The Soul, Door To Everything @ Radiant Rose Academy


The Soul, Door To Everything

Our Spiritual Hierarchy advises us that few Spiritual Paths on the Earth really teach the nature of our Soul and what the Soul is. Akasha’s Dispensation through the Radiant Rose Academy, guided by the Ascended Host, does teach us the wondrous, magnificent, and beautiful nature of our Soul.

Beyond our Mind, waiting for each of us to embody through our continued awakening, is our Divine Consciousness of Higher Intelligence,Β All Knowingness. And, beyond our Hearts, waiting for our full return back into aΒ State of Divine Love, is our Soul. Our Soul is the Door to Everything, everything being the Cosmic Light, Miracle Love, Perfection, and Genius of our God Nature that has long waited expression in our lives.

The Masters teach us that in our fall from Grace, by accepting the consciousness of the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, instead of living our lives in accordance with the Consciousness of the Tree of Life that knows only Perfection, the human race closed the Door to their Soul. This happened millions of years ago.

Through our continued awakening, and the great re-union of our hearts and minds, one day the β€˜Door to Everything’, our Soul, will open once again. When this happens, the Love and Genius of our Soul will express naturally through our daily lives. The teachings within the Academy reveal how we can prepare for and achieve this mighty restoration and accomplishment.

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