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The Incredible Shrinking Man

In the course of researching, I came across one quote from Aisha North and another from the Arcturian Group that touched on three things that were happening with me: (1) the feeling of my personality shrinking, (2) the disappearance of my fear of dissociation, and (3) the quieting of my physical senses.

I sometimes feel like the Incredible Shrinking Man in that my personality seems to be  shrinking more each day.

Aisha North captured that feeling when she said:

“Even if you have all come to a point where you are so much more than what you were only a short time ago, you will also come to a point where you will feel so much less than ever before.

“Because you will at one time or another find yourself as if dissolving into nothingness, like there is no more substance to you.” (1)

I do in fact feel “so much less than ever before.” Not like that is necessarily a bad thing.

And the way it appears to be going is exactly that: “as if dissolving into nothingness.” No residue, no trace of my personality seems destined to remain.

The second part paralleled my own discovery around dissociation, which also ties into “dissolving into nothingness.”:

“We can guarantee you all that you will never feel yourself more substantial as when you find yourself scattered into a billion little pieces, seemingly tossed up into the air, for the wind to blow about like nothing more than scraps of paper in a storm. For then, you will truly feel the real power of who you really are. …

“For as you find yourself falling apart, disintegrating into seeming nothingness, you will also find yourself stepping into the real you, the limitless you, the one that has no borders, and therefore, the one that has no end. No end to what you can achieve, no end to what you can be, no end to what you already are, and as such, this falling apart will quite simply be the coming together of the realization of your own true self, the self that is not inhibited by any concept of time or space or indeed matter.

“For then, you will simply know that you ARE, and no matter what you do or what you choose not to do in the upcoming period, it will have no impact on this, the very core of you. For it is indeed eternal, and it is indeed omnipresent, and it will always be thus.” (2)

During every spiritual experience, the sensation has been that the constructed self or personality has “[disintegrated] into nothingness” and that “I” am released.

Every spiritual experience has been one of radical dissociation of all that’s ephemeral and a radical unveiling of that which is eternal. Scarey while it’s happening but, in the end, nothing to fear, there and much to feel blissful over.

I’ve had minor and inconclusive experiences of “the real you, the limitless you, the one that has no borders,” but nothing major and conclusive. But that too will come in good time.

The second quote was from the Arcturian Group through Marilyn Raffaele and it touched on another process that I was feeling.

My interest in food and drink continues to go down. The other day I went out looking for a restaurant and walked the entire length of a major downtown street without finding anything that interested me. I turned around, went home, and had a modest, home-cooked meal.  I feel less and less engaged by my physical senses.

Here’s the Arcturian Group explaining that very thing:

“This year, many are finding that holiday lights do not seem to be as bright, festivities not as attractive, shopping more of a burden, and that holiday celebrations no longer hold the same sense of excitement and enjoyment that they used to.

“This is because your evolving energetic frequency has shifted you out of alignment with much that up to now you enjoyed. Foods, entertainments, friends, etc. as well as many traditions no longer hold the same value they once held, which can make things difficult when you are in situations surrounded by people still in alignment with these things. Because you have evolved, attempts to revive the past and ‘get on board,’ as before, simply will not work.

“This does not mean you will never again enjoy these things but rather means, you will begin to see and experience them in new ways and with a deeper understanding of what they represent rather than from a level that is in alignment with the emotionally based commercial hype being broadcast to you 24/7. Excitement and celebrations will no longer be as intense as they were in the past simply because you are now experiencing them from a different level of awareness.” (3)

That fits for me. It’d be very difficult to get me too worked up about many things these days, I’m afraid.  At the same time, my interest in such things as love goes way up.

All of this points to our pulling back in general from the world of the senses, passions, and extremes to a comfortable residence in the middle, the center, the heart.

It also, I think, points to our continuing, gradual transition from a carbon- and sense-based body to a crystalline and supersensory one.

I find that seeing my own situation reflected in the messages from our sources is very comforting. I go from feeling distraught and concerned to feeling reassured and comfortable each time I see a passage that explains what’s happening to me.

I’ll be taking a couple of weeks off around Christmastime.


(1) “The Manuscript of Survival – Part 385,” channeled by Aisha North, January 12, 2014 at

(2) Loc. cit.

(3) “Arcturian Group Message 12/3/17 via Marilyn Raffaele,” 


Photo appreciation

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