Cosmic Master Osiris by Glenn Lewis @ Ascension Healing




*Meaning “Pillar of Light blazing in the Unbound Space of Divine Mother’s Love”


Recently I have had people writing to me who are challenged by difficulties, about other issues like what is real, about whether there are any Light Beings as they don’t experience them, and so on.

This is my response.

“The practice of love, divine love, in all its forms, formlessness, Masters and Elders, Archangels and Bodhisattvas, Buddhas and Christs, is simply a miracle, a Universal Gate, an expression of our own One Heart.

When we surrender, the Nectar of Compassion flows, and we embrace all things as expressions of the One Light and the One Heart.

Without compassion we become dried up, isolated, afraid and alone, caught in the illusion and separated by the veils that our own self has created. Listen, look deeply in order to understand and the power of love compassion and light will arise in you, sweeping away doubt and bringing the diamond consciousness of wisdom.

We will know what to do to help. How to liberate. How to be free. The Light is your teacher. In all its forms and formlessness. In the ultimate reality the Masters are no different from us so do not elevate them.

We are constantly attached to forms so we also keep seeking externally for the Buddha in an enclosed matrix. By such seeking and separation we lose the very thing we are, because that is using the Buddha to seek for the Buddha.

I AM without Beginning or end. I AM absolute Being. I AM the eternal Beyond.”

Love and Blessings

Altair and Mother ….

Quan Yin by Glen Lewis @ Ascension Healing


I AM THAT I AM, אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה ’ehyeh ’ăšer ’ehyeh

I am here to do the work of Our Mother by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva, Archangel and Elder in assisting all beings to find Krishna’s Bliss, Christ’s Light and the Buddha’s Heart and Healing within.

gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā


“go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”

☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ ه ☆

ALTAIR SHYAM – meaning:

Altair (Eagle, Pillar of Heaven) and Nirbandh Shyam (Unlimited Light of Divine Mother’s Love) when I was given them I was told I would be ‘unbound’. So I AM.

☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ 

A teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.

Appreciation & Gratitude to Artists, credit given where this is known

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