Happy New Year, Everyone! – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Happy New Year, Everyone!

I’m taking a break from holidays to post a New Year’s greeting.

Happy New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day, everyone!

What would I like to say on New Year’s to everyone? What’s most important to say?

Besides having a good laugh, which is always enjoyable, what’s most important to say is how much I hope people will not lose the momentum in the New Year to pursue what terrestrial sages call “purification,” what I’ve called cleansing ourselves of our vasanas.

This is a longish read, but the subject is important. Perhaps read it in stages (hence the asterisks).

According to our enlightened teachers, purification is one of three phases of enlightenment. The first phase is sila or purification, often called washing the bowl or polishing the statue. That’s the phase we’re in now.

The second is samadhi or concentration.  Meditation is the most obvious form of concentration. But any path will have its form; e.g., karma yoga, sila, or service can involve concentration on love or forgiveness, as I’m watching in another.

The third is punya (punna), the arrival of the wisdom born of enlightenment after mukti, liberation from ignorance and density, Ascension, or Sahaja Samadhi.

I place value (and I know Kathleen does as well) on the process of purification; specifically, the cleansing of our vasanas or core issues.

All the spiritual work we’ve been doing over time has been concerned with removing the overburden that obscures the Self. I’m sure we both thank you for hearing us on this subject, which is dear to our hearts.

A big hoorah to all those folks who’ve taken workshops on the subject of core issues over the past year or read up on it, etc., and have been working away at processing – or eradicating – theirs. (1)


Purification, for me, is the road to balance. When we reduce ourselves to our balanced essence by processing our vasanas or core issues, we can be said to have “purified” ourselves.

There are so many synonyms for “processing our vasanas”: let go of our baggage, gotten to the bottom of our upsets, forgiven ourselves and others (the direct route), dropped our acts and numbers, stopped projecting onto others, stopped pointing the finger, emerged from our hatred and jealousy, gotten real, become personally responsible for our lives. These are all elements of or synonyms for eradicating our vasanas.

We’re removing that which veils or hides the inner Sun of the Self from us and allowing that inner tsunami of love that “Bright Star” described to flow, the torrent of which washes away all concern and anxiety.

This heart opening, as Bright Star describes it, is the goal:

“Suddenly, my heart opened up and by this, I mean it was like my heart exploded. My heart was flooded with an immense wave of light, a golden bright light that I can simply not describe. But I’ll try my best to do it nonetheless.

“I instantly felt that now, the Tsunami of Love hit my heart and firstly, I was so concerned about this strong feeling in my heart, that I thought I am having a heart attack. …

“The Tsunami of Love hit me so hard that in the same second, all my concerns, anger, distress, hate and all other unpleasant feelings, which bothered me for such a very long time, were washed away completely.

“All these feelings were replaced by pure Love and for the first time ever in my 45 years, I experienced Love in its purest form. The Tsunami of Love was a complete cleaning of my ‘system.’ A resetting of my being. After an hour or so, The Tsunami of Love leveled out, leaving me in total peace and Love.”  (2)

First time ever – yes! Love in its purest form – yes!  Complete cleansing of my system – yes!

A resetting of my being – oh, yes! THIS is a heart opening. If you haven’t had one, for heavens sake, ask for it.

Pardon me while I wax Biblical but this is the treasure buried in the field, the pearl of great price. Knock and the door shall be opened. Ask and ye shall receive.

Surely you can see from Bright Star’s account and my own enthusiastic bubbling that this is the X on the treasure map I spoke of at Christmastime. This inner tsunami of love that comes with a heart opening is what we’re all seeking. The doorway to Ascension is the heart.

A temporary heart opening has been promised to all of us. It’s the next stage on the road to Ascension, which will be a full and permanent heart opening.

But notice that Bright Star thought he was having a heart attack. Do not be fooled if you feel like exploding or imploding. Simply allow the Mother to do her work.

Thank you so much for that description, Bright Star.  Yours is the first account I’ve read that’s been exactly the same as my own experience (and more). We both felt the opening of that door, the hridayam, the portal to the heart.

PS. And you went further. Who’s next?


There’s a false and an authentic purity. When I talk about purification, I’m not referring here to an exaggerated and puffed-up self-righteousness that passes for purity.

I’m referring to balance – a state of being that’s mirrored in the thought, feeling, and behavior of the individual, the one unattached to anything else than love, balance, and the other divine qualities.

It’s needful to give attention to the arts of purification – many of which Kathleen is discussing – at this time of chaos and mayhem, arrests and disclosures.

It’ll be needful again after First Contact, Abundance, governmental reorganization. After any major change, the need will reassert itself to go deeper and deeper into our personal cleansing or purification.

And this can be stressful. I ask us to forego criticism of each other, such as in spamming comments or the sharing of private correspondence, etc. Let’s go easy on each other during this time of mayhem. None of us has been this way before in this lifetime.


Not to leave the question hanging –  what is purity?

Purity, for me, means oneness of essence – pure gold is an example. We’re all One in essence.

Like a divine fiber-optic, we’re billions of Lights emanating from the One Source. That’s exactly our situation.

Our form extends outwards from the central source like the plastic form of the fiber-optic. But inside we carry Light/Love that comes directly from the Source. All of us carry the same Light. And we carry it in our hearts, beyond the hridayam or heart aperture.

When the overburden is removed and we stand forth as much more of that Light (it goes on and on), we can be said to have purified ourselves – of our vasanas, the overburden, our baggage, our old business.

The time at which that overburden is completely and forever removed is Ascension or Sahaja Samadhi. That’s where we’re headed. That’s down the road in gradual stages plus peak moments such as I expect here.

Notice what else Bright Star says: “After an hour or so, the Tsunami of Love leveled out, leaving me in total peace and Love.” And the inner tsunami will level out more and more, because it’s just a foretaste of what is to come in Ascension.

You saw it level out for me. You heard me asking AAM why, if I’d had a permanent heart opening, it didn’t last. It did but mostly closed. Certainly not a torrent at this time.

So my advice is to just let it go when it wishes to depart. It’ll be back. And even the remembrance of it is sweet.


Ascension will be a permanent heart opening, which in turn is a return to ourselves as we naturally are (Sahaja = natural).

We must be as children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. (3) Innocent, natural. Sahaja

Won’t we laugh when we see that all of this hoopla is simply about us returning to our natural state? Ending up at the place we began? That is grounds for laughter.

Emerging from our obfuscations, the Buddha calls it. Polishing the statue, Plotinus described it as, in one of the best metaphorical statements of it I’ve ever read. (4) This is one of the main activities on this site: Personal cleansing of vasanas.

We’ve built up momentum for purification over the last five or six years. I hope that momentum continues in 2018 and bears fruit.

Thank you to everyone who’s donated to the continuance of this site and InLight Radio. Without your support, we would not be here.

Happy New Year, everyone!


(1) On how to eradicate a vasana, see “How to Handle Unwanted Feelings: The Upset Clearing Process” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/spiritual-essays/on-processing-vasanas/how-to-handle-unwanted-feelings-the-upset-clearing-process/

(2) “Bright Star: An Account of a Heart Opening,” 

(3) “Heaven” to the early Christian Fathers is the same as what we mean by the “Fifth Dimension.”

(4) Plotinus describes purification, metaphorically:

“Let him who can, arise, withdraw into himself, forego all that is known by the eyes, turn aside forever from the bodily beauty that was once his joy. He must not hanker after the graceful shapes that appear in bodies, but know them for copies, for traceries, for shadows, and hasten away towards that which they bespeak. …

“Withdraw into yourself and look. … Do as does the sculptor of a statue that is to be beautified: he cuts away here, he smooths it there, he makes this line lighter, this other one purer, until he disengages beautiful lineaments in the marble. Do you this, too. Cut away all that is excessive, straighten all that is crooked, bring light to all that is overcast, labor to make all one radiance of beauty. Never cease “working at the statue” until there shines out upon you from it the divine sheen of virtue….

“Have you become like this? Do you see yourself, abiding within yourself, in pure solitude? Does nothing now remain to shatter that interior unity, nor anything cling to your authentic self? [You are balanced.] Are you entirely that sole true light which is not contained by space, not confined to any circumscribed form, not diffused as something without term, but ever immeasurable as something greater than all measure and something more than all quantity? Do you see yourself in this state? Then you have become vision itself.

“Be of good heart. Remaining here, you have ascended aloft. You need a guide no longer. Strain and see.” (Plotinus in Elmer O’Brien, ed., The Essential Plotinus. Representative Treatises from the Enneads. Toronto: New American Library, 1964, 40-3.)

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