Dimensions are Levels of Consciousness – Peggy Black & The Team

Greetings to my beloved Morning Message family Dec 20, 2017

___________Β My Personal Message__________
The days are shorter and the cold weather makes it necessary to have a fire upstairs in my living space. I feel connected somehow to an ancient lineage when I build a fire in the early dark hours of dawn. I am grateful for the simple form of exercise of carrying the wood upstairs. Β I will soon celebrate my 76th birthday. Β I am looking forward to the new year with the launch of my new personal website and the publication of the next Morning Messages book set. I will also be offering a new webinar.


The holiday season is rushing the days. I am consciously aware of shifting my usual patterns in preparation. It is my intention to simplify. There is the family gathering, of food, games, presents and shared gratitude of our blessings. This has been a year of many challenges that have been met with grace and strength. I am so grateful for all of the prayers, emails, and calls in support of these challenges. You make such a difference in my life. I love this community and the transformational energy that it offers to the world.

January 1st starts with First Day Labyrinth walk. I have been hosting this open house event since 2000. Last year over 100 people dropped by for soup, cider and to walk their intentions for the coming new year. It is such a blessed way to honor the shift that this day represents. Then the next day I celebrate my birthday, January 2nd. Β So this time of the year has always felt powerful and personally significant to me.

I realize it is also powerful and significant for everyone. It offers us the opportunity to reset, reclaim and anchor our dreams and intentions for ourselves and the world. We can hold it as a fresh start. This seems most important at this time considering all that has been unfolding in our reality.

I send you and your loved ones my blessings and well wishes; may this holy season be filled with joy and may the new year bring you grace and peace. May we all experience peace on earth in coming times.

Please contact me if you are interested in booking appointments to have a personal interface and connection with the ‘team.’ I love offering these sessions, they bring clarity and guidance.

Thank you so much for your kind support. The emails, bluesky gifts and cards I receive from you are so inspiring. Your love and prayers are greatly appreciated. We are a powerful community of spiritual beings and I am honored to be a part of our service together.

I acknowledge each of you as you recognize yourself as a master of transformation when dealing with all that is occurring in your life and on our planet. We are making a difference. I acknowledge your magnificence as you willingly heal and transform all that you encounter. I invite you to live in gratitude. Together we will continue to envision a reality that is life sustaining for all. Blessings of grace and joy, Peggy


_________Β Message from the ‘Team’Β _________Β 
Dimensions are Levels of Consciousness
Peggy Black and the ‘team’


We are here to encourage, acknowledge and celebrate the incredible changes that you are bringing about. We observe how change can be unsettling and even frightening to many of you. However, for the old patterns and old limited realities to be transformed, there must be change.


Sometimes the changes are so gradual that they are not noticed until the results are obvious to all. Other times the changes are quick, shocking and alarming. Nevertheless changes are a part of evolving. The ability to adapt is one of the essential aspects to being human and does enable you to survive. The key to being able to adapt to the changes in your reality is the ability to thrive and evolve.

As a collective consciousness you have been experiencing and witnessing changes in familiar patterns and behaviors; some of the more shocking events can cause you to want to retreat, pull in or even hide. We are inviting you instead to step up, continue to take action and add your personal energy and vibration to the mix. We invite you to continue to envision and accelerate the transformation of consciousness within the collective.

Realize and own your powerful part in what is occurring. Without doubt know that you are connected to the energy fields and minds of the collective energy offered by others. Without a doubt know that your thought fields and emotional vibrations connect to and interface with the thought fields and emotional vibrations of others.

Know that your consciousness has an energetic effect on the quantum field and therefore, all things. Imagine that the energy of your thoughts/emotions creates a template or blueprint that is added, so to speak, to the global databank. Remember that energy follows thought. Whatever you put out is going to add to the field that is life diminishing or the field that is life sustaining.

You are witnessing this duality being played out in the events of your reality. Which duality do you support? Honor your true magnificence as a galactic divine being, playing in a dimension that is undergoing a tremendous shift. Own the possibilities that your emotions can and do shape or create your physical reality.

Once you are playing at that level anything is possible in your personal life and also in the global reality of world events. You are being supported by the entire galaxy to expand your understanding of consciousness. There is a rising frequency on earth that is triggering the awakening of humanity. The chaos that you are witnessing is the resistance to this rise of frequency.

Allow yourself to believe and understand that you personally carry within your circuits the blueprint of future energy and reality. It is your expanded consciousness that allows you to experience the higher dimensions of future energy. There is much information about dimensions and what we can share with you is that dimensions are not a certain place or a certain location, dimensions are levels of consciousness.

As more and more individuals are beginning to realize, when they vibrate at a higher level, they can more easily experience higher dimensions. Each time you access a higher dimension you bring a new pattern or template to this hologame of 3D reality.

Practice shifting your limited physical consciousness and programming to allow your divine consciousness as a multidimensional being to anchor the seeds of a miraculous, unified and harmonious world. Every act of compassion or kindness truly ripples out to the collective field. Every act of love truly raises the vibration of all energy in the universe.

It is your limited beliefs and old emotional baggage that keeps you locked in this rather challenging dimension. It is the belief and feeling of being powerless victims or martyrs that trap you in the dramas. Make it your goal and intention to release and transform dense negative issues and experiences. Every time you transform or heal a personal issue you make that energy available to the collective global databank.

Remember that emotions are contagious. Fear energy always generates more fear energy and the behaviors associated with that vibration. Imagine that as you offer feelings of gratitude and kindness as often as possible, you are adding that coherent frequency to the collective field.

Time as you know it is an illusion. It is a part of the 3D reality. It keeps you consciously hooked.

As you practice staying in a coherent frequency and vibration, you raise your consciousness and experience or flow into the higher dimensions. Realize that you are imprinting your very DNA with this experience. Understand that DNA is capable of communicating beyond space and time.

When you move into the higher dimensions you might feel a certain lightness of being or spaciousness, other times you might experience colors and shapes that astound you. There might be sense of wonder or excitement. These experiences might last a brief time, however as you allow this to occur more frequently, your awareness of being in a higher dimensional state will became easier and you will stay in this elevated state longer.

When you experience these higher states of consciousness that allow you to move into the frequencies of the higher dimensions, you will often connect with the beings of that dimension.

These beings of light and love will support and assist you in navigating these new realms. Each time you have a new experience you bring that energy and seed this reality therefore making dimensional travels more available to anyone who can tap into that invitation.

You anchor that ability into the global conscious databank as a true possibility allowing the collective consciousness to begin to shift into these higher states of awareness and experience. There is a synchronicity of this truth that begins to occur in the DNA of others.

We invite you to remember that even in these seeming difficult and chaotic times and events there is always a different scenario to call forth. Call forth the life sustaining ones and anchor those seed into this dense field.

We extend our gratitude for your courage to be in physical form at this time; remember that you are masters of energy and light, here to anchor a new template. We are always available at your request to assist and support you service to humanity. the ‘team’

Β©2017 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. Notice is given that the creation of videos by people other than the author, channel and scribe is prohibited. Β You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. http://www.morningmessages.com FREE 88 messages available


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  1. Thankyou and Big Blessings always.

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