unknown.” Besides, they see how their family has taught them to carry on their familial dedication to “Power Over Others” lifestyles.

Many of the Illuminati children have never experienced love in any manner. Therefore, since the “unknown” is usually frightening, many of them are frightened by the concept of love. Love seems weak, and Unconditional Love is not even a concept that they could begin to understand.

As any warrior knows, it is vital to “know your enemy.” And, since you are all “Warriors for the Light,” it is important that you understand that those who wish to “take over Gaia” for their own selfish intentions have:

NO consciousness,

NO ability to see beyond their own needs,

And they put financial gain and power over others far above any kind of love or consideration of others.

You can imagine how much damage a person like this could do if they were in a position of power. These people have very little, if any, knowledge of “cause and effect,” because they believe that they are impervious to those “silly do-gooders.”

“What would be the reason for doing something for any one else. No one ever did anything for them, accept maybe gave them money. But the money did NOT teach them love. In fact, when the “wounded dark one” (as ALL dark ones are innately wounded) get, or have money, it is usually spent on their own selfish desires.

Since these wounded ones are unaware that love, affection, kindness and loving guidance would have changed their lives, they are incapable of considering that someone else would want, and need, love, affection, kindness and guidance. Therefore, they do not even consider giving these gifts to others.

People who are raised in this manner often develop, what is called in psychology, a “Personality Disorder.” They often have a “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” or a “Sociopathic Personality Disorder.”

Personality Disorders (as they are labeled in the medical/psychological books), are very difficult, if not impossible, to cure because the cause of these disorders were an innate component of their childhood, and likely of their familial environment.

Therefore, just as a child of a Police Man may want to be a Police Man, a child of a Narcissistic or Personality Disorder, would want to be just like their father. In this manner, generation after generation continues to create anger, power over and deep, hidden fear.

No wonder they “join the Illuminati” or have no sense of conscience when they are in a position of power, and make decisions that could harm or destroy of lives of many, in their own selfish attempt to “get what they want.”

The worst part is that a leader who lives by “power over others,” encourages those who follow or respect to also have “power over others.” They also send out a hidden message that because they were hurt, they could hurt others.

This is when the “truly sick ones” come out from hiding. Then, by killing many, they have found a way to kill their parent, or kill the broken part inside of themselves.


We, the Golden Ones, are sorry that our message has gone into this darkness, but it is the NOW for our Golden Ones in human garb to come forward and say,

“I AM a being of Light and I deserve to LIVE within the Multidimensional Light that I see with my Opened Heart and Clear Mind.”

We, humanity and the Higher Beings, such as ourselves who are dedicated to guiding you, are aware that “the darkest night is just before dawn.” We are also aware that the ONLY antidote for the darkness that is hopefully, “having it’s last stand before our Planetary Ascension,” is to SPREAD Unconditional Love as well as:

Blaze, Blaze, Blaze

The Violet Light

Transmuting ALL Shadow into

Light, Light, Light!

Using decrees, such as the one above, will greatly assist you in finding and living your own INNER Multidimensional SELF. Your Inner Multidimensional SELF is able to expand your consciousness into the frequency of the fifth dimension and beyond.

From this fifth dimensional perspective, you are able to rise above the emotional chaos and center your consciousness and attention – not on where you have been—but into who you have ALWAYS been and are NOW returning to.

One may not think that the Golden ones could speak so much of the darkness, but we are ones that you will meet as you begin your return to the fifth dimension and beyond. Therefore, we are here NOW to remind you that YOU are already ascended beings who have chosen to take an earth vessel in order to better assist Gaia.

However, how can you assist dear Gaia if you not aware of what is actually occurring on Her planet? Humanity’s collective aura has a huge influence on Gaia’s collective aura. A “collective aura” is an aura that has absorbed, both the positive AND the negative with the intension oftransmuting the negative and expanding the positive.

Within this round of Gaia’s evolutionary cycle, Earth has existed within the Operating System of: polarities, opposites, separation, time and space. These concepts will need to flow into a higher frequency in order for Gaia to ascend back to Her innate fifth dimensional self.


Polarities will transmute into Connection

Opposites will transmute into Oneness

Separation will transmute into Unity

Time will transmute into NOW

Space will transmute into HERE

Then, within the fifth dimensional Connection, to all life, you will experience the Onenesswith all life to live in a state of constant Unity as you FLOW into the ever-present Now which will infinitely be Here!

We, the Golden Ones, wish to remind you that you are NOW in Connection and Unity with the constant Connection of the Oneness of the Here and Now!

The Golden Ones

Through Suzanne Lie

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Inside the Mother’s Locker – Part 2/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Orchid Goddess art by Carol Cavalaris


Inside the Mother’s Locker – Part 2/2


(Concluded from Part 1.)

It’s been exceptionally hard for me to move from the negative territory of complaining, fault-finding, and diminishing – chosen in childhood – to positive territory – what Winston Churchill called “the sunlit uplands.”

It’s been hard enough to see how pervasive that attitude was. It resided at such a subtle level that it was like water to the fish. Then to see the extent of the problem and generate the will to fix it.

Imagine tackling a population that has been traumatized by genocide (like Rwanda) or civil war (like the Congo).  We’ll have our work cut out for us even trying to reach some of the traumatized survivors.

For me who is not traumatized, I see gratitude as one way of crossing that divide from negative into positive territory. Blessing others is another way. Loving, caring, sharing are all ways.

The machinery operates through a deep, incipient programming that bent the twig when I was young and inclined the tree. As psychologists might say, early learnings were persistent.

I’m using reprogramming to overcome my persistent, mostly-negative, prior conditioning. I reprogram in the beginning by practicing being grateful, blessing, loving, caring, sharing every day. Later it won’t be necessary.

Sanat said that neither he nor Sananda nor Maitreya nor Jesus wanted to be our gurus. They want us to be our own gurus, our own pathfinders. I get that.


I think we think of the universal laws as confining, rigid, and compartmentalized. I don’t see them that way at all.

When one learns to drive a car, things can be mechanical: Make sure the car is in neutral, we think; put key in ignition, turn to right, put foot on gas pedal and pump.

But within a very short time that procedure becomes what we call “second nature.”

It was the same when we learned to ride a bike. And it’s the same with the laws. We start out learning them one by one, but, when we get the feel of them, they become second nature.

I’m just a novice. I’m not trying to puff myself. But I see where all of this may be leading.


I am staring at this moment at the Higher Self that I saw in a vision some months ago. Only I am inside the suit of armor that he was wearing. I am seeing the interior view.

(Passage of time.)

The universal laws are there to show me that I AM that Self. (2)

An integrated and flowing person – grateful, blessing, sharing, loving.

Thank you, Raj.  I validate the usefulness of an in-depth study of the Universal Law. May I have my Bachelor of Law degree please? You can send it to me here, inside the Mother’s locker.


(1). This experience was reassuring and calming but it was not a major event or enlightenment. The depth of an experience seems to depend on a combination of how deeply we can let the experience in and whether our guides think it in our best interests or those of our mission for us to have the more senior experiences  of enlightenment now.


Orchid Goddess art by Carol Cavalaris


Connecting with the Essence of Being of Service by Archangel Raphael – Natalie Glasson

Art by Tran Nguyen


Connecting with the Essence of Being of Service

by Archangel Raphael

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 10th November 2017 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings and love extend through my being from the Angelic Kingdom. The Angels of Love and Healing wish to be reminded to you; they wish to share their support and companionship with you. They recognise you are Angels of Love and Healing on the Earth wishing to magnify your power and self-realisation of how you can assist the transformation of all especially Mother Earth. I, Archangel Raphael, come to you with the message of the Angels of Love and Healing, as well as my own guidance and inspiration of how to support the healing of yourself, humanity and Mother Earth.

Many souls upon the Earth experience deep inner pain because of the way that Mother Earth is being treated and the suffering that many humans and animals experience. Souls such as yourself wish to be of service, to release the burden of suffering, restoring power within those who feel powerless while bringing healing to those who are experiencing pain. You may believe that there is a lack of knowledge in how to work in harmony with each other and Mother Earth or that there is a beauty upon the Earth which many cannot see. You may be focusing on your own inner spiritual evolution and yet seeing little change in the reality around you. Whatever thoughts and feelings you have about humanity and Mother Earth, I, Archangel Raphael, wish to reawaken your inner power of being of service to support you in making a difference in the world that you love and care for. You are after all of the sa me consciousness, energy and source as everyone and everything around you.

You are an expression of the Creator as is everything you encounter. Deep within your soul is the energy of oneness which links every soul. This same oneness allows you to link into the energy of all to create healing and transformation not only to support the ascension and wellbeing of yourself but all of humanity and Mother Earth. I, Archangel Raphael, wish to share with you insights that encourage you to be of service by accessing the energy of oneness and unity that exists within all. Not only will you gain a sense of being a part of a greater whole, which is the Creator, you will also begin to understand the reason for the suffering and chaos that you recognise in Mother Earth and humanity. When you see through illusions, it is easy to bring forth or encourage healing to create truth and fulfilment for yourself and others.

Support, Love and Acceptance = Unity

Everything has a purpose, all that you have experienced, your current desires and wishes as well as everything humanity and Mother Earth has experienced is for a reason. Everything that you recognise upon the Earth as suffering and pain especially in humanity is due to their separation from the Creator. It is important to realise that this separation was a choice, it may have begun with a small spark of anger or a moment of feeling alone, this wound grew in power causing feelings of being isolated, separated, having to handle everything yourself and feeling as if you are powerless to do so. When you lose your conscious awareness of your natural unity with the Creator and all that is the Creator, you no longer feel supported, loved and accepted. Receiving the support, love and acceptance of the Creator which is naturally given and shared with you whatever you believe yourself to be or choose to create, is the essence of life. Without the support, love and acceptance of the Creator, it is as if you are cutting off your oxygen and expecting yourself to continue as normal. The support, love and acceptance of the Creator may also feel of little worth to you as you move through your physical reality. However, it is your lifeline, your essence, your wellbeing and your power that assists you in living a life of fulfilment on the Earth. The support, love and acceptance of the Creator is the result and experience of remembering the energy of unity which flows through your being and all aspects of the Creator, it is the essence of and answer to everything even seemingly mundane physical challenges.

We can understand that your inner energy of unity is your tool for healing self, others and Mother Earth. Feeling supported, loved and accepted is the result of wheedling your tool of unity, it is the experience of these three energies which brings forth a deep realignment with your inner unity and the unity all experience.

Many souls wish to experience the support, love and acceptance of those around them, this is possible, however, first, there is a need to directly receive the support, love and acceptance of the Creator into your being, allowing it to dissolve all wounds of separation. Then there is a need to connect with the unique and beautiful energy of unity within your being. It is through your experience of becoming familiar with your inner energy of unity that you give to yourself support, love and acceptance. With this important self-gift, you recognise your inner power and the truth of the Creator beyond illusion. Thus everything and everyone in your reality becomes a reflection of your inner truth, sharing with you support, love and acceptance in every moment of your life. You will recognise then that you are in the divine flow and that it is through this process that healing can be obtained for all. Thus, you have the tools to heal and be of service to humanity and Mother Earth.

Step By Step Guide to Healing and Beings of Service to Yourself, Humanity and Mother Earth

  • In meditation or quiet time, ask the Creator to shower you with the purest vibration of support, love and acceptance. Imagine your heart chakra opening revealing a large well which collects the energy the Creator shares with you. Feel the abundant energy of the Creator filling the well within your heart chakra and overflowing into your entire being. You may wish to repeat, ‘I am completely supported, loved and accepted by the Creator.’ Continue this process until you truly feel, sense or acknowledge the presence of the Creator.
  • Say with meaning, ‘I ask my soul to lead me now to the source of unity within my being, so I may bathe in its essence and radiant glow.’ Imagine that you exist within your heart chakra as a miniature version of yourself beside a shallow river. The river is a white pearlescent colour, you can stand in it, and it just covers your ankles. Allow yourself to follow the direction of the river, enjoying walking through shallow liquid light. This river will lead you to your inner energy and source of unity. When you reach the source of your unity you will notice that it is so vast and expansive as it is connected to the unity within every human, light being, Mother Earth and the entire universe of the Creator. It is at this moment if you feel ready that you can allow yourself to move into and experience the vast expansive unity that is the Creator.
  • With the support, love and acceptance of the Creator and your connection with the unity of the Creator, there is a need for you to begin to gift this sacred energy and power to yourself firstly, knowing you are worthy and deserving. Then gift the same energy of which there is an abundance to Mother Earth as she is your loyal companion on your soul journey of the Earth. Hold Mother Earth in this sacred energy which is channeling through your being, allow Mother Earth to transform, heal wounds and realign herself to her inner energy of unity which is akin to a mirror of your source of unity. Only when you feel ready, send the same energy to humanity and all souls upon the Earth let the energy flow through you and hold all souls in this sacred light. You will be able to observe as they begin to heal, transform and realign with their inner unity, which will mean that they are choosing un ity rather than separation. You may also wish to gift the same energy to all the beings of service and love within the Universe of the Creator as an expression of gratitude for their constant support and connection.
  • Take time to return your attention back to your own energy of unity, explore this energy deeply. If any energies of separation that you experience in your own reality, recognise within the realities of others, within humanity or Mother Earth come to your awareness lead the energy of separation into your inner unity for transformation and healing. Remember that which you see, sense and acknowledge within others exists within your own being, this is why it has come to your awareness. Anything that does not exist within your being does not enter into your awareness. Know that you can be of service to humanity and Mother Earth just by looking within your being, recognising the separation and unity that is present and bringing yourself into alignment with the support, love and acceptance of the Creator.

I, Archangel Raphael, am present to be of service with you,

Art by Tran Nguyen


Archangel Raphael