NEW Earth = Unity Love Consciousness: Is This How You Live Every Aspect of Your Life? – Lisa Transcendence Brown

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NEW Earth = Unity Love Consciousness: Is This How You Live Every Aspect of Your Life?

You EXPERIENCE NEW Earth as YOU change, as you implement and apply new everything to how you live your life, how you act/re-act, how you treat others, how you contribute/show up, how you share, how/what you support with your energy (and things)…

I’m seeing so many mis-perceptions of what NEW Earth is… so many “thinking” one day they will just wake up with a new body and a new reality, and while this is true, it is also not true. This is a transformation and evolutionary process where your BODY EVOLVES AS LIGHT, where deep inner SOUL work gives you access to a higher vibrational REALITY than you had access to before, THROUGH YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS FIRST… then your body gets to come along, then your physical restructures to MATCH your new vibrational frequency, your new mindsets, your new understandings, awarenesses and YOUR ACTIONS on how you live your every moment now.


NEW Earth will first become visible in your dream state (other dimensions), in your mind’s eye, in your heart, yet the actual EXPERIENCE of NEW Earth is a multi-dimensional one. The actual experience is a VIBRATIONAL RESPONSE to how long you can SUSTAIN and MAINTAIN your own higher states of consciousness and awareness to actually SHIFT THE VIBRATION (re-code) physical matter for an actual physical experience to be your new reality all of the time.

A partial commitment, a “only when it suits you”, a moment of consciousness with majority of the rest of your moments unconscious will bind your body to Old Earth to live out/play out those old Matrix programs over and over again, BECAUSE the programming for them is inside of you. Those realities OUTSIDE are your vibrational match, they are a holographic and physical response, that you believe into reality for your own experience here.

As you shift what’s important, as you start to truly care, as you detach and completely let go of supporting, participating and feeding your life force energy into that which represents an unconscious program, then your reality will start to shift too. Your physical will start to MATCH your NEW Vibration, more and more and more. Your whole body will go through massive clearings to detox/clear the lower vibrational programs from your cellular storage where you held it before.

Experiencing and Living Fully on NEW Earth, means you’ve chosen continually… a whole new existence over your old earth fear-based, self-serving, survival, give your power away, not loving you/each other realities and replaced them with realities where YOU TRULY CARE, where you step up and you choose LOVE, you CHOOSE UNITY, you CHANGE your entire life, you make a commitment to ‘NOT GOING BACK’ and you are the one that holds you to the highest version of you that you are.

As your cells start to vibrate, as your Merkaba activates, to carry you through (vibrate your whole body) into a higher/alternate/different dimensional EXPERIENCE, every fear you have, every lack you have (integrity/honor/respect/caring/consideration/kindness) will be activated so that you can see/clear this from within your body, as all of those programs kept your body anchored in the Realms of Amnesia. Living beyond the Veils, means what reality is, is very different than before. As you go Quantum, your StarGate system starts to build (inside and outside of your body), giving you much more (infinite) access and abilities than ever before “as a limited human”.

As you start to realize, this is not a logical/linear/human intellectual experience in any way. This is a total surrender of everything you thought you once knew, of your whole body and everything you once held onto (attachment). This is a relinquishing of your EGO realities built upon your own Separation from your own Pure Source Light, this is you identifying which you is in charge and taking your own Power Back, as a Universal Light BEing, not a human one.

The body you occupy, is the body you have to start to care about and treat with the utmost respect, consideration and love. The one that many of us ran in the ground, treated like a foreign entity because we never allowed our Soul to integrate, which brings many to Near Death Experiences (some experience spontaneous NDE’s to awaken to higher consciousness). That body is the one that is your vessel to NEW Earth and it requires your love, support and what’s the opposite of what you “thought” as a human.

The physical evolution of this process is one of the most challenging aspects of “leaving” Old Earth Realities and transitioning over to NEW Earth. This transition is a full-ego death and where all of that emotional/mental programming was held in the body. This ego death will occur in increments, over our whole lifetime actually, until it’s time to fully wake up. Then each moves into an acceleration of this, which moves many into extreme intensity, because the ego was so strong. Some were somewhat awake along the way (hearts more open), therefore the intensity is not 24/7 like it is for other Souls in Human Form. Regardless of the intensity over “time”, those moments of full transition are intense, because of how deeply anchored the unconscious Matrix was in every part of the physical body (bones, spine, blood, flesh, heart, brain, nervous system, organs, glands, every cell).

With Earth now moving into the phase it’s now in, DNA re-codings (mutations to get the point across to human aspects) increase like never before. This is because the Matrix Program is toxic to the physical body (emotions, thoughts, beliefs), which project out into the physical to create a toxic atmosphere to experience so that more can become aware/see/choose. Remaining UNCONSCIOUS now RETURNS a more extreme and difficult reality to wake each up.

For those who have been DEEP ASLEEP BENEATH THE VEILS, this will start to play out “louder” in many ways. At first, because of total unawareness on many levels, it starts by “affecting” the body, jobs, income, relationships and appears as “loss” to open each’s heart more and to diminish the hold of the resistant, argumentative, refusing to listen/see (or do anything/complacency due many reasons) by the human-ego-aspect. Being “comfortable” in unconscious realities mean that realities have to be shaken up. These are “timeline collapses”, where the amount of “time” each has is now shorter/gone, to try to “hold on” to old program realities. These timeline collapses mean that that reality is no longer highest aligned. That the vibration has reached high enough to “disrupt” the program that was perceived as “solid” and “safe” before. This means that the CONSTRUCTS that the reality was built upon are not solid, because there is something out of harmony/misaligned, something discordant, some kind of lack involved… this means that there is something for the human aspect to learn (awaken to) about what is PURE and what is not, about what is unity or separation, about what is unconscious and what is fully conscious, because the human aspect has to be completely RE-EDUCATED on everything and the ego aspect thinks it knows everything, thinks human intelligence matters, thinks that how much they own/have or how much control they think they have is what “controls” reality, when in fact, everything is the opposite of those truths.

One’s Soul is PURE SOURCE INTELLIGENCE and abides by all new rules/laws, governed by a LOVE that holds all accountable and responsible for their acts towards humanity/Gaia and all as ONE. Human aspects do not hold the capacity (yet), because their physical body is constructed through carbon-based atomic codes that are denser and hold the body to denser vibrational dimensions/realities where other realities are not visible or even considered real. Human aspects only care when their lives are affected, which is what shall occur to wake them up. Human aspects (ego) do not realize that their SOUL must integrate into their bodies for their bodies not to die and for them to bring their body with them to live on a WHOLE NEW EARTH.

Humans want linear answers that fit into their realities, their established systems and beliefs, not realizing that’s not how any of this works. Our beLOVEd Gaia has now achieved a vibration high enough, with the “assistance” of the merging of photonic atmospheres in the air that we breathe, to collapse every one of those structures of what reality was believed to be. The increase in PHOTONIC ACTIVITY on a daily basis, brings forth many things. Amplifying distortions SO LOUDLY that each must choose Consciously, from their own heart/soul too, otherwise the vibrational reverberation of unconscious transmission is faster, stronger, louder, more extreme.

We have passed the days (vibrations) of being able to “live” (exist) in unconscious realities anymore. Getting to NEW Earth and leaving a dying old earth, means each has to start to TAKE GREAT CARE in every decision they make, in every action, every transmission and start to ACT LIKE HIGHER SELVES, instead of continuing to place blame and continuing to give their power away by “waiting for others to be the conscious one”. Each one is to step up and STOP the old unconscious ways to be able to transition over to NEW Earth now. This is not a “what others are doing”, this is a “YOUR REALITY EXPERIENCE IS A RESULT OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING/BEING VIBRATIONALLY”. Your experience is your transmission playing out for you to see.

The Unconscious Realms are dying. For some this will occur over “time” still, because of the amount of separation held within their body templates, yet this is expediting too. Human aspects cannot see their cells and what is going on inside of them. They cannot see the SILENT KILLER of being Unconscious and how it destroys the cellular structures of the human physical body. They cannot see the toxins they breathe/ingest/bring into their bodies. They cannot see that every emotion suppressed “eats away” at healthy cells. That by choosing to remain unconscious about anything, means that they are choosing to close their heart. This shuts down oxygen, blood flow and each’s LIGHT to be able to integrate into the physical body fully, this Light BEing their own Soul. Everything one puts into their body either supports LIVELIHOOD, SUPPORTS LIVE, supports integration and detoxing/cleansing old programs or it works to “override/suppress” natural UNIVERSAL functions of the body, that naturally already knows how to tune, harmonize and live in unison. It’s the human (ego) aspect that tries to control, fix and fit into human explanation boxes that are not “true”. Human aspects do not understand that truth is subjective and beliefs create realities to be real.

Our “jobs” as WayShowers and Forerunners (all of us) is to DO the highest consciousness realities and then share the information through our own actual experiences here. We share the knowledge VIBRATIONALLY, we’ve worked diligently for years to bring forth “from the other dimensions” and make it available for all who do not have access yet. Human aspects do not want to hear or see, because they want their lives to conform to the perceptions of what is safe, normal or real. Realities built upon lies, untruths, hidden agendas and misuse of power and not one care for humanity or our earth, this is what we all agreed to when we decided to enter the realms of amnesia/unconsciousness to awaken into and completely transcend.

Human ego aspects don’t like “new awareness”, because it means they have to actually DO something that’s higher aligned (through Loving, kind acts for EACH OTHER, which usually means their physical reality is going to be affected, so they will compromise integrity to remain in a system of trying to en-force old unconscious mentality beliefs. These realities create abrupt wake up calls and harsh realities to occur now. Choosing the fully conscious realities the only thing now supported by these ultra-high vibrational photonic light codes that are bombarding the human body/human physical reality to UPGRADE all to NEW EARTH STATUS… yet each must DO THE WORK. First inside and then out out there, as it’s not just enough to be aware. We all actually have to re-align our own realities from inside to a much higher dimensional plane of existence for each one of us to have the EXPERIENCE here.

As each starts to truly open up and accept that everything is going to dramatically change, that everything is AFFECTED by multi-dimensionality and that EVERYONE is a part of this, that every experience, every physical thing, every action must be of the highest state of consciousness in order to “survive” and THRIVE… Each one of us CREATE a REALITY that’s aligned with love to actually exist in, to experience and it’s each one of us that ANCHORS these realities here.

Our individual realities reflect our current dimensions that our bodies occupy and how expanded we are able to maintain as a State of Consciousness here. Our Collective Realities are a reflection, a vibrational match to all who UNITE AS LOVE and hold the highest vibrational everything as a Unit, as a Team, as fully-invested PARTNERS all here to BE THE NEW EARTH together with our Earth, together with each other and together with all of the other highest dimensional realities that we are RESPONSIBLE for bringing forth here.

Your physical body and physical reality are going to DNA RE-WRITES, which means nothing is going to conform to what you once thought. Now you have to listen to your bodies, love your bodies, support your bodies, care for your bodies, yet not like your human aspect would. Now, as your own Conscious Self, one who connects with your body as a Higher-Self-Soul and realizes your body is BEGGING for you to listen and do what it takes to honor it, while it works ridiculously hard for you.

Your physical reality DEMANDS that you align all as love, that you stop supporting/allowing the old with your actions, your money, your energy, your beliefs and you actually CHOOSE THE HIGHER ROAD/TIMELINE and do whatever it takes to align to your highest state of consciousness instead of continuing to allow your lower (ego) state to make decisions/rule.

The increase in PHOTONIC INFLUXES affect what is perceived as reality in all “new” ways. They exacerbate, accelerate, distort, amplify and align all instantly, strongly and powerfully. The aspect of you that is PRESENT is the one transmitting/creating your reality that occurs for you to experience here. Your human cannot “see” (or comprehend) that what you are projecting out in this moment right now, vibrationally is CREATING/ACTIVATING a reality to come back around/be delivered to you to experience in your physical. This is why it’s beyond important that EVERYTHING YOU DO be of your highest aspect of you. Then what you are activating vibrationally is the most amazing dimensional experiences here! ♥

I will be sharing more on supporting the body/LightBody (not all understand their LightBody, as “how” all works is “learned”/understood over “time” and continual experiences so that your human aspect can learn…. To bring your body out of the 4th Dimension of Duality, it’s got to achieve a certain vibration in order to “leave” the EXPERIENCE of the old unconscious realities. As a multi-dimensional, you will still be able to observe the other dimensions, yet they will not be a part of your reality that you actually experience. Human aspects cannot perceive multi-dimensional realities, because they only have their own experiences to draw from. The alternative is “too weird”, which means they resist that which challenges their current perceptions of reality, not understanding that the “pass-through” phase from Old Earth to new is not only “bizarre” for awhile, it will challenge everything until they emerge on the “other side”. Then all starts to level out and a “new norm” is established. One that’s beautiful, magical, kind, loving and full of abundance in every way.

The beauty of NEW EARTH is that you’ve aligned your realities through Unity-Love-Consciousness, both your physical and your consciousness and you keep all aligned from inside, so that your experiences reflect the most amazing realities back. You are not “scared” to do the work, all of it, because it supports your new amazing existence and is for all on earth/all of humanity and every dimension too. You realize the importance and you step up, contribute, share, support… you don’t have to be asked (or pushed or forced). You are connected with all as ONE and everything is FOR ALL, there’s no duality of “against” in any way. You hold your new realities in place, opening up opportunities for others to CHOOSE NEW EARTH too. You respect all other’s choices for the dimension they choose to experience, because you understand the important of each experience to “teach”, work through separation/unconscious programming and as all are ready, they will arrive/materialize for you, because you’ve finally vibrated into a dimensional timeline where they already exist too!

Get ready loves. Tune into the VIBRATION of all. Tune into your own body’s vibration, the vibration of what’s going on in your reality/all around you and realize YOU HOLD THE POWER to shift everything yourself, tune or step completely out of a reality in order to allow a new one to come forth that much higher aligned too! ♥

I love you! Remember, whatever you are aligning with, this becomes your realities here.  ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


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Higher Trajectories in this Now: Influxes of 2018 – Sandra Walter

Welcome art by Juli Lesage


Higher Trajectories in this Now: Influxes of 2018

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

These Divine plasma pulses are delivering very unique light codes which activate the ancient holographic templates of Ascension and unity consciousness. In brief, this is a very amplified moment for higher trajectories and embodiment.

We have unique potentials presenting for higher collective trajectories over the next few weeks. These are triggered by light waves, and this is happening right now. With the stargate phase-lock on Saturday February 3 (thank you to those who assisted when I went up to do this work), a flow of frequencies aimed at ancient activations began. This set off the Solar activity and CME of this week, so Gatekeepers/Gridworkers have been busy.

Ancient Codes: Why your activations are changing

Visualize the ancient templates and plasma frequencies as a lock and key. The locks are imprinted deep within Gaia; the ancient codes embedded, dormant, poised for the Ascension. Many of you who travel with Gatework/Gridwork are the ones who planted these within Gaia, or at least are connected to the Star Elders who did. The incoming frequencies, our beloved plasma pulses of light, are the key which unlocks these ancient codes. It is a vibrational match; We open the pathways to these ancient templates, Gaia rises in vibration with all the Lightwork, the stargates phase-lock for the delivery of light, and the incoming plasma activates the codes.

The ancient templates are not ancient structures like sacred sites or buried sites. These are *deeper than inner Earth level*, near the crystalline core of Gaia, where they could not be touched or altered. Because the Primary Christed Timelines of Ascension are available now, these activated codes are beginning to turn on codes in crystalline DNA. That is their purpose; Christed/Crystalline/Unity Consciousness is their purpose.

This is why many of you are merging with aspects of your ancient self. Because of the time collapse, ancient selves and future selves merge with the Now self, completing a trinity circuit of unity consciousness.

This is a powerful experience for starseeds, wanderers and those pursuing an Ascension path. You have the markers in your DNA for Christ consciousness. The Christ Light came to every HUman heart on the 11-11-11. When you choose a heart-based existence, the DNA can ignite with these activations.

Some of these ancient codes stimulate ancient memory, skills, or service work in the Now. This is the *new skills* spoken of last Autumn. This is a different sensation. The intensity goes beyond physical adjustments in the body, although it does require extra sleep to integrate. I AM reminded of last year’s intel that *Some of these light codes can only be integrated in sleep state. So it is.

These code activations feel like a pure shift in consciousness, similar to the Christ activation from 2016. And yet it is different, stronger, more robust and multidimensional due to our Primary Christed timelines.

Even with the recent (very) physicalized end of old timelines (breaking bones, illness, changes in the lifestream, etc.) and the beginning of new trajectories for many, this shift is also happening for every awakened soul. Change over habit is taking the reins. As the bifurcation becomes more physical, so do the timeline shifts. Timelines may even be witnessed in the physical, as shared on last week’s Beyond the Ordinary show.

Again, bifurcation is simply choice of experience which honors free will. Gatekeepers, Gridworkers and Lightworkers in Service are doing our best to make the higher experience available for all – Now. Think of it as shedding old realities which no longer serve the collective choice after awakening. We are all one. We are all infinite. Envision everyone choosing a peaceful, harmonious existence on Gaia.

Gatekeeper – Gridworker Connection

We had a online Gatekeeper and Gridworker call last week, as I was guided to connect with those in service for focus right now. We did this because higher potentials are presenting for the collective, and our unification is key to provide this new experience for all willing hearts.

We are looking at a trajectory to bring forth unity consciousness as a palpable experience for all concerned, this year. Some of those key trigger points are happening as we speak. The moment the call was announced, the Solar gate opening presented and the ancient codes began activating. Such is unity consciousness in the Now, set the intention to follow the higher flow and it manifests.

Eclipse and Post-Eclipse

Eclipses are typically strong, however with the frequencies that Solaris delivered just in the last week, it is demonstrating that the guidance for our unification is accurate. Hearts up and open for the eclipse and higher possibilities for all. Call them forth, this is a Divine co-creation. Gatekeepers and Gridworkers, this is our unified focus for higher trajectories.

We have two phases of Ascension amplification in the first half of 2018. There will be a period from just after this Solar eclipse (Thursday, February 15 at 1:06pmPT) through the March equinox when the energies will be focused specifically on physicalizing Unity/Christ/Crystalline consciousness. This is the experience of much higher, purer consciousness in the physical through the merging experience of multidimensional aspects. This assists the anchoring of unity consciousness on a global level; Embodiment in the Wayshowers first, then global activation.

I can feel this happening in my own lifestream already, and it is blissful, intense and trance-like at times, and yet … different from previous activations (and I have experienced many strange activations.) Yes, it is venturing into unknown territory, however concerns about whether we will be able to function as usual are discarded as the experience unfolds.

Typically, we are overwhelmed by these spaces of experience, and it feels like *this is it, we are going fully into this state forever.* And the next day, we have balance and may function again. Like stretching a balloon so it won’t burst. This influx has a different quality; the waves are consistent and grow stronger.

Two Phases of Higher Trajectories

The first phase – happening right now – is focused on physicalizing Unity/Christ/Crystalline consciousness. This activates the Ancient Self into full awareness, unifying with the Future Self that returned in time to live this Ascension, blending into the now. This is also why we have the experience of losing identity. If you attempt to keep these aspects separate with the mind (past self, future self, other selves, internal me, external they, etc.) the frequency of unity consciousness cannot activate the DNA to produce the experience of Universal Source-as-Self Oneness.

The second phase in April through July is aimed at a global experience of unity consciousness. This is the higher trajectory that is on the table right now. This is something we can all bring forth, not just those working on the grids or with Gaia. It is a global request to Lightworkers; Move into the New Earth experience in your own lifestream in order to set the whole of HUmanity onto a higher trajectory.

Again these are potentials, and we are in a free will environment. Those choosing and practicing embodiment, shall receive it. The frequency and intensity of these cosmic rays and plasma pulses are not being stepped down or filtered in any way, any longer.

This allows us a divine opportunity to step fully into our highest service and choices, and demonstrate them moment by moment in thought, word, and deed. The higher timeline already exists; this is an opportunity to raise as many willing souls into the higher experience – in this Now year.

If you choose to participate in this higher timeline choice, please join us in focusing on New Earth dynamics, regardless of what is seen in the external or internal illusions. As always, we do this as an active service to ensure that our brothers and sisters are given every opportunity to step into a brand-new experience of the ascended Gaia and unity consciousness.

Take the time to meditate every day, live as if you’re on the New Earth as often as possible. Monitor your words – they create as strongly as your thoughts and emotions. Speak love, compassion, solutions rather than complaints, creativity, beauty, patience, gratitude, forgiveness. Resolve your unresolved. Be creative about your daily ceremony, and especially for the eclipse/New Moon. Honor Gaia as she will be affected by the embodiment. Create momentum toward that new higher trajectory, in your unique way.

Gatekeepers and Gridworkers

The activations are consistent and the Gateways are wide open for us to interact with every moment. We do have windows when it is requested to unify for stronger focus, when a higher potential is available. Thank you for participating with all the strength and power of your Multidimensional Self in heart.

Perhaps this is the most beautiful gift we can give the collective; stepping fully into our embodiment of this new level of consciousness so it is available for all.

SUNday Unity Meditations are open and available to all. We focus on the Gates and Grids as well as HUmanity during these sessions. Join us in our co-created field of pure consciousness. SUNday at 8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm Pacific Time. Meditate in your own way for 33 minutes on Peace, Divine Love and Ascension. Participate to feel, receive, and become the light.

This is a co-creation. We also deeply appreciate your spreading the word about the meditations, shifting your group meditations to anytime SUNday, and creating social media to invite others to join. Here we glow as One!

In Love, Light and Service,


Welcome art by Juli Lesage


At the “End” and Only Beginning – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Rainbow Buddha – artist appreciation


At the “End” and Only Beginning

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Earth Day, Mother Gaia!

Thank you, Kathleen, for hosting this event.

Thank you, the reader, for allowing Kathleen, Suzi, Sitara, and me to explore the subject.


If I were to make my graduation report to you, I’d say that the predominant thing I notice as a result of the work I did is that I’m less scripted, less mechanical, less contrived.

Holding fewer resentments by forgiving the people in my life – even though I know the job is not done by a country mile – has me literally and figuratively breathing easier.

Figuratively because I’m not manning my defenses against certain people any more. I don’t have my guard up. Even though I still have boundaries.

Literally because there are fewer (if not no) impediments to my breath at the moment.

Ease of breath for me means ease of love. And I have felt love flow more fully.

I could live with this if it continues. If it gets better, I’m a happy guy.


Forgiveness is a divine quality. Only a divine quality causes the person to deepen and broaden as Knowledge of that quality grows.

The deeper we forgive, the deeper we become. But also the more we see that the depth of forgiveness itself is probably virtually endless. Coterminous with what we think of as God.

And, as Kathleen reminds me, the Mother forgives everything. I’m game.

Eventually, all of us will forgive everything because Ascension to the higher dimensions sweeps away all sense of violation and resentment, guilt and remorse. (1)

All slates are instantly wiped clean by the inner tsunami of Love, all memory of perpetrations gone. It’s as if we passed through a beam in the doorway (aboard ship) that instantly sanitizes us.

In point of fact, there’ll be nothing to forgive in the sea of Love. And so forgiveness itself will sit idle in our toolbox.

We here are just wanting to get there early and under a bit of our own steam. (2) It’s probably about as much steam as a baby walking, with the parent’s finger holding them up.


I only scratched the surface of forgiveness in these past 21 days. (Yes, self-forgiveness is coming.)

I’ve also had breakthroughs in other areas made possible by forgiveness – a direct benefit – and I’m impressed.

Nevertheless, the point has been proven to me that life goes better with forgiveness. I’m no longer a “bah-humbug” resenter of humans, a gunnysacker. I no longer drag around Morley’s chain. And I’m no longer drinking the poison of resentment and wishing others would die.

I take up this tool of forgiveness and then I don’t take it up. I’m a little haphazard. But Kathleen takes it up with consistency, determination, and fervor.

Don’t follow me in the matter. Follow her.

Happy 21 Days of Forgiveness! And Happy Valentines Day to you and Gaia!


(1) I’ve visited but could not stay.

(2) In enlightenment studies, it’s often said that we walk a foot towards God and God walks a mile towards us.

I flatter myself that I’d be getting there under my own steam when in fact all of us are probably being guided non-stop.

Rainbow Buddha – artist appreciation