The Awakened Ones and The Awakening Ones – Kara Schallock

Art – Ichiro Tsuruta


The Awakened Ones and The Awakening Ones – 09-Feb-2018

Many more are awakening now. Those awakening are more inclined to listen and follow their inner guidance. Those who have already awakened are having the Awareness that their new Blueprint is being activated as they receive not only downloads of high dimensional Light, but the propulsion to make changes of those things that are not aligned with their Soul-Awareness. These changes come with the Willingness to let go of their “comfort zone” and the Willingness to be in that space of discomfort and unfamiliarity of the New with total Trust. This takes letting go of popular beliefs, even those that seem “spiritual.” It is a letting go of hopes and wishes and instead, being grounded in the Now Moment, regardless of what anyone else is doing or saying. You see, each being is on their own trajectory path. To ascend is to not be on someone else’s path, for each being is unique and it is important to follow one’s own guidance, for no-one else can possibly know what another’s path is.

For extra Courage, be sure to let go of all fear and spend some time in your Sacred Temples, which help you evolve. There are four temples: Wholing/healing Temple. Expanding Consciousness Temple, Creativity Temple and Connecting with Ascended Masters and Archangels Temple. The purpose of the Creativity Temple is not necessarily for developing an artform, but may also be used to expand your Power to create and manifest. Visiting this Temple, you access the highest Creative Force; that of Source. Any time you visualize or intend from your Heart, you empower the Light you receive from this Temple. Likewise, you receive upgrades from each Temple you connect with. Simply allow yourself to be guided to one or more Temples. Where are they? They exist within you.

It does not matter where you are on your Path of Ascension; however know that you are moving more into being a Warrior of Light. Each of you play a part in helping Earth evolve. Only you know what that is. Some are Angelic communicators, some are working with Earth’s flora and fauna, some are working to upgrade and stabilize leylines of Earth and there are many other roles each of us have agreed to take part in. This is your true mission. Your mission is not necessarily a paid career, although it can be, as there are no rules in the New nor are there “shoulds,” “musts,” “supposed-to’s,” or labels. Some do not know consciously what their mission is, yet this does not preclude them from the work they are doing unconsciously. It may be that knowing what one’s mission is interferes with their work or that their separate ego decides they are more evolved than others (comparison is an old energy). One’s mission is done quietly and humbly. There is no need to brag or tell the world what you are doing or who you are. When one feels compelled to tell even a single person what they do or who they are, as well as “who” they channel, that being has stepped into the self-exploitation of separate ego.

As an awakened one, even though there may be much fear, chaos or confusion around you, you stay centered in the Peace that is within you, much like being the eye of the storm. When you are peaceful within, that energy radiates outward touching others; whether they are aligned with your energy or attached to the fear; it is their choice. It does not negate the fact that you serve as a lighthouse. You needn’t be concerned whether others receive your Light of Peace; simply shine. Also know that you continue to balance within. Balance is the marriage of the Divine Feminine and Masculine. This balancing helps in transforming the old “men against women” matrix that has long been established on Earth. That time is over as you merge both the Goddess and the Divine male energies as One within you. What is within you is pojected outward. This Balance also blends Heart (Intuition, Receptivity, feeling, Gentleness, etc.) with the mind (doing, thinking, analyzing, etc.) so that feeling is merged with thinking and Intuition is supported by action. As you come into Balance within you also heal many lifetimes of abuse, betrayal and death of a loved one.

We, as awakened ones, are bringing/channeling more Light into us and into Gaia. This Light brings up any so-called darkness to be transmuted. This year is an eleven year and as always, there is much Angelic help in our Transformation, only more so. You need not be concerned whether others get this or not, just attend to yourself, for as I mentioned, whatever is within you radiates outward. If you are nothing but Light, that Light helps transmute darkness within you and beyond. If you are fearful, that energy goes out as well, increasing fear. The eclipse on the 15th helps accentuate whatever you carry within you. The eclipse also helps you take inspired action (the Balance of Divine Male and Female). Inspired action is an action based on your intuitional guidance and then taking a step to manifest that Intuition. How do you balance Intuition (Divine Feminine) with action (Divine Masculine)? By loving and accepting yourself unconditionally and trusting yourself completely. This expands your consciousness and it is your consciousness that attracts others and desired outcomes to you.

You also may let go of the past through Forgiveness. Simply use the Ho’oponopono prayer/mantra: “I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you;” if this resonates with you. You may also go into your Wholing/healing Temple to empower this if you choose to. You may choose to use the Violet Flame of St. Germain to also neutralize any “darkness” within. Do whatever you are guided to do.

You may notice that your relationships are shifting from “what can you do for me?” to an Agape Love, which is loving unconditionally yourself and others. There may be some friends and family members who are not ready for this and may distance themselves from you. Let this be all right; you need not fix or rescue anyone now. Just be all of who you are.

There is a global belief that most cling to fervently and that is the belief in death, even though most have been told that there is no death; only a shift of form. When someone you love “dies,” you grieve the loss and yet, there is no loss. This is just one belief that needs to shift. It is a deep, deep one for sure. We are willing to let some things die so they may transform, yet physical death of a beloved person or pet is one belief we are very attached to. You can begin to transform this belief as deep and ongoing as it has been. When it is transformed to infinite life, there is a huge burst of Freedom. Just let this sit for awhile; you needn’t do anything right now. Let yourself ponder the idea that there truly is no death; feel it, for it is easy to intellectualize it (which keeps it separate from you), yet it is a deeply wound and a deep wound most everyone carries within themselves, which puts true evolution to complete Wholeness and Unity on hold.

Fear nothing; fear no darkness, for in the darkness there is great Light and Love. Perhaps meditate in the Void. It is a place of nothingness and a place of all potential. Feel the Joy in this place of nothingness and know that the Great Void is within you, for it is you who holds the key to be the most Divine Love, your essence.


Art – Ichiro Tsuruta


Video & Transcript ~ Universal Mother Mary: How an Ascended Being Speaks – Linda Dillon

Ascended Master Mother Mary by Ruth Hawkins


Video & Transcript ~ Universal Mother Mary: How an Ascended Being Speaks

Universal Mother Mary guides us in the way a Nova Being communicates: by claiming our Divine Authority in joyous service and speaking from our hearts in love and harmony.

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Thanks to Mare for the transcript.

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Universal Mother Mary – “How an Ascended Being Speaks”

Greetings, I am Mary. I am Mare’, Universal Mother, Mother of hope, Mother of change, and yes, beloved ones, Mother of communication.

And do not forget not merely to ask for my assistance, but the assistance of Archangel Gabrielle, for she is the one that I have tasked and in joyous service she works and blesses all communication.

So, it is not simply verbal, it is body language, it is eyes, it is smiles, it is frowns. Every part of you, beloveds, speaks almost continually. And part of being Nova Being is not only hearing and listening to what others are saying to you, verbally and non-verbally…and when I say others I mean humans, galactics, unseen, Council, and I…you hear, you listen, and you listen to what people express physically and verbally.

But in the balance, in the sweet balance and blossoming of who you are, speak with your heart.

Yes, we have brought you to your solar plexus because that is where you often store what you want to say, what you will to say, but perhaps have not found a way, the avenue, or the correct approach…but it passes through your heart.

But by coming from your solar plexus, what you are also doing is claiming and speaking and communicating with your divine authority.

Now, again we suggest to you, we tell you, when you speak with divine authority you speak on our behalf, with us…not us overriding, not channeling…but on your behalf with your authority to speak and to claim your birthright of freedom.

And then to bring that communication to be filled with love, filled with harmony, filled with My gift of clarity so that others not only hear you, they listen to you. That they are able to take, not just the words, not just the facial expressions, but the energy of your communication, of your love, and to bring it into their field…not as invasive but as a gift of love, a gift of sharing a unified field, a gift of truly heart speaking.

Your existence upon the planet was never intended merely to be about the practical…”What bus should I catch? What time is supper? What time do I need to be at that meeting? What is it that you want me to do?” It was intended to be an experience of joy. This life is intended to be an experience, in form, of love! That is My Dream, that is My Plan, and you are the fulfillment of this plan.

So, it is not merely the recitation of practical information. When you say to somebody “The bus to take is the 293” and you fill that information with love that says “and as you travel know that you are loved and that you are surrounded by angels and that you are taken care of because you are worthy and sacred.” And yes, it can be said in the most practical way.

So, it is everything from what you thought of as simply function to the expression of your heart’s desires, your dreams of what you are choosing to bring forth, express, and experience on planet.

There is no room for the old. It has served a purpose of great awakening and it is blessed and released as you bless and release those who wish to cling, for the time being. But understand, in heart speaking and in heart listening, you are saying to those people “there is another way and I invite you, with the totality of my being, I invite you to join me in this adventure of love.”

This is the new way and this, sweet ones, is the old way…this is the original way. This is the way I speak to your hearts. This is the way I conjoin with thee.

Go with my love. Go with my words of love and the energy of my love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.



FINDING THE CENTER–Conversations with a Friend–Sue and Lorraine



Sue and Lorraine

SL:  Here we are.  I’m having a conversation with Lorraine and she just said this very deep thing and I did not have the recording on.  I’m going to ask her to replicate it.  But if she’s anything like me she won’t remember anything that she just said because it didn’t come from her but through her. And that’s what happens when it comes through.  If you don’t write it down, it’s gone baby.

L:  It is, it really is.

Sue, you and I have had conversations over the last few years about what I call personal and planetary transformation is occurring simultaneously. Then we’ve had conversations about the state of world affairs and what we’re seeing in the news.  Then our own personal experience which is different from what we are seeing or reading.  Why is that?

So, today when we started talking I mentioned to you that I had some information today from St. Germaine our dear friend. And it had to do with frequency and vibration.  I remember back in 2012 as we were approaching 12/21/12, and the great anticipation. Then on 12/22/12 the disappointment.  But I never personally felt that something was going to happen in a flash.


Now, I’m sure it did happen in a flash for many people on the planet.  We may or may not know who they are.  But then if you look at the end of 2012 up until today which is the end of January 2018, the changes are astounding, and the growth that I’ve seen not only in myself and in my awareness, but in other people, and other people I talk to and friends in just my general experience.

What does that mean?  Does it mean that we’re in another frequency? Does it mean we are experiencing another frequency – and my feeling is that we’ve expanded? Our perception has expanded, our experience has expanded.  And, when that happens other opportunities come into our lives. We can call them miracles, and many are a traditional definition of miracles, however my feeling is that we are ready to receive that expansion from within. And, because that is our desire and our intent, we are experiencing it.

Now, that may sound like mumbo, Jumbo.  And you and I have talked a number of times about the ancient teachers who were on the planet – ancient and modern as well.  And we were talking earlier about Yogananda, Paramahansa Yogananda and his wonderful book that has been read by millions of people, thank goodness – in which in his young life he was searching and searching for a teacher.

And finally, when Yogananda was ready, the teacher did appear.  But, Yogananda did not sit in a cave and meditate for twenty years and then become enlightened.  But he had someone, I want to say, who was holding his hand, in large part, who held and supported that.

So fast forward, today on the planet there are thousands of teachers.  I often say, thank goodness for Louise Hay of Hay House because she supported many, many authors who were seemingly very main stream but attracted the readership of our next-door neighbors.

These are not people like you and I who have been working with this for fifty years. These are people who picked up a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer or Gregg Braden or someone like that, and stepped on to the path.  And they are now walking their journey and expanding their perception.

So, when our perception expands, does it not mean that our vibrational frequency is changing?  Could we call it increasing, could we call it expanding?  I don’t know what the right word is because I think the word is different for everyone.

Everyone experiences it differently.  The good news is that there are many pathways that have opened up.  If there are 7.5 or 8 billion people on this planet, then it’s just not one teaching or one path – although they’re all going to the same place.

SL: Yes, and I would like to add something from a very third dimensional perspective. Because my experience, I have not had the experience that I let go of everything and went off to an ashram.  I started long ago.  I had young children then I had teenagers.  I was married, I had a home.  I was very much third dimensional the whole time.  I had to be grounded in all of those third dimensional duties.  I had to pay my bills on time, etc. etc. etc.

At the same time that the Light that I had as a little kid, this golden light that would come and play with me revealed itself again as the Arcturians and that communication came back, but the communication was something that was not anything that I could tell anybody for a long time.   But then one day they said, ‘make a website.’  I had maybe one of the first or second websites ever up.  They told me this way in the beginning. And, I was saying, wait, what’s a website?

So, what they said was this is how you ground it.  This is what you do to ground it.  You think like a regular person but you allow your consciousness to be in contact with us.  So, I thought, wow – that’s an interesting concept.  You know, I walk my walk and talk my talk and write these things and I did a website.  I wasn’t sure because there were no examples of any websites – but I was following what this inner guidance said.

So, I speak to all of you that feel like you might be a little schizophrenic because you’ve got one thing going on the inside and a whole different thing going on, on the outside. Well, welcome to the process.  This is how it works.

There’s this inner knowing and expansion and communication that is happening inside. It’s not happening on the outside.  You’re not hearing it through your physical ears.  You are not seeing it through your physical eyes.  You’re not even understanding it with your physical brain.  It’s an experience that you’re having and the initiation is ‘can you dare to believe it.

L: Can you dare to believe it.

S: Can you dare to believe it even though it comes in from inside of you.  And you don’t even know where inside of you it comes from.  It’s like probably you’re crazy.

L: Yes

S: But you can’t not do it.  And I know that you’ve had the same experience, right?

L: There is a wonderful saying and I wish I could remember who it’s attributed to so I apologize for not giving that person credit.  The saying is: ‘I don’t believe it but I know it’s true.’

S: Ha, ha – Yes!

L: And I had a very dear friend who used to frequently say ‘hold to what you know is the truth within your heart’ – which I believe is another way of saying: ‘I don’t believe it but I know it’s true.’

Because, often I will have to remind myself to move away from a past, personal pattern of thinking.  And invariably, when that happens, I remember my friend saying: ‘hold to what you know is the truth within your heart.’  Wham!  That re-centers you.

And, each of us has something within us that will invariably bring us back to the center, especially when we are having a difficult time, especially when the energies of our lives take hold of us.  Like the solar eclipse that we had this past summer, or right now as we’re speaking, at the end of January 2017 we’ve just had what’s called a blood moon and a lunar eclipse.  And, those energies can affect people differently.

Sometimes we can go off center, or off kilter.  I have this internal vision of an arrow. It’s an arrow that goes straight up.  And at the top of the arrow are the two points. But, at the bottom of the arrow are also two points.

And if I put my arm from my elbow to the end of my fingers right up in the center, sometimes it seems that the arrow is not straight up and down, it’s not in alignment.  But rather it’s over to eleven o’clock or it’s over to one o’clock. And, obviously where I want it to be pointing to is twelve o’clock and six o’clock – in alignment.

But one of the things that I’ve discovered is that when it’s out of alignment my consciousness is telling me – hey, what’s going on here between 11 and 12.  What’s going on here between 12 and 1.  There’s something that I need to look at here and something I need to revisit.  Sometimes I say no.  I’m not going there right now, but it will come back – always.

S:  Yes, it does come back until we address it because it’s that little glitch in the road that we have to get through to keep on travelling that path.  And that glitch of course is inside of our own selves – karma, or time to change some of our own thinking patterns, time to change some emotional, reactive pattern.  It’s time to just take a break and just have some fun.  Just chill out.

I think sometimes we forget to do that and that is one of the most important things – to know when you know it’s time to take a break, and then take that break.

L:  Exactly.

S:  Because while we are taking that break, that’s when our body, our consciousness, our mind, every part of us has a chance to integrate.  While we’re laying around doing nothing, taking a walk in the woods or taking long drives to who knows where – all these types of situations.

Now, I know for me right now, I’m just biting at the bit.  I need to do that.  I need to get in the car and drive for five hours.  I need to go to a place that’s not my house.  I need to take a break.  Now, how long it will take before I get to take a break – you know, this is life on the third dimension.  But I think that it’s important that we identify it so that if we can’t actually take that break then we go to plan B, whatever that is.

L:  So, I think what I hear you saying is that the important thing is to be aware – aware that I need the break.  Well I can’t take the break right now, so let me take twenty-five deep breaths and calm myself down.  I need a break.  It’s not available to me right now, so I’m going to move forward and that break will materialize.  You’ve put out the desire and the intent – the need, and it will manifest.

S:  Absolutely

L:  Invariably it will manifest.

S:   And I think these are in part the ways we learn.  Learn and remember how to really manifest our own reality.  Because there is that point of desire which is an important point where you have the desire, you live the desire you feel the desire.  But then, part two is that you just have to let go and let the desire manifest.

L:   Yes, exactly.  So, the door opens and we have a choice.  Are we going to step inside? Are we just going to look at the door?  Is it open a crack?  Is it all the way open?  Are we going to close it and say, ‘no I’m not going there?’

There are choices that we have and those choices depend on our personal lives. Obviously, as you shared, you were raising a family, working etc.  If that door opened there was no way that you could have walked through it at that time.  But, now in retrospect, can you say that your children were your teachers during that time?

S:  Well the thing is that I did walk through that door.

L:  Okay, well there you are.

S:  I had the children half time because I’d already had the parenting and the divorce and the splitting of the custody and meeting the next man who is a wonderful man and that I’m still married to.  So, I was able to do that.  But, did I have guilt?  Of course.  But, you know – I was raised with guilt so – guilt was, and still is but not as much as it used to be. But you know – guilt is.  And guilt isn’t necessarily a bad thing because guilt kind of keeps us keeping track of.

So, it’s like it’s – do I really need to do this, or is this what’s really calling me.  And it makes us take a moment and say, I’m going to need to cloister myself away for a bit and go into a meditation and really expand my consciousness.  Then once my consciousness is expanded, then everything is totally different.

L:  The more we are aware, the more our perception expands.

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 10:24 AM


Art: Sulamith Wulfing


*Meaning “Pillar of Light blazing in the Unbound Space of Divine Mother’s Love”

☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ ه ☆

Letter to Gilles

The theme of our own self-realization and what keeps us going is a very profound and deep message.

As a student of Paramahansa Yogananda for now over 40 years I can truly say He is one of the most influential teachers on the path of deathlessness and the One Truth along with the Dalai Lama and Ramana Maharshi and other great saints and Masters.

The “One True Thing” as you put it can be viewed from two perspectives.

One is that the “One True Thing” is something you are searching for, so the answer must lie there, in the “farther shore” in the shape of a Divine Source, Unconditional Love or God.

The other way is that the “One True Thing” is unknowable and un-nameable by the “I” that has created the whole search in the first place, and that to get to the “farther shore” practically, one has to totally surrender everything, including the “I”, that as Yogananda says, has created the veil that hides God from you.

Yeshua said the same thing “If you would be perfect, give up all you possess and you will have treasure in heaven, and come follow me” (Matthew 19:21)

This means giving up everything, including the notion of self.

The self is the veil.

As Ramana Mahashi (paramguru of Mooi) says

“Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.

Your duty is to BE.

Not to be this or that.

I AM THAT I AM sums up the whole truth.

The method is summed up in the words “Be still”.

What does stillness mean?

It means destroy yourself.

Because any form or shape is the cause for trouble.

Give up the notion that “I am so and so”.

All that is required to realize the Self is to be still.

What can be easier than that?”

“Be still and know God” (Psalm 46:10)

“The most vital part of meditation, the whole crux of the matter in attaining the ultimate goal of God consciousness is stillness” (Yogananda)

Practically speaking it means the secret to unity is to be able to access stillness at any given moment.

As Eckhart Tolle says

“When you lose touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself.

When you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world.

Your innermost sense of self, of who you are, is inseparable from stillness.

This is the I AM that is deeper than name and form.

Stillness is the only thing in this world that has no form.

But then, it is not really a thing and it is not of this world.”

So to find the “one true thing” we need to need to let go of form and use the universal bridge across forever, stillness, to access the portal of being and “travel” across worlds, free of form and self and “I” to the universal realm of love, the I AM THAT I AM, אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה ’ehyeh ’ăšer ’ehyeh that God spoke to Moses of in Exodus 3:14 

St Teresa of Avila

Perhaps it is notable dear Brother that your current search is leading you so clearly to the land of Moses and Aaron and Exodus, because they, like you, like Yogananda, the Dalai Lama, Ramana Maharshi, Eckhart Tolle, Yeshua and Mary Magdalene and all saints and Masters, realize the truth is so very simple.

Be still and Know God within.

“We need no wings to go in search of God, but have only to find a place where we can be alone and still and look upon God present within us”

(St. Teresa of Avila)


Love and Light and Blessings

Altair and Mother … ♥ 

☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ ه ☆

ALTAIR SHYAM – meaning:

Altair (Eagle, Pillar of Heaven) and Nirbandh Shyam (Unlimited Light of Divine Mother’s Love) when I was given them I was told I would be ‘unbound’. So I AM.

☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ 

A teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.

Appreciation & Gratitude to Artists, credit given where this is known


The Activation and Shift From The 4th Dimension to 5th Dimension Consciously – L’Aura Pleiadian

Artist appreciation


The Activation and Shift From The 4th Dimension to 5th Dimension Consciously

The Shift. From the Head to the Heart. From 4th Dimensional thought patterns, energetic responses of the OLD ways.

Freedom from suffering.

This is a monumental shift ~ alignment ~ activation ~from the head to the Heart.

Living through the portal of LOVE within AS the eternal awareness that already exists.

These are not just words. You see them as words. This is an energetic WAVE of intense frequency and LIGHT aligning you NOW.

This does not exist in time.

No past no future ALL existing NOW in awareness, through the Heart.

This is the SHIFT ~ feel this now.

YOUR entire thought structures will change.

You thoughts give way to the Love and Bliss within.

The Heart will be the governing pattern through which you function in 5th dimensional consciousness and beyond. Cosmic consciousness.

The YOU that functions through the portal of Love and GRACE to a world unknown to those in the 4th Dimension.

YOU live here through this and the here shifts and changes, ALIGNING and matching your frequency with the Divine Eternal YOU. Now.

This exists through the eternal now moment.

You align.

You are activated.

YOUR world changes. You observe how you now function differently.

Life on Earth began with this awareness as the WAY, this state of consciousness on MU.

It is what all the wisdom schools and ancient mystery schools have taught throughout the ages.

Alignment through the Heart with the eternal moment and Divine God Self.

YOU now have full access as you open your heart, surrender the suffering.

Surrender the old way and enter consciously NOW DEEP into these frequencies that are being activated NOW.

Receive Beloved Children of Light.

The Angels stepping forward on Earth.

The Pleiadian…The Elohim, Present ~ all now.

The Syrians, The Galactic Councils. The Pleiadian Councils…The Lyrans. All present NOW.

Other Universes…. present NOW.

Through the Central Sun, receive NOW. In love.

And so it WAS on Earth ~ so it is NOW.

In love and NOW as it has always Been.

In the Glory of the All That is.

With The Blue Avians…The Divine Council of Overseers..we ARE here now. In love.

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2018 Multi-Dimensional Quantum Energy Report – Part 1: Overview – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Quantum Energy Fractual Mandala Art by Keith Allen – Cosmic Flower


2018 Multi-Dimensional Quantum Energy Report – Part 1: Overview

As I did for the 2017 Multi-Dimensional Quantum Energy Reports, these will be broken down into 2-3 parts, because there is so much. Still not even touching all, it’s a starting point, an overview and is different for each collective/individual experience, based upon the stages/phases each one is currently in. Utilize this to expand, not to make an excuse or compare. This is for awareness and for each to realize that infinite everything is occurring with a multitude of vibrational timelines running simultaneously for all. I love you! Feel free to share to assist/awaken others as well. ♥

I’m doing this one in a linear list, as all is so vast. I will continue to expand on many topics as we accelerate, access, activate and anchor more individually and together too!
  • Old Earth Matrix Programmed Realities will continue to become “tighter” (choking and strangling each still a part/holding this programming within). Increasing plasma energies will exacerbate distortions to become more visible/louder and more intense, pushing those still operating in these realities to have to make a change, choosing on a Soul Level instead of trying to adhere due to fear-based programs embedded deep within. For many it will come down to choosing themselves over trying to fit into a system that is meant to suppress/collapse. For others, new awareness and finally being able to SEE what was hidden is enough to “about face” and choose a higher consciousness timeline over one that serves the human ego self.
  • NEW Earth Realities will further flourish, as more come online and “cross-over”/transition with their bodies through Physical Body Ascension to come to exist in all new realities that were unbelievable and “far off” before. The excitement, the exquisiteness, the ease available through UNITY LOVE Consciousness is beyond! At first playing, inJOYing, receiving, being supported, those who have learned how all works will step-up/forward further into fulfilling their own Soul Purposes/Galactic Missions/Earthly Roles here. As more Christed-Star-Light-BEings unite, this will get easier, as more exhibit partnership vs. individualism to CREATE together, combining efforts, reSOURCEs, skills, connections and financial all to support the bigger picture as ONE UNIFIED CONSCIOUSNESS here. Infinite abundance & prosperity for all who unite and do the work necessary to anchor highest dimensional timelines in the physical here. These new codes came through in December 2017. Now it’s up to each to implement through purity, unity and Galactic NEW Earth aligned HUumanitarian Projects in order to additionally receive.
  • “The Game” just got “stepped up”… huge
  • Vaster alignments to bring more collectively into Highest Consciousness Living
  • Contributions are to be “bigger” for all who know better/are shown as a part of fulfilling higher purpose roles here
  • Multi-Dimensionality becomes more mainstream
  • More Galactic Presence
  • Leaving old realities faster increases substantially
  • Continuing transition from linear (human ego/constructs) to non-linear (Quantum)
  • Bigger Focus on Planetary (and cross-planetary) Consciousness for Embodied Galactic Souls
  • Bigger focus on Universal/Galactic Consciousness for those newly awakening to this phase
  • More Support as a Vibrational Response replaces “saving” or enabling the old, as this support continues to diminish exponentially to shift all into a self-empowered state fully
  • More Unifying and coming together (both online and in the physical) for those stepping up/stepping forth to accomplish Global/Galactic Projects & Programs now ready to be anchored in
  • More Carbon-based human bodies start to evolve and reject what seemed to work before. Chemicals ingested/absorbed (external & internal) over the years of unconsciousness, medications, foods/meat, toxic/distorted relationships and atmospheric toxins, genetically/chemically modified foods/water and more become apparent to more as their bodies awaken to activate higher consciousness DNA and cellular restructuring accelerates to clear density and unconscious programming held within each’s body template that must reverse/repair/re-calibrate/re-code/re-tune/realign all to new codes activated in each’s body/field “faster” and stronger now. Human’s looking for linear explanations that feed the ego will have a rougher time. As each opens up to higher consciousness explanations that obliterate the old beliefs, to implement natural, organic, clean and vibrational support, this will be much easier, depending how deep the old Earth Matrix programming was embedded on a cellular/molecular level before.
  • Increased Nervous System and Immune System Upgrades/Overhauls. These hit the body hard as it transitions into MUCH higher frequency bandwidths and re-wires how it functions completely from the inside out. Over-stimulation is necessary to dissolve/break those old matrix systems down and remove the human-ego’s ability to override these processes that now need to occur for occupancy/residency on NEW Earth. These represent DEFENSE SYSTEMS and the entire infrastructure of realities are communicated through this.
  • Continued collapse of “old regimes”, as more come to realize they are participating in a matrix program and choose to not support/participate anymore, stand in their power, see what wasn’t visible before, challenge their own perceptions of what REALity is, instead of adhering to a program by wanting to ignore/refuse to see/listen/avoid taking responsibility for their own unconsciousness and bring all into full consciousness now.
  • Unconscious realities become less comfortable and are no longer the “easy” way
  • New systems/programs coming online through joint efforts and combined reSOURCEs
  • Increased Veil removing/dissolving through whatever means necessary to wake all up. For the deep asleep, this can “seem” or appear abrupt/harsh. These are timeline collapses where one was holding onto the old and “not ready” to embrace higher consciousness before. These are to move each out of mis-aligned realities and into higher aligned ones (on a Soul Level). Harsh/abrupt ceases when full consciousness and embodiment becomes a priority instead of an inconvenience as the ego aspect “treats/views” their awakening processes here.
  • Increased cleanses/clearings/purification/detoxes on an Energetic Level, which dictates the physical reality/physical body. Where one is continually doing this naturally & intentionally, this process is much easier and all is able to be maintained in a simplistic flow. The more carbon-bases, the more physical. The LightBody phase is less, the Crystalline LightBody goes deeper and can be intense, yet the physical reality is much easier, so devoting time/energy is easier for this. The Plasma Crystalline LightBody goes even deeper, on a galactic level as all non-linear constructs continue to dismantle and be re-structured more immensely, yet having cleared Karmic timelines, all is easier in every way, while deep into the cellular structures (bones/teeth/blood/flesh) all goes. The Etheric Plasma Crystalline LightBody (Avatar Consciousness/OverSoul Embodiment) completes deep cellular linear anything left, completing Ascension in it’s entirety after years of Embodiment through Purity and Galactic Soul Service here. Heaven on Earth fully anchored, no Karmic timelines “allowed” to play out, the physical is beyond simple as generosity, unity-service and full-expansion is able to be maintained fully integrated/anchored within the physical body form and all new Quantum Linear abilities are created to function/Master realities in all new ways/with greatest ease as love here. ♥
  • More Souls completing their Earthly Experience and transitioning out for huge 3D/4D dissolution to occur. Entire collectives exiting (both physically and leaving the physical (etherically where the body “dies” and the Soul returns to the Unified Field as ONE Consciousness, yet may re-birth/incarnate/walk-in “later” as a Christed StarBEing to assist with Galactic NEW Earth.
  • More coming to understand VIBRATIONAL EXISTENCE (5+D) over Linear Existence (3D/4D) to easier shift and activate NEW EARTH Realities easier/faster too! Remember, each Density is your EXPERIENCE and mindset now. It’s where your body is located trajectory-wise in a dimensional timeline. As each expands their consciousness, the body can re-code/re-transmit and vibrate at a different resonance in order to access a different/parallel/alternate reality for a multi-dimensional experience, instead of just a fixed linear one. You are ON a Multi-Dimensional Earth. You can shift to any dimensional timeline at will. You must HOLD the new/higher vibration/consciousness long enough for this to anchor into your own physical reality as YOUR NEW EXPERIENCE now. This encapsulates everything you think/do.
  • Increased ABILITIES for Unified Light BEings
  • “Old Twins” resolve unconscious timelines (together or separately, however is most appropriate for each’s experience here). NEW Divine Partnerships are formed through Uniting as Higher Consciousness. Most “twins” will conclude their agreements and go on. Those Souls meant to come together, will, as each achieves the vibration for this to occur. Many will go on to connect with much higher versions in other physical forms to match current vibration easier, without the struggle/mis-alignment and history of the old. All new everything! Divine Partnerships on every level become more relevant for these next phases we’ve entered into now.
  • Remaining Unconscious Karmic Cycles increase to clear these old programs out
  • Polarity between Unconscious and Fully Conscious is much vaster than it was before. Unconscious operating at a frequency of duality whereas Fully Conscious operate at a frequency of unity and love, which are opposites, so sustaining any realities where all is not able to come into full consciousness quickly means realities are unable to sustain for very long at all. More SPACE (which is “time” for the human aspect) is often necessary for each to come into full consciousness on their own. Uniting can occur in increments as old programs are continually resolved for vibrational synchronization to be able to fully occur.
  • Old Earth not visible to those fully living on NEW Earth, unless through observation in order to see, assist collectives with transitioning over with greater ease. The physical experience will reflect back each’s current state of consciousness. Where there is an old earth matrix program still held inside, this will play out in the physical in order to clear this energy/be resolved. Vibrational timelines (Earths/Universes) can shift instantly and in every moment, which means FULL presence and re-tuning/instant alignment is KEY.
  • NEW Earth inhabitants fully focused on uniting, accomplishing, creating, reaching, supporting, inspiring and anchoring all new. Physical body integration processes take precedence, so that the physical can be super-mega-easy to Master and maneuver on a daily basis, yet cutting out all that does not support what we are here to be/do.
  • Much easier higher dimensional timelines arriving faster for all doing this intentionally and consistently now
  • Much rougher/more challenging realities for deeply embedded matrix humans, as all works to re-align regardless of their refusal/resistance to multi-dimensional existence here. Mostly unconscious behavior, which is a part of the process, the comfort level and ease with staying unconscious goes. Complacency and conformity programs are greatly challenged as well.
  • Anchored Creations through Unity-Love-Consciousness take off!
  • Shocking and shaking awake increases. Harsh/abrupt increases as well as easy, awesome pure heart-opening love awakenings do too! The amount of ego energy or openness energy dictates each individual experience.
  • Victim mentality realities exacerbate to dissolve/collapse faster now
  • Global Consciousness moves further into the forefront as more step into supporting roles and exercise the care for our planet, while bringing to the forefront unconscious programs to easier realize and choose to shift. A heightened awareness of chemicals and foods, plants, our lands, water and total life changes increase as more comes to LIGHT about how UNCONSCIOUS MATRIX PROGRAMS worked.
  • Increased intolerance for unconscious realities. Everyone is pushed/required to choose, commit and take action in all new ways. For those learning to pull away and just BE, this is imperative to gain new clarity and connect to/through higher consciousness. For those who have mastered BEing, DOing is now paramount from this place. For those who have mastered balance with both and are in total creation/generation mode while holding the highest timelines in place, ease and simplicity prevail and all reap the rewards, receive the benefits of the level of commitment on a SOUL level now.
  • 2018 is our most exciting year evah! 2017 was absolutely amazing and we continue to anchor even more brilliance here! Being non-linear and looking over a whole “year”, means seeing the energy of each dimension and correlating this to vibrational experiences available and open for each. All receive according to presence, contribution/fully invested energy and purity held. Open up fully! Let’s do this Love Family! ♥

I will post part 2 & 3 as my schedule permits (this month). I’ve set up a dedicated page for these “2018 Annual Energy Reports” for easy locating/viewing as the articles are completed/posted for all!

All my love from Kauai. I’ll be sharing some personal posts soon too! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Quantum Energy Fractual Mandala Art by Keith Allen – Cosmic Flower

An old country road – Lucia Sullivan


“You were a light on an old country road.
Plowing thru the dust with your silent and steady patience.
The trees would bend to see you pass.
The owlets would open the bushes,
So you could see their eyes.
The sky opened up and shot down light from the Angels singing,
Singing in the breezes of a Spring time;
Carolina morning.
Frogs leapt from mud puddles just to see you step beside them.
You were the light for life around you.
You were a light on an old country road.
You held the hearts of tiny hands.
Leading them up and out of the darkness.
As time moves on,
I still see you sometimes.
In the magic and the movements between seconds of seconds.
Where the sky parts and the Angels sing.
Joined now by your precious voice.
But you will forever be,
That light on the old country road.
That has led me home,
A thousand times.” (For my grandmother Miss Maude)

Written by Lucia Sullivan ♥ Copyright 2018 all rights reserved


New York

Seeing and FEELING Yourself As A Divine Ascended BEING ~ Now – L’Aura Pleiadian

Artist appreciation


Seeing and FEELING Yourself As A Divine Ascended BEING ~ Now

Waking up every new day and moment and seeing and knowing yourself as A Divine Ascended Being. Already Ascended now, not separate from your 5th Dimensional experience.

What would this be like for you?

Do you see yourself and FEEL yourself already in the 5th Dimension?

Expanding into this GRAND and Glorious aspect of YOU is easier to align and surrender when you BELIEVE you already exist as this.

All Dimensions co-exist.

You are shifting out of the 4th dimension and the experience of time as you have known it.

In this NO time all the existences of YOU in all dimensions exist NOW.

THIS IS the conscious awareness of the LIMITLESS you ~ the YOU that is eternal. YOUR Original Light.

Waking up, moving around…resting. AS you immerse your awareness into and as the Eternal YOU, your DNA shifts. Your Blueprint shifts.

YOU align with your Divine Eternal Ascended Being.

This alignment is your expansion of consciousness. It is never-ending throughout the Universe and beyond.

Relax now into the vastness of the Universe. Breathing in and out, simply relax. When you quiet yourself you can hear and feel your heartbeat.

Go deeper into the vortex of your heart.

In this space ~ you exist in all dimensions.

There is no distance.

There is no time.

There is Love and Glory.

Communicate with your Divine Ascended Being, your Original Light. It will respond to you.

This interactive ~ play, is the innocence in which you open and receive.

Feel the alignment NOW.

Feel the activation NOW.

FEEL the Love and Glory Now.

Embrace NOW your Divine Ascended Being and you living fully in the 5th Dimension. NOW.

In the Love and Radiance of Eternal Union. With the Divine Council of Overseers. Blessing you now. And So it is, NOW. In love.


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ReBalance The Earth With Planetary Healing – Suzanne Lie


ReBalance the Earth with Planetary Healing – The Arcturians Through Suzanne Lie



By the Arcturians

Dear custodians of Gaia,

We the Arcturians, speak directly to YOU—The human custodians of Gaia.

First, we ask you to reflect on the below questions of:

“How can I be a human custodian of Gaia?”

“How can I, a human, rebalance Planet Earth?”

“What does “Planetary Healing” mean?”

We, the Arcturians, request that you take a moment to think seriously about the above questions. We realize that your first response may be to think, “What can I, just one human, do to assist planetary healing? We, the Arcturians, ask you that question right now.

Do you realize how little you need to do to be of service to your planetary home?

You can pick up some trash, care for your yard.

Drive a car with less negative emissions.

Don’t waste water.

Meditate for Gaia.

And most important…

Tell others how important it is within this NOW to take care of your planetary home.

“But, I am just one person!” we hear you exclaim. Yes, YOU are one person, but as YOU join and/or encourage other people to “take care of your planetary home,” just one person will expand into more and more and more persons.

As humanity increasingly expands their consciousness, which you are ALL doing within your own pace, you will realize that just as one breath of fresh air is very important to everyone, one person can do something for Gaia.

Please click this “World-Ometer” at

to see how much Gaia’s human population increases every day and every year.

How many of this ever-increasing amount of humans even take one minute a day to think about the planet Earth that is their HOME? Humans have been trained, by the ignorant and the dangerous, that this planet is NOT over populated. “Earth is a huge place and there is room for everyone,” they say.

But, Earth is staying the same size and humanity is growing and growing with little or no thought about how dear Gaia can survive the mistreatment that far to many humans have given Her. These very people may take great care of their trees, their garden, their yard, but that is “their property!”

The fact is that “their property” is actually Gaia’s property. And, just as Gaia is a living planetary being, all Gaia’s property is a component of Her living being. Long ago, when humans were “primitive,” they worshiped Gaia. Now that humans are “advanced” they neglect, or even harm, Gaia.

How can a species harm their own home? The animals, plants, trees, waterways, fish, and sea creatures—the non-human creatures of Gaia—do not destroy their homeworld and live within the flow of Mother Nature. Somehow, humanity forgot that they, too, are members of Mother Gaia’s planet.

It is for this reason that we the Arcturians, as well as the Pleiadians and Antarians, are presently orbiting Earth to assist the planet. We will NOT become involved in any manner with humanity’s squabbles, which are far too many, but we will not allow humanity to damage Gaia any more than they already have.

Therefore, we have created a fourth dimensional “mockup planet Earth” where those who are intent on harming Gaia are being sent. You, the members of the real Earth, will hear of the many problems, pollutions and wars that humanity has caused, but Gaia is becoming two planets.

One is the Real Gaia, who is in the process of ascending, and the other is an illusionary version of Gaia. Those who live within the illusions of “Power Over Others,” as well as “Power Over Earth,” will reside on the illusionary Gaia. This version of Gaia actually resides in the Lower to Mid-Astral Plane.

Therefore, this reality, as well as those who resonate to that frequency, will not ascend into the fifth dimension and beyond until they, too, have gone through their personal purification. After their “personal purification,” which is simply that they release ALL need to have Power Over Others—including Planet Earth, who is a living being.

Those who are unable to release their need to experience “power over others,” will need to go through a process of finding their own “power within.” The reason for this is that once one has gained their “power within,” they will have no need to have “power over others.”

In fact, those who have remembered their innate Galactic Power Within, will remember that they are actually fifth dimensional beings who have chosen to take a third dimensional earth body, so that they can better assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.

It is well known by all the higher dimensional beings that Gaia, and Her beloved planet Earth, is innately a multidimensional reality. In fact, Gaia is a Multidimensional School with “kindergarten” being the third dimension.

Once one’s third dimensional “unfinished business, which is the same as unbalanced karma, is balanced and cleared, they will be given the choice to either ascend into the higher frequencies of reality, or to remain on Earth to assist with Gaia’s Planetary Ascension.

Some will choose to “take a vacation” on their Homeworld and/or Starship, some will choose to leave Gaia completely and go Home, and others will choose to stay on the body of Gaia to assist the humans to realize their true, multidimensional nature.

The plant and animal kingdom does not need to be assisted, as they are ONE with all life. However, they do need to be PROTECTED, as many humans are still wrapped in greed and will continue with their selfish destruction of Gaia.

It is because of the many lost and extremely greedy ones on Earth that many of our Galactic Family are still wearing an Earth Vessel. They have lovingly volunteered to maintain their earth vessel so that they can blend into humanity. In this manner, they can find the best way for each of them to assist Gaia and awaken humans.

We are proud and happy to say that many of our Galactic Family, and even humans who are still unaware of their own higher dimensional SELF and higher dimensional FAMILY, have been able to remember their love for dear Gaia.

It is because of their love for Gaia, that they chose to complete before they took their earth vessel. It was a great sacrifice for these Multidimensional Galactic Beings to take an earth vessel on Gaia’s surface, or Gaia’s core.

However, they chose this mission so that they could rescue the planet Earth from destruction form the dark ones. Their unselfish “rescue mission” will greatly assist Gaia to finally complete Her ascension.

Gaia could have ascended before if She was willing to send the dark ones back to their Ships or places of origin. However, Gaia has a great Heart Chakra within Her crystal core. Therefore, she has chosen assist the humans of light, as well as give the humans of darkness more “time” to return to their true, Multidimensional SELF.

Yes, even the darkest human has, what we would call, “The Heart of Ascension.” However, through their incarnations on a troubled, war-bound, third dimensional reality, they forgot the higher dimensional expressions of their OWN Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, they became trapped in the third/lower fourth dimensional illusions of separation, power over, greed and separation from Gaia’s Core.

The awakened and unconditional loving humans often visit Gaia’s Core, usually when their physical self is sleeping, to remember and absorb the Unconditional Love that resonates from Gaia’s Three Fold Flame of Wisdom, Power and Love.

Gaia’s Three Fold Flame asks each of them:

“How can you be a human custodian of Gaia?”

“How can you, a human, assist to rebalance Planet Earth?”

“What does ‘Planetary Healing’ mean to you?

Finally, how can you share that healing energy with Gaia?”

These questions go into your Multidimensional Consciousness to be stored within the different areas of your life. Then, when you are ready, you will be asked these questions as you go throughout your daily life. However, you will likely forget what you experienced in your higher dimensional form.

Therefore, we suggest that you “write down” all message that you get from your Higher SELF. We suggest this as your 3D mind, busily rushing through your 3D life, will NOT remember what occurred while your consciousness was resonating to the fourth, fifth, and even higher dimensional realities.

Also, many of these experiences will occur as you travel into higher states of consciousness, sleep and deep meditation. During your sleep and deep meditation, you are able to release the third dimension chatter that has collected like dust in your brain, and in your consciousness. This chatter can be more easily recognized while you are in meditation, and are more difficult to recognize as you walk through your daily life.

If you can allow yourself to really listen to your inner chatter, and allow this chatter to consciously move through your body, you will be able to gain mastery over it. However, it is not possible to “gain mastery OVER” that which you have forgotten or have never consciously confronted.

Humanity has been trained to “make the most of it,” even if “the most” is far less than your full ability. It is when you are able to go deep inside your SELF, and allow your Higher SELF to commune with your third/fourth dimensional self, that you can begin to realize that you DO have a choice about how your life will proceed.

However, YOU must be “driving the bus.” YOU, in connection with your higher dimensional expressions of SELF, are able to see beyond the illusions, fears, duties, and frustrations of “daily life in the physical world.”

If YOU can even “grab a moment” of this freedom—WRITE IT DOWN—as your 3D brain will have a difficult time remembering a higher dimensional message. Yes, you can go into meditation and retrieve that message.

But you likely will not be able to retrieve all of the message, unless you match the state of consciousness to which you resonated when you first received it. Inter-dimensional messages resonate to certain brainwaves, body sensations, thoughts and emotions.

If you fall into a lower state of consciousness, you will lose the message. If your body, your thoughts, and/or your emotions become distracted by your third dimensional reality, you will lose the message.

Therefore, we suggest that you always have with you a way in which you can document these inter-dimensional messages as soon as possible. In fact, it is best if you document them within the NOW in which you receive them.

The best way to do that is by setting a “cast in steel” time and place where you have total privacy, feel comfortable, and can meditate for a bit before you begin your inter-dimensional communications.

If you meditate first, you will expand your consciousness, which will allow you to communicate with higher and higher frequencies of reality. Yes, there are many, many frequencies of reality, but you can only choose a given reality by calibrating your consciousness to the frequency of that reality.

It is much like the “clicker” for your TV set. You can push a button to get to the channel you want to see. In the same manner, you can choose to calibrate your consciousness to the higher frequencies in your daily life.

Of course, the calibration part is much easier if you have learned to go within. However, the outer world will invade your inner world unless you have planned ahead to make sure  you willnot be interrupted.

But the question is, “Do YOU Deserve to take time away from your daily life in order to commune with your own Higher SELF?

Do YOU? Ask yourself right NOW and allow the TRUTH to enter your consciousness.

If you do not know your truth, how can you live it?

Blessings to you all,

We know that you will FIND and BE your Living Truth, but it may take a bit of Earth “time.” However, there is NO time in the higher dimensions. Therefore, even if your 3D self still believes that you have “failed in this endeavor,” your Higher Dimensional SELF knows that,

“Failure is a third dimensional term!”

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 3:53 PM

Pleiadian Message February 2018 – Christine Day

Art: Dorina Costras


Christine Message February 2018

Friday, February 02, 2018

Hello, Winter is here in Grand Marais, Minnesota. It is so wonderful to watch Lake Superior ice over and witness the incredibly beautiful colors of the sky creating intriguing pure reflections on the ice. There is such a silence in the air when the water freezes, a quiet that reflects a deep stillness inside me.

What an amazing time to be alive on Earth! There are so many unexpected opportunities opening up in front me at this time. I have had to let go of expectations and allow myself to simply be moved on a new pathway, which carries a change of design.

There has been a lot of activity of Pleiadian ships on our land and across the Lake. I can feel, perceive a shift in the energetic setting on our land in readiness for Spring when the new Gateway will be energetically constructed and activated on our meadow.

I am excited by all of the activity surrounding me, and within there is already a quickening taking place throughout my cells. I know I am being prepared for the huge upheaval that is coming to us on our land as the Gateway becomes fully active. This will herald in a new phase for me, I will undertake another role within the Universe as our Receiving Station for the Galactic community becomes self realized on our land.

We have been on this land for six years now. It has taken this long for the land to be ready to receive the full activation of this Receiving Station. In May the Gateway will be fully opened, Alisa and I will be playing a full role in activating and holding the energy of the Gateway open while a stabilization process completes itself.

Of course we will be joined and supported by the Galactic council, the Pleiadians, the Lemurians and many other groups from the Galactic community. This process is a new pathway beginning, a destiny mission for us, and an essential happening for the planet and we are celebrating this next step.

I am committed to sharing this journey with you as it unfolds. I have had to change some of my scheduled plans to accommodate my new commitments with the anchoring of the Gateway. My presence is required at the land while the Gateway stabilizes completely.

I want to honor each one of us as we transit through these challenging and glorious times within the 3rd dimensional illusion and birth into these new realms of consciousness.

Love and blessings



Reality is a Perspective – Suzanne Lie


Reality is a Perspective–The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


Reality is a Perspective

When I sat down to write my blog today, the Arcturians guided me to this section of my website. Therefore, I am putting it on the Blog today.

The process of my awakening took over 22 years. Part of the reason for the long journey is that the process started in 1974 when the resonant frequency of the planet was much lower. Now, as the entire planet is preparing for a conscious ascension into the fourth and fifth dimension, there is less vibrational and social resistance.

The other reason why my process took so long is because I am a Capricorn. Slow and steady works for me, so that I can learn to “use” each experience in my daily life. On the other hand, some people may have the entire awakening experience in a relatively short span of time. The children of the Baby Boomers were not raised with the same social restraints that we, children from post WWII, had. Therefore, they can awaken more quickly and easily.

Also, the children of the Baby Boomers are much more able to express both masculine and feminine energies, which is the vital component in the process of awakening to SELF. The merging of the male and female energies into the ONE is an important component of opening of the Third Eye.

If I had not also had a career to serve as an expression for my masculine energy, my body would not have fared as well as it did. This may not be true for all women, but as a Capricorn, it was true for me.

I write my story because I believe that many others have had, or soon will have, the same experience. However, they may not know what is happening to them. I found great comfort in knowing that others shared my experiences. When I was first awakening, I read many, many autobiographies of people entering their Spiritual Path.

If we are uninformed regarding our process, we can suffer anxiety and depression. I have found this to be very true when speaking with others. In fact, one may even think that they are having a nervous breakdown when, actually, they are actually having a SPIRITUAL INITIATION.

I would very much like to hear other people’s experience of awakening. If you wish to share, please add your story to the comments section of this blog. We, the Light Workers and Protectors of Earth, need to come forward within this NOW. Therefore, if any of you wish to share your awakening experience, please do so in the below comments section.

Part of the reason why there are so many different versions of ascension is because


There are as many versions of reality as there are different people’s perspectives on life. As we move through our process, we may think that our life will change quite a bit, which is true to some extent. But, mostly our outside life may remain much the same, as it is our beliefs that change. Then, as our beliefs change, our expectations change, as well.

Since our perceptions are greatly guided by our expectations, as our expectations change, so does the manner in which we perceive our reality. Then, when our perceptions change, our reality changes because the reality we perceive is the reality we live.

Hence, reality is a perspective. For example, let us imagine that it is a beautiful day at the beach and we are walking along the pier. We had a good week at work, our family life is working well, and we feel creatively fulfilled.

Because we feel clear and balanced, we perceive reality as a glorious day on the pier and all is well in the world. We choose to look up into the clear, blue sky to see the puffy, white clouds slowly moving above us. We can focus on the laughter of children, the smell of delicious food in a nearby restaurant, and the happy people who are also enjoying a relaxing day.

On the other hand, let us imagine, instead, that we are a homeless person who has fallen down on the ground from destitution and despair. In this case, because we are unclear and out of balance, we can only manage to look at the littered sidewalk for signs of possible food.

In this state of consciousness, or unconsciousness, we can only hear our own inner torment, feelonly the gurgling sensation of our empty stomach, and see only the dark red, lower-astral mist that seems to float just above the sidewalk.

Could these two people be living in the same city? Yes! In fact, they could be standing next to each other, and still be totally unaware of each other’s reality.


We would now  like to share with you the concept of “The Tower.” Imagine reality as a seven-story tower with windows around each of the stories. Each of the seven stories of the tower represents a different frequency (hence, a different color), as well as a different perspective of reality.

The windows at the top of the tower represent the highest frequency experience of third dimensional reality, and the bottom window represents the lowest frequency experience of third dimensional reality.

Furthermore, the windows of each story are covered with a frequency filter specific to the frequency of light that moves through that window. Therefore, each of these stories represents a different perception of reality, which is based on the belief system that is consistent with that octave of light.

Because these different octaves of light allow different octaves of perceptions, there appear to be many different realities. However, there is actually only ONE reality, seen through many different viewpoints. As can be seen in the above illustration, these perceptions of reality are on a hierarchical scale, which means that basic needs must be met before one is able to move into the higher stories of the tower.

Also, one can choose to perceive reality through the lower window if they wish. However, they cannot perceive reality through the higher windows until they have expanded their beliefs, and their state of consciousness, to embrace the concepts of the frequency of that window.

This fact also holds true for the dimensions. We can perceive the lower dimensions from the higher dimensions, but until we expand our consciousness into the higher dimensions, we cannot perceive them. Fortunately, once our consciousness expands to embrace the higher dimensions, we can open our belief system to that which formerly seemed impossible.

When we perceive reality from the first story, our life is based on believing that we must learn to be grounded, so that we can find protection and survive in our daily life. We must learn to protect ourselves and survive on our own before we can begin the process of Awakening to our Higher SELF in our daily life.

When we perceive reality from the second story, our beliefs focus on our emotions, instincts and family. Our world has expanded because we feel safe, grounded and know we can survive. Because of this, we are able to take on the responsibility of a family.

From the vision of the third story, our beliefs create a reality based on our thoughts, gaining our inner power, and enhancing our intellect. Our consciousness is further expanding, and we are finding our personal power and educating ourselves to create a better life. The belief in our own inner power encourages us to move beyond the confines of mere survival and seek a better life for ourselves and our family.

From the fourth story, our beliefs allow us to see reality as an opportunity to create intimate relationships and strong bonds with others, and with our own Higher SELF. We now believe that we are empowered enough to learn the lessons of true love, so that we can create deep intimacy with our self and within our life.

From the fifth story, our beliefs allow us to perceive reality as an opportunity to have deeper communications, not only with others, but also, with the higher expressions of our SELF. These communications usually beg to be expressed through our creativity.

From the sixth story, we believe that we can perceive our inner, spiritual life, and we strive to intermingle our spirituality with the physical world. We live in the physical world, but seek to constantly be in union with the higher expressions of our Multidimensional SELF.

From the seventh story, we believe/know that we ARE our Multidimensional SELF. Hence, our perceptions are free of the separations and limitations of an inner or outer polarized world. In fact, from this window, there are no polarities at all. In this frequency of reality we are our Multidimensional SELF, who is playing in the “Third Dimensional Game of Spirit into Matter.”

From this Seventh  Story Window, we perceive reality as an opportunity to participate in this great moment of Planetary Ascension.

The lower stories of our Tower are vital, for they are the foundation upon which we created our expanded perceptions of reality. Furthermore, on different days, as well as at different times in the same day, we may see reality through different stories of our Tower.

For example, we may have expanded our consciousness to be able to perceive reality through the seventh story window when we are having a “good day.” However, if we are having a “bad day,” we will need to go down to the lower story windows to do some maintenance work.

We can use our Tower to perceive reality through any window we choose. However, we usually don’t know that until we are able to work through old belief patterns that initially restricted us to the lower stories.

With practice, as well as faith in our own Higher SELF, we can use the filters in the windows of our Tower to filter OUT the fear and anger of our changing reality and filter IN the unconditional love and gratitude for the NEW Earth that we are creating as ONE Being.

How can we know exactly where we are in our Tower? To answer that question we must ask the Core of Our Consciousness.


I AM the core of your consciousness.

I live inside of the inside, of you.

Your eyes are my eyes,

And your ears are my ears.

Through you, I can see and hear

your everyday reality that you

have created with your heart and mind.

I can see what you see and

hear what you hear.

But, I have an advantage that,

too often, you do not.

I am ALWAYS aware of YOU.

I cannot forget that I AM

looking through your eyes and

hearing through your ears.

I AM of you, but I AM more.

I AM the part of you

that looks through you.

I AM the part of you that

is ALWAYS self-aware and

ALWAYS awake.

While you are asleep to your physical world,

I AM awake.

While you are asleep to your dream world,

I AM awake.

I AM ALWAYS awake,

And I ALWAYS remember.

Always, I remember that

the world OUTSIDE of you

is a creation of your own illusions.

Always, I remember that

the world INSIDE of you

is a creation of your own illusion.

So, if ALL, inside and out, is an illusion, what is real?


I AM your I AM Presence who is ALWAYS real!

To read more, click HERE to go to that section of my Website—

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MYSTICAL SIGNS ON THE PATH – Prayer to Saraswati – A Mystical Mandala Across The Ages – Altair Shyam

Rare 16th c. Indian Miniature Painting of a Raja Riding on a Bull Elephant Attributable to the Isarda artist Wajid @ India Today


MYSTICAL SIGNS ON THE PATH – Prayer to Saraswati

A Mystical Mandala Across The Ages


*Meaning “Pillar of Light blazing in the Unbound Space of Divine Mother’s Love”

☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ ه ☆

We are all given Signs across the ages.

Clear signals of our path of pathlessness that can span thousands of years, many lives and many worlds.

Guidance in how to walk in the footsteps of the Divine.

Signs often come from unfathomable sources, people or events that turn up out of the blue, with no seeming connection to where we are or what we are doing, and yet with an obvious message of who we are and how we are to serve on this planet.

I would love you to share one of your Signs.

Here is one of mine.

The Goddess Saraswati*, has been worshipped throughout Tibet, India, Nepal and Japan for over a thousand years.

Her earliest mention was in the Rigveda nearly four thousand years ago as the goddess of wisdom, knowledge, music and art.

She has given me incredibly direct Signs of Her Presence in my life over many lifetimes including this one.

In the time of Padmasambhava in the 8th century my name was Palmo Shonu, manifesting the Wisdom of Saraswati as Princess Mandarava’s astrologer.

I was of the Mingpo Dawa Lineage and studied Saraswati astrology deeply.

In this lifetime I have had a natural ability with many forms of astrology and the stars since birth.

A famous astrologer met me when I was just a young boy and predicted I would meet many famous people and work with them through the Light of Wisdom of the Stars.

All of that came true.

In the time of 16th century, I was a Raj in Northern India.

I was a devotee of Saraswati.

Benzaiten, the Goddess of Music and Good Fortune, on a Dragon Kiryû Benten zu 
騎龍弁天図 Japanese Meiji era about 1886 Artist Hashimoto Gahô (Japanese, 1835–1908) William Sturgis Bigelow Collection @ Museum of Fine Arts Boston


In this lifetime I was paid a visit by Krishna when I was living in Krishnamurti’s house in India in my twenties.

He appeared to me as a female wandering sannyasi in the middle of a storm in the middle of the night.

He told me many details of this 16th century past life as well as giving me an ancient scroll of Saraswati and the Bhagavad Gita and gave me a precise description of the three significant relationships I would have this lifetime, three souls I had known and had relationships with as the Raj in Northern India.

All of that came true.

Krishna told me no matter where I went Saraswati would always be with me.

When I moved here to Japan ten years ago we decided to buy a property out in the country.

We asked my wife’s parents to help us.

We found a lovely piece of land near a forest that we could build.

When we explored further we discovered the forest was next to a beautiful shrine and temple of Amitabha Buddha, Guan Yin, Amaterasu and Saraswati (Benzaiten).

A short distance away by car there is another most beautiful group of temples dedicated to Saraswati.

Some time after we arrived a friend took us to a mysterious temple in Kamakura.

“This feels like you” she said to me.

“That feels more like me” I said pointing to a stream that led to an underground tunnel.

“I haven’t been down there” she said.

“I have” I said (although I hadn’t in this life) but I really felt like I had.

I walked along the stream, underneath the natural archway and into a hidden underground cave.

Devoted to…


Ogawa Kazumasa 小川 一眞 (1860-1929)
Benzaiten (Benten) 弁才天 Buddhist Goddess of Music & Luck
Hand colored albumen print – Japan – 1898


It must have been there for centuries, just not a very accessible tourist spot!

In the last year I was at a business meeting when a Saraswati picture mysteriously arrived, delivered by an unknown sender.

How anyone in Japan knew I was connected to Saraswati I really do not know.

I still have the picture which was such a surprise gift and an amazing blessing.

Several nights ago I had a vision of Yeshe Tsogyal.

I was following Her in the plains of Tibet towards the mountain ranges.

It was exquisite.

I could feel every step.

And I could feel Her.

Deep in my Heart.

At Zabbulung.

Where She attained the Rainbow Body.

In the morning I opened a terma I was absorbing and read these words by the Four Divine Great Sages

“Yeshe Tsogyal…who has discovered the Supreme, the Miraculous

In the past you were our goddess, our sister,

And wise aspiration brought you great wisdom

Leading the celestial musicians with the sound of your lute

We adore you as the Goddess Saraswati”

And in confirmation of the many years of Alchemy I have studied with the Merlin Source group at Avalon, and the years of Kriya Yoga with Babaji and Yogananda the same terma also said

(where Lady Yeshe Tsogyal here is speaking to Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava)

“We practiced meditation…

Then we extracted the essences of medicinal herbs and used them for alchemical metamorphosis of my body.

Then I imbibed the essences of minerals which alchemically transformed my body-mind.

My body became like a Vajra, it could not be pierced by weapons.

My voice gained the quality of Brahma, so that a tigress would be pacified.

My mind became set in samadhi.

Through meditation on Emptiness of the Deity I attained union with that deity.

I repeated mantras such as

The One Hundred Syllable Mantra of Vajrasattva,

Practiced Kriya Yoga Tantra,

Recited Mandalas of UpaYoga Tantra…

And transformed…

And now as Lady of the Lake I will serve others.”

(From ‘The Secret Life and Songs of the Lady Yeshe Tsogyal’)


Here is the basis of the meditation on Emptiness of the Deity that Lady Yeshe Tsogyal mentions in a simple practice to try called THE YOGA OF SLEEP by the Third Dalai Lama.

You can do it with Saraswati or Avaalokiteshvara or Amitabha or any root deity such as Yeshua or Mary Magdalene.

At night before you go to bed see yourself as the divine Saraswati or Avalokiteshvara or Amitabha or Yeshua or Mary Magdalene seated above the crown of your head.

(I was listening to the Dalai Lama in a Medicine Buddha empowerment he gave where he joked at this point that because one of the Lamas he was friends with was totally bald, so he said the Lama should be careful doing this exercise because the Buddha might slide off!!)

At the center of your Heart is your Light Syllable.

I use HRIH, it could be OM or pure Light or AMEN.

As you go to sleep the deity (Saraswati or others) and the Light Syllable (HRIH or another) transform into mystic drops (about the size of a mustard seed) of radiant light and unite in your Heart.

Maintain this Vision of Light and Love in your mind and heart as you sleep.

Then as the clear light of sleep comes upon you gently lift this radiant drop to the throat center with deep reverence and gratitude.

Observe any dreams or visions that occur.

Transform them by dissolving them into emptiness and fill the skies of your vision with ambrosia (golden amrita), clothe the beings in your dream with divine raiment (clothes of light) and see all places as mandala palaces.

Try to see and feel the world as you wake up as a pure buddhafield or christgrid peopled by buddhas and christs or deities.

Christ pendant – Power of the Christos by Cheryl Yambrach Rose Art

* NOTE 1 : In Tibet, Saraswati is known as Yang chen ma (Singing/Music Goddess), or Yang chen drolma (Singing/Music Tara) considered the consort of Mañjuśri, Buddha of Wisdom, Saraswati is one of the 21 Taras.

Saraswati is the Divine Embodiment & bestower of Enlightened Eloquence & Inspiration, patroness of the arts, sciences, music, language, literature, history, poetry & philosophy, all those engaged in creative endeavours in Tibetan Buddhism.

This is very relevant to me in this life as I am a performing artist in drama music and dance in this life and my god-daughter is graduating this year from the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts as their top performing artist in drama music and dance.

NOTE 2 : The picture above  (Benzaiten, the Goddess of Music and Good Fortune, on a Dragon Kiryû Benten zu) is a rare painting of Saraswati riding a Dragon with a Chintamani Stone.

You will note the similarities to Avalokiteshvara/Guan Yin riding a Dragon with a Chintamani Stone.

This is a special blessing for me because of the Chintamani Stone (a rare deep sea ocean pearl) I received from the Heart of a Guan Yin statue.

Sarasvati, is a Sanskrit fusion word of sāra (सार) which means “essence”,

and sva (स्व) which means “one self”, the fused word meaning “essence of

one self” and Saraswati meaning “one who leads to essence of self-knowledge”. It is also a Sanskrit composite word of surasa-vati (सुरस–वति) which means “one with plenty of water”.

NOTE 3 : My super full Dragon moon adventure this past week was very moving in so many ways.

I always enter into such portals in the spirit of total surrender.

So expect nothing, offer all my Blessings from my day to all beings for their liberation and go about my day practicing as normal.

So the first thing that hit me was a massive headache.

I have had them before, like a sinus headache as I am very sensitive to environments, pollution, noise pollution and so on and here I am traveling from the country to and fro from Tokyo!

My wife made me an appointment with the local doctor who is a very jovial fellow like the Laughing Buddha, so I had the day off and went instead to my daughter’s preschool which Maia will go to in April.

The first thing we were introduced to was a room full of children practicing mindfulness and being taught how to sit straight and still.

The next room was a teacher doing creative dance to indigenous music.

In the third the teacher told us all a story about a Dragon that was birthed from an egg.

It seemed somewhat surreal on the full moon.

Then we proceeded on to the doctor.

He speaks English and when he poked the endoscope up my nose he said “You have chronic sinusitis”.

He showed me the video and said

“Your right nasal passage is normal.

Your left is shaped like a Serpent.

That is somewhat rare. I haven’t seen one before.

I think I will send you to the hospital for a CT scan to check for further infection.”

I was somewhat taken aback.

Anyway my wife and I went, got the scan done and brought the imaging back to the doctor.

“Oh” he exclaimed. “There is hardly anything at all there now.

So little! You don’t need any medicine”.

Both my wife and I looked at each other.

Instant full moon creative manifestation?

It was a very surreal day.

So we got home and Maia said she wanted to draw.

What she drew was most unusual. We asked her to explain.

Being only 3 she said most confidently.

“This is a Rainbow, this is a Serpent, this is New Zealand.”

When you turn the painting on its side she drew New Zealand like a whale.

I decided to go to bed early so after watching the Dalai Lana’s teaching on The Stages Of Enlightenment I had a bath.

As is my practice I use all methods and ways, sitting standing lying sleeping breathing eating bathing as meditation practice.

I drifted off in the bath and then got a sudden shock.

Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava arose as Maitreya in bright radiant extraordinarily stunning blinding light and looked straight at me and drew His finger in circles in the water.

Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava

It was a spine chilling vision in terms of how deeply it touched my heart. Goosebumps in a hot bath lol.

Then I emerged filled with awe and went to sleep practicing dream yoga.

I had 3 dreams, one as a child, one as a teenager, and one as an adult, each one teaching 5 people.

The first dream was to remember who we are,

the second to recognize form as form,

the third to know your dharma or personal teaching for your path.

So a very beautiful creative day.

Padmasambhava/Maitreya’s teaching to me was simple.

“I am without Beginning or End. I AM Absolute Being”

I am moved to tears by love.

Over all this time, as I mentioned, I was watching a series of teachings by the Dalai Lama called The Path to Enlightenment.

The Dalai Lama said over and over again…

All religions and spiritual paths have one universal message.

Unity, love and compassion.

The only difference is the paths we use to get there.

Any persons arguing over differences argue only from their own ignorance of the other person’s path.

Love and blessings

Altair and Mother …

☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ ه ☆

ALTAIR SHYAM – meaning:

Altair (Eagle, Pillar of Heaven) and Nirbandh Shyam (Unlimited Light of Divine Mother’s Love) when I was given them I was told I would be ‘unbound’. So I AM.

☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ 

A teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.

Appreciation & Gratitude to Artists, credit given where this is known

Insights into the Ascension of Mother Earth and Humanity by Council of Sirius – Natalie Glasson

The Mystic Cat by A Andrew Gonzalez


Insights into the Ascension of

Mother Earth and Humanity

by Council of Sirius

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 2nd February 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, we are the Council of Sirius, we are a gathering of souls commissioned to deliver wisdom to those upon Sirius from the Creator to support ascension, while receiving wisdom from other areas and aspects of the Universe of the Creator. We are known as guardians of knowledge and communicators. We ensure harmony between Sirius and the entire Universe of the Creator. We come forth to share with you our knowledge and communicate with your soul to support the essential awakening of ascension within your being and the civilisation of the Earth. We hope you will accept the energy we share with you now and ask you to surrender the thoughts of your mind to reveal the wisdom of your soul.

Sirius is famous due to the presence of the Great White Lodge of Ascended Masters and the Ascended Master University. Many wish to attend both the Lodge and University to aid their mastery and achieve their initiations to become realised as an Ascended Master.

We, the Council of Sirius wish to use this opportunity of connection to share with you insights of how we and many upon the inner planes are supporting you, all upon the Earth and Mother Earth in your current ascension period and the year of 2018.

Earth’s Cycles

Many of the Earth’s Cycles are coming to an end. Cycles of energy once activated within the energetic body of Mother Earth are weakening and dissolving. Some of these cycles and energy patterns were created at the origin of the Earth while others were created thousands and hundreds of years ago, even ten or five years ago. Many of these energy cycles are positive and supportive to the Earth while others are negative, limiting and harmful to the Earth and her inhabitants. In order to release and dissolve the limiting energy cycles which still imprint into the energy systems of those born upon the Earth, there is a need to surrender some positive energy cycles as well to bring balance and harmony. Such energy cycles have been influencing all aspects of humanity, especially thought processes and emotional states. A cleansing is required which is being supported by many upon the i nner planes. As humanity seeks the Creator, awakens to their ability of creation and regains their inner true power, so humanity is breaking and shattering cycles of energy which have been deeply embedded within Mother Earth. This is creating a beautiful healing for all while allowing turmoil carried by you from previous generations hidden deep within your being to be recognised and dissolved.

It is due to this healing of the Earth’s cycles that there is a need for you and all of humanity to focus upon that which you wish to experience in your reality and for all. Thought processes devoted to peace, harmony, the awakening of truth, love, compassion and forgiveness will create new energy cycles that mirror the truth of the Creator you wish to embody and recognise upon the Earth and within all. We, the Council of Sirius encourage you to create intentions born from and carried forth by the love of your soul focused on your highest vision for yourself and all. Praying, mantras, affirmations, intentions and positive thoughts will support the new creation of the energy cycles of the Earth, liberating many to see, sense and acknowledge the Creator more fully within your being.  Everything you create impacts the Earth, ascension now and generations to come.

Mirror Ascension

The Mirror Ascension Initiation process is taking place for many upon the Earth now. It is a simple process where your awareness is heightened allowing you to realise that everything, everyone and many experiences outside of yourself are a reflection of the energy, emotions or thoughts within your being. The Mirror Ascension Initiation also works that you may attract people, experiences or energies into your reality that represent the qualities and abilities you already hold within your being and require to be activated. A deeper realisation of self and connection to others manifests as well as the ability to recognise that which is required within you whether healing or activation. This is something to be aware of at this stage of your ascension.

Rewiring Mother Earth and Humanity

The process of rewiring Mother Earth and Humanity began many years ago especially assisted by the Venus Beings who began to align Mother Earth and humanity with their planet Venus and therefore a high-frequency vibration of love. This process of aligning the Earth and humanity to dimensions within the Universe of the Creator continues now, allowing immense wisdom, light, love and enlightenment to cascade into the Earth and humanity. The immense volume of light is causing a rewiring of Mother Earth and humanity, meaning that core energies, codes, channels and chakras of the Earth and humanity are being upgraded to align with higher purer frequencies of the Creator. It is important at this time to ensure that you open your energy system daily to receive the light of the Creator, grounding and anchoring the light through your being and into Mother Earth.

Awakening of Truth

Not only is the truth of the Creator awakening within your being now, the truth of humanity and Mother Earth is awakening, bringing original pure energies and consciousness to the surface for all to remember. Truth is coming to the surface at personality and society levels as well. No longer can lies, deceit, fabrications and malice remain hidden or hidden in full view. Many are beginning to see through dishonesty, even within themselves and are seeking the truth and love of their intuition to guide them through the release and healing of false beliefs. It is because of this that focusing daily on listening to your intuition and following your inner source with action is immensely important so that you may move forth easily and effortlessly.

Realisation of Karmic Energies in the Present

Humanity is beginning to realise that they are the cause of all creations upon the Earth and within their realities. This is a great realisation even if it has not yet fully entered into the minds of many, the knowledge is present within their energy field and is dawning. Contemplating that which you cause and the effect your creations have upon yourself, and others now creates a powerful inner awakening, while allowing karmic energies to be healed and released.

Awakening of peace and humility

Due to the growing presence of love within every soul upon the Earth, even if they are unaware of it, energies of peace and humility are dawning. We, the Council of Sirius are especially lending our energy to support the further awakening of peace and humility within those upon the Earth. We are initiating many healing waves over the coming year to support this activation within your being. You may call upon the Council of Sirius to activate and awaken your inner peace and humility from the core of your soul, and we will support you until you can recognise these two aspects of your being clearly within your being.

Sourcing of Inner Facets

Those focused upon their spiritual evolution are being guided to recognise their inner facets or most sacred aspects of themselves within the source of their being. Many are being faced with during meditation aspects of their sacred source which are so divine, heavenly and blissful that it creates such profound healing and a sense of the immense power within. Ask during meditation to realise and recognise the most sacred aspect of your inner source. Each time you practice this, you may become aware of different aspects of the same energy within you, allowing you to access the wholeness and completeness of your being.

Frequency Pulsation Activation to Shift to a New Light Empowered Consciousness

Soul’s upon the Earth moving through the advanced stages of their ascension may for a few months experience what is known as a Frequency Pulsation Activation. This is akin to an electric shock created by energy. It is when a powerful energy surge flows through your being for a short time with the purpose of cleansing your being and awakening your entire being, aligning you to a new light empowered consciousness. This specifically works with the mind and the influence of the mind upon the entire being, ensuring that the mind influences your being in light empowering ways.

There are so many more insights we could share with you. However, we feel we have shared the most important at this time. You may wish to be aware that we, the Council of Sirius are also supporting the repairing of Mother Earth’s auric field and her reconnection to the inner planes as well as the cleansing of the water within the body of Mother Earth and all upon the Earth.

Our love and support are with you always,

The Council of Sirius 

Read Online

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Watch Video on Youtube   

The Mystic Cat by A Andrew Gonzalez

Working with parallel lives – by Gerrit Gielen

Buddha in China’s Henan Museum


Working with parallel lives

by Gerrit Gielen

When you make an important choice in your life, you are actually choosing between two possible futures. As soon as you have made the choice, one possible future falls away. Right? Or does that alternative future exist as well, in a parallel world, and is it experienced and lived through by another part of you? According to the”many worlds theory” in physics, every time a choice moment comes up, a split in the universe takes place: the various possibilities coexist in parallel worlds. What, spiritually speaking, is the meaning of parallel worlds and how can we experience this meaning in our daily lives? That is the central question of this article.


In the world of science of the 1950’s, the so called “many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics” was formulated. This theory states that as soon as there is a moment of choice in the universe, the universe splits. Both possibilities then coexist in parallel worlds. According to this theory, the universe consists of an infinite collection of worlds. Our cosmos is only one of those worlds. Since the introduction of the “many worlds interpretation”, the popularity of this theory has been growing among scientists. And by way of science fiction books and movies, the theory has also become known to a wider audience.

Although this theory, spiritually speaking, has very interesting consequences, it is a scientific theory. It does not speak of the inner meaning of the existence of parallel worlds. Science does not consider it to be its task to reflect on the meaning and the implications of parallel lives for our day-to-day lives.

What does the many worlds theory imply for our understanding of the soul? What do parallel lives mean to the development of our consciousness? Why does the soul choose to experience one life in various ways?

Parallel lives do not exist independently of each other, but are – as everything in the universe is – internally connected to each other. They all belong to you. As such, they serve a purpose: they enlarge the field of experience for your soul, and with that, the growth of consciousness.


The soul experiences the physical world through us. We, as humans, are traveling on one possible road through time. In this context, it is more appropriate to speak of one possible “timeline”, and our current life is one such timeline. At the moment we make an important choice in our lives, a division of timelines occurs. There is the line on which you experience choice A and there is the line on which you experience choice B. We as humans are not aware of the second timeline that we are not experiencing, but our soul is. For her, that second timeline is just as real as the original one.

Not all timelines that spring from the choices we make during our life are equally important for the soul. Some are more defining than others. We can compare this with the days of our lives: some days – our wedding day, the days on which our children are born – are deeply meaningful to us and we do not forget them. Many other days go by routinely and are forgotten. Of course, these routine days also have their function in the whole; they create quiet growth and integration that lead up to those special moments. The same principle applies to timelines.

Timelines split in moments of choice that call up intense emotions. Imagine that after a deep inner struggle you decide to quit your job and dedicate your life to your passion: you become a painter. There is also a timeline where you stay at your office job. Life as a painter is emotionally intense; it comes with fear and insecurity on the one hand and deep inspiration and fulfillment on the other hand. The timeline on which you work at an office and do not take too many risks, is less intense emotionally, but there you also gather valuable experiences. This timeline can be compared to a less eventful day in your life, while the timeline as an artist can be compared to a sensational, memorable day.

Earth as a multi-dimensional house

From the perspective of the soul, the Earth is not a “thing”, not a clump of matter, but a multi-layered realm of experience, a field of endless opportunities in which the human mind can explore itself. The soul is curious and wants to enrich itself with the experience of multiple timelines. It would be a shame to use the magnificent earthly personality with all its potential – you – for only one possibility. That would be an enormous loss of potential. The earthly reality – the Earth itself – was made to eneable us to explore all these possibilities because, again, the Earth is not a thing. At the level of the soul, all possible timelines are experienced simultaneously. The Earth is the vast experiential space in which this whole of timelines takes place.

To understand this, we have to realize that, even according to science, mind – or spirit – is more fundamental than matter. Matter is actually not that material, quantum mechanics teaches us. From a spiritual perspective, matter is created for the human mind/spirit to explore itself in all its endless facets. The goal of the mind is – by experiencing itself in the material world – to become completely aware of its inner potential. That potential is infinite, which is why material reality is also infinite and much richer and more complex than we can imagine.

As human beings, we may have the idea that matter limits us. For instance, we would like to fly as birds, but we cannot, while in our dreams we can. In reality, the material limitations of the Earth realm ensure that we experience certain aspects of life very intensely. To give an example: if we could do anything, and did not have to cope with our vulnerable bodies and human emotions, we would never discover our courage. We need limitations to discover this quality in ourselves. In Goethe’s words: “It is in working within limits that the master reveals himself” (In der Beschränkung zeigt sich der Meister). Because of the limitations of the material world, we need to awaken and nurture inner qualities such as intuition, understanding and courage. We can compare life n Earth to playing an intricate and rich game. All games have certain rules. On the one hand, those rules are limitations, but on the other hand, they make the playing of the game, with all its joy and excitement, possible.

On other timelines of our current lifetime, different aspects of our personality are experienced, which lead to the awakening of other inner qualities. The game is played in a different way there, and the soul enriches itself by absorbing all the various outcomes.

One human lifetime is like a house with a limitless number of rooms. Every room shows us another aspect of our inner reality and is designed to lead to awareness of a specific facet of our being. In this way, the existence of parallel worlds is an instrument for the soul that promotes the expansion of awareness.

The meaning of parallel lives for your present personality

Experiencing parallel lifetimes not only enriches the soul, it also has value for our daily lives. Our soul is experiencing all those timelines and we, as a human being, are connected with our soul. That is why, at a deep level, we are also connected with those other lives of ourselves.

Our parallel lives can inspire us and give us strength. They may be the explanation for unexpected talents, but can also be the cause of misunderstood fears. A continuous energetic exchange takes place between the various timelines. We are a team working on the same project, so to speak.

Some choices lead to a calm and stable life, in which few notable things happen. That timeline can emit a certain calm to other timelines, where life occurs in a more turbulent way.

It can also happen that certain talents are developed on a timeline. For instance, someone decides to live in France and learns French on that particular timeline. On other timelines of that same life, there may be a natural feeling for the French language and culture.

How can we connect with the beneficial aspects of our parallel lives?

Making contact

The following technique can be used to make contact with other timelines:

Bring yourself into a calm state by physically relaxing in a quiet space. Then in your mind’s eye go back to a moment in your life where you made an important choice. Let go of all judgments you may have about that choice. Just see it as two possibilities; one is not any better than the other. Feel at peace with both possibilities. Accept the existence of both.<p ‘=””>- Then imagine that you are floating up. Look at the moment from above. Try to internally raise yourself to the level of your soul. See that two roads stem from that moment, each with its own experiences. One is the road you have chosen, the other is the alternative.

– Focus on the alternative. Feel its energetic charge. What does it radiate? How do you feel there? What experiences are you gathering there?

– Allow those experiences to be; say “yes” to them internally. Feel how those experiences can enrich you and make you stand in life differently. Dive into that other timeline completely for a moment.

– Look at the energetic exchange between your current timeline and the alternative timeline. What can you learn from that other timeline, and what message do you have for that other timeline?

As goes for every guided meditation, continue if it gives you clarity, inspiration, and strength. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, let it go and maybe try again at another time.

© Gerrit Gielen

Translation by Erna Hoek, Frank Tehan and Pamela Kribbe


Buddha in China’s Henan Museum

Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: What Does the Ascended World Look Like? – Linda Dillon

The Archangel Michael by Rose Raven


Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: What Does the Ascended World Look Like? AHWAA January 25, 2018

Thanks to Lee for the transcript.

Archangel Michael: What Does the Ascended World Look Like?

“You begin to perceive in a much broader way. There is a sense of calmness and including all these divine qualities that we have spoken of at length, so you may feel that there is deeper surrender or broader forgiveness or greater joy, broader trust.”

An Hour With an Angel, January 25, 2018

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow: Host, InLight Radio

Steve Beckow: Good Evening everyone and welcome to An Hour with an Angel. I’m Steve Beckow. I should mention that I have something happening in my throat so I may be a little gravelly and I know the person I’m interviewing, Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love, also has some things happening with her throat. And Linda, how are you feeling? You’re certainly a trooper. You’re willing to come on and do the show but I know you are going through some health challenges.

Linda Dillon: Well, thanks, Steve. Yeah, I’m sick as a dog! (laughter)

SB: To put it bluntly.

LD: Yeah, not only in my throat, but in my chest and various places and I’m sure that this is really related to what’s happening energetically upon the planet and the physical changes that are taking place in each and every one of us. But, yeah, I have certainly had my health challenges. And you know every time something like this happens it really reminds me of how stalwart and to use Suzi’s words, stoic, those of us who have these chronic, really serious health conditions and challenges are.

You know, in our lightworker community we hear all the time, people who have fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, various forms of cancers, of allergies, of all kinds of things and diabetes being one of the big ones. And they stick to it. You know, they put their head down and they keep going. And when these momentary or middle challenges happen, it really reminds us of the strength of these folks. My hats off to them.

SB: Amazing isn’t it. And of course as you say, it’s not only exacerbated by the conflict and brewing maelstrom that’s in the very air, as AAMichael put it in my reading a few days ago with you. But ascension is happening and that’s bringing up symptoms as well. I mean, we’re really in the thick of it right now.

LD: As the Mother has said very clearly to us, we are in the midst of our ascension and it’s time to really be claiming our ascension. And in terms of that and I know that’s what’s going on with yours truly is that there are some physical challenges or abnormalities of shifts, however you want to think of it, that are really taking place. And part of it is to make us stay still. And part of it is just to make us be more at rest so that as these shifts that are taking place – mental, emotional, spiritual, perceptual in every area of our being – that we can pay attention to what’s really important.

You know all of us lead incredibly busy lives. I don’t think there’s any of us with the demands of the lightwork and what we think of as work-work and family and relationships and society, we all are really busy. So there are times when spirit and the company of heaven or our own guardian angels basically take us out of commission and say, “Okay, I want you to be still because I want you to listen.” And I mean, that’s certainly been going on for me and for the last two weeks every night I have been having these conversations with Mother Mary on the new classes coming up. So not only is that happening.

SB: You’ve expanded it.

LD: Yeah, oh my goodness, well, okay.

SB: Tell us about it.

LD: All right. As our listeners will recall, I don’t know, I think it was sometime in late November when we were having a show with Sanat Kumara on this very station, InLight Radio, and he surprised us all and especially me by coming on and saying, “And by the way, early in the new year we will be doing a class on universal laws.” And I thought, okay, that’s fabulous because we know that universal laws isn’t some codified set of volumes that we keep on a shelf. It’s our tool kit in terms of how we create. And so that was welcome news and so I began working on that class.

But what’s happened has been a creation process really in and of itself because, oh I don’t know, about two or maybe even longer ago, three weeks ago, three o’clock in the morning, Mother Mary’s standing by my bed and she’s saying, “We’re not just talking about universal laws. It’s time for you to really learn how to create and co-create with me in my method, in my way, in my approach.” And it’s like, “Oh, my God!”

And so how this class has grown and expanded is in some ways even taking us back to first principles. In some ways I feel like I’ve been working on this class, on the material for this class, for fifteen years because I taught the first “How to Create Class” in 2003. So it’s taking the whole body of information and insights from the universal laws plus the creation formula, which the Council taught us and has been teaching us for years on end and bringing that with our ascended self-consciousness into this place of conscious creation with the Divine Mother. I am so blown away!

I may not ever sleep again but the energy that she is bringing forward for us to literally take, I think at this point she is saying three projects: a universal project, a very small practical personal project and then a bigger personal project and to bring those over the course of nine weeks from formulation of inspiration and intention to manifestation and fruition.

SB: It’s interesting Linda. Yeah, it is huge. If one thinks of going into the fifth dimension as being born, then we’re now being given a spoon and a little bowl of applesauce and we’re now being allowed to scoop the applesauce into our mouth. You know what I’m saying? We’re just learning the basics of life on the fifth dimension. Is that not the case?

LD: Well, I would say the seventh dimension. The seventh dimension is really the place where we’re anchored. And it’s the place of the Christ consciousness and it’s the place of love. The fifth dimension is the place of change. So are there elements of the fifth? Absolutely. I think one of the most exciting pieces of this is that we’re really claiming our inter-multidimensional selves to be able to move in between the dimensions and really create and co-create.

There is this various realities but it has nothing to do with the old third. I mean when the Mother told us to stop looking over our shoulder, to stop looking back and to look forward as in terms of what we are bringing forth and what we are creating and what we are anchoring in terms of Nova Earth, I mean, she wasn’t kidding.

The class is going to start on February 24th and it’s going to run for nine weeks and it’s not a class like Core Issues. It’s not a class about processing your vasanas or what you need to get rid of. This is a class about really stepping up and creating what we want to bring forth. So I am jazzed, jazzed, jazzed.

SB: That’s great. Yeah, you know that’s wonderful, Linda. I have wanted something on the creation formula. As you know I have just finished a book of your material on the universal laws and I’ve been feeling there’s something left out. It’s fine to change the situation and transmute and do this and that but what about creating? And of course you have given the creation formula for years but I need to do some push-ups in it, some exercise.

LD: And I think that’s exactly what we’re doing is that we’re melding. We’re melding the creation formula with the universal laws, walking through them but how that works together. And especially not as unconscious interdimensional selves which you know we have been doing for years, but really bringing it into our everyday conscious reality about how do we operate?

How do we operate as nova beings because as our ascended self, and I know Michael is going to talk about this today, but it’s different. It’s really different. I’m hearing from dozens of people every day and I am sure you are too, who are saying, “I don’t know what’s going on and it’s not something I can describe in two sentences, but I feel different.” Yahoo!

SB: Oh yes, we’re on our way. Was there anything else you wanted to mention?

LD: Oh, I think that’s plenty.

SB: Okay, well maybe Suzi will grant us an extra five or ten minutes just to tack on the end of the show and give Michael as much time as we possibly can. And our guest today is as I said, AAMichael, probably here to talk to us about being in the midst of ascension but other topics as well, I’m sure. Welcome, AAMichael.

AAMichael: Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News, brother and ally, friend. Beloved ones, I come on behalf of the Mother. I come on behalf of the entire legion of blue. I come on behalf of the Council of Love, the Company of Heaven, to embrace you, to support you, to renew you, to fortify you, to uplift you and to reassure you. To repeat yet again, beloveds, you are in the midst of your ascension process.

In many ways you have probably done more in terms of this ascension process actively and proactively in the last few months than you have done in many, many years. No, that is not to eradicate or to minimize all the attunements, the adjustments, the stellar hard work, the integration, the expansion that each of you have undertaken. And that has been a very deep preparation phase. And that preparation has been of necessity. Yes, always of choice, but also of necessity.

If you are not grounded in the fullness of your being, if you have not grounded, claimed, assumed your mantle of divine authority and, yes, what can be thought of in many ways is your mantle of moral authority. And I do not mean this in a divisive way that so many human beings have used this. It is the anchoring of the acknowledgement of your divine self in form, as angel, as human, as gatekeeper, as hybrid.

As you anchor in the divine knowingness of who you are, as you anchor in that alignment of choice and free will, the supreme Source, One, Mother/Father, the trinity that includes thee, all of this catapults you as you turn to us, as you turn to the Mother and you say, “Well, what’s next?” And what’s next beloved is the claiming of the fullness of this ascension. And it is a choice. It has always been and will continue to be a choice.

What you have thought of and what you think of, as the portals are wide open and they have been for some time. And as we have said to many of you, you have been flying back and forth through these portals bringing the energy to the collective for some time, for years for some of you. But there comes a point, a choice point, an energetic point, a decision point at which you proceed to those portals and it is the divine portal of love. Let us frame it that way, that you move through that portal and in your heart choice and decision you basically choose to remain in that state of wholeness.

Now that does not mean, because many of you instead of looking at that light switch, remember we have talked of the dimmer switch. It does not mean you are in the full expansion of your ascended self. This is something that you are doing, together yes and in concert with your sacred self and with us and particularly with the Mother/Father One. So do not think, “Oh, I can’t be claiming my ascension, I cannot be in the process of my conscious ascension because I do not feel full enlightenment.” That is not the process that you are proceeding through.

Let us go back a little bit, no, not to rewrite or even to revisit history but understand, you, each of you, sweet angels of light, as a collective made that decision in December of 2012 to proceed and to ascend as one. And that has been, well, it has been an interesting, very spiritually mature evolved decision.

But we would be remiss if we would not say that in that collective mostly unconscious decision, there most certainly has been a lot of push and pull, a great deal of recalcitrance which because it is clearly identified, in fact in some ways, has been the easiest thing for us to deal with and to understand. Then there have been those that have been reluctant and then there have been those that have simply positioned themselves as disinterested.

And then there have been what you perceive as a small force of determined stalwart uplifted group of lightworkers and love holders who have continued forward, who have continued forward in that forward thrust regardless of what has been perceived as obstacles or detours or delays and you have continued and this can never be underestimated. Now was it anticipated? Completely.

Because those upon the planet at this time, regardless of lineage or even emotional leanings, from the brightest lightworker to the deepest recalcitrant, are the strongest of the strong. Their soul decision and the reason why that collective decision to proceed as one could even be made was that in the strength of their deeper, perhaps unknown unconscious self was the determination to ascend as one to fulfill the Mother’s plan, to build Nova Earth, to renew the love, to acknowledge that they are the love and to be and to live as the love.

And what that means in the creation of Nova Earth and Nova Being, is that there is no room for force, for hatred, for greed. When we have told you repeatedly that the old grids, that the false grids and the false paradigms have evaporated, have been dismissed, we are not simply speaking metaphorically.

Now how does this happen? How does this forward thrust of conscious claiming of ascension happen when there still appears to be so many that are trying to re-engage or continue to engage with those old false ways. Think of it in terms of your own understandings of what you often perceive as loss. Think of when you have felt grief or even abandonment, despair. Think of when you have lost a loved one either through the passage of death or simply because of choice and how your heart, your consciousness has grieved and how you have reached out and tried to recapture that person.

Even when in death, you know that they have certainly gone to a higher and much more joyful state of existence. But you in life, in your personality egoic, human self, yearn for the person or yearn for the relationship that is no longer in existence. And there is this sense of looking back and looking back and saying “But I, I don’t want this change. I want what I know. I want what is comfortable and I don’t care that they’ve gone to a better place. I want them back.”

So it is with those that are trying to engage with the old paradigms. They aren’t looking forward. They aren’t saying there is new opportunity, new relationships, new expansion. They’re looking over their shoulders and saying “But I want what I want. I want what is familiar. I want what is comfortable to me where I know how to operate even if it’s at the lowest level and the lowest common denominator. It made me feel powerful. It reinforced my ego.”

That is why the Mother is saying for those of you who are leaning and leading the entrainment, “Do not look back.” Yes, you look and glance occasionally with compassion. You send the love but you do not engage with those that are not of love, understanding that they are in their own unfoldment and process and as those embers, those, those dust mites dissolve, they’ll find themselves required by practicality of existence to look forward or to simply to be in the present reality.

Often, because it has not been fully written, there has been a potential for all ascension of all human beings, the collective of seven to eight billion of you, to simultaneously ascend, to be through that portal at once. And that has certainly been a potential scenario. That is not how this is unfolding and you have had many indicators of that over the past couple of years in particular.

So there is a sense of the collective, yes, think that is a very large group to be passing through the eye of the needle all at once. So there are many of you who are leading the way, who are claiming that ascension, that level of higher fuller broader consciousness. That full conscious awareness of love and of what you as Nova Being are truly capable of and in that consciousness you feel significantly expanded and different.

Now as a preparation for that has been through many attunements and primarily through the Mother’s Tsunami of Love. There is a reason why she has been filling you and filling you and filling you with clarity and purity and grace so that you can consciously hold this vibratory rate of ascended self. And that you can be in the fullness of your interdimensional self, not restricted, whether it is seven or five or ten or three, it matters not.

Because the ascended self consciousness is learning how to access the entire realm of what it means to be human, not in the old grid of 12/12 but in the higher octave of existence. So you are claiming, you are choosing with your divine right, your birthright, to be in a greater sense, a fuller sense of who you are. And in that, you are leading the way for those that are coming forth into this new realm of existence.

There are many stories and many mythologies that speak of these type of migrations. And that is what you are doing. You are leading this ascension migration knowing that you are fully equipped and prepared. And you have been. Now does that mean that you know everything to expect? No, because it is intended to be not only a collective journey, not only the fulfillment of the mother’s dream. It is intended to be the fulfillment of your mission and your dream and your adventure.

It is intended to be expansive and delightful, filled with new choices and new decisions and new undertakings and new creations of what it means to be human, to be angel in form. So is it all written, is it all fated? Absolutely not. But you have been given a much broader palette upon which to work, a much broader existence, a new realm of existence.

Now we know that this is a lot for you to comprehend and yet you have been saying to us, “Mother, Mikael, Gabrielle, I am feeling as if my perception has shifted. What is it?” And this is what it is, sweet ones. So where do you wish to begin this day?

SB: Oh boy, wow! Well I guess I’ve been very good at not interrupting you by the way. I felt very much like interrupting you when you said that we’re not going to the old grid of 12/12. This is again, it sounds like, another aspect of a totally new environment that is opening up, is it not, Lord? The fact that we are not going to the old grid of 12/12?

AAM: That is correct. Your grid of 12/12 has been a period, a long period of completion. Now that does not mean that the realm of human existence of twelve dimensions and twelve planes within each dimension is available to you but you are doing it from a place of divine union.

So think of it in this way. You are in the 13th Octave. You are in the place of divine union. We don’t care what you call it. You are unified in the heart of Mother/Father One. But you have not chosen to finish your reintegration, your final re-assimilation back to the One. So you are not abandoning your physical form. So you are saying to the Mother, Father, us, all, yourself, saying, “I still want to complete my promise to the Mother. And by the way, I want to go and see and contribute and build to see what Nova Earth looks like.”

Now that planetary system, that Gaia system, is a system. Think of it in some ways as a system that is closed to some extent although it has very penetrable boundaries that includes twelve dimensions and within that many, many levels. “I am going to go there and I am going to have fun. And I’m going to create all kinds of things. I’m going to create new ideas. I’m going to explore new ideas. I’m going to explore new forms. I’m going to explore beauty. I’m going to explore, ah, mastery. I’m going to hang out with the masters. I’m going to walk with them and I’m going to see what it’s like to be in the fullness of that realm of existence as it was originally designed.” It is entirely a different landscape. So is it a lot to comprehend? Yes. And is it exciting? Is this what you have waited for? The answer is yes.

SB: Well, Lord, can I take it a step further please?

AAM: Yes, by all means.

SB: All right, so here we are, intrepid explorers, we’re in our galactic canoes and we’ve come down this river and we’re in this new land. Now, the people behind us, so to speak, you know back in the cities, whatever. Have we left them behind? That’s number one. And number two, are there any natives, are there any people, are there any things to be found already in this new space? Or are we going to create the entire environment? Do you know what I am saying?

AAM: Oh, yes, I know exactly what you are saying.

SB: Oh, good.

AAM: You want to be a voyageur.

SB: Yes, I think I must have signed on for that.

AAM: The environment as you would think of it is already present. So think of it, yes let us pretend, imagine and be inspired that you are literally finding a new planet or a new continent. So you are the explorers. And you have chosen to go forward and basically explore and get the lay of the land. Now if you are thinking of native people, indigenous people, what we would suggest to you, is that the indigenous people that you will encounter are your guides, the elementals, the animal spirits, the tree spirits, the masters who are walking in the woods and hanging out on the shores, your galactic and intergalactic brothers who you will be able to perceive more easily.

So there are some peoples, if you would think of it that way, along the journey to assist you. And there are those who have been very early explorers who have already gone forward, that you will discover along your way, that have set up a welcoming campsite so excitement of the insights of what they’ve already discovered.

But this is a little aside. The entire idea, the plan is and hasn’t been for you to have what you have thought of in the old ways as gurus. Are there fellow guides? Are there fellow teachers? Are there fellow travelers? The answer is yes. But you are the explorers. This is you claiming your journey. So will there be landmarks? Is the environment already established? The answer is yes. But are there numerous discoveries and is there room for such expansive discoveries that will excite you, surprise you? Yes, most certainly.

So you are in a new realm of existence and it isn’t that we want you or are suggesting to you that this is simply a spiritual journey. This is a journey, the amalgamation, the integration, the anchoring of all parts and elements of your self are material. So you aren’t merely taking this as a spiritual journey, as a subconscious or unconscious journey, as a vision quest. This is a physical journey.

SB: I think we have a parallel to this, do we not? And Matthew Ward for instance has talked about it from time to time. And the afterlife literature generally talks about it at great length: that there are higher beings who create the environment. And of course

Matthew Ward is a consultant on creating environment in the fourth dimensional afterlife. And we go into an environment that’s already to an extent created and then we work upon it ourselves and add further creations. Is that parallel to what you’ve just described?

AAM: Yes, this is a good way to think about it.

SB: Okay, so how long have you been working on designing this environment? Who do we have to thank for it?

AAM: This environment has been in existence since the Mother and Gaia birthed this reality. So it is not a brand new environment, beloved. What is happening is that you are finally seeing the environment and experiencing the environment as it truly is. Because you have been, to use metaphorical language, you have been blind and deaf so you could not perceive it.

Think of an individual and it can go either way, who lives for their entire life within the confines of a squalid urban environment. And they believe that that is what the entire planet is. And then one day, a beloved friend or uncle comes along and says, I am taking you on a trip. We are moving out of the city. And they go and they discover the lush rich countryside filled with green and rivers and big sky. That is what is happening. Similarly, if there is someone that has only lived in the countryside and all of a sudden they are being taken to a magnificent city of light, it feels as if it is a brand new environment. But the environment has been there for a very, very long time.

SB: Aside from our guides waiting at the campfire to help us warm up, are there other residents in this new land?

AAM: Yes, but residents that have not been previously visible to you.

SB: Okay. Gee and I thought it was an absolutely brand new space but actually has pieces of it already prepared.

AAM: It is completely prepared. There have been many references to this over time so, yes.

SB: Can you name a few that bring visions of it?

AAM: No, I mean such as the banquet is prepared, the house of the father is prepared.

SB: Yes, Oh I see, yes, the wedding feast is prepared.

AAM: It most certainly is! And we are inviting you to come and play!

SB: Yes. Can I ask you about a seeming anomaly, Lord, and that’s that it’s sometimes said we are in the fifth dimension, sometimes said in the seventh dimension. If we were in either dimension I would expect a lot of the recalcitrant would be keeling over. I would expect that their bodies could not stand refined vibration and yet we don’t seem to be losing any appreciable number, well not more than the ordinary, in the ranks of those who are resisting vibrations. Am I correct in what I just said or am I incorrect?

AAM: Understand that the construct that you -and when I say you – I mean you who are consciously choosing your ascension, are operating in is this multidimensional reality. Those that are still looking back and throwing their anchors trying to attach to those vapors of non-existent reality are trying to anchor very much in the old third. So that is because we are not overriding. This is the primary directive of the Mother. We do not override free will.

So in their free will they are choosing almost to encapsulate themselves in that lower vibratory rate. Now are they being penetrated? The answer is yes. But it is at a very subtle level because… think of it in this way. They are constantly filling their field with what we would call debris or detritus you can feel. So they fill themselves with this “less than” energy. So there is not the same flow because it is very dense. So they are not being penetrated because as soon as they feel that higher dimensional energy, it literally often makes them feel sick, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually sick, ill, out of balance. So they revert, they revert. But they are nevertheless being penetrated.

There comes a decision point at which, because the very air of the unified grid is at a higher frequency of a higher interdimensional vibratory rate, that they can no longer maintain that attachment to the illusion. And in that they either come forward or simply let go of their physical forms. And you are at that transition, you are at that point and that is the entire point of having those of you who are consciously choosing your ascension to go forward because you have started that forward thrust. There is a beginning and an end to this line.

SB: This is what SaLusa called the time of separation I believe. Is this correct?

AAM: Yes, it is one of the ways in which you describe it.

SB: Boy, oh boy! That is a lot to take in, isn’t it? So we’re in the middle of ascension so therefore what comes next? What is, you surely have an idea, you must have an idea of the process that lies ahead. Can you tell us anything about it?

AAM: What you are doing and again, this is with your choices of free will. And beloveds, as your brother, as your ally, as one that assists you in this journey, let me also say that there is so much excitement on this side. There has been impatience – yes, we do know the meaning of impatience on this side – for this to come to fruition and for this choice point to truly be made of the claiming of your birthright.

You begin to perceive in a much broader way. And might I suggest to you that there is a sense of calmness and including all these divine qualities that we have spoken of at length, so you may feel that there is deeper surrender or broader forgiveness or greater joy, broader trust. All of these in your sense of self are expanding. And, as you look at situations, rather than becoming either engaged or in some situations even enmeshed in what you might have thought of as drama, you are increasingly becoming the observer of what is fading away. It does not engage you and the reason it does not engage you is because it does not feel like love.

So your choice points in what you wish to engage in, think about, participate in, create and co-create is becoming more and more and more of “Is this Love? Does this give me a greater quotient of joy? Does this help other people? Or is this simply participating in something that does not give an upliftment to the collective. Is this the example, the embodiment of the Mother that I wish to be?”

This greater sense, in the midst of all this chaos, this greater sense of pervasive calm is your biggest litmus test to know that you are proceeding forward. In that, in that sense of what we would call pervasive spaciousness, you begin to look around and with those you love and cherish and you may not even know them, you say, “Now, what do I want to bring forth? What do I want to experience? What present, that beautiful creation, do I want to bring up to the Mother? What do I want the Mother, the Father, the legions of light, the seraphim and the archangels, the masters, what do I want them to bring forward with me because now we are in this closed system that is so much bigger than I thought.”

So what is happening to you is where this very subtle feeling of where do I want to put my focus? Where do I want to put it? What do I feel like doing? And it is a feeling in the biggest sense of the word, not simply egoic or emotional, but in the truest sense of who you are. You’re feeling the upwelling of your deepest desires, of the tangibility of what your mission can and does look like. And there is a sense of smoothness that what was perceived or observed as obstacles seems to be disappearing into the mist.

That what you need or feel you require is simply a matter of reaching out and bringing in. So it is a greater sense of empowerment, of capacity. So it is working in the external environment but feeling that that generation is coming from within. That you aren’t waiting on the externals because you know how to access what you need. It is truly an amazing sense of who you are.

SB: That is amazing, Lord. I know there are many listeners, many readers because I read their email, who are really hanging on. Some are homeless, some are staring that prospect in the face, etc. One of the questions I think they have is, “Are the accountability activities now going on, around the world I suppose, are they going to affect the Reval? Are they going to postpone the Reval for months and months or even weeks and weeks?” Do you have anything for them on that?

AAM: What I am suggesting to all of you is to reach out and get what you need. Feel that you are locating it and bringing it into your lives, into physicality. Do not get distracted by these external unfoldments. Claim what is yours. Right now.

SB: Okay, it’s been a long journey.

AAM: It has been an extraordinary and when we tell you that this has been rather rapid, think of the hundreds of thousands of years this has been coming forth. And how you repeatedly as bright angels of lore have said, “I will go. And I am determined. And I am going to break through this false picture that has been erected about what it means to be human.” You are doing this.

SB: I remember reading a passage either in Silver Birch who talked about going to a very large meeting at which just what’s happening right now was being discussed. So the ascension was being discussed. Could you tell us a little bit more about how we who are here now came to be aware of this ascension? When that was, what the form took of our asking to be included? Was it just a simple we’re sent to the Mother? Or did we have to appear before a board or something? Do you know what I am saying? How did this all come to be?

AAM: It was not a written exam. Think of it as a repeated and I do mean repeated declaration. So many of you, both on and off planet, have declared this to the Mother time and time again. And if I just take you briefly back to the original fall of what you can think of as the creator race. As far back as that time out of form, in spirit form or etheric form, you said to the Mother, I know this is not the plan. Let me go back, and work at it and see what we can do to restore love. So this has gone on for a very, very long time.

But let us talk about those of you who are on planet whether you are ninety or one thousand or two or one month old. You have declared yourself to the Mother. It hasn’t simply been a matter of us or any of the legions or the Mother simply tapping you on your shoulder. It has not simply been you in consultation with the Mother and your guides saying, “I will go.”

And in some ways, yes the vision of a very large meeting in terms of what will it take to break though this, has taken place. But it hasn’t simply been a group declaration. That has been part of it, that it has been a soul to soul to soul, universal self declaration to the Mother with full knowing, not conscious knowing in form but out of body, full knowing of what was entailed. And that it wasn’t fully written and that there would be twists and turns. And many challenges.

And the declaration to the Mother of saying “I will go. And I will go because of love. I will go because I am love. Because I am you. Because I wish to anchor your plan, your energy, your essence, your DNA fully completely not here and there now and then, but fully back upon Terra Gaia.” That has been your declaration. That has been your promise. And that is how it has come to pass. You are the bravest and the most stubborn and the most stalwart and the gentlest and the truest. And the most capable.

SB: Thank you for that, Lord. I want to hark back to a question I asked you earlier because I was so enthralled with your answer. I forgot about the question itself. Is the Reval going to be postponed because of the events of accountability? I think there are a lot of listeners who would like to know about that.

AAM: No, that is not the case. Stop paying attention to those which does not concern you.

SB: Okay, all right, so it’s not the case that accountability’s pushing back the Reval. That is the answer I wanted. I think we are nearing the end of a most exhilarating program, Lord. Is there anything you would like to say in closing?

AAM: Claim, claim your birthright. Claim your ascension. We have only just begun. Go with our love and go in peace. Farewell.

SB: Thank you Lord. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.

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The Archangel Michael by Rose Raven

EMBRACING ALL FACETS OF GOD CONSCIOUSNESS – Archangel Michael Through Ronna Herman

The Jewel in The Lotus by Alejandra Romo





Beloved masters, there is a great stirring taking place among the masses — those who, until now, were not ready to listen to the inner nudgings of Spirit or to delve into the mysteries of creation. The frequency patterns of the new Divine Blueprint are beginning to flow into your awareness on the currents of change. We have said that you were very brave to step out of your comfort zone, out of the mass consciousness flow of popular beliefs and into the uncertainty of untried territory. You have been willing to face up to the challenges, and to not be deterred by those who said you were wrong, evil, or called you “wishful-thinkers.” You are proving that what you have accepted as your truth is indeed working, and the validation is concrete and visible for all to see so that there can be no dispute. Fear is the greatest deterrent to change, but you have tamed your fears, and more and more of you are stepping forth into your power.

Each time you visit your Fifth-Dimensional Pyramid of Power/Light, you become more adept at tapping into and using the gifts of Creation. You gradually bring back more and more of the rarified, unmanifested Adamantine Particles of Creator Light to infuse, integrate and share. See these streams of Light spiraling down into the physical realms of expression, as they gradually become tangible and take form under your direction via your visions, dreams and clear intention. Many of you have learned the discipline necessary to hold your visions without wavering, and you are learning that the miracles of manifestation take place one clear thought, one step or action, and one day at a time. There are no shortcuts, beloveds; you must follow the Universal Laws of Manifestation in order to harness the power of Creation.

No matter where you are on the Path of en-Lighten-ment, if you are reading our messages, and you are doing your best to claim your Self-mastery, there is a place for you among the new Legions of Light that are being formed around the world. As you become proficient at accessing the power and majesty of the higher Dimensions, and you begin to get a glimpse of how wondrous the material planes of existence can be, the excitement begins to build. That is what is happening all over the world. It is a very personal experience, for even though you may have much confusion, turmoil and chaos around you, you are learning to stay centered within a hologram of harmonious co-existence and joy. As time goes by, you will find that your center of serenity will extend further and further outward. And as more of you begin to tap into the eternal power of the higher planes of consciousness, it will spread faster and faster. Never doubt, dear ones, it will ultimately encompass the world, for it is an integral part of the future of humanity and the Earth.

One of the major areas of physical interaction that must be explained so that you may come to a greater understanding, is the balance of the male/female energies within each of you. The battle of the sexes began aeons ago, as some of the unique energies of the Lemurian Race and the Atlantean Race began to merge. The Lemurian race was OverLighted by the energy of the beloved Mother Goddess. She focused on the integration of the Love/emotional nature within the physical vessel − along with the desire to create on the physical plane, and to nurture and assist the new Spirits arriving on Earth. Last but not least, was to establish each Soul’s intuitive mind connection with Spirit via the Creative Cord of Life/Light. This was the dominating focus of the Divine Blueprint for humanity at that time. You were like joyous, exuberant, curious children, for this was a grand new experience for all of you.

Midway through the Age of Lemuria, the Golden Age of Atlantis began to emerge, and for this cycle, the dynamic energies of the Father God were the dominant force on Earth. Powerful masculine energies came to the fore, as humanity learned to use their minds to control the energies of the First Ray and to become masters of cocreation on the earthly plane. You added the mental body components as you became more proficient in developing and using your physical senses, as well as your spiritual senses, or what you now call extrasensory perception. As the energies of polarity and duality began to emerge, a division in consciousness also came into play. Some perceived the masculine traits and attributes to be superior, and others favored the gentler feminine virtues. Gradually the battle of the sexes began, and you began to mistrust the opposite sex more and more because of the many painful memories you experienced over your many lifetimes.

Dear hearts, you are a composite of all your vast past experiences and memories. You have had many lifetimes as a female where you were abused or mistreated by men. There have also been many lifetimes in the male body where you suffered the loss of your beloved mate, you were betrayed, or you did not measure up in some way. All those conflicting energies − encoded in Memory Seed Atoms within your auric field, your brain structure and your DNA − will color your outlook on the opposite sex – that is, until you resolve and transmute them.

You eventually separated into two Sub-Rays, one representing our Father God, and the other a representing our Mother God. You have divided and separated into many Facets / Fragments of consciousness since, but you have forever yearned and sought your wholeness or “Holiness.” At the core of your Being, what you are really seeking is the reunification with the other half of your perfect God Spark of Creation that was sent forth into conscious awareness.

How can you accomplish the healing and reunification of these two primary Facets of yourself? First, by developing a balanced sense of Self-worth and Self-love. You will begin to radiate the higher vibratory energy outward from your auric force field, and those with whom you come in contact will respond in kind. Learn to trust yourself and your intuition so that you may trust others. You will never feel alone when you learn that you have a mighty force of angels ever near you: ready to protect, encourage, love, and support you every moment of the day or night. Release the pain of the past by forgiving yourself and all others.

Go into your Sacred Pyramid, and envision all the players in your many dramas of life there with you. Ask that all the imbalanced energies, painful distorted memories, and hurtful interactions be dissolved in the fountain of the wondrous neutralizing Violet Flame of Transformation. Watch as the electrifying waves of Creator Light permeate your Being to its depths, gradually returning you to a perfect balance of godly virtues, both masculine and feminine in nature. Then see all those major players from your past healed and brought into harmony, as well. Watch as they merge and blend with you as you all become a unified, balanced whole. If you do this, the lessons you were to learn from these interactions will be deemed successful. You will change all the probable futures you have created with these past Soul companions, and you will not have to play out the scenarios in the old karmic way of cause and effect interaction.

Are you ready to assume the many cloaks of empowerment and godliness – that of being a nurturing mother and/or a strong father figure, the playful child, a comforting Soul mate, or a faithful friend? Your relationships are changing; your Soul families are growing, and encompassing hundreds, even thousands, instead of focusing only on your physical family, thereby limiting your love to the few.

You are moving toward a higher vibration of love, that which incorporates “Spirit/Soul love” as well as human “heart love.” You will have to confront your fears of intimacy, and open your heart to give and receive the deepest, most profound human love possible. You must open your total Being to love — love from the Creator Source down to the least of God’s creations. How can you begin the process of reunification without love, one for another?

There will still be those who come into your life with whom you do not resonate, and that will be so as long as you are in the physical vessel. If you can maintain an attitude of nonjudgment, and radiate love to the Essence of each person, you will not have to experience a karmic dance or interaction with them. Bless them and allow them to follow their Path, while you follow your own.

It is time for humanity to remove the etheric shields of protection they have placed over their heart/solar plexus centers so that they cannot be hurt or unduly influenced. Removing the protective membrane of Light, which guards your Sacred Heart, will allow the Love/Light of our Father/Mother to flow freely both into and then outward from your Sacred Heart Center.

Dear hearts, there is another important concept that we wish to present to you. In doing so, we know that it will trigger fear and doubt for many of you. If this is the case, we ask you to set the information to the side, and ask that it be validated if it is to be your truth, or if it is too uncomfortable, to just disregard it. There is much information coming forth that will challenge the old concepts and thought forms of the past. Just as children learn the simple basic concepts in their early years, and the lessons and theories become more complex and thought-provoking as they mature – this applies to your spiritual education and growth as well.

We have told you that the Supreme Creator has begun to emanate new rarified Love/Light Essence from the core of Its Being. It contains all the Facets of Creation, which include White Fire Seed Atoms (energy components) of never before experienced new creations. Within the wondrous multiple beams of Creator Light is a black Ray of pure unmanifested potential. The Creator is sending this Ray as a gift to all of you — it contains the stillness of the Great Void. It is accessible to all who are brave enough to tap into it, and to use some of your reserve of Adamantine Particles of Light to help mold and recreate the beauty and majesty of Gaia – your host planet. First came the Void, and then came the Light, and within the Light are all good and wondrous things; however, the Light would not shine so brightly without the darkness.

Many of you fear the darkness and your shadow side, perceiving them as evil. All is a part of the ONE, the Creator. There is nothing to fear. You, as human Beings, have created many things to fear, but that is not the Creator’s doing. Do you fear the great void that is the backdrop for the stars and constellations? Some of you fear the night, yet it is not the darkness that you can lay the blame on, but the hurtful things that humans do under the cover of darkness. We wish to help you to begin to investigate and transmute those old self-limiting concepts so you may broaden your horizons and assume your cloak of Light. With the gift of Light comes a great responsibility — the leadership role that we mentioned earlier.

We ask you to LIVE your lives with a heightened sense of awareness; to FEEL the joy of being connected to All That Is, and then to share the joy with others; to use your WILL power to move swiftly along the path of enlightenment, so as you gain a higher vantage point, you can more easily assist others over the rough spots: to LOVE others with all your heart and Soul, as the Creator loves you; to SPEAK your highest truth with love, compassion, and discernment; to SEE the best in everyone; and to know that we are all a part of the same great I AM.

Precious friends, we began and we will complete this particular Divine Mission together so that you may join us in the next great “Cosmic Adventure” that our Father/Mother God have planned. We will encourage you, stretch your minds, and we will gently nudge you when appropriate, but most of all, we will love you eternally. I AM Archangel Michael.

The Jewel in The Lotus by Alejandra Romo

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