“I had always been able to see” – Lucia Sullivan

Golden Butterfly art by Gothic Ice Cream @ DeviantArt


I had always been able to see

” I had always been able to see.
Acutely aware of the spaces in between.
Touching faces with tender hands.
Long gazes into faces and eyes,
Searching for the miracle,
For the missing pieces.
That I must,
Have left behind.
In the yonder world.
Beyond the sky.
In the stillness of dreams and flight paths.
Where Angels make filtered noises to remind them of the music here.
As close as they could get without materializing.
Making me sing down here for their amusement.
Now I remember,
How I longed for a voice.
I traded in my wings.
To speak.
To laugh.
To feel the passion and burning of emotions,
In motions of time slots.
Here in the weight world of lunatics and shouting.
Where voices are so heavy they can blow up the world.
But I needed to see.
I needed to feel.
I needed to sing and feel the sway of a drum beat.
I traded in my wings for some chains and collars.
When I removed them,
My spirit went wild.
And the Angels pushed me back to the floor.
Reminding me of my sacrifice.
I had traded in whispers for expressions of great feeling.
I must feel.
As time fades into night and my spirit takes her journey home.
In dreamland,
I will remember the weightlessness of the yonder world.
Where I could not sing too loud.
Where I could not know the feel of cool water on a hot blurry day.
Where I could not walk down a long dirt road and feel the cool soil on my bare feet.
But oh.
How I long to fly .
And tonight I will fly.
Back to the yonder world.
In my journey dream home.”

Written by Lucia Sullivan Copyright 2017 all rights reserved



New York

I am a clairvoyant, poet, writer, and seer. I believe all things are moving towards the light. I love music, dancing, boating, nature, and animals.

I AM Impersonal Consciousness @ Radiant Rose Academy

Artist appreciation


 I AM Impersonal Consciousness

The Impersonal I AM, a Cosmic Activity of ‘I AM what I AM’

As we graduate our understanding of the ‘I AM Infinite Consciousness’, the ‘I AM Individualized Consciousness’, we are ready to discover the ‘I AM Impersonal Consciousness’. We can approach the understanding of the ‘Impersonal I AM’ in a way that Gurus, Buddha’s, Mystics, and Visionaries have glimpsed it: God is Everywhere!

This is the third Activity of ‘I AM’. The Buddha may suggest to you ‘God is everywhere’. The Buddhist may go as far in their own understanding to avoid walking on an insect because they see this as a sacred life form. So this idea has been around the world for some time. Let us glimpse an expanded understanding, that one day allows you to communicate with ‘God is everywhere, in everything,’ so the Impersonal Consciousness that is everywhere, begins to respond to you.

The ‘Impersonal I AM’ is not ‘personal’, as in your own Higher Intelligence or Consciousness that is personal to you and your Spiritual Nature. The ‘Impersonal I AM’ is incorporate within all Life, which is why it is Impersonal. It is everywhere. What is it? It is not so much a thinking consciousness, rather it is the responding consciousness, inherent within all substance and life.

It is the responding part of Source Consciousness that is everywhere in this Universe, in the very substance that makes up starry heavens, planets, star systems, elemental kingdoms, and so forth. It is the consciousness within every cell of your physical body; It is the responding consciousness within a rose, it is within the substance of a pebble, a stone, it is the consciousness within all Kingdoms of Life, including the Animal Kingdom; It is everywhere. It is the consciousness within the Powers of Nature, the Forces of the Elements, and Interstellar Space. Yes the ‘Impersonal I AM’ within all life that does respond to the ‘I AM Individualized Divine Self’. It is everywhere, and responds to the outer self when the outer self has become once again, a fully awakened and actualized Individualized Consciousness of Perfection, through the Process of Resurrection.

In this great journey of Resurrection that welcomes us now, let’s triangulate our understanding of ‘I AM’. The ‘I AM, Infinite Presence’ of Higher Consciousness created our ‘I AM, Individualized Consciousness’, so we could go forth as Conscious Creator Beings, the personal ‘Individualized I AM’ that is the truth of who we are. The ‘I AM, Infinite Presence’ of our Universe also created the ‘I AM Impersonal Consciousness’, the responding consciousness within the fabric of life itself, that responds to all that we desire and require once we are Resurrected back into our Higher Consciousness living in an absolute state of Perfection.