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DIARY OF A YOGI – 21st Dec 2017


*Meaning “Pillar of Light blazing in the Unbound Space of Divine Mother’s Love”



“If your eye is single then your entire body is filled with Light” (Matthew 6:22)

The December solstice 2017 brings us the power of interconnections from the stars, particularly the Light Realms beyond the Sirius Stargate.

It allows us to connect across time and space to our light families and bring the light to our world (fill our bodies with Light) when we focus (a single eye) with power.

It brings the Source Codes which you will find below and the power of grace with gratitude.

It ushers in union with the Christ Light in our celebration of Christmas.

Give and Ye Shall Receive @ The Paul J Getty Museum


At this time of Christmas it is very meaningful for us all to examine the power of the Christ consciousness within us, since Christmas means the celebration (‘mass’) of the Eucharist (where Eucharist means gratitude with grace for the Christ Consciousness we are born with).

These last few days have been very revealing and insightful in terms of this consciousness of gratitude and grace leading into the solstice on Dec 21 and then the celebration of union with the Christ Light on Dec 25.

The solstice this year occurs in the lunar nakshatra Shravana, which in both the Vedic and Tibetan Calendar gives the power of samhanana shakti or interconnection, to each other, to our families, here and in other worlds, to our path in this life, to our mission.

It is guided by the Heart of Saraswati, leading us into the flow of life, the star of learning.

It is learning to listen to the Voice of Source, the Inner Teacher within.

I will be traveling to New Zealand over the Christmas and New Year period so wanted to take the opportunity to connect to your individual and collective Christ consciousness with the deepest gratitude for the grace of Christ within you.

I wish you all a blessed celebration of the Christ within.
I have spoken to many deep souls this past week who were moved by Kundalini and the Djedhi/Jedi post, awakening just from the words, which as we know are the Shared Heart and Wisdom of the Mother.

It is a fascinating exploration together of what is possible.

Any teachings transmitted have only one source, the original Source being Christ or Krishna, Buddha or Divine Mother, within us all.

We are being asked to step up and be that Source, to teach with profound skill and infinite compassion, to offer methods which ultimately cultivate the minds and hearts of “apprentice Jedi”.

Like the Jedi it requires training.

The Way of the Diamond Warrior, Alchemy, Tantra or Diamond Consciousness requires great courage and compassion.

In Tibetan Buddhism it is called Anuttarayoga or Highest Yoga Tantra.

It is the Mandala of the Most Secret Lotus Lord and Lady.

This compassionate courageous Way, the Secret Mantra vehicle, contains all the essential points of all levels of training and produces quick enlightenment.

Its powers are mantra, mudra and samadhi.

Its substances are the five nectars and the five mystical syllables which transform into the five divine lights.

As we arise in the powerful form of an alchemic or tantric deity or star being to walk this earth powerful siddhis are achieved and the yogic attainments of the Jedi/Djedhi are achieved, not in the imagination, but as literal feats on this planet, which can be tested and cultivated.

There is no method more powerful than this.


As we walk this path of pathlessness, testing our soul, cultivating blessings in ourselves and others there are many times I have felt alone over the years.

As we all do.

We begin by deeply questioning everything.

By crying out for magic and light, for peace and love, for the divine in all its forms.

It is in these times of great heartache and soul searching that I turned to the core of the practice as we all do and seek the silence and stillness of presence and the Masters Within.

The fact that I can call star ships or dolphins, travel portals to other worlds, heal others instantly or drive out demons, means nothing beside the power of love and spiritual friendship.

In fact these powers, which will manifest for you like they have done for me, if you practice regularly, mean nothing.

They are Siddhis, and manifest at the wish of Divine Mother, through Her Grace and have nothing to do with us as individuals.

In those times of alone-ness, when my Heart sings out to Her, I am taken again and again to the power of the Masters I have worked with both this lifetime and many others, particularly Yogananda, through whom all the divine promises have come true.

His undying love, like Yeshua’s and the Dalai Lama’s, is perhaps the greatest miracle I have ever experienced, and it is that love that I offer to you, the love of undying spiritual companionship and deep friendship.

That is why we share as we do here together, that is the power of the wisdom of the Shared Heart.

That power gives rise to courage and active compassion, the desire to help and liberate all beings in all worlds, and that is what draws us all together.

That is the power of Secret Mantra.

Angel Right Hand – 1455-60 Francesco Pesellino and Fra Filippo Lippi @ The National Gallery


We are all interconnected as are all paths on this planet.

The path of Moses as Source Messenger as I discussed in the last post on Kundalini and the Djedhi (Jedi) connects directly to Yeshua (Jesus) through the Essene.

Greek geographer and historian Strabo writes that Moses, growing up as a prince in the Egyptian Royal Family, was trained in the Academy of Heliopolis, was ordained as a Djedhi priest within the King’s Chamber, and acquired immense powers (or siddhis).

These included parting the Red Sea and drawing water from a rock.

It is no wonder that Yeshua followed similar initiations and paths, walked on the sea and turned water into wine.

It is no surprise to you then that many of you gathered here have followed and will follow those same initiations and activate similar siddhis.

“Believe Me that I AM in the Father and the Father is in Me—or at least believe because of the works themselves.

Truly, truly, I tell you, whoever believes in Me will do the works that I am doing.

He/She will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.

And I will do whatever you ask in My name” (John 14:11-12)

When I cast out demons as a teenager it was not through my own doing but through the power of Yeshua.

I said, with enormous conviction to those that came seeking healing

“By the power of Christ, begone”

And it was done.

The demons were cast out of those that were afflicted.

Many of the codes and activations you are receiving right now are from the seeds of these times with Moses and Yeshua and your connections to the stars, particularly the Sirius stargate.

Moses prophesied the coming of Yeshua

“The Lord your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among you, from your fellow Israelites. You must listen to him.” (Deuteronomy 18:15)

Under the umbrella of this spiritual prophecy and guidance the secret wisdom schools flourished then just as they do today.

They disseminated the secret mysteries of the Kabbala (Qabalah) just as Tibetan Buddhism spread the teachings of the Secret Mantra.

Both the Kabbala and the Secret Mantra deal with the wisdom of sound and the power of Light Language.

(Gematria in Kabbala, and Bliss or Seed Syllables in Tibetan Buddhism).

The first school to really do this was a Hebrew Order called the School of Prophets.

“But when they saw the School of Prophets prophesying, with Samuel standing there as their leader, the Spirit of God came upon Saul’s men, and they too prophesied.” (Samuel 19:20)

This was a synthesis of the knowledge Moses received on Mt. Sinai and Abraham received in Chaldea.

The School of Prophets under Samuel built the first compound on Mount Carmel.

They communicated with the Djedhi at Heliopolis in Egypt and the Tibetan Masters in the Himalayas.

The School of Prophets gave rise to the Essenes.

The Essenes were formed to receive the teachings of the prophets, to create communities founded in the law of Moses (for which they separated themselves out from ordinary society) and were adept healers (the word Essene comes from the Syrian word for healer).

They studied the Kabbala, The Torah and the Book of Enoch.

Many of you here feel very different and out of the flow of ordinary society, just like the Essene.

Many are healers.

Many have studied the ancient sacred texts.

The Essenes ultimate focus was union with their guardian angels (Higher Self) and YHVH (יהוה in Hebrew) (Tetragrammaton – YOD HEH VAV HEH) to purify themselves.

What I am describing to you is not just a history.

It is experiences we have all had together, just as I walked along the banks of the Nile as Mary the Mother of James the Lesser with Caleb and many more of you.

The Water of The Nile by Frederick Goodall

We have been able to do out of body initiations and training in the Egyptian schools just as Luke went out of body in The Last Jedi.

Many of you have been doing these initiations since you were born, moving in and out of the body at will, in dreams and visions, to bring through this continuum of knowledge.

You are receiving codes and transmissions, activations and energies that fill the body and often throw your consciousness into dramatic energy spirals.

I was trained in the mystery school teachings of the Kabbala as a young man and studied the Book of Enoch when I awoke in the school of prophets one day some years ago.

It was a deep, profound experience, that left my body shaking like a leaf and I was as cold as ice when I returned to it.

Again, many of you have experienced this out of body inter-dimensional travel.

It does and can take a toll on the physical body.

Yeshua followed the initiations in the temples of the chakras on the Nile just as I described in a post some time ago.

As many of us reading this were both Djedhi and Essene (and Nazar Essene as part of Yeshua’s Soul Group) we have naturally followed and are interested in very purifying diets (vegetarian or vegan) fasting and meditation and healing practices.

During the deepest meditations we are capable of uniting with our Angelic Selves and journeying inter-dimensionally to the pure lands and heavenly realms via Light Bodies or Merkabah (from Mer-Light, Ka-Higher, Ba-Lower) Bodies.

We participated in many of the initiations through activating our Light Bodies and using the power of the Collective Christ Consciousness to be initiated.

The power of the internet now is a physical/technological extension/reproduction of this process in a very basic way, allowing us to attend empowerments in “the physical” in ways we have done so often in the past through the Light Body.

One of our destinies is to collectively ascend with this planet so we no longer need the physical body.

This is a fact we all know is possible.

To go home together.

We only need to liberate all souls on this planet at one time.

That is why the courage and compassion of our path together is so important.

And why our support of each other in all circumstances is so critical.

I often hear about troubles and arguments in groups.

Gautama Buddha

In answer I would ask you to listen to the story of Devadatta.

Devadatta was a bright, highly charismatic monk who because of ambition brought about a split in Buddha’s own group.

He tried to get the Buddha to make him the leader of the Sangha when the Buddha was over seventy years old but the Buddha didn’t see himself or anyone else as the leader so refused Devadatta’s request.

So Devadatta proposed a new set of guidelines and because of his charisma persuaded 500 monks to join his new group.

Devadatta made three attempts to end Buddha’s life, one when he sent a swordsman to assassinate him, one by rolling boulders down on top of him, which did succeed in badly wounding the Buddha and one when he released wild elephants but in this case the Buddha managed to calm the wild animal.

So this was a difficult time for the Buddha in terms of group work.

Later when Devadatta was near death he asked two monks to carry him to the Buddha and said “I take refuge in the Buddha, I come back to the Buddha and take refuge in him” and the Buddha accepted him back.

When we support each other through the various trials and struggles we face, we bring some of the greatest powers of the universe to light.

Inclusiveness, tolerance, patience and compassion.



When we look deeply into another’s heart there is much we can see and learn from.

The Buddha could see into Devadatta’s Heart.

He revealed how Devadatta had in a previous life been a wise Rishi, a seer, and the Buddha had been a King.

The seer gave the teaching of the Lotus Blossom to that king and set him on the road to Buddhahood.

Every one of you is on the road to Buddhahood.

Every one of you is a Buddha, a Christ Light.

When we see this and honor this and acknowledge it, we support the Light and the liberation of the Light in all beings.

One way of supporting each other and doing this practically is through some of the gatherings I would propose such as in Taize.

At this point I will call it our


(also the title of a book I wrote some years ago) meaning

Hail All Light and Love.


Of Light and Love.

One of the simple manifestations in awakening is the creation of Great Gatherings, like the Essene Order, like the Djedhi, where as a group we become a vehicle for the awakening of the consciousness within us all of the birth of a divine Sun, the Christ consciousness, in our hearts.

One of the most fascinating experiences I have had over the years this lifetime on this planet is to see the extraordinary potential we have for the Shared Heart.

”Where two or three are gathered in My Name, there I AM”.

It was the same when communicating with other worlds.

To be able to call a star ship shows the potential of getting a strong enough signal from our planet to be heard – not through our current technology – which as this article from today shows is woefully short of what our star families work with as we know –…/Former-Pentagon-UFO

– but through a Shared Heart signal – a collective consciousness,

a Song of the Heart.

We are Divine Transmitters and Receivers and our powers of the Heart are far greater than any of us imagine.

The “Secret Mantra” lies in understanding just how this divine technology of ours (Light Body, sushumna/central channel, third eye/ajna chakra) and its surrounding support systems (nadis, winds, channels and bliss drops) actually works so we can get beyond the many limited belief systems that are a function of thought and thinking and the mind.

For those that cannot make it physically I will do a live feed with all the capabilities that our current technology at that time can offer.

It will not be immediately as I plan to invite many great souls I know personally to take part, either in the physical or remotely such as the Dalai Lama, Tareth, Brother Chidananda (the current Head of Yogananda’s organization), Brother Roger (the Head of Taize’s Christian community), Swami Shyam, Eckhart Tolle, Mooji and many others who represent the various perspectives or facets of the diamond of spirituality on our planet.


The whole point behind the creation of the Essene Order, like the Djedhi, was to act as a vehicle for the birth of a divine son, and at the same time to awaken the consciousness within us all of the birth of a divine Sun, the Christ consciousness, in our hearts.

From the Essene sect in the community of Nazaria, Mary and Joseph were chosen, to engage in Light Conception.

The Alchemy of the Light is described in its simple form here.

Yogananda describes how at the time of Yeshua’s birth three Mahanagas or Mahasiddhas visited the young Messiah.

These three Masters were part of the Djedhi network which included Tibetan, Indian, Egyptian and Essene Masters, all of whom knew of Yeshua’s birth.

His birth like yours and mine, was known by his own star brethren in many corners of the universe.

Yeshua was schooled by Essene Rabbis in the Torah and the Talmud until he was thirteen and then left Palestine to study the other mystery traditions.

His journey to India and Tibet are described by Swami Abhedananda, a colleague of Swami Vivekananda and direct disciple of Ramakrishna in the book Journey into Kashmir and Tibet.

Yeshua learned the path of the Mahasiddhas from various Masters including Babaji.

That meeting is described here.

He also studied the Way of Shakyamuni with Tibetan Lamas in the Himalayas before returning to Persia to study the Way of Zoroaster with Magi Priests, to Athens to study with Greek philosophers and Egypt and Heliopolis to study the Way of the Djedhi and the wisdom of Thoth before his final initiation within the Great Pyramid.

None of this should be a surprise as for most of us in today’s world we have traveled all over the world for initiations and meetings with remarkable Masters.

For example I traveled from New Zealand to Japan, India, Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, China, Australia, America, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, France and the UK all for the purposes of meeting specific Masters.

We have done this before, many times, in many lives.

Ascended Heart – Lady Nada


Tareth’s codes from the Great Pyramid in Giza are extremely powerful tools to awaken to the same initiation that Yeshua took with Mary Magdalene in the Great Pyramid.

They and many other codes can be found here.

A visualization for the codes can be found here on Tareth’s site

The Yeshua Codes are the Great Pyramid sequence of the Divine Union of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.

Yeshua and Mary lay in the Sepulchure of the Great Pyramid, holding the space that bridged the dimensions, the hologram for planetary crucifixion, resurrection and ascension, when it was first put into Earth’s crystalline Christ grids.

A holographic network was broadcast into the capstone of the Great Pyramid into Yeshua, Mary and their close disciples bodies’ DNA and into the Earth’s matrix.

You know this already.

That is why when you listen you will recognize the frequencies immediately.

The sounds are the full sequence of initiations into the Great Pyramid of Giza portal just as Yeshua and Mary experienced.

They were manifested at Source in the Great Pyramid through Tareth.

Tuning into these frequencies gives you the greatest access possible to the Path that has been set for Mother Gaia’s Ascension.

The portal at the Great Pyramid in Egypt, the Sirius Portal, which is the Mother Stargate within the earth’s planetary Christ grids, is releasing the full frequencies of the Yeshua/Mary Magdalene Divine Union energetic template, and is now linked up with all the other sacred sites on Gaia.

That Divine Union, Unity Consciousness, is at the Shared Heart of all we do.

The Nazar Essenes who were with the Christ group in the Great Pyramid witnessed the initiations and brought together all those, whom like now, are present to create a round table, an open door, unity to bring through wisdom of the Archangels, the Bodhisattvas, the Elders, through this Mother Portal.

Through the Shared Heart.

Through the Grail in the Heart.

The Grail is the chalice of Christ and is symbolic of what we become.

One vessel.

One cup.

One chakra.

That is what happened for Yeshua in the initiation in the Great Pyramid.

With Mary Magdalene they became the cup, unifying the processes of spirituality within us.

In their union, and ours, we unify the ideas of spirituality and move forward as one, dissolving all separation.

This is the alchemy or tantra of transforming perception.

The chalice or cup or grail is a womb.

The womb of creation.

The womb of creation within us all.

The pure wisdom within.


Here is a way to work with the energies of the Sirius Mother Gate.
As you listen to the Yeshua Codes, take your attention to the Sacred Breath.
“Breathing in, I am connected to the stars, I am the stars, I am the Light.
Breathing out, I am connected to my star family, I am the star family, I am the Light.”
As above so below.
As within, so without.
Breathe this continuous cycle of light around the chakras/interior planets in your body in the same way as the planets make a continuous cycle of movement around the central sun.
The base chakra is the initiation in the Great Pyramid.
The third eye is the portal to Sirius.
Visualise, hear and feel the stream of Light, the flow of life in the breath connect one chakra to the other like a Pillar of Light.
The crown chakra and its portal to all transmissions necessary for you will be open.
One vessel.
One cup.
One chakra.

Yogananda said:

“Christ taught Yoga methods to his close disciples to aid in their redemption…”

Yoga was described in the Bible in the often misunderstood Book of Revelations.

“…Saint John speaks of 7 stars and 7 churches.

These symbols refer to the 7 Chakras of light in man’s cerebrospinal axis, explained in Yoga treatises as the 7 divinely planned doors or ‘portals’ through which the devotee, by meditation, may come and go from this physical body by 7 successive steps into Cosmic Consciousness…”

Sri Yukteswar defines the Chakras:

“The 7 golden candlesticks are the 7 shining places in the body, known as brain (Sahasrara), medulla oblongata (Ajna), and 5 spinal centers—cervical (Visuddha), dorsal (Anahata), lumbar (Manipura), sacral (Svadhisthana), and coccygeal (Muladhara)—where the Spirit becomes manifested.”

Yogananda taught a series of Kriya Yoga meditations and exercises that make it possible to speed up the evolution of human consciousness.

He taught how to spiritualize your body, to perceive it as a reflection of Spirit and to think of yourself as the divine life energy that sustains your body, rather than as a mere physical vehicle.

“The Kriya Yoga that I am giving to the world through you in this nineteenth century,” Babaji told Lahiri Mahasaya, “is a revival of the same science that Krishna gave millenniums ago to Arjuna; and that was later known to Patanjali and Christ, and to St. John, St. Paul, and other disciples.”

“Kriya Yoga is an instrument through which human evolution can be quickened,” Sri Yukteswar explained to his students.

“The ancient yogis discovered that the secret of cosmic consciousness is intimately linked with breath mastery.

This is India’s unique and deathless contribution to the world’s treasury of knowledge.

Krishna Reveals His Universal Form To Arjuna by Dominique Amendola @ Fine Art America

The life force, which is ordinarily absorbed in maintaining heart action, must be freed for higher activities by a method of calming and stilling the ceaseless demands of the breath.”

“Be still and know I AM God” (Psalm 46:10)

The Kriya Yogi mentally directs his/her life energy to revolve, upward and downward, around the six spinal centers (medullary, cervical, dorsal, lumbar, sacral, and coccygeal plexuses), which correspond to the twelve astral signs of the zodiac, the symbolic Cosmic Person.

One-half minute of revolution of energy around the sensitive spinal cord of a person effects subtle progress in his/her evolution; that half-minute of Kriya equals one year of natural spiritual unfoldment.

It is all to do with your intention and focus.

The Dalai Lama, in his talk on the path to enlightenment (Day 3, around 1 hour and 20 minutes) on the method of tantra (union)

describes how important it is to calm the mind, to train it to be still, to focus, on the Buddha or Christ or Mecca.

So if you wish to access a stargate, then you need to learn how to be still, to be focused and become one.

When we were training to call star ships, 30 of us went on retreat for 2 weeks at a place called Bethells Beach in New Zealand.

We focused on communicating with star families and their craft and we did so with extraordinarily pure intent.

Using the techniques of the sacred breath and breathing equivalent to Kriya Yoga, cycling the breath in the ida, the pingala, and the sushumna, for hours upon hours in silence and stillness.

We did not waver.

We barely slept.

And the star families came.

That is the Secret Mantra.

That is the secret of the Shared Heart.

If you want to communicate with dolphins, become the ocean.

If you want to communicate with your star family, become the universe.


All the great saints and sages, Masters, gurus and angels speak with the same One Heart.

Pray single-mindedly with faith and devotion to the enlightened form of the Christs, Buddhas, Krishnas and Divine Mothers within you.

Obtain the empowerment of immortality through the sacred breath you breathe.

Liberate from birth and death through mindful heartful practice, breathing, breathing, walking, walking.

When you speak, speak with Presence and share your personal story of the Radiant Self by being a shining example of compassion and love to All.

Make enlightened connections in this world and all worlds through the Divine Romance and the Secret Mantra.

We will become endowed with the noble enlightened qualities of the Christs, Buddhas, Krishnas and Divine Mothers.

We will be led to the realm of the Pure Light of Being.

We will mingle indivisibly in the space, the Ocean of the Great Mother.

This is the ground, the path and the fruit, the Heart of the Lotus.

We carry this sacred flame of enlightenment, the miracle of the inner fire of bliss, within us.

Let it shine.

This is the mantra of the Heart Sutra, the Prajnaparamita Sutra, the Sutra of the Blessed Mother.


Gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi swāhā

Go beyond your self, go beyond what you know, go beyond the breath, empty yourself, bathe yourself in the miracle of the fire and bliss of Divine Love and the Secret Mantra and the Light within you.

Love and soul blessings

Altair and Mother … ♥ 

Durga Mother and Child


Son Of Lord Krishna, Son Of Lady Guan Yin, conscious walk-in from the Pleiadian Dolphin Isle Daenkus.

I am here to do the work of My Mother in assisting both in Mother Gaia’s ascension and by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva in seeking Krishnahood, Christhood, Buddhahood and healing for all beings.

Love and Blessings from the Source. Stephen/Altair gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā ག༌ཏེ༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌སཾ༌ག༌ཏེ༌བོ༌དྷི༌སྭཱ༌ཧཱ། “go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”

~ ☆ ~

A teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children. 


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Gatekeeper Update: Quantum Body, Galactic Frequencies, Gridwork, Gamma & Plasma Energies, LightBody, Earth’s Gridding Systems – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Golden Spiral by Lucid Light @ DeviantArt


Gatekeeper Update: Quantum Body, Galactic Frequencies, Gridwork, Gamma & Plasma Energies, LightBody, Earth’s Gridding Systems, Bringing ALL Into Consciousness


Off the charts POWER UPGRADES continue to increase substantially all day/every day. These are intended to overload the nervous system and deplete the immune system for systems (and cellular structures) breakdown to occur. This is a huge re-building & reconstruction process that occurs on a microcellular/organism level as DNA and Carbon Based Bodies are re-coded to accelerate the body’s immense transition process over from Old Earth to NEW. This goes through all of your organs, blood, bones, muscles, skin, brain, spine… every (Star) particle of you. This in-turn re-codes your entire physical reality too, and vise-versa, as both are the same thing, yet our human aspect doesn’t have the capability/access to see/understand all of this yet. It takes opening up to that which is not visible (energetically) and does not fit into any old beliefs/mentalities/perceptions on a human level. This means expanding beyond all things physical and “staying there”…

All of the “external” programming and distortions were deeply embedded in each one of us/you and as each venture deeper into/through their own Universal/Solar/Galactic Core’s to clear/cleanse/resolve all of that coding/energy and RETURN to a LOVING EXISTENCE that transcends the physical everything, anything representing unconsciousness (separation/duality/ego), becomes visible for each to see/experience until each has CHOSEN NEW EARTH VALUE SYSTEMS as a new way of existing all day/every day, with every facet of our BEing……

We are experiencing influxes and influxes of high frequency encoded light flooding our planet/planetary bodies like never before. “No stone un-turned” is a relative phrase, as are many others.

Travel with me as I touch on many areas and “shed light” on how to correlate many things to support/assist with this transition with greater ease.

Be ready to see what you didn’t want to see before

Be ready to deal appropriately too through your own higher consciousness

Be completely open to realities shifting and shifting your perceptions HUGE

Be open to the “impossible”

Be ready to dissolve/resolve “old” as fast as you can and through self-love/love for all

Be ready to say no (with love), sometimes strongly, which is required to hold your new realities in place where you created/allowed strong realities and gave your power away before

Be ready to DO something to align your own realities (on a Soul Level)

LET GO of the need to control out of fear that things won’t go your (ego’s) way

TRUST your own inner-connection/higher guidance and LISTEN completely

Learn to DISCERN the difference VIBRATIONALLY of what is what

Make your body’s vibration, your physical place/space’s vibration a priority and integration/application a priority, new creation a priority, unity-love-consciousness a priority (This is challenging even when you do, until the density is cleared and all is always aligned)

Stop trying to “fit” all into the old boxes/mentalities/identifications. This will never fit into the old human beliefs of “how” any reality is.

Get inquisitive about “higher consciousness” and open completely up. You are literally “replacing” your old realities will all new ones that obliterate limits and distortions…

GET ON-BOARD with all of you, all that you have, all that you are… completely

Start supporting NEW EARTH EXISTENCES in every way, take the blinders off and be totally honest with yourself

Learn to open up and share – What you ARE/HOLD is what you RECEIVE by way of Experiences here

Observe how much ENERGY you put into everything. This energy is your own Abundance. How are you SPENDING IT, what is your FOCUS and what are you allowing to AFFECT your ENERGY (your abundance)

This is a COMPLETE REVERSAL PROCESS of everything and a huge one at that.

The magnitude of how all “came to be” is mind-blowing, as is the POWER you hold too.

Stop making excuses… period. No way around that one…

You can complain or you can do something. Refusing to accept, support and participate in continuing unconsciousness is where we all start.

Your ego will keep all going. Your higher consciousness will nip-it-in-the bud and shift focus to something that supports/benefits all as love.

​Be generous, kind, respectful and considerate… to you first, which in-turn becomes all.

Open your mind (your heart must be open fully for this). Your body and physical reality are going to go through an immense process that is mind-blowing. Multi-Dimensionality is an EXPERIENCE, not an intellectual/human rules anything…

Get over your ego and the stories that never end when you allow it to run rampant. You are here to MASTER all aspect of yourself, bring all into balance from within you and recognize when you are in “need/lack/judgment/fear/resistance” modes and switch/shift these yourself. This is your own separation within yourself. Only you can do this part. Suffering is a result of NOT doing so…. So do whatever it takes to shift, dissolve, resolve and take your own/other’s EGO power away and BE your HIGHER SELVES in all moments….

Blame, guilt, shame, victim, excuses, fixating on “old” anything is your ego-game. Judgment is huge with this. Yes the energy has to clear YOU/your cellular body/template, yet you don’t have to “stay” in this. Honor the energy/cellular release, yet maintain your higher self while you do. Get creative in HOW you do this. It’s a part of the process of returning to power from within.

No one has more power than you do when you are FULLY CONNECTED FROM WITHIN AGAIN. You were the one that gave it away. You are the one that must take it back and KEEP it…. it’s a part of returning to MASTERY and your Ascended State of Consciousness.

As you fully LOVE, HONOR, RESPECT and APPRECIATE YOU… you’ll stop accepting anything less and shift all into MORE LOVE as you do.

Breaking the old STRONG realities of separation is tough at first. It brings up deep programs of fear, anger, tears and more. This is the point. That ENERGY is what held those realities in place. When it’s diSPELLed, your cells will break the program down and re-code through the new light that you intentionally integrate on a daily basis now.

Incorporate ALL NEW VALUES AND PRACTICES to how you live your NEW NOW LIFE. None of the old unconscious ones will work …. they will re-create a reality that will collapse. If you choose to go there, then there is still energy inside that needs to physically be released.

There is SO much more… get creative and open up. Your linear human will find this challenging. Challenge yourself constantly to EXPAND!

As we go, I’ll cover more, yet here’s a list of areas to take into account and figure out how you are/were still unconscious/unaware and what you can now “do” to shift all yourself:


Your/the carbon-based body must detox all of these, continually. They are in water, foods and air of 3D/4D realities. As your LightBody works hard through photonic light activating INSIDE of your cells to detox, purify, cleanse and re-code, anything you can do to NATURALLY and ORGANICALLY ASSIST with this process is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. All along the way. Your NEW Bodies do not house these elements like before. These toxins are in a multitude of things INTRODUCED into your foods, air, water and medical treatments to keep your body unconscious/you from waking up. You have to get pro-active and CHOOSE to remove these things/stop putting them into your bodies and raising your body’s vibration in order to LIVE on NEW EARTH is imperative to KEEP/SUSTAIN your highest existences here.

CLEAN WATER: Make it a priority. I had to too. No more excuses. Your body needs this for your LIGHTBODY to fully activate and raise it’s vibration to turn everything around. Bio-electric transmitters need a clean filter/conduit for communication/traveling through your body. All the crud/density creates interference and disrupts your body’s ability to do what it needs to do FOR you to have it easier and clear all of that programming housed/held in your body faster/easier for YOU. Get a filter for your bath/shower to cut out toxins absorbed.

BODY/SKIN/ORGANS: Your entire body houses/holds everything that plays out in your external/physical reality for you to EXPERIENCE here. These are working hard to DETOX, reverse everything ever “done” to them, everything ingested internally and absorbed externally too and re-build on a cellular level without the “gunk” in the way. Your body is your RESPONSIBILITY to TUNE to the highest vibrations possible and your old ways become your hurdle/obstacle to overcome from within yourself. NEW WAYS are required and your intellectual human mind won’t like this part, as it’s listened/learned from everyone/everything else and your ego wants all “it’s way”. Not how multi-dimensionality works. Your body knows more than you do. It’s always speaking, always asking/showing you what it needs to do this for you easier. Nature, sleep, quiet time, slow down, focus your energy and let go of the judgment/fixed beliefs. Those will keep you experiencing separation over and over again until your body finally shuts-down… Take care of what you put into your body/on your body. Chemicals suppress. Your body must be free of all of this to bring you through to higher-dimensional realites. Then you will re-introduce certain foods back in, to support the different phases (Crystalline/Plasma/Etheric) of Embodiment. Once your body is clean and running optimally and able to run a ridiculous amount of light through it continually and easily, it will enter re-GENERATIVE mode, where you will become a Generator of Light operating on a whole new System, with new foundations CREATED, new systems, new programs, new everything…

IMMUNE SYSTEM/NERVOUS SYSTEM: All must be “destructed/reconstructed” and re-coded on a cellular level. All must be re-wired completely so that your body functions very differently than before. Honoring your body FIRST and all-day every day, will make this process easier, yet your EGO will not like one bit of this… These light codes are going straight for these daily now. This is where DEFENSE mechanisms and COMMUNICATION systems where held/are (and so much more).

DEFENSE SYSTEMS/INFRASTRUCTURES: All have to be broken down and re-worked. Your whole physical body undergoes an immense re-everything process. Continually and increasing ENERGETICALLY as we go. This process is not going to decrease. The amount of energy will always increase and it’s up to you to acclimate continually, anchor continually and learn how to function in all new ways, continually. It’s a part of our processing here.

CELLULAR BREAKDOWN TO RE-BUILD THROUGH THE INTEGRATION OF LIGHT (CODES/INTELLIGENCE): At first, this is rough. The carbon-based body goes through a LOT. Challenging and even scary at first, until new understandings are applied, is an understatement. Yes, at times, in the beginning, we feel/felt like we were dying. In many ways, we were. Our bodies go through a rigorous process of clearing density, separation and deeply embedded programming. Physical pain is the body releasing these programs suppressed/buried/held/anchored in the physical body. Light activates neurons and bio-electric transmitters to “fire off” and “activate/trigger” emotions held there, which buried the programs through suppression/oppression that now have to leave/be freed from the physical body and physical reality too. Light is intelligent. It activates codes held dormant in your DNA. These codes tell your “new body” how to re-do everything. It tells your cells how to break all down. It stimulates, shocks and awakens your body in every way to FEEL FULLY EVERYTHING… until all unconscious programming (lower vibration transmissions) is gone and your new base-line is UNITY AND PURE LOVE….

PLASMA GRID: About a week or so ago, we anchored a whole new “gridding system” into the template of our Gaia/EarthShip and for those ready for this, our physical bodies too. While I use the word “grid”, it’s not quite a grid. It’s a whole new NETWORKING SYSTEM through SUPER QUANTUM PLASMA ENERGY. Star Families all activated, this wreaks havoc on polarity/polarized realities and still polarized bodies that must reverse/unify still. I will be sharing more as we go. I had no clue until the anchoring process was completed. It’s a part of my roles as Gatekeeper here.

GAMMA RAYS/FREQUENCIES: Substantial increase over the last few weeks that means different things to each. These STIMULATE and HYPER-ACCELERATE/EXCITE all on a cellular and consciousness level. They accelerate DNA re-writes exponentially. For the human aspect, these can scatter, create chaos, increase Quantum Entanglement and disrupt the old codes that lent to unconsciousness. These LASER through all and bring the veils within down fast. They super charge and quantify and for those of us who LOVE GAMMA, they give us the power-ups to accomplish and anchor higher dimensional timelines into the physical for all of us here. Plasma weakens the system, and we’ve had a huge increase in Plasma and also Electrical Energy…. so stabilizing requires more focus and balancing all continually to maintain/sustain with great ease. These also activate nausea, as radioactive energy increases in the body to amplify and clear distortions faster.

CRYSTALLINE FREQUENCIES (Rainbow & Diamond Light Code, as well as others): Substantial increase to anchor more Christed Light within all of our physical bodies as our Crystalline Bodies continue to evolve. I’ll share a cool video captured and was floating around online a few weeks back of the visible crystalline in the air/atmosphere. This has been/is our reality on a daily basis on NEW Earth here. Breathing crystalline light is challenging for the carbon-based physical body as it clears density/acclimates to “new altitude” existence from within. We all must slow down and honor the body. It’s doing immense work to re-calibrate/re-code and clear constantly.

PLASMA ATMOSPHERES & BODIES: Increased plasma brings forth more “gasses” and “spacey” feeling as our cells go Galactic and our Earth does too. This has been going on for years, yet the magnitude of PLASMA ENERGY is astounding and continuing GALACTIC STARGATES FLOOD our planet/bodies with this “game-changer” energy where all who chose Galactic Earth must “learn” to function completely non-linearly and integrate at a whole new rate. BEing a Galactic is a whole new ball-game, for us all being totally RESPONSIBLE and fulfilling our highest Soul Purposes and Galactic Missions/Roles here. ♥

YOUR LIGHTBODY: Is not prone or susceptible to the old like your carbon-based body was, yet you must fully activate your LIGHTBODY for it to bring you through to NEW EARTH. There are continual activations always occurring, intensifying like a super-charger for awhile. This JUMP-STARTS your systems, activates your crystals/crystalline body more and gives you the ENERGY/POWER to accomplish laying the foundations of your NEW REALITIES that completely replace the old. You will work through every bit of programming you hold CONSCIOUSLY and break these programs yourself. You are no longer oblivious, or care to be, no longer trying to fit in or conform. You blaze a trail and open up a wealth of opportunity that you didn’t have access to before as a sleeping human. This too, is just the beginning, as it’s also where your “child” comes forth. Clearing anything left of “wounded or unloved” inner child, your higher self is birthed (through your NEW Earth Chakra/Vortex of your body blowing up, yes, like you are pregnant, because you kind of are). I called them photonic “air babies”. Discomfort and body changes are natural as you prepare to birth constantly, and this process changes along the way too. You will learn how to play again, yet from a very pure place inside. Your heart will open to the wonders, the magic, the bliss as you prepare to grow up/mature into/as your Higher Selves, birthing your Christed/God/Galactic Aspects along the way, and evolving into MATURE CONTRIBUTORS through Unity-Love-Peace-Consciousness in all that you do/are.

CARBON-BASED BODIES hold density/old programming and exist on food differently than the LIGHTBODY does. Each LIGHTBODY PHASE eats differently. Each Consciousness re-codes DNA that changes what the body asks for to support these intricate processes that don’t conform to anything the human ego can comprehend. Meat and heavy dense foods, metals and chemicals keep the body dormant/asleep. The cleansing and continual detoxing of these things will assist with restoring the body to LIFE. Some chose extreme unconsciousness, deeply embedded in Matrix Programming, so the “lifting” and TRANSCENDING all of this can be just as extreme/intense. Our bodies waking up and merging as one is a huge process that began the moment we incarnated/walked into physical form here.

ACCELERATED DNA REeCODINGS: The human body seems to go haywire/doesn’t not fit into a diagnosis or box. Your body is working to undo/redo all for you. Honor and support it in every way. Vibrational support in everything. Inside/outside. Both are necessary here.

WATER: Drinking/Bathing. Do your research and listen to your higher/inner guidance as to how to align what you put into/subject your body to. Necessary. Not a luxury. Being oblivious “hurts” you. This affects collective consciousnesses too.

FOOD/WHAT YOU PUT INTO YOUR BODY: Matters. It matters differently in different stages though. There are no “fixed rules” anymore. Everything is about THE VIBRATION AND ENERGY that you subject yourself to/allow. When you hold your body in the highest regard (not how it looks, but what supports it in evolving as Light), everything changes. Your love for your body will return, your respect will too. Your HAPPY will return and with a thriving body that functions on LIGHT, you are not as limited as you were before. Get creative with organic foods, grow your own, spice it up, have fun! Make this a priority too. Your body is the “house” that your Soul chose to inhabit. Kind of the most important thing you’ve got! ♥

ALUMINUM, STAINLESS STEEL, PLASTICS, CHEMICALS: Get away from aluminum, plastics and chemicals. The old Teflon pans, deodorants, bottles and FLUORIDE inhibit your consciousness and suppress your body’s to fully awaken. DO THE RESEARCH, yet instead of getting caught up in the ENERGY of the old/intentional suppression/unconscious programs YOU CHOSE/HELD, make a different choice and commit to honoring your body, the Earth and listen to your higher consciousness. There are times you have to choose what is aligned OVER what your human-ego wants. This is those times…. Change your toothbrush, toothpaste, what you put on your body. It does matter, more than all understand. Be conscious of your body and our earth. You will have to choose what’s appropriate in supporting all appropriately for you.

CHILDREN: They chose us to be the CONSCIOUS ONES, yet they are often more conscious, because they don’t have the filters/veils in place yet. The younger ones/newborn Crystal/Rainbow Children, their nervous systems cannot take unconscious programming, the discordant frequencies transmitted all around them that adults/others cannot yet see. Their systems came in wired differently. They are here to awaken the parents/adults and hold a capacity for unity-love that BEGS to be listened to, nurtured, supported and not suppressed/shoved back into linear boxes/mindsets or suppressed by way of “the norm”. They are multi-dimensionals trying to TEACH and bring NEW AWARENESS in many ways. The shots and education system that must be overhauled/replaced with one that SUPPORTS NEW EARTH, CREATION AND UNITY, will be brought more to the forefront for all to SEE. Choosing to love your child FIRST and not force them into a suppression system that stifles them and makes them go against their pure nature is how CONSCIOUS PARENTS step into their roles here. Honoring your children, feeding them fresh live foods, letting them rest, play, sleep and filling their lives with COLOR and LISTENING TO THEM to educate you is KEY. These beautiful children carry NEW EARTH CODES in their physical body that are not to be suppressed. They are to be activated through LOVE and honoring them as a GIFT. They will teach many…. They are not children as one would like to think. They are PURE CONSCIOUSNESS in a small form to open the hearts and minds of all who are READY to AWAKEN and truly STOP re-creating the old by doing the same thing we “thought” or once believed. None of that is true. Now TRUE is what your highest aspect KNOWS inside… instead of what “out there” says. This is the TIME for all to reclaim their POWER and STAND as a UNITED FRONT as LOVE here. Honor our children. It’s our duty as Parents, Guardians and Light Keepers here.

VIBRATION OF PHYSICAL MATTER IN YOU/AROUND YOU: All will become more aware of this. The physical is a vibrational response and representation of LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Physical matter constantly changes and re-shapes/re-forms to match this.

BODY VIBRATION/CONSCIOUSNESS: Affected by all we ingest, absorb and surround ourselves with. Once fully conscious we CHOOSE what vibrations we allow in our presence/field. We understand how imperative this is. Not one bit of this is personal. This is a VIBRATIONAL EXISTENCE.

HOUSE CONSCIOUSNESS/ROOM/PHYSICAL SPACES OCCUPIED: Get the vibration of your room/house/place/space up. Live plants, color, clean, de-clutter, fill with crystals/andaras (grid your room/home). Smells/sound also affect. Nature is a necessity.

NATURE IS A NECESSITY. ALONE TIME IS TOO: Make the time. Otherwise it’s an excuse from your ego to not re-connect/REMEMBER again. The more you slow down, the more clarity you have. Everything returns to SIMPLICITY. This is where we function from. All is easier here. ♥

QUANTUM BODY: Your entire reality and physical body is constantly transitioning from linear constructs to non-linear existence (Quantum), so all is MUCH EASIER. The linear mind must dissolve and all linear practices dissolve for this to occur. This will not conform to anything of the “old”. All new “rules” apply here.

I will continue to write more about the new Plasma Grid/Networking System we recently anchored in and many other accomplishments as collectives and gatekeepers here. I’m focusing my energy appropriately and continuing to stabilize all as we activate all day every day now. The bombardment of light, bio-electric energy and body system upgrades are off the charts and continue to increase as we go. The rest of this month and through mid-January is huge, as we conclude many gateways and open more new ones. Continually, which is how we roll here!

I love you! Happy Everything!!!! I’ll post where I can, yet minimally, as it takes a lot on our part to bring all through and hold it for all of us here. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Golden Spiral by Lucid Light @ DeviantArt

Realigning the Earth’s Energetic Networks by Lord Maitreya – Natalie Glasson

The Healing earth by Aeoliah’s Visionary Art


Realigning the Earth’s Energetic Networks

by Lord Maitreya

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 21st December 2017 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Blessings and love extend from my being to you and all of humanity, this is a blessed day, as it signifies a powerful shift within the energetic network of Mother Earth. You are invited to be of service to Mother Earth and all of humanity by joining all of us on the inner planes in our intention and activation now.

The energies and consciousness of humanity are now appropriate to support Mother Earth in a major shift of healing and realigning her energetic network and meridians so that the truth of the Creator may flow with ease and perfection once more. It is during the winter equinox, and in fact each equinox of the season, that the veils between humanity and Mother Earth become thin. A greater connection and a deepening resonance with Mother Earth can be accessed. It is on these special earth days that Mother Earth opens her energies to the divine and the Universe of the Creator to receive all that is appropriate and necessary for her own growth and that of all earth beings.

Many of Mother Earth’s energetic lines or meridians which span across the entire world still remain broken or misaligned. In some areas, this is for a specific purpose, such as those in the area not being ready for the power that will be available due to the energetic network realignment.  In other areas, there is a need for the energetic networks of Mother Earth to be realigned to bring light, love and a new surge of truth to the land, people and all beings present.

The energetic networks of Mother Earth distribute the life force energy of the Creator throughout the Earth. They distribute life-giving energy to all while being channels for delivering remembrance, inspiration and truth. When the meridians of Mother Earth are broken or misaligned, then the people and beings of that area often lack in spiritual knowledge and awareness as well as knowledge of the Earth. Mother Earth communicates to humanity in many ways, and yet one of the most powerful ways is by delivering her energy and wisdom through her meridians, energy networks and chakras. I, Lord Maitreya and many Ascended Masters wish to ignite a healing which will allow for humanity across the entire world to receive the love and wisdom that Mother Earth wishes and desires to share with them. This will mean that souls will feel a greater connection with and compassion for Mother Earth, wi ll be more willing to work alongside Mother Earth rather than against her and will be able to access the sacred knowledge of many generations of how to be in harmony with the Earth. Many souls seek wisdom and enlightenment from the Creator, it is true that the Creator is within everything, and yet they do not realise that it is Mother Earth’s sacred soul who can share the most profound enlightenment concerning ascension, mastery and fulfilment upon the Earth. Mother Earth has all the keys and answers that humanity seek, and humanity is at a stage of resisting Mother Earth and all she has to share. Such resistance within humanity is a resistance of their own true self. Therefore, our purpose during the realignment activation of the energetic networks of Mother Earth is to empower humanity to know and accept themselves more fully.

The Activation

I, Lord Maitreya, wish to guide and encourage you to work with the Christ Consciousness, Crystalline Kingdom, Tree Kingdom and the Elemental Kingdom, and of course Mother Earth, to bring forth the necessary healing and shifts.

‘Lord Maitreya, make me an instrument of your light and the light created by the Ascended Masters who gather with you. Let the awakening and healing light that will realign Mother Earth’s energetic networks flow through me. May I be a powerful expression of the truth that is being delivered to all energetic networks in the body of Mother Earth, for all beings to access and receive. I open myself up to work as one with you now. Thank you.’

Upon the inner planes, I, Lord Maitreya and the Ascended Masters draw forth through our beings the healing energies and truth as gifted by the Christ Consciousness, Crystalline Kingdom, Tree Kingdom and the Elemental Kingdom. We work in oneness with these energies and sacred aspects of the Creator asking for the greatest truth to unfold into our beings as we gift this to you now. We invite Mother Earth to be present with us in her purest form, she joins us on the inner planes as a deliverance and guide of the most sacred truth, while also being a receiver within the body of the Earth. She is present within all stages of our activation process. You may sense Mother Earth’s love and consciousness flowing through your being.

As a united source we enter into the core of Mother Earth, through her body and into her spiritual home within the Earth. You will notice that the essence of Mother Earth’s grace, compassion and devotion fills the air. All aspects of the Earth can always be found within Mother Earth’s spiritual home within the Earth, they exist in their purest form with Mother Earth. These are energies, aspects and sacred templates of the Crystalline Kingdom, the Tree Kingdom, the Plant Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom, the Elemental Kingdom, and of course humankind. There is a sacred template for everything that exists upon the Earth.

We, Lord Maitreya and the Ascended Masters, create a circle, which we invite you to join, we begin to deliver around the circle the light we continue to channel from the Christ Consciousness, Crystalline Kingdom, Tree Kingdom, Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth. This creates a powerful energy surge of light which intensifies and expands within Mother Earth’s spiritual home at the core of the Earth.  Within the centre of our circle you will see and acknowledge the sacred templates of light of the Christ Consciousness, Crystalline Kingdom, Tree Kingdom and the Elemental Kingdom. These are the most sacred and purest vibrations and frequencies of these aspects of the Creator. We invite these sacred templates of active and alive energy to join their light, creating a sacred and powerful expression of the truth of the Creator.

We invite Mother Earth’s template of light which holds all that she is at the most sacred vibration, to join energy and link with the templates within our circle.  In the centre of the circle, you will see or acknowledge the most beautiful vision of Mother Earth at her highest spiritual potential. She is radiant, beautiful, inspirational and powerful. It is a joy to recognise Mother Earth in this way, and we would like to invite you to hold the intention of imprinting this synthesis, union and the highest spiritual potential of Mother Earth and all her expressions into your energy field so that it may merge with your entire being.  The imprints of sacred energy patterns will then filter into the consciousness of humanity and then into the minds and awareness of humanity, through your simple acceptance of all that you are experiencing now.

As our energy continues to flow and the beauty of all that is Mother Earth exists before us, we ask that you gift from your being, with a simple intention, the human light template that you hold within your being. As the template of humanity imprints as a light pattern into the synthesised energies of Mother Earth before us, a powerful healing, transformation and activation takes place for both Mother Earth and humanity. All resistance between humanity and Mother Earth begins to dissolve; humanity awakens their appreciation of Mother Earth and all that she has to share. The spiritual frequency of humanity is heightened allowing many energies of illusion and limitations to dissolve. A deepening bond between Mother Earth and humanity forms that serves and empowers both. It is beautiful to observe the transitions taking place.

Together we hold a vision of the many energy networks and meridians of Mother Earth, we expand the energy we are experiencing as a flow through our beings and the sacred transformations occurring before us within the templates of Mother Earth, Humanity, the Christ Consciousness, Crystalline Kingdom, Tree Kingdom, the Elemental Kingdom and all other aspect of the Earth. The energy overflows, travelling across the entire world as we hold the intention of healing and realignment for all appropriate areas of the energetic network of Mother Earth. We hold an intention of the truth of Mother Earth and the Creator embedding into all aspects of the Earth and humanity. Allow yourself to experience this beautiful awakening.

When the process is complete, we will dissolve the synthesis that we instigated between the templates because the energy is now grounded where it is needed. We will return to the inner planes. We invite you in the coming days to let the energy we created to continue to flow throughout your being, imagining this light flowing into the energetic networks of Mother Earth all around the world.

With deep gratitude,

Lord Maitreya

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The Healing earth by Aeoliah’s Visionary Art

Change and Alignment By Adama Hamilton @ The Dolphin Star Temple

Meditation of the water, sky and land by Cathy McClelland


Change and Alignment

By Adama Hamilton

My life is dedicated to personal growth, energetic alignment and embodying more and more of who and what I am with each breath and on a daily basis. In direct alignment with this is sharing my life‘s gifts to the best of my ability with those who feel aligned with what I have to offer and feel they will benefit from our connection, communion and mutual sharing. I am called to do this and love to be of service in this way.

One of the challenges in this vocation that I feel chosen to and called to do is that with each and every session I am changed. The ongoing classes, workshops, and travels that I take personally and offer continually expand, challenge, and push my perceived boundaries, limits, and life directions. Being in a continual state of flux and having stability at the same time is quite a trick in our ever-changing world and in the diverse life we experience.

With this in mind, I’d like to share an experience I had during a recent mediation. This is one of many ongoing experiences that I am now experiencing (maybe simply remembering) routinely. It is one I think you may especially find interesting and hopefully comforting to you.

“I woke up around 2:30 am, could not get back to sleep so I started meditating in bed. During my very awake meditation I opened to a place where I could see, feel, understand all connections, motivations, maybe even purpose, and truly grok everything of earthly life. It was like, ‘now I get and understand everything and why it happens, the way it does, peoples motivations, group and societal motivations – everything – as well as all patterns and movements and unfoldings. It was a huge expansion of consciousness.

“What was perfectly apparent from that vast perspective and vantage point was that everything made sense, everything had a plan and purpose and there was a perfection in everything that happened and is happening. Simply stated everything made perfect sense and was in a perfect alignment that served the greater and higher aligned of all that is.

“And at the same time, as badly as I wanted to hold this information and understanding, somehow I knew I couldn’t, that it would elude me when I moved out of the mediation space I was in. This truly amazing expanded experience felt like it went on for a long, long time. It was timeless or so it felt anyway.”

Once I was out of the Meditation, a feeling sense and some of the memory of the experience was there, but the details were lost. Only some of the peace of the majesty and magnificence of this experience remains…

It was like being at the top of a mountain, on the pinnacle of a high peak and being able to look around and see all that lay below, from such a broad view that everything was revealed and I was able to understand it all. Back on Earth, in comparison, it feels that we are carrying on with our mundane existence. So, let’s all chop wood and carry water today, knowing We are all doing absolutely the best we can and that there is an amazing expanding plan of alignment taking place within us personally and externally…

Light & love,