Through Your Awakened Multi-Dimensional Living DNA, ALL Awakens to Come Alive and Online – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Artist appreciation

Through Your Awakened Multi-Dimensional Living DNA, ALL Awakens to Come Alive and Online in/at a Much Higher Dimensional Frequency Reality than Ever Before

Your cellular body transmits what’s in your cells, trapped/suppressed emotions and beliefs to CREATE your EXPERIENCE (a vibrational RETURN) to show you what’s held DEEP inside of you. If you can SEE the transmission, allow yourself to FEEL fully, honor the process of clearing distortions (without judgment) and shift/re-tune your own Vibration Yourself and the FULL integration of these immense Quantum Geometric Light Codes, you can shift your ENTIRE BODY/BEING to a different vibrational frequency/timeline for a much HIGHER VIBRATIONAL EXPERIENCE than if you try to avoid, control, pretend/hide, suppress, not acknowledge, not feel, not open up to a WHOLE NEW WAY of DOING EVERYTHING that will CHALLENGE every aspect of your human (ego) you.

Your body is CONSTANTLY TRYING to clear/cleanse/purify the distortions, the EMOTIONS “tied” to an unconscious program(med) belief. Your body is working HARD to move into a much higher frequency bandwidth (different/alternate dimension) and all of your EXISTENCES are anchored/embedded in every part of you. This process is immense and “complicated” when your human ego (fear/lack of trust/listening) is allowed to be in charge. This creates resistance, a tightening down/tensing of your muscles and a closing of your heart. This shuts down your access and brings fear/non-belief in. This “takes over” and you separate off from your Purest Form of who you are, a fully conscious loving, kind, magnificent BEing that holds an immense amount of Light, Knowledge and all of the “answers” that your human (ego) doesn’t have access to, because it functions from separation….

Your Energy Body is PURE CONSCIOUSNESS and has to integrate fully from WITHIN YOUR PHYSICAL BODY so that you can e-MERGE anew, so that your physical life can transform and you can re-birth through CREATION and EXPERIENCE the most amazing, magical and SIMPLE REALities IN EVERY MOMENT here.

In order to DO this, your whole life will change. Your human doesn’t “like” this part, as it can’t CONTROL the outcome first, it can’t ensure that what it “wants” is what it gets, not understanding that this is not a BATTLE to “win” something or possess things or be over/under anyone or anything. Your EGO will keep you in a place of fear, keep you living in lack and “cause” you to “lose” everything, if you allow it to, because IT is YOUR separation, which means it’s not “causing” anything. It’s transmitting the EXPERIENCE that you NEED in order to STOP ALLOWING it to dictate your actual physical reality experience here.

There are TWO of you inside (more than two, yet we will start with 2). Your Highest Purest Most Infinite Quantum Intelligent you that so far transcends your human-ego aspects that you once THOUGHT was you. You must CHOOSE which aspect you allow yourself to BE, in every moment. You must CHOOSE which one you listen to, which one you allow to CREATE/Transmit your own physical reality experience here. If you CHOOSE not to choose, then your body is ALLOWED to transmit out anything it wants. Confusing, intrusional, fear-based and egoic programs that are housed within your cellular body….

Only through a purely OPEN HEART AND MIND can you shift to OBSERVATION where you can hear, see, feel these programs as they emerge from inside. At first, sitting with these emotions, beliefs, fears is uncomfortable (and downright painful until the intensity is allowed to clear), yet the option to ignore them or try to control/suppress them creates a reality that not desirable as an experience here. Allowing this ENERGY to process through you in order to purify and cleanse your physical body structure is KEY. Once this has been allowed to occur, then UNIFICATION can commence, through an integration process that often requires much sleep, rest, alone time until you’ve MASTERED clearing energy on a cellular level while you are able to do/be/accomplish other things.

EXPRESSING your feelings… FEELING FULLY is a necessary part of this process too. How you do this will determine your own experience here. If you can dissolve the judgment and honor your feelings, any distorted beliefs will clear faster. Photonic Light amplifies distortions (and awesome experiences too!), both inside and outside. The KEY (code) is to UNDERSTAND and DE-Code your own Reality as it PRESENTS to you. Judgment creates a loop-cycle that will occur until all of that energy is gone.

Your EMOTIONS, MENTALITIES, FOCUS, PRIORITIES and ENERGY dictate your physical realities (Dimension) that you experience here. Where you are able to maintain an Expanded State of Consciousness, you can determine the vibration of the ENERGY of all.

A Physical Experience is a MULTI-VIBRATIONAL RESPONSE to your own State of Consciousness and what you HOLD INSIDE. Unconscious programs dictate UNTIL YOU BECOME AWARE OF THEM and change/shift/tune the vibrational transmission yourself.

Your Physical REALity is a Vibrational Response. The higher a vibration (Expanded Consciousness) that you are able to HOLD with your body will “override”/change the vibration of the DNA of all physical matter. This is just one of your ABILITIES as PURE SOURCE LIGHT.

There is being a CREATOR on a human level and BEING CREATOR incarnate. These are actually not the same. While they will innertwine, your human creates, while your SOURCE YOU has already created all and has ACCESS to what you have already created, giving you the ABILITY to “do” in your physical what has already been done/occurred in a much higher/alternate reality/dimension. The INTEGRATION of your Pure Source You is KEY for you to achieve/receive the highest realities (vibrational timelines) for materialization in YOUR PHYSICAL here.

Materialization is when physical matter takes new form in response to the vibrations you are transmitting out. Your human ego aspect does not have the ability to Consciously dictate this. Only your highest aspects of you do. As you EMBODY THESE, your body’s DNA changes, reconfigures, recodes itself. Your multi-dimensional body is nothing like your human one was. You have a form that you occupy, yet on a cellular level it is doing an immense amount of “work”. These re-codings re-calculate on a Quantum Level the actual physical reality that you EXPERIENCE here.

Your ego will be powerless, yet try to overpower through fear, which creates a reality of “loss” and lack to experience to clear all of that separation program energy that’s inner-fearing with full Unity/Union inside. Your ego will create your own suffering, discomfort and a not awesome experience, if you allow it to continue to run your show/play/reality/illusion.

Your Quantum You is accessed through the elevation and expansion of your own Consciousness. Through a completely connected state that your ego is inherently disconnected from. This is what DUALITY is. The separation between the “yous”. Merging your aspects FULLY as LOVE can only be done by you/your higher self/aware/understanding you.

Your acceptance that all is meant to change, that your NEW You is DEEPER inside and simultaneously floats around in your field. The deeper you go inside, the further OUT you are able to expand your own Consciousness into your Field (Unified Field). This is a tuning process for your body, which activates dense programs, your cells of light, photonic energy to “rapid fire” and start moving, to ascend your body to a higher vibration/alternate dimension, so that you can ACTUALLY EXPERIENCE the DREAM State in your physical one. This FLUID experience is a flipping and merging process that continually occurs. Your human ego can’t fully see, yet your purest you can, which is why it’s so important for you to be fully aware of which ASPECT of you that you ARE in every moment now. ​

Your human (ego) aspect is not going to UNDERSTAND what is going on with your body, emotions and physical reality or “why” things are occurring, because it doesn’t have access to the information of HOW Multi-Dimensionality and Highest Consciousness EVOLUTION works. This is a very physical process, which changes constantly along the way. Your human (ego) will mis-perceive, mis-identify and mis-interpret everything because the LANGUAGE it speaks/understands is HUMAN (EGO), which is the OPPOSITE of LIGHT. Only by opening up TOTALLY and COMPLETELY to your own Highest Selves/Universe/Universal and Cosmic You can you start to accept what makes no logical sense, because CONSCIOUS SENSE and Common Sense are not the same.

LIGHT (Photons that make up your Cosmic Galactic Solar SOUL you) hold all new intelligence and answers that go way beyond the human experience and perceptions. Your ego will stop/shut down/limit your access, because it lives beneath/in a veiled state of amnesia. Photonic Light activates 24/7 powerfully now. It carries LIFE, Creation, beauty, magic, profound re-connection to all that ALL lost/disconnected from when “falling from Consciousness” to enter a physical body for a human experience here. The increasing amplification of PHOTONIC LIGHT INSIDE OF YOU is RETURNING you to what you forgot, can’t remember, lost access to… yet your WHOLE BODY, WHOLE BEING, WHOLE REALITY must be re-configured by way of new DNA CODES (new coordinates) to DIAL/TRANSMIT much much much higher dimensional (Light’r Density) realities that your body can’t “get into” if it holds the density of separation still.

Your DNA CODONS are constantly re-writing your whole body’s GENETIC make-up according to your COSMIC and SOUL Highest Selves DNA/RNA (Codes) that re-write your entire PROGRAM (Reality) that plays out for you in your physical in each moment. The more light embodied, the less you have to “try” to do anything at all. All you have to do is BE and through this deeply connected BEing state your Quantum Access allows you to tune to a vibrational reality and to “call it forth” to materialize in your physical for you here.

The KEY (KeyCode) is your own Unification/Unity Consciousness/HUmanity that you FUNCTION FROM. Your every breath transmits for you. This LIVING BREATH of Life/Full Consciousness/Higher Dimensional Light is the breath of intentional and PURE CREATION that activates the CODES in your body and field to align all fully for your highest dimensional EXPERIENCE here.

Opening your heart fully to an EXISTENCE of Pure Love, an Existence of Purity, an Existence of a Power that transcends any human ego power there is. Your POWER is AS LOVE, AS UNITY and through the INTENTIONAL BREATH of BEING, a re-connected state that collapses/dissolves ego-separation everything.

If you hold duality within you, then this will play out in your world. If you hold fast to UNITY, no matter what your ego tries to say/create, then you intentionally resolve/dissolve your own duality (Energy/programs) to return to the brilliance, magnificence and purely magical, joyful, inspiration that’s available to you when your human aspect is in full gratitude, appreciation, reciprocating and fully present within an experience as Unified Love.

Your human will always have to do the work in the physical. As you return to a fully UNIFIED STATE, your human body vessel is what you chose to function from in order to fulfill your highest Soul Purposes, Galactic Missions and HUman Roles for all of HUmanity here. Each day focused on what is truly important, instead of playing in the ego-separation-games, each day in FULL REALIZATION and receiving in direct correlation to match the vibration you are consciously transmitting out. You realize that your transmissions, your choices, your actions AFFECT every dimension, timeline, reality simultaneously, which means you have to be fully conscious to take greater care in all. You realize that everything you do is relative and that your physical reality is a vibrational reflection/match to an (alchemical) mixture of what you hold, what you are, what you do, your intention, how you do all, where you come from and which aspect(s) of you are in COMMAND of every moment of every day.

There will be days/moments where you “can’t” do anything at all. Where you just lay, rest, sleep or BE and allow your body and field to re-code, re-calibrate, re-tune, re-everything for full integration and synchronization on a much higher timeline. This is a huge part of how multi-dimensionality works. Yet while you are laying there, you can observe, bring through the information for what you hear/see/feel/realize/observe and utilize it to make a difference, anchor higher dimensional/vibrational realities here, touch the lives of others, share the knowledge, the codes, the beauty, the magnificence, the perceived “bizarreness” of all. Your judgement (ego) will stop you, if you allow it to. This is YOUR INITIATION (PROVING) PROCESS to see what you will do/believe/allow and which aspect of you that you will CHOOSE TO BE, dictating your entire experience here.

This is a vast, infinite and intricate process that is EVERY MOMENT here. To the ego it is complicated, through the heart/higher heart/higher mind consciousness it is SIMPLE. Honoring higher consciousness knowledge is discomfort to the ego aspect, which is the point. It’s not supposed to be “easy” for the ego, as complacency, ignoring and not wanting to hear are the ego’s way of responding to all of this. WE have to choose to shift out of our EGO and open up more expansively as our Universal Selves. ALL of the SEPARATION will dissolve, therefore suffering will too.

There is a difference in discomfort of choosing not to allow your ego you rule and suffering to your own human’ness. Knowing the difference is a KEY Code too.

As your heart opens more, portals to alternate dimensions open too. Your body will go through a rigorous and immense process as it evolves to become your Multi-Dimensional Quantum Body here. The amount of ENERGY that runs through you as your DNA ignites, feeling PORTALS open, your cells becoming Galaxies, your SOUL Body becoming the Sun/Solaris and every planet too (Your Cosmic Body). The DNA of every higher self, every planet, every everything activates inside of you. The Sound Frequencies of Light become increasingly louder inside, as your human body (carbon-based) mutates/re-configures itself and your LightBody activates fully, thrusting you into a whole new way of functioning that obliterates the old.

Your constantly evolving, adjusting, tuning ENERGY BODY goes through a multitude of PHASES and PROCESS, that constantly take your human body offline and bring it back online as the full integration process is complete. HOW you PROCESS everything changes. Emotions, thoughts, actions, transmissions in you and around you become LIGHT INFORMATION (DATA) that your Quantum Light Body processes at different speeds. When your Crystalline Content is being adjusted, your human body cannot process as easily, yet when these (itchy and breaking out for awhile) crystals and star particles are completely encoded with the ‘NEW INFORMATION’ activated 24/7 through a barrage of Light Frequencies constantly oscillating to switch your transition your body from one state to another, from one grid to another (from Old Earth to NEW), your body will go weak/offline to re-write your body template/cellular make-up, which “deletes” the old programs that you have processed through you/out as a “no longer true” unconscious program and replace it with a much higher “new pure truth” conscious program that will then start to “play out” in your physical reality world FOR YOU.

Your human (ego) will fight and inner-fear with this process out of fear and because it does not fall within the realm of reason according to old linear beliefs/constructs for “what reality is”. Multi-Dimensionality will blow your old realities out of the water, as nothing adheres to the old. Everything here is aligned on a SOUL LEVEL through Universal/Cosmic “Law”. Everything aligns through each’s HUmanity, Love and Purity on a level that our human didn’t have the capABILITY for before. These capABILITIES emerge as we go deep within ourselves and clear all distortions as they present. No longer feeding human “needs”, our every need/desire is met (abundantly), because our focus is very different, our dedication is to a much BIGGER PICTURE that our human aspect did not have access to before, because a PURE HEART, ACTIONS and LIFE is the ONLY way to gain access again.

I say again, because you already know this, you’ve already done it, you already ARE it in PUREST FORM. Energy. Pure Consciousness Energy. Pure Love. Pure Power. Pure. Functioning from this state, this SPACE, returns all that you know, desire and need. Functioning from this place, this space, will take everything that you are and have for awhile, until it’s where you FUNCTION FROM NATURALLY and in every moment. It’s a whole new way of BEing, DOing and Existing on a Sacred Soul Level, as a matured Avatar, through the application of Christed Consciousness, God Consciousness, Galactic Consciousness and Gaia Consciousness all merged into ONE.

Holding all of these highest States of Consciousness means your whole body and reality are constantly re-coding to SUPPORT A WHOLE NEW EXISTENCE here. Your body needs love, respect, kindness and for you to listen to it, support it and SURROUND it with the absolute highest vibrational everything so that it can SUPPORT you and carry you through this MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCE WITH GREAT EASE.

This entire process is the opposite of what the human one was. Everything must be reversed and then reversed again, constantly. All unconscious programming identified as your human “learns” how to decode your own Matrix programs, and there are a gazillion of them. As you do this, alignment is simple, once you’ve cleared the ENERGY yourself.

A multitude of dimensions are always available. WE DO NOT ALL EXIST IN THE SAME ONES. Our bodies can move in and out of different vibrational timelines, tune to many simultaneously for a mutually beneficial experience, yet can only SUSTAIN once ALL BODIES have achieved full acclimation of the highest frequencies fully, otherwise the physical experience is short. This is because CONSCIOUSNESS DICTATES the physical, not the other way around. For the human ego aspect, it is the other way around though (remember the polarity of opposites that play out). The human body will be EXPOSED to higher states of consciousness (vibrational realities) long enough to be ACTIVATED, then go elsewhere for however long it takes (Separation of time held within each’s body template) to work through every unconscious program/separation that presents.

Two physical forms (or many of them) cannot maintain the same physical reality when the ENTIRE BODY (mind, emotional, physical, consciousness) are vibrating at different oscillations/speeds. The most conscious can hold the vibration high enough for all to EXPERIENCE the highest realities for however long that LIGHT BEING can hold the UNIFIED FIELD IN PLACE for all who are physically standing/located within the field. The Super Conscious Light Being uses their entire body/being to hold this for everyone, which is why all must be fully conscious too, otherwise the ONE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HOLDING THE CONSCIOUS LIVING FIELD in place for all, which will create an imbalance eventually, deplete eventually and the physical body can only sustain as long as the QUANTUM LIGHT BODY can hold.

This period is different for each experience. The Quantum Light Being is totally aware of their Energy Body and Physical Body’s capabilities to sustain itself, the physical reality and all others in it too. It takes an immense amount of ENERGY, FOCUS AND STABILIZING to hold Entire NEW Earth Realities in place for multitudes/others until they can fully achieve this themselves. Everyone in the FIELD affects, transmits, lends to or takes away. Everyone either CONTRIBUTES AND SUPPORTS or pulls, over-steps boundaries, creating an imbalance that has to be COMPENSATED FOR by all who are fully conscious. Human (unconscious aspects) are unaware of this and how all works, because they are not fully in-tune with themselves, everything they are constantly transmitting and aware of how they are affecting the field and every dimensional reality simultaneously too. A Quantum Light BEing is and chooses what is appropriate, aligned and how to adjust accordingly.

For me, in doing large events, I have to build my own energy up so HIGH that I can HOLD the entire field for the entire area in place. I have to create/grid the entire area through a Quantum Network that expands to INCLUDE the entire area in MY FIELD in order to hold the Crystalline and Plasma Grid in place. I have to be able to hold this for as long as everyone is present, which is doable, because we can expand our CONSCIOUSNESS to encapsulate all as LOVE. We can hold this easily, because we can identify every energy present and can “deal” with it appropriately too. The moment the event is over, I collapse this field and return to holding responsibility for my own energy with my physical body. The same goes for exchanges. I hold the field in place for each as we come together. Where others are wide open as love, supporting, contributing, sharing and not lacking within themselves, these are the most beautiful, fun, inspiring and productive exchanges. Where there is any lack at all, we have to identify, decide, choose, see and tune accordingly. Some exchanges are for short activations, to see if all is easily aligned, if each is already ready or if there is something to resolve, dissolve, work through, deal with and shift vibrational to a whole  new timeline instead. Where all are not fully ready (inside), then realities are unable to align through vibrational matches/synchronizing that must occur. The Synergy necessary is not there yet, and this is respected too.

As each starts to realize that full alignment and Synchronization must occur with every exchange and experience, they will start to understand the magnitude of our EXPERIENCES here. Because we EXIST on a Soul Level, we are fully invested in each one of us, in creating/forming/building relationships ONLY THROUGH A NEW EARTH HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS VALUE SYSTEM that replaces the old obsolete distorted ones. WE truly care, from the depth of the Core of our BEing, yet this place is considered “intense” by the human, because we do SEE how realities are CREATED and come to be, we do hear/see/feel on a deep level that is inner-connected through this BREATH OF LIFE that breathes love, respect, kindness, consideration, gratitude, appreciation, harmony, joy, inspiration, beauty, peace, simplicity, purity, abundance, accountability & responsibility as our HIGHEST DIMENSIONAL US all re-uniting as Souls/Star Beings/Galactics/Christed/Source/Creator BEings in physical form here. We do take everything seriously, because unconsciousness is a serious thing. Unconsciousness creates karmic timelines, suffering and realities that are not in-JOYable from a higher dimensional space to experience and we do not CHOOSE TO KEEP EXPERIENCING this anymore.

HIGHEST DIMENSIONAL REALITIES do REQUIRE that all take full responsibility for themselves, how they transmit, treat each other, where they come from, how they contribute, how they show up and where they come from in EVERY MOMENT here. Unconsciousness is to be observed, seen and resolved as it presents. We do not ignore, hide from or avoid “dealing”. That was the unconscious Ego way of Old Earth. Each must choose to “leave” (vibrate out of, transcend) those dimensions in order to fully live in/exist on NEW Earth here.

The immensity of the activation of NEW LIGHT CODES increases in every moment now. It has been all along, it’s just that it wasn’t “visible” for many before. Actual PHYSICAL EXPERIENCES make all visible through feeling and then through re-access to the holographic field. Thoughts are a cellular program, a belief, an idea, a mentality… ENERGY that are audible through sound waves that your body translates into words that you hear. Identifying the VIBRATION of the THOUGHT gives each the POWER TO CHOOSE what to believe, what to transmit out, what to allow to occur, what to create and what experience will materialize. Judgment/fear creates one reality. Inner knowing/power to CHOOSE A TRANSMISSION and to SEE the absolute highest timeline/alternate reality possible is what re-codes your DNA so that your whole body/cells can transmit a new reality and your Quantum Photonic Light Body can “dial” a new reality to then shake/vibrate itself into. The shaking/vibrating will occur every time your Merkaba (prior to ascension) or StarGate System (before & after physical body ascension) activates to re-calibrate, synchronize and re-align your holographic reality to become solid by way of physical matter (form) for you. Quantum Jumping means you are all-in and not allowing your human to get in your way anymore.

Unconscious/Mis-aligned/Karmic Realities are the result of your physical body not being able to integrate all of the LIGHT CODES activating constantly and your human you/body transmitting out confusing/mixed signals through fear, judgment, blame, shame, guilt, greed, self-preservation, subservient, complacency, ignoring, imposing, forcing (over-exerting) or pulling (lack) through distortions that your ego self transmits through a state of DISCONNECTION that creates EXPERIENCES to show you (teach your human) how everything truly is, what was/inside of you and what you think you believe. When your field is trying to align your realities FOR you and your human ego is too strong, this creates a huge disruption in your own FIELD, where your realities cannot easily align. The moment you become fully conscious, your heart opens and you shift out of your head to your pure re-connected heart, your body relaxes, stops fighting/resisting and transmits a different frequency/transmission than it was. This STARTS the process of full alignment, yet you must HOLD THIS LONG ENOUGH for full synchronization to occur.

The density of the carbon-based human body is very different than the density of the Quantum LightBody/LightBEing. The “particle to space” ratio is much different, as well as the gravitational weight of the physical matter mass that occupies the form that you call your body that you occupy as your MULTI-DIMENSIONAL VESSEL here. Your whole body will re-work itself to drop/clear density and hold more light. There will be more SPACE inside of you for you to function with greater ease, slower and faster all at the same time. Your entire body template will undergo immense overhauls continually to bring your NEW BODY online at a much higher frequency/density ratio than before.

As FULL CONSCIOUSNESS within a physical form, you are aware of every cell of your body, as it transmits and communicates both inside with your body systems and externally with all that is in your field too. This “new existence” can read density, discordant frequencies and re-code instantly through a body-field alignment that is constantly occurring. Anything not of the highest frequency presents as a disruption, discordant and as geometric data that must be re-configured for optimal functioning to continue without introducing/allowing this discord to physically affect the physical matter present. Physical matter vibrates at many oscillating frequencies too. The 3rd Dimension of total Unconsciousness and the 4th Dimension of Duality carry a much lower vibrational spin rate. This is because the density is different and on a molecular level can’t change vibration as easily. The 5th Dimension opens up the doorway/gateway/portal to a much Lighter Density reality, where physical matter actually vibrates differently. The higher our state of consciousness, the more we move through tons of realities to ‘arrive’ at realities that can HOLD THE HIGHEST VIBRATION naturally and easier to SUPPORT us all fulfilling our highest purposes, missions, roles here. We move through an abundance of physical realities (and fast as we move Quantum through realities too), until we’ve established a whole new BASELINE where all is built/constructed/aligned with highest dimensional physical matter to respond accordingly to support what we came here to BE and DO.

Human aspects cannot comprehend how physical matter correlates to walking in & out of , shifting vibrationally, transitioning through and changing physical dimensions. Human minds affix to the physical reality as one dimension, instead of seeing how all works, because we re-connect with this knowledge and understanding through the EMBODIMENT OF OUR OWN SOUL. Feeling comes first, seeing comes after, inner-vision access to infinite dimensions/realities comes as we evolve/hold Light. Human aspects “think” a dimension is somewhere else, in space, not realize that a dimension is the vibration of the actual Experience, the thought, the feeling, everything around us and inside too. Human aspects “think” that experiences “just occur”, because they do not have the ABILITY yet to SEE as their own SOUL how all has come to be created, is created and “thinks” it’s creating, when in essence it’s experiencing the REALITY of CREATION, the culmination of every dimension being experienced through PRESENCE within the physical one.

The Dimensional Earth that you EXPERIENCE is the one you hold the consciousness vibrationally with your whole body for. Consciousness means you are choosing and tuning to a much higher one in every moment, not just here or there when your human “needs” or “wants” something. That’s an unconscious earth(ly) experience.

Artist appreciation

From the depths of my StarBeing Soul to yours as Love, ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Kuan Yin




*Meaning “Pillar of Light blazing in the Unbound Space of Divine Mother’s Love”


How to cross the Bridge Across Forever


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This week I received a beautiful confirmation.

I have been working over the past three years with communities in heartfulness and mindfulness, empathy and compassion.

This week a new community in Tokyo where I live invited me to come and teach about heartfulness and mindfulness.

I was deeply touched as this will affect some hundreds of people none of whom I have met before.

It brought to mind the promise I made to the Dalai Lama, to go and teach one hundred people about compassion and love and light, and ask them to reach out to touch one hundred more, and so on, until the entire world is transformed.

When I was practicing Jyotish Alchemy of Light Astrology in the USA and Canada around twenty years ago, this is how it worked. I would be invited to one community and work with around one hundred or so people over a week, reminding them of who they truly were, giving them an experience of their true radiant nature, then someone in that group would know someone in another city and I would receive an invitation to go and teach and heal in another city.

We have that incredible power right here and now in this virtual community when we share other’s posts that resonate with us and touch others hearts with our own experiences.

It reminded me of the ultimate dimension we all live in, all the time, whether we are aware of it or not, and the power of deathlessness in our lives.

We live in multi-dimensions all the time and so we touch the hearts of many beings all the time, even if we are unaware of them.

Light Family, past lives, other worlds, these dimensions cannot be separated, although our minds like to think they can.

Most of the time we find ourselves in the historical dimension, subject to the past, present and future, with its limits of time and space, life and death.

Yet we are also living in the ultimate dimension with its limitless, timelessness, nameless, deathlessness, most of the time unaware of this reality.

How to connect these two, moment to moment, so that both are meaningful, practical, and real in our lives?

Through the dimension of awareness in action, the portal of presence in the now, the bridge across forever.

– ♥ – 

How can we act in the now to help people bound by history, past-present-future, time and space, to get in touch with their ultimate nature so they can free themselves and live in peace?

Practicing our path and liberating beings is the action of bodhisattvas, archangels, elders and masters.

The action that bridges forever and leads us to the shore beyond is the action of helping all beings to see that even though they live and act in the historical dimension of past-present-future, they are manifestations of the divine, from the ultimate dimension.

To see this is a revelation, to see the True Self, our true radiant nature, God Consciousness within.

To follow this bodhisattva, angelic or the master path is to recognize Being from accessing the silence and stillness within regularly, and seeing our true essential radiant nature, in the ultimate dimension, where there is no birth or death.

It reminded me of the beautiful bodhisattva Sadaparibhuta** who symbolizes our deep faith and never underestimates or doubts our capacity for Buddhahood or to be a Christ Light.

This Bodhisattva within us says “I possess Buddha nature, the capacity to be Christ-like, and I have the capacity to be a Buddha or a Christ Light.”

In the ultimate dimension we already are a Buddha, a Christ, a Krishna and Divine Mother and so we can become one in this dimension of past-present-future.

This true nature is enLightenment and Love, is already present within each one of us, so all we need to do is get in touch with it and manifest it.

When we truly get in touch with the Bodhisattva of faith, Sadaparibhuta, inside us, we remove feelings of worthlessness and low self-esteem in ourselves and others.

We often find our mind searching and asking questions like “How can I become a Christ? How can I become enlightened? How can I get free and help others when I am not free myself?”

We all have these questions and feelings at some time or other.

Tibet wood copper gild silver five buddha 1000 hand Kwan yin Thangka Statue @

When we work with the divine power within to encourage and empower others who feel this way, to remind them that they too have the Buddha nature, that they are a miracle, that they can do everything that Christ did and more, we inspire a great message of confidence and hope in others which in turn fills us with the power of the bodhisattva or earth angel.

Sadaparibhuta, in real life, did not chant sutras or practice in the way we would normally think, he did not meditate for long periods of time or go on retreats.

He had a simple special gift.

Whenever he met someone he would say “You are someone special, you are a future Buddha, I see that in you.”

Buddha by Melissa Bordeaux

So interestingly this message was not always well received.

Many people who have not gotten in touch with the ultimate dimension struggle with self-esteem and do not believe it when someone says to them “You are a future Buddha.”

In history he was ridiculed, driven away, shouted at, insulted and beaten.

But he did not become angry or abandon those people who pushed him away.

He continued to stay sincere and calm and never gave up on a single person.

I have had this same experience many times.

I am sure you have had it too.

We plant seeds of love and yet there are some people who misinterpret what we are giving them or even perceive it as some attack on them.

This great bodhisattva had a simple action.

The meaning of his life, his practice, was simply to bring confidence and hope to everyone.

When he was dying, Sadaparibhuta was listening carefully to the ultimate dimension. He was ready to make the transition. Just at that point however he clearly heard the Buddha’s voice and through the teaching completely purified his entire body.

He was able to touch the ultimate dimension and attain deathlessness.

This is a very deep listening and seeing.

When we surrender our self at various points in life, and one of them is what we call death, we sometimes get the opportunity to fully access the portal of the ultimate dimension and see that our true Self’s lifespan is infinite or deathless.

Just like the Buddha or the Christ.

Born into eternal life.

This secret to all the teachings and to deathlessness is given to Martha by Yeshua in John 11:25

Yeshua said to Martha “I am the resurrection and the life. She who believes in Me (the God/Christ Consciousness Within) will live, even if she dies.”

And John 5:11

“God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son (the God/Christ Consciousness Within, at the Heart Centre, to be found in silence and stillness)

We too can experience this same kind of liberation and transformation as Martha and Sadaparibhuta did.

When our consciousness is prepared regularly through the practice of silence and stillness in meditation and purified through mindfulness and heartfulness we can hear and see the ultimate dimension in the wind in the trees in a garden* or in a piece of sublime music or the look of a loved one’s eyes.

The ultimate dimension is around us all the time as I experienced through the eyes and ears of Our Divine Mother Guan Yin* (see Note 1 below).

The message of our own Lotus Heart is a medicine for long life and deathlessness.

We preserve and transmit our inner teachings to many others.

We know that our true nature is unborn and undying so we no longer fear death.

We recognize that every time we enter a portal like silence or stillness it is a portal of death, death to the self, death to mind-made form, death to time, and we stop the world. We stop the perpetual thoughts that make up our self-created identity.

We realize that death is an illusion, just as our clinging to form is an illusion. Death is merely the end of all illusion.

We dare to share this wonderful teaching with all living beings.

And others realize and begin to understand.

Instead of doubting themselves or disbelieving, they see the results of our own practice and get in touch with their own ultimate nature, the radiant true Self.

This is our real practice, the practice of the bodhisattva or archangel, elder or master within us all, to see others with wisdom and compassion and hold up insight of their own ultimate nature so they can awaken and Self-realize and see themselves reflected in that insight.

In one of the communities I work in, in Tokyo, a survey on self-image was given recently to a large group of teenagers. More than 50% of them reported feeling low self-esteem and feeling unworthiness.

Part of my path is working with young people in developing confidence and self-esteem through the performing arts by utilizing mindfulness and heartfulness in their daily performance practice.

It is the same for many adults.

They struggle with wanting to be good at something and feel envy when they look at others, regarding themselves as failures if they have not achieved the same degrees of worldly success.

We need to try to help others who feel this way.

We can come to them and say “I see in you good seeds that with nurturing make you into a great being. If you look deeply within, you can manifest your true nature.”

For example, in a recent Dove report on beauty and confidence world-wide, four in five women in Australia reported low body esteem, and 90% of those reported opting out of normal activities outside of the house, like engaging with friends and family, because they didn’t feel good about the way they looked.

If we know someone who sees themselves as worthless or powerless or has a negative self-image that takes away happiness and peace, we have to try to help them remove such a complex.

This is the practice of an earth angel, a bodhisattva, a master.

We practice so as to not add to these feelings of low self-esteem.

Children especially suffer from our harsh and judgmental comments when we feel tired or irritated.

When we are under pressure or stress we often utter unkind words in a moment of anger.

We are all divine children.

I know many of you great souls are also extraordinarily sensitive beings and in many senses can be very young and fresh and so any of us can sow negative seeds quite easily in each other without thinking, destroying another’s capacity to be happy.

So as healers and teachers, we should be very careful and practice mindfulness and heartfulness in order to avoid sowing negative seeds in the hearts and minds of our fellow human beings.

We need to practice never giving up on people, not losing patience with them, mirroring their own true nature to them, through faith, confidence and inclusiveness, freeing people from negative self-image, helping them realize their own awakening and True Self-image and leading them to the ultimate dimension and deathlessness.

Love and blessings

Altair and Mother …

**With deep and humble gratitude to one of my teachers Thich Nhat Hanh for his wonderful stories he shared with me about Sadaparibhuta.

NOTE 1 :

* Divine Mother has given me a gift, the gift of healing.

My gift manifests as the simple act of devotion to Divine Mother.

As I write tears fill my eyes.

It is as simple as that.

Anything I offer to you is Hers.

Any miracle manifested is done by Her Hands, any friendship we share is a Divine Friendship given by Her.

So my day and my night and every waking thought is devoted to Her.

I will share a Sacred Vision she gave me.

My Mother Guan Yin was working Her divine magic in and through me in this healing process.

I received a simple, yet profound message.


I was meditating by a Zen rock garden under a Sakura tree in central Tokyo.

Listening to manifested sounds of the Pyramids of Giza from the Source. When my eyes were opened My Mother Guan Yin gifted me with a sacred gift.

Not a pearl this time (in the past a deep ocean pearl manifested out of the heart of a statue of Guan Yin for me) but a Sacred Vision.

As I walked in the gardens the wind became Her Voice, the petals Her Skin, the light Her Face, the water Her Tears.

It was truly sublime.

She walks the paths with me.

Divine Mother and I are not separate.

It made me think about how the gifts of healing we receive are like the Petals of the Flower of Life.

Pure and Precious Divine Consciousness manifesting through us.

Love You Dearest Blessed Mother.

Thank you for being beside me every moment of my life.

Every person, animal, nature and thing from the crowds gathering, to the rock, to the sky and beyond was immersed in the Universal Mother Love. Thank you again from every part of my heart.

I AM THAT I AM, אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה ’ehyeh ’ăšer ’ehyeh

I am here to do the work of Our Mother in assisting both in Mother Gaia’s ascension and by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva in seeking Krishnahood, Christhood, Buddhahood and healing for all beings.

gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā


“go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”

Love and Blessings

Altair and Mother … ♥ 


ALTAIR SHYAM – meaning:

Altair (Eagle, Pillar of Heaven) and Nirbandh Shyam (Unlimited Light of Divine Mother’s Love) when I was given them I was told I would be ‘unbound’. So I AM.


A teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.

Appreciation & Gratitude to Artists, credit given where this is known

Deconstructing the Constructed Self through Observation – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Goddess Tara Wall Hanging Mask @ Exotic India


Deconstructing the Constructed Self through Observation

As I forgive myself more, and allow myself to be, I’m seeing my constructed self from a new vantage point.

I see the effects on channeling my energy in certain directions of the unconscious gestures I assume with my face. Everything we call an “expression” expresses me in some way.

The overall presentation I make is directed by my attitude, my leaning, my preference. I push myself in a certain direction motivated by my preferences.

But all of this channels or canalizes me. It creates a channel in which I have to flow.

I may not want to flow in that channel. (1) In fact I know I don’t.

I don’t want to flow in any channel, via any constructed self.

I’m deconstructing my constructed self using the tools of my awareness.

One of those tools is telling the truth at as deep a level as I can, which I’ve been doing.

Another is to sit in observation of something until it lifts.

Another is to reframe or recontextualize it, which I did with an injury recently.

I’m drawn to meditation at the moment and so I choose to sit in the silence and stillness and be the witness of whatever arises.

I’m choosing to observe the self, observe the channeling of energies, observe my moods, thoughts, feelings….


(1) One of my chief vasanas is “I don’t like to be tied down.”

The Awakened Ones and The Awakening Ones – Kara Schallock

Art – Ichiro Tsuruta


The Awakened Ones and The Awakening Ones – 09-Feb-2018

Many more are awakening now. Those awakening are more inclined to listen and follow their inner guidance. Those who have already awakened are having the Awareness that their new Blueprint is being activated as they receive not only downloads of high dimensional Light, but the propulsion to make changes of those things that are not aligned with their Soul-Awareness. These changes come with the Willingness to let go of their “comfort zone” and the Willingness to be in that space of discomfort and unfamiliarity of the New with total Trust. This takes letting go of popular beliefs, even those that seem “spiritual.” It is a letting go of hopes and wishes and instead, being grounded in the Now Moment, regardless of what anyone else is doing or saying. You see, each being is on their own trajectory path. To ascend is to not be on someone else’s path, for each being is unique and it is important to follow one’s own guidance, for no-one else can possibly know what another’s path is.

For extra Courage, be sure to let go of all fear and spend some time in your Sacred Temples, which help you evolve. There are four temples: Wholing/healing Temple. Expanding Consciousness Temple, Creativity Temple and Connecting with Ascended Masters and Archangels Temple. The purpose of the Creativity Temple is not necessarily for developing an artform, but may also be used to expand your Power to create and manifest. Visiting this Temple, you access the highest Creative Force; that of Source. Any time you visualize or intend from your Heart, you empower the Light you receive from this Temple. Likewise, you receive upgrades from each Temple you connect with. Simply allow yourself to be guided to one or more Temples. Where are they? They exist within you.

It does not matter where you are on your Path of Ascension; however know that you are moving more into being a Warrior of Light. Each of you play a part in helping Earth evolve. Only you know what that is. Some are Angelic communicators, some are working with Earth’s flora and fauna, some are working to upgrade and stabilize leylines of Earth and there are many other roles each of us have agreed to take part in. This is your true mission. Your mission is not necessarily a paid career, although it can be, as there are no rules in the New nor are there “shoulds,” “musts,” “supposed-to’s,” or labels. Some do not know consciously what their mission is, yet this does not preclude them from the work they are doing unconsciously. It may be that knowing what one’s mission is interferes with their work or that their separate ego decides they are more evolved than others (comparison is an old energy). One’s mission is done quietly and humbly. There is no need to brag or tell the world what you are doing or who you are. When one feels compelled to tell even a single person what they do or who they are, as well as “who” they channel, that being has stepped into the self-exploitation of separate ego.

As an awakened one, even though there may be much fear, chaos or confusion around you, you stay centered in the Peace that is within you, much like being the eye of the storm. When you are peaceful within, that energy radiates outward touching others; whether they are aligned with your energy or attached to the fear; it is their choice. It does not negate the fact that you serve as a lighthouse. You needn’t be concerned whether others receive your Light of Peace; simply shine. Also know that you continue to balance within. Balance is the marriage of the Divine Feminine and Masculine. This balancing helps in transforming the old “men against women” matrix that has long been established on Earth. That time is over as you merge both the Goddess and the Divine male energies as One within you. What is within you is pojected outward. This Balance also blends Heart (Intuition, Receptivity, feeling, Gentleness, etc.) with the mind (doing, thinking, analyzing, etc.) so that feeling is merged with thinking and Intuition is supported by action. As you come into Balance within you also heal many lifetimes of abuse, betrayal and death of a loved one.

We, as awakened ones, are bringing/channeling more Light into us and into Gaia. This Light brings up any so-called darkness to be transmuted. This year is an eleven year and as always, there is much Angelic help in our Transformation, only more so. You need not be concerned whether others get this or not, just attend to yourself, for as I mentioned, whatever is within you radiates outward. If you are nothing but Light, that Light helps transmute darkness within you and beyond. If you are fearful, that energy goes out as well, increasing fear. The eclipse on the 15th helps accentuate whatever you carry within you. The eclipse also helps you take inspired action (the Balance of Divine Male and Female). Inspired action is an action based on your intuitional guidance and then taking a step to manifest that Intuition. How do you balance Intuition (Divine Feminine) with action (Divine Masculine)? By loving and accepting yourself unconditionally and trusting yourself completely. This expands your consciousness and it is your consciousness that attracts others and desired outcomes to you.

You also may let go of the past through Forgiveness. Simply use the Ho’oponopono prayer/mantra: “I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you;” if this resonates with you. You may also go into your Wholing/healing Temple to empower this if you choose to. You may choose to use the Violet Flame of St. Germain to also neutralize any “darkness” within. Do whatever you are guided to do.

You may notice that your relationships are shifting from “what can you do for me?” to an Agape Love, which is loving unconditionally yourself and others. There may be some friends and family members who are not ready for this and may distance themselves from you. Let this be all right; you need not fix or rescue anyone now. Just be all of who you are.

There is a global belief that most cling to fervently and that is the belief in death, even though most have been told that there is no death; only a shift of form. When someone you love “dies,” you grieve the loss and yet, there is no loss. This is just one belief that needs to shift. It is a deep, deep one for sure. We are willing to let some things die so they may transform, yet physical death of a beloved person or pet is one belief we are very attached to. You can begin to transform this belief as deep and ongoing as it has been. When it is transformed to infinite life, there is a huge burst of Freedom. Just let this sit for awhile; you needn’t do anything right now. Let yourself ponder the idea that there truly is no death; feel it, for it is easy to intellectualize it (which keeps it separate from you), yet it is a deeply wound and a deep wound most everyone carries within themselves, which puts true evolution to complete Wholeness and Unity on hold.

Fear nothing; fear no darkness, for in the darkness there is great Light and Love. Perhaps meditate in the Void. It is a place of nothingness and a place of all potential. Feel the Joy in this place of nothingness and know that the Great Void is within you, for it is you who holds the key to be the most Divine Love, your essence.


Art – Ichiro Tsuruta