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Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Miracle Of Forgiveness, from the Angel Prayers Oracle Card deck, by Kyle Gray artwork by Jason Mccreadie

The Miracle Of Forgiveness: “Archangel Jeremiel”

“Thank you Jeremiel for helping me understand the process of forgiveness.”

General Meaning Of The Card: “In every challenging area of your life right now there is an opportunity to forgive. Forgiveness is a deconditioning of the mind. It is the process that takes place when we let go of fear and choose to love instead. It is a miraculous procedure that breaks down the barricades that that shut off our heart and soul from the most divine and abundant of experiences. Your Guardian Angels are encouraging you to choose forgiveness today, as you deserve to experience only love in your life and on your spiritual journey.”

Expanded Card Interpretation: “The Angels know you can give yourself a hard time over past choices. They are shining their light of healing and support on you and encouraging you to forgive yourself and let go of any thoughts of regret or pain. Unforgiving or resentful thoughts, whether towards yourself or anyone else, just become a weight, a drain on your body and mind. Your Angels are here to set you free from your past and remind you that it does not exist. It is the present moment that is real. You are here now. Trust this and allow yourself to move forwards. You are forgiven. Never forget it.”

Archangel Jeremiel: “Jeremiel’s name means ‘Mercy of God’ and he is the Angel who allows us to look back over our life and gain clarity on where we are today. He is a miracle worker and he helps us to bring the flame of forgiveness into our hearts so that we can move forwards in a more fearless and powerful way. You can evoke his presence by visualizing his bright yellow, orange and gold aura surrounding you.”*

~ By Kyle Gray

We can hold ourselves hostage over the past, reliving the pain and trauma over and over; projecting it onto the future and letting it taint our self-worth. We let fear decide whether we can open ourselves to opportunity. We let doubt keep our hearts tightly shut. And we let the illusion of past events create blinders for us in the name of self-preservation.

But what if we did see the past as an illusion of sorts? Of course it happened, but to each who experienced it, the details and the recollection will be different. Each will have their own version of the story, of reality itself. We can hold on to something that simply didn’t exist for someone else. And although it did at one point exist for us, we can choose to face it head on now and realize that it no longer does. It no longer holds power over us, unless we let it. It no longer determines our course, unless we believe it to. We hold all the power. But we must truly forgive in order to begin anew.

Forgiveness is different that condoning. It is not giving a blessing for wrong doing but a way to acknowledge it, release it and move on. Finally able to let go of the pain and the fear we can truly move forward to create something else, something better.

Right here and now we can choose to plant the seeds for a new reality. New thoughts, new feelings and a shift in perspective. Our most powerful tools for advancement.



~Archangel Oracle

*Angel Prayers Oracle Card deck, by Kyle Gray artwork by Jason Mccreadie 

The Miracle Of Forgiveness


The Bringers of the Dawn – Suzanne Lie


The Bringer of the Dawn – The Arcturians through Sue Lie

The Bringers of the Dawn

The Arcturians through Sue Lie

You, that is all of you, are standing on the edge, but you may not be sure what “edge” you are standing on. Sometimes, it is difficult to determine what “edge” you are on, as you are quickly, or slowly, moving through the process of transmutation from your third/fourth dimensional expression of SELF to your fifth dimensional expression of SELF.

The shift into the higher frequencies of your SELF begins by your moving into a higher frequency of CONSCIOUSNESS. More and more of our grounded ones are beginning to feel deep within their selves that something has changed. First they look around to see what has changed within them, but often they cannot find anything.

The reason for this is because this change must begin with you own “perception of self.” If you perceive your self as a victim to your outer world, to your body, to your family, you boss etc. etc. you have surrendered your “right to change your SELF” into the hands of another.

A huge component of change, which our grounded ones often miss, is that your own “sense of self” begins to change into your “your sense of self combing with your Higher SELF.” We, the Arcturians, wish to remind you that you  ALL have a Higher SELF.

It is when you realize the YOU can easily and naturally combine your 3D self with your 5D SELF, merely by allowing your consciousness to expand, that you will begin to remember that you are your SELF.

You are the Higher Dimensional Being that you commune with. You are the Inner Guidance that you call on. However, this YOU is of a higher frequency of resonance. This resonance is more like a cloud than a tree, although humanity is quite similar to both.

“How am I like a cloud or a tree?” you ask. We are happy to answer this question and even happier that you thought to ask it. Actually, you are like a cloud AND a tree, which is dependent of your “state of consciousness” and your “choice of perception.” In fact, the higher your state of consciousness, the broader and higher your perceptual choices. We, the Arcturians will explain this concept more completely.

When you are “like a cloud,” it is because you have chosen to direct your perceptual field to be centered on the sky, which is representative of the Mental Plane. On the other hand, when you are a “like a tree,” it is because you have chosen to ground yourself deeply into the physical plane on which you have chosen to incarnate.

When you shift your choice of perception to be focused on your interactions with your physical world, you have chosen to focus on the Physical Plane. Then your attention is placed outside of your body.

On the other hand, when your choice of perception is focused on your emotional world, you have chosen direct your attention on your thoughts and decisions on your Emotional Plane. Then, when you meditate and/or attend to your inner world, you are focusing on your ownSpiritual Plane.

All these components of your own Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit simultaneously call your attention toward what is occurring in your Multidimensional Life. However, too often your Multidimensional Life becomes your Physical Life because your physical life call you more often and in a more demanding way.

“Is it even possible to attend to all four of these aspects of myself at the same time?” we hear you ask. The answer is NO. In order to focus on all four of these aspects of your self, you will need to “leave your 3D time” and expand your consciousness into your Multidimensional Perceptions.

Yes, we the Arcturians, are quite aware that you can only achieve this expanded perception when you “take some time” out of your daily life, your daily duties, to choose to focus on your own Inner SELF.

We the Arcturians are aware that this task to “find time for your SELF” can be quite difficult and seemingly impossible for many of you. Therefore you must be able to honor your self enough to put aside some time in your daily life for your own SELF.

However, we Arcturians, wish to remind you that as Gaia continues with the transmutation of Her Planetary SELF, those who have awakened and aligned with their own Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual aspects of SELF will be able to participate in, as well as personally experience, the shift into the higher frequencies of reality.

We realize that many of you are living within “the darkest night before dawn.” However, this darkest night is a symbol that the DAWN will come. Also, this darkest night represents that it is the NOW to go deep inside your own self to gather ALL the many versions of your SELF into a “well oiled” Ascension Machine.

However, we ask you to remember that “energy that is shared with loving intent” is greatly amplified as it moves through the Earth, Air, Fire and Water of your  world, as well as your body. It is the duty of the awakened one, many of whom are NOW remembering  their fifth dimensional SELF on the Starships and on their Home Worlds.

Once a grounded one begins to remember their SELF in the higher dimensions of reality, everything begins to change, starting with their frequency of consciousness, the frequency of their body, and the higher frequencies of reality with whom you are beginning to consciously connect.

It is within that NOW that you will begin to feel, and know, things that you never felt or knew before. However, it may take a bit of your “Earth time” to remember what you already know—which is that YOU came from the higher dimensional Ships and Realities to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension.

If you can share your process with others, then you can begin to form a “consortium”         to better feel change in the wind, above you, inside you, and deep within the Core of Gaia. These feelings and sensations will assist you to remember that you ALREADY members of the “Galactic Consortium.”

What is a “consortium via the Dictionary?” Consortium:

Combination of organizations for common purpose

Right to marital company and affection

(dictionary meaning)

What does “consortium” mean within our own consciousness? That answer is, of course, for every person to discern. In what areas of one’s inner life do you feel that you are “on the edge of change?” You likely do not know what that change is, but if you meditate on it, you will find that this change is not just about you, but about the entire planet.

In fact, the first important change that humanity will confront is the realization that the “round ball of earth, air, fire and water—their planet” is actually a living being. Not just living because humans live there, but living long before there were humans, as well as long after the humans have moved on.

Some of these humans will “move on” with Gaia into the fifth dimensional frequency of reality because they have allowed their human body to transmute into higher frequencies of reality, just as Gaia has allowed Her planetary body to move into higher frequencies of reality.

“What is a higher frequency of reality?” we hear some of you ask. We are happy to answer you question, but please remember that “a higher frequency” is dependent on what frequency you have chosen to resonate within that NOW. We hear you asking, “What do you mean by choosing? We don’t feel like we have chosen anything.”

That last statement tells all. For those who believe that they are NOT “choosing their life,” it is a rather long journey to be the creator of their life. The seed, the beginning and the secret of “choosing your life” is that YOU are in the driver’s seat. YOU are not the “victim of your life.” YOU are the creator of your life.

It is when your realize/remember that YOU are the creator of your life, that you life begins to Flow into the Mission that you chose before you took this embodiment. From your position in your Starship or Homeworld, you chose to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.

You then studied, visited and learned about Earth and found that many of Her human creatures were unable to remember their true Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, they fell into fear, anger, sorrow and despair. It was then that we, the higher dimensions of the grounded ones needed to speak directly to our “grounded ones,” especially the ones who had “lost the memory of their SELF.”

It was then, we searched the Astral Dream World for those who were beginning to remember, or who had already remember their true multidimensional nature. In fact, some of this group where remembering how to communicate with us, the fifth dimensionals.

It was through these vital communications, which the grounded ones were happy to share with their physical reality, a process of awaking began to occur. Of course, the forces of darkness tried everything they could to stop this process of awakening as it would cost them money and position.

Some of these dark ones are still active within their flash behaviors, but more and more of them are being revealed by the awakened ones. We are joyous to see that many of these awakened ones are teenagers or slightly older. They have not yet been dashed against the rocks of failure, greed and obsessions with power over others.

We also see that more and more of adult humanity is beginning to remember their own “childhood aspiration” that too often could not be fulfilled. However, if one is “fulfilling a need” for others, or better yet for dear Gaia, we, your higher dimensional expressions of self have been given permission to assist you.

YOU, yes YOU, the ONE to whom we speak. Feel how YOU are being called. And, better yet, answer that call—not because you are afraid, or because you want to get something.

We can perceive selfish reasons and easily differentiate them from actions and desires that are based Unconditional Love for Gaia and for ALL Her inhabitants. If you are among that group, and see that so many of you are, please ask us—your own higher expressions of SELF:



Think about, “What can you do? What are you doing?”

In fact, “Where and When are you performing YOUR Higher Mission?”

We the Arcturians are here NOW to assist you. Just call, and we will answer.

YOU, yes YOU, are the Bringers of the Dawn

The Arcturians

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 9:44 AM

Bob Jackiewicz: Welcoming Timelessness @ Golden Age of Gaia

Magic Horse by Lenika86 @ DeviantArt


Bob Jackiewicz: Welcoming Timelessness

I asked to have more from Bob’s pen….

The illusion of time is becoming self-evident.

I spent the day today meandering around town remembering, or feeling, what it was like to be a child. I try get out in nature where time is easily lost.

This was life before the concepts of lack and limitation were learned.

It was life before the time when parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, teachers, or elders in general would do their best to etch their understanding of the world onto my tabula rasa or blank slate of a mind, sometimes suggestively and sometimes officiously.

I left the house without regard for the departure time and returned the same way.

I am grateful to be able to meander around town like a young kid again, remembering life without or before those nagging constraints arrived.

I felt free to do and go wherever I wanted, with little or no concern for time.

As a child I can remember questions often directed to me, like, “Did you do your homework…clean your room…brush your teeth, say hello to Mrs. Smith,”? etc.

They slipped off me or flew past my attention because they just did not match my frequency. How annoying and annoyed I was to be forced to engage.

It was a struggle not to get dragged into that field of consciousness. It disturbed. It unsettled. It was bothersome.

It felt like being pushed into a room where mister happy goes to die, a room that you didn’t want to go into, at all! With resolve I didn’t allow those distractions into my focus.

The “freedom” I felt has been gradually surfacing and growing from my attempts at paying little or no attention to time. There isn’t a clock in the bedroom or anywhere else in the home except the kitchen, the PC and the phone.

I sleep until I feel like getting up, when possible, but not doing so without some form or level of appreciation for just “being.”

Usually that means that I lay in bed and do some deep breathing meditation until I feel tingly or charged—awakened, to coin a phrase.

Then, I allow myself to rise and loosen up in preparation for some standing meditation before QiGong followed by a “cool down” with a sitting meditation. This practice summonses a lingering feeling of timelessness.

When I don’t regard the usual props or internal prompts that indicate time and rely only on my core guidance I can stay with this feeling of timelessness for quite a while.

When in meditation, in the stillness of the mind, I can notice all manner of different distractions that arise and fall away when their dissolving is allowed.

I’ve been in a peaceful state of mind before only to look at a clock and have an overwhelming sense of urgency present just because “time” caught me with its grip.

“OMG, its 2pm and what have I done with my day? Got to get moving … on something!”

Without a sense of time, I find it interesting how much easier it is to disregard other distractions; they don’t arise.

The heart is given room to listen with the absence of a very loud and annoying voiceover, interfering with life’s appreciations.

A genuine sense of the I Am returns when I can distance myself from time. It is helpful for me to see where the focus is. If the focus is external, then time demands attention.

Focus on the internal does not yield to time. Without the nagging constraints that time demands, a subconscious inner conflict dissolves. Appreciation takes the forefront and there is no room or need to forgive; nothing presents itself.

It makes no sense to interrupt a feeling of calm appreciation or creative joy. So why do I? Where is my focus?

Is it then no wonder that teenage adolescence offers its rebellion? There’s one foot still in joy while the other is being pulled into a world that doesn’t make any sense to the inner workings of the not-yet-completely-socialized, youth.

To children, the socialization process strips away the reliance on the inner self bringing clarity to the phrase, “If you don’t live within, you live without!” meaning, to me, “if you bypass the internal guidance system, the external one will dictate the path and its direction.”

Perhaps when the higher frequencies become home we can use “time” as a supplementary tool without being a victim of it.

My intuition tells me that I can forgive myself of the victimhood time can hold me in while seeing past all of that into my truth.

I do meditations, going within to break free of “time.” I pursue creative endeavors.

And when those pesky voices of guilt, shame, judgment of self or others, criticisms all cry out at me, those nudges from the inner self calling misalignment, I take some deep breaths.

I ask for help to remember my truth, finding that help from my celestial family and the Universal Laws of which I am intricately woven.

Asking for help, repeating invocations and mantras of forgiveness work for me and provide a sense of continuity in reaching lasting forgiveness and connectivity to the I Am That I Am, my celestial family and the Infinite One. Truly, work in progress. And as I have heard before, “That’s why it’s called a practice!”


Magic Horse by Lenika86 @ DeviantArt