Carolina Morning by Lucia Sullivan

William Mangum Art North Carolina


“You can keep your diamonds and pearls.
I have the sunshine.
The light thru the Willows on a cool Spring morning.
And you can cross stitch me thru time.
But you can not take the essence from my soul.
You can build your sky scraper tall on a hill.
With glass windows and silver spoons for breakfast,
On balconies that I can never reach.
But I have the dew drops off of an old tin roof.
Glistening spider webs and the smell of the earth and summer rain.
My essence is in the creek bed by the two old pines that never speak too loudly.
They only whisper my name in a breeze that blows across the strawberry patch.
That blooms as I bloom.
And is as sweet as a Carolina morning.
You can keep your diamonds and pearls.
The creator has given me an entire sky.
With blankets of whites and blues and yellows and golds.
Forever gold.
That can not be bought or sold or lost or stolen.
I have the sunshine and all of the life inside of its glitter.
All that glitters is my gold.
And I am part of the love light shining.”

Written by Lucia Sullivan โ™ฅ Copyright 2017 all rights reserved



New York

I am a clairvoyant, poet, writer, and seer. I believe all things are moving towards the light. I love music, dancing, boating, nature, and animals.

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The Dance of Light – Lynette Leckie-Clark


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The Dance of Light

Greetings. as I prepare for this transmission Lady Nada and Kuthumi stand together before me.
Lady Nada says she is here to bring balance to all as humanity is preparing to bring forth Light energies to be integrated into the mental and emotional bodies.
You are urged to understand that this is why you are here now on this planet. To experience the integration preceding the great shift into lighter vibrations of existence for all.
As this occurs you may feel the pull of lower energies and consciously forgotten lower experiences of this and previous lifetimes.
These may manifest in your conscious minds as confusion, feelings of hopelessness, even unwellness in the physical body. In short, feelings of being lost in the direction of your life leading to confusion.

Brave ones, understand this great event is what you chose to be part of for the benefit of all humanity and Earth. Understand the process and you will begin to clear and move forward. The process is the full awakening of your DNA strands, the awakening from consciousness to higher consciousness. This occurs as you awaken, accept and feed your entire bodies with the Light particles from God/Source. For those who are thirsty, who seek more inner peace, this understanding will enrich your acceptance and journey into a new existence, one wholly integrated with the Light particles. Those who choose to ignore, choose to linger in lower energies of frustration, anger, the constant struggle within themselves will continue. You see the transition has already begun. The new race has already incarnated on Earth. The new race is not to be feared, it is to be celebrated. These ones are your future teachers of Light, of ancient truths, of Soul. It is humanity’s destiny to be lifted from the darkness of war and control on many, many levels.

It is one of my roles in the Great White Brotherhood to lead the feminine forward. To aid them in the courage needed, but I also say the need for balance of the masculine/feminine is essential in this and all future transitions forward. Do not dismiss the masculine, look to their attributes and fuse those with your intent of Light particles to accelerate the balance of feminine within the masculine structure.

Kuthumi speaks

Greetings. I come forward to encourage each of you to turn to the ancient ways of living a Light infused life. It is a time now to look closely at your emotional heart energies. A time to release all pain, regrets, wrongful decisions and experiences from the hidden recesses of the heart memory. This is where we see many are held and many of you consciously keep pushing these memories down deeper and deeper into this area. My friend I tell you this merely increases your pain. Pain in the emotional and mental bodies. Each body knows the memory still exists however much you try to forget by trying to ‘bury’ the painful experiences. The stress placed on the physical heart is great. I ask, is this what you truly want? Ask yourself for a truthful and soulful answer.

The heart memory must be cleared for you to travel further on your developmental paths, and all are destined to move forward, every soul incarnated on Earth. There can be no other way. So you see all humanity is at a crossroad, and it is a great crossroad my friend. Indeed the greatest point of decision humanity has ever known in it’s entire history of existence on Earth. This message Lady Nada and I bring is of the utmost importance to each of you.

Light Pause

I ask each of you to honor the Light Pause. A moment on your time line to pause, ask and seek.ย Pauseย to consider what you choose your life to be, how you desire to live in your coming year and future.ย Ask. Seek higher guidance. Allow your higher self to guide you. This is usually shown through feeling. What do you feel needs adjusting or releasing in your life? Ask your guides and angels for their help to bring your vision into being.ย Seek. Seek your higher self, your higher wisdom in all things. Feel what is the right action, the right path for you. See the Light essence particles, you can feel them if you are still within. I ask you to consider this –

Each morning after waking, face the East, stand and open your arms out wide and say-

I ask the Light energies fill my entire being giving me healing and abundance on all levels. I am filled with Light, I walk in Light this day and all days. The Light transforms any dark energies and memories within my being. So it is and shall be by my will.

A simple mantra my friend. A few moments of your time yet the results will indeed bring you Blessed abundance on all levels if completed each morning. Steps on your path of Light. The choice is yours as always.

Lady Nada and I , Kuthumi, send you great love and Sacred Light.

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