Pleiadian Message March 2018 – Christine Day

Art: March by Anna Dittmann


Christine’s Message March 2018

Sunday, March 04, 2018

Hello,This is setting up to be a landmark month for our awakening, a pivotal turning point, as we are moved into the third phase of our ‘New Dawning’ transition in late March. The Pleiadians are speaking about us receiving a laser like Diamond light consciousness through our Heart cells, giving us access beyond the veils to our Higher Self. The Diamond light consciousness will be forged throughout the planet and this will be an empowering time for all of us.

Simultaneously to this happening we are finally being given the go ahead by the Pleiadians to open up a series of workshops on our land in Grand Marais. A workroom is in the process of being built right now in readiness for these four individual, three day workshops planned throughout July. We have been able to open a few places, so if you feel called to be there please email to be in contact with Alisa for details.

In May we have been given guidance to construct and activate an energetic ‘Gateway’. This will be done through the help of the Pleiadians, the Lemurians and certain Galactic groups. The ‘Gateway’ energy will be essential for the initiations of those who are attending the July seminars.

Alisa and I will be moving forward to a new level of our destiny path fulfilling another aspect of our mission as we participate in this monumental opening. This is a big turning point for us and I am being told that the activation of the Gateway will open up a synergy between all of the Portals creating a significant opening on the planet. This synergy will activate a mainline branch of energy on the earth plane for the transition, and create a ‘Receiving Station’ for the Galactic community.

Finally the energy on the land is ready to receive you all and I am feeling very excited at the thought of those of you who will be coming onto the land for your initiations. It feels as though we will all begin a new path as we spend sacred time together on the land in July.

The new Diamond light consciousness will accelerate our potential within the many sacred initiations and reconnections that you will make. This will be your self-empowerment through reconnection.

Open up and receive yourself. I keep feeling the essence that these words given by the Pleiadians carry: ‘YOU ARE WHO YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR’. This I know is Truth.

Love and blessings


P.S. My blog talk radio show brings to you light transmissions from the Pleiadians to give you step by step processes to be ready to receive and utilize the Diamond light consciousness that is anchoring this month on the planet.


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