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Dimensional Communication Decoding Light Language,with Sue Lie Lauren Galey


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Suzanne Lie and Lauren Galey

Inter-dimensional Communication:

Decoding Light Language 3

A Message from the Arcturians

Dear Ascending Ones,
When you stand on the threshold of the fifth dimension, you have feelings that you cannot remember having before. You will likely forget many of these messages if you do not document them. However, if you can realize that there is something different about your earthly consciousness, you will keep your heart and mind open to higher messages.

As many of you are realizing, there are more and more energy fields that are beginning to transmute from the third/fourth dimension, which is based on Time and Space, into the fifth Dimension which is based on HERE and NOW! There are three phases of this activation.

Phase ONE is to activate and maintain an:
Intention to perceive these messages.

Phase TWO is to find a way to:
Integrate these messages into your daily life.

Phase THREE is to:
Use these messages as guidance, and share them with others.

How is Light Language Channeling?
How can you perceive what you cannot see and cannot hear?
How can your trust that inner call to listen to your Light Language

How is Light Language “talking with your SELF?”

As you realize that you are talking with your own Higher SELF  your “active intention” will greatly expand to assist you to “consciously activate your higher dimensional perceptions of reality, which includes your fifth dimensional communications that you receive via Light Language.”

We will NOW describe the manner in which “intention” and “Light Language” are the same.

1) Neither an intention, or a Light Language message, can be viewed by your physical perception.

2) Both your intentions, as well as Light Language, can only be sensed via your higher fourth and fifth dimensional perceptions.

3) Remember that both your intentions, as well the intention of the ONE, are most visible via your fifth dimensional perceptions.

4) Neither intention, nor Light Language, communicates via separate words. They both project out their messages from the consciousness of the “speaking one” as a mental picture and/or an emotional feeling.

If you, the receiver of that message, are comfortable with the feel of that invisible message, you will be drawn toward the source of that message.

On the other hand, if you are uncomfortable with the feel of the invisible message, you will feel drawn away from the source of that message.

The truth is that humanity speaks and hears Light Language a thousand times a day, but they are not aware of that fact because Light Language resonates to the frequency of fifth dimensional Gamma Waves.

Therefore, unless the recipient is able to consciously recognize, tune into, and accept gamma waves into their consciousness, they will NOT know that they are actually: Accepting, Reading, Interpreting, or Being Aware of the Light Language, or the Gamma Waves that delivered it.

Light Language is constantly surrounding and assisting you, but unless your fifth dimensional consciousness has integrated into your third/fourth dimensional consciousness, you will not be consciously aware of what is occurring.

We will now call in the Golden Ones now who will also assist your understanding more about Light Language.

We, the Golden Ones, are aware of the many Ascending Ones , who are waiting at the threshold of the fifth dimension, and are ready for the examination of their Multidimensional Auras. We are, also aware that everyone, as well as everything, in your transitional reality is in the process of transmutation into the next octave of reality.

Your third/fourth dimensional expressions of self have gone through many incarnations in the attempt to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Transmutation from a third-fourth dimensional planet into a fifth-multidimensional planet.

Once a planet begins it’s process of transmutation into the next, higher frequency of wavelengths, the beings of Earth begin to “remember their innate Light Language.” These wavelengths are NOT like radio or other man-made wavelengths.

These wavelengths are Light Wavelengths, which represent different frequencies of light that will begin to find their way into Gaia’s huge Planetary Aura. Yes, Gaia has an aura just like all Her living inhabitants have an aura.

The reason for this planetary shift is that the third dimensional frequency of reality is merging with the fourth dimensional frequency of reality. This merging is in preparation of becoming a fifth dimensional frequency planet.

Of course, since ALL life is multidimensional, there is a Gaia in the higher frequencies of the fourth dimension and beyond. In fact, many of you are members of these fourth dimensional, alternative planets, as well as with Gaia’s fifth dimensional planet, as well as the lower frequency expressions of Gaia’s planet.

Most of you have had many incarnations on Gaia during many of Her different frequencies of civilization. Therefore you have experienced:

Gaia’s High Frequencies of Planetary SELF
Gaia’s planetary Eco-system in alignment
Gaia’s planet free of pollution
Gaia as a planet who has constant visitors from other planets and other planetary systems.

Of course, these “visits” are occurring now, but most of humanity is only able to be aware of these visits in their night body while their physical body sleeps or while in deep meditation.

Fortunately, more and more humans have evolved enough to experience a state of consciousness in which they realize that if they harm Gaia, they harm their own reality—including their own physical body.

It is through Light Language between humans and the planet that Gaia can assist the humans to assist Her Planetary SELF. Of course, if humans assist Gaia they assist themselves, but many humans are so detached from their planet that they are NOT aware of that fact.

However, now that the core frequencies of Gaia are beginning their process of transmutation (expanding into a higher frequency of resonance), it will become increasing difficult for humanity to ignore that Gaia is a living being. This fact will be difficult for many as they cannot understand the concept of Light Language.

Most people are too attached to a language being documented on a paper or said via a verbal message. In other words, they can only believe what they perceive with their physical eyes and ears.

However, in order to perceive fifth dimensional light, which is the resonance of Light Language, they will need to experience the Light inside themselves. If one is born blind, they do NOT have an innate vision of their outer world. On the same hand, if one is born deaf, they do not have an innate sense of how the outer world sounds.

In the same manner, few humans were born with their innate Light Language activated.
Therefore, they will need to be convinced that:

There is Light Language
That they can believe in Light Language
That they can learn/remember how to perceive Light Language
AND, that they can have trust in their own inner, fifth dimensional SELF who has always spoken to them via Light Language.

In fact, before someone can actually use Light Language as a means of inter-personal communication, it is helpful if they can remember, and be aware, of their own communication with the Higher Beings that they pray to and/or meditate with.

Very often, Light Language is delivered directly into ones “inner perceptual fields.” What we mean by an inner perceptual field is that your perception (primarily your perception of communicating with a higher dimensional being) occurs not above you but within you.

Therefore, when you speak with a higher dimensional being, you are NOT sending a message OUT of your body and into a higher frequency. Instead, you are using your own higher frequency of consciousness to create an “inter-dimensional message” that will arise from within your own higher states of consciousness.

Many humans are not aware that they have a “higher state of consciousness.” However, please remember that most humans use about 10% of their brain power. Therefore, ALL humans have the innate ability for inter-dimensional Light Language, but that ability is lost somewhere in an unused area of their brain.

Fortunately, if they want to recover that innate ability, they can begin by believing that they do, indeed, have that ability. How can you assist others to remember their innate abilities? That could be quite challenging.

However, if one can focus on their own “imagination,” which many people believe is NOT real, they can fool their daily consciousness into releasing it’s habit of only attending to their LEFT BRAIN messages, and assist them to allow their RIGHT BRAIN to reveal the fun, creativity and illumination that their RIGHT BRAIN is ready to reveal.

How does one remember to allow the innate illumination and creativity that awaits to be expressed via their Right Brain? Please join us to find out, as well as to share with others what you have learned about this topic.

Blessings from The Arcturians, Suzanne Lie and Lauren Galey

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Transcript ~ St. Germaine Comes With an Invitation to Assist Us in This Final Birthing and Crossing of the Finish Line – Linda Dillon

Flight of The Rainbow Feathers by Kazytc


Transcript ~ St. Germaine Comes With an Invitation to Assist Us in This Final Birthing and Crossing of the Finish Line…

Thanks again to Ellen for this transcription.

St. Germaine Comes With An Invitation To Assist Us In This Final Birthing And Crossing Of The Finish Line…

 I am offering you the expanded – because your ability has expanded, your ability to accept has expanded – therefore, I offer you the expanded, exploded Violet Flame!

So please drink/ jump/dive into the Violet Flame! This is the completion factor. Please do so.”

Heavenly Blessings ~ November 23, 2017

Linda Dillon ~ Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca ~ Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 7:45 to 20:50]

St. Germaine: Greetings, I am St. Germaine.

Suzi: Welcome!

StG: And welcome to you, beloved angels, saints and sinners, [chuckles] masters and students – for have we not done it all and we have done it all together!

So I welcome you this day and I welcome you, yet again, into the Violet Flame, into the I AM Presence, into this deeper, higher, wider, broader sense of sacred union, not merely with your I AM – with the I AM.

I am Keeper of the Violet Flame, and I am Keeper entrusted to be the guardian, the steward of the I AM Presence, and I have been offering this to each and every one of you for over 60,000 years. I think, beloved friends, sisters and brothers, that you are ready to accept my invitation on a whole new level!

And yes, Raj (Sanat Kumara) and I are here to assist thee – by the way, as we always have been – but perhaps we are making our presence more urgently or apparently known to assist you in this final birthing. And it is not a painful birth, quite the contrary; it is filled with jubilation and celebration and joy. And it is as simple – it cannot be more simple – as simply crossing over the finish line.

You know, if you have run a marathon or done a triathlon, which many of you feel you have – and you have, by the way! – you feel that as you reach the finish line you are exhausted, you are exuberant, you are in a totally different energetic state, your endorphins are pumping strongly through your brain and through your bloodstream. But in that moment when you cross the finish line, it is but a matter of moving your body a mere few inches.

And then, what do you do? Yes, there are some that simply fall down in exhaustion, but it is exuberant exhaustion. And there are some that say, “Thank goodness I am out of that melee, that chaos. Thank God I am out of the pack.”

And then there are those that will skip and run and play and join their friends and family; and some will go and have a celebration meal or a celebration drink of water or wine, it matters not, the point being: each of you, my beloveds, celebrate and declare completion of this phase in a different way. But it is also important to realise and recognise and celebrate in ways that are in alignment with who you are.

Now, what gives you that final push – that final push for the last couple of km to run and to truly step over that finish line? And do not start moaning and groaning and saying, “Oh, St. Germaine, I didn’t know there was further yet to go.”

My beloved friends, I am not fooling around when I say to you that I have been offering this on-planet – because there are many chapters on and off-planet – but on-planet for 60,000 years, so I know about endurance! And I know about victory, I know about completion, and I most certainly know about jubilation and celebration!

So I come this day, beloved Gaians, not merely as master, not as some ascended being, but as brother and friend that has taken this journey in form, on planet, for lengths of time beyond imagination, with you. Now there have been many times in that lengthy journey that began with each of you, by the way, accepting the fullness of Source Violet Flame energy – because this elixir, this flame, this cup is nothing more and nothing less than Source energy.

And in the beginning, you welcomed it. That is why it feels so familiar to you. And you drank deeply and you imbibed love, and you abided, yes, by what many call the Law of One, the Law of Love. It is the overarching, what my brother, Sanat Kumara, calls the “State of Being”, but it is from which all begins and all ends.

Over time, many of you turned away – the scenic detours of the human experience – and some of you stayed. It matters not because we are all here together now. But even those of you who stayed during the time, during the construction, anchoring and cement-forming of the false grids and paradigms, you would say to me, “St. Germaine, can you not soften that Violet Flame? Can you not give me a paler sense of violet? How about lavender or mauve? How about a little striation of pink?”

And, of course, I would do it because at least it kept our connection, for never have any of us yearned or wanted or hoped you would simply veer away into the darkness, into the grey null zone.

We did this with full knowing that the time would come when you would turn to us, when you would turn to me, when you would turn to the Planetary Logos and say, “We’re ready!” And you would say to me, “Samuel, turn it back up. Francis, turn it back up,” for I have been known by many names. And all of them, all those beings that I have existed as, these personas that I have adopted, I did so so I could stay with you and continue to offer you the Loving Cup.

And I do so now, not in form but as clearly present as I have ever been. And I am offering you the Elixir of Love. I am offering you the Loving Cup. I am offering you the Blue Rose of Sirius. I am offering you the Violet Bonfire. I am offering you the essence. Yes, it has become my essence as Keeper and Carrier of the Violet Flame. But this Violet Flame – what is the Violet Flame? It is the essence of Love and of Source.

So often you think: “How do we know Source? How do we know God? How do we know that infinite Creator, creative universe?”

And this essence of the Violet Flame? It is not merely a transmuter of negativity. It is a creator. It is the electrical frequency, the oscillation that increases your frequency and your rate to a level where creation and co-creation simply become your ‘new normal’. That is why SK is putting such emphasis on the Universal Laws. This is your next step.

So I am offering you the full embrace of the Violet Flame that your oscillation factor – not from negative to neutral, but from neutral to spectacular – is in full force.

The Violet Flame, the Violet Ray, is even part of the Porlana C that is sent to you by your Star family inside what you think of as that electric blue. What gives it that electric feeling and sense? It is the Violet Flame. It is what they use. And it is blended with their life force energy and they are giving it to you.

Artist appreciation

Now think of this. Think of all of us on this side and your Star family. And we are sending this to you, we are offering this to you, we are giving it to you – free of charge! [chuckles] – and even sending you blessings along with it, but that is another subject! But we are giving it to you.

This is a level of sacred union and sacred partnership that each and every one of you pray for every single day. If you were to have a human being, male or female, young or old, who approached you for sacred union and said, “I will give you my essence, and I will see you for who you are, and I will treat you for who I know you to be,” you would be over the moon, happy, joyous, fulfilled.

But, beloved ones, that is exactly what we are doing. And as each of you imbibes, steps into, embraces, surrounds yourself, fills yourself with this Violet Flame essence, you are creating unto yourself not only the perfect sacred partner, but you are turning yourself into the partner of your own being. And in that, you are able to truly engage in what we call sacred partnership and what your heart yearns for.

No, I am not suggesting that you are going to toss out of the house the person that you have been with, quite the contrary. The whole point is that you transmute and transform and transcend into a new level of love.

I am not simply offering you currency or spiritual currency or diamonds or rubies out of thin air… lead into gold. I am offering you freely, with love, with the generosity that comes from the Mother’s heart – I am offering you the I AM.

I am offering you the expanded – because your ability has expanded, your ability to accept has expanded – therefore, I offer you the expanded, exploded Violet Flame!

What do you say, dearest Suzi?

Suzi: I say, “Thank you very much!” I know things of this nature can be challenging for people because they don’t have proof. I understand that our perceptions are opening, so that will be my prayer: that people’s perceptions are opened that they might receive this information and this beautiful, exquisite gift more completely.

StG: Yes. You have this expression, and in fact I would make a joke and say I invented this expression: “What comes first, the chicken or the egg?” Can you remember us sitting in a small gathering place, a roadside inn, where we would play and laugh with these silly questions and then we would make jokes?

But we would understand because of the overriding – and I say this in very serious terms – the overriding state of being of free will; this is – I would say ‘sacred’ – but this is the rule that our Mother has made beyond any kind of tampering. And you know we love to skirt rules, and particularly unjust laws and rulers that are all puffed-up and think themselves holy when in fact they are despots, but that is an aside.

The one thing we will not interfere with or override, although I may try vehemently to convince you one way or the other, is free will.

Now you say, “St. Germaine, my prayer is that people will hear and receive,” and that is why I have spoken and do speak so vehemently this day. I am begging you, but I can’t do it for you! I am offering this, not even as an olive branch but a blazing inferno, or a chalice filled with electrical elixir, whatever works for you.

Now, where does free will come in? My beloveds, all of you have said, “Well, I don’t know if this is real. I don’t know if this will work. I don’t know what this is going to taste like, but what the hell, I’ll have a sip.” I cannot force it down your throat. And the proof of passing the finish line doesn’t come before; it comes after. So that is why I’m so urgently pleading with you, but offering you in the greatest sense of celebration!

You know along that marathon route that there are these way stations – what I would call a way station – where they offer you various energy drinks, Gatorade or sheer water, and it is before you cross the finish line. So I’ve positioned myself with you and for you – and by the way, the way station, that pickup point, is loaded with all of us. And we’re offering you as you’re running by – the finish line is in sight but just to reinforce you; and we havereinforced you, by the way, the entire relay – we’re offering you this bottle, cup, energy drink [chuckles] of the Violet Flame.

You are already ignited, your free will is already ignited, but it is your decision.

Now I want to approach this, if I might, from even a slightly different perspective because I know you all! So yes, we have covered the: “Well, I’m not sure what it tastes like but what the heck, I will take a sip.” But then there are those of you who are perhaps further back and you feel that you are no longer running. You are crawling to the finish line and you are exhausted.

And let me tell you, in truth, what you are exhausted from. You are not exhausted. And you have been receiving perhaps the palest lavender, but you have been receiving gifts and many attunements, the Tsunami, the Porlana C all along the way. You are exhausted not even because of uncertainty. You may be framing it in that way, but I want to pose it another way: you are exhausted by the chaos; you are exhausted by the lies; you are exhausted by the disgusting behaviours that human beings have involved themselves in.

Now note what I say. I do not say that the human beings are disgusting, sinful, irreverent. These are behaviours, these are sidetracks, these are diversions and distractions that they have involved themselves in, and it has all come to the surface. That’s why I say that this has been a marathon of chaos.

When you are that exhausted, when you feel that you are inching, crawling towards the finish line, it is not – I see you! – it is not because you don’t have this or that, because what you have is your knowing and your faith and the solid determination that you are going to do this. And in this, your exhaustion comes from being tired of trying and feeling that those that are in the race – the human race – with you don’t care, and would rather engage in the low, the negative side of that vibration, ‘the old’.

But beloveds, do not think that they are not being showered by the Violet Flame as well. They are moving from what you would term in terms of your spectrum is from the negative to the neutral. You have jumped – you weren’t even in neutral but let’s use that as a reference point – you have jumped from neutral to spectacular, so don’t worry about them!

Suzi: [Laughing] I’m amazed at how fast this time has gone. Many tangible things are happening on the planet indicating great change taking place. I think that what people are looking for is a shift in the financial reality of all of us. Will you speak to that please?

StG: You know I can only speak in limited ways to that.

Suzi: Hmm, I figured.

StG: And so this is not the time or place. And, in fact, I am rather aghast that there are those who in fact claim to speak for me or who claim to know my plan, which as you know is the Mother’s Plan – it is the Divine Plan.

Let me say this. There have been many final arrangements. Everything has been in place for a long time, and the hiccup for much of the expansions that you are seeking – and the creation and co-creation of Nova Earth – has depended upon humans… your term would be “getting their act together.” And I would suggest that this is part of my offering of the Violet Flame to those of you who are the tipping point – who are at the finish line!

And so, it is imperative – imperative! And you know I have often spoken outrageously, vehemently, but when I say ‘imperative’ and ‘immediate’, I mean exactly that. So please drink/ jump/dive into the Violet Flame! This is the completion factor. Please do so.

Suzi: Yes, relax and trust and just…

StG: Swim, dance, play!

Suzi: Yes. I love that! Be happy. Be in joy.

StG: You know, even when we were, shall we say, making a rapid departure from various unpleasant or dangerous situations – because there were many when I was in form who did not like me; they were jealous and so we would make a hasty departure – but even in that, we were having fun!

And when we got far enough away, we would stop and rest the horses and have them groomed, and sit and have a cup of wine and some bread. And we would laugh because we knew not only were we doing what we were choosing to do – which, even then, was transforming the planet – we were doing so to absolutely lay down the groundwork for today.

So when I say to you: “Dearest hearts all over this planet, let’s make a hasty retreat today,” come join me!

Suzi: Yes, yes, indeed. And may I offer my sincere and heartfelt thanks to you and to Sanat Kumara, and of course to all of our friends who are working so hard with us in beautiful partnership. Hurrah! Hurrah for everyone! Thank you so much.

StG: Oh, thank you, beloved one. Let us sit and drink not only the I AM Presence but a cup of wine together.

Suzi: Yes, happily!

StG: Go with my love. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.



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