“The Angel In The Flower Field” (For my grandmother) – Lucia Sullivan



“The Angel In The Flower Field” (For my grandmother)

“We went to look for flowers.
Deep in the woods that day.
The clouds were a blanket of heaven.
The ground was a bucket of clay.
You parted the branches and shuttered.
You pushed the weeds down very tight.
Behind you there in the shadows.
I walked with you into the light.
You picked and you plundered the roots there.
While I gazed off in the sky.
My body was tiny and fragile.
My spirit was huge, wide and high.
I felt the shutters of heaven.
Standing bare feet on the moss.
Green and wet with its beauty.
I was never so happy to be lost.
I felt her coming upon me.
She stood there in the bright light.
She glistened and warmed me with love glow.
I would never be afraid of the night.
She stood as tall as the trees there.
Shining down like a lamp.
Warm and blinding and consuming.
She branded me like a stamp.
The Angel,
She stood in the portal.
While you were there bending your knees.
Picking and gathering flowers.
She washed in and out of me.
I never whispered a word of her.
I never said it out loud.
Her gift was covered with wisdom.
She gave me a healing shroud.
No flowers have ever bloomed as bright.
Than those we gathered that day.
I must have been about four then.
When the Angel showed me the way.
Now flowers bloom in my heart spots.
That no one can ever remove.
They bloom and they flicker and flutter.
When I think of you.”

Written by Lucia Sullivan β™₯Β Copyright 2017 all rights reserved


New York

I am a clairvoyant, poet, writer, and seer. I believe all things are moving towards the light. I love music, dancing, boating, nature, and animals.


Art: Stephen Mackey

ARTIST APPRECIATION Gratitude to artists

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