I AM Individualized Consciousness @ Radiant Rose Academy

I AM Individualized Consciousness

The Individualized I AM, a Cosmic Activity of ‘I AM who I AM’

As we become more illumined to a kinder and more generous understanding of the Infinite Presence of our Universe that is the Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, we come to understand they are the Source at the centre of the Universe that created all of us. They created Individualizations of themselves, Divine Replications, endowing each of us with the Divine Mind of the Father and the Sacred Heart of the Mother, sending us forth into this Universe as Individualized Creators.

Each of us are the Individualized Consciousness of I AM, however the self that we are presently experiencing is only a fraction of our true Divine Consciousness, Nature, and Self. Commonly referred to as our Higher Self, or more divinely referred to as our ‘Mighty Christ I AM’, we come to realize our Higher Consciousness Self lives in Higher Realms of Pure Light, and is the Source that provides life to us in our Earthly Embodiments. As we awaken to these great truths, we realize the journey before us is to once again begin to embody on Earth, the Perfection of ‘I AM’, our Individualized Presence of Source.

Image of our ‘Individualized God Presence’

The Ascended Masters have provided us with a Sacred Image of our outer self and our Higher Self Presence and Consciousness. The lower part of the picture represents our outer self; the upper part represents our Individualized Presence of Source, which is the Spiritual Light Body of our Higher Consciousness Self. It is our Higher Intelligence, Source of life to our body, and always stands ready to be a Source of Perfection in our life and world when we awaken once again to our True Self and enter into deep acceptance, acknowledgement, and begin to communicate with our ‘I AM, Individualized Consciousness’ that abides within and above us.

The Ray of Light which descends from the Heart of our Divine Self, down through the top of our head, anchoring within the heart of the physical body, is the very Life, Light, Substance, Energy, Intelligence, and Activity which animates our physical body, and is the Source of our Consciousness.

When our attention is turned to our Higher I AM Consciousness and Presence, this Ray of Life, Consciousness, and Energy begins to intensify and expand within our physical body, until the Point of Light within every cell of the physical garment responds. Then the process of removing the denser qualities of the physical body begins.

The Armour of Light around our outer self is a Gift of Protection from our Spiritual Self. The Sacred Fire passing in, through, and around our outer self cleanses, purifies, and heals our mind, feelings, and physical body when we begin to daily call forth the Sacred Fire Purifying Flames from our Presence and the Ascended and Angelic Host.


Reflections on the Awareness Game -Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Artist appreciation


Reflections on the Awareness Game

Light, love, and awareness are names for three divine qualities as we experience them from our vantage point.

Viewed from the One’s natural state, I have no doubt that things appear entirely different. But we’re not there at this moment. We’re here, down in Fourth Dimensionality, where the living is dense. We see Light, feel Love, and are aware.

I was trained in the awareness game at Cold Mountain Institute, on a three-month resident fellowship, and in the est Training.

I found that awareness dissolved unwanted conditions and allowed one to realize the truth. That truth might be the truth of a situation or a deep truth of Self-Realization. Realizations can be minor and major.

I enjoyed the awareness path the most. Others who follow it are Zen practitioners, Vedantists. western neo-advaitins, Enlightenment Intensive participants, etc.

What is the awareness game?

A game is about obtaining something that is felt to be or represented as being more important or valuable than something we already have. In our case, we make it better to be aware than to be unaware, to be more aware than we are rather than to rest in our relative unawareness, etc.

What the primary agreement of those who play the awareness game is is to remain aware, at all times, of ourselves and to be honest in owning or acknowledging what we’re thinking, feeling, and doing.

It doesn’t take long to see that there are levels of awareness, which I’ve written about on other occasions: the intellectual, experiential, and realizational.  The awareness student wishes to be Self-Realized and so pushes awareness up the ladder from ideas to experiences to realizations.

The student of awareness labors to expand their awareness outwards and inwards. Whatever enters their field of awareness is observed. Distinctions become clear from the simple act of observing. The awareness student doesn’t force that process but simply takes what awareness gives them.

The awareness student knows especially the dissolving power of awareness. Paint one’s issues with it (that is, bestow one’s aware attention on it), allow awareness to do its dissolving work, and the issues disappear. (They may return but they disappear in the moment.)

As all one’s issues settle down, the need to be vigilant, to defend one’s self, to have a comeback, a strategy, or a winning number disappear.  The ego finds less and less work and may be found nodding off in the corner for lack of tasks to accomplish.

Finally our awareness becomes like a monk in deep meditation – one-pointed, totally open, and receptive.

Awareness has its tools. Here are two.

I use my in-breath to tell me how I’m doing. If my breath is easy, I’m happy. If my breath is labored, I have issues that I haven’t cleared.

Here’s another tool. I listen to myself for short sentences that are actually commands to myself. If I hear one, I make a note of it and ask the mind where it originated. I raise to awareness everything I can about the command, the vasana it relates to, the decisions I’ve made out of it, etc.

What’s my reward?

I’m experiencing it right now. I just took a breath and a wave of bliss came up from what I believe to be my heart (I don’t actually know. It comes from inside me).

Here I am now, in bliss, and I can tell you, there’s nothing additional I want at this moment. Living life eternally in bliss or love, peace or joy is our destination, is it not? Is that not what Ascension is?


I can never forget you – Lucia Sullivan

Lucia Sullivan


“I was glad it was over.
The beginning wasn’t even my own.
I would have chosen,
For me,
A loving home.
I was glad it was over.
I had pockets full of springtime in the country.
I pulled out the laughter and the morning dew,
And sometimes,
I would see your face.
Squinty blue eyes,
And a glowing heart.
I never had one picture of you.
But god himself imprinted the memories,
All over my skin,
My being.
I was glad it was over.
There wasn’t anything left there,
Without you.
The woods were just the woods.
The dirt road was just dust now.
Without you plowing thru,
Without you picking the wild flowers.
I was glad it was over.
Now that they were left to hold the reigns .
They drove me into those thickets of thorns you used to warn me about.
They put me out at midnight for the owls to catch me.
The ones you told me about in the dark.
On the creaky porch while we talked about the hollow tree in the yard.
They put me inside the hollow and never came back.
But I pulled that sunshine out of my pockets,
There in the dark of those hollows.
With the howling of those strange creatures hidden in the boroughs.
And I found my way back to you in the dark.
All I could see was your face.
I was glad it was over.
And one day,
We will begin again.
And I can never forget.
Because you,
Are written all over my soul.” (For my grandma)


Written by Lucia Sullivan ♥ Copyright 2018 all rights reserved
New York
I am a clairvoyant, poet, writer, and seer. I believe all things are moving towards the light. I love music, dancing, boating, nature, and animals.