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Portable Spiritual Practice

I’ve always wanted my spiritual sadhana or practice to be portable. So that I can practice wherever I find myself.

So I don’t want to carry a load of books around with me or a directory tree full of information in my laptop or in my brain. I want the whole matter to be simple and manageable.

So I asked myself, of all that you’ve read, what three statements can you arrive at that would provide the essence of spiritual effectiveness for me?

Remembering three key statements would be undoubtedly portable.

What would be the three most useful statements to keep me moving towards my goal?

I may have told you these before. I hope not. They are:

(1) What is most important to do right now?

(2) What do you hunger for?

(3) Choose one and go deeper.

The first two statements wake me up. When I answer them, I get to compare what they point to with what I’m doing. I get to see whether I’m walking around dead or  alive, conscious or unconscious, self-nurturing or self-defeating.

The first one is a practical question. In the service of the Mother, what’s the most important thing for me to do right now? In my sacred partnership? In my friendships? Etc.

The second one is an intensely spiritual one.   What do I hunger for? What must I have, be, or do?

The third statement reminds me to channel my efforts by choosing one and then going deeper than I’m going right now. (For some people, it’ll be higher, rather than deeper.)

If I didn’t feel a need to go deeper, the idea to use these three statements would not arise in my mind. Or would arise and be dismissed.

If I was in a state of transformative or higher-dimensional love at this moment – and I’m not – I’d only be hungering for more love, nothing else. It seems that love is all we ever hunger for.

I know there is a place where total satisfaction is our continuous state of being. I’ve dropped in and then reluctantly had to leave. Feeling that kind of love brings with it total satisfaction – a total lack of wanting – for anything else but more of itself.

After the planetary heart opening, folks will read that last sentence and say, “Well, that’s bloody obvious. Of course. What’s the big deal? Why is he writing about it?”

But now it sounds like mystical mumbo-jumbo. It’s so hard to understand from outside the space and perfectly obvious from inside.

I have a foot in both worlds. I’m wafted away at the remembrance of that state of being and yet my consciousness is firmly anchored in this everyday state. In which do I belong? From which do I come? I can’t give up the one and I won’t give up the other.

It’s a dilemma that only transformative love will resolve.

That’s what I hunger for. That’s what I choose and I will go deeper with it. Right now.

This spiritual practice is portable. Its goal is a permanent heart opening and the free flowing of an inner tsunami of love.

Crown Chakra Mandala by Heaven on Earth Silks



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