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Uriel:  Greetings.  It is I, Uriel. Things are escalating in a very profound way, through exploration that the students have embarked on in regards to their energetic system.  Using the first four chakras in a greater, more resonant way with their Divine Essence is a big step that they have taken towards their ascension process.

As we have discussed with them, now is not so much about clearing, although those things that are out of alignment will be cleared in a more rapid way because of their ability to use various energetic components to achieve higher consciousness, as well as a reconfiguration of the physical body itself.

Because of the work that they have done in the previous session around the use of color vibrations, starting with the first chakra, there is another piece that we wish to put into play that will help them a great deal in using these vibratory rates to escalate the amount of Light that they are able to maintain and sustain within their physicality.  This energetic assistance that we are about to initiate in these students is of great importance now for them to be able to use, to a greater degree, the information that was given in the last session.

This energetic template is known by various languaging. The more common languaging that those who are embodied on your planet have is the one which you term the “Eye of Horus”.  This is an energetic template. It is not just a picture or something that can be visualized. It is an energetic template that is used by the Lords of Light, as well as the Master Realm, to help those embodied to begin to incorporate certain energetic patterns into the physical realm; into the physical body. It is an energetic template that has been used in ancient times through diagrams and pictures – pictorial language – to express this format. The Eye of Horus is equated by many with the Egyptian culture.  But, as with the “El Shaddai”, there is much more to this template than just this visualization. It is an energetic format that can be understood in the physical realm in the lower states of consciousness by the visualization of an eye that is in a pyramid.

What we are proceeding with at this time is to install this energetic used by the Lords of Light. They have made their presence known to you and to the students in previous teachings so you can use these vibrations of color to transform the energetics that are held in the first four chakras. Thus changing not only the energetics of the physicality, but changing the molecular structure, the electromagnetic fields and the radiation that is held within a more evolved species.

In the realm of Creation there is an outer realm of Light expressions, as well as an inner realm. This event that we are now in the process of initiating within these students, and within you, is the bridgework that enables the student to interact from the outer realm and achieve consciousness within inner realms. The inner realm is where Prime Creator resides. The Elohim and the Lords of Light originated from this inner realm.

It is through my guidance that these events will be transmitted during the next class. You will be working on many levels now. You will work within the physicality, within states of consciousness that are contained in the outer realms of form. You will work within the higher realms. And I hesitate to use the terms ‘higher’ and ‘lower’, but these are the only descriptors I have available at this time.

Now I will pause, so that we might have more of an interactive discussion in regards to what I have just said to you.

Jim:  I think I understand.  This is a template that is going to enhance the ability to expand awareness, both visually and with a knowingness. It’s a template that interacts with many aspects of the physical and emotional.  What I’m not clear on is, as that’s installed, what would be some of the applications that would be enhanced with that knowledge and awareness?

We would like to recognize and thank Joan Walker for bringing forth the Teachers of Light to speak through her. With her contribution and collaboration this course unfolded.

Next week: The Eye of Horus – Limitlessness

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