I Choose to Remain Aware – Part 1/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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I Choose to Remain Aware – Part 1/2

Periodically I like to restate my impressions of what the awareness path is, incorporating what I’ve learned since the last time I attempted it. Please allow me to restate it here.

First of all, I see no difference between “awareness” and “consciousness.” I use the two terms interchangeably.

Whenever we speak of a path, what we imply is that we’ve taken the full spectrum of events and limited our attention to one aspect of it – for the sake of focusing our attention. From that we develop a discipline, practice, or “path.”

Some might say they follow the “bhakti” path, the path of loving devotion to God or a form of God.

They withhold their attention from other aspects or facets of life such as, say, “jnana,” the path of wisdom.

When we follow a path, we hold some things constant and allow other things to flow, to learn and expand ourselves by digging deeply.  In my case I chose to allow awareness to flow, while holding other things more or less constant, as far as I’m able.

My basic agreement on this path is to remain aware of myself.

Keeping that agreement has repercussions. Other people might forget what they do that lacks integrity, but I’ve chosen to remain aware of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

And I’ve agreed not to project my issues and upsets onto other people.  These are examples of obligations I impose on myself as a result of walking the awareness path.

In the heyday of the growth movement, everyone was practicing awareness.

In my practice of it, I remain aware of my feelings, most importantly. I remain aware of my strategies and routines. I remain aware of what I’m avoiding, the excuses I make, the impression I’m wanting to give off, my self-serving story of how well I did.

I go as deeply into my awareness as is consistent with my responsibilities. At the same time, I don’t talk about everything I see. I use discernment to see what has value to share. But I love to write.

I remain aware of the love and bliss that arise – every time I take a deep breath into it – from my heart.

When I’m aware of that, nothing else matters…. What were we talking about? Does it matter?

(Continued in Part 2.)


Namaste image – Patricia Hardin



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