Many Dimensions ~ Communication and Language – L’Aura Pleiadian

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Many Dimensions ~ Communication and Language

Different worlds, different meanings assigned to so-called words.

There are different levels of perception of any experience.

ONE cannot see what one does not yet know as true through experience.

This is why there may be a huge gap in understanding with Beings existing here now in the Higher Worlds, and those functioning through the hidden worlds of the subconscious mind. Still active in the energetic memories, to be cleared.

This is why someone can appear so loving and turn into a monster in rage. It is the hidden subconscious that rules the lives of so many.

The Process of bringing this to light may appear as a painful experience to most.

Yet it is that PAIN ~  reactivated (not victim status) that helps it to be seen in the first place and Brought to the light.

How can we then communicate through the Higher Worlds with those that do not yet understand, or speak the language of the Higher Worlds.

We observe and see clearly, that ALL experiences, orchestrated through the Higher Dimensions of Light are for educational experiences. Understanding that there are many levels here present on Earth.

Many dimensions being represented, through what appears as the human form.

We ARE here speaking our language. It is revealed how we ARE Being.

It is what is.

We are simply being it.

There are no mistakes. It is all being brought to the LIGHT of The Original Light.

Purification of all that is experienced energetically AS pain and suffering.

This then shifts AWARENESS to the  present MOMENT.

This is only when we see it clearly. Then there is more.

Always expanding to Higher Frequencies.

Many may want us to play in their inner saga which involves manipulation. It is simply the eagerness of the pain, to want to experience itself again. And rear its ugly head to so speak, TO be loved. Brought to the Light. We can observe and not be involved.

We Can be simply the Love and Presence of the Higher realms.

No Matter what the agenda of pain and suffering is.

It is not us.

It simply is what is here in the lower dimensions to be transformed and set free by the Higher Pure realms of Light.

Anything to do with suffering ~ is this pain being reactivated of the pain within, already. To be brought to the Light of conscious awareness.

I know I have written this hundreds of times.

The Union is when the subconscious is made conscious.

No hidden energy agendas other than BEING.

This is being present.

This is being Your Presence.

When YOU are purely you with no pain through energetic memories in your subconscious.

This is freedom. This is Being true love.

This is the Union between DIVINE beings United in love.  For their essence is eternal Love.

This is Ascension. You being your Divine Ascended Being.

The Glory of THIS experience is beyond the imagination.

In love, GRACE, Glory and eternal Light.



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