This Week’s Energy : New Moon Solar Eclipse Rare Clarity & Goal Inertia @ Earth-Keeper

Earth-Keeper Chronicles

In This February 17, 2018 Edition of the Earth-Keeper Chronicles:

This Week’s Energy : New Moon Solar Eclipse

Rare Clarity & Goal Inertia


We are presently in the rising energy of the New Moon Adorned with a Solar Eclipse (Feb 16). This is a rare energy pattern & brings with it incredible opportunity for creative manifestation & new opportunities for initiating projects, establishing goals & for planning ahead. It is a time of great insight, clarity, creativity & removing shadow. Great time of pristine logic & lucid clarity to analyse relationships. The hidden is revealed, the mist of confusion is lifting, indeed answers of long perplexing obstacles can be found in this rare clarity. At the present all 9 planets are in forward flow, none in retrograde. This is a special time to plan and start anew. Projects began in this energy will get a powerful boost. Life force is bathing the planet in this phase, and intent, focal intent is vaulted forward toward manifestation & realization. This opportune timing is amplified for the next 2 weeks thru the Full Moon. A perfect time to think and take action. This is not to say, the energy is not intense, it is … and this explains why many may feel at times a bit overwhelmed and a bit anxious. However, there is not a more powerful energy in 2018, than the present fortnight to create, begin projects, think problems thru to resolution etc … until the benevolent Equinox of September. This is an extremely fertile time to plant the seeds of high intent & noble thought. They will take root !