The Universal Law of Attachment and Detachment as I See It – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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The Universal Law of Attachment and Detachment as I See It

May I offer my interpretation of the Universal Law of Attachment and Detachment?

This is the opinion of a novice student, seeking to get his Law Degree, way down the road. This is my first “college essay.”

We’re born into this physical world to develop discrimination, discernment. The Buddha in his article on the Law of Attachment and Detachment (1) describes the fluidity that a person can develop by knowing (discerning) when to attach and when to detach. The process of creation requires both. It becomes a dance.

In a sense he’s describing what we could think of as our soul motion, our soul stirring, our soul working or operating. That is a much senior version to the one I’ll be giving you here.


In my version, our return Home, as the Mother calls it, will involve us finally surrendering all that marks us as individuals back to the Father, the Transcendent Void.

St. Paul described this moment when he said: “Then shall the Son [the Self] also himself be subject unto him, that God may be all in all.” (2)

The Self surrenders individuation and merges back into the One.

All of life was created for this moment of reunion, the end of the journey from God to God.

As long as we remember that, then where the Law of Attachment and Detachment comes in is that it teaches us what to detach from and what to attach to in order to reach the end of our journey Home.

As we learn to discriminate, we find that even “we” – our egos and constructed selves – are unreal. Our ultimate surrender will be to surrender all that’s unreal to the only thing that’s Real, God. We’re faced with thoughts of utter extinction. Primal fears arise.

Nonetheless, whatever we really are is what will be left over from that final surrender to the One.

We are the default, the residuum, according to the maxim: Whatever is impermanent, whatever is changing is not Real.

To discern what or who to surrender to, we need discrimination. For me, the Law of Attachment and Detachment describes the development of that discrimination.


Can I put the matter another way?

For a long time, I’ve held that the basic spiritual movement is to turn from the world to God.

If I was asked to elaborate, I’d say that the basic spiritual movement is, as I believe Hindus would put it, to discriminate between the Real and the unreal, to detach from the unreal, and to attach to the Real.

In other words, to turn from the world to God.

Physical life gives us the lessons we need to learn how to discriminate between the Real and the unreal, so that when the moment of ultimate surrender comes, we know what to surrender to. We know what is Real amidst all the unreal, what Zen calls the Ten Thousand Things.

I came alive in the early Seventies. for many years after, my inner life remained a jumble of vasana-born messages, conclusions, and decisions, an elaborate mask, and a range of games I’d be playing and scripts I’d be living. I’d appear to myself now as Byzantine. I’d be embarrassed.

Through a long life of experiences, my discrimination has advanced a wee bit. I’ve advanced the purpose of physical life – to develop discrimination – a step or two.

But more important than that, I’ve learned to attach to the Divine – you could also say, to the Love. It turns out to be the same in everyone and everything.

I bow before the Divine Love that you are. That I am as well. That it turns out we both are.



(1) The Buddha, “Universal Law of Attachment and Detachment” in Linda Dillon, The New You: Emerging into then Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness. Port St. Lucie: 2013.

(2) I Corinthians 15:24 and 28.


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Merging PARALLEL Worlds and Higher Dimensions ~ NOW – L’Aura Pleiadian

Art: Owl Guardian by Francene Hart


Merging PARALLEL Worlds and Higher Dimensions ~ NOW

There is a constant interplay that is taking place, that most people are unaware of. An in and out of, so to speak, of varying frequencies. When you exist consciously in many dimensions at once, you can see this taking place in people around you.

Timelines are similar to a movie, the streaming appears seamless.

The more present you are of consciously existing in the eternal moment, the greater your awareness of these shifting in and out of these parallel worlds and future timelines, NOW. All occurring now. The so-called past and future, as part of this interplay of frequencies.

Drawing different versions of you into your present state of frequency consciousness is a process taking place.

After all, you are present in all of them, through the different frequency versions of you.

The Specific next level future timeline YOU is the process of expanding into and shifting back into the current version of you. Through frequency. This is part of the preparation process. NOT too sudden. This may feel like a bleed through at times. A little of both going on. Yet subtle at times and somewhat seamless.

The back and forth YOU ~ that is.

Does the process come down to changing matter or expanding the consciousness into parallel worlds? Both.

The releasing of MEMORIES ~ in your Blueprint arise and are completed, as part of your destiny. As part of this SHIFTING and EXPANDING into the next levels. 

The NEW level timeline. The ONE where you exist as ASCENDED.


When a parallel world that is a higher frequency version of you is coming through as ALMOST shifted into, you become more CONSCIOUS of the Presence of a DIFFERENT You ~ that appears to be emerging.

That suddenly experiences life differently. YET ~ that process is not sudden. IT has been going on all along. YOU are just waking up in the next level. The parallel world.


As the momentum increases and you are about to fully MERGE in consciousness with your next NEW LEVEL timeline IN ALL moments, you may feel the push, of the new timeline showing its presence as it emerges. It is like an overlay that bleeds through, more and more, consciously.

The final stages of the shift appear seamless, miraculous. There you are, in a new version of you. A new life. A new World.

Even though you were shifting in and out in all moments. This was preparing  the consciousness of your form, as it too experienced adjust to the higher frequencies. To the higher dimensions of you.

The Highest all the way to the lowest. The lowest to the highest. That is the merging of you with the original YOU. That always has existed. That is always taking place NOW.

Now, breathing and feeling.

I NOW MERGE more deeply and consciously with the expanded version of me, in my Future timeline. 

I now allow the FULL merging of my consciousness with the HIGHER frequency dimensions to be COMPLETE as I consciously LIVE as my  original LIGHT.

The Divine Ascended Being, that I am already, now lives through me in all moments. As this LIGHT ~ that is Eternal. That knows itself only as this Light, in all moments, throughout eternity. 

This linking up, so to speak, is the seamless LIGHT of all Dimensions, that are NOW ONE in my experience, As the Ascension of my consciousness knows itself as COMPLETE. 

Receive and BREATHE feeling deeply this activation. 

This Unification. 

This Love that is eternal. 

ALL NOW as the Divine LIGHT that is always present, in all worlds and timelines. And so it is. I love you! 

Receive the Hourly Activation ~ The Divine Ascended Being Activation, FOR YOU. Your Transformation. Your Ascension. ALL NOW.

The release of the memories, the pain, into the PURE LIGHT of Unconditional LOVE ~ ALL NOW. The DIVINE Alchemy of Spirit and Matter MERGED as ONE with the Original Light. 

The Soul Star Matrix. Present NOW.


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“The Old Place” – Lucia Sullivan

Lucia Sullivan


The Old Place

” Down out the old place in the morning dew,
Tin roof shining with the dawning,
The old kitchen sat right across the way.
Grandpa sat on the steps with few words to say.
He patted my back and gave me a hug.
I could feel the warmness of his heart give a tug.
His overalls defined him in their stripes and blue.
Skinny and strong with a smile or two.
We went walking down the old dirt road.
To pick some berries and maybe find a toad.
He was brisk and fast as he went that way.
In the dusty sunshine on a fine summer day.
He pulled off his hat and starting filling it up.
I giggled and helped him with a small tin cup.
We walked back fast and I held his hand.
He was as gentle and strong as any man’s man.
I walked up the rocks and then up the steps.
We handed them to grandma and gave a long hard breath.
Fans sat in corners and blew my hair around.
A small plastic cup of water and bare feet to the ground.
Down at the old place in the morning dew.
Where everything will be,
Forever new.” 

Written by Lucia Sullivan Copyright 2017 all rights reserved



New York

I am a clairvoyant, poet, writer, and seer. I believe all things are moving towards the light. I love music, dancing, boating, nature, and animals.