Immersed in an Ocean of Love โ€“ Part 2/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Water Painting by Antoine Renault


Immersed in an Ocean of Love โ€“ Part 2/2

Steve is on vacation until Jan. 11.

(Continued fromย Part 1.)

Iโ€™d like to continue looking at the feeling-level experience of love that I was immersed in the other day.

The space of love and bliss seemed unshakeable. I noticed that, while in it, I made choices, but without preferences. I was in what Sosan and Krishnamurti called choiceless awareness.ย  Just being here with nothing added. Acting without acting. Remaining centered. Doing what worked and whatever I did worked.

I saw then, a little more strongly than I do now โ€“ since Iโ€™m not in that space any longer โ€“ that Iโ€™m entirely a form made by love from itself, immersed in a sea of love.

I saw all traces ofย  โ€œI wantโ€ (ego and desire) disappear.

The fact that I had no preferences was very important.ย  Preferences are not bad but they take us away from our center point, the stillpoint, the heart.

Away from the heart is another way of saying away from love. Going away from the heart is what Jesus called distraction:

โ€œCome back to what is important. And that is, you are love. It is all you have ever been. Everything else โ€” everything else, every other lifetime โ€” is just a distraction.โ€ (1)

We distract ourselves endlessly from the love that we are and thatโ€™s present in our very own hearts. And then we wonder why we feel so low or down or awful.

Preferences end up being a distraction from love, from our natural state. The only reason there isnโ€™t a hue and cry raised and a global campaign started to restore love to all our lives is that so few of us have experienced transformational love. Hardly any of us know it exists. We know romantic love does but thatโ€™s the merest shadow of the other.

Iโ€™ve experienced transformational love around two dozen times in spiritual experiences prior to this latest, extended round.ย  But these earlier years covered mere minutes a year. And then the memory faded away and I was back to normal again.

And this would be after weeks, months and years of intense work in workshops and retreats. The real kicker is that each of these experiences repaid years of spiritual work.

I noticed the other day, as I flirted with my preferences, that it caused me to withdraw from the space of love. I could have kept going with the experiment but I probably would have found myself entirely out of the experience of love and back in lower vibrations again.

Viewed from another angle, love is the only thing we can desire thatโ€™s free. Everything else carries a karmic price tag.

Iโ€™ve already been using Archangel Michaelโ€™s blue sword of truth to cut away all attachments from the external part of my body each morning in meditation.

But preferences feel as if theyโ€™re on the inside. I now use Michaelโ€™s blue sword on the inside of my body too, to remove all preferences. And, yes, I really find it works.

Basically we have to eliminate every form of tie that keeps us in the lower vibrationsย  โ€“ preferences, strong desires, attachments and addictions. We have to remain in our centers.ย  Not like Iโ€™m so great at this. Iโ€™m not. But Iโ€™m getting better.

When we cut all preferences, we remain in the heart and exist in our natural, native state โ€“ which is love.

Sahaja samadhi, which this was not, is also our โ€œnatural state.โ€ย  I take it this time spent in bliss was just a nibble, a hint, a gift of the angels.

I remained in the loving state as I went about my errands in Vancouver.ย  Everything was different. Every interaction worked. If the whole world felt this way and lived it, the world would instantly work. This is what it will take โ€“ transformational love and bliss โ€“ to make the world work.


(1) โ€œJesus: You are Love. It is All You Have Ever Been,โ€ channeled by Linda Dillon, December 18, 2013, atย


Water Painting by Antoine Renault