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Summoning Bliss and Love

I just caught myself in the middle of an everyday action that supplied a vital missing piece for me.

Only half of what happened is connected to the information I learned (intellectual knowledge). Half is connected to the fact that it was realized (realized knowledge). For me, realized knowledge has more vigor and strength than intellectual knowledge.

I had a thought (I forget what it was) and it raised the feeling of bliss in me.

Well, but that’s the problem. That statement (it raised the feeling of bliss in me) is not true. That’s the way we speak about things and it obscures the truth.

What’s true is that I watched myself raise the feeling of bliss in me.  The way I phrased it before leaves out the fact that I will bliss to come up in me. Because the action of the will happens so very subtly, we … I … tend to overlook it. But it’s essential to realize that we call up our own bliss.

I began experimenting and confirmed that I am the one who raises the feeling in me. I summon it and it comes.

This may represent an upgrade in our abilities to have command over things like this. Or it may be something that was always there that I didn’t see. I don’t know.

But the fact that I summon up my own bliss is a revolutionary discovery for me.

I didn’t need to repeat the experiment with love because I already know I summon up love from my heart. That was the original exercise that contributed to my heart opening, March 13, 2015.

What followed from the first realization was a second: If I am not experiencing love and bliss, then chances are I’m not calling them up from my heart. I’m dropping out on that vital piece of the puzzle.  If I don’t experience love and bliss, that’s why.

What I’m saying here fits with what the Company of Heaven has been telling us, that we don’t realize who we are and what our capabilities are. This experience was one of realizing a capability I either didn’t know I had or else newly discovered.

Whichever is the case, I’ll take responsibility for running the process.

I’ll begin calling love and bliss up from my heart … or wherever else they may come from … and into my field of experience.

I’ll be taking a couple of weeks off after Christmas.

Joy, Abundance and VIRTUES are States of Consciousness ~ The Eternal – L’Aura Pleiadian


Joy, Abundance and VIRTUES are States of Consciousness ~ The Eternal

The VERY fabric of Light is abundance. The very heart of eternity is the state of Light Frequency Consciousness that is complete JOY and overflowing abundance.

How could eternity have a limit after all.

Entering BEING the ETERNAL here on Earth. Is the lavish no limit ABUNDANT state, that knows itself as this eternal Light state of consciousness. Recognizes itself.

The VERY Heart of Christ Consciousness…merged with the Divine Feminine.

AS Above, so Below.

The Manifestation of the Godhead realized.

Realized as the eternal state of Being. Entering consciously HERE.

As the ONE that moves and breathes as the Divine embodiment. 

Knowing no separation from the eternal

ONE becomes the embodiment of Abundance.

The Embodiment of JOY.

The Embodiment OF Bliss.

The Embodiment of Divine Virtues.

A state of consciousness that knows itself as Glory. As all things eternal.

Being in the state of Unconditional Love. Personification. Embodiment.

This unconditional Love ~ STATE ~ knows nothing greater than this state of being. Than itself. Recognizing itself. as that.

As above ~ so Below….Embodied…

Activating NOW. In Glory!

With the Divine Council of Overseers…in Divine Glory, Abundance, and unconditional Love. Being The Eternal…

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A Christmas Reflection On How I Became who I am today – The Arcturians and Suzanne Lie


A Christmas Reflection On How I Became who I am today–The Arcturians and Suzanne Lie


A Christmas Reflection on

How I became who I am today.

Happy Holidays to you all,

I, Sue Lie, my husband and I have been greatly enjoying the Holidays, which arrived just a few months after we had completed our move to a totally new area and a very different lifestyle. Therefore, we have been greatly enjoying a time of deeply relaxing after we left our old house and moved into our new house.

I am so very happy to say the horrible fires in California have finally been contained, thanks to the amazing Fire Fighters. California, the state in which I was born and have lived my entire life, has finally completed a great challenge. I have heard that there is a huge sign that goes across the freeway in Santa Barbara, which suffered greatly from the fires, that says:

Fire Fighters are Angels!

All of us here in California agree with this sign. Therefore, today, Christmas Day, I would like to talk a bit about Angels in everyday life. Since this is Christmas Day, I also thought it was a good time to recognize how “normal people” serve as Every Day Angels. I have not posted a blog for a longer time than usual, but, as I said above, I have been totally relaxing and adapting to my new life.

We have moved from the city to a small town in the open spaces of mid-California by the coastline. We are still close to our beloved ocean, which we visit on a daily basis. The oceans here are filled with life and beautiful vistas. Therefore, we have been taking this time to cherish dear Gaia’s beautiful coastline and relaxing, relaxing, relaxing.

I hope that you, my dear readers, have had a chance to relax during this holiday season. I remember when I was young, my Mother loved Christmas. She was a very generous person and bought us many, many presents. However, I had been talking with a deeply loving Golden Being for as long as I could remember.

I spent a great deal of my childhood going to church, church camp, church events, and obviously learning a great deal about Jesus, and God, it was very familiar for me to talk to “Higher Beings.” In fact, I remember seeing a “Golden Being” for as long as I can remember. However, over the years, my Spirituality has become more personal and less based on a Church.

In fact, as you my readers know, for many years now I have been communicating with the Arcturians, Pleiadians, and other Galactic Beings. Perhaps I was chosen for this honor because I spent much of my childhood, talking and listening to unseen beings.

In fact, talking was quite with invisible beings was quite normal for me. However, I learned very young to “keep my mouth shut” about this part of me.

Then, one day, I think it was in the late 1980 or early 1990’s, the Arcturians with whom I had been speaking for many years, told me to “write a website.” I did not even know what a “website” was, but there were a few up then.

Then, as if to prep me for the Arcturians request, a friend hooked me up with a professor in a University, I think it was in Idaho, who was doing some research on that the new concept of a “Website”

Therefore, I did a trial run to research the possible success of “having a website.” The results of that research was that “Websites would NEVER work?” Oops, so much for that research. However, it was shortly after that experience that the Arcturians, who were just an unusual energy field that had been entering my meditations, told me to “Create a Website.”

I had been hearing, and speaking with, unseen beings my entire life. I remember a huge “Golden One” playing with me when I was a child. Later, when I was old enough to go to Church, which was my “free babysitter” on Sunday and during the “church camp weekends,” I began to recognize that I was talking with an ascended being called Jesus.

At least, I thought it was Jesus, which the communications become even more “real,” as now” there was a name for the Golden Being.” Because of my habit and ability of talking with unseen beings, I was happy when Sunday School told me that we could pray inorder to talk with the unseen beings of God and Jesus.

Talking with Jesus came first, as there were pictures of him at church. However, “God” was a bit too abstract for my child self, so I primarily talked to “Jesus.” And, “Jesus” gave me answers.

I actually thought I heard, or did hear, a message that came into my thoughts. At first, I told a few people about this, but I soon learned to keep these communications a secret from others.

Then, in the early 1997 (I just looked up the date on the computer. I thought it was sooner than that, but I remember that it was around the time that the comet “Hal Bob” flashed past our area. It was during that time that I had my first “sort of” computer, that I paid a couple hundred dollars for from a friend.

I know it was around the time of the Comet, Hal Bob, as I remember that some people were killing themselves in some kind of a crazy attempt to “join the Comet.” Anyway in my first “web-writing” I received from inside my imagination that there was a portal through which we could commune with “other realities.”

I did not know about dimensions then, or anything like that as I had not yet met the Arcturians. However, I was accustomed to communicating with unseen beings. Therefore, when the name “Arcturians” came into my awareness, I was able to accept that this might be a real being.

After all, I had been talking with Jesus since I was a child and believed it was “real,” so maybe these Arcturians were real too?? In fact, the Arcturians seemed felt very much like Jesus in that they were very loving and seemed to know just how to talk with me so that it did not seem too “crazy.”

Please remember that, back then, no one “channeled” except for the really famous people like Edgar Cayce, and he was asleep when he channeled. I was NOT asleep, but if I did not immediately write down what I received, or put it in my very old-fashioned computer, I would totally forget it.

Therefore, I learned to always document everything that I received from the beings who called themselves “The Arcturians.” In fact, I found it immensely calming and safe to meet with them.

It was then that I created a routine in which I got up early enough to go down to the spare bedroom, where my old fashioned computer was, have my usual cup of tea while I read something spiritual.

Then, when the tea was gone, and the reading reached a good stopping point, I put the reading and the tea cup aside and called in the Arcturians. I found that if I wrote down what the Arcturians told me, I could better remember their important messages.

Also, “writing it down” was a commitment, which connected me even more deeply with the Arcturians. I had learned in my childhood and young adulthood that documenting my inter-dimensional experience was vital, or I would forget them.

However, I did not call these experiences “inter-dimensional communications” then because I did not know what about dimensions. Fortunately, I did learn to let the Arcturians “fill in the blanks for me” as I could just be the “secretary” who was taking dictation.

But, I could not write fast enough to keep up with the message. Then the Arcturians said, “Use your computer.” That sounded great, but I typed so slow that it made it difficult to keep up with the message.

Then, if I typed fast enough to keep up, it was a sea of red “misspells.” “Just be patient,” said the Arcturians. “Eventually, you will learn to type much faster.”

Of course, they were correct again. Finally, I could type fast enough to keep up with the Arcturians message, and to also be able to read what I had typed. That was when the Arcturians said, “We want you to make a Website.”

“What is a website?” I asked. No answer. So I tried to move around in my old computer to find out what a website was, or perhaps, someone told me. I know that the person I had done the experience for during the Hal Bop time talked about a website. But, his research revealed that “websites will never work.”  Boy, were they off!!!

The Arcturians knew about websites, as they exist beyond time, which I also did not know then either. So, I tried to forget about the “website” thing, but the Arcturians kept saying “make a website.” By that time, there were a few websites, so I was able to get some information.

“Call the website, “,” they said. There was that “multidimensional” word again. So I looked up it again on the search engine, and all I could find was “multimedia,” which was also a new concept.

But much to my surprise, I was able to find someone who was handy with this new technology, and she volunteered to make the website for me. “But I don’t have any spare money.” “That is OK, I will do it for free, and she did.”

Wow, these Arcturians were on to something much bigger than I could ever imagine. In fact, I could not even imagine them until just a few months before this whole process began. When I asked the Arcturians, what should I write?” they said, “We will dictate it to you bit-by-bit.”

And so it began… My friend kept her promise and created the whole site for free, and I kept my promise that I would keep writing down what the Arcturians told me. Then, slowly, website was born.

At first the website was quite psychological, because that was the information that I needed, as well as the information that beginners to “multidimensional consciousness” needed, as well.

Gradually, terms like “multidimensional consciousness” came into my mind. Then I asked the Arcturians to tell me what those new terms meant and they told me. They knew that, “The truth is best told in a good story.” Therefore, they told me one good story after another, and all of them set me, and my readers, off into a mental, and emotional, journey into the unknown.

By the time that was completed, I was hooked and made another site. However, that site crashed, so I incorporated it into the site. You would think I would stop there, but I found that I loved writing, and by then Blogs had appeared. Therefore, I started a Blog, which is where I am posting this message.

I encourage all of you to find a moment in your busy Holiday to hide away to give yourself some time and space to reflect on, “How did I become who I am Today?”

Blessings from Sue Lie and the Arcturians

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 4:41 PM

Treasure Map a Gift at Christmastime – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Treasure Map a Gift at Christmastime

Merry Christmas!

Imagine that Mom and Dad have given you a present this Christmas. Let’s unwrap it!

Look! It’s a treasure map, with an explanatory note.

The treasure map shows an island vaguely the shape of a human being. There’s an X at the top of the map with “You are here” written beside it.

An arrow points in the direction of another X in the middle of the map, where a heart has been inscribed, with “The treasure is here.”  A dashed line connects the two.

What can it mean?

What does the explanation say? Let’s read it.

Child of our heart,

The X at the top of this map indicates the place where your awareness is now, vaguely at the top of the head.

The X in the middle of the map points to an aperture, or portal as you call them these days, two digits to the right of the breastbone. We’re asking you to take your attention from where it is now and place it on the heart.

Hindus call the heart aperture or portal the hridayam.  As long as it’s closed, we say the heart is closed (not emotionally, but at a much deeper level). Once the hridayam is open, a torrent of higher-dimensional love flows.

And a heart opening is destined in your future.

All of us wish for your heart to open. Call it the treasure, pearl, or mustard seed. Call it the Self, Christ, or Atman, the very thing you’ve always been looking for is found in the space of the opened heart.

The heart door to the higher dimensions is always already available to you, regardless of race, religion, or beliefs.

Open that door and all your worries are instantly swept away. Higher-dimensional love will flow in a torrent and transform everything within you. You’ll be submerged in love, ego-dead, Self-alive.

In that tsunami, you’ll feel as if you’re drowning, for sure … and find what you’ve been looking for.

Welcome to the Fifth Dimension, child, whether to stay or just for a visit.

Now we leave you with this further note of explanation

Mom and Dad


The hridayam is the heart aperture or portal that remains closed, just as a camera lens is closed.

When the heart aperture opens, we’re said to have had a heart opening. The inner tsunami of love that flows swiftly through that space is wonderful! Beyond imagining.

Blessed with that inner tsunami, that torrent which floods the fields and makes the dikes (boundaries, borders) unnecessary, you’ll need for nothing else.  And only want for more of it.

Do not confuse the heart with the heart chakra. It’s the heart you want to enter.

We’re not talking here about being “open-hearted,” as in the quality of “open-heartedness.” Many, many people are open-hearted, but very few have had a heart opening. They aren’t the same.

Many enlightened sages have a temporary heart opening after which the hridayam closes again. This always occurs until the last stage of Third-Dimensional enlightenment (Sahaja Samadhi) is reached.

That same permanent heart opening our Hindu children called moksha, mukti, liberation from life and death, or liberation from what you now know as the Third Dimension of physicality. (1) It’s what the Buddha called buddhahood (not arahantship).

To folks who remain in the Third Dimension, you “become” ascended masters.

Thank you, Mother! Thank you, Father!

I can add a word as well.

Archangel Michael told me that three things tipped the scale for my heart to open on March 13, 2015. It more or less closed again the next January.

The first was my passionate love for Kathleen, which apparently approached the level of transformative love; the second was that I cried out to have Mom and Dad open my heart; and the third was an exercise I’d like to describe to you.

That exercise is to draw up love from our heart on the in-breath and on the out-breath send it out to the world. This exercise, Michael said, primed the pump.

Once the hridayam opened, I was immersed in a torrent of love, which instantly swept everything impure and negative from me and left me in ecstacy. My friend overseas who had a heart opening during Linda’s Solstice Webinar was swept away by the alteration in his feelings.

Before that event, I’d never have guessed what true love, sacred love, higher-dimensional love was. It was … well, clearly, from another dimension.

I assert that everything good can be found in the space of the open hridayam – of the open heart. Oh, happy day that it should happen to you – and it will – and that yours should permanently remain open in Ascension.


Everyone here at the Golden Age of Gaia, InLight Radio, the Council of Love, joined by Tiara Kumara and Children of the Sun, Sue Lie and the Arcturians, and Sandra Walter and Creative Evolution, wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

After tomorrow, I’ll be on two week’s vacation, with encore posts every day for your reading enjoyment.  Happy New Year!


(1)  “When the waveless ocean of the external and the steady flame of the internal Nirvikalpa are realized as identical, the ultimate goal, Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi, is said to have been reached.” (Ramana Maharshi in S.S. Cohen, Guru Ramana. Memories and Notes. 6th edition. Tiruvannamalai: Sri Ramanasramam, 1993, 88.)

“This is Self-realization, Mukti, or Sahaja Samadhi, the natural, effortless state.” (Ibid., 82-3.)

Sahaja Samadhi is usually the highest level of enlightenment that sages can be found to freely talk about. Probably because dimensionality wasn’t part of the conversation back then. It wasn’t until recently