OPENING THE PORTAL TO YOUR SACRED HEART – Archangel Michael Through Ronna Herman

Flower of Life Angel by Lila Violet




Beloved masters, your journey into density has been quite an adventure, and has spanned billions of years according to your timekeeping. We have explained how, as you moved deeper and deeper into the great void and the darkness of space, you assisted in filling that void with Light, substance, texture and shapes beyond your wildest imagination. And then, according to the Divine plan, you submerged yourself within each new reality you had helped fashion so that you could experience creation in its many magnificent, diverse forms. Thus began the manifestation of solid matter − first via pure thought brought forth from the Mind of the Supreme Creator, thereafter, via the mind of the Father/Mother God of each universe, and eventually via your own thoughts as you moved further and further outward from the pure Source of all Creation.

After you came into your individualized consciousness, realizing that you were a Divine Spark of the Supreme Creator, the ALL THAT IS, you knew that you were predestined to journey forth into the great unmanifested void as an emissary of Light, for it was encoded deep within your immortal Soul and your Sacred Heart Core. You, along with all the other “awakened Sparks of consciousness,” were destined to experience all the wondrous diversity of creation for the Creator, our Father/Mother God, and all the great Beings of Light, who remained within the rarified realms of Creator Light.

We tell you this because we wish to impress upon you how ancient and complex you are. You came into this lifetime with a wealth of knowledge and a rich, complex lineage encoded within your DNA, your cellular structure, your mental and emotional bodies, and also within your extensive chakra system of awareness. You often wonder why the members of a family are so different when, from a narrow point-of-view, they came from the same parents and lineage. The lineage of your earthly family in this lifetime is only a minuscule portion of your vast and priceless heritage.

You have separated your consciousness or fragmented yourself millions of times in order to experience the great diversity of Creation, and you have also reunited with many of the multiple Facets of yourself more times than you can count. Each time you did so, you added more complex information and unique experiences to your memory bank. The further you moved away from the perfection of the Supreme Creator, and the deeper you moved into multi-dimensionality, the denser and less perfect your creations became, for you had less pure Light substance to work with. Therefore, there is no blame, and there should be no feelings of guilt and failure. It was a learning experience; however, it is now time for you to reclaim your Self-mastery, and the ability to create things of beauty and harmony in accordance with the original Divine plan. Now that you are aware that you have the power to tap into an unlimited supply of the full-spectrum of Creator Light called Adamantine Particles of Love/Light – what are you waiting for? The rejection of your Divine birthright is a travesty. Your Higher Self will not relent in its nudgings to help you awaken and to claim your Divine heritage.

We have explained how the spectrum of Light and shadow was created in this universe so that you could experience duality and polarity. In the higher Dimensions, for those closest to our Father/Mother God and the Great Central Sun, the duality spectrum is very narrow; however, it became broader and more pronounced as each dimension was established until it reached what was to be the maximum duality that was to be experienced. You are aware that it was not ordained or intended that humanity should sink so deeply into duality and polarity thereby causing so much pain and suffering. The time has arrived for the distortions and excesses of the past to be brought back into harmony, and it is our greatest desire to assist you to move through this process with ease and grace.

Will you please heed our words: You are not judged and never have been judged by anyone or any Being from the unseen or higher realms – YOU ONLY JUDGE YOURSELVES! Under the universal laws of cause and effect, all your thoughts, intentions and deeds are stored within your auric field and your chakra system. You radiate the vibrational patterns thereby created, which go forth from you in an Infinity pattern, and then return to you in like frequencies and measure.  In the past, it often took many lifetimes to reap the rewards for positive, loving actions, or to experience the penalties for negative or hurtful actions. Therefore, most often, it was not obvious that the “righteous” are indeed rewarded, and the “unrighteous” also receive their just rewards in kind. Again, no great or small Being is doling out rewards or punishment. The Universal Laws are firmly in place, and your own Higher Self monitors your progress or lack thereof: either by clearing the way ahead, and blessing you with miracles large and small; or by placing more obstacles before you in hopes you will awaken and step onto the spiral of ascension.

Beloveds, too many of you are carrying great burdens from the past – mistakes you have made in this lifetime – and also, many from past conditioning and buried memories of painful events or actions from all your previous lifetimes. Holding onto these memories or carrying the “burdens of inequity” no longer serves you. It is time for you to allow us to help you heal the painful memories of the past, just as we are clearing the distortions of the Third- / Fourth-Dimensional collective consciousness belief patterns, and bringing those dimensions back into their originally designed spectrum of duality.

As you descended into the restricted, limiting realms of consciousness, membranes of Light were placed around the multiple strands of your DNA, leaving only two accessible and active. Membranes of Light were also placed over your memory, as well as around the Light Packets of wisdom stored within your higher brain structure called your “Sacred Mind.” A veil was put over your memory so that, most often, you could not remember your past lives, for it would be too much of a burden to remember all your past mistakes and imperfections. It was an act of mercy, for it has proven difficult enough for you to forgive yourselves for your errors and misjudgments in this lifetime, much less all your past aberrations. These restrictive membranes of Light are slowly dissolving as you return to balance and harmony, and advance on the spiral of ascension and reunification.

A membrane of Light was placed over the portal at the back of your Sacred Heart Center until it was time for you to begin your journey back into the higher dimensions and the realms of Light. However, you and you alone placed a membrane of protection over the front vortex of your Sacred Heart Center because you have been hurt, disappointed and disillusioned so often. Slowly, but surely, through the techniques we have given you, you have dissolved those restrictive membranes so that the Love/Light can flow freely to and from you in the way it was intended.

In order to access and radiate the ever-increasing frequencies of Light, you must be able to integrate and permeate your Being with these advanced vibrational patterns. We tell you that is vitally important that you begin to radiate these transforming Light frequencies down into the core of the Earth, and then project them out into the world-at-large via your Sacred Heart Center portal, from both the front and the back.  Remember, we told you that when you first came to Earth, you were a shining crystalline Pillar of Light. Slowly as you sank into the density, you began to build a cross of matter that became more and more unwieldy as your spectrum of Light and shadow increased. Now you are loving those fragments you have created back into balance and harmony as you seek and tap into higher and higher frequencies of Light. You are in the process of become a cross of Love/Light, beloveds, as your spinal  chakra system becomes ignited, and you radiate Love/Light from your Sacred Heart Center in front and behind you.

We have repeatedly told you to “Heal the past, script your future and then live in the moment,” for this very moment is the Still Point or the power center of Creation.  Why not move into the center of that spiral, into the eye of duality and polarity where all is calm and peaceful, and filled with pure, rich, Cosmic Life Force substance just waiting to be molded into your vision of the future? This very moment, as you move into your Sacred Heart Center, you can experience the profound love and compassion of our Father/Mother God and the Supreme Creator. You can know without a doubt that you are a treasured son/daughter on an important mission, and there is nothing you can say or do that will diminish that love.

REMEMBER, YOUR EMOTIONAL, MENTAL AND ETHERIC BODIES CAN BE HEALED AND TRANSFORMED BACK INTO WHOLENESS VIA THE GIFT OF FORGIVENESS.  Stand in front of a mirror and gaze into your own eyes, or go into your Pyramid of Light and lie on the crystal table. Say to yourself, “I forgive myself for any action, thought or deed, past, present or future, in this or any other reality that has not been composed of the frequencies of Sacred Love. I forgive everyone I feel has treated me unjustly in this or any other lifetime, and I return to them, wrapped in a bubble of love, all negative memories, impacted energies and probable futures that we have created together.  I ask the angels of forgiveness to permeate all Facets of my Being with the frequencies of Love/Light so that I may become “Soul-focused and heart-centered” as a Bearer of Light and a Self-master.”

Breathe deeply as you move into your Sacred Heart Center. Allow the pure Love/Light to pour down through you via your Higher Self. Feel the expansion in your heart center as this Divine elixir of love permeates the very depths of your Beingness.  Sacred Love is what frees you from the shackles you have woven around yourselves: binding, restricting, and entangling you in karmic interactions. When you deny this love, you are denying your heritage and your Divine birthright. Perform this exercise as often as necessary until you feel you have accepted the truth that you are worthy of forgiveness.

Forgiveness of Self, which facilitates a forgiveness of all others, is an integral step in the process of opening the portal to your Sacred Heart center, and your heart portal must be open in order to successfully connect with the many Facets of your Higher Self. You must be making a concerted effort to return to harmony and balance within your own Being in order to be ready to connect with your precious Soul family. Your painful, unsatisfying earthly relationships are a result of inner feelings of unworthiness, guilt, fear of failure and rejection. The battle of the sexes is really an internal battle with Self, as you project your “needs, wants and desire” outward to someone else in hopes they can supply what is missing within. Your relationships will surely reflect to you the negative energies you need to overcome, as well as some of the positive attributes you desire for yourself. Either can be painful or fulfilling, depending on the way you wish to “play the game of relationships.”

Negative physical relationships are fear-based, rigid, self-absorbed and limiting.  Sacred relationships are love-based and Spirit-inspired, and they allow each party to integrate and express the positive attributes of their intrinsic masculine and feminine nature. They focus on wholeness and unity, and yet are flexible and allow freedom of expression.

As you lift your consciousness and return to harmony within, you will radiate forth more refined frequency patterns. Therefore, you will attract to you those who are radiating to, and are comfortable with, the same frequency levels of the Divine Light spectrum. The reunification process at the entry level of the Fifth Dimension entails rejoining many Facets of your Soul family that you have journeyed with down through the many Ages, thereby, once again, enjoying the wondrous state of Unity consciousness.

Beloveds, won’t you begin the process of forgiveness NOW? Are you willing to make a concerted effort to open the portal of your Sacred Heart Center so that these wondrous gifts may be showered down upon you? Call on us and allow us to assist you. Remember, we are only a heartbeat and a thought away. We enfold you in sacred, unconditional love.  I AM Archangel Michael.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna Herman Vezane, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael.  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Flower of Life Angel by Lila Violet

St. Germaine: Pull the Future to You – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love


Transcript ~ St. Germaine: Pull the Future to You, February 22, 2018

Thanks to Laura for this transcript.

St. Germaine: Pull the Future to You

“Come and sit with me in the Temple of my Violet Flame. Come and let us extinguish what is not of love, what is not of wholeness, what is not of you.”

An Hour With An Angel, February 22, 2018

Linda Dillon, Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow, Host for InLight Universal

Steve Beckow: Good evening everyone and welcome to An Hour with an Angel. I’m Steve Beckow, editor-in-chief of the Golden Age of Gaia, and with me today is Linda Dillon, council, ha ha, I knew I’d say that, channel ha ha…

Linda Dillon: Ha ha, council for the channel of love…

SB: Ha, ha, that’s right, a new profession. A channel for the Council of Love, author of The New You, Great Awakening, The Jesus Book. And we are d-day minus two on your webinar, Linda, Conscious Creating with the Mother. How are you feeling and what’s your report?

LD: The level of intensity has been incredible. Now, and by the way, hi everybody, and I know that the level of intensity also in terms of what’s going on, on the planet, and might I also say, particularly in the United States, although I’m sure, you know, if you live in Syria, what’s going on in the United States is not front and center, but in terms of the Conscious Creating with the Mother, I was just saying to Suzi as we were getting started, that I am a little tired, because you know it was another, it was actually 2:22 this morning when the Mother woke me up and started talking about, “Okay here’s how we’ve been preparing you A, B, C, D.” It was the entire alphabet. And she went through it in detail, and I’m thinking like this is fascinating, but Mom, can I sleep? No.

It has been, and, of course you know, but as you have said, Steve, as soon as someone registers for the class, not only the Council starts working with them but I start working with you. So, that’s been interesting as well, getting to know, you know, some old friends, some new friends. This is going to be a great circle, but that’s been really intense too. And then, of course, there’s just the day-to-day, but I decided this morning, Mother Mary said, “You cut off registration Friday at noon.” And we have our webinar, our first webinar, on Saturday at one o’clock, so I’m thinking “Who is it that’s sneaking through the door on Friday morning?”

So it has been a miraculous creation for me, and this has been one of my projects because, you know, the Mother always walks me through beforehand. So it’s going to be interesting and it’s going to be fun, and it’s going to be very intense, but in a good way; not in a clearing way, not in a channeling way, not in a processing way, but in an action way.

SB: Just to add to all the intensity that’s going on right now, it’s an intense time.

LD: And you know, because it’s an intense time, never before have we needed a group of powerful creators, of lightworker, loveholder creators to step forward and start building Nova Earth.

SB: Yeah, I absolutely agree with you. Well, shall I let you make your transition? And I’ll say a little bit…

LD: Yes.

SB: OK, I’ll say a little bit about St. Germaine for any new listeners. Ah, St. Germaine, actually, we think of him as having ascended during his lifetime as Francis Bacon, but he actually ascended, I’m told, in Atlantean times. And the process he went through is actually described online in a book called The Holy Trinosophia. And I’ll put these titles in the promo.

His long-incarnated life from Louis XV’s reign through to the 1830’s, I was looking around and I think it was 45, is described in The Count of Saint Germaine by Isabel Cooper-Oakley, which is also available online. It’s one of the most enjoyable books I’ve read.

His exploits are known to everyone. He would walk through walls, he would leave his guests a large diamond on their name cards, he would seamlessly repair a very large and broken diamond for Louis the Sun King, and I could go on and on and on talking about the things that he is known for having done, but I think we’d probably rather hear from him. Please welcome the Count of St. Germaine.

St. Germaine: And welcome to you my beloved friends, my allies, my students, my teachers, my healers, for I am St. Germaine. Let me repeat that. I am St. Germaine, keeper and master of the I AM Presence, keeper and master of the Violet Flame. And in many ways I speak to you this day, of course, from infinity, and the Mother’s infinite ocean of time, but I also speak to you from the healing chamber, and from the Temple of the Violet Flame in Atlantis.

Very little ceases to exist and it may pass from what you think of as your present reality or pass into the veils of time, but very little really ceases to exist. And you see that, my beloved friends, in and of yourself, and particularly as more and more you assume your true interdimensional, multidimensional being. And there is past life experiences, memories, preferences, dislikes, because all of this is an integral part of yourself.

But what you are also doing, and might I say doing extraordinarily well, is you are also anchoring, welcoming in, embracing what you would conceive of as your sacred future self. So you are embracing your totality.

Now, it is important, and I say this to you as one who has lived many lifetimes, and many long lifetimes, that it is important not to get lost in the exploration of the future. But the practicality of anchoring that energy into being, into your expanded infinite being in the here and now, is especially beneficial at this time of transition.

So when you look at things, when odd thoughts or impressions or memories float into your mind, your heart, your essence, do not dismiss them by saying “I don’t remember that, I don’t think that’s the way it was.” Simply take the infinite moment to look at what is being brought to your doorway and allow yourself to absorb it.

Now I say that with proviso, and here we start to get down to some of the nitty gritty of our conversation today. The proviso is if there are things, elements, memories, energies, it matters not, that are coming to you from the future, from your current reality, or might we say even from past, and it does not even necessarily mean your past. If these energies are knocking on your essence door, which is very large at the moment, and from here on in for that matter, it does not mean if these energies or this essence, is disgruntled, disorganized, discordant, recalcitrant, and I’m talking whether it looks like you, looks like the collective, or a certain event or situation, you may observe it, not in judgement, but in the depth of your wisdom, the depth of your divine authority. Look at it and do not integrate it.

Your job, your sacred mission and purpose at this time, I cannot emphasize this enough, is not to take on all the woes, the recalcitrants, the chaos, the mayhem, the hatred, the control of the planet. In fact, it is quite the opposite. And that is why I say, “Come and sit with me in the Temple of my Violet Flame, of the Violet Flame. Come and let us extinguish what is not of love, what is not of wholeness, what is not of you.”

Now, there are many energies in existence, and you have certainly been observing them, for it’s hard to avoid, but there are many energies that would dearly love, can we say, to gain entry or to hook onto, and especially you with a clear, opened, beautiful, loving space.

The reason is that all energy, not only all beings, but think of it in this way, all energy is, all energy is in movement and in this movement all energy seeks its true essence, and that is love, that is wholeness, that is the divine. So as you are holding this energy of purity, of clarity and grace that the Mother has gifted you time and again, the energy that is discordant or disassociated perceives you and in some ways seeks you.

Now it seeks you for two reasons: One, because you are holding the very essence, the true reason it is seeking you is that you are holding the very essence of the divine love, and your love, and that is what it truly wants to connect with, but then there is also the egoic. And yes, situations and circumstance can be very egoic as well because they are being run by humans. This energy also wants to hook into you, to bring you down to a level that is malleable and accessible and will continue to play the game of the old third that will continue to engage in the chaos.

And this is not permissible, it is not part and parcel of who you are, it is not part of our Mother’s plan. And let us be very clear, you have worked far too hard to do this. And I do not simply mean the channels, the teachers, the healers, and you have been diligent in your work, I mean those of you who are holding the space, who are paving the way, who are the pathfinders and the wayshowers, the harmonizers: do not let this energy influence you or attach to you. You observe it, you identify it and all of you have been doing this magnificent job of staying within your bubble, as it were, and sending the love, sending the clarity, sending the upliftment.

There are times, and this can be particularly true of those who either are in need of healing or who are healers, where you become slightly overwhelmed in your desire either to be healed or to assist one who you believe is sincerely seeking healing. And it is not ever that you say no or nay, but you do not engage in the drama or the mayhem of that individual or situation. Again, you send the energy, it flows from you, but it is a one way flow. It is important that you maintain, more than ever, your sacred space. And in this way, you begin to create Nova Earth, rather than engaging with those that would like to reinvent, because it requires reinvention.

The old third is gone. And you say, “But I witness it all around me.” And these are the energies that want literally to reinvent the old. Now we experienced this in Atlantis. And by the way, that is also why Serapis Bey wanted to come and talk. He knew that this was Atlantis week, but let us go on. In Atlantis, we had the islands of temples. The Mother’s Temple of Wisdom, which was next to mine, ours, the Temple of the Violet Flame, and these were sacred places.

In our temple, it was where what we referred to as priests, and that was male and female, and it was a secular term, not connoted or attached to any religious belief system. But this was sacred space, and the islands of temples were sacrosanct and pure. But as you well know, there was a push and pull of those who wished to not only find their own gods, but to be God. Now I say this and I want to explain it.

Each of you, all of us are God. We are infinite and we are divine, and so are you, beloveds. But it is the connection, the DNA, the literal connection and the energies that the Mother/Father have infused you with, of the blue diamond and the gold diamond and your beautiful pink diamond. These energies are part and parcel of you, so of course it is inconceivable that you are not divine.

But that is not what this group, of what we would call in your terminology today, recalcitrants, meant. It was a fall from grace. It was a fall and a denial of love. It was a tearing away, a severing of terrible proportions from the love and from each other, so it was not that they were recognizing their divinity within, it was a denial of Source, an egoic move, a declaration of “Let’s get rid of the hierarchy,” which it never was, and “I am God.”

And this truly relates to much of what you have been seeing in terms of declaration of force, which is diminishing on your planet, by the way. We can talk about that as well, but the assumption of superiority, of arrogance, of use and control of authority, it has taken a very long time, tens and tens of thousands of years, for divine authority to be reawakened within you.

Yes, at that time with the sinking of Atlantis, there was an implosion/explosion malign activation of the, what you would think of as the generator crystal. Some have asked us why we did not prevent that and why Atlantis sank because, particularly with our star family, arrangements could have been made for disarming and correction, and for remaining a viable land mass. It was important that Atlantis disappear. That it sink into the Mother’s infinite oceans of time and be cleansed and renewed and refreshed, and that those ideations, behaviors, belief systems be eliminated.

Now when you utilize, and many of you will be utilizing Sanat Kumara’s Universal laws, you think now, “Why couldn’t we just use the elimination and make it really quick?” That was not the nature of this situation. Now, think of this, the Atlantean City of Light, which is related to me and the Temple of the Violet Flame, and the Temple of the Mother’s Wisdom arises again, coming to the surface of what you think of as water. Because it is time for these energies and these places of bliss and healing be reinstituted. But it has been a long time, and with that, the vague memories of those who wish to control, may approach you. Most of it has been healed.

Most of what you are experiencing right now in terms of what you feel as bombardment or exhaustion is, in fact, from the populace that is on planet right now, the human populace. The animals, the elementals, the trees, the grass, the leaves, the stones, the sky, they are clean. They are advanced. But what you are feeling is the battle cry of a defeated segment.

Now in that chaos, there are situations that are coming to the forefront so that the collective in their transition to new choices can say no more. We are so sick of this we do not choose to continue in that way. So you, beloved ones, and when I say you, I mean all seven billion of you, are reaching a point, pre-Atlantis, where you will say we are not going to allow this discordant, recalcitrant, hateful energy to destroy us and the Mother’s Plan, and the fulfillment of that Plan that we are one thousand percent, one million percent committed to.

So what you are doing is you are already starting not only to eliminate, or organically change with the laws of change or transmutation, you are beginning, but you are doing it not in simply zapping and saying, you’re gone. You are creating the new and that is truly the purpose of the Violet Flame. It is restoration, yes, it has the ability to incinerate, transmute, transform, transubstantiate that which is not of love and wholeness.

But what it really does, that is about ten percent. What it really does is allow the new, allow the love, the true I AM Presence to emerge. And that is what I am doing with each and every one of you. I am so excited. Yes, I am somewhat taken aback by the shenanigans that are taking place on the planet, but I am also so excited to be with you, my beloveds. Now where do you wish to start, dear Steve?

SB: Well, thank you St. Germaine. Before going into my main questions, I’d like you to help settle a mystery once and for all, and that is, where is Atlantis? Where is it located?

SG: Yes, there are many opinions and you also need to realize Atlantis was a huge land mass, with many, can you say “outlier” islands. So, think of the Atlantic ocean, and rather than having the entire ocean as water, there were, and there was a plan to this, if you think of the East Coast of the United States primarily, from Bimini up to what you can think of as northern Florida, and then out and then up, jutting upwards somewhat towards what you would call Newfoundland, then out, well out into the ocean, then outlier islands, particularly close to England, and part of England by the way that did not sink, England, Ireland, some of the Orkneys, some of the Scottish Hebrides, and even down around the horn in what you think of as Mesopotamia.

SB: Wait a minute, wait a minute, we just went from England and Ireland to Mesopotamia.

SG: And then you go South into Greece, and then…it was massive. Why do you think, for example, that so many migrated directly from some of the, what we would call the out islands of Atlantis, over to Egypt?

SB: Well, yes, when you explain it that way, but does that mean that, pardon me, most of Western Europe is part of Atlantis?

SG: It is more bits and pieces than Western Europe. Western Europe comes from very, ah shall we say, a different background.

SB: Then how did we get from Britain to Mesopotamia?

SG: Go around Britain, down through the Mediterranean and think, land masses were not as they were today/are today, or even were a long time ago. There were many large bodies of what you would think of not as rivers, but as seas. So you went down, you went down from what you can think of as the Mediterranean/Aegean and down towards Mesopotamia.

SB: Down towards Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia is East, right?

SG: You are talking about the area that you would think of as Israel, Egypt, that area, Palestine.

SB: Boy, ahem.

SG: Yes, most people try to make Atlantis a tiny little island where they can go vacation. Well, they will be welcome to come and vacation, they already are, but it was much bigger than that. And in the sinking of Atlantis there was a transfer, let us put it that way, a transfer of much of the energies and the sacred places that were implanted elsewhere.

SB: Various pyramids? Is that…

SG: Various pyramids, various sacred…

SB: Henges?

SG: Yes, various hedges, yes, secret places that are now being revealed.

SB: Hmm. And where was the Temple of the Violet Light exactly?

SG: It was off the coast of Bimini.

SB: Hmm. Is it possible for you to give us a latitude and a longitude?

SG: There, that has already been discovered and all you need to do sweet ones are to Google it.

SB: (Laughter) And all this is coming up.

SG: Yes, well not all of it, but most of it. Yes.

SB: And, and…

SG: And it is being engineered and certainly engineered with us and your star family to make sure that there is no displacement as well, because we can already hear millions screaming, but the water! Where will the water go?

SB: Yes. Maybe you could tell them what the plans are, because I do know about the plans. But……

SG: In concert with your star family, much of the water, and this also pertains not only to the rising of Atlantis, but also to the, what you can think of as global warming. Your brothers and sisters of the stars, particularly the Halion engineers, will be vacuuming up a great deal of the salt water, putting it through desalinization and bringing it to the places of severe drought and feeding the Earth in ways that will restore a verdant garden.

SB: Why that’s going to be something.

SG: There is so much to look forward to. So stop looking over your shoulders, dear hearts, and get going.

SB: Well, just before we get to that, because it is exciting times right now, so now, the ocean floor is rising and what comes up but 300 shipwrecks and just a lot of sand and mud. What, are we going to be shocked when we see Atlantis come up from the sea?

SG: No, the agreement is, also there is a great deal of engineering already going on, so what we are not doing is bringing Atlantis back as a dump site. It will be clear and radiant and beautiful.

SB: Okay, well that is very exciting! And you say it’s Atlantis week? Who has made this Atlantis week, because I wasn’t aware of that.

SG: I have. (Laughter)

SB: Very good. So be it. Okay.

SG: The channel has said to you that Serapis Bey also wished to come and speak. He is well known for his ascension chamber at Luxor, but that was his second chamber. The ascension chamber was part of the island of temples, and so that is why he wanted to come and reassure each and every one of you. Not that you aren’t doing rigorous work with self-discipline, but to make clear to you that his ascension temple is also clearly and completely and lovingly available to thee.

SB: Thank, thank you. Thank him through you from us. Now, are you saying the island of tempas? Or the island of temples?

SG: Temples.

SB: Temples. Okay, and that was just off Bimini, you say?

SG: That part was just off Bimini, yes.

SB: Right, Okay Your competition, right now, is what’s going on in the world right outside our door. There’s so much investigation happening, shutting down of corruption, crookedness, people leaving, CEO’s, politicians resigning, and you’re saying to us to stay grounded, to stay calm. Is that correct?

SG: Being grounded is more important than ever. Now, many of you, and this has been a survival mechanism, particularly in past times, many of you when you witness this chaos and true abuse your mechanism for continuing on has been to almost absent yourself from your body. So for years we would observe you and, note that I have a particular affinity for the crown chakra, as you well know, and I would see you hovering high above your bodies, and really your silver thread, and I call it a thread was very questionable. Now is a time where we have need, where the Mother has need, where you have need for the fulfillment of your plan, and the plan, to truly be physically anchored in your form. So I am not saying that you do not hover sometimes when you are shocked or truly dismayed, but you’re also, your fields have grown significantly.

You have heard Ashira and Galea talk about your star brothers having boots on the ground, and that is a terminology that is very familiar to you in terms of military reference on your planet. But what we have need of is your boots on the ground during this time of transition. So that is why I have begun by suggesting you are looking, you are observing, you are seeing the insanity that is dancing outside your front door, that we need you, and you need you fully present and aware.

There has been this pattern in the past of, “If I don’t look at it, if I don’t pay attention to it, maybe it doesn’t exist.” And, of course, this is exactly the behavior and attitude or stance that has allowed much of this nastiness to truly gain ground because those who do not participate in such darkness absented themselves. So you are the energy. Whether you are saying it out loud, saying it in your bedroom, saying it to your friends, saying it to your daughter, saying it to yourself, shouting it at us, you are the ones that are saying this is not permissible. Not in judgment, simply in this deep cognizant acceptance, understanding, that none of this is of love.

Now, I also want to say many who appear to be of the chaos, and that is a massive generalization, have done so as an offering of their mission and purpose, their soul contract, to bring this recalcitrance, reluctance, disinterest, and disinterest continues to be a massive segment of the population, to bring this to a head. So even those, that is why there is no room for judgment.

As revelation, and there is going to be more, as revelations are coming to the surface, make sure that you only stay in the love, boots on the ground but do not judge those that you think or believe, first of all that are acting out of self-interest or abuse, but also those that are sacrificing themselves. There is a greater plan. Now it is hard to say this to people who are experiencing deep grief and sorrow over the loss of their children, their friends, or their comrades, but nevertheless, this is part of the plan.

SB: It’s also hard to follow that when one is faced with the kind of ridicule that goes around these days in political discussion. Its level is really very low. No, no, it’s what has to be gone.

SG: The level that is so low is done so that the collective is saying this is not a conversation that we wish to have. This is not a conversation worth having. We are not going to sink and live, as happened in Atlantis, at the lowest common denominator when you are saying that you are God and we must follow or be shot.

SB: There are four phases of the divine plan going ahead simultaneously right now, it seems. One is accountability, the other is ascension itself. And the third is abundance and the fourth is disclosure. Can you talk to us a bit about how these all relate and impact on each other? I’ll give you an example, is abundance waiting upon the ending of accountability?

SG: Now, let me… I understand that you have segmented these in order to be able to work with them, in order to be able to comprehend them, but these are not, in fact, separate areas of undertaking or evolution. All of this is part of ascension. Part of this is all related to your stepping forward as your ascended self, not merely claiming, but living.

Now let us go through this. As your ascended being, an ascended being, by its very definition, and by its very nature and character, by its spiritual, physical, mental, emotional makeup is accountable. It cannot be any other way. When you are living, and you are the law, then, of course, you are not only accountable, but in many ways which perhaps you do not fully understand and this is not a reference that you are making, but you are already are abundant. So that is not a fragmentation that you want to hold as a hard and fast rule.

Now, responsibility, accountability, of course, are first cousins, and we put this under the umbrella of stewardship that we have spoken to you of, and certainly Archangel Mikael has spoken to you of. And how can you be a steward in the true meaning, the definition that it implies as an ascended being in service to the Mother, in the full deputization to the Mother/Father/One if you are not responsible and accountable?

Now there are many who are saying, “Oh I’m accountable, I have a plan, I am doing my work” that aren’t accountable. And that is both within the lightworker community, the loveholder community, and of course, the rest of the world. So there is an emphasis on accountability because you, as you are flying in and out of this ascension portal, as we and you have come to think of it.

You do not get to anchor in a higher realm if you have not wrestled with and adopted this level of what we would refer to as higher accountability. And you cannot have full disclosure or what you are referring to as full abundance unless there is a leadership, a stewardship, significant enough to deal with what lies ahead. You already know, and we are glad to be talking about it further, because it is a time of bluntness and I am one that has always been known for being blunt. Money is not the solution to your world’s problems.

Atlantis was very, very affluent. Abundance, in terms of the manifestation, or actual currency, or availability, or availability from our star brothers was fully present. It did not prevent the abuse and the attitudes of anything. It contributed to those who became believing that they were God.

So abundance is not merely money to fix. First comes the true anchoring of stewardship, and there are many still who are…It’s not just a matter of writing down a plan, but that is good, that is a first step. But what does stewardship, working on behalf of the Mother, what does that really mean? Is it so deeply ingrained that every question, every action, every thought is prefaced of “Is this of love? Is this my dream and the Mother’s dream?”

So, there are some very intense and positive, very positive, growth and definition that is taking place. And yes, at times this means that some of your core issues are coming to the forefront, not for lengthy processing, although for some it still is. But I am talking to those who are ready to go forward in the fullness of their stewardship. It is about taking into account in very practical ways the truth of what you are here for.

So, to answer your question, disclosure and abundance come after and interrelated, because this is all interwoven into accountability, responsibility, stewardship, and all that is part, sweet angels, of your ascension. Is that clear?

SB: Oh, it is clear, but I guess I’m a little worried that what that means is that we’ve got months and months and months to go before abundance hits, and we might as well all hunker down and get through it any way we can.

SG: You see that what you are doing is you are applying your old paradigms…

SB: Yeah.

SG: To this situation. I have invited you, at the very beginning of our conversation…

SB: Not to do that.

SG: To take the Violet Flame and work with me on creation.

SB: Um-hmm.

SG: Go to the future. Go to where that paradigm has shifted, and pull it back into today.

SB: Okay. You do realize that I think so many of us are just bone tired.

SG: Are you too tired to take a purple crayon and write on your pad “abundance, disclosure, accountability, ascension?” I do not think so.

SB: You bet. Well said. Well, we’ve only just got about a few minutes left. What do we need to do next? What is next for lightworkers? I know the whole program has been about that, although it’s really been about positioning ourselves to the events that are coming our way. What about us? What about what we can be doing, not necessarily in a spiritual way, but in an external socially related, socially relevant way. What can we be doing?

SG: This is a very good segue from your last question, and I want to finish that question as well. When you say you are tired, when you are saying, really what you are saying is that you are somewhat distraught and worn out. And I am teasing you and in a kind of paternalistic way saying, “Take the purple pencil and write what you are calling on.”

But if you feel too tired to do that, simply come and sit with me in the Temple of the Violet Flame. And this goes for preparing yourselves, restoring yourselves, fueling yourselves. If you feel too tired to simply write on your pad, come and let me refill you with the I AM Presence. Then there will be no containing you. So as a daily practice, it doesn’t matter if you transform or transmute your recliner chair into the violet bonfire, I will be there. Your bed into the violet bonfire, I will be there. Spend some time in the flame and this will really help.

SB: Thank you for that.

SG: I want you… in terms of what can you be doing, many of you have significant, doable, enjoyable, beautiful plans on how you wish to proceed. In terms of practicality my advice and social responsibility, stewardship, I have two things that I would recommend: One is the first and the foremost is, of course, drift into the future, see what’s there and bring it back.

See as if you are gathering, throwing your nets the same way you did with Yeshua, the same way you’ve done so many times, throw your net and bring it in and anchor it in your heart, in your legs, in your cells, in your being. Bring that future dream into your now. Time is fluid. Also, see in your heart’s desires is what do you feel drawn to?

As an interim step, what do you want to do to help out? Those, shall we call them in the grey category who are wanting to feed on you and wanting to tear you down. Well, of course you are not going to permit that, but what can you do in terms of sending them energy? And when I say sending energy I do not simply mean the energy work, I mean the smile in the coffee shop. I mean the quiet word.

Calm, calm, calm is the watchword right now. And this is coming from the master of fire, so let me say to you it’s not about ranting and raving and engaging and being shrill about what is going on. It is quiet, calm conversation and it is bringing people back to the question, “Is this how you really want to live?” And you will see, nine out of ten, and maybe ten out of ten will say “No. No, this wasn’t the idea I had in mind at all.”

Then, second thing, well really third, have a look around your community. You do not need to travel to Tanzania or even Syria. Enough of you are doing that at night with your beloved Michael. Look around your community and see who needs a helping hand. And it may be offering your services in a variety of ways that are in accordance with your talents and abilities at a help center, a very broad category – help center, rehabilitation center, community action center, but it can also mean helping someone across the street who’s in a wheelchair, or an older person who’s hobbling.

And it’s not that you’re saying, “You’re hobbling.” What you’re really doing is saying “I see you. I see the wisdom in your eyes. I see the travel of the years. Let me have a kind word with you.” Because so many of the older people are lonely and they feel forgotten and overlooked and they have such wisdom and insight to share with all of you. So if there was one thing, turn to those that you think of as the elderly and help them. Help them share their wisdom before they go. Give them permission to go. There are so many leaving the planet at this time. That is a soul decision and it is honored deeply.

SB: Wow. Thank you very much for that. Now we have reached the end of our show, I’m afraid.

SG: Well, I, thank you for allowing me to come and to visit in this week of Atlantis.

SB: Ha ha. Thank you. Is there anything you wish to say in closing, St. Germaine?

SG: I am helping, you know, the Divine Mother and Raj with the Conscious Creation, so look for me there as well. But I am never further than your fingertips, beloved. I love you.

SB: Thank you St. Germaine. I love you.

SG: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.


With EVERY Human’s LightBody Having Been Activated Now, Living DNA Awakens to Change the Physical Body Make-Up – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Transcendence Art – artist appreciation


With EVERY Human’s LightBody Having Been Activated Now, Living DNA Awakens to Change the Physical Body Make-Up that’s Mis-perceived as “Sick” – Ego Death Increases as WE Accelerate These Next Phases

Depending on the physical dimension one occupies, the “truth” will be different here. I will break this down in sections to simplify an intricate process that takes more than just one writing to explain the “whole picture”, that is not visible to those who have not transitioned to live beyond the Veils of Amnesia yet. We all “thought” we were fully conscious along the way. As we go, we find how “not even close” we were and that there’s always more to REALize, REMEMBER and Understand.

Full access is restored to each of us as we fully PURIFY our entire existence and fully align all on a SOUL Level and keep all aligned. Purity of our hearts, minds, intentions, actions and our whole body is necessary. These continually increasing of Quantum Acceleration Phases of all’s Higher Consciousness (Living) DNA Awakening, Cleansing & Purification Processes for OverSoul Embodiment, require this even more. ↓↓↓

The body was asleep, unconscious and held deep unconscious programming within. Through the activation of one’s LightBody, dormant DNA awakens in the body to completely re-code and re-configure according to all NEW Sequences and Codes. This DNA re-writing is a whole body template process, where each’s separation (Ego) was held. Every micro-organism cell of the body has now been activated to WAKE UP and release this immense programming that CREATED THE ENTIRE HUMAN EXPERIENCE/EXPERIMENT that all Soul’s chose to experience and then transcend fully from within.

This TRANSCENDENCE is through Physical Body Ascension, which can only occur through full EGO Dissolution/Death. This process is the most challenging one will endure, because of how strong the Ego (Separation from Self AS Pure Source Light) and how deeply embedded in the physical human body all was/is. This Ego Death is not just of the human existence, it’s a culmination of every existence rolled into this one here. The emotional and physical “Purging” (Cleansing) process (we drop the purging word after the intensity has subsided), works through every cell, organ, body part to “locate” separation and depending on how strong it is, dissolve/destroy/dismantle/break it down, so that the physical body can re-build itself through “new codes” that have to embed into the body/cellular structure, so that the body can be brought online with the Plasma Crystalline Gridwork of NEW Earth.

These constant influxes of PHOTONIC LIGHT, which present in different oscillating frequencies constantly, work through the physical body to “locate” everything that is discordant/out of tune (in order to re-tune), everything that is of the ego/separation/duality, everything LINEAR and fixed, everything that represents an Unconscious Program and REWRITES IT with a whole new program aligned on a SOUL Level. PHOTONIC LIGHT activates each’s Dormant DNA, which holds HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS in a multitude of ways. Christed Light, Pure Source Light, God Consciousness, Gaia Consciousness, Galactic Consciousness (Every Higher Self Aspect), is activated to COME ALIVE from WITHIN the BODY, yet it’s the human perception that this is “coming from outside” or “higher”, because of the vibration of the physical body and “WHERE” One’s Own Full Consciousness appears to reside.

It will be “Higher” when the human aspect has been deep asleep and starts feeling the weirdness in the body as it starts to wake up. Numbness, tingling, gravity shifts, light-headedness, vision, hearing, weakness, heat/cold temp changes/extremes, physical pain, emotional pain… all a part of EGO DEATH and raising the physical bodies’ vibration high enough for it to physically ascend. It will be “Higher” where the human aspect needs to dissolve/release/detach completely from the HOLD that the PHYSICAL REALITY has/had. All of the attachments, identities, beliefs… the IMPORTANCE and what was important must dramatically change.

Each’s EGO does not want this. It will go to being a Victim of Ascension or Fighting “something” to maintain control, a human belief that it can control anything at all. 

This Ego Death goes DEEPER than any human aspect can understand. Desperation to “not experience” or “hold on” can create the EXPERIENCE of “breaking”, which the EGO avoids at all cost, not understanding that that “breaking point” is necessary for the cells of the body to release the linear constructs called “THE MATRIX” that anchors and binds them in the UNCONSCIOUS REALMS OF AMNESIA.

This MATRIX PROGRAM is where each tries to adhere and comply with a PROGRAMS and SYSTEMS that keep all in a slumber/asleep, that come from a place of fear and keep all submissive and conforming through “mis-placed” trust in something OUTSIDE of SELF. These programs keep one struggling to achieve, struggling to make it, struggling to uphold a BELIEF that runs on separation, duality and fear. It does not support UNITY, LOVE AND ABUNDANT LIVES… it depletes and can never be “won”, because the VALUES these SYSTEMS and PROGRAMS are built upon are not Fully Conscious.

Physical Body Ascension is the elevation of the physical body to such a high frequency that it can exist in multiple dimensions to HOLD IMMENSE LIGHT and BEGIN the process of OverSoul Embodiment (Avatar Consciousness), which is the FULL EMBODIMENT of all Higher Self Aspects, the Entire Universe(s), Galaxies, Cosmic Everything, within the physical body form. It is JUST THE BEGINNING of arriving on 5th Dimensional NEW Earth that starts a whole new process of INFINITE PROCESSES AND PHASES of Anchoring Highest Dimensional Everything onto our Physical Earth. It’s where each becomes Sovereign and RETURNS to Mastery, moves into HIGHER MIND CONSCIOUSNESS, which is a game-changer for all.

The physical body goes through a Rigorous Process of constantly acclimating to much higher frequencies daily, as one’s LightBody activates the other phases of the LightBody too. Crystalline, Plasma, Etheric…these are progressional as well. Each’s DNA constantly re-coding and re-calibrating, nothing is attributed to “outside” anymore. We can see how all affects, yet it’s up to each one of us to re-prioritize our own lives so that this can be a much easier process for us all.

The “Arrival” and “The Event” are experienced by each as they ACHIEVE THE VIBRATION in order to accomplish this. Our NEW EARTH REALITIES must be built by each one of us. We put in the blood, sweat and tears. We dedicate ourselves to HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS EXISTENCE for all of HUmanity. We invest all that we are and have in a whole new life/existence for all. Each one of us have to come to this place, if we truly WANT THE EXPERIENCE OF NEW EARTH as our REALity.

Human Ego Aspects will not do this until the old collapses, dissolves or they are “forced”. Now, none of this is occurring by anyone/anything else. Everything is occurring because the vibration of our Earth is accelerating, as the Cosmos merges in our atmosphere, creating the “NEW Weather” (Multi-Dimensional Atmospheres are very different than our old human ones were). The physical matter that vibrated at the molecular rate of those unconscious dimensions changes (often dramatically) too. The DNA of all MATTER is being awoken to “MOVE” and RESTRUCTURE now.

DNA is awakening, becoming Living DNA. Physical Matter DNA is awakening too, as technically they are the same. The human mind cannot comprehend this, so it will attribute what is happening to an old unconscious, fear-based belief. Fear is preferable by many who do not want to admit that what they believed is not true/real/pure.

Fear keeps humans holding on, stagnant and complaint. Often, it isn’t until those realities are THREATENED or UPSET before the human aspect is willing to take a stand and say no, and even more than that, PULL OUT OF SUPPORTING THOSE SYSTEMS/REALITIES that represent Safe, which is just a perception too.

A Dimension is a Level of Consciousness. First access then achieving through actual experience here. The Earth reached the 5th Dimension in 2012 and has been continually expanding into much higher levels of Consciousness since. Each’s physical body vibrates at the frequency of THE DIMENSION that matches the whole body’s consciousness. The 3rd and 4th Dimension’s physical matter represented the Level of Consciousness each held.  Simultaneously now, Consciousness is being RAISED FOR ALL out of those Unconscious Realms of Amnesia, which requires a ridiculous amount of rest/sleep (not on a human schedule though) and the release of all unconscious programming (Ego/Separation), which presents as numbness or no-feeling and emotional/mental/physical PAIN… yes pain. Pain is the release of SEPARATION, so that the body can be free and vibrate at a Lighter/Higher Density for a Multi-Dimensional Experience here.

Each phase of the LightBody is experienced differently, dependent on what each’s current role/purpose is. The physical body is constantly EVOLVING at a rapid rate that challenges every human belief, because nothing is as once believed/thought. This is so much bigger than those limited perceptions.

There is no sickness in the 5th Dimension (and way above/beyond). Human ego aspects living in fear work to “treat”, protect and insure themselves “against” what they believe is “sick”, when in fact it’s everything but. The physical body cannot function, when it’s been deprived of LIGHT. This Light is each’s SOUL and it feeds the human body LIFE. It is precious breath, it is sunshine and nature and natural things that support. It is happiness, love and kindness, generosity, respect and integrity to EACH OTHER AND SELF AND GAIA through a DEEP SACRED LEVEL OF CONNECTION that returns as each PULLS OUT OF THE PROGRAMS/MATRIX/SYSTEMS and allows their body/field to cleanse, purify, raise it’s vibration and as each makes this a priority in their own lives.

Humans work to have SECURITY, not realizing AS EACH/ALL open up to take care of the Earth and share reSOURCES, support each other, care about each other, come together through UNITY and LOVE that there is plenty for everyone. Human aspects live in distortions that are only visible when something OCCURS to make these distortions so loud/visible that they cannot hide/ignore/refuse to acknowledge and DO something aligned on a SOUL level, instead of the habit, fear-based, self-preservation ego ones.

Our Earth is MULTI-DIMENSIONAL and so is each living on it. Every moment each is experiencing infinite dimensions, yet the ability to realize, comprehend, understand and MASTER/MANEUVER this with ease requires full consciousness and shifting vibrationally fully from within. Partial anything cannot accomplish this.

YOUR BODY WAS ASLEEP in the 3rd/4th Dimensional Realms. It housed/stored everything suppressed from the human experience, which is just a SMALL PART OF each’s LIFE here.

NEW Earth is birthed through the DEATH of each’s ego, a process not easily fully understood until each has gone through it. The human aspect will hold out until it hits rock bottom or is desperate, because anything less is an “out” to do something else, other than full opening of the heart/mind/body to surrender the ego to higher self existence/guidance/intelligence, for each’s SOUL to integrate fully within the body.

Physical death is the occurrence of many things. The ego never fully dissolved, so the body could not sustain life by way of integrating the FULL LIGHT OF ONE’S SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS within the physical body form, which was a choice of that SOUL before ever incarnating/walking/arriving in an earthly physical body here. It is the completion of a life cycle, where that SOUL has completed it’s tasks and through the “exit” wakes all others in it’s life up, through the release of separation each. Death is not what human’s “think” it is.

Near Death Experiences are to WAKE EACH HUMAN ASPECT UP, which serves many purposes. StarSeeds do not want to be on this earth, yet an NDE will make each choose, even beg to be here, which anchors the Soul into the body and allows for INTEGRATION TO BEGIN on a while new level. It gives many the ability to EXPAND INTO/THROUGH THEIR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS to see/experience/connect in order to start their “Spirit(ual) Awakening” process of seeking/searching to understand more. Once in the 5th Dimension, the word Spiritual is dropped. Each IS Spirit and this is not a “practice” or “concept” anymore. There is a level of Purity that is achieved from within, which IGNITES all new levels of purity, where the entire body template goes through continual “wipes” until the PURITY PHASE is achieved and each lives from this space inside. No more compromising to play in human separation games. Full integrity and honor (on a Soul Level, which resembles nothing of the human kind).

Humans hold integrity to a SYSTEM and separated/ego beliefs. WE hold integrity as LOVE and UNITY, which does not conform to any human-ego-created system created by “man”.

Why all is occurring is a COLLECTIVE PURGE OF EGO/SEPARATION CONSCIOUSNESS to bring more PHYSICALLY into higher dimensional existence (Multi-dimensionality), where all care about each other, work together, support each other and take full responsibility for everything they are/do. It is each fully Sovereign and standing in their own POWER as love, which means LEAVING THE ENTIRE MATRIX FULLY, because you cannot support separation and live in the 5th Dimension or gain entry to NEW Earth.

All of this was housed in your body. As your body awakens through Higher Consciousness/Multi-Dimensional DNA, all “lower vibrations” of Unconscious (Ego) Separation is “sought out” within your cells. Your whole body must awaken to bring you through to the “other side”. This is not a small feat, it’s every existence clearing your body now…

Observe your own mentalities and when your ego tries to “escape” an experience, goes into “desperation” (ego game to try to avoid an experience of waking up/opening the heart fully/feeling/dealing), or becomes a “victim” to ascension or tries to apply and old belief to a physical condition/experience. Look for NEW ALTERNATIVE things that open your heart and mind, support your body NATURALLY and assist your body with the DNA REPAIRS (healing is the human word of clearing victim mentalities too).

YOUR AWAKENING DNA is intelligent-nano-light-particles that move communicate through intricate BIO-ELECTRICAL neural impulses re-wiring your whole body to function differently now. The old “fixes” will not work. Your NEW LIGHTBODY (YES EVERYONE) needs pure and clean until it can restore itself to optimal “health” and you have enough Light to function on without depleting by way of linear/living from your head/pushing your body to do when it’s trying to tell you what it needs, yet your human will not listen or honor this.

Your Activated LightBody activates your Crystalline DNA. (Massive itchies/outbreaks, vision changes and temp changes increase, as well as more sleep/rest as the spine can’t be as straightened (LightBody phase the spine is straight and can produce immense “work” through Light). Plasma phase is all about the spine, as well as deep into the bones, teeth, skull and more. High photonic light open your neural pathways, activate your Pineal Gland for holographic access and ancient memory centers to be opened as well. Higher Consciousness Knowledge will flood forth for you to organize and share. Your Plasma body clears your Galactic Karma and Akashic Records that were held within your body’s DNA too. Your LightBody clears your human Karma. Your Crystalline LightBody brings you online with through your own Christed Consciousness to link up to a whole new Gridding System (rebuilt through your muscles and whole body too). All of your organs re-work to clear separation/unconscious programs and re-configure how the body works. None of this will conform to “human” treatments, as Ascension is not to be “treated”, it’s to be supported through alternative methods that FEED LIGHT. Your DNA will “mutate” (use this word to get the point across to the human ego that needs the strength of the word to comprehend). Your Genetics completely change. Everything does. Your Body will evolve constantly to achieve higher dimensional capabilities not possible before.

This is just a very small part of what is occurring for all on our Multi-Dimensional Earth right now. In order to gain full access to NEW Earth Existence, a new level of commitment, dedication and openness is required. Old Earth will completely die away. Each must choose a NEW Earth Existence and focus on supporting NEW EARTH in order to now sustain. If this sounds “intense”, good, it’s suppose to. The alternative is more intense.

As more humans move further into ego-death and mind-blowing realizations that shake their realities at their CORE, that “Force” them to make a choice, to dissolve the ego or keep repeating the cycles of suffering, this will increasingly continue to be true even more.

For those who have emerged in the 5th Dimension, by way of accessing first through the dream state to open your mind to the possibilities and activate that deep yearning for “more”, by applying new practices to your lives and in many cases, totally abandoning all that represented your unconscious life to “faster” get to new earth, by embracing your own higher-light-intelligence/knowledge/knowing and applying yourself to creating, anchoring and experiencing more NEW EARTH NOW, this is your contribution to HUmanity, which shall increase as you step forth/step up to contribute, support, inspire, awaken and BE THE EXAMPLE (WayShower) and stop worrying what “others” are doing, transcend ALL JUDGMENT that you held about what REALITY is/was. As each fully embraces the UNKNOWN/NEW, as each honors their BODY that works hard to anchor highest dimensional light encodements in every bit of flesh, bones, body parts, HOLDS HIGHEST INTEGRITY to a much higher dimensional existence/experience for us all, you will start to notice, see, experience NEW EARTH in your own lives in absolutely every way. One in the 5th Dimension, PHYSICALLY, then every other dimension opens up for experiencing here.

NEW Earth is not something that just appears to you one day. Well it kinda does, through new awareness that it’s always been available, yet you/each did not hold the vibration to access/live here before. FULLY open your heart, open your eyes, open your mind to FEEL, CONNECT, SEE…. and even moreso, ACCEPT that your life is not going to go/be as you “thought” it was, that it’s going to be soooooo much more magical, amazing and brilliant than you could have ever perceived.

I love you. Honor your LightBodies. You have to learn how they function and how you are to support them now, for them to carry you through and in order to just basic things, it’s a challenge at first. As you integrate light, the outside world will change, get easier, as you take your own POWER BACK and BEcome your Divinity, your Purest You, as you BEcome FULL CONSCIOUSNESS with a physical body form that has to constantly adapt to “new” too.

Living DNA Acceleration has Commenced. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.s. As you get your physical body’s vibration up, your Consciousness will “fix”, repair, “heal” (tune) your physical body FOR you. From another perspective, as you expand your consciousness, your body’s DNA recodes your body to function optimally ONCE THE RE-TUNING/RE-CALIBRATION/INTEGRATION PROCESS IS COMPLETE. ♥ Your NEW DNA is intelligent and knows exactly what to do. ♥ Your “job” is to honor, trust, listen, support, assist as LOVE. ♥.

p.p.s. All emotional and physical pain will go when separation has been cleared from the body. ♥ Your NEW LightBody is breaking down your own ego constructs and rebuilding all new Quantum ones that are not linear. ​


Transcendence Art – artist appreciation