At the “End” and Only Beginning – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Rainbow Buddha – artist appreciation


At the “End” and Only Beginning

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Earth Day, Mother Gaia!

Thank you, Kathleen, for hosting this event.

Thank you, the reader, for allowing Kathleen, Suzi, Sitara, and me to explore the subject.


If I were to make my graduation report to you, I’d say that the predominant thing I notice as a result of the work I did is that I’m less scripted, less mechanical, less contrived.

Holding fewer resentments by forgiving the people in my life – even though I know the job is not done by a country mile – has me literally and figuratively breathing easier.

Figuratively because I’m not manning my defenses against certain people any more. I don’t have my guard up. Even though I still have boundaries.

Literally because there are fewer (if not no) impediments to my breath at the moment.

Ease of breath for me means ease of love. And I have felt love flow more fully.

I could live with this if it continues. If it gets better, I’m a happy guy.


Forgiveness is a divine quality. Only a divine quality causes the person to deepen and broaden as Knowledge of that quality grows.

The deeper we forgive, the deeper we become. But also the more we see that the depth of forgiveness itself is probably virtually endless. Coterminous with what we think of as God.

And, as Kathleen reminds me, the Mother forgives everything. I’m game.

Eventually, all of us will forgive everything because Ascension to the higher dimensions sweeps away all sense of violation and resentment, guilt and remorse. (1)

All slates are instantly wiped clean by the inner tsunami of Love, all memory of perpetrations gone. It’s as if we passed through a beam in the doorway (aboard ship) that instantly sanitizes us.

In point of fact, there’ll be nothing to forgive in the sea of Love. And so forgiveness itself will sit idle in our toolbox.

We here are just wanting to get there early and under a bit of our own steam. (2) It’s probably about as much steam as a baby walking, with the parent’s finger holding them up.


I only scratched the surface of forgiveness in these past 21 days. (Yes, self-forgiveness is coming.)

I’ve also had breakthroughs in other areas made possible by forgiveness – a direct benefit – and I’m impressed.

Nevertheless, the point has been proven to me that life goes better with forgiveness. I’m no longer a “bah-humbug” resenter of humans, a gunnysacker. I no longer drag around Morley’s chain. And I’m no longer drinking the poison of resentment and wishing others would die.

I take up this tool of forgiveness and then I don’t take it up. I’m a little haphazard. But Kathleen takes it up with consistency, determination, and fervor.

Don’t follow me in the matter. Follow her.

Happy 21 Days of Forgiveness! And Happy Valentines Day to you and Gaia!


(1) I’ve visited but could not stay.

(2) In enlightenment studies, it’s often said that we walk a foot towards God and God walks a mile towards us.

I flatter myself that I’d be getting there under my own steam when in fact all of us are probably being guided non-stop.

Rainbow Buddha – artist appreciation

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