Pleiadian Message February 2018 – Christine Day

Art: Dorina Costras


Christine Message February 2018

Friday, February 02, 2018

Hello, Winter is here in Grand Marais, Minnesota. It is so wonderful to watch Lake Superior ice over and witness the incredibly beautiful colors of the sky creating intriguing pure reflections on the ice. There is such a silence in the air when the water freezes, a quiet that reflects a deep stillness inside me.

What an amazing time to be alive on Earth! There are so many unexpected opportunities opening up in front me at this time. I have had to let go of expectations and allow myself to simply be moved on a new pathway, which carries a change of design.

There has been a lot of activity of Pleiadian ships on our land and across the Lake. I can feel, perceive a shift in the energetic setting on our land in readiness for Spring when the new Gateway will be energetically constructed and activated on our meadow.

I am excited by all of the activity surrounding me, and within there is already a quickening taking place throughout my cells. I know I am being prepared for the huge upheaval that is coming to us on our land as the Gateway becomes fully active. This will herald in a new phase for me, I will undertake another role within the Universe as our Receiving Station for the Galactic community becomes self realized on our land.

We have been on this land for six years now. It has taken this long for the land to be ready to receive the full activation of this Receiving Station. In May the Gateway will be fully opened, Alisa and I will be playing a full role in activating and holding the energy of the Gateway open while a stabilization process completes itself.

Of course we will be joined and supported by the Galactic council, the Pleiadians, the Lemurians and many other groups from the Galactic community. This process is a new pathway beginning, a destiny mission for us, and an essential happening for the planet and we are celebrating this next step.

I am committed to sharing this journey with you as it unfolds. I have had to change some of my scheduled plans to accommodate my new commitments with the anchoring of the Gateway. My presence is required at the land while the Gateway stabilizes completely.

I want to honor each one of us as we transit through these challenging and glorious times within the 3rd dimensional illusion and birth into these new realms of consciousness.

Love and blessings



3 thoughts on “Pleiadian Message February 2018 – Christine Day

  1. I’d like you to know what this post did for me — it validated a very intense part of my life in which I went through believe me hell and high water to vet a location making big noises about wanting one of these outside of Twisp, Washington. We had to move the nexus elsewhere & I split with my life and one bag and a huge feeling of self doubt. I think you understand. Anyway, greetings, big blessings on your portal, crack a virtual champaign bottle on it from me, and thank you again for sharing 😎

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