Inside the Mother’s Locker – Part 2/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Orchid Goddess art by Carol Cavalaris


Inside the Mother’s Locker – Part 2/2


(Concluded from Part 1.)

It’s been exceptionally hard for me to move from the negative territory of complaining, fault-finding, and diminishing – chosen in childhood – to positive territory – what Winston Churchill called “the sunlit uplands.”

It’s been hard enough to see how pervasive that attitude was. It resided at such a subtle level that it was like water to the fish. Then to see the extent of the problem and generate the will to fix it.

Imagine tackling a population that has been traumatized by genocide (like Rwanda) or civil war (like the Congo).  We’ll have our work cut out for us even trying to reach some of the traumatized survivors.

For me who is not traumatized, I see gratitude as one way of crossing that divide from negative into positive territory. Blessing others is another way. Loving, caring, sharing are all ways.

The machinery operates through a deep, incipient programming that bent the twig when I was young and inclined the tree. As psychologists might say, early learnings were persistent.

I’m using reprogramming to overcome my persistent, mostly-negative, prior conditioning. I reprogram in the beginning by practicing being grateful, blessing, loving, caring, sharing every day. Later it won’t be necessary.

Sanat said that neither he nor Sananda nor Maitreya nor Jesus wanted to be our gurus. They want us to be our own gurus, our own pathfinders. I get that.


I think we think of the universal laws as confining, rigid, and compartmentalized. I don’t see them that way at all.

When one learns to drive a car, things can be mechanical: Make sure the car is in neutral, we think; put key in ignition, turn to right, put foot on gas pedal and pump.

But within a very short time that procedure becomes what we call “second nature.”

It was the same when we learned to ride a bike. And it’s the same with the laws. We start out learning them one by one, but, when we get the feel of them, they become second nature.

I’m just a novice. I’m not trying to puff myself. But I see where all of this may be leading.


I am staring at this moment at the Higher Self that I saw in a vision some months ago. Only I am inside the suit of armor that he was wearing. I am seeing the interior view.

(Passage of time.)

The universal laws are there to show me that I AM that Self. (2)

An integrated and flowing person – grateful, blessing, sharing, loving.

Thank you, Raj.  I validate the usefulness of an in-depth study of the Universal Law. May I have my Bachelor of Law degree please? You can send it to me here, inside the Mother’s locker.


(1). This experience was reassuring and calming but it was not a major event or enlightenment. The depth of an experience seems to depend on a combination of how deeply we can let the experience in and whether our guides think it in our best interests or those of our mission for us to have the more senior experiences  of enlightenment now.


Orchid Goddess art by Carol Cavalaris



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