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It Is Time Now To Go About Your Father’s (Higher Self) Mission by Sananda, Ashtar, One Who Serves via James McConnell

Hi Everyone,

We had a wonderful discussion about current events from the perspective of the Light forces and then were treated to timely messages from Sananda, Ashtar and OWS calling for all Light Warriors to go about their Father’s (Higher Self) mission.

If you are planning to attend our next Sunday PFC group either in person or via conference call and have not yet RSVP’d, please do so. Again if you are planning to attend in person pleas make sure to RSVP so we can have an accurate count of how many to expect.

Thank you to Zoe for continuing to crank out these transcriptions for all of us. She was not able to complete the question/answer part so that will be sent out to all of you separately as soon as I receive it. In the meantime, you can go to our .org website to listen to the audio file.

Information will be forthcoming about our next Advance which is now scheduled for April 19-23 (Thursday thru Monday). As soon as I have the new flyer, I will email it out and post it. Plan on an amazing time especially if you are able to join us live and in person at the Christopher Creek Mountain cabins. That is all I can say on this now as much depends on all that happens between now and then.

Enjoy and Be in joy and Now Is The Time!

Love and light,


Believing Is Seeing!

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on January 28, 2018.

​Note: ​

As the question/answer session has not yet been transcribed you can listen to the audio file by going to website.

[7:56] Following our guided meditation


I AM Sananda.

As always it is wonderful to be here with you, to be able to share and join in with all that is happening now across the planet to all of you; all within you and outside of you as well. Times that are coming and are here now is all a process of consciousness, all a process of everything that you have been working toward.

We are saying to you now, that now is the time. Now is the time for you to once again be ready to go about your Father’s mission. As I said as Yeshua so many years ago, “it is time now as I move about my Father’s mission”. It is time for you as well to begin to do so. You, the ones who are awakened. It is time to assist others in coming to their awakening. It is time to reach out to more and more people, more and more of the chosen ones, to help them become awakened. And then once they are awakened and all of you are awakened, it is then time to reach out and help all those others who still find themselves asleep; asleep and not knowing that they are asleep. Only you know that they are. As far as they are concerned they are just simply living out their lives just as they have lifetime after lifetime.

But those of you know that it is not the same old same old. It is not lifetime after lifetime now. It is the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning. Because now is the time for all to begin to move ahead into their various missions that they came here for.

If you do not yet know the mission that you came, ask. Go within yourself and ask. If you are already aware of that mission then take it up and move ahead with whatever it is. Do not be shy any longer.

It is no longer okay for those of you, those of you who are now the warriors, the warriors of peace. It is no longer okay for you to sit back and let the world revolve around you. It is time for you now to move ahead and make the world revolve … and evolve.

I say this now as Sananda, and I say this with all urgency, because there is a wave of energy that is coming. Because of where the solar system has now moved into the galaxy, into a certain part of the galaxy that it has not visited for a very long, long time, many thousands of years. You are now moving into a state of energy. Whereas up to now you have been in a place of rest.

Now it is time for the energy to accumulate and to move across the planet as this wave of energy will come down from the heavens. And it will move into this time period that you find yourselves now, it will move in relation to the cosmic events that are going on and that will be happening.

Know as this energy wave comes in, that you are this energy wave. You are the ones for the catalyst for this wave. And you are the ones that will take this wave and make it do what it needs to do. You are the ones that will accentuate all that needs to happen here.

It is time now my brothers, my sisters, my dear friends. It is time.

I AM Sananda. I love you dearly more than you can possibly imagine. And many of you know me very directly, and I, very directly with you. We have been together in times previous.

All of my peace and love be with you.


I AM Ashtar.

Always wonderful to be able to be here with you and share with you, and share with you all that is in the process now of occurring. At this point you yet have no idea of all that is about to happen, all that is coming forth.

We, those of you that have, we that have mentored to those of you, have been sharing these things with you for some time. We have been preparing you. But no preparation can be enough to have you be ready for all that is about to occur. I do not speak now in terms of when it is going to be, when the Pulse is going to enter for no one yet knows that. But based on those probabilities and possibilities of what can and will occur, we can say that you are in the midst of a great change, a great change that is coming over the planet, a great change that is coming within each of you.

Each of you now are feeling it more and more. You feel the energies building. You feel them building within you. You feel the energies building outside of you to all that is happening.

You see all of the old … you see all of the old that has been crumbling around you, all of the old paradigms that no longer can work with these new higher energies. And as the energies continue to rise the old will continue to crumble, because it cannot withstand, it cannot be within these new energies.

You cannot have fear and hatred in these new higher frequencies and vibrations. It is not possible. So all that is of fear and of hatred is crumbling. And all of those that continue to hold on to the old ways will not be able to much longer.

The times have nearly arrived; the times that you have been hoping for and waiting for as have we. For we wait in our ships preparing to be there in a moment as needed. Not in the terms of rescue, for that will not be needed, but in terms of stepping forth and offering our continued assistance wherever it will be needed, where ever it will be asked for. Those times have nearly arrived.

You have heard in several ways and from several different sources now that this year, your 2018, is to be a miraculous year. And that is indeed true. Just as your 2017 prepared you and in many ways fulfilled much of what was said would happen it has not been completed yet. This is the year that there will be completion in many respects.

And as Sananda has asked it is time for all of you, now, as the light warriors, to go forward and speak out what you know. Speak out with power, with understanding, with love, and assist all those that are in the process of their awakening. For if they are not awakened when the Pulse arrives, it will be much more difficult for them. This is why it is an urgent calling now to all of you to do your part — whatever that might be, whatever that is that’s guiding within you — to do your part to bring this all about. It is up to all of you and all of us.

I AM Ashtar. And I send you greetings from the Highest of the High and all of our love and peace.


Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

How was that for messages here? Are you all ready for these things that have been talked about and shared about? Yes. Bring it on. We hear that! Bring it on. We know that you all want this to come.

We know that you all want these energies come and these waves of energy and how it is feeling within you. Many of you are, as you are having these energies come in and you are feeling various kinds of maladies and sicknesses and all of this. But in the past you would have thought, oh my goodness I have the flu, and oh my goodness I am sick, and all of these things that were going on back then. But now as you are having these energies come in you are saying how wonderful! How wonderful that I feel so crappy here! [Laughter] You see? See where we are going with this? It is entirely different understanding. Different in so many different ways here. You see?

These are the times as you are hearing. These are the times! These are the times that you have been working toward. These are the times you have been building toward here lifetime after lifetime. Many lifetimes, many civilizations, many past experiences that you have gone through. And it is time now. You have reached the pinnacle or the cusp of it or the crescendo. You have moved, you are moving toward the crescendo of everything that’s been building. And it is coming. It is here. It is a part of you.

All that’s left now is for you to do your part as Sananda and Ashtar are asking. They’re not only asking they are beseeching.

They are wanting so much to bring this all about and do everything that they can. But in order for them to do everything that they can, you have to do everything that you can. It is all working together. It is all about symbiosis here and you are everything that is needed to bring this about.

When we say you, we are talking about the collective you, but we are also talking about this group as well. Your particular group. You do not know yet how powerful this group is in coming together and working with these energies and working with these understandings and these new levels of consciousness that you are coming to. We say new but it is really not new, it is old for you. It is coming back to the old consciousness you had, the ones that you came here with to begin with. That is what you are moving back toward all of you.

So it is a grand wonderful time that you are moving into. And the more that you see and understand that the more it will be grand and wonderful. Okay?

Are there questions here for One Who Serves?

Q & A

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell

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Art: Wendy Pepyat


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