Happy New Year, Everyone! – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Happy New Year, Everyone!

I’m taking a break from holidays to post a New Year’s greeting.

Happy New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day, everyone!

What would I like to say on New Year’s to everyone? What’s most important to say?

Besides having a good laugh, which is always enjoyable, what’s most important to say is how much I hope people will not lose the momentum in the New Year to pursue what terrestrial sages call “purification,” what I’ve called cleansing ourselves of our vasanas.

This is a longish read, but the subject is important. Perhaps read it in stages (hence the asterisks).

According to our enlightened teachers, purification is one of three phases of enlightenment. The first phase is sila or purification, often called washing the bowl or polishing the statue. That’s the phase we’re in now.

The second is samadhi or concentration.  Meditation is the most obvious form of concentration. But any path will have its form; e.g., karma yoga, sila, or service can involve concentration on love or forgiveness, as I’m watching in another.

The third is punya (punna), the arrival of the wisdom born of enlightenment after mukti, liberation from ignorance and density, Ascension, or Sahaja Samadhi.

I place value (and I know Kathleen does as well) on the process of purification; specifically, the cleansing of our vasanas or core issues.

All the spiritual work we’ve been doing over time has been concerned with removing the overburden that obscures the Self. I’m sure we both thank you for hearing us on this subject, which is dear to our hearts.

A big hoorah to all those folks who’ve taken workshops on the subject of core issues over the past year or read up on it, etc., and have been working away at processing – or eradicating – theirs. (1)


Purification, for me, is the road to balance. When we reduce ourselves to our balanced essence by processing our vasanas or core issues, we can be said to have “purified” ourselves.

There are so many synonyms for “processing our vasanas”: let go of our baggage, gotten to the bottom of our upsets, forgiven ourselves and others (the direct route), dropped our acts and numbers, stopped projecting onto others, stopped pointing the finger, emerged from our hatred and jealousy, gotten real, become personally responsible for our lives. These are all elements of or synonyms for eradicating our vasanas.

We’re removing that which veils or hides the inner Sun of the Self from us and allowing that inner tsunami of love that “Bright Star” described to flow, the torrent of which washes away all concern and anxiety.

This heart opening, as Bright Star describes it, is the goal:

“Suddenly, my heart opened up and by this, I mean it was like my heart exploded. My heart was flooded with an immense wave of light, a golden bright light that I can simply not describe. But I’ll try my best to do it nonetheless.

“I instantly felt that now, the Tsunami of Love hit my heart and firstly, I was so concerned about this strong feeling in my heart, that I thought I am having a heart attack. …

“The Tsunami of Love hit me so hard that in the same second, all my concerns, anger, distress, hate and all other unpleasant feelings, which bothered me for such a very long time, were washed away completely.

“All these feelings were replaced by pure Love and for the first time ever in my 45 years, I experienced Love in its purest form. The Tsunami of Love was a complete cleaning of my ‘system.’ A resetting of my being. After an hour or so, The Tsunami of Love leveled out, leaving me in total peace and Love.”  (2)

First time ever – yes! Love in its purest form – yes!  Complete cleansing of my system – yes!

A resetting of my being – oh, yes! THIS is a heart opening. If you haven’t had one, for heavens sake, ask for it.

Pardon me while I wax Biblical but this is the treasure buried in the field, the pearl of great price. Knock and the door shall be opened. Ask and ye shall receive.

Surely you can see from Bright Star’s account and my own enthusiastic bubbling that this is the X on the treasure map I spoke of at Christmastime. This inner tsunami of love that comes with a heart opening is what we’re all seeking. The doorway to Ascension is the heart.

A temporary heart opening has been promised to all of us. It’s the next stage on the road to Ascension, which will be a full and permanent heart opening.

But notice that Bright Star thought he was having a heart attack. Do not be fooled if you feel like exploding or imploding. Simply allow the Mother to do her work.

Thank you so much for that description, Bright Star.  Yours is the first account I’ve read that’s been exactly the same as my own experience (and more). We both felt the opening of that door, the hridayam, the portal to the heart.

PS. And you went further. Who’s next?


There’s a false and an authentic purity. When I talk about purification, I’m not referring here to an exaggerated and puffed-up self-righteousness that passes for purity.

I’m referring to balance – a state of being that’s mirrored in the thought, feeling, and behavior of the individual, the one unattached to anything else than love, balance, and the other divine qualities.

It’s needful to give attention to the arts of purification – many of which Kathleen is discussing – at this time of chaos and mayhem, arrests and disclosures.

It’ll be needful again after First Contact, Abundance, governmental reorganization. After any major change, the need will reassert itself to go deeper and deeper into our personal cleansing or purification.

And this can be stressful. I ask us to forego criticism of each other, such as in spamming comments or the sharing of private correspondence, etc. Let’s go easy on each other during this time of mayhem. None of us has been this way before in this lifetime.


Not to leave the question hanging –  what is purity?

Purity, for me, means oneness of essence – pure gold is an example. We’re all One in essence.

Like a divine fiber-optic, we’re billions of Lights emanating from the One Source. That’s exactly our situation.

Our form extends outwards from the central source like the plastic form of the fiber-optic. But inside we carry Light/Love that comes directly from the Source. All of us carry the same Light. And we carry it in our hearts, beyond the hridayam or heart aperture.

When the overburden is removed and we stand forth as much more of that Light (it goes on and on), we can be said to have purified ourselves – of our vasanas, the overburden, our baggage, our old business.

The time at which that overburden is completely and forever removed is Ascension or Sahaja Samadhi. That’s where we’re headed. That’s down the road in gradual stages plus peak moments such as I expect here.

Notice what else Bright Star says: “After an hour or so, the Tsunami of Love leveled out, leaving me in total peace and Love.” And the inner tsunami will level out more and more, because it’s just a foretaste of what is to come in Ascension.

You saw it level out for me. You heard me asking AAM why, if I’d had a permanent heart opening, it didn’t last. It did but mostly closed. Certainly not a torrent at this time.

So my advice is to just let it go when it wishes to depart. It’ll be back. And even the remembrance of it is sweet.


Ascension will be a permanent heart opening, which in turn is a return to ourselves as we naturally are (Sahaja = natural).

We must be as children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. (3) Innocent, natural. Sahaja

Won’t we laugh when we see that all of this hoopla is simply about us returning to our natural state? Ending up at the place we began? That is grounds for laughter.

Emerging from our obfuscations, the Buddha calls it. Polishing the statue, Plotinus described it as, in one of the best metaphorical statements of it I’ve ever read. (4) This is one of the main activities on this site: Personal cleansing of vasanas.

We’ve built up momentum for purification over the last five or six years. I hope that momentum continues in 2018 and bears fruit.

Thank you to everyone who’s donated to the continuance of this site and InLight Radio. Without your support, we would not be here.

Happy New Year, everyone!


(1) On how to eradicate a vasana, see “How to Handle Unwanted Feelings: The Upset Clearing Process” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/spiritual-essays/on-processing-vasanas/how-to-handle-unwanted-feelings-the-upset-clearing-process/

(2) “Bright Star: An Account of a Heart Opening,” 

(3) “Heaven” to the early Christian Fathers is the same as what we mean by the “Fifth Dimension.”

(4) Plotinus describes purification, metaphorically:

“Let him who can, arise, withdraw into himself, forego all that is known by the eyes, turn aside forever from the bodily beauty that was once his joy. He must not hanker after the graceful shapes that appear in bodies, but know them for copies, for traceries, for shadows, and hasten away towards that which they bespeak. …

“Withdraw into yourself and look. … Do as does the sculptor of a statue that is to be beautified: he cuts away here, he smooths it there, he makes this line lighter, this other one purer, until he disengages beautiful lineaments in the marble. Do you this, too. Cut away all that is excessive, straighten all that is crooked, bring light to all that is overcast, labor to make all one radiance of beauty. Never cease “working at the statue” until there shines out upon you from it the divine sheen of virtue….

“Have you become like this? Do you see yourself, abiding within yourself, in pure solitude? Does nothing now remain to shatter that interior unity, nor anything cling to your authentic self? [You are balanced.] Are you entirely that sole true light which is not contained by space, not confined to any circumscribed form, not diffused as something without term, but ever immeasurable as something greater than all measure and something more than all quantity? Do you see yourself in this state? Then you have become vision itself.

“Be of good heart. Remaining here, you have ascended aloft. You need a guide no longer. Strain and see.” (Plotinus in Elmer O’Brien, ed., The Essential Plotinus. Representative Treatises from the Enneads. Toronto: New American Library, 1964, 40-3.)

Cynthia McKinney for President 2020


ARE YOU READY TO MAKE A COMMITMENT? Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman

Artist appreciation





Beloved masters, are you ready to close the door to the past and step onto the path which will lead you into a magical world of all possibilities? The way has been prepared. All you have to do is agree and the process will be revealed to you one step at a time. We will make it as easy as possible, for you have suffered enough and it is time for ease and grace. A grand alliance is being formed — a reunification of magnificent proportions, as we solidify the process of joining together once more in common purpose — both we of the higher realms and you, the present day Earthly representatives of the Creator. The time of separation is swiftly coming to a close, and paradoxically, those still steeped in the illusion of the Third- / Fourth-Dimensional realms are coming together as well. They have bonded together more and more tightly in their fight to maintain separation through their struggle for dominance and power, fueled by hatred, fear and greed.

Many aeons ago, we made each of you a promise as you went your separate way to fulfill your part of the universal Divine Plan. We promised that we would come together again in a grand reunion when the experiment on planet Earth was drawing to a close. We promised that even though you would forget your origins as part of the experiment, at the appropriate time we would help you to remember. The Memory Seed Atoms within your DNA, your Sacred Heart, and Sacred Mind would be activated; thereby the process of remembering your origins, and reclaiming your Divine heritage would begin. As these events filter into the consciousness of you, the StarSeed Souls, if you hold steady on the Path, you will be able to claim and proceed to embody your new Divine Blueprint, and we will move forward together: side-by-side and heart-to-heart. THAT TIME IS NOW, BELOVEDS.

Brave hearts, do not focus on the negative events taking place around the world. Do not get caught up in the media frenzy as predictions of doom and gloom, cataclysm, rumors of wars and despair permeate the airways and minds of the masses. Now is not the time to vacillate or allow the bombardment of negative energy to penetrate your protective shield of Light. It is time to step boldly into the limelight and proclaim that you are a Warrior of Peace, a committed Bearer and conveyer of the refined Love/Light – the new Divine Blueprint for the emerging galactic consciousness of humanity and the Earth.

More and more of you are being nudged in various ways – strong nudgings that cannot be denied. We have been very busy in our attempt to get your attention. We use every means at hand to help you remember. Our endeavors, along with the encoded Memory Seed Atoms that were stored throughout your physical vessel, and which were programmed to be activated during these evolutionary times, make it increasingly difficult for you to ignore this unprecedented wake up call.

We are asking you to make a COMMITMENT. By seeking and agreeing to reunite with the members of your Soul family that you are being guided to, your individual conscious awareness and your group awareness will be expanded by leaps and bounds. Through the dynamics of Group meditation within your group FIFTH-DIMENSIONAL PYRAMID OF POWER, you will be given an opportunity to swiftly become a cocreative master on the material planes of existence, as well as an example to those around you. The swiftest way to get the attention of others is by initiating, proving and personifying a beneficial concept.

Most of you who resonate to these messages are well on your way to completing the passage through the Fourth Dimension that opens the gateway to the magical realm of the Fifth Dimension.  Remember, beloveds, there are no firm demarcations between the Dimensions — they are fluid frequency patterns within Memory Seed Atoms of various sizes that ebb and flow, and which occasionally blend one with another. It is important that you learn to use the positive qualities of ALL the Dimensions, even the First, Second and Third, which are gradually returning to the originally designed spectrum of Light and Shadow for this Sub-universal experience. They are all an important part of our Father/Mother God’s creations, and all have positive attributes, energies and information to share.

See yourself creating a firm foundation, as you seek to establish a unity consciousness with the great Devic/Elemental Angelic Kingdom and the Earth. In this way, you will gain a greater appreciation of the richness and beauty of the First, Second and Third Dimensions that your host planet has to offer. Access the plethora of positive, enriched frequency patterns stored within the realms of the three higher planes of the Fourth Dimension as you begin to create and manifest your visions and solidify your dreams. Meditating and creating your Seed thoughts (envisioning) within your Pyramid of Light/Power in the Fifth Dimension will enable you to access the higher-Dimensional levels of Life Force energy, which will infuse your creations with Cosmic Fire Essence.

There has been a Divine Mandate handed down stating that the reunification process will be activated in the fullest measure in order to accelerate the process of cosmic evolution. This means that the rigid, dogmatic, judgmental and fear-based concepts within the minds and hearts of humanity, as well as all religions, nations, cultures and races will be given a free-will opportunity, or they will be forced to face the challenge of letting go of all that is not in harmony with the blending of all Spirit-kind and ALL the earthly Divine Blueprint creations of our Father/Mother God. We stand together in the realms of Light, and we extend our hearts and hands to you to draw you within the circle of Cosmic Unity. Will you step forward? We surround and enfold you in an auric field of love and protection. I AM Archangel Michael.


Beloved friends: Archangel Michael’s teachings have grown more advanced and complex over the years. So many dear Souls are seeking answers and guidance during these turbulent times of transition. Many of the current messages are beyond the understanding of those who are just beginning to seek spiritual awareness.  Over the past year or so, Archangel Michael has guided me to messages/concepts which bear repeating, as he updates and adds to his plethora of wisdom teachings. In our current messages, we will continue to review some of the thousands of important teachings Archangel Michael has gifted us with, and on occasion, he will add a portion of a particular message that is of vital importance for everyone’s understanding. As we read and study our beloved Michael’s teachings, more and more “Gems of Wisdom” are revealed.  Eternal love and angel blessings, Ronna



Beloved ones, have you ever wondered: What is the difference between your “Soul” and your “Spirit”? What is the Soul? What is it composed of? Where did it originate? What will happen to your Soul when you die or transcend? Where does it reside in your body? Can you become a “lost Soul”?  Does your Soul have to be “saved” because of past sins?

All of these questions have been asked and pondered upon for all the Ages humanity has been on Earth. Allow us to give you some concise, simplistic answers to add to your new and fuller understanding of the workings of the universe and your Divine origins. It will be up to you whether or not you accept these explanations as your truth. As always, we ask you to use your discernment and to only accept as your truth those things which resonate deeply within your heart and Soul.

At a cosmic or Omniversal level, you are “Spirit,” a Facet or Ray of Divine Essence sent forth from the heart core of the Supreme Creator. At that level, you are fully conscious of whom you are and of your connection with the Supreme Creator; you are also aware of and know your mighty “I AM” identity. At the universal level, you were a Divine cocreator, once more sent forth on a great refracted Ray of Light to manifest worlds without end in the name of our Father/Mother God. You were aware of the overall Divine plan for this universe and the part you were to play in it; however, you may or may not have remembered your origins or identity at a cosmic level. This theme has been played out over and over down through the Ages as you assumed a vast number of forms and identities.

As Spirit, which we will call your God Seed Atom or your God Ray, you are a great Being of Light who also sent forth many Facets or sub-rays of yourself, leaving OverSouls or parts of your Essence in many different dimensions, galaxies, star systems, Sub-dimensions and worlds throughout this universe. In turn, each of these great OverSouls also sent forth Sparks or Soul Fragments of their Essence. The you now incarnated in a physical body on planet Earth is one of those Soul Sparks, who agreed to journey forth into the great unknown void with an encoded Divine Mission to assist in the creation of many diverse worlds – to inhabit them, and then to experience what you helped to create so that your unique experiences can be incorporated into the universal consciousness and ultimately into the Cosmic Mind.

Your physical body is a temporary vessel that you chose to house your Soul for a short span of time in the realms of material expression. Spirit, or Divine Consciousness, dwells within your Sacred Heart and Soul. It is the Essence of life, and you will always have an unbroken lifeline to the Creator (no matter how small or dim that connection may have become as you sank into the density of the Third- / Fourth-Dimensional realms). Your Soul is an immortal Facet of your vaster God Spark that has traveled far and wide throughout space and time in order to gain experience and greater awareness of Itself. Within your Soul is a record of all the positive experiences you have had throughout the many ages and your many lifetimes. Your Soul and DNA contain Memory Seed Atoms, which are encoded with a condensed history (positive and negative) of each lifetime, and also recorded within a Memory Seed Atom Soul ledger is all that needs to be balanced and returned to pure Divine Light substance.

There comes a time when each Soul has reached the furthermost point of Its journey of separation, and a Memory Seed Atom is ignited. This signals that it is time to begin the journey of reunion and Integration once more. The Soul is gradually infused with a Divine discontent, which slowly filters into the consciousness of the human mind. Hopefully, that is when you, as a human entity, begin to turn inward, to tame the ego desire-body, so that you may reconnect with the Soul, the Higher-Self/OverSoul, and multiple Facets of your God Self that reside within the multiple sub-planes of the first four Dimensions of this Sub-universe.

In past lives and past Ages, this gradual reunion of the Soul and Its many OverSouls was a very individualized and personal event – not one experienced by the masses – only by the few. This is no longer true. It is now a time of mass awakening – a time of global, galactic and Sub-universal reunion and ascension into a heightened state of Creator/Spirit-infused consciousness.  You now have the potential to reconnect with the many Facets of your Soul family, your Higher Self, your many OverSouls, and your Sacred Triad within the first Sub-level of the Fifth Dimension. At a cosmic level, the Supreme Creator is now sending down the radiance of Itself via the Great Central Suns, which is being filtered down upon Earth in great bursts of Living Flame of Life via the Sun of your solar system.

The Soul could be described as a Seed Atom of pulsating Life Force energy, which resides within your Diamond Core God Cell. The Soul may be only a small Spark of Life within the heart area in those who are still ensnared in the illusion of the lower Dimensions; however, as it blooms and blossoms into its full dynamic power, it expands and becomes the “Solar Power Center,” which encompasses the solar plexus, the heart, the thymus and the throat area. This is often called “The Three-Fold Flame,” and the heart has been called the “Seat of the Soul.”  The Soul communicates to you via both your emotional and your mental bodies: the emotions through the heart center, and with the mind via the pineal gland; by igniting the packets of Light/wisdom stored within the higher vibrational portions of the brain called the Sacred Mind. When the connection is complete, the physical vessel begins to reap the rewards via better health and vitality, as well as a deeper connection with your Body Elemental (an important Facet of your deep sub-conscious mind and DNA).

We tell you emphatically that you cannot become a lost Soul, if you mean lose your connection with the Creator. You may lose your way, and you may lose or become diminished in Creator Light, but your Soul is immortal and can never be lost or destroyed. You save yourself from pain, suffering and the illusion of being disconnected from the Creator through the integration of your Soul, multiple Higher Selves and your own Divine God Spark. The Great Beings of Light came to Earth to be examples, and to show you the many paths that lead to illumination.  Dear hearts, choose the path that resonates within. However, it must include the reintegration of your Soul/Spirit Self with the Creator through the myriad Facets of your Being that reside in the multiple dimensions of Creation.

The question has been asked: What happens after we have reconnected with the multiple Facets of our Soul and OverSouls? During these times of great change, you do not have to leave your physical vessel in the midst of this process, and many of you are moving swiftly along the path of integration at this time. Many years ago, we gave you the meaning of The Golden Promise, and this promise is that you have the ability to draw forth to you all the Essence of your God Ray (I AM Presence) that you can contain. However, you must integrate and use the energy that you draw forth, for the greatest good for all. You have the potential to become a living, breathing, fully functioning, earth-level ascended master in the flesh. That is one of the miracles of these times.

We would have you understand that there are many levels on the spiral of ascension. It is never-ending as Creation ebbs, flows and evolves. We would also have you know that there are a great number of dear Souls walking the Earth who are very near to galactic ascension. They have agreed to forego their own ascension in order to be of service and to assist others on the path of en-LIGHTEN-ment.  It was an agreement they made before they incarnated in this lifetime, and they are dedicated to their task and determined to complete their mission. We know who you are, and we honor you for your great dedication and service.

We have told you that You are the Inbreath of the Creator. These are unprecedented times, whereby you have the potential to resolve all past karmic issues, to move into harmony with your  vaster Being, and to become an integral part of our Father/Mother God’s plan for the expansion of this Sub-universe. Are you not ready to let go of the residual old restrictions, beliefs and limitations that are keeping you from totally moving out of the quagmire of pain, lack and suffering? Will you allow your mind and heart to open to the higher wisdom of your Soul and Spirit? The ethers, or higher vibrational fields of consciousness, are filled with potential just waiting to be molded into your greatest dreams and desires.

Remember, the more Creator Light you draw forth and program for the greatest good of all, the more will be magnetized to you – which will result in seemingly magical, positive changes in you and your personal reality. Each and every time you visit your personal Pyramid of Light in the Fifth Dimension, you will bring more of the rarified cosmic energy back with you into the realm of physicality. If you will consciously create an ascension column** where you reside (as many dear Souls around the world have already done), through your efforts, the vibrations of Love/Light will radiate through you and outward, further and further all around you. Each of you can be instrumental in assisting your neighborhood, your city, and your country to attain the refined frequencies of Light necessary to create an environment of peace and prosperity. You are much more powerful than you realize. Stop now and feel your “Soul Song” reverberate and hum throughout your body. You are attuning to the Symphony of the Spheres of Light. Welcome to our world, beloveds. Come, let us go forward together. You are loved beyond measure. I AM Archangel Michael.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna Herman Vezane, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael.  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from: RonnaStar@earthlink.net​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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Goddess Sopdet

_ * _ * _


☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ ه ☆

2018 is the year of the Sirius Earth Dog in the Tibetan, Chinese and Vedic Traditions.

If you are reading this then you are likely to have had a past life on Sirius A or Sirius B, identify with Sirius as the earth’s Spiritual Sun and know that you are in a cycle of communicating with unity consciousness in this year, 2018, of the Tibetan Sirius Earth Dog.

Sirius Starseed Art

Sirius, as you know, having lived there, is a binary star system, composed of two stars, Sirius A and Sirius B.

The year of the Tibetan Sirius Earth Dog is repeated once every 60 years, offering a powerful new period of communication, social justice and innovation and a reinterpretation of our human condition.

The last time this occurred in 1958 was the beginning of broadcast from outer space when the USA launched its first satellite.

This time will see communication on a never-before-seen scale as mobile communications see new virtual innovations and interstellar broadcasts reveal the truth of what we have all known to be the truth of our origins.

Many have alluded to the truth publicly, in recent revelations from the Pentagon about UFO research and air force pilots meeting craft which defy all current technology, and films like ‘Arrival’ in 2016 and ‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’ 2017 (Luc Besson) who details 200 extraterrestrial species with one civilization from planet Mul having access to a Blue Pearl which gives unlimited powers for creation.

This is the final cycle of the planet, a time when your inter-dimensional alchemy is flowing. You understand the power within and without, “as above so below” so you know many of the events happening on earth are reflecting the wider cosmos and your knowledge of how to use the alchemy you practiced on Sirius is awake.

So you know how to connect.

Sirius is known as the “Earth-Dog Star” so this year is potent for awakening the wonder of ancient cultures and star families you have connections to such as the Chaldean, (energy that leads), the ancient Chinese (heavenly teachers), Assyrian and Akkadian (Sun and Solar consciousness), North American indigenous tribes (Seri and Tohono O’odham who teach the Way of the Mountain, Cherokee who follow the Guardians of the Paths of Souls, or Inuit and the Moon God energies) or the Egyptian (the Goddess Of Sirius, Sopdet, She of sacred fertility consciousness).

It was the star of Mercury or Buddha called the Great Instructor of Earth.

We all know the earth has chakra points known as sacred sites like Glastonbury and Giza. “As above so below”. The universe reflects our bodies and also has chakra points where Sirius is the Higher Mind, the Pleiades (or Seven Sisters) the seven chakras, and Venus the Higher Heart. The Earth is the base or root anchor though which the universal mind and heart flows.

Sirius, the Pleiades and Our Sun (Earth, Venus, Jupiter) form a cosmic triangle of inter-dimensional energies. It was these energies I used in the past with groups to connect to our star families and call star craft.

Your knowledge of alchemy and natural magic is flowing through these connections and your consciousness is already reaching a point of presence in the sounds and light of the five pointed star of Sirius, opening the language we call light language to communicate beyond and retrieve information and energy from Sirius (see the practice below).

You can touch your deity consciousness, your Light Family from Sirius, and bring healing to those around you by embodying god and goddess consciousness.

Seeing all beings as Star Beings.

Seeing all beings as Light Beings.

Your path is the Shambhala Path, a simple awareness of being and co-creation where you are aware that the veils cast over our earth with its confusion of politics and grasping after material possessions has nothing whatsoever to do with you and everything to do with perspective. When you fill yourself with compassion and gratitude you will naturally surrender and let go and attract those who will shelter and feed your heart and bring you divine friendship to expand your true self and our shared heart.

You are the Light.

You know the Bamboo Moon Consciousness in the Pure Land of Divine Mother where you embrace all events and circumstances knowing that everything is in order. The ocean of Divine Mother is perfection in its timing and tides and bathes you in energies you can trust. It is safe to trust now. There are no mistakes. Nothing has happened to you by chance or coincidence. It is all in the Divine Plan.

This year 2018 falls into the embrace of the Tibetan Goddess Troma Nagmo and the Vedic Storm God Rudra, whom in Norse energies is Thor, and is the mystical sixth Vedic nakshatra Ardra, the female dog, Sirius, the mahamudra (stop, be still) and mindfulness.

Nagmo and Rudra are the fierce form of Shiva, who also represents thunder.

2018 is therefore a year of powerful activity, enthusiasm and an urge for expansion.

It represents the bliss drops at the center of your heart. When activated it brings “undefeatable power”, yatna shakti and spiritual enlightenment.

Dakini Art

The treasure is in the heart.

You may find yourself making gains from whatever you anchored in 2017, so long as you persist with determination in what you started. Worldwide there will be potential abuse of power with lusting after material attainments as the old order dies away.

The greatest good you can do is to help alleviate the suffering of others by reminding them of who they truly are.

You are the Light.

A sattwic, pure foods or vegetarian diet and practice of ahimsa (non-violence) is advised to allow the Light to enter.

The Sirius energy within will be aroused. The key is communication. Keep the focus on communicating with unity consciousness. Be careful not to be critical or complaining as this energy brings a period of a sensitive nervous system, skin sensitivity, allergies and mental restlessness and critical speech only heightens such sensitivities.

Gratitude and appreciation can heal many wounds.

Compassionate communication.

Gratitude, courage, purification of eating habits and time to be alone in nature and stillness with your loved ones and divine friends are the best remedies.

Egyptian Mythology


The simplest way to practice the alchemy of Sirius is to BE the energies of the star family of Sirius, of whom you are one, as you have the Light Body of a Sirius Star Being within.

The Sirius Star energy is depicted above the Head of Sopdet, the Egyptian Goddess of Sirius, as a five pointed star, the same as the Seal of Solomon, which was often in pentagram shape.

See yourself as this five pointed star.

“Every person is a star”

The Buddha and the master Nagarjuna taught in the Generation stage methods of Tantra, Secret Mantra and Vajrayana practice to apply yourself to the system such as the five pointed deity mandala and mentally purify the three states of death, intermediate transition and rebirth, by mentally transforming these into the three perfect Buddha Kayas or bodies (the ‘body’ of what we perceive around us, the Light ‘body’ and the truth ‘body’).

The Five Buddha Families and the Five Pointed Deity Mandala were taught in a way that the more complex the mandala meditated upon, the more powerful its potency to ripen one’s continuum throughout time and space.

As within so without.

As above so below.

Here is a way to activate the five pointed star of Sirius.

Settle yourself somewhere quiet.

For a few minutes take your attention to your breathing.

Breathing in, I am aware I am breathing in love and light, wisdom and compassion, breathing out I am aware I am breathing out love and light, wisdom and compassion.

Be kind to yourself.

Take your attention to your spine, the astral spine, the sushumna, and visualize it as a spine of light.

As you breathe in the central channel, the sushumna, on the inward breath, breathing the sound ‘AWE’, draw the breath as Light from the root or ground of Being (below the body), the Earth Center, (drawing from the core energies of this planetary consciousness, Gaia) and cycle the breath up and around the seven chakras, visualizing them as the Seven Stars of the Pleiades. When you reach the head, visualize this as the Binary Star Sirius, with the two stars, Sirius A and B being the ida and pingala at the third eye area, so that your brain BECOMES the Sirius system and you transform the mind into the Higher Mind as a five pointed star. On the outward breath, breathing the sound ‘EEE’, draw the breath as Light from the Sirius star consciousness (above the body), the Galactic Center, (drawing from the core energies of this star consciousness, Sirius) and cycle the breath down and around the root or ground of Gaia, connecting Sirius and the Seven Stars of the Pleiades to Her and You. Visualize the earth as a gateway through which this stellar consciousness pours, so that the ocean of your heart (Venus) fills with the love and light of your family here on earth and your family on Sirius.

Breathing in, I am aware I am breathing in love and Light, wisdom and compassion, breathing out I am aware I am breathing out love and Light, wisdom and compassion.

Love and soul blessings and Happy New Year!

Sakya Pema (previously Palmo Shonu with Princess Mandarava)

serving as Tibetan astrological adviser to Sakya Pandita

at the request of the Protectress of Tibet Goddess Palden Lhamo, friend of Our Mother Guan Yin

(Altair and Mother)  ….

***At New Years in Tibet people say: “Losar Bey Tashi Delek”, meaning “Prosperity and Good Will for the New Year”.

+++ In fixed star western astrology Sirius is at 14°05′ Cancer with an orb of 2°40′

Losar Bey Tashi Delek

___ ♥ ___

Horus God of The Air

☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ ه ☆

ALTAIR SHYAM – meaning:

Altair (Eagle, Pillar of Heaven) and Nirbandh Shyam (Unlimited Light of Divine Mother’s Love) when I was given them I was told I would be ‘unbound’. So I AM.

☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ 

A teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.

Tibetan Buddhism Art

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists

THE LIGHT OF FOCUSED INTENTION – Archangel Zadkiel through Linda Robinson


Gratitude to artist






 Greetings Beloved Ones,


This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Archeia Holy Lady Amethyst, and we greet you with Love. Today, we wish to discuss the Light of focused intention.

You are living in a time of great opportunity. Much new and higher vibrational energy is arriving on your planet, and you are in control of the way in which you wish to shape this energy to meet your goals and state of being as you progress on your spiritual path.

There is no right or wrong way in which you should shape it. It is totally your choice as to how you use this energy. The important thing is to be clear about how you want to use it and what you want the outcome to be.

There are several points to consider when thinking about the new energy. It arrives in a neutral form. There are no predetermined outcomes. It has the high potential to manifest in whatever configuration you desire. Because it is of a higher quality and the energy is moving much more quickly, the manifestation will occur more rapidly than it has previously. Therefore, it is very important to be clear about what you want.

It is no longer helpful to dwell on things that could be less than positive for yourself or others. Wherever you place your thoughts will begin to shape the energy into the form of your thoughts, especially if they are accompanied by strong emotions.

Therefore, the first step is to be clear about what you wish to manifest. This is setting a clear intention.

There are many areas from which to choose. You can think about aspects such as your physical being, family, friends, career, spiritual path, or any other area that is important to you. There may be one area that leaps out to you for attention as you begin this process.

For example, you may decide that you want to focus on your spiritual path. You may be considering adding a new spiritual practice, or you may be reviewing what you are currently doing to see if it fits who you are at this time. Remember that you are constantly evolving, and it is important that whatever you select in any area needs to feel right for you at this time on your path.

In the review process, you may wish to consider different options. This could be compared to brainstorming. As you consider an option, see how it feels to you as you picture yourself doing it. Does it lift you up and make you want to embrace it? Or, does it fill you with a sense of dread? The way you feel when you picture yourself in this practice will give you a clue as to whether you want to add it, or if it is already what you do, it will help you decide whether to keep it.

You may wish to consider an additional area, or you may decide to focus just on one for the moment.

Once you have decided what you want to manifest, state your intention clearly. Get a focused picture in your mind of yourself in the situation.

For example, if you want to set a time for meditation, state clearly to yourself that, “I am meditating daily,” or whatever words you want to add. Picture yourself selecting a time of day that works best for you. See yourself sitting in a quiet and calm spot that will invite you to meditate. Picture yourself feeling relaxed and happy as you enjoy your meditation time. See yourself at the end of your meditation time feeling fulfilled spiritually from your time in quiet communion.

This is setting your intention and focus for the practice. The more you can picture or imagine yourself actually doing this, the stronger the intention and focus will be.

When you add emotion and feelings to your visualization, it becomes even stronger and more powerful. Your intention to set a time for meditation becomes fixed in your mind. The more you focus on it, the stronger it becomes.

As you begin to add actions to your intention, it increases the strength even more. If your intention is to meditate, each time you sit in your meditation spot and actually meditate, the energy builds and the focus on your intention increases.

You have gone through a cycle of setting your intention and adding focus. You have reviewed the possibilities to consider and selected the one that feels most like you. You have stated your intention clearly. You have pictured yourself taking the action and feeling the rewards of having done so. Then, you have actually taken the action, and this has reinforced your intention.

It is important to continue to put your intention into practice until it becomes a habit. The more you do this, the stronger it will become. You will have applied the Light and power of setting an intention and strengthening it with focus and resolve.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are setting intentions for what you wish to manifest on your path. We are with you as you move through this process.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Archeia Holy Lady Amethyst,

…and we surround you with Love.

And so it is.

Copyright © 2017 Linda M. Robinson, PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com. All Rights Reserved. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given.  Linda M. Robinson, http://www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com.

This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission.  Email:  Linda@PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com.

The Year of My Ultimate Love Affair – Sharon Lyn Shepard

self love

December 29, 2017

The year of my Ultimate Love Affair

It’s a dark rainy day here in the Pacific Northwest and I’ve never felt more content. There was a time I might have allowed days such at this to depress me, especially when they string themselves together for days or weeks at a time during the winter months. Instead, I recognize the value of snuggling in with a warm cuppa whatever pleases me in the moment and a keyboard at my fingertips. Today is December 29th, the day before New Year’s Eve. As we are often wont to do, my mind is wandering back over this past year. As I’m doing so I realize. . .

This past year has been my most Stellar Year ever!!!

And I have nothing, not a single thing to show for it. I have accomplished nothing. I have not moved to a new home, initiated a new relationship or a new job as so many others have done this year. I haven’t added anything to my life. In fact, I have less now than I had at the beginning of this year. So much of my prior life has dissolved over the past few months and I’ve passed on many of the physical things that no longer resonate with me to be shared by those who will benefit from them. Therefore, not only have I nothing to show for this year, I own less than I have in a very long time.

Although I haven’t gained anything in the material world, what I have gained has no measure. I am more abundant, happy and content than I have ever been. How do you measure such things?

At the beginning of 2017, I knew this would be a year like no other. While others were writing their lists and repeating their new year’s resolutions like mantras, I made a choice to step into the unknown and allow my Soul to lead the way.

Without realizing it 2017 became the year of my Ultimate Love Affair.

And everything in my life has changed because of it. Although Love has been courting me for quite some time, this was the year I finally fell head over heels in Love with my self. I always wondered about that phrase to “fall in love”. Shouldn’t it be to “rise in love”? This past year I finally understood the depth of “falling in love”. For this past year I have delved deeply into a passionate loving relationship with my human self, nurturing all those fallen parts of my self that got bruised or lost along the way. All those aspects of my self that had been hiding in the shadows for fear of not being good enough to be loved. I simply made a choice to open my arms and invite them all into one big love fest. . . the good, the bad and the ugly.

As a result, what I have experienced this past year has been an ever expanding Love of self. The parts of me that felt most unloved immediately pushed themselves to the front like two year olds with their demanding “me first” attitude. Oh how much I learned from these wee wise ones that our society had sent to the corner for an extended “time out” because they didn’t fit into the pre-made boxes. No wonder they became so vocal! (she says with a chuckle and a wink of the eye). With the patience of Love, each one was intimately heard, honored, and embraced until my Inner Sanctuary became more quiet and spacious, which reflected in my outer world as well.

The more I loved my self, the more I began to love my physical body in ways I had harbored judgment in the past, seeing it as the blessed temple that embodies all of who I Am. Thus I cleared much of its density, activated my LightBody and began the process of rejuvenation, which progressed to the integration of both my human and Soul attributes as my SoulBody. (see my prior post “Behind the Scenes of Soul Embodiment” for more about the SoulBody). This is a new way of being and I’m still playing with it much like a child with a new toy. I’m like a kid at Christmas bubbling over with joy because I just unwrapped the gifts for which I have been yearning for a very long time, lifetimes. Walking this planet as a conscious embodied Soul is what I have always aspired to do. Indeed we are constantly changing and expanding our consciousness so this is not the end of the story. It is a new beginning as we embark upon another new year.

By choosing to live in a small home, free of the cost and eternal maintenance of extraneous things, I am experiencing a spaciousness of both time and space. Time has dissolved, allowing me to live free of the mind’s restraints and cycles that held me captive. Without the interference of those disruptive aspects that have now come into the fold of Love, time becomes irrelevant for I am able to live in the moment. The past has been freed and the future has no need for planning.

This opens a whole new world of potentials beyond anything the mind could envision!!! Words like abundance have disappeared from my vocabulary because I now live in the infinite that only knows abundance so there is no need to speak of it anymore. I simply live it because Love knows no other way.

I now have the spaciousness of an open clear mind, able to recognize and honor that each person has their own soul path for their own unique growth and expansion. Therefore, there is no room or reason for my judgment or interference. This has freed me to love them where they are because there are no more battles to fight, personally or for the collective. For even the human collective has its own soul path which needs to play out without my interference. The most beneficial thing I can offer to the world is my own Love of self which ripples throughout the entire consciousness. Herein lies my peace and contentment with life as it continues to reveal itself unto me.

There aren’t any shadows lurking in the corners anymore because my Light shines brightly. All of my love and light dimmers have been loved into higher service. So BRIGHT it is!!! I know this can frighten some people because they are afraid of what they may see. And that’s okay because I will happily hand out sunglasses for those who would like more time in their own sacred darkness along their unique soul path until they are ready to remove them with their own divine timing. BTW: I also have some rose colored glasses available for anyone who chooses to partake of the Ultimate Love Affair. 😉

Amidst all the chaos and turmoil happening in the world around us, my experience has been a year of sweetness as I continually immerse my self in Love. Tears of gratitude and joy are overflowing from my depths for the courage it has taken to face that which I was afraid was unlovable. Today I can honestly say, I so Love ME, all of ME. I feel this Love as my Soul feels it for my human self. I’m simultaneously feeling the Love my human self feels for my Soul.

As another year draws to a close. . . Here I AM, having experienced the melding of ME. . . My Energies, my human and my Soul. . .All of ME as the purity of Source.

Therefore, THIS has been a Stellar Year!!!
Although I have little to show as manifestation goes, what I have is ME.
~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
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Bodyspeak – 29-Dec-2017 – Kara Schallock

Art by Isabelle Bryer


Bodyspeak – 29-Dec-2017

As we gracefully move to the end of this Earth year, which isn’t recognized by the higher dimensions, as there is no time beyond Earth, we continue to receive frequencies that upgrade our very own Light Codes, cells and DNA. This awakens us even more to any old illusions we still carry within. It awakens our Knowing; the Truth in our Hearts, which affects how we perceive things in our lives. At this point, the only you is your Highest Self. How does it feel to radiate such Light and how does it feel to be one of the many creating a new world? It has not been an easy snap-of-the-fingers traverse for sure. As we leave the old world behind, we begin fresh again, as Ascension is infinite and it spirals. We are part of a grand celebration as we join other Light Beings in a dance of Joy.

Being New means you are not dualistic; you are One with and as the Light. Anyone still hanging out in the old, dualistic world; that of judgment; will have a rude awakening, because being New you simply cannot dwell in duality. The old power over others is gone, as is doing anything for purely selfish reasons. In the New, the separate ego transforms to the ascending ego; that which serves to express your Divinity while on Earth.

To help you be more authentic and autonomous, you might ask yourself if you are following anyone; deeming them more knowing and powerful than yourself. Are you giving your Power over to someone or something else? Do you feel obligated to anyone? Do you speak your truth honestly or do you hide who you are? Are you still pleasing others in order to be loved, respected and accepted? Are you attached to someone else’s approval of you? If you answered “yes” to any of these, step now into your own Integrity by being fully who you are.

As duality within you dissolves, it may feel very uncomfortable because, simply put, you just haven’t experienced Wholeness before. And yet, it truly is the only way to be Love. Die to the old; be born in the New. As you serve, be sure to include yourself. Be compassionate, kind, patient, nurturing and honest with yourself and all others. Ask yourself if you sabotage you by having limiting thoughts and beliefs. Are you present in each Moment; fully in your body; grounded and centered?

When you speak aloud the word “wayshower,” what does your body do? Does it open up or vibrate or do you not feel it at all? Your body tells you who and where you are, whether you are in your Heart or your head. When you are in your head, your body does not respond. When you are in your Heart, your body tells you by responding. When you have a decision to make, go in the direction your body leads you. If you are new to this, begin now to pay attention to what your body is communicating to you. This is why it is so important to be fully in your body; to be centered and grounded. You see, as a master you must be in your Heart and your body. Analyzing or thinking about something will not do a thing except to bring about doubt, confusion and a circular tautology; round and round you go; where you stop no-one knows. Jump off the merry-go-round.

Fear separates; Love joins. The way to overcome fear is to walk through it; you will see that the fear is an illusion, while Love is real. Some time ago I had a meditation. I was in a land that was familiar. I walked down a few old stone steps and entered an underground tunnel. It was completely dark. All there was was an old metal banister on my right, which helped to guide me forward. I kept walking and then began to see a dim light ahead. I kept walking toward the light and then there were a few steps up, which I took and I came out of the tunnel and looked around. I ended up in a beautiful new place. While unfamiliar, it was brighter and more beautiful than the old place from which I came.

Are you a leader? Leaders are not static, sitting on a pedestal. They continue to evolve, grow and learn. They do not stop at a particular point and say, “I’ve arrived; now I’ll stay put.” They have let go of all victim energy, knowing instead that life happens for them; not to them. They do not engage in drama, chaos or gossip. They are grounded and don’t make a big deal out of anything. They share their process in the Moment and by sharing, those with eyes to see and ears to hear take full Responsibility for what resonates for themselves. You see, a leader isn’t attached to another’s action or inaction. They simply are. Never do they put themselves out there as a leader; never do they claim to be something or someone. They don’t see themselves as leaders or anything really. They simply are and they know that in the next Moment, things will shift yet again. Are you a leader?

In the last many years, we have been transforming. Transformation; what does that word mean to you? Transformation is not merely a change. It is going from one thing to being a completely different thing. It is not just changing one’s appearance and remaining the same within. It is a complete letting go of what has been and having the Willingness to be completely new in every way without even knowing what that might be. Transformation takes complete Faith and Trust in yourself as Divine. Source doesn’t question; Source allows and surrenders to what is; Source creates. You are Source.

We begin anew and yet there are still aspects of ourselves that are waiting to shift. Completion is not yet upon us, and yet we can see the Light at the end of the tunnel. There is an inner push to surrender to Divine Will without the compulsion to hold onto any sort of false life of the old. This is a time we can stop romanticizing other lifetimes or cultures, but stay real in the Moment. For those who are ready, there is another big descension of our Lightbodies that is available now. This can result in many physical adjustments including more acute hearing and seeing; in other words, more sound and seeing things that are not accessible in the old. There is more following one’s guidance, even if it doesn’t make sense in the moment. There may be no or little tolerance of large groups.  Body temperature fluctuates and you may notice that you vibrate at times. There is a lot of movement around the Heart Chakra, as there is constant rebalancing and adjusting. There may be a need to balance, ground and center often. There may be a sudden onset of sleepiness and/or nausea and so much more. Pay attention to your physical body; ask it how you can help.

As the old matrix continues to devolve, we may find ourselves humorously observing the actions of others while they take themselves so seriously. We just don’t seem to fit in, so we may be viewed as non-conformists; even more than before. Yes, we are rebels, holding true to our own vision and purpose. Challenge yourself to discover beliefs and attitudes that get in your way and then take a step forward. Make sure all chakras are aligned and clear; not just the upper, more spiritual ones. The  lower chakras help us to be grounded and in our body. Floating is fun and nice and yet it takes all of our bodies to operate as one unit to be fully functional.

Follow your guidance and not the old rules of the matrix. This means to always listen to and follow your guidance and your own energy. Be discerning; don’t just do something without feeling it first. Keep things simple. When in doubt, do nothing; don’t be forced to make a decision. Wait till it feel right, if it does. Rest and Be. It doesn’t matter what is going on in the world; hold true to you. As far as new technologies go, be in Discernment; don’t just run out and buy because everyone else is. Keep things simple.

Be in the eye of the storm. Stay peaceful amidst strife; calm amidst calamity; loving amidst angst and anger. Be Love.


Art by Isabelle Bryer


Bright Star: An Account of a Heart Opening – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Gratitude to artist


Bright Star: An Account of a Heart Opening

At the same time that I was watching Linda Dillon’s Winter Solstice 2017 webinar, I was also receiving emails from a friend in Europe who was at that moment having a heart opening.

He wishes anonymity and so I’ll call him “Bright Star.”  As with my own experience in 2015, he felt the energy rising up his body and then opening the hridayam or heart aperture. 

Then the inner tsunami of love flowed. He says at the end what I felt myself moved to say as well: The only thing I wanted was more of the same (higher-dimensional love)

His experience went much farther than mine. The kundalini mounted the whole of his body and all his chakras opened. I’m no expert, but my hunch is that the experience was Brahmajnana, God-Realization. Wonderful work, Bright Star!

Notice this statement: “The Tsunami of Love hit me so hard that in the same second, all my concerns, anger, distress, hate and all other unpleasant feelings, which bothered me for such a very long time, were washed away completely.”

Yes, swept away in the inner tsunami of love. The tsunami washes away all our concerns; that’s part of the reason why the world will work after we all have a heart opening: No one will want to harm anyone else.

Thank you, Bright Star, for sharing your experience with us. Who’s next please?

My Early Christmas Gift of Dec 21, 2017

The Rising Stage

When I woke up on Dec 21, 2017, I instantly felt that something is different. I could not put my feelings into words but all of my senses were very sharp. I noticed every sound, the different colours (which were brighter than normally) and I my mind was very calm: No disturbing thoughts like usually. At this moment, I didn’t know what to do with all of this and I went off for work.

The Tsunami of Love Breaks

I was in my office, sitting at my computer, when I felt the energy rising: Firstly, I felt a prickling in my legs, which went up over my back along the spine up to my forehead. It was very pleasant and I relaxed. Suddenly, my root chakra opened up and the energy flowed from there to every chakra in my body, connecting all of them and let them pulsate.

My whole body was filled with a bright golden light that emanated like flames from every part of my body. The energy went up into my crown chakra and there was a strong connection between my third eye and the back of my head.

I felt every atom of my body, was connected with everything that is, was melting with the Universe. I was part of All That Is. At this moment, I felt a bit dizzy but the feeling was so very comfortable that I just let the process flow and did not have any concerns. Until the next thing happened…

Suddenly, my heart opened up and by this, I mean it was like my heart explodes. My heart was flooded with an immense wave of light, a golden bright light that I can simply not describe. But I’ll try my best to do it nonetheless.

I instantly felt that now, the Tsunami of Love hits my heart and firstly, I was so concerned about this strong feeling in my heart, that I thought I am having a heart attack.

Luckily, I had my “online coach” (Steve) who was helping me during this experience and gave me the valuable hint, just to relax and let the process happen because this was an enlightenment experience and not a heart attack (thank you again, Steve!).

The Tsunami of Love hit me so hard that in the same second, all my concerns, anger, distress, hate and all other unpleasant feelings, which bothered me for such a very long time, were washed away completely.

All these feelings were replaced by pure Love and for the first time ever in my 45 years, I experienced Love in its purest form. The Tsunami of Love was a complete cleaning of my “system.” A resetting of my being. After an hour or so, The Tsunami of Love levelled out, leaving me in total peace and Love.

The Aftermath

For the very first time in my life I can honestly declare: I am happy, joyous and full of love of life. I am so grateful to be a part of Mother’s plan and willing to go along with the Train of Ascension. My old self is gone. I am present in the Now Moment and when my thoughts deviate, I notice this very early and can easily access the Now Moment again. I am happy. I am.

Please, Spirit, this is the best gift you could of gave me and it’s like a drug: Please give me more of it!


Gratitude to artist


The Next Period of Ascension: 2018 by Master Kuthumi – Natalie Glasson


The Next Period of Ascension: 2018

by Master Kuthumi

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 29th December 2017 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa  https://www.omna.org/

Welcome to a new cycle of energy and life! You are living beings and energy which is constantly transforming. You never stay the same, you are always evolving and attuning yourself with the Creator within you, even when you feel distant from the divine. It is because of your constant transformation that you are one of the most beautiful aspects of the Earth. Humanity is so wonderous to observe, the pathways that many choose to take can be challenging and yet the beauty that emerges from within each soul is breath-taking. It is during the current stage of ascension that I, Master Kuthumi and all Ascended Masters, delight in sharing and expressing our gratitude to humanity with our deepest love and devotion for all. Please receive our energy, and as you do so let us encourage you to recognise your inner magnificence.


Take a moment to imagine your magnificence, how would your magnificence appear? Imagine your magnificence as the brightest spark of light within you. Observe the spark of light expanding and recognise how your magnificence influences and transforms your entire being, even your thoughts, emotions and actions. You are connecting with the most amazing, awe-inspiring aspect of yourself, you are connecting with the brilliance and radiance of the Creator.

It is a focus upon your magnificence, its radiance and influence upon your being that we encourage now and throughout 2018. This focus enables an awakening to take place throughout your entire being and systems, downloading more light into your being. It encourages you to connect with the magic, synchronicities, wonderous opportunities and the supportive nature of the Creator. Connecting with these sacred qualities allows you to become a natural and organic part of the divine flow of the Creator. Many souls upon the Earth have reached a stage of having released a great volume of baggage and old wounds and so have the freedom to connect into the sacred qualities and abilities of their soul. With an openness and awakening of your energy so you will be able to recognise wonderous opportunities within your spiritual talents and abilities, which are beyond your current imagination. The m ore you connect with your inner magnificence, the more you will discover within your being, recognising abilities you have always wished for and more.


In 2018, we encourage you to continue to experience, understand and put into action your Being of Service; meaning you as a sacred being supporting others as well as yourself. We wish for all to experience in 2018 the greater presence of the Creator, specifically feeling the immense support that the Creator shares and envelopes each person with. As Ascended Masters our constant mission is to dissolve the presence of separation. As more people on the Earth open up to receiving the support of the Creator, feeling it as a foundation and constant core within their being, this will create such a tremendous and empowered healing for all. When all beings truly feel the support and love of the Creator within their being, so it will impact their reality in such brilliant and wonderous ways. The perspective and approach of all beings will alter towards themselves firstly and then others, instigating compassion and unity within all.


With the presence of your inner magnificence arising and a deepening of the support of the Creator seeping into all that you are, a greater experience of communication will manifest. The Star Beings are sending great volumes of their energy into the Earth and humanity, especially at the beginning of 2018. They wish to renew the friendship, peace and trust between Star Beings and humanity. Their energy will instigate a development in your ability to communicate. If your soul wishes you to communicate with yourself more fully or maybe with others, guides or the inner planes, then whatever is needed will manifest for you. It is important to encourage yourself in 2018 to seek new ways of expressing yourself and communicating your truth, this can be in your everyday conversations or through creative projects. The more you focus upon expressing yourself, sharing your truth and communicating especially from the seat of your soul, the easier you will find your ascension process throughout 2018. You will also discover that you feel a greater sense of fulfilment, contentment and certainty within your being, which will encourage you to trust in yourself, abilities and to move forth in your spiritual reality with greater speed. A deepening sense of peace may also manifest. The Star Beings wish to support many in experiencing peace within, especially between yourself and humanity/earthly reality.

Invocation for Accessing Your Inner Magnificence

‘I am my magnificence, I engage with my magnificence, lovingly and powerfully bringing it to the surface of my being for my experience and understanding. I am ready to recognise my brilliance and the radiance of the Creator within me, knowing that as I do so this magical energy will impact my being and reality in the most beautiful, wonderful and exciting ways. My magnificence is my truth and I honour this now.  Please Master Kuthumi and the Ascended Masters, help me connect with my inner magnificence on the deepest level appropriate.’

Invocation for Accessing the Support of the Creator

‘Master Kuthumi, please aid me in being receptive to the constant flowing support of the Creator which eternally embraces me. As I receive so I experience the growing presence of the Creator’s support within me. I accept wholeheartedly the Creator’s support now, in all that I am, my reality and purpose on the Earth. May the support of the Creator enthuse my entire being creating magical transformations revealing my truth. Thank you.’

Invocation for Developing Your Communication Abilities

‘Master Kuthumi, Ascended Masters and Star Beings, it is my wish to develop my communication abilities as guided and instructed by my soul. Let me realise my natural ability of communication; connecting on a deeper level with all that is the Creator. Feeling an enhanced oneness with all as well as a greater ability to express my truth with ease and perfection. I am ready to share my truth, knowing it to be a beautiful and exciting experience. I am a master communicator. ‘

Stating Your Intention for the New Year

As you hold within your mind the magnificence of the Creator within you, being constantly supported by the Creator and experiencing a development in your communication abilities, how do you wish these qualities to manifest in your life in 2018? What do you wish to experience? How will your magnificence influence your reality? In which way do you wish to develop your communication abilities? What would you like the Creator’s support to bring into fruition in your being and reality? How would you wish to be of service to yourself and the world?  Contemplate these questions and create an intention, write a letter to the Creator or focus upon a vision that states the beautiful opportunities you wish to experience in 2018.

I am present to be of service,

Master Kuthumi

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One Family and One Path – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Gratitude to artist


One Family and One Path


For decades, I’ve felt at a deep level that something was missing.

Zorra in a recent Hollow Earth call advised us to “become prepared for reunion, reunion meaning between you, … Terra Christa, and all of your beloved Galactic family, whoever that may be.” (1)

And something deep inside me, way below my everyday mind, responded “Yes!” Hearing that sentence was like hearing a Tibetan gong.

It’s the lack of that feeling of being connected throughout the universe. Nowadays we’ve been calling it “galactic” though the sense of connectedness goes well beyond our Milky Way Galaxy. A sense of the widest possible connectedness is what I miss.

A sense of freedom goes with feeling that connected.

It took being named for me to become aware of what that vague sense of lack is and has been.

I think that regaining that experience of feeling universally connected will come for all of us after Disclosure – perhaps in stages, perhaps all at once.

I know what it’s like to suddenly awaken to a wider context, entering which leaves one like a babe in the woods. I’ve had that experience numerous times – we call it “realization.”

What Zorra was talking about – First Contact with our star family – will certainly prove to be a wider context – and a bigger problem.

We used to joke in the est Network that we needed a bigger problem.

The joke ran: Since humans tend to turn every solution into a problem three days later anyways, we might as well create for ourselves a really big, challenging, and  promising problem – like the end of world hunger.

If we’re frustrated with life, see if we’ve taken on a big enough problem. If not, get a bigger one.

The world that’ll be called into being with the Disclosure of the presence of our star brothers and sisters will present us all with delightfully-bigger problems.

It’ll  ennoble our process of thought formation, invite us to level up our thoughts and conduct, get moving, and upgrade our lives in all respects.

We may as well consider ourselves children in that world we’ll enter after First Contact, because we’ll be learning from that moment onwards.

With the end of human-rights abuse on our planet, the arrival of abundance, the heart opening promised for the planet, and First Contact, we’ll probably all join in celebrating the arrival of the new Golden Age – for everyone who wants to lay down their arms and join us. The train is soon leaving the station. All aboard who are coming aboard.

How all this is falling out sounds to me like the way Archangel Michael’s 2013 prediction would manifest:

Archangel Michael: Does the conversation expand organically and naturally? Does the energy go out to the entire planet, those who want to hear and those who don’t want to hear? Yes, it does. But it begins with the lightworker community. That is what we have need of.

Steve Beckow: And I suppose then more and more people join the lightworker community?

AAM: Exactly, until it is one family and one path. (2)

It doesn’t take a quantum physicist to see the direction in which all this is headed – cooperative councils, congresses, parliaments, federations, alliances, expanding circles of spiritual connectedness and group consciousness, serving the Light, “until it is one family and one path.”

I’ll be taking a couple of weeks off after Christmas. Starting soon….


(1) “Zorra from Hollow Earth Today’s Call Notes by Ascension Blessings 12-23-17,” athttp://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.ca/2017/12/zorra-from-hollow-earth-todays-call.html

(2) “Archangel Michael: A Global Reset of Values, Part 2/2, ” channeled by Linda Dillon, September 16, 2013, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/09/archangel-michael-a-global-reset-of-values-part-22/.

Gratitude to artist


I AM, I Call To You @ Radiant Rose Academy

Goddess of Light – The Face of Egypt @ Art.Pal


I AM, I Call To You

“I Call unto Thee ‘Mighty Individualized I AM’ with the most intense love of my heart and ask Thee to blaze the Mightiest Concentration of the Ascended Masters Sacred Fire Presence in, through, and around my entire being and world; Send forth such a surge of this Almighty Perfection to every blessed heart around the world and those precious hearts that have discovered Mother Akasha’s Dispensation of the Rose Pink Flames and Rays of Divine Love, Will, and Grace! Enfold them right now this instant and forever!

Great God Presence within every heart, awaken thy Glorious Splendor of Perfection into Cosmic Action through the physical Temples thou hast entered into and reveal the Mastery of Life upon this Earth as it is in the Ascended Masters’ Octave of Light! Blaze forth the Eternal Victory of the ‘I AM Infinite God Presence’ throughout all Creation and hold all in Perfect Divine Harmony and Balance forever!

Unto thine own ‘Presence’ all must bow in Loving Obedience for the Gift of Life, for every Blessing, for every so-called Miracle that is but the Natural Way of Life. May each one send forth endless waves of Adoration and Gratitude unto Thee Beloved ‘Mighty Christ I AM’! We shall never cease to Acknowledge, Accept, and Invite Your Almighty Invincible Presence, Power, and Intelligence into Action to the point where Thou art compelled to stand forth in Thy Visible, Tangible ‘Presence’ unto all! Raise each and every one of Thy Instruments into the Eternal Glory of the Light of God that Never Fails through the Resurrection and when the Divine Moment is at hand, into the Closing Experience of Earth’s Journey, The ASCENSION!”

I Excalibur, Bless Thee for Eternity, ‘Beloved I AM’!

A Prayer Call Of Adoration

“My ‘Beloved Majestic Presence, I AM’, my most dearest friend in all Existence, I greet Thee from out of the Love of mine own Hearts’ Flame with a Feeling of Gratitude indescribable, that Thou mayest Feel what Thou dost mean to me, and how I have yearned for this time to Remember Thee!

I live to Acknowledge Thee, to Accept Thee, and Invite Thee to Come Forth like Thou hast never come forth before! This IS Thy Temple. Come forth my ‘Individualized Presence, I AM’ and Thou Purify it, Thou Strengthen it, Thou Beautify it, Thou Maintain it, Thou Sustain it; Thou Protect it! For Ye are the One that Created it! I love you and adore you, Mighty I AM!

I return this Physical Temple back over to Thee, knowing Thou hast All Power, Thou art the Only Power! Come my Beloved Presence and Prove Thyself the Victory of the Light through this This Instrument, Right Now, this Instant and Forever! I Command and Demand it of Thee, in the Name, Love, Wisdom, Power, and Authority of God ‘I AM’! I love you, I bless you, and I thank you, my ‘My Sacred I AM Self’.”

PDF file: Communing With My-Presence


Summoning Bliss and Love – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Buddha Bliss by Amanda Sage


Summoning Bliss and Love

I just caught myself in the middle of an everyday action that supplied a vital missing piece for me.

Only half of what happened is connected to the information I learned (intellectual knowledge). Half is connected to the fact that it was realized (realized knowledge). For me, realized knowledge has more vigor and strength than intellectual knowledge.

I had a thought (I forget what it was) and it raised the feeling of bliss in me.

Well, but that’s the problem. That statement (it raised the feeling of bliss in me) is not true. That’s the way we speak about things and it obscures the truth.

What’s true is that I watched myself raise the feeling of bliss in me.  The way I phrased it before leaves out the fact that I will bliss to come up in me. Because the action of the will happens so very subtly, we … I … tend to overlook it. But it’s essential to realize that we call up our own bliss.

I began experimenting and confirmed that I am the one who raises the feeling in me. I summon it and it comes.

This may represent an upgrade in our abilities to have command over things like this. Or it may be something that was always there that I didn’t see. I don’t know.

But the fact that I summon up my own bliss is a revolutionary discovery for me.

I didn’t need to repeat the experiment with love because I already know I summon up love from my heart. That was the original exercise that contributed to my heart opening, March 13, 2015.

What followed from the first realization was a second: If I am not experiencing love and bliss, then chances are I’m not calling them up from my heart. I’m dropping out on that vital piece of the puzzle.  If I don’t experience love and bliss, that’s why.

What I’m saying here fits with what the Company of Heaven has been telling us, that we don’t realize who we are and what our capabilities are. This experience was one of realizing a capability I either didn’t know I had or else newly discovered.

Whichever is the case, I’ll take responsibility for running the process.

I’ll begin calling love and bliss up from my heart … or wherever else they may come from … and into my field of experience.

I’ll be taking a couple of weeks off after Christmas.


Joy, Abundance and VIRTUES are States of Consciousness ~ The Eternal – L’Aura Pleiadian


Joy, Abundance and VIRTUES are States of Consciousness ~ The Eternal

The VERY fabric of Light is abundance. The very heart of eternity is the state of Light Frequency Consciousness that is complete JOY and overflowing abundance.

How could eternity have a limit after all.

Entering BEING the ETERNAL here on Earth. Is the lavish no limit ABUNDANT state, that knows itself as this eternal Light state of consciousness. Recognizes itself.

The VERY Heart of Christ Consciousness…merged with the Divine Feminine.

AS Above, so Below.

The Manifestation of the Godhead realized.

Realized as the eternal state of Being. Entering consciously HERE.

As the ONE that moves and breathes as the Divine embodiment. 

Knowing no separation from the eternal

ONE becomes the embodiment of Abundance.

The Embodiment of JOY.

The Embodiment OF Bliss.

The Embodiment of Divine Virtues.

A state of consciousness that knows itself as Glory. As all things eternal.

Being in the state of Unconditional Love. Personification. Embodiment.

This unconditional Love ~ STATE ~ knows nothing greater than this state of being. Than itself. Recognizing itself. as that.

As above ~ so Below….Embodied…

Activating NOW. In Glory!

With the Divine Council of Overseers…in Divine Glory, Abundance, and unconditional Love. Being The Eternal…

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A Christmas Reflection On How I Became who I am today – The Arcturians and Suzanne Lie


A Christmas Reflection On How I Became who I am today–The Arcturians and Suzanne Lie


A Christmas Reflection on

How I became who I am today.

Happy Holidays to you all,

I, Sue Lie, my husband and I have been greatly enjoying the Holidays, which arrived just a few months after we had completed our move to a totally new area and a very different lifestyle. Therefore, we have been greatly enjoying a time of deeply relaxing after we left our old house and moved into our new house.

I am so very happy to say the horrible fires in California have finally been contained, thanks to the amazing Fire Fighters. California, the state in which I was born and have lived my entire life, has finally completed a great challenge. I have heard that there is a huge sign that goes across the freeway in Santa Barbara, which suffered greatly from the fires, that says:

Fire Fighters are Angels!

All of us here in California agree with this sign. Therefore, today, Christmas Day, I would like to talk a bit about Angels in everyday life. Since this is Christmas Day, I also thought it was a good time to recognize how “normal people” serve as Every Day Angels. I have not posted a blog for a longer time than usual, but, as I said above, I have been totally relaxing and adapting to my new life.

We have moved from the city to a small town in the open spaces of mid-California by the coastline. We are still close to our beloved ocean, which we visit on a daily basis. The oceans here are filled with life and beautiful vistas. Therefore, we have been taking this time to cherish dear Gaia’s beautiful coastline and relaxing, relaxing, relaxing.

I hope that you, my dear readers, have had a chance to relax during this holiday season. I remember when I was young, my Mother loved Christmas. She was a very generous person and bought us many, many presents. However, I had been talking with a deeply loving Golden Being for as long as I could remember.

I spent a great deal of my childhood going to church, church camp, church events, and obviously learning a great deal about Jesus, and God, it was very familiar for me to talk to “Higher Beings.” In fact, I remember seeing a “Golden Being” for as long as I can remember. However, over the years, my Spirituality has become more personal and less based on a Church.

In fact, as you my readers know, for many years now I have been communicating with the Arcturians, Pleiadians, and other Galactic Beings. Perhaps I was chosen for this honor because I spent much of my childhood, talking and listening to unseen beings.

In fact, talking was quite with invisible beings was quite normal for me. However, I learned very young to “keep my mouth shut” about this part of me.

Then, one day, I think it was in the late 1980 or early 1990’s, the Arcturians with whom I had been speaking for many years, told me to “write a website.” I did not even know what a “website” was, but there were a few up then.

Then, as if to prep me for the Arcturians request, a friend hooked me up with a professor in a University, I think it was in Idaho, who was doing some research on that the new concept of a “Website”

Therefore, I did a trial run to research the possible success of “having a website.” The results of that research was that “Websites would NEVER work?” Oops, so much for that research. However, it was shortly after that experience that the Arcturians, who were just an unusual energy field that had been entering my meditations, told me to “Create a Website.”

I had been hearing, and speaking with, unseen beings my entire life. I remember a huge “Golden One” playing with me when I was a child. Later, when I was old enough to go to Church, which was my “free babysitter” on Sunday and during the “church camp weekends,” I began to recognize that I was talking with an ascended being called Jesus.

At least, I thought it was Jesus, which the communications become even more “real,” as now” there was a name for the Golden Being.” Because of my habit and ability of talking with unseen beings, I was happy when Sunday School told me that we could pray inorder to talk with the unseen beings of God and Jesus.

Talking with Jesus came first, as there were pictures of him at church. However, “God” was a bit too abstract for my child self, so I primarily talked to “Jesus.” And, “Jesus” gave me answers.

I actually thought I heard, or did hear, a message that came into my thoughts. At first, I told a few people about this, but I soon learned to keep these communications a secret from others.

Then, in the early 1997 (I just looked up the date on the computer. I thought it was sooner than that, but I remember that it was around the time that the comet “Hal Bob” flashed past our area. It was during that time that I had my first “sort of” computer, that I paid a couple hundred dollars for from a friend.

I know it was around the time of the Comet, Hal Bob, as I remember that some people were killing themselves in some kind of a crazy attempt to “join the Comet.” Anyway in my first “web-writing” I received from inside my imagination that there was a portal through which we could commune with “other realities.”

I did not know about dimensions then, or anything like that as I had not yet met the Arcturians. However, I was accustomed to communicating with unseen beings. Therefore, when the name “Arcturians” came into my awareness, I was able to accept that this might be a real being.

After all, I had been talking with Jesus since I was a child and believed it was “real,” so maybe these Arcturians were real too?? In fact, the Arcturians seemed felt very much like Jesus in that they were very loving and seemed to know just how to talk with me so that it did not seem too “crazy.”

Please remember that, back then, no one “channeled” except for the really famous people like Edgar Cayce, and he was asleep when he channeled. I was NOT asleep, but if I did not immediately write down what I received, or put it in my very old-fashioned computer, I would totally forget it.

Therefore, I learned to always document everything that I received from the beings who called themselves “The Arcturians.” In fact, I found it immensely calming and safe to meet with them.

It was then that I created a routine in which I got up early enough to go down to the spare bedroom, where my old fashioned computer was, have my usual cup of tea while I read something spiritual.

Then, when the tea was gone, and the reading reached a good stopping point, I put the reading and the tea cup aside and called in the Arcturians. I found that if I wrote down what the Arcturians told me, I could better remember their important messages.

Also, “writing it down” was a commitment, which connected me even more deeply with the Arcturians. I had learned in my childhood and young adulthood that documenting my inter-dimensional experience was vital, or I would forget them.

However, I did not call these experiences “inter-dimensional communications” then because I did not know what about dimensions. Fortunately, I did learn to let the Arcturians “fill in the blanks for me” as I could just be the “secretary” who was taking dictation.

But, I could not write fast enough to keep up with the message. Then the Arcturians said, “Use your computer.” That sounded great, but I typed so slow that it made it difficult to keep up with the message.

Then, if I typed fast enough to keep up, it was a sea of red “misspells.” “Just be patient,” said the Arcturians. “Eventually, you will learn to type much faster.”

Of course, they were correct again. Finally, I could type fast enough to keep up with the Arcturians message, and to also be able to read what I had typed. That was when the Arcturians said, “We want you to make a Website.”

“What is a website?” I asked. No answer. So I tried to move around in my old computer to find out what a website was, or perhaps, someone told me. I know that the person I had done the experience for during the Hal Bop time talked about a website. But, his research revealed that “websites will never work.”  Boy, were they off!!!

The Arcturians knew about websites, as they exist beyond time, which I also did not know then either. So, I tried to forget about the “website” thing, but the Arcturians kept saying “make a website.” By that time, there were a few websites, so I was able to get some information.

“Call the website, “Multdimensions.com,” they said. There was that “multidimensional” word again. So I looked up it again on the search engine, and all I could find was “multimedia,” which was also a new concept.

But much to my surprise, I was able to find someone who was handy with this new technology, and she volunteered to make the website for me. “But I don’t have any spare money.” “That is OK, I will do it for free, and she did.”

Wow, these Arcturians were on to something much bigger than I could ever imagine. In fact, I could not even imagine them until just a few months before this whole process began. When I asked the Arcturians, what should I write?” they said, “We will dictate it to you bit-by-bit.”

And so it began… My friend kept her promise and created the whole site for free, and I kept my promise that I would keep writing down what the Arcturians told me. Then, slowly, mywww.multidimensions.com website was born.

At first the website was quite psychological, because that was the information that I needed, as well as the information that beginners to “multidimensional consciousness” needed, as well.

Gradually, terms like “multidimensional consciousness” came into my mind. Then I asked the Arcturians to tell me what those new terms meant and they told me. They knew that, “The truth is best told in a good story.” Therefore, they told me one good story after another, and all of them set me, and my readers, off into a mental, and emotional, journey into the unknown.

By the time that Multidimensions.com was completed, I was hooked and made another site. However, that site crashed, so I incorporated it into the multidimensions.com site. You would think I would stop there, but I found that I loved writing, and by then Blogs had appeared. Therefore, I started a Blog, which is where I am posting this message.

I encourage all of you to find a moment in your busy Holiday to hide away to give yourself some time and space to reflect on, “How did I become who I am Today?”

Blessings from Sue Lie and the Arcturians

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 4:41 PM

Treasure Map a Gift at Christmastime – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Treasure Map a Gift at Christmastime

Merry Christmas!

Imagine that Mom and Dad have given you a present this Christmas. Let’s unwrap it!

Look! It’s a treasure map, with an explanatory note.

The treasure map shows an island vaguely the shape of a human being. There’s an X at the top of the map with “You are here” written beside it.

An arrow points in the direction of another X in the middle of the map, where a heart has been inscribed, with “The treasure is here.”  A dashed line connects the two.

What can it mean?

What does the explanation say? Let’s read it.

Child of our heart,

The X at the top of this map indicates the place where your awareness is now, vaguely at the top of the head.

The X in the middle of the map points to an aperture, or portal as you call them these days, two digits to the right of the breastbone. We’re asking you to take your attention from where it is now and place it on the heart.

Hindus call the heart aperture or portal the hridayam.  As long as it’s closed, we say the heart is closed (not emotionally, but at a much deeper level). Once the hridayam is open, a torrent of higher-dimensional love flows.

And a heart opening is destined in your future.

All of us wish for your heart to open. Call it the treasure, pearl, or mustard seed. Call it the Self, Christ, or Atman, the very thing you’ve always been looking for is found in the space of the opened heart.

The heart door to the higher dimensions is always already available to you, regardless of race, religion, or beliefs.

Open that door and all your worries are instantly swept away. Higher-dimensional love will flow in a torrent and transform everything within you. You’ll be submerged in love, ego-dead, Self-alive.

In that tsunami, you’ll feel as if you’re drowning, for sure … and find what you’ve been looking for.

Welcome to the Fifth Dimension, child, whether to stay or just for a visit.

Now we leave you with this further note of explanation

Mom and Dad


The hridayam is the heart aperture or portal that remains closed, just as a camera lens is closed.

When the heart aperture opens, we’re said to have had a heart opening. The inner tsunami of love that flows swiftly through that space is wonderful! Beyond imagining.

Blessed with that inner tsunami, that torrent which floods the fields and makes the dikes (boundaries, borders) unnecessary, you’ll need for nothing else.  And only want for more of it.

Do not confuse the heart with the heart chakra. It’s the heart you want to enter.

We’re not talking here about being “open-hearted,” as in the quality of “open-heartedness.” Many, many people are open-hearted, but very few have had a heart opening. They aren’t the same.

Many enlightened sages have a temporary heart opening after which the hridayam closes again. This always occurs until the last stage of Third-Dimensional enlightenment (Sahaja Samadhi) is reached.

That same permanent heart opening our Hindu children called moksha, mukti, liberation from life and death, or liberation from what you now know as the Third Dimension of physicality. (1) It’s what the Buddha called buddhahood (not arahantship).

To folks who remain in the Third Dimension, you “become” ascended masters.

Thank you, Mother! Thank you, Father!

I can add a word as well.

Archangel Michael told me that three things tipped the scale for my heart to open on March 13, 2015. It more or less closed again the next January.

The first was my passionate love for Kathleen, which apparently approached the level of transformative love; the second was that I cried out to have Mom and Dad open my heart; and the third was an exercise I’d like to describe to you.

That exercise is to draw up love from our heart on the in-breath and on the out-breath send it out to the world. This exercise, Michael said, primed the pump.

Once the hridayam opened, I was immersed in a torrent of love, which instantly swept everything impure and negative from me and left me in ecstacy. My friend overseas who had a heart opening during Linda’s Solstice Webinar was swept away by the alteration in his feelings.

Before that event, I’d never have guessed what true love, sacred love, higher-dimensional love was. It was … well, clearly, from another dimension.

I assert that everything good can be found in the space of the open hridayam – of the open heart. Oh, happy day that it should happen to you – and it will – and that yours should permanently remain open in Ascension.


Everyone here at the Golden Age of Gaia, InLight Radio, the Council of Love, joined by Tiara Kumara and Children of the Sun, Sue Lie and the Arcturians, and Sandra Walter and Creative Evolution, wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

After tomorrow, I’ll be on two week’s vacation, with encore posts every day for your reading enjoyment.  Happy New Year!


(1)  “When the waveless ocean of the external and the steady flame of the internal Nirvikalpa are realized as identical, the ultimate goal, Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi, is said to have been reached.” (Ramana Maharshi in S.S. Cohen, Guru Ramana. Memories and Notes. 6th edition. Tiruvannamalai: Sri Ramanasramam, 1993, 88.)

“This is Self-realization, Mukti, or Sahaja Samadhi, the natural, effortless state.” (Ibid., 82-3.)

Sahaja Samadhi is usually the highest level of enlightenment that sages can be found to freely talk about. Probably because dimensionality wasn’t part of the conversation back then. It wasn’t until recently


Ten ‘Past-Life’ Incarnations of Jesus – The Solstice – Horus & Jesus @ Earth-Keeper

Transfiguration of Christ


Joy to the World

In This Holiday Edition of the Earth-Keeper Chronicles:

A Loving Message From Anne & Tyb

Ten ‘Past-Life’ Incarnations of  Jesus

The Solstice – Horus & Jesus


Dear Family !! We wish you ALL every happiness this Holiday Season with  health & joy in the New Year. We sincerely thank each of you from our hearts for your wonderful friendship & love.=

In the midst of celebration and family gatherings, please take time to remember the Blessings of the year past, and the promises of HOPE that 2018 can bring, through the co-creative intentions of the Family of Light.

While this is a time of JOY for so many, it can also be a time of sadness for those who are alone in the Holidays… and many are alone with memories in these times.

Please make an effort to extend your LOVE to ALL.

All the best to you and your family at Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza & the New Year,

Peace & Love From Our Hearts to Yours !

Joy to the World ! Love to All !

Anne, Bobby  & Tyb


Unity peace

The Season of Renewal

A Time of Rebirth…


Christmas is a time of celebration in modern society, a time of family gatherings. Yet for many, especially those who live alone, it can be a time of loneliness, a benchmark of remembrance of years past.

So please take time this Holiday Season, this time of Christmas & Hanukkah, to reach out to others, to express love. Take time in the energy of this solstice to contemplate and meditate. As the Sun completes an annual cycle, find time to meditate and contemplate the rebirth of the planet Earth, and the new role of humanity as co creators as we complete Year Five of the New Earth.

The December Solstice has a great effect on all life on the planet earth. It is a time in which gravity waves are embellished and the ‘veil is thinned’. Solstices have been recognized by ancient societies as a special time for inward retrospection, of renewal and rebirth for this reason. The winter solstice is the time when the Sun reaches it’s southernmost rising and setting points in the northern hemisphere with  the Suns apex at exact on mid-day.  It is a powerful time, far more than many may recognize.

This year, on the December Solstice of 2017, we ‘Citizens of Duality Earth’ are experiencing one of the most powerful energy patterns of the entire year. And that is a great consideration, as 2017 has been a year of great intensity & polarity within ‘Crucible Astrology’ patterning.

The Solstice

Because of the solstice’s potent effect on the human psyche, emotional fields and indeed the human aura, it is a time of not only external ceremony with societal connection to the major holidays of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza and New Years,  but it is also an intense resonance  of deep refection.

It is  factual , according to ancient writings and calendars,  that December 25th was previously the date of the solstice, before  modern adjustments of dates to the calendar were made.

December 25th as Christ’s birthday makes its way into a “calendar” or chronology created in 354 AD called the Philocalian Calendar. In addition to listing the 25th of December as the Natalis Invicti, which means “Birth of the Unconquered (Sun),” the Calendar also names the day as that of ‘Natus Christus in Betleem Iudeae ‘ translated to  “Birth of Christ in Bethlehem Judea.”

Hence, we can see that people of the fourth century were clearly aware of the association, if not  identification, of Christ with the sun, as they had been in Cyprian’s time and earlier, since Jesus is proclaimed to be the “Sun of Righteousness” in the Old Testament book of Malachi (4:2). The spelling of SUN as the Christ source of light is most interesting. Christmas marks the birth of Christ, and it is celebrated by Christians around the world. But this holiday has close ties to an older festival known as the “Unconquered Sun.”

The impact this Pagan tradition had on how Christmas was celebrated is one of the ways in which The Christian tradition changed as it developed through the ages. December 25th was the date of the winter solstice in the calendar Julius Caesar devised for Rome in 46BC.  Today the winter solstice usually occurs on December 21st. Although Caesar used a 365 1/4 day year, a year is actually a little shorter, and this made the solstice occur a little earlier over the years. There was a discrepancy of 1 day in 128 years.

The pagans & Ancient Egyptians celebrated the winter solstice as the Unconquered or Invincible Sun.  because after the winter solstice,  the Sun would begin to stay in the sky longer each day, and there would be less cold, and less night; the Sun would win the battle of night and day. There would be feasts, evergreens would be brought into the house to be decorated and lighted with candles to pay tribute to the Sun.

Over the past few decades, many people have come to understand that “December 25th” represents not the birthday of a “historical” savior named Jesus Christ but the time of the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, when the day begins to become longer than the night, and the sun is said to be “born again,” “renewed” &  “resurrected.”

It is a time of renewal!


The Solstice – Horus & Jesus


The Sun-God Horus was worshipped nearly 1,000 years before the story of Jesus. The below information is fascinating, disputed by most Christian leaders but  accredited by many historians. Edgar Cayce did report that the bible was ‘changed’ at the Council of Nicea in 237 AD. This is widely believed to have been done in order to enable the Roman political powers  to have a wider political reach to super-cede the religious concepts of the Greek Pagan &  Egyptian deities and coincide with noted days of religious observance. It is also well known that many ‘Sacred Sites’ of ancient religion had temples removed and cathedrals constructed over them. The bible does not mention a birth-date for Jesus, but it is interesting to note that the early Political Christian movement placed it on the December solstice.

Edgar Cayce also stated in his prolific readings that Jesus,  had many incarnations prior to his lifetime as the Cristos . Cayce listed ten of these fascinating ‘past’ incarnations.

Use discernment in reviewing  these interesting parallels:


Horus & Jesus – The Striking Parallels


1.Both were conceived of a virgin.

2.Both were the “only begotten son” of a God,  Osiris &  Yahweh.

3.Horus’s mother was Meri, Jesus’s mother was Mary.

4.Horus’s foster father was called Jo-Seph, and Jesus’s foster father was Joseph.

5.Both foster fathers were of royal descent.

6.Both were born in a cave (although sometimes Jesus is said to have been born in a stable).

7.Both had their coming announced to their mother by an angel.

Horus; birth was heralded by the star Sirius (the morning star). Jesus had his birth heralded by a star in the East (the sun rises in the East).

8.Ancient Egyptians celebrated the birth of Horus on December 21 (the Winter Solstice). Modern Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25. Some scholars however, believe that the solltice occurred on Dec 25th in ancient calendars….which if true combines and aligns the dates.

9.Both births were announced by angels ..

10.Both had shepherds witnessing the birth.

11.Horus was visited at birth by “three solar deities” and Jesus was visited by “three wise men”.

12.After the birth of Horus, Herut tried to have the god child Horus murdered. After the birth of Jesus, Herod tried to have Jesus murdered.

13.To hide from Herut, the god That tells Isis, “Come, thou goddess Isis, hide thyself with thy child.” To hide from Herod, an angel tells Joseph to “arise and take the young child and his mother and flee into Egypt.”

14.When Horus came of age, he had a special ritual where his ‘3rd Eye’ was restored. When Jesus (and other Jews) come of age, they have a special wisdom ritual called a Bar Mitzvah.

15.Both Horus and Jesus were 12 at this coming-of-age ritual.

Neither have any official recorded life histories between the ages of 12 and 30.

16.Horus was baptized in the river Eridanus. Jesus was baptized in the river Jordan.

17.Both were baptized at age 30.

18.Horus was baptized by Anup the Baptizer. Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist.

19.Both Anup and John were later beheaded.

20.Horus was taken from the desert of Amenta up a high mountain to be tempted by his arch-rival Set. Jesus was taken from the desert in Palestine up a high mountain to be tempted by his arch-rival Satan.

21.Both Horus and Jesus successfully resist this dark power (duality) temptation.

22.Both have 12 disciples.

23.Both walked on water, cast out demons, healed the sick, and restored sight to the blind.

24.Horus “stilled the sea by his power.” Jesus commanded the sea to be still by saying, “Peace, be still.”

25.Horus raised his dead father (Osiris) from the grave. Jesus raised Lazarus from the grave. (Note the similarity in names when you say them out loud. Further, Osiris was also known as Asar, which is El-Asar in Hebrew, which is El-Asarus in Latin.)

26.Osiris was raised in the town of Anu. Lazarus was raised in Bethanu (literally, “house of Anu”).

27.Both  delivered a ‘Sermon on the Mount’.

28.Both were crucified.

29.Both were crucified next to two thieves.

30.Both were buried in a tomb.

31.Horus was sent to Hell and resurrected in 3 days. Jesus was sent to Hell and came back “three days” later (although Friday night to Sunday morning is hardly three days).

32.Both had their resurrection announced by women.

33.Both are supposed to return for a 1000-year reign.

34.Horus is known as KRST, the anointed one. Jesus was known as the Christ (which means “anointed one”).

35.Both Jesus and Horus have been called the good shepherd, the lamb of God, the bread of life, the son of man, the Word, the fisher, and the winnower.

36.Both are associated with the zodiac sign of Pisces (the fish).

37.Both are associated with the symbols of the fish, the beetle, the vine, and the shepherd’s crook.

38.Horus was born in Anu (“the place of bread”) and Jesus was born in Bethlehem (“the house of bread”).

39.”The infant Horus was carried out of Egypt to escape the wrath of Typhon. The infant Jesus was carried into Egypt to escape the wrath of Herod. Concerning the infant Jesus, the New Testament states the following prophecy: ‘Out of Egypt have I called my son.’”

40.Both were transfigured on the mount.

41.The catacombs of Rome have pictures of the infant Horus being held by his mother, not unlike the modern-day images of “Madonna and Child.”

Noted English author C. W. King says that both Isis and Mary are called “Immaculate”.

42.Horus says: “Osiris, I am your son, come to glorify your soul, and to give you even more power.” And Jesus says: “Now is the Son of Man glorified and God is glorified in him. If God is glorified in him, God will glorify the Son in himself, and will glorify him at once.”

43.Horus was identified with the Tau (cross).


Fascinating similarities have been identified between these two, however some of the similarities are considered debatable. Although some academics argue the interpretations &  authenticity of some, but not all of  these interesting parallels. And of course,  most orthodox religions deny them outright. None the less, this is quite thought-provocative  & fascinating !

The Eyes of Horus & The Great Pyramid



ARTIST APPRECIATION – Gratitude to Artists



Peonies Violet by Vladimir Volegov






Part 1

A Novel through Sue Lie and the Arcturians


I just moved into a new house. That is a “new house” to me, as the house is actually quite old. I inherited this house, from my Grandmother who had lived there her entire life. The house is very big with many rooms, as well as a cellar and an attic. The cellar had far too many spiders, but as soon as I was settled in, I decided to explore the attic.

I climbed the small stairway, which was behind the mysterious locked door, for which I finally had the key. It was an old fashioned key, an old fashioned keyhole, and an old fashioned door. Of course, my Grandmother cherished the house exactly as it had always been.

Therefore, outside of important repairs and appropriate painting, the house remained the way it had always been. I spent many summers at Grandma’s house, and searched vigilantly to find the key that I now held in my hand. The fact that Grandma never let me go into the attic only made me more and more anxious to enter it.

I am sorry that my Grandmother’s death is the reason why I could find the key the will, and eventually, open the attic door. In fact, I have lived here every summer of my life. My parents were not too interested in raising their only child, me, so it was boarding school during the school year and Grandma’s house in the summer.

My mother had a nanny who sort of watched me when I wasn’t at Boarding School or Grandma’s house. However, the nanny was too expensive, so they dropped me off to live with my Grandmother fulltime when I was only 8 years old.

They did not even wait for Grandma to open the door when they rushed off to wherever they went. I was never so relieved when Grandma’s smiling face welcomed me into her, which was now our, home. I lived there happily with Grandma until I went away to collage.

Thank Heavens for Grandma, or my Mother would have put me in a Boarding School all year round. But I should not speak ill of my parents as they died in a horrid car accident when I was only 13. Because I had such a history of living with my Grandmother, the state allowed me to continue living with her.

It was the happiest moment of my life when I knocked on Grandma’s door with all my cherished possessions in boxes beside me. My parents barely said good-by to me and rushed off to where ever they went the second that Grandmas opened her door. But, somehow, I knew that this was the last time they would drop me off at my Grandma’s house, and that I would not see them again.

I was never so relieved when Grandma’s smiling face welcomed me into her, which was nowour, home. I lived there happily with Grandma until I went away to collage. I never saw my parents again.

I must say that my self-esteem was pretty damaged by my parent’s behavior, but Grandma had always made up for that. However, now, as a young woman, I was alone. Unfortunately, Grandma left this world just before I finished college, but she left her home and everything she had to me.

There was a bit of money in the package, so I toured Europe for the summer after my graduation. I think it was too much to go to Grandma’s house and not find her waiting for me with a warm hug and cookies. But, eventually, I had to go home to what was no longer Grandma’s home, but my house.

I never saw my parents again, as they moved far away and never invited me to visit. I must say that my self-esteem was pretty damaged by my parent’s behavior, but Grandma had always made up for that. However, now, as a young woman, I was alone.

However, having Grandma’s house made me feel that I had the home that I had always loved to visit. Now it was my home, and I was standing in front of the door, key in the lock, but hesitating to turn it.

I knew that I would NOT smell the fresh baked cookies, or enjoy the wonderful smell that always filled her home. At least she had died suddenly, and in her beloved home. I am still guilty that I did not leave Europe to come to her funeral.

However, I had a very vivid dream the very night after she died in which she came to me and said, “I have asked in my will, which I have attached a copy to this letter, to be cremated. Please do not leave your vacation to come to my cremation. I will come to you. Please allow me that final joy of showing you the lovely Lightbody that I now wear.”

“Sure enough, the very next evening she came to me in a body of Golden Light. The only thing she said was, “Beloved Granddaughter, I have left everything I had to you, and most important, I have left you the key to the attic. I love you infinitely, so I wanted to tell you that I now know that life is eternal and death is an illusion.

“Please remember always that you are my Beloved Granddaughter whom will love conditionally beyond all space and time.”

I was very confused by the “beyond all space and time” comment, as that was not the way my Grandmother spoke. Nonetheless, the statement made me cry uncontrollably, but not just for sorrow. Instead, I cried for the great love that I had always felt from Grandma, and for the love I would always have for her.


Finding the Journal

When I first returned from Europe, I went to Grandma’s resting place with a huge bouquet of her favorite flowers. However, as I got closer and closer to her “resting place,” I knew that I would not be able to face her grave, so I turned the other way, away from the cemetery and away from what remained of my grandmother.

After a few months living in Grandma’s house, I was finally ready to go to her final resting place. I was very tempted to turn away again, but then I remembered the vision of her in a golden body, which gave me great comfort. Also, I wanted to thank her for all the money that she had left me.

I still wonder how an elder woman who never seemed to have a job could have so much money. My parents had been very tight with the money they gave me, and said it was because my Boarding School was so expensive. But, later, I learned that my Grandmother had paid for all my education.

I tried many times to ask Grandma how she could afford to give me all that money, but she always said, “Don’t worry about it dear. It is all taken care of.” I never found out what she meant by, “It is al taken care of,” but she left me enough that would not have to work for quite a while.

Fortunately, I was smart enough to get a good money manager, who put me on a budget, or I might have blown through my money like my parents always did. I am now enrolled in graduate school, which will start in a few months. Therefore, I am focusing my attention on taking care of the house, the large yard, and exploring the “locked attic” that Grandma would not let me enter.

In fact, she even refused to talk about the attic, which gave a great sense of mystery and me want to enter it even more. However, the other day I was rummaging around in some boxes in the pantry and found a key that said, “Attic” on it.

You would think that I would instantly run up and go into the attic, but now that I could enter it, I was afraid. Grandma was not a timid woman, so when she never allowed me to enter the attic, my childhood-self made up all kinds of stories of what mysterious things were happening in the attic.

As an adult I knew these stories could not be true, but the fear that my stories created, still remained deep inside of me. So, again, I found many reasons why I was “too busy” to explore the attic and put the key in a “safe place,” which I unconsciously made myself forget.

As soon as I realized that I was letting my fear get the best of me, I began my search to “find the key.” Of course, I searched the house for months and could not find it. Then, finally, one day, I was in a hurry to go on a date and could not find the necklace that I wanted to wear.

In my hurry and aggravation, I turned the jewelry box upside down to dump everything on my dresser. And then there, to my surprise, was the key tapped to the bottom of my jewelry box. I instantly recognized the key and ran towards the door to the attic. But when I got to the door, I paused.

Why was I so afraid of going into that attic? It had been many months that I had very happily lived in this house. There was no reason for my feelings, I told myself again and again. For two days I tried to convince myself to unlock the door and walk the stairway up to the attack.

Then, I had another dream of Grandma in her Golden Body. All she said was, “Do not be afraid my love.” She might have meant something other than the key, but as soon as I awoke I put on some jeans and a t-shirt, took the key from the bottom of my jewelry box, and headed for the door to the attic.

The key fit perfectly, in fact, it was also as if it turned itself. I tried not to ponder on that strange sensation as I already had more adrenalin then I needed. The door opened as easily as the key turned. “This is weird,” I told myself. “one would think that such and old key would not work so easily on such an old door.

I did not realize that the high window towards the top of the house was for the attic, but there is was with the Sun shinning brightly on a particular pile of old papers. Since everything that had happened so far was surrealistic, I decided to look at that pile of papers first.

I carefully moved the loose papers and found a bound manuscript just under them. It was as if those papers had been put there to hid, or protect, the bound manuscript, which I carefully picked up. As I opened the book to the first page, I found an introduction, which I will share word for word. It was written by a person called Shara Lynn.

In fact, the book/manuscript, was Shara Lynn’s journal. “I am sure my Grandmother got this book at one of the many old bookstores she loved to go to. Was this the book that she always seemed to be looking for.

I remember the joy of rummaging through the old book stacks in search of a mysterious book that Grandma was always looking for. I wonder if the book I just found is the one she was always looking for?

I guess I will never know the answer to that. However, if I read the book, I might get some clues at to what my Grandmother was up to. It was then that I began to sob. Up until now, I had pushed by sorrow away into a safe place that I could visit when I was ready.

But as the memory of looking through old, used bookstores with Grandma searching for something that she never shared with me, I was hit by my great sorrow of loosing her. I began to sob, almost uncontrollably, as I remembered all the wonderful times I had spent with my beloved Grandmother.

Finally, my tears spent, I was able to carefully open the old book to discover what was inside. To my surprise, the book was actually written by a person named Shara Lynn, and it was her journal.

Who was this Shara Lynn, and how did my Grandmother get her book? “Well,” I told myself, “You will not find out until you take the book downstairs and start reading it.” Thank Heavens, the practical me came while before the sorrowful, and more lonely than I thought person, could take over my thoughts.

In fact, before I go more into my problems, I want to share the first chapter with you.
“Wait.” I said to myself. “Who is this “you” that came into my thoughts? For some reason the name Shara Lynn came back into my mind.

“Who is this Shara Lynn and why does she keep coming into my mind?” I yelled to no one. However, once again, I felt the emanation, no, I am sure it was just the memory of, my Grandmother’s sweet voice saying, “Read the book dear. I left it here for you.”

Now I was really spooked to hear my Grandmother answer my thoughts. However, I then realized that she had been answering all my thoughts since she had passed on. (I cannot bare to say the word “died.”)

I think the reason why I actually opened the book and started to read it was to distract me from my sorrow. I have always loved a good mystery, and this was, indeed, a mystery. Therefore, I took the book firmly in my hands, left the attack, walked down the long stairs and locked the door again.

Why did I feel a need to lock the door, and why did I “hide” the key to the attack in my jewelry book again? I am now able to realize that I was, indeed, following some form of “higher guidance,” but I did not even know about that term back then.

Even with the keep back in my jewelry box, and the book recovered and waiting next to my bed, I did not even open it for more days that I can remember. Why was I so frightened by this book? What could be so “scary” in my Grand Mother’s Journal.

Well, I was about to find out.

(to be continued)

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 6:49 PM

Life is Ultimately a Win-Win – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art: DNA Eternal Man by Marie Schwarzer @ Fine Art America


Life is Ultimately a Win-Win

Life is ultimately a win-win. (1)

What does that mean?

Let me back up for a second.

The task each of us was given on our “birth” or “creation,” the mission for each of us, embedded in our spiritual DNA, so to speak, is to know ourselves. (2)

In the course of finding out who we are, we travel from God to God: Out from God into the realm of matter, mater, Mother and back to God again.

Jesus said, lo, I came from the Father out into the world and now I leave the world and go back to the Father.  He just described the spiritual parabola or circuit we all follow.

And when finally we know ourselves, we realize that we ourselves are God. God is everything, including us.

In that moment of realization or enlightenment, God meets God.

God is seen. The One without a second experiences Itself. For God this is a moment of great pleasure.

For us it’s a moment of paradise.  We both emerge from our reunion fully satisfied.

For God, simply watching each soul traverse the circuit from God to God is a source of pleasure as well. Apparently God enjoys Its creation through us.

Hindus call the whole affair a leela or divine play. It is maya or the play of illusion. A holographic world, devised by God for Its own enjoyment.

Both God and I want the same thing: Reunion. For both of us, it’s the agreed-upon goal.

We as lightworkers and as a world are headed for a consciousness shift or vibratory ascension to a more-refined dimensional frequency. In wanting this, both God and we want the same thing. We’re aligned.

When we lightworkers realize we’re God – or consciousness, or love, etc. – God will meet God in that moment of our enlightenment. We will join in joy.

It all works out in the final reel. Life is ultimately a win-win.

I will be on two weeks’ holiday after Christmas.


(1) I arrived at the same point after my vision of Feb. 13, 1987, expressed as “it all works out in the final reel.” See “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue,” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2011/08/13/the-purpose-of-life-is-enlightenment-ch-13-epilogue/

(2) Just as the make sperm unites with the female zygote to form a foetus, so the divine spark unites with a human form or body to create the individual. That individual has a mission: To know its true identity (as God).


Capricorn – First, Third, and Seventh Rays – William Meader @ Emergent Light

Art: At Sunrise by Freydoon Rassouli


Capricorn – First, Third, and Seventh Rays


Capricorn is a sign that has long been associated with ambition, determination, and a sense of social responsibility.  As an earth sign, it facilitates a grounded approach to life, and the belief that success is earned through applied effort.  Capricorn guides the personality in support of ego enhancement, power, and prestige.  Once an individual is consciously walking the Path, however, worldly ambition then slowly gives way to genuine spiritual achievement.  Underlying Capricorn are three sacred energies that serve as the matrix of evolutionary development within this sign.  They are the first, third and seventh rays.

The first ray is most associated with the energy of will.  When living from a strictly personality perspective, it manifests as willful determination toward personal success and social recognition.  However, when on the path of discipleship, the first ray reveals itself as the will to achieve on behalf of the soul and in service to humanity.  It is also the ray that makes it possible for the Capricornian to inwardly climb the Mount of Spirit and eventually reach the initiatory opportunities conferred at its summit.

The third ray is the energy of intelligent activity, and it too influences both the soul and personality.  When animating the lower-self, it inclines the Capricornian to apply the mind toward intelligent strategies in support of the personality’s ambition.  In this regard, the power to selfishly manipulate circumstance is also heightened by this rayological influence.  Yet, when the soul utilizes the third ray, it imbues the Capricornian with the mental insights needed to rightly express intelligent activities that are both uplifting to others and efficiently applied.

As the energy that governs the physical plane, the seventh ray is closely associated with grounded application.  This is true whether considering the proclivities of the Capricornian personality or soul.  Within the consciousness of the personality, it is the ray that gives material evidence of success in the manifestation of one’s worldly ambitions.  Yet to the soul it is the energy that defines and shapes well-organized patterns of spiritual service.  Essentially, the seventh ray grounds the soul’s efforts in useful and concrete ways and by so doing transforms the Capricornian into the practical mystic.

William Meader



Gratitude to Artist



by Patricia Cota-Robles


December 2017

Because of the unprecedented influx of Light that has taken place over the past several years, the I AM Presence, which is the Divinity within every person’s Heart Flame, is at long last reclaiming dominion of our Earthly experiences. The Divine Intervention of our I AM Presence is allowing the entire Company of Heaven to work more closely with us than ever before.

These selfless Messengers of our Father-Mother God are asking us to join with them now, in unified consciousness, to empower the Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love that Lightworkers have been cocreating on behalf of Humanity and Mother Earth over the past 50 years.

This Activity of Light will enable our Grid of Divine Love to assimilate the unfathomable influx of Light our Father-Mother God will Breathe into the Grid, in a rhythmic momentum, during Humanity’s Global participation in the monthly Free Seminars we offer through Era of Peace. The Divine Intent of this influx of Light is to expand the Lightwork of every single person on Earth a thousand fold.

The Company of Heaven has given us the following Invocation so that you and Lightworkers all over the World will be able to easily weave your magnificent Light into the Chalice of Light we will form through our unified Heart Flames during the Free Seminars every month.

In deep Gratitude for our ability to serve Life in this way, let’s join together in consciousness with the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth, as we unify our Hearts with the Hearts of our Father-Mother God and the entire Company of Heaven. Together we will magnetize from the Core of Creation the most intensified frequencies of the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Flame of Transfiguring Diving Love that Humanity and the Earth are capable of withstanding at a cellular level.

And we begin… 

Breathe in deeply and go within to the Divinity of your Heart Flame. Please join me now with the full power of your attention and your Divine Intentions.I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity. As One Voice, One Breath, One Heartbeat, and One Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of Pure Divine Love we invoke our Father-Mother God and the Legions of Light throughout Infinity.  Beloved Ones, come forth NOW!  (pause)

We are One with ALL of these magnificent Forces of Light. Through our sincere Heart Call, they have joyously come to help Humanity’s I AM Presence empower and sustain the Lightwork of every man, woman, and child on Earth a thousand fold.

Beloved Legions of Light, we ask that you gather up every electron of precious Life energy being expended by Humanity during this sacred and Holy Time. Purify this energy with the power and might of a thousand Suns using the New 5th-Dimensional Solar Frequencies of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection. Weave this purified energy into the collective Cup of Humanity’s Consciousness, so that every electron of precious Life energy released by the Sons and Daughters of God on Earth at this time will be used to exponentially expand the Light of God through the Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love that is now embracing this Planet and ALL her Life.

We accept that this Activity of Light is being God Victoriously accomplished right here and right now. We also accept that through Humanity’s I AM Presence this Activity of Light will be permanently sustained, increasing daily and hourly the maximum that Cosmic Law will allow with every Breath we take.

Beloved Father-Mother God, we ask that you now Breathe the highest possible frequencies of Divine Love, Oneness and Reverence for All Life into every person’s Heart Flame.

In Oneness with the I AM Presence of every person on Earth and the entire Company of Heaven, we now affirm within the Divinity of our Heart Flame:

“I AM the Cup, the Holy Grail, through which the Light of God now flows to Bless every particle and wave of Life evolving on this precious Planet.

“I AM my I AM Presence, and I now invoke my Father-Mother God to Breathe their Infinite Light into our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love.  As this exquisite Light blazes through the Grid of Divine Love it bathes the Earth and expands every person’s Lightwork a thousand fold.” 

This unfathomable influx of our Father-Mother God’s Infinite Light lifts every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life on Earth into a Higher Order of Being.  (pause)

As this wondrous Light is anchored within the Divinity of every person’s Heart Flame, it expands into the Heart Flame of every other person on Earth unifying Heart Flame with Heart Flame. Through this amazing Activity of Light, the I AM Presence of every person becomes a power point of Divine Love and Oneness unified in consciousness with the I AM Presence of every other person.

Through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth, we are empowering our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love. This Forcefield of Light is extending from the very depths of Humanity’s pain and suffering into highest frequencies of the 5th-Dimensional Realms of God’s Infinite Light. This Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love is the Bridge to Freedom over which this Blessed Planet and ALL her Life are now Ascending into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Perfection on the New Earth.

Through this Activity of Light, we are reclaiming our Divine Birthright as Sons and Daughters of God. We are truly becoming Love in Action. We are collectively changing the core vibration of the primal Light substance that has gone into creating the present negative conditions that are surfacing all over the Planet to be healed and transmuted into Light.

This Activity of Light is bringing into tangible form the archetypes for the patterns of perfection for the New Earth. These patterns are now flowing into the Heart and Mind of every man, woman, and child through the Mental and Emotional Strata of this Planet.

The I AM Presence within every person is the Open Door for these resplendent patterns of Divine Love. We are the CAUSE of Divine Love now being established on Earth. Together we are setting in place the basic Spiritual Forces of Divine Love over which the Earth and ALL her Life are at last Ascending out of our long exile in darkness into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Light associated with the New Earth. The Love of God is now thriving on Earth through each us, and through the I AM Presence of every person on the Planet.

Through this Activity of Light, Humanity is being raised into a profound Awakening of Supreme Love Consciousness. We are, here and now, the Masters of Love we were always destined to be. We are Beings of Love, accepting responsibility for Loving this sweet Earth and ALL her Life FREE. We are One with this Blessed Planet, and the Planet is One with us.

Our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven are now intensifying their Light through every person’s Heart Flame. This influx of Light is lifting ALL Humanity into a higher octave of Divine Service. Every person on Earth is being permanently invested with a Cosmic Forcefield of Divine Love. This forcefield is initiating each of us into a Higher Order of Service to Humanity and the Light, as our Lightwork is being intensified a thousand fold through our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love.

Beloved Father-Mother God, we accept that this Activity of Light is being God Victoriously Accomplished, even as we Call.   And so it is!

Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM That I AM.


Gratitude to Artist


Angel Vision with Light in Green & Gold by Ananda Vdovic @ Fine Art America



DIARY OF A YOGI – 21st Dec 2017


*Meaning “Pillar of Light blazing in the Unbound Space of Divine Mother’s Love”



“If your eye is single then your entire body is filled with Light” (Matthew 6:22)

The December solstice 2017 brings us the power of interconnections from the stars, particularly the Light Realms beyond the Sirius Stargate.

It allows us to connect across time and space to our light families and bring the light to our world (fill our bodies with Light) when we focus (a single eye) with power.

It brings the Source Codes which you will find below and the power of grace with gratitude.

It ushers in union with the Christ Light in our celebration of Christmas.

Give and Ye Shall Receive @ The Paul J Getty Museum


At this time of Christmas it is very meaningful for us all to examine the power of the Christ consciousness within us, since Christmas means the celebration (‘mass’) of the Eucharist (where Eucharist means gratitude with grace for the Christ Consciousness we are born with).

These last few days have been very revealing and insightful in terms of this consciousness of gratitude and grace leading into the solstice on Dec 21 and then the celebration of union with the Christ Light on Dec 25.

The solstice this year occurs in the lunar nakshatra Shravana, which in both the Vedic and Tibetan Calendar gives the power of samhanana shakti or interconnection, to each other, to our families, here and in other worlds, to our path in this life, to our mission.

It is guided by the Heart of Saraswati, leading us into the flow of life, the star of learning.

It is learning to listen to the Voice of Source, the Inner Teacher within.

I will be traveling to New Zealand over the Christmas and New Year period so wanted to take the opportunity to connect to your individual and collective Christ consciousness with the deepest gratitude for the grace of Christ within you.

I wish you all a blessed celebration of the Christ within.
I have spoken to many deep souls this past week who were moved by Kundalini and the Djedhi/Jedi post, awakening just from the words, which as we know are the Shared Heart and Wisdom of the Mother.

It is a fascinating exploration together of what is possible.

Any teachings transmitted have only one source, the original Source being Christ or Krishna, Buddha or Divine Mother, within us all.

We are being asked to step up and be that Source, to teach with profound skill and infinite compassion, to offer methods which ultimately cultivate the minds and hearts of “apprentice Jedi”.

Like the Jedi it requires training.

The Way of the Diamond Warrior, Alchemy, Tantra or Diamond Consciousness requires great courage and compassion.

In Tibetan Buddhism it is called Anuttarayoga or Highest Yoga Tantra.

It is the Mandala of the Most Secret Lotus Lord and Lady.

This compassionate courageous Way, the Secret Mantra vehicle, contains all the essential points of all levels of training and produces quick enlightenment.

Its powers are mantra, mudra and samadhi.

Its substances are the five nectars and the five mystical syllables which transform into the five divine lights.

As we arise in the powerful form of an alchemic or tantric deity or star being to walk this earth powerful siddhis are achieved and the yogic attainments of the Jedi/Djedhi are achieved, not in the imagination, but as literal feats on this planet, which can be tested and cultivated.

There is no method more powerful than this.


As we walk this path of pathlessness, testing our soul, cultivating blessings in ourselves and others there are many times I have felt alone over the years.

As we all do.

We begin by deeply questioning everything.

By crying out for magic and light, for peace and love, for the divine in all its forms.

It is in these times of great heartache and soul searching that I turned to the core of the practice as we all do and seek the silence and stillness of presence and the Masters Within.

The fact that I can call star ships or dolphins, travel portals to other worlds, heal others instantly or drive out demons, means nothing beside the power of love and spiritual friendship.

In fact these powers, which will manifest for you like they have done for me, if you practice regularly, mean nothing.

They are Siddhis, and manifest at the wish of Divine Mother, through Her Grace and have nothing to do with us as individuals.

In those times of alone-ness, when my Heart sings out to Her, I am taken again and again to the power of the Masters I have worked with both this lifetime and many others, particularly Yogananda, through whom all the divine promises have come true.

His undying love, like Yeshua’s and the Dalai Lama’s, is perhaps the greatest miracle I have ever experienced, and it is that love that I offer to you, the love of undying spiritual companionship and deep friendship.

That is why we share as we do here together, that is the power of the wisdom of the Shared Heart.

That power gives rise to courage and active compassion, the desire to help and liberate all beings in all worlds, and that is what draws us all together.

That is the power of Secret Mantra.

Angel Right Hand – 1455-60 Francesco Pesellino and Fra Filippo Lippi @ The National Gallery


We are all interconnected as are all paths on this planet.

The path of Moses as Source Messenger as I discussed in the last post on Kundalini and the Djedhi (Jedi) connects directly to Yeshua (Jesus) through the Essene.

Greek geographer and historian Strabo writes that Moses, growing up as a prince in the Egyptian Royal Family, was trained in the Academy of Heliopolis, was ordained as a Djedhi priest within the King’s Chamber, and acquired immense powers (or siddhis).

These included parting the Red Sea and drawing water from a rock.

It is no wonder that Yeshua followed similar initiations and paths, walked on the sea and turned water into wine.

It is no surprise to you then that many of you gathered here have followed and will follow those same initiations and activate similar siddhis.

“Believe Me that I AM in the Father and the Father is in Me—or at least believe because of the works themselves.

Truly, truly, I tell you, whoever believes in Me will do the works that I am doing.

He/She will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.

And I will do whatever you ask in My name” (John 14:11-12)

When I cast out demons as a teenager it was not through my own doing but through the power of Yeshua.

I said, with enormous conviction to those that came seeking healing

“By the power of Christ, begone”

And it was done.

The demons were cast out of those that were afflicted.

Many of the codes and activations you are receiving right now are from the seeds of these times with Moses and Yeshua and your connections to the stars, particularly the Sirius stargate.

Moses prophesied the coming of Yeshua

“The Lord your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among you, from your fellow Israelites. You must listen to him.” (Deuteronomy 18:15)

Under the umbrella of this spiritual prophecy and guidance the secret wisdom schools flourished then just as they do today.

They disseminated the secret mysteries of the Kabbala (Qabalah) just as Tibetan Buddhism spread the teachings of the Secret Mantra.

Both the Kabbala and the Secret Mantra deal with the wisdom of sound and the power of Light Language.

(Gematria in Kabbala, and Bliss or Seed Syllables in Tibetan Buddhism).

The first school to really do this was a Hebrew Order called the School of Prophets.

“But when they saw the School of Prophets prophesying, with Samuel standing there as their leader, the Spirit of God came upon Saul’s men, and they too prophesied.” (Samuel 19:20)

This was a synthesis of the knowledge Moses received on Mt. Sinai and Abraham received in Chaldea.

The School of Prophets under Samuel built the first compound on Mount Carmel.

They communicated with the Djedhi at Heliopolis in Egypt and the Tibetan Masters in the Himalayas.

The School of Prophets gave rise to the Essenes.

The Essenes were formed to receive the teachings of the prophets, to create communities founded in the law of Moses (for which they separated themselves out from ordinary society) and were adept healers (the word Essene comes from the Syrian word for healer).

They studied the Kabbala, The Torah and the Book of Enoch.

Many of you here feel very different and out of the flow of ordinary society, just like the Essene.

Many are healers.

Many have studied the ancient sacred texts.

The Essenes ultimate focus was union with their guardian angels (Higher Self) and YHVH (יהוה in Hebrew) (Tetragrammaton – YOD HEH VAV HEH) to purify themselves.

What I am describing to you is not just a history.

It is experiences we have all had together, just as I walked along the banks of the Nile as Mary the Mother of James the Lesser with Caleb and many more of you.

The Water of The Nile by Frederick Goodall

We have been able to do out of body initiations and training in the Egyptian schools just as Luke went out of body in The Last Jedi.

Many of you have been doing these initiations since you were born, moving in and out of the body at will, in dreams and visions, to bring through this continuum of knowledge.

You are receiving codes and transmissions, activations and energies that fill the body and often throw your consciousness into dramatic energy spirals.

I was trained in the mystery school teachings of the Kabbala as a young man and studied the Book of Enoch when I awoke in the school of prophets one day some years ago.

It was a deep, profound experience, that left my body shaking like a leaf and I was as cold as ice when I returned to it.

Again, many of you have experienced this out of body inter-dimensional travel.

It does and can take a toll on the physical body.

Yeshua followed the initiations in the temples of the chakras on the Nile just as I described in a post some time ago.


As many of us reading this were both Djedhi and Essene (and Nazar Essene as part of Yeshua’s Soul Group) we have naturally followed and are interested in very purifying diets (vegetarian or vegan) fasting and meditation and healing practices.

During the deepest meditations we are capable of uniting with our Angelic Selves and journeying inter-dimensionally to the pure lands and heavenly realms via Light Bodies or Merkabah (from Mer-Light, Ka-Higher, Ba-Lower) Bodies.

We participated in many of the initiations through activating our Light Bodies and using the power of the Collective Christ Consciousness to be initiated.

The power of the internet now is a physical/technological extension/reproduction of this process in a very basic way, allowing us to attend empowerments in “the physical” in ways we have done so often in the past through the Light Body.

One of our destinies is to collectively ascend with this planet so we no longer need the physical body.

This is a fact we all know is possible.

To go home together.

We only need to liberate all souls on this planet at one time.

That is why the courage and compassion of our path together is so important.

And why our support of each other in all circumstances is so critical.

I often hear about troubles and arguments in groups.

Gautama Buddha

In answer I would ask you to listen to the story of Devadatta.

Devadatta was a bright, highly charismatic monk who because of ambition brought about a split in Buddha’s own group.

He tried to get the Buddha to make him the leader of the Sangha when the Buddha was over seventy years old but the Buddha didn’t see himself or anyone else as the leader so refused Devadatta’s request.

So Devadatta proposed a new set of guidelines and because of his charisma persuaded 500 monks to join his new group.

Devadatta made three attempts to end Buddha’s life, one when he sent a swordsman to assassinate him, one by rolling boulders down on top of him, which did succeed in badly wounding the Buddha and one when he released wild elephants but in this case the Buddha managed to calm the wild animal.

So this was a difficult time for the Buddha in terms of group work.

Later when Devadatta was near death he asked two monks to carry him to the Buddha and said “I take refuge in the Buddha, I come back to the Buddha and take refuge in him” and the Buddha accepted him back.

When we support each other through the various trials and struggles we face, we bring some of the greatest powers of the universe to light.

Inclusiveness, tolerance, patience and compassion.



When we look deeply into another’s heart there is much we can see and learn from.

The Buddha could see into Devadatta’s Heart.

He revealed how Devadatta had in a previous life been a wise Rishi, a seer, and the Buddha had been a King.

The seer gave the teaching of the Lotus Blossom to that king and set him on the road to Buddhahood.

Every one of you is on the road to Buddhahood.

Every one of you is a Buddha, a Christ Light.

When we see this and honor this and acknowledge it, we support the Light and the liberation of the Light in all beings.

One way of supporting each other and doing this practically is through some of the gatherings I would propose such as in Taize.

At this point I will call it our


(also the title of a book I wrote some years ago) meaning

Hail All Light and Love.


Of Light and Love.

One of the simple manifestations in awakening is the creation of Great Gatherings, like the Essene Order, like the Djedhi, where as a group we become a vehicle for the awakening of the consciousness within us all of the birth of a divine Sun, the Christ consciousness, in our hearts.

One of the most fascinating experiences I have had over the years this lifetime on this planet is to see the extraordinary potential we have for the Shared Heart.

”Where two or three are gathered in My Name, there I AM”.

It was the same when communicating with other worlds.

To be able to call a star ship shows the potential of getting a strong enough signal from our planet to be heard – not through our current technology – which as this article from today shows is woefully short of what our star families work with as we know –


– but through a Shared Heart signal – a collective consciousness,

a Song of the Heart.

We are Divine Transmitters and Receivers and our powers of the Heart are far greater than any of us imagine.

The “Secret Mantra” lies in understanding just how this divine technology of ours (Light Body, sushumna/central channel, third eye/ajna chakra) and its surrounding support systems (nadis, winds, channels and bliss drops) actually works so we can get beyond the many limited belief systems that are a function of thought and thinking and the mind.

For those that cannot make it physically I will do a live feed with all the capabilities that our current technology at that time can offer.

It will not be immediately as I plan to invite many great souls I know personally to take part, either in the physical or remotely such as the Dalai Lama, Tareth, Brother Chidananda (the current Head of Yogananda’s organization), Brother Roger (the Head of Taize’s Christian community), Swami Shyam, Eckhart Tolle, Mooji and many others who represent the various perspectives or facets of the diamond of spirituality on our planet.


The whole point behind the creation of the Essene Order, like the Djedhi, was to act as a vehicle for the birth of a divine son, and at the same time to awaken the consciousness within us all of the birth of a divine Sun, the Christ consciousness, in our hearts.

From the Essene sect in the community of Nazaria, Mary and Joseph were chosen, to engage in Light Conception.

The Alchemy of the Light is described in its simple form here.


Yogananda describes how at the time of Yeshua’s birth three Mahanagas or Mahasiddhas visited the young Messiah.

These three Masters were part of the Djedhi network which included Tibetan, Indian, Egyptian and Essene Masters, all of whom knew of Yeshua’s birth.

His birth like yours and mine, was known by his own star brethren in many corners of the universe.

Yeshua was schooled by Essene Rabbis in the Torah and the Talmud until he was thirteen and then left Palestine to study the other mystery traditions.

His journey to India and Tibet are described by Swami Abhedananda, a colleague of Swami Vivekananda and direct disciple of Ramakrishna in the book Journey into Kashmir and Tibet.

Yeshua learned the path of the Mahasiddhas from various Masters including Babaji.

That meeting is described here.


He also studied the Way of Shakyamuni with Tibetan Lamas in the Himalayas before returning to Persia to study the Way of Zoroaster with Magi Priests, to Athens to study with Greek philosophers and Egypt and Heliopolis to study the Way of the Djedhi and the wisdom of Thoth before his final initiation within the Great Pyramid.

None of this should be a surprise as for most of us in today’s world we have traveled all over the world for initiations and meetings with remarkable Masters.

For example I traveled from New Zealand to Japan, India, Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, China, Australia, America, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, France and the UK all for the purposes of meeting specific Masters.

We have done this before, many times, in many lives.

Ascended Heart – Lady Nada


Tareth’s codes from the Great Pyramid in Giza are extremely powerful tools to awaken to the same initiation that Yeshua took with Mary Magdalene in the Great Pyramid.

They and many other codes can be found here.


A visualization for the codes can be found here on Tareth’s site


The Yeshua Codes are the Great Pyramid sequence of the Divine Union of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.

Yeshua and Mary lay in the Sepulchure of the Great Pyramid, holding the space that bridged the dimensions, the hologram for planetary crucifixion, resurrection and ascension, when it was first put into Earth’s crystalline Christ grids.

A holographic network was broadcast into the capstone of the Great Pyramid into Yeshua, Mary and their close disciples bodies’ DNA and into the Earth’s matrix.

You know this already.

That is why when you listen you will recognize the frequencies immediately.

The sounds are the full sequence of initiations into the Great Pyramid of Giza portal just as Yeshua and Mary experienced.

They were manifested at Source in the Great Pyramid through Tareth.

Tuning into these frequencies gives you the greatest access possible to the Path that has been set for Mother Gaia’s Ascension.

The portal at the Great Pyramid in Egypt, the Sirius Portal, which is the Mother Stargate within the earth’s planetary Christ grids, is releasing the full frequencies of the Yeshua/Mary Magdalene Divine Union energetic template, and is now linked up with all the other sacred sites on Gaia.

That Divine Union, Unity Consciousness, is at the Shared Heart of all we do.

The Nazar Essenes who were with the Christ group in the Great Pyramid witnessed the initiations and brought together all those, whom like now, are present to create a round table, an open door, unity to bring through wisdom of the Archangels, the Bodhisattvas, the Elders, through this Mother Portal.

Through the Shared Heart.

Through the Grail in the Heart.

The Grail is the chalice of Christ and is symbolic of what we become.

One vessel.

One cup.

One chakra.

That is what happened for Yeshua in the initiation in the Great Pyramid.

With Mary Magdalene they became the cup, unifying the processes of spirituality within us.

In their union, and ours, we unify the ideas of spirituality and move forward as one, dissolving all separation.

This is the alchemy or tantra of transforming perception.

The chalice or cup or grail is a womb.

The womb of creation.

The womb of creation within us all.

The pure wisdom within.


Here is a way to work with the energies of the Sirius Mother Gate.
As you listen to the Yeshua Codes, take your attention to the Sacred Breath.
“Breathing in, I am connected to the stars, I am the stars, I am the Light.
Breathing out, I am connected to my star family, I am the star family, I am the Light.”
As above so below.
As within, so without.
Breathe this continuous cycle of light around the chakras/interior planets in your body in the same way as the planets make a continuous cycle of movement around the central sun.
The base chakra is the initiation in the Great Pyramid.
The third eye is the portal to Sirius.
Visualise, hear and feel the stream of Light, the flow of life in the breath connect one chakra to the other like a Pillar of Light.
The crown chakra and its portal to all transmissions necessary for you will be open.
One vessel.
One cup.
One chakra.

Yogananda said:

“Christ taught Yoga methods to his close disciples to aid in their redemption…”

Yoga was described in the Bible in the often misunderstood Book of Revelations.

“…Saint John speaks of 7 stars and 7 churches.

These symbols refer to the 7 Chakras of light in man’s cerebrospinal axis, explained in Yoga treatises as the 7 divinely planned doors or ‘portals’ through which the devotee, by meditation, may come and go from this physical body by 7 successive steps into Cosmic Consciousness…”

Sri Yukteswar defines the Chakras:

“The 7 golden candlesticks are the 7 shining places in the body, known as brain (Sahasrara), medulla oblongata (Ajna), and 5 spinal centers—cervical (Visuddha), dorsal (Anahata), lumbar (Manipura), sacral (Svadhisthana), and coccygeal (Muladhara)—where the Spirit becomes manifested.”

Yogananda taught a series of Kriya Yoga meditations and exercises that make it possible to speed up the evolution of human consciousness.

He taught how to spiritualize your body, to perceive it as a reflection of Spirit and to think of yourself as the divine life energy that sustains your body, rather than as a mere physical vehicle.

“The Kriya Yoga that I am giving to the world through you in this nineteenth century,” Babaji told Lahiri Mahasaya, “is a revival of the same science that Krishna gave millenniums ago to Arjuna; and that was later known to Patanjali and Christ, and to St. John, St. Paul, and other disciples.”

“Kriya Yoga is an instrument through which human evolution can be quickened,” Sri Yukteswar explained to his students.

“The ancient yogis discovered that the secret of cosmic consciousness is intimately linked with breath mastery.

This is India’s unique and deathless contribution to the world’s treasury of knowledge.

Krishna Reveals His Universal Form To Arjuna by Dominique Amendola @ Fine Art America

The life force, which is ordinarily absorbed in maintaining heart action, must be freed for higher activities by a method of calming and stilling the ceaseless demands of the breath.”

“Be still and know I AM God” (Psalm 46:10)

The Kriya Yogi mentally directs his/her life energy to revolve, upward and downward, around the six spinal centers (medullary, cervical, dorsal, lumbar, sacral, and coccygeal plexuses), which correspond to the twelve astral signs of the zodiac, the symbolic Cosmic Person.

One-half minute of revolution of energy around the sensitive spinal cord of a person effects subtle progress in his/her evolution; that half-minute of Kriya equals one year of natural spiritual unfoldment.

It is all to do with your intention and focus.

The Dalai Lama, in his talk on the path to enlightenment (Day 3, around 1 hour and 20 minutes) on the method of tantra (union)


describes how important it is to calm the mind, to train it to be still, to focus, on the Buddha or Christ or Mecca.

So if you wish to access a stargate, then you need to learn how to be still, to be focused and become one.

When we were training to call star ships, 30 of us went on retreat for 2 weeks at a place called Bethells Beach in New Zealand.

We focused on communicating with star families and their craft and we did so with extraordinarily pure intent.

Using the techniques of the sacred breath and breathing equivalent to Kriya Yoga, cycling the breath in the ida, the pingala, and the sushumna, for hours upon hours in silence and stillness.

We did not waver.

We barely slept.

And the star families came.

That is the Secret Mantra.

That is the secret of the Shared Heart.

If you want to communicate with dolphins, become the ocean.

If you want to communicate with your star family, become the universe.


All the great saints and sages, Masters, gurus and angels speak with the same One Heart.

Pray single-mindedly with faith and devotion to the enlightened form of the Christs, Buddhas, Krishnas and Divine Mothers within you.

Obtain the empowerment of immortality through the sacred breath you breathe.

Liberate from birth and death through mindful heartful practice, breathing, breathing, walking, walking.

When you speak, speak with Presence and share your personal story of the Radiant Self by being a shining example of compassion and love to All.

Make enlightened connections in this world and all worlds through the Divine Romance and the Secret Mantra.

We will become endowed with the noble enlightened qualities of the Christs, Buddhas, Krishnas and Divine Mothers.

We will be led to the realm of the Pure Light of Being.

We will mingle indivisibly in the space, the Ocean of the Great Mother.

This is the ground, the path and the fruit, the Heart of the Lotus.

We carry this sacred flame of enlightenment, the miracle of the inner fire of bliss, within us.

Let it shine.

This is the mantra of the Heart Sutra, the Prajnaparamita Sutra, the Sutra of the Blessed Mother.


Gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi swāhā

Go beyond your self, go beyond what you know, go beyond the breath, empty yourself, bathe yourself in the miracle of the fire and bliss of Divine Love and the Secret Mantra and the Light within you.

Love and soul blessings

Altair and Mother … ♥ 

Durga Mother and Child


Son Of Lord Krishna, Son Of Lady Guan Yin, conscious walk-in from the Pleiadian Dolphin Isle Daenkus.

I am here to do the work of My Mother in assisting both in Mother Gaia’s ascension and by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva in seeking Krishnahood, Christhood, Buddhahood and healing for all beings.

Love and Blessings from the Source. Stephen/Altair gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā ག༌ཏེ༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌སཾ༌ག༌ཏེ༌བོ༌དྷི༌སྭཱ༌ཧཱ། “go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”

~ ☆ ~

A teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.



Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Gatekeeper Update: Quantum Body, Galactic Frequencies, Gridwork, Gamma & Plasma Energies, LightBody, Earth’s Gridding Systems – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Golden Spiral by Lucid Light @ DeviantArt


Gatekeeper Update: Quantum Body, Galactic Frequencies, Gridwork, Gamma & Plasma Energies, LightBody, Earth’s Gridding Systems, Bringing ALL Into Consciousness


Off the charts POWER UPGRADES continue to increase substantially all day/every day. These are intended to overload the nervous system and deplete the immune system for systems (and cellular structures) breakdown to occur. This is a huge re-building & reconstruction process that occurs on a microcellular/organism level as DNA and Carbon Based Bodies are re-coded to accelerate the body’s immense transition process over from Old Earth to NEW. This goes through all of your organs, blood, bones, muscles, skin, brain, spine… every (Star) particle of you. This in-turn re-codes your entire physical reality too, and vise-versa, as both are the same thing, yet our human aspect doesn’t have the capability/access to see/understand all of this yet. It takes opening up to that which is not visible (energetically) and does not fit into any old beliefs/mentalities/perceptions on a human level. This means expanding beyond all things physical and “staying there”…

All of the “external” programming and distortions were deeply embedded in each one of us/you and as each venture deeper into/through their own Universal/Solar/Galactic Core’s to clear/cleanse/resolve all of that coding/energy and RETURN to a LOVING EXISTENCE that transcends the physical everything, anything representing unconsciousness (separation/duality/ego), becomes visible for each to see/experience until each has CHOSEN NEW EARTH VALUE SYSTEMS as a new way of existing all day/every day, with every facet of our BEing……

We are experiencing influxes and influxes of high frequency encoded light flooding our planet/planetary bodies like never before. “No stone un-turned” is a relative phrase, as are many others.

Travel with me as I touch on many areas and “shed light” on how to correlate many things to support/assist with this transition with greater ease.

Be ready to see what you didn’t want to see before

Be ready to deal appropriately too through your own higher consciousness

Be completely open to realities shifting and shifting your perceptions HUGE

Be open to the “impossible”

Be ready to dissolve/resolve “old” as fast as you can and through self-love/love for all

Be ready to say no (with love), sometimes strongly, which is required to hold your new realities in place where you created/allowed strong realities and gave your power away before

Be ready to DO something to align your own realities (on a Soul Level)

LET GO of the need to control out of fear that things won’t go your (ego’s) way

TRUST your own inner-connection/higher guidance and LISTEN completely

Learn to DISCERN the difference VIBRATIONALLY of what is what

Make your body’s vibration, your physical place/space’s vibration a priority and integration/application a priority, new creation a priority, unity-love-consciousness a priority (This is challenging even when you do, until the density is cleared and all is always aligned)

Stop trying to “fit” all into the old boxes/mentalities/identifications. This will never fit into the old human beliefs of “how” any reality is.

Get inquisitive about “higher consciousness” and open completely up. You are literally “replacing” your old realities will all new ones that obliterate limits and distortions…

GET ON-BOARD with all of you, all that you have, all that you are… completely

Start supporting NEW EARTH EXISTENCES in every way, take the blinders off and be totally honest with yourself

Learn to open up and share – What you ARE/HOLD is what you RECEIVE by way of Experiences here

Observe how much ENERGY you put into everything. This energy is your own Abundance. How are you SPENDING IT, what is your FOCUS and what are you allowing to AFFECT your ENERGY (your abundance)

This is a COMPLETE REVERSAL PROCESS of everything and a huge one at that.

The magnitude of how all “came to be” is mind-blowing, as is the POWER you hold too.

Stop making excuses… period. No way around that one…

You can complain or you can do something. Refusing to accept, support and participate in continuing unconsciousness is where we all start.

Your ego will keep all going. Your higher consciousness will nip-it-in-the bud and shift focus to something that supports/benefits all as love.

​Be generous, kind, respectful and considerate… to you first, which in-turn becomes all.

Open your mind (your heart must be open fully for this). Your body and physical reality are going to go through an immense process that is mind-blowing. Multi-Dimensionality is an EXPERIENCE, not an intellectual/human rules anything…

Get over your ego and the stories that never end when you allow it to run rampant. You are here to MASTER all aspect of yourself, bring all into balance from within you and recognize when you are in “need/lack/judgment/fear/resistance” modes and switch/shift these yourself. This is your own separation within yourself. Only you can do this part. Suffering is a result of NOT doing so…. So do whatever it takes to shift, dissolve, resolve and take your own/other’s EGO power away and BE your HIGHER SELVES in all moments….

Blame, guilt, shame, victim, excuses, fixating on “old” anything is your ego-game. Judgment is huge with this. Yes the energy has to clear YOU/your cellular body/template, yet you don’t have to “stay” in this. Honor the energy/cellular release, yet maintain your higher self while you do. Get creative in HOW you do this. It’s a part of the process of returning to power from within.

No one has more power than you do when you are FULLY CONNECTED FROM WITHIN AGAIN. You were the one that gave it away. You are the one that must take it back and KEEP it…. it’s a part of returning to MASTERY and your Ascended State of Consciousness.

As you fully LOVE, HONOR, RESPECT and APPRECIATE YOU… you’ll stop accepting anything less and shift all into MORE LOVE as you do.

Breaking the old STRONG realities of separation is tough at first. It brings up deep programs of fear, anger, tears and more. This is the point. That ENERGY is what held those realities in place. When it’s diSPELLed, your cells will break the program down and re-code through the new light that you intentionally integrate on a daily basis now.

Incorporate ALL NEW VALUES AND PRACTICES to how you live your NEW NOW LIFE. None of the old unconscious ones will work …. they will re-create a reality that will collapse. If you choose to go there, then there is still energy inside that needs to physically be released.

There is SO much more… get creative and open up. Your linear human will find this challenging. Challenge yourself constantly to EXPAND!

As we go, I’ll cover more, yet here’s a list of areas to take into account and figure out how you are/were still unconscious/unaware and what you can now “do” to shift all yourself:


Your/the carbon-based body must detox all of these, continually. They are in water, foods and air of 3D/4D realities. As your LightBody works hard through photonic light activating INSIDE of your cells to detox, purify, cleanse and re-code, anything you can do to NATURALLY and ORGANICALLY ASSIST with this process is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. All along the way. Your NEW Bodies do not house these elements like before. These toxins are in a multitude of things INTRODUCED into your foods, air, water and medical treatments to keep your body unconscious/you from waking up. You have to get pro-active and CHOOSE to remove these things/stop putting them into your bodies and raising your body’s vibration in order to LIVE on NEW EARTH is imperative to KEEP/SUSTAIN your highest existences here.

CLEAN WATER: Make it a priority. I had to too. No more excuses. Your body needs this for your LIGHTBODY to fully activate and raise it’s vibration to turn everything around. Bio-electric transmitters need a clean filter/conduit for communication/traveling through your body. All the crud/density creates interference and disrupts your body’s ability to do what it needs to do FOR you to have it easier and clear all of that programming housed/held in your body faster/easier for YOU. Get a filter for your bath/shower to cut out toxins absorbed.

BODY/SKIN/ORGANS: Your entire body houses/holds everything that plays out in your external/physical reality for you to EXPERIENCE here. These are working hard to DETOX, reverse everything ever “done” to them, everything ingested internally and absorbed externally too and re-build on a cellular level without the “gunk” in the way. Your body is your RESPONSIBILITY to TUNE to the highest vibrations possible and your old ways become your hurdle/obstacle to overcome from within yourself. NEW WAYS are required and your intellectual human mind won’t like this part, as it’s listened/learned from everyone/everything else and your ego wants all “it’s way”. Not how multi-dimensionality works. Your body knows more than you do. It’s always speaking, always asking/showing you what it needs to do this for you easier. Nature, sleep, quiet time, slow down, focus your energy and let go of the judgment/fixed beliefs. Those will keep you experiencing separation over and over again until your body finally shuts-down… Take care of what you put into your body/on your body. Chemicals suppress. Your body must be free of all of this to bring you through to higher-dimensional realites. Then you will re-introduce certain foods back in, to support the different phases (Crystalline/Plasma/Etheric) of Embodiment. Once your body is clean and running optimally and able to run a ridiculous amount of light through it continually and easily, it will enter re-GENERATIVE mode, where you will become a Generator of Light operating on a whole new System, with new foundations CREATED, new systems, new programs, new everything…

IMMUNE SYSTEM/NERVOUS SYSTEM: All must be “destructed/reconstructed” and re-coded on a cellular level. All must be re-wired completely so that your body functions very differently than before. Honoring your body FIRST and all-day every day, will make this process easier, yet your EGO will not like one bit of this… These light codes are going straight for these daily now. This is where DEFENSE mechanisms and COMMUNICATION systems where held/are (and so much more).

DEFENSE SYSTEMS/INFRASTRUCTURES: All have to be broken down and re-worked. Your whole physical body undergoes an immense re-everything process. Continually and increasing ENERGETICALLY as we go. This process is not going to decrease. The amount of energy will always increase and it’s up to you to acclimate continually, anchor continually and learn how to function in all new ways, continually. It’s a part of our processing here.

CELLULAR BREAKDOWN TO RE-BUILD THROUGH THE INTEGRATION OF LIGHT (CODES/INTELLIGENCE): At first, this is rough. The carbon-based body goes through a LOT. Challenging and even scary at first, until new understandings are applied, is an understatement. Yes, at times, in the beginning, we feel/felt like we were dying. In many ways, we were. Our bodies go through a rigorous process of clearing density, separation and deeply embedded programming. Physical pain is the body releasing these programs suppressed/buried/held/anchored in the physical body. Light activates neurons and bio-electric transmitters to “fire off” and “activate/trigger” emotions held there, which buried the programs through suppression/oppression that now have to leave/be freed from the physical body and physical reality too. Light is intelligent. It activates codes held dormant in your DNA. These codes tell your “new body” how to re-do everything. It tells your cells how to break all down. It stimulates, shocks and awakens your body in every way to FEEL FULLY EVERYTHING… until all unconscious programming (lower vibration transmissions) is gone and your new base-line is UNITY AND PURE LOVE….

PLASMA GRID: About a week or so ago, we anchored a whole new “gridding system” into the template of our Gaia/EarthShip and for those ready for this, our physical bodies too. While I use the word “grid”, it’s not quite a grid. It’s a whole new NETWORKING SYSTEM through SUPER QUANTUM PLASMA ENERGY. Star Families all activated, this wreaks havoc on polarity/polarized realities and still polarized bodies that must reverse/unify still. I will be sharing more as we go. I had no clue until the anchoring process was completed. It’s a part of my roles as Gatekeeper here.

GAMMA RAYS/FREQUENCIES: Substantial increase over the last few weeks that means different things to each. These STIMULATE and HYPER-ACCELERATE/EXCITE all on a cellular and consciousness level. They accelerate DNA re-writes exponentially. For the human aspect, these can scatter, create chaos, increase Quantum Entanglement and disrupt the old codes that lent to unconsciousness. These LASER through all and bring the veils within down fast. They super charge and quantify and for those of us who LOVE GAMMA, they give us the power-ups to accomplish and anchor higher dimensional timelines into the physical for all of us here. Plasma weakens the system, and we’ve had a huge increase in Plasma and also Electrical Energy…. so stabilizing requires more focus and balancing all continually to maintain/sustain with great ease. These also activate nausea, as radioactive energy increases in the body to amplify and clear distortions faster.

CRYSTALLINE FREQUENCIES (Rainbow & Diamond Light Code, as well as others): Substantial increase to anchor more Christed Light within all of our physical bodies as our Crystalline Bodies continue to evolve. I’ll share a cool video captured and was floating around online a few weeks back of the visible crystalline in the air/atmosphere. This has been/is our reality on a daily basis on NEW Earth here. Breathing crystalline light is challenging for the carbon-based physical body as it clears density/acclimates to “new altitude” existence from within. We all must slow down and honor the body. It’s doing immense work to re-calibrate/re-code and clear constantly.

PLASMA ATMOSPHERES & BODIES: Increased plasma brings forth more “gasses” and “spacey” feeling as our cells go Galactic and our Earth does too. This has been going on for years, yet the magnitude of PLASMA ENERGY is astounding and continuing GALACTIC STARGATES FLOOD our planet/bodies with this “game-changer” energy where all who chose Galactic Earth must “learn” to function completely non-linearly and integrate at a whole new rate. BEing a Galactic is a whole new ball-game, for us all being totally RESPONSIBLE and fulfilling our highest Soul Purposes and Galactic Missions/Roles here. ♥

YOUR LIGHTBODY: Is not prone or susceptible to the old like your carbon-based body was, yet you must fully activate your LIGHTBODY for it to bring you through to NEW EARTH. There are continual activations always occurring, intensifying like a super-charger for awhile. This JUMP-STARTS your systems, activates your crystals/crystalline body more and gives you the ENERGY/POWER to accomplish laying the foundations of your NEW REALITIES that completely replace the old. You will work through every bit of programming you hold CONSCIOUSLY and break these programs yourself. You are no longer oblivious, or care to be, no longer trying to fit in or conform. You blaze a trail and open up a wealth of opportunity that you didn’t have access to before as a sleeping human. This too, is just the beginning, as it’s also where your “child” comes forth. Clearing anything left of “wounded or unloved” inner child, your higher self is birthed (through your NEW Earth Chakra/Vortex of your body blowing up, yes, like you are pregnant, because you kind of are). I called them photonic “air babies”. Discomfort and body changes are natural as you prepare to birth constantly, and this process changes along the way too. You will learn how to play again, yet from a very pure place inside. Your heart will open to the wonders, the magic, the bliss as you prepare to grow up/mature into/as your Higher Selves, birthing your Christed/God/Galactic Aspects along the way, and evolving into MATURE CONTRIBUTORS through Unity-Love-Peace-Consciousness in all that you do/are.

CARBON-BASED BODIES hold density/old programming and exist on food differently than the LIGHTBODY does. Each LIGHTBODY PHASE eats differently. Each Consciousness re-codes DNA that changes what the body asks for to support these intricate processes that don’t conform to anything the human ego can comprehend. Meat and heavy dense foods, metals and chemicals keep the body dormant/asleep. The cleansing and continual detoxing of these things will assist with restoring the body to LIFE. Some chose extreme unconsciousness, deeply embedded in Matrix Programming, so the “lifting” and TRANSCENDING all of this can be just as extreme/intense. Our bodies waking up and merging as one is a huge process that began the moment we incarnated/walked into physical form here.

ACCELERATED DNA REeCODINGS: The human body seems to go haywire/doesn’t not fit into a diagnosis or box. Your body is working to undo/redo all for you. Honor and support it in every way. Vibrational support in everything. Inside/outside. Both are necessary here.

WATER: Drinking/Bathing. Do your research and listen to your higher/inner guidance as to how to align what you put into/subject your body to. Necessary. Not a luxury. Being oblivious “hurts” you. This affects collective consciousnesses too.

FOOD/WHAT YOU PUT INTO YOUR BODY: Matters. It matters differently in different stages though. There are no “fixed rules” anymore. Everything is about THE VIBRATION AND ENERGY that you subject yourself to/allow. When you hold your body in the highest regard (not how it looks, but what supports it in evolving as Light), everything changes. Your love for your body will return, your respect will too. Your HAPPY will return and with a thriving body that functions on LIGHT, you are not as limited as you were before. Get creative with organic foods, grow your own, spice it up, have fun! Make this a priority too. Your body is the “house” that your Soul chose to inhabit. Kind of the most important thing you’ve got! ♥

ALUMINUM, STAINLESS STEEL, PLASTICS, CHEMICALS: Get away from aluminum, plastics and chemicals. The old Teflon pans, deodorants, bottles and FLUORIDE inhibit your consciousness and suppress your body’s to fully awaken. DO THE RESEARCH, yet instead of getting caught up in the ENERGY of the old/intentional suppression/unconscious programs YOU CHOSE/HELD, make a different choice and commit to honoring your body, the Earth and listen to your higher consciousness. There are times you have to choose what is aligned OVER what your human-ego wants. This is those times…. Change your toothbrush, toothpaste, what you put on your body. It does matter, more than all understand. Be conscious of your body and our earth. You will have to choose what’s appropriate in supporting all appropriately for you.

CHILDREN: They chose us to be the CONSCIOUS ONES, yet they are often more conscious, because they don’t have the filters/veils in place yet. The younger ones/newborn Crystal/Rainbow Children, their nervous systems cannot take unconscious programming, the discordant frequencies transmitted all around them that adults/others cannot yet see. Their systems came in wired differently. They are here to awaken the parents/adults and hold a capacity for unity-love that BEGS to be listened to, nurtured, supported and not suppressed/shoved back into linear boxes/mindsets or suppressed by way of “the norm”. They are multi-dimensionals trying to TEACH and bring NEW AWARENESS in many ways. The shots and education system that must be overhauled/replaced with one that SUPPORTS NEW EARTH, CREATION AND UNITY, will be brought more to the forefront for all to SEE. Choosing to love your child FIRST and not force them into a suppression system that stifles them and makes them go against their pure nature is how CONSCIOUS PARENTS step into their roles here. Honoring your children, feeding them fresh live foods, letting them rest, play, sleep and filling their lives with COLOR and LISTENING TO THEM to educate you is KEY. These beautiful children carry NEW EARTH CODES in their physical body that are not to be suppressed. They are to be activated through LOVE and honoring them as a GIFT. They will teach many…. They are not children as one would like to think. They are PURE CONSCIOUSNESS in a small form to open the hearts and minds of all who are READY to AWAKEN and truly STOP re-creating the old by doing the same thing we “thought” or once believed. None of that is true. Now TRUE is what your highest aspect KNOWS inside… instead of what “out there” says. This is the TIME for all to reclaim their POWER and STAND as a UNITED FRONT as LOVE here. Honor our children. It’s our duty as Parents, Guardians and Light Keepers here.

VIBRATION OF PHYSICAL MATTER IN YOU/AROUND YOU: All will become more aware of this. The physical is a vibrational response and representation of LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Physical matter constantly changes and re-shapes/re-forms to match this.

BODY VIBRATION/CONSCIOUSNESS: Affected by all we ingest, absorb and surround ourselves with. Once fully conscious we CHOOSE what vibrations we allow in our presence/field. We understand how imperative this is. Not one bit of this is personal. This is a VIBRATIONAL EXISTENCE.

HOUSE CONSCIOUSNESS/ROOM/PHYSICAL SPACES OCCUPIED: Get the vibration of your room/house/place/space up. Live plants, color, clean, de-clutter, fill with crystals/andaras (grid your room/home). Smells/sound also affect. Nature is a necessity.

NATURE IS A NECESSITY. ALONE TIME IS TOO: Make the time. Otherwise it’s an excuse from your ego to not re-connect/REMEMBER again. The more you slow down, the more clarity you have. Everything returns to SIMPLICITY. This is where we function from. All is easier here. ♥

QUANTUM BODY: Your entire reality and physical body is constantly transitioning from linear constructs to non-linear existence (Quantum), so all is MUCH EASIER. The linear mind must dissolve and all linear practices dissolve for this to occur. This will not conform to anything of the “old”. All new “rules” apply here.

I will continue to write more about the new Plasma Grid/Networking System we recently anchored in and many other accomplishments as collectives and gatekeepers here. I’m focusing my energy appropriately and continuing to stabilize all as we activate all day every day now. The bombardment of light, bio-electric energy and body system upgrades are off the charts and continue to increase as we go. The rest of this month and through mid-January is huge, as we conclude many gateways and open more new ones. Continually, which is how we roll here!

I love you! Happy Everything!!!! I’ll post where I can, yet minimally, as it takes a lot on our part to bring all through and hold it for all of us here. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼



Golden Spiral by Lucid Light @ DeviantArt

Realigning the Earth’s Energetic Networks by Lord Maitreya – Natalie Glasson

The Healing earth by Aeoliah’s Visionary Art


Realigning the Earth’s Energetic Networks

by Lord Maitreya

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 21st December 2017 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa  https://www.omna.org/

Blessings and love extend from my being to you and all of humanity, this is a blessed day, as it signifies a powerful shift within the energetic network of Mother Earth. You are invited to be of service to Mother Earth and all of humanity by joining all of us on the inner planes in our intention and activation now.

The energies and consciousness of humanity are now appropriate to support Mother Earth in a major shift of healing and realigning her energetic network and meridians so that the truth of the Creator may flow with ease and perfection once more. It is during the winter equinox, and in fact each equinox of the season, that the veils between humanity and Mother Earth become thin. A greater connection and a deepening resonance with Mother Earth can be accessed. It is on these special earth days that Mother Earth opens her energies to the divine and the Universe of the Creator to receive all that is appropriate and necessary for her own growth and that of all earth beings.

Many of Mother Earth’s energetic lines or meridians which span across the entire world still remain broken or misaligned. In some areas, this is for a specific purpose, such as those in the area not being ready for the power that will be available due to the energetic network realignment.  In other areas, there is a need for the energetic networks of Mother Earth to be realigned to bring light, love and a new surge of truth to the land, people and all beings present.

The energetic networks of Mother Earth distribute the life force energy of the Creator throughout the Earth. They distribute life-giving energy to all while being channels for delivering remembrance, inspiration and truth. When the meridians of Mother Earth are broken or misaligned, then the people and beings of that area often lack in spiritual knowledge and awareness as well as knowledge of the Earth. Mother Earth communicates to humanity in many ways, and yet one of the most powerful ways is by delivering her energy and wisdom through her meridians, energy networks and chakras. I, Lord Maitreya and many Ascended Masters wish to ignite a healing which will allow for humanity across the entire world to receive the love and wisdom that Mother Earth wishes and desires to share with them. This will mean that souls will feel a greater connection with and compassion for Mother Earth, wi ll be more willing to work alongside Mother Earth rather than against her and will be able to access the sacred knowledge of many generations of how to be in harmony with the Earth. Many souls seek wisdom and enlightenment from the Creator, it is true that the Creator is within everything, and yet they do not realise that it is Mother Earth’s sacred soul who can share the most profound enlightenment concerning ascension, mastery and fulfilment upon the Earth. Mother Earth has all the keys and answers that humanity seek, and humanity is at a stage of resisting Mother Earth and all she has to share. Such resistance within humanity is a resistance of their own true self. Therefore, our purpose during the realignment activation of the energetic networks of Mother Earth is to empower humanity to know and accept themselves more fully.

The Activation

I, Lord Maitreya, wish to guide and encourage you to work with the Christ Consciousness, Crystalline Kingdom, Tree Kingdom and the Elemental Kingdom, and of course Mother Earth, to bring forth the necessary healing and shifts.

‘Lord Maitreya, make me an instrument of your light and the light created by the Ascended Masters who gather with you. Let the awakening and healing light that will realign Mother Earth’s energetic networks flow through me. May I be a powerful expression of the truth that is being delivered to all energetic networks in the body of Mother Earth, for all beings to access and receive. I open myself up to work as one with you now. Thank you.’

Upon the inner planes, I, Lord Maitreya and the Ascended Masters draw forth through our beings the healing energies and truth as gifted by the Christ Consciousness, Crystalline Kingdom, Tree Kingdom and the Elemental Kingdom. We work in oneness with these energies and sacred aspects of the Creator asking for the greatest truth to unfold into our beings as we gift this to you now. We invite Mother Earth to be present with us in her purest form, she joins us on the inner planes as a deliverance and guide of the most sacred truth, while also being a receiver within the body of the Earth. She is present within all stages of our activation process. You may sense Mother Earth’s love and consciousness flowing through your being.

As a united source we enter into the core of Mother Earth, through her body and into her spiritual home within the Earth. You will notice that the essence of Mother Earth’s grace, compassion and devotion fills the air. All aspects of the Earth can always be found within Mother Earth’s spiritual home within the Earth, they exist in their purest form with Mother Earth. These are energies, aspects and sacred templates of the Crystalline Kingdom, the Tree Kingdom, the Plant Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom, the Elemental Kingdom, and of course humankind. There is a sacred template for everything that exists upon the Earth.

We, Lord Maitreya and the Ascended Masters, create a circle, which we invite you to join, we begin to deliver around the circle the light we continue to channel from the Christ Consciousness, Crystalline Kingdom, Tree Kingdom, Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth. This creates a powerful energy surge of light which intensifies and expands within Mother Earth’s spiritual home at the core of the Earth.  Within the centre of our circle you will see and acknowledge the sacred templates of light of the Christ Consciousness, Crystalline Kingdom, Tree Kingdom and the Elemental Kingdom. These are the most sacred and purest vibrations and frequencies of these aspects of the Creator. We invite these sacred templates of active and alive energy to join their light, creating a sacred and powerful expression of the truth of the Creator.

We invite Mother Earth’s template of light which holds all that she is at the most sacred vibration, to join energy and link with the templates within our circle.  In the centre of the circle, you will see or acknowledge the most beautiful vision of Mother Earth at her highest spiritual potential. She is radiant, beautiful, inspirational and powerful. It is a joy to recognise Mother Earth in this way, and we would like to invite you to hold the intention of imprinting this synthesis, union and the highest spiritual potential of Mother Earth and all her expressions into your energy field so that it may merge with your entire being.  The imprints of sacred energy patterns will then filter into the consciousness of humanity and then into the minds and awareness of humanity, through your simple acceptance of all that you are experiencing now.

As our energy continues to flow and the beauty of all that is Mother Earth exists before us, we ask that you gift from your being, with a simple intention, the human light template that you hold within your being. As the template of humanity imprints as a light pattern into the synthesised energies of Mother Earth before us, a powerful healing, transformation and activation takes place for both Mother Earth and humanity. All resistance between humanity and Mother Earth begins to dissolve; humanity awakens their appreciation of Mother Earth and all that she has to share. The spiritual frequency of humanity is heightened allowing many energies of illusion and limitations to dissolve. A deepening bond between Mother Earth and humanity forms that serves and empowers both. It is beautiful to observe the transitions taking place.

Together we hold a vision of the many energy networks and meridians of Mother Earth, we expand the energy we are experiencing as a flow through our beings and the sacred transformations occurring before us within the templates of Mother Earth, Humanity, the Christ Consciousness, Crystalline Kingdom, Tree Kingdom, the Elemental Kingdom and all other aspect of the Earth. The energy overflows, travelling across the entire world as we hold the intention of healing and realignment for all appropriate areas of the energetic network of Mother Earth. We hold an intention of the truth of Mother Earth and the Creator embedding into all aspects of the Earth and humanity. Allow yourself to experience this beautiful awakening.

When the process is complete, we will dissolve the synthesis that we instigated between the templates because the energy is now grounded where it is needed. We will return to the inner planes. We invite you in the coming days to let the energy we created to continue to flow throughout your being, imagining this light flowing into the energetic networks of Mother Earth all around the world.

With deep gratitude,

Lord Maitreya

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The Healing earth by Aeoliah’s Visionary Art

Change and Alignment By Adama Hamilton @ The Dolphin Star Temple

Meditation of the water, sky and land by Cathy McClelland


Change and Alignment

By Adama Hamilton

My life is dedicated to personal growth, energetic alignment and embodying more and more of who and what I am with each breath and on a daily basis. In direct alignment with this is sharing my life‘s gifts to the best of my ability with those who feel aligned with what I have to offer and feel they will benefit from our connection, communion and mutual sharing. I am called to do this and love to be of service in this way.

One of the challenges in this vocation that I feel chosen to and called to do is that with each and every session I am changed. The ongoing classes, workshops, and travels that I take personally and offer continually expand, challenge, and push my perceived boundaries, limits, and life directions. Being in a continual state of flux and having stability at the same time is quite a trick in our ever-changing world and in the diverse life we experience.

With this in mind, I’d like to share an experience I had during a recent mediation. This is one of many ongoing experiences that I am now experiencing (maybe simply remembering) routinely. It is one I think you may especially find interesting and hopefully comforting to you.

“I woke up around 2:30 am, could not get back to sleep so I started meditating in bed. During my very awake meditation I opened to a place where I could see, feel, understand all connections, motivations, maybe even purpose, and truly grok everything of earthly life. It was like, ‘now I get and understand everything and why it happens, the way it does, peoples motivations, group and societal motivations – everything – as well as all patterns and movements and unfoldings. It was a huge expansion of consciousness.

“What was perfectly apparent from that vast perspective and vantage point was that everything made sense, everything had a plan and purpose and there was a perfection in everything that happened and is happening. Simply stated everything made perfect sense and was in a perfect alignment that served the greater and higher aligned of all that is.

“And at the same time, as badly as I wanted to hold this information and understanding, somehow I knew I couldn’t, that it would elude me when I moved out of the mediation space I was in. This truly amazing expanded experience felt like it went on for a long, long time. It was timeless or so it felt anyway.”

Once I was out of the Meditation, a feeling sense and some of the memory of the experience was there, but the details were lost. Only some of the peace of the majesty and magnificence of this experience remains…

It was like being at the top of a mountain, on the pinnacle of a high peak and being able to look around and see all that lay below, from such a broad view that everything was revealed and I was able to understand it all. Back on Earth, in comparison, it feels that we are carrying on with our mundane existence. So, let’s all chop wood and carry water today, knowing We are all doing absolutely the best we can and that there is an amazing expanding plan of alignment taking place within us personally and externally…

Light & love,




Carolina Morning by Lucia Sullivan

William Mangum Art North Carolina


“You can keep your diamonds and pearls.
I have the sunshine.
The light thru the Willows on a cool Spring morning.
And you can cross stitch me thru time.
But you can not take the essence from my soul.
You can build your sky scraper tall on a hill.
With glass windows and silver spoons for breakfast,
On balconies that I can never reach.
But I have the dew drops off of an old tin roof.
Glistening spider webs and the smell of the earth and summer rain.
My essence is in the creek bed by the two old pines that never speak too loudly.
They only whisper my name in a breeze that blows across the strawberry patch.
That blooms as I bloom.
And is as sweet as a Carolina morning.
You can keep your diamonds and pearls.
The creator has given me an entire sky.
With blankets of whites and blues and yellows and golds.
Forever gold.
That can not be bought or sold or lost or stolen.
I have the sunshine and all of the life inside of its glitter.
All that glitters is my gold.
And I am part of the love light shining.”

Written by Lucia Sullivan Copyright 2017 all rights reserved



New York

I am a clairvoyant, poet, writer, and seer. I believe all things are moving towards the light. I love music, dancing, boating, nature, and animals.

Masquerade Painting – Gratitude to Artist



The Dance of Light – Lynette Leckie-Clark


Shaiya Goddess of Light @ DeviantArt


The Dance of Light

Greetings. as I prepare for this transmission Lady Nada and Kuthumi stand together before me.
Lady Nada says she is here to bring balance to all as humanity is preparing to bring forth Light energies to be integrated into the mental and emotional bodies.
You are urged to understand that this is why you are here now on this planet. To experience the integration preceding the great shift into lighter vibrations of existence for all.
As this occurs you may feel the pull of lower energies and consciously forgotten lower experiences of this and previous lifetimes.
These may manifest in your conscious minds as confusion, feelings of hopelessness, even unwellness in the physical body. In short, feelings of being lost in the direction of your life leading to confusion.

Brave ones, understand this great event is what you chose to be part of for the benefit of all humanity and Earth. Understand the process and you will begin to clear and move forward. The process is the full awakening of your DNA strands, the awakening from consciousness to higher consciousness. This occurs as you awaken, accept and feed your entire bodies with the Light particles from God/Source. For those who are thirsty, who seek more inner peace, this understanding will enrich your acceptance and journey into a new existence, one wholly integrated with the Light particles. Those who choose to ignore, choose to linger in lower energies of frustration, anger, the constant struggle within themselves will continue. You see the transition has already begun. The new race has already incarnated on Earth. The new race is not to be feared, it is to be celebrated. These ones are your future teachers of Light, of ancient truths, of Soul. It is humanity’s destiny to be lifted from the darkness of war and control on many, many levels.

It is one of my roles in the Great White Brotherhood to lead the feminine forward. To aid them in the courage needed, but I also say the need for balance of the masculine/feminine is essential in this and all future transitions forward. Do not dismiss the masculine, look to their attributes and fuse those with your intent of Light particles to accelerate the balance of feminine within the masculine structure.

Kuthumi speaks

Greetings. I come forward to encourage each of you to turn to the ancient ways of living a Light infused life. It is a time now to look closely at your emotional heart energies. A time to release all pain, regrets, wrongful decisions and experiences from the hidden recesses of the heart memory. This is where we see many are held and many of you consciously keep pushing these memories down deeper and deeper into this area. My friend I tell you this merely increases your pain. Pain in the emotional and mental bodies. Each body knows the memory still exists however much you try to forget by trying to ‘bury’ the painful experiences. The stress placed on the physical heart is great. I ask, is this what you truly want? Ask yourself for a truthful and soulful answer.

The heart memory must be cleared for you to travel further on your developmental paths, and all are destined to move forward, every soul incarnated on Earth. There can be no other way. So you see all humanity is at a crossroad, and it is a great crossroad my friend. Indeed the greatest point of decision humanity has ever known in it’s entire history of existence on Earth. This message Lady Nada and I bring is of the utmost importance to each of you.

Light Pause

I ask each of you to honor the Light Pause. A moment on your time line to pause, ask and seek. Pause to consider what you choose your life to be, how you desire to live in your coming year and future. Ask. Seek higher guidance. Allow your higher self to guide you. This is usually shown through feeling. What do you feel needs adjusting or releasing in your life? Ask your guides and angels for their help to bring your vision into being. Seek. Seek your higher self, your higher wisdom in all things. Feel what is the right action, the right path for you. See the Light essence particles, you can feel them if you are still within. I ask you to consider this –

Each morning after waking, face the East, stand and open your arms out wide and say-

I ask the Light energies fill my entire being giving me healing and abundance on all levels. I am filled with Light, I walk in Light this day and all days. The Light transforms any dark energies and memories within my being. So it is and shall be by my will.

A simple mantra my friend. A few moments of your time yet the results will indeed bring you Blessed abundance on all levels if completed each morning. Steps on your path of Light. The choice is yours as always.

Lady Nada and I , Kuthumi, send you great love and Sacred Light.

If you share this channeled transmission, please acknowledge the channel – Lynette and Kuthumi School of Wisdom and our web address. www.kuthumischool.com

Dimensions are Levels of Consciousness – Peggy Black & The Team

Greetings to my beloved Morning Message family Dec 20, 2017

___________ My Personal Message__________
The days are shorter and the cold weather makes it necessary to have a fire upstairs in my living space. I feel connected somehow to an ancient lineage when I build a fire in the early dark hours of dawn. I am grateful for the simple form of exercise of carrying the wood upstairs.  I will soon celebrate my 76th birthday.  I am looking forward to the new year with the launch of my new personal website and the publication of the next Morning Messages book set. I will also be offering a new webinar.


The holiday season is rushing the days. I am consciously aware of shifting my usual patterns in preparation. It is my intention to simplify. There is the family gathering, of food, games, presents and shared gratitude of our blessings. This has been a year of many challenges that have been met with grace and strength. I am so grateful for all of the prayers, emails, and calls in support of these challenges. You make such a difference in my life. I love this community and the transformational energy that it offers to the world.

January 1st starts with First Day Labyrinth walk. I have been hosting this open house event since 2000. Last year over 100 people dropped by for soup, cider and to walk their intentions for the coming new year. It is such a blessed way to honor the shift that this day represents. Then the next day I celebrate my birthday, January 2nd.  So this time of the year has always felt powerful and personally significant to me.

I realize it is also powerful and significant for everyone. It offers us the opportunity to reset, reclaim and anchor our dreams and intentions for ourselves and the world. We can hold it as a fresh start. This seems most important at this time considering all that has been unfolding in our reality.

I send you and your loved ones my blessings and well wishes; may this holy season be filled with joy and may the new year bring you grace and peace. May we all experience peace on earth in coming times.

Please contact me if you are interested in booking appointments to have a personal interface and connection with the ‘team.’ I love offering these sessions, they bring clarity and guidance.

Thank you so much for your kind support. The emails, bluesky gifts and cards I receive from you are so inspiring. Your love and prayers are greatly appreciated. We are a powerful community of spiritual beings and I am honored to be a part of our service together.

I acknowledge each of you as you recognize yourself as a master of transformation when dealing with all that is occurring in your life and on our planet. We are making a difference. I acknowledge your magnificence as you willingly heal and transform all that you encounter. I invite you to live in gratitude. Together we will continue to envision a reality that is life sustaining for all. Blessings of grace and joy, Peggy


_________ Message from the ‘Team’ _________ 
Dimensions are Levels of Consciousness
Peggy Black and the ‘team’


We are here to encourage, acknowledge and celebrate the incredible changes that you are bringing about. We observe how change can be unsettling and even frightening to many of you. However, for the old patterns and old limited realities to be transformed, there must be change.


Sometimes the changes are so gradual that they are not noticed until the results are obvious to all. Other times the changes are quick, shocking and alarming. Nevertheless changes are a part of evolving. The ability to adapt is one of the essential aspects to being human and does enable you to survive. The key to being able to adapt to the changes in your reality is the ability to thrive and evolve.

As a collective consciousness you have been experiencing and witnessing changes in familiar patterns and behaviors; some of the more shocking events can cause you to want to retreat, pull in or even hide. We are inviting you instead to step up, continue to take action and add your personal energy and vibration to the mix. We invite you to continue to envision and accelerate the transformation of consciousness within the collective.

Realize and own your powerful part in what is occurring. Without doubt know that you are connected to the energy fields and minds of the collective energy offered by others. Without a doubt know that your thought fields and emotional vibrations connect to and interface with the thought fields and emotional vibrations of others.

Know that your consciousness has an energetic effect on the quantum field and therefore, all things. Imagine that the energy of your thoughts/emotions creates a template or blueprint that is added, so to speak, to the global databank. Remember that energy follows thought. Whatever you put out is going to add to the field that is life diminishing or the field that is life sustaining.

You are witnessing this duality being played out in the events of your reality. Which duality do you support? Honor your true magnificence as a galactic divine being, playing in a dimension that is undergoing a tremendous shift. Own the possibilities that your emotions can and do shape or create your physical reality.

Once you are playing at that level anything is possible in your personal life and also in the global reality of world events. You are being supported by the entire galaxy to expand your understanding of consciousness. There is a rising frequency on earth that is triggering the awakening of humanity. The chaos that you are witnessing is the resistance to this rise of frequency.

Allow yourself to believe and understand that you personally carry within your circuits the blueprint of future energy and reality. It is your expanded consciousness that allows you to experience the higher dimensions of future energy. There is much information about dimensions and what we can share with you is that dimensions are not a certain place or a certain location, dimensions are levels of consciousness.

As more and more individuals are beginning to realize, when they vibrate at a higher level, they can more easily experience higher dimensions. Each time you access a higher dimension you bring a new pattern or template to this hologame of 3D reality.

Practice shifting your limited physical consciousness and programming to allow your divine consciousness as a multidimensional being to anchor the seeds of a miraculous, unified and harmonious world. Every act of compassion or kindness truly ripples out to the collective field. Every act of love truly raises the vibration of all energy in the universe.

It is your limited beliefs and old emotional baggage that keeps you locked in this rather challenging dimension. It is the belief and feeling of being powerless victims or martyrs that trap you in the dramas. Make it your goal and intention to release and transform dense negative issues and experiences. Every time you transform or heal a personal issue you make that energy available to the collective global databank.

Remember that emotions are contagious. Fear energy always generates more fear energy and the behaviors associated with that vibration. Imagine that as you offer feelings of gratitude and kindness as often as possible, you are adding that coherent frequency to the collective field.

Time as you know it is an illusion. It is a part of the 3D reality. It keeps you consciously hooked.

As you practice staying in a coherent frequency and vibration, you raise your consciousness and experience or flow into the higher dimensions. Realize that you are imprinting your very DNA with this experience. Understand that DNA is capable of communicating beyond space and time.

When you move into the higher dimensions you might feel a certain lightness of being or spaciousness, other times you might experience colors and shapes that astound you. There might be sense of wonder or excitement. These experiences might last a brief time, however as you allow this to occur more frequently, your awareness of being in a higher dimensional state will became easier and you will stay in this elevated state longer.

When you experience these higher states of consciousness that allow you to move into the frequencies of the higher dimensions, you will often connect with the beings of that dimension.

These beings of light and love will support and assist you in navigating these new realms. Each time you have a new experience you bring that energy and seed this reality therefore making dimensional travels more available to anyone who can tap into that invitation.

You anchor that ability into the global conscious databank as a true possibility allowing the collective consciousness to begin to shift into these higher states of awareness and experience. There is a synchronicity of this truth that begins to occur in the DNA of others.

We invite you to remember that even in these seeming difficult and chaotic times and events there is always a different scenario to call forth. Call forth the life sustaining ones and anchor those seed into this dense field.

We extend our gratitude for your courage to be in physical form at this time; remember that you are masters of energy and light, here to anchor a new template. We are always available at your request to assist and support you service to humanity. the ‘team’

©2017 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. Notice is given that the creation of videos by people other than the author, channel and scribe is prohibited.  You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. http://www.morningmessages.com FREE 88 messages available


A Higher View – 20 Years Ahead and the Equality of Multidimensionality – Espavo

Kot Valeriy. Aroma of the Future


The Beacons of Light – Re-minders from Home

December 2017

~ A Higher View ~
20 Years Ahead and the Equality of Multidimensionality

Greetings dear ones, I am the Keeper of Time.

I have come this day to take you on a journey. Many of you have already journeyed through time in some unique ways. In truth, you are now traveling and there is great excitement from this side of the veil as we watch your entire game evolve to the next level. Dear ones, we have given you information about the future of planet Earth and what is going to take place in the next 50 to 100 years. However, we also wish to remind you that you are very magical. We would like to take you on a little journey today, to share with you some of the beautiful things taking place that are also truly magical. We tell you, dear ones, there is nothing to fear here. Your whole spirit knows its way Home and we are going to help you re-member that, so take a breath with me for just a moment.

Breathe in . . . and as you release it, release all the tensions of the day. Let go of all those thoughts for just a moment. You can reclaim them on the other side of this journey if you wish, but for right now let us take you on a journey.

Twenty Years into the Future

Twenty years from now dear ones, you will have a mix of energies you will have the ability to experience it in a number of different ways. Why? Because there will be the possibility of more separation than you have on the planet even now. That separation will have a lot to do with basic ideals, such as where you see yourself, how you present yourself, and how well humans can change. Yes, that is one of the biggest challenges right now on planet Earth. People become set in their ways and defend their choices by never choosing again; minds are closed and unable to perceive a wider picture. We tell you that 20 years from now, there will be ample opportunities for people to choose different paths and roads. There will be numerous ways of thinking and an array of abilities. So, let us tell you that you have some beautiful things on the horizon. On our side of the veil, we are witnessing things lining up for you that you may not see coming. Understand, dear ones, that some technologies and ideas have been dropped on your planet. Even many of your medical advances are ideas that have been channeled by medical experts on your side of the veil. All the ideas are from the same place, for creativity comes from the same place. Many of you who call that “channeling,” which is what we call it. That is the word that the Keeper has chosen to use on this work. Yes, it all comes from the same place. Now on planet Earth there are many beautiful channels lining up to bring you very valuable and important information that all of you are going to be using in the near future.

No More Secrets

Twenty years from now many forms of channeling will be honored and used in daily life. Yes, there will be those who try to misuse it for personal gain. You are seeing the rise in no more secrets, which is a natural evolution that is causing people to be more connected heart to heart. Humans on Earth are experiencing this as many secrets from the past being uncovered. Witness that sexual predators are no longer able to keep their actions hidden, as more and more people are speaking out. It is time. This is a natural evolution and leads to an era of “No More Secrets on Earth.” As that progresses, motivations will be seen more clearly. Watch for the motivations and especially the flow of money, as it has been a large contributor to the secrets that still are so prevalent. As secrecy continues to lessen humans will begin to trust their hearts more than their heads, which opens the opportunity for more information to come from Home.

Twenty years from now you will have several new and exciting technologies. Some of these have been put on Earth before, but could not take hold in one way or the other. Nikolai Tesla is one of the channels lining up on this side of the veil to bring in information, and there are many who can begin to hear this channel. Some may think these their own ‘ideas’ but spirit does not need to be recognized, for there is no ego on this side of the veil. When the receivers are ready the information will be given freely. One of the ideas that this channel is dropping right now has been known as “free energy,” which is the science of extracting energy from the ambient energy that is all around each one of you right now. This technology drop will first be seen in the areas of battery technology but will quickly begin to evolve into larger discoveries.

There are also many channels opening that will work in harmony with the Earth in an entirely different way than you have been accustomed to before. As we have previously stated, this can greatly extend the timeline of planet Earth and help all of humanity evolve. Those of you with a spiritual bent who have worked with spirit more than technology have some great movements coming as well. Spirit does not segment information into categories such as technology, medicine or spirituality. That is strictly a human action.

As new ideas, approaches and technologies land through channels it will cause a shift and you will see a winding down of many things that are no longer needed. These new channels opening will cause great change for all humans. Twenty years from now there will be many who resist this change and wish to return to the good old days. Between now and then there will be more conspiracy theories surfacing than ever before. The way humans have received news has been eroded on Earth, which has caused a shift toward receiving news in untraditional ways. Twenty years in the future humans will have found a way to resolve this mistrust by removing money from the equation. Just as today, there will still be many who hold tight to the idea of big conspiracies. Between now and then it will be become more evident that fear has been used to direct misinformation, and that will be the cause of much of the separation still seen on Earth.

Mastery of Earth Harmony

We have told you before that there are certain cycles already in motion which are no longer reversible at this point. Everything that can be mastered between now and then will not have to be experienced at the next level. Well, dear ones, you are not leaving. You are simply changing form and that will become evident about 20 years from now. Ten years from now there will be no discussion nor argument about what you call “global warming,” or the changes that are taking place on planet Earth already. It is not just about global warming; the ice age that will follow will be a huge change. Ten years from now very few people will dispute the timeline of your game on Earth. Our hope is that this information will help all to start working more in harmony to reach a level of mastery with the Earth.

Power ~ Harmony vs Force

The feminine energy will continue to rise on Earth over the next 20 years, at which time very few will doubt the equality of feminine energy. With a closer connection of all humans, a new form of power emerges. Harmony will eventually take the place of force.  Of course, there will be throwbacks who still think they are in power in some way. They believe they must try to hold up the old ideals, so they will actively fight the changes until they are exhausted.  Yes, change will be difficult for many. We also tell you, dear ones, that spiritual advancement of humanity can create many opportunities to view things from a larger perspective.

Returning to Lightbody

Twenty years from now many of you will hold parts of your own lightbodies and be able to work in them in conjunction with the physical body. That will open doors for many to see the possibilities and opportunities to create a new expression of humanity. It will bring hope to all who can recognize it changing. There will be less need for leaders and politicians, who will take on a new focus. After several strong attempts at dictatorship the general public will see that for what it is, then head it off before it can fully form. Equality will once again become important. As people start moving into lightbody there will be fewer illnesses; harmony with Earth will bring better health and longevity, as even a small portion of people move into lightbody. This will not happen all at once but in increments, slowly increasing how much light your body can carry. That not only means bringing light into the body, but also exuding light and being able to reflect it in different ways. This is starting to happen to many of you even this day.

When this first begins to happen, you will have a tendency to hold back your light. You will see the effect it has on other people and you literally will try to hide it, which is a natural reaction of a human. However, 20 years from now you can all start walking more consciously in this light because at that time it will be a common practice where people start moving in various stages of their lightbodies. It can literally start to incarnate an entirely new dimension, and then you will start making up the new game and deciding how it will be played out. You will start stepping into it very similarly to the ways that you did here on Earth. You have been here before, even as the Earth was forming. Yes, it was a hot ball floating in space starting to cool and gain density but you were there, not in physical form but in lightbody. You were there as the ethereal creatures that you sometimes refer to as angels or ghosts. Although you have many descriptions for them, they are basically bodies of light and not so they can house your spirit in different ways. They can take you back Home again while you are still separate and playing that game.

Technologies and Spiritual Advancement

As we mentioned earlier, your technology is also advancing. Only a dream for many until now, colonization of what you would call Mars is one of these advancements. You will also start to discover other places throughout the universe. Right away you begin to realize there are many more planets that could support life in some way. Working with your technologies can even help you to reach and even live there. But that is not the most important part, it is simply one of the exciting things that you will see as your technologies catch up with your spirituality. There will be a major spiritual awakening in the next 20 years and this spiritual movement will open the doors for technological advancements to grow. These two elements are connected. There have been many times when technologies were dropped onto Earth through what we call channels, although they may not have taken hold. These technologies have not been able to take root or grow because the spiritual advancement was not high enough to support it.

About 20 years from now your spiritual advancements will open the doors for some of your technologies.  This will work in harmony with the Earth to help her in natural transitions. Does that mean that everyone will be on the same page at that point? No, dear ones, it does not look that way at this point. Humans have a challenge: they support the decisions they make, no matter what evidence to the contrary is right in front of them. Humans are learning those lessons right now. The next few years will be turbulent and filled with these lessons. There will always be some who decide to stay behind and choose the old ways. We ask you not to judge them, simply let them go in love. Move forward in your own way, for you will be opening the doors for many. You have the ability to create a path Home even into the next game, which you are now starting to develop.

What if you were able to create an entirely new game for your spirit to pretend to be separate from the whole? Well, that was actually the purpose of this game. When you are Home in unity consciousness, you are part of everything. You feel everything and everyone; you are in balance naturally. It is quite exciting when you see it all from our perspective. There are many inside jokes that all of you will start finding humorous, and we hope that you can laugh at yourselves. Play this game of pretending to be human in a different way. Understand how much you are alike, and how much you are part of everything. So, when you play this game of pretending to be separate you leave your memory, your spirit. Then your spirit incarnates into a body and you see yourself as a human, separate from each other. This is very exciting because it allows all of spirit, what you call god, to evolve and become self-aware in a physical body. Although seemingly you feel separate from the whole, when you are all connected you cannot see yourself. That is the one thing that god cannot do; God is not able to see its own reflection. So, here you are pretending to be separate and having an incarnation. When you were born you knew who you were, so you basically had to forget your true self. You learned how to play this game by pretending to be separate. Many have actually learned to play the game from their parents, often learning what has been passed down generation to generation. You can see this playing out in your politics on Earth right now.

This is the new way of pretending to be a human, because now that the game is reaching a conclusion. You will be stepping into another game. What is that game going to look like? Where is it going to be played? What dimensional realities are will be present? We cannot tell you, dear ones, because you have not yet decided these outcomes.

Twenty Years from Now

Yes, the magic has begun. Twenty years from now there will be a balance of density and light. You have a choice as to where you wish to be. However, 20 years from now is when you will start devising the new game.  You can start today by laying out potentials and dreaming.  Take a look back at all the things that happened on planet Earth over the last few million years that you have been doing this. You will start to develop new ideas, set  goals, and establish different boundaries so that you do not experience the same traps that you once did. Humanity will have new opportunities, then at some point you will start an entirely different game. No, it does not have to begin with some little creature crawling out of the ocean, even though you did not exactly do that yourselves anyway. Instead, you will be able to create something very magical that can bring together many different places throughout the universe which are playing games very similar to yours. You are already aware that you are not the most technically advanced of all the creatures throughout the universe. Yet humans have moved the dial further than any. There are some that even know how to travel through time, using the orthogonal matrix. We will start working with that and planting some of those seeds now.

The Future Is Bright – Wait Until You See What Is Coming!

Dear ones, the future is much brighter than you imagine. We wish to share that with you and let you know that you have not done anything wrong. Just wait until you see what is coming 20 years from now! Magic and the excitement will be in the air, and many changes that will take place. Yes, there will also be many technologies to help you make these transitions and to help balance the Earth. You will be able to master many things even before you start this new game. I am the Keeper of Time, and I can tell you that time is circular. You have a tendency to repeat things over and over again, even as you are playing this game of pretending to be human. You do not have to repeat the next game and that is an exciting possibility for all of us to watch. We are so incredibly proud of you, dear ones, many of you have placed yourselves even traveling through time to be here right now. Even though you may not know it, you hold many of the keys which are very critical for this transition. We are very proud of you for listening to yourselves, for playing the game of pretending to be a human and knowing that you first are spirit, not simply a bubble of biology. Keep up the good work, dear friends. Above all, do not forget to enjoy the journey.

It is with the greatest of honor that we greet you and ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another and play well together.

I am the Keeper of Time.


Kot Valeriy. Aroma of the Future

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12:12 to 12:21 Passageway – Lisa Transcendence Brown

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12:12 to 12:21 Passageway: We had a day of “holding” New Codes and Observing Anything Unable to Fully Align & Now Gateways Open Further as Waves of Light Flood More Love Through



Remember… WE are all in a Massive Passageway that is focused on bring all into much higher timelines, which in turn shows us all that is unable to fully align, any old programs WE had running still, but maybe were not fully visible and providing the opportUNITY for each one of us to CHOOSE what we are going to continue to believe, allow or try to keep out of some old limited/distorted perception/story/illusion that we had going on. This is a passageway that continues to SHOW US WHAT WE COULD NOT FULLY SEE where WE have to hold the highest everything and let go of all all that is not able to fully align, so that a HIGHER TIMELINE can come forth to “take it’s place”. Remember, whatever BELIEF or STORY (Programming) we have going, this is what created that to start with. It was in our Cells and as we shift our perceptions, as we KNOW from deep inside, as we choose LOVE and what SUPPORTS the highest timeline over one that REPEATS OLD PROGRAMS again. Current ones can be loving, yet not able to fully align, because there is a vibrational mis-match. It’s up to us to RECOGNIZE this. Unconscious Loop Cycles are only necessary as long as we keep creating/allowing them to occur.

This huge passageway is for each to OBSERVE and FEEL what’s aligned and what is not, then decide how is most appropriate to deal/honor all as love. To our human aspect, it won’t always/usually look as we “thought”. This is because there are “teachings” in our experiences, where we “learn” something, which assists us with Mastering and Unifying inside even more.

Dropping the old duality words of “right/wrong” or “good enough” or the old ways of “trying” to make things work or accepting less or letting lack rule our beliefs is the way of the old. Yes, it will be challenging at times to choose a higher timeline, yet this is only for our human ego aspect that holds on or allows due to old programming still. As each open up fully and are ready for NEW, ready to embrace and resolve all from inside, ready to OBSERVE REALITY and the ENERGIES PRESENT that came into the CREATING of that REALITY, all is so much energy. For realities not yet Divinely aligned, then something will be OFF. You do not always have to know what it is. Trust the feeling, the knowing and honor what NEEDS TO OCCUR to move old realities out so that new ones can MATERIALIZE EASIER….

This passageway is an EMPTYING OUT for many, a releasing process, a recognition process and a DECISION process of CHOOSING, shifting vibrationally and CREATING MORE SPACE for more new to come forth.

When culmination points occur, then anything not able to align, takes up space, literally and there must be SPACE for NEW TO COME THROUGH…..

This passageway leads up to a CRESHENDO, a tipping point, where “in that moment” everything will shift. Holding the highest timelines in place from inside is HOW EACH EASIER ACCOMPLISHES THIS. Those “stubborn” or old “fixed” realities are “tougher ones”, because it’s the “mind” that kept them in place. Focusing on the physical or not wanting to feel an emotion or not listening to our higher-heart-soul creates discomfort, struggle and “emotional suffering” that is not necessary, unless it’s necessary….

That ENERGY is what must be resolved, through peace, love, honor, integrity, kindness and respect. An external focus first will return a result that feeds/supports the old. An inner focus first, will return a result that can be higher aligned, yet not always to those “out there” having their own experience, creating their own perceptions, playing out their own stories/programs still.

We can always resolve all through love, if each is ready for this. We can always come from respect, kindness and SEE all of the amazing opportunities and possibilities, IF this is how we function and our hearts are truly fully open…. and ready for “the next”.

There is only so much SPACE in each’s reality. We have to CHOOSE TO FILL all with love, fill all with that which supports the HIGHEST, as there’s no compromising anymore. That’s an old program we all ran before.

This is a MASSIVE EXPANSION AND ALIGNMENT PROCESS, where our HEARTS ARE OPENING SUBSTANTIALLY constantly now. Every time our hearts open more, our DNA and electromagnetic energy body activates to send/transmit new data/programs to every particle and cell. High amounts of SUPER CHARGED ENERGY activate our Plasma Crystalline LightBodies in a multitude of ways. Where the frequencies are higher than our human aspect/physical bodies are, then we have to shut down/rest/pull away/allow for integration for our physical body’s vibration to re-code, re-calibrate and raise.

Right now, we have FLOODS of WAVES of Light again. Cosmic and SOULar winds, lifting all higher again. Charging and re-coding, as this continual process accelerates as we continue through this passageway, that doesn’t “end” with this Gateway, it’s an ANCHORING PROCESS of immense HIGHER LIGHT, an acclimation process and a CONTINUAL PROCESS where we keep going higher and higher in frequency and we have to “learn” new ways, build new realities, replace the old with new…. where the physical (Matter that takes form) in response to all that we HOLD (Embodiment) as we do.

Our bodies and fields have to constantly be activated, charged, cleared, cleansed and re-synchronized. These immense StarGates are constantly re-synchronizing all and the more resistant we are, the more we hold on, the more we do not allow these very natural and organic processes to occur, the “harder” and more challenging our physical realities are.

Today, we have more codes activating, more light flowing through, more WAVES and more synchronization occurring, moving “old” out faster…. as our bodies raise in frequency substantially and our fields re-tune too. Honor your process however it presents. We’ve got the rest of this linear month, with a tipping point, a “lock in” phase for new with the Solstice Week, where so very much shall shift as each stays fully aligned from within and allows the outside to re-align as well.

I love you all! I’ll share more supporting information where my schedule allows. Some days or even weeks are so packed that all I can do is maintain and stabilize as a Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper myself. Always in integration mode, always in creation mode, always in accomplishing mode, always in receiving mode and shifting between these all AS COSMIC ALIGNMENTS occur takes all of our PRESENCE and FOCUS where we align all ourselves. Happy Magical Everything!

Be ready, explore, be excited for the adventure every day/moment holds, see the opportunities, observe your own energy, where you are still holding anything unconscious within you and bring it into consciousness (love/unity) yourself. ♥

Substantially increasing energies daily accelerating all is our “normal”. Embrace all or it will be more challenging. Divine Timing. Remember…. 🙂

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


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Far Sight by Ina Wong @ DeviantArt




*Meaning “Pillar of Light blazing in the Unbound Space of Divine Mother’s Love”


All the power that ever was or will be is here now.

This is one of the first truths about the Self.

They are words also echoed by Thoth and spoken in the Sacred Qabalah.

It brought to mind the words of The Last Jedi in the current Star Wars film.

“Something inside me has always been there…

Then I was awake…


Just breathe…

Now…reach out…

What do you see…



The balance…

It’s so much bigger…”

These are lines from Star Wars, The Last Jedi, yet they are identical to the feelings and experience I have when the Source is flowing through me.

When it flows and I connect with Source, it has the power to move objects, call star craft from other galaxies, communicate with dolphins, move within another’s dreams, see the future, the past, heal and rejuvenate, manifest divine oils, make Amrita flow eternally from a statue of Ganesha, bring a pearl from the deepest ocean out of the Heart of a statue of Guan Yin, touch the Buddha in each of us, allow us to appear in more than one body, manifest sounds, light and bring the greatest love on earth imaginable.

I AM a center of expression for the Source which eternally creates and sustains the Universe.

These are also words from the Sacred Qabalah.

When I spoke with George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, at a burger stand in Queenstown New Zealand at 2am one morning about the Jedi School, we both understood the same principles.


The Jedi are also the the Djedhi, Serpents of Wisdom, who had a real existence on this planet in the time of the Pharaohs.

We know the sacred traditions of the magic Rod or Staff (the astral spine) and the serpent (kundalini) secrets were known to Moses and Aaron who demonstrated their power

The kundalini is mentioned directly…

Then the Lord said to Moses, “Make a fiery serpent, and set it on a standard; and it shall come about, that everyone who is bitten, when he looks at it, he will live.” (Numbers 21:9)

And in Exodus 7:8-12

Now the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron, saying, “When Pharaoh speaks to you, saying, ‘Work a miracle,’ then you shall say to Aaron, ‘Take your staff and throw it down before Pharaoh, that it may become a serpent.’” So Moses and Aaron came to Pharaoh, and thus they did just as the Lord had commanded; and Aaron threw his staff down before Pharaoh and his servants, and it became a serpent. Then Pharaoh also called for the wise men and the sorcerers, and they also, the magicians of Egypt, did the same with their secret arts. For each one threw down his staff and they turned into serpents. But Aaron’s staff swallowed up their staffs.”

Once established in Egypt, the Serpent or Dragon Culture engendered a brotherhood of priest kings and priestess queens and spiritual masters called the Djedhi whose definitive symbol was Uadjet, the Ureaus, a golden likeness of the indigenous desert asp. Moses was part of the Djedhi as is shown by “the fiery serpent standard” or the golden asp. The roots of Djedhi and Uadjet, “Dj” and “Djed,” denoted serpent (kundalini) and column (inner spine, sushumna) respectively, and thus designated a Djedhi (Jedi) as one who had raised the inner serpent (Kundalini) up the central channel to the spiritual centers in the head and become a Serpent of Wisdom.

An Illustration Of Isis (Auset) Wearing The Uraeus Serpent On Her Head

This is similar to the practice of Tummo in Tibetan Buddhism where this sacred practice found in the Six Yogas of Naropa centers around visualization and breathing in the three channels and lower navel area to cleanse and purify the body and manifest the inner fire of bliss in kundalini yoga.

Because I was trained in practices of Tibetan Buddhist Tantra, The Light Alchemy of the Grail and the Kriya Yoga practices of Babaji, I know that to use such power as the Jedi (Djedhi) use, for example to move objects or call star craft or to know the power of divine love, needs only to tap into the same One Source and requires the simple deep presence of silence and stillness and to surrender to the Source (Father Mother God) in the same way as St Therese of Lisieux describes the inner fire

“Jesus has shown me the only way that leads to the fire of divine love: it is that of a little child who, full of trust, falls asleep in its father’s arms.

-St. Therese of Lisieux

Isha Schwaller de Lubicz, one of the foremost authorities on Egyptian mystical tradition, she says of the Pharoahs, “the victorious rising of the fire (kundlini, the serpent fire) to the frontal lobe, is symbolized by the Ureaus (the  golden serpent) on the forehead of the Pharoah.” Queens like Hatshepsut would also wear serpent bracelets and rings to signify the same power.

Mystic Pharaoh ancient Egypt by Luna Fantasma @ DeviantArt


So we see the same inner divine fire spoken about openly in Christian, Tibetan, Egyptian, and Indian cultures with specific techniques and guidance given to us all.

Many of you will know, because your consciousness connected to these times, that the emissaries of the Serpent or Dragon Culture in Egypt, considered their land an Osirisfield (in a similar way to Buddhists who see this planet as a pure buddhafield) and so the land pulses with power and life force and is the living body of Osiris. Osiris’ backbone was the Nile River and the temples corresponded to the chakras (in the same way as we know our earth has chakras or power centres like Glastonbury and Giza). Joseph Jochmans, an author and Egyptian guide, did years of research into the location of Osiris’ Chakras and the ‘Serpent Cities’ (or chakra locations on the Nile) and the initiations in the corresponding temples.

OSIRIS @ Louvre Museum, Paris

This awakening of the inner fire or Kundalini is a well-documented practice throughout our planet.

Here for example is a simple practice to activate the inner fire in just seven lines as if we were starting from the beginning of our path.


1) Pray to your teacher, guide or guru within daily

2) With the help of a qualified teacher or the guru within gain a clear understanding of the best path for you for liberation

3) Make the path the heart of your practice and meditate diligently

4) Meditate on the teacher guide or guru within visualising him or her above the crown of your head with streams of amrita flowing down through the central channel cleansing away all impurities and suffering of body speech heart and mind as you breathe the sacred breath in the central channel, cycling around the chakras “Breathing in I am free, breathing out I am free”

5) Meditate on our body as the luminous Light Body of the deity, teacher guide or guru within descending from our crown into the eight petaled lotus of our heart and mingling with the indestructible essence drop in a single taste.

6) After meditation listen closely, visualise and feel that everything that appears is a pure buddhafield or christgrid peopled by buddhas and christs or deities.

7) Use the activities of eating walking sitting and washing the dishes as the Buddha washing Buddha’s bowl considering them as offerings to all for their liberation. Even in bed and going to sleep practice visualising the teacher guide or inner guru in the center of our hearts so that practice becomes a continuous uninterrupted stream of nectar and virtue in everything we do.

Angel of Mercy by Gradle @ DeviantArt


All the great saints and sages, Masters, gurus and angels speak with the same One Heart.

Pray single-mindedly with faith and devotion to the enlightened form of the Christs, Buddhas, Krishnas and Divine Mothers within you.

Obtain the empowerment of immortality through the sacred breath you breathe.

Liberate from birth and death through mindful heartful practice, breathing, breathing, walking, walking.

When you speak, speak with Presence and share your personal story of the Radiant Self by being a shining example of compassion and love to All.

Make enlightened connections in this world and all worlds through the Divine Romance and the Secret Mantra.

We will become endowed with the noble enlightened qualities of the Christs, Buddhas, Krishnas and Divine Mothers.

We will be led to the realm of the Pure Light of Being.

We will mingle indivisibly in the space, the Ocean of the Great Mother.

This is the ground, the path and the fruit, the Heart of the Lotus.

We carry this sacred flame of enlightenment, the miracle of the inner fire of bliss, within us.

Let it shine.

This is the mantra of the Heart Sutra, the Prajnaparamita Sutra, the Sutra of the Blessed Mother.


Gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi swāhā

Go beyond your self, go beyond what you know, go beyond the breath, empty yourself, bathe yourself in the miracle of the fire and bliss of Divine Love and the Secret Mantra and the Light within you.

Love and soul blessings

Altair and Mother …


Son Of Lord Krishna, Son Of Lady Guan Yin, conscious walk-in from the Pleiadian Dolphin Isle Daenkus.

I am here to do the work of My Mother in assisting both in Mother Gaia’s ascension and by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva in seeking Krishnahood, Christhood, Buddhahood and healing for all beings.

Love and Blessings from the Source. Stephen/Altair gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā ག༌ཏེ༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌སཾ༌ག༌ཏེ༌བོ༌དྷི༌སྭཱ༌ཧཱ། “go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”


A teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.

🌿 🌺 🌿
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New Moon in Sagittarius, December 18th, 2017 ~ EXCITEMENT – L’Aura Pleiadian

Art: Kagaya


New Moon in Sagittarius, December 18th, 2017 ~ EXCITEMENT

This New MOON is a POWERFUL New Beginning!

It is before the end of Mercury Retrograde, before The Winter Solstice (December 21st) and is still part of the August 21st Solar Eclipse cycle..Impact.  This New Moon is in Sagittarius ~ On December 18th, 2:30 am ADT.

What to do? Besides being busy during the Holiday Season.

Spend some time focusing upon yourself, internalizing, feeling into how you feel.

New Moon conjunct Saturn is often very serious. With Uranus and Venus also involved with the New Moon. We have a lighter surprising influence of Saturn.  ENJOY organizing things, getting things in order and planning, with this influence of Saturn. With Mercury Retrograde still in play. Reorganize, complete and more.

New Moon conjunct Venus! Yay! A NEW Love? Lover? Or a surprising commitment begins? Possibly with an age difference. Teacher ~ student…LOVE. Any relationship that begins under this influence has a great change of lasting long-term,. NOW of course the stars have to align perfectly with your Blueprint.  The potential exists, if in your plan.

New Moon trine Uranus. This is where the excitement comes into play. Sudden changes, sudden surprises. Sudden Love…begins in the physical. Sudden Love, Sudden Money. Surprises, either way. As this year end….plays out.

Every New Moon is a New Beginning. Keep in your awareness that powerful Solar Eclipse, playing out till the end of January. Its impact is massive and it is playing out even now.

To begin your journey into the NEW. Practise feeling every moment is new. EVERY day, realize the sacredness of the everyday. How it is unique EACH day, as YOU are shifting. As you change. Everything begins to look very different.

The good news is it is YOU that is changing.

Everything is just a response, externally.

Isn’t the journey beautiful?

Your Ascension is beautiful, I see you NOW. It all exists Now.


Every little thing a long the way. The changes.

The Mirror.

Your Heart.

Your Love.

Your Being worthy and feeling it.

Your abundance NOW and feeling it.

Enter NOW more and more. Celebrating this moment. This Season.. This life, this journey. This New Moon. What GREAT excitement. FEEL it all now.

Activating NOW.

In Love and Glory, always. With the Divine Council of Overseers. All Now.




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