High Solar Plasma Activity Again, Every Day to Re-Code Your DNA – Lisa Transcendence Brown

DNA Eternal Man by Marie Schwarzer


High Solar Plasma Activity Again, Every Day to Re-Code Your DNA: Challenge Your Own Beliefs, Detox, Get Clean and Prepare… 



High solar plasma activity again today. These “every day” DNA RE-CODING blasts are proving to be substantial more every day. Will see where it takes us. I’ll post updates throughout the day as I work/where I can.

These vibrational frequencies are for everyone to move/shift into “everyday detox”, everyday natural support for the body/LightBody, Crystalline & Plasma LightBody…. get the body’s vibration up and KEEP IT UP, because even at our highest vibration, it takes everything to integrate constantly, in order to function in the physical and produce/do anything at all.

Years of learning how to acclimate, years of learning/mastering how to function through immense DNA re-writes and body re-codings, continual re-structuring and re-calibrating, our whole life changes to accommodate our new ways. The last few years the intensity/immensity increasing (off the charts) and continuing to do so, to accelerate our evolution into highest consciousness HUmanity, these last few months show us how important it is to dedicate, listen, honor and respect what’s occurring for all of us here. My work schedule has dramatically shifted too, as I can’t produce/function linearly hardly at all. Every day I have to figure out how to accomplish everything and do the best that I can too, the only difference is that there’s no chaos, there’s no emotional/physical “pain”, there’s no inner struggle or anything going on… as I spent years resolving all of this within myself and aligning my own physical reality world to SIMPLE, INTEGRITY, FOCUSED CREATION AND IMPLEMENTATION, UNITY with all that I partner with/work with to work-in-service to HUmanity, in a multitude of ways…..

We are in: SUPPORT YOUR BODY and align your realities through PURITY CONSCIOUSNESS, align inside and keep it all aligned….. recognize your own programs, deal with them/resolve them/let them go…. intentionally shift your own vibration, see your own ego/separation yourself, process those unconscious (not unity love) emotions, get them out of your body, so that the PROGRAM can change for you easier….

We are in: Do whatever it takes, get over your human complaints. See why you keep resisting/fighting what your own higher/highest guidance (inner guidance) shows you, what your own body tells you and stop trying to work AGAINST natural flow.

We are in: Come together. Get over your chit. Let go of that separation inside. Drop the judgement, drop the unworthingness, see the programs and change the program yourself.

We are in: Stop minimizing yourself, see the BIGGER PICTURE, see the important roles that you play when you get over your own ego/separation inside. Stop making excuses, accept that you are deeply in the middle of an ASCENSION PROCESS that’s only going to continue to intensify, take you deeeeeeeper inside, to the DEPTHS OF YOUR OWN SOUL and CORE of your BEING, until this is where you live/reside ALL OF THE TIME… and there’s no more BS.

We are in: WAKE up, take your power back, stand as love, stand as Unity, stand as the ONE making a difference in your own REALity/world as LOVE. Stop blaming others, telling stories of who did what to who/you, see the SOUL AGREEMENTS and let it go to come back to this present moment right here. SHIFT THE VIBRATION of your stories, from being a victim (survivor is claiming victimhood too), validate yourself, pat yourself on the back, reward yourself, love yourself and have gratitude for the GIFTS of EXPERIENCE that you needed to TEACH YOU what is kindness, what is love, what is respect, what is integrity and honor, what is JOY, what is support, what is reciprocation, what is abundance, so that you can CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE to create/have more of this in your own life through UNITY, working together, making a difference and SHARING…

THIS MOMENT: What you are thinking, feeling, believing, allowing… this is what you are re-creating to experience in your world. WHERE YOU FUNCTION FROM is what matters. Separation/fear/judgment/self-preservation creates one reality. Unity, love, respect, kindness, sharing and openness creates a totally different one.

FEEL YOUR RESISTANCE, feel your emotions, feel your beliefs, feel and allow all of this to FLOW OUT, instead of tightening those muscles down (gridwork for the Earth you live on) and contracting your energy, vibrationally moving your body back into an unconscious dimension.

CHALLENGE YOUR OWN BELIEFS: Just because you believed them “once”, or someone told you or you heard it or you saw it/see it or can even touch it, doesn’t make it real. What makes REALity is what’s aligned on a SOUL LEVEL, what is pure, what you know deeeeeeeeeep down inside and don’t want to listen to because it messes with your current version of “real”ity, the one you thought you wanted before, and possible still do, yet was part of an illusion of what HAPPY WAS….

STOP GIVING YOUR POWER AWAY: Just because it’s easy, just because it conforms, just because …. you actually have to open up completely and CHOOSE what to allow and STOP unconsciousness in its tracks… this is a part of your waking up. No more.

RETURN TO LOVE inside. Bring all into alignment as love. Dissolve all into love…. that purest place inside of you that doesn’t care what others think, do or say… because your own INNER-CONNECTION is so strong, that your REALITY is LOVE and NO MATTER WHAT, you are going to align all with this. Every time, in every moment, you are not wavering or compromising anymore, you are not going to go unconscious, forget and go back to the old programs anymore…. NO MORE.

CREATE, INSPIRE, SUPPORT AND SHARE: Your highest vibrational you makes a different just by being THIS. Just by BEING…. LOVE…. just by maintaining your highest vibration, the rest is a RESULT of this…….

OPEN UP COMPLETELY…. reconnect through love, share your light, BELIEVE that others are open, ready and awake too.

BE READY for everything you once thought/believed to no longer be true for you. There are new, more awesome realities, alternative/alternate ones that await to come forth, emerge and materialize FOR YOU….. EASILY if you allow this….ROUGH OR TOUGH if you keep fighting NATURAL ORDER where particle matter is taking form differently all around you and inside of you, through RESTRUCTURING DNA, whether your human “likes” it or not.

YOUR BODY is not going to function like it did before, it’s doing what it needs to do FOR YOU… it eats differently, sleeps differently, nothing conforming to a schedule, belief system or anything you “thought” was true before… all that goes out the window, when it’s time to transition from a human experience to an Ascended/Higher Self/Universal/Unity Consciousness/NEW Earth/Multi-Dimensional one…. which is always RIGHT NOW. Stop trying to control, fit into the old boxes, using the old beliefs and practices and “go to’s”… they won’t work. They will only perpetuate your own struggle/suffering until you are ready to really truly listen, honor, do your part. What made sense won’t. What works won’t make logical linear sense either, because this is not a linear process, it’s a Quantum one, which is totally opposite, in reverse, backwards and non-linear/vibrational.

OBSERVE… JUST SEE… remove your judgment, your personal opinions and the stories… observe the ENERGY, the VIBRATION and what you allow your own energy to get tied up in, where you focus your energy, what you allow to occur, where you get distracted and WASTE your own energy, instead of re-focusing it and utilizing it efficiently to create and accomplish anchoring your higher dimensional realities into this physical here. Whatever you feed your energy into, this creates. If it’s lack/unconscious realities, then this is what you create more of… over and over again. If it’s FOR ALL OF HUMANITY, from your HIGHEST PLACE inside (not your hurt and need), then this supports the BIGGER PICTURE and creates MORE through LOVE and PURITY which is sustainable.

STOP SUPPORTING THE OLD/UNCONSCIOUS. ALL OF IT. EVERY TINY BIT. This is YOUR unconsciousness. Not “theirs”, as your human aspect loves to proclaim/play in. If you support anything with your time, energy, money, reSOURCes…. then you are supporting/feeding/re-creating a system that will collapse in YOUR OWN REALITY……

UTILIZE YOUR TIME, ENERGY, MONEY, RESOURCES for all NEW EARTH…. everything must be fully aligned. Every aspect of your life. Not one particle gets to remain unconscious. Not one. Get over your own issues/judgments and ACCEPT THE REALITY that NEW EARTH is an INVESTMENT that you have to choose to invest all of you in… a partial “comfortable” commitment keeps you anchored in the unconscious/old dimensions until you finally “get it” and are ready to step up and fully commit too.

SHIFT YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS, EXPAND AND ELEVATE your own consciousness, constantly and clear those old programs as they present. Honor the space/time you need to do this, yet move through it, process it, instead of letting your human woller in it/stay in it… move it out of you and then pull those bootstraps up, take a bath/shower and focus your energy, move it out yourself.

CLEAR YOUR FIELD – CONSTANTLY. This is your consciousness or unconsciousness too. This will dictate how easy or challenging everything is for you.

FILL YOUR SPACE with inspiration, life, nature, the highest vibrational everything… to support, maintain and elevate your consciousness so that you can STAY EXPANDED and learn to function in higher frequencies easier, acclimating your body constantly…. integrating instantly.

There’s more… there always is… POWERFUL is an understatement for the cosmic frequencies/vibrations we now LIVE IN. ♥

I LOVE YOU. Keep shining your LIGHT huge! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

March 2018 Quantum Multi-Dimensional Energy Overview: Life-Altering Shifts – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Gratitude to artist


March 2018 Quantum Multi-Dimensional Energy Overview: Life-Altering Shifts, Collective & Individual Transition into Alternate Timelines & Realities through Our Cosmic Heart Gateway

March is going to definitely be interesting for all! Observing the energies, they are focused on shifting all into alternate realities, life-course-changing for many… these last 2 months have been about integrating the codes that Quantum Leap HUmanity, which occurs in a multitude of ways.

For many, I can see entire collectives just “stepping” over into all new realities, while for others, I can see how much perceived upset this shall bring to many’s lives, not understanding how multi-dimensional existence works. The more equipped one is, energetically, the simpler, easier and more awesome this shall be. The less equipped, the more challenging, because there are still human-ego perceptions of what reality is instead of understanding how reality works on a Quantum Energetic Scale. ↓↓↓


For many, this will be subtle, natural and much awaited for. For others this will be intense. Some will feel like the ground has just fallen out from beneath them, some may feel uprooted and transplanted into a whole new reality, for some a surreal experience and others all just Divine Natural Flow. We’ve been working for years to assist HUmanity with expanding consciousness, dissolving the unconscious veils of amnesia, by providing the information that makes a difference to all on this amazing journey of Awakening, Ascension and Full Embodiment here. Those who have been utilizing higher/highest wisdom/knowledge/intelligence and incorporating it into their own reality/world/life shall have an entirely different experience than those who still live deep beneath the veils with immense separation housed with their physical bodies still.

This Evolutionary Process continually accelerates, in every moment. It doesn’t slow down or let up anymore. We’ve passed the point of “going back”, as the human aspect prefers. Now it’s ALL about anchoring NEW Earth Collectively in the physical, even for those who are not even aware there is a NEW Earth Existence. This is shifting quite substantially with the shock/shake/jolt awakenings, as well as the soft, beautiful, Divine, magical heart/mind awakenings occurring constantly too.

More starting to “get it”, more embracing, more dedicating and actually starting to care. More stepping up to make a difference, share in ways that their ego wouldn’t consider before, more utilizing their access and reSOURCEs to contribute and support the work/each other, more combining forces as Love, more Unifying to make a bigger impact here…. It’s beyond beautiful to observe and participate in.

As more INVEST THEMSELVES and what they have access to, our NEW Earth anchors in faster and more substantially too. As more see the importance of Highest Consciousness, they start to support in ways that make a difference for all of humanity here.


There is vast beauty on the horizon, ready to come forth… for all who are truly ready and committed to this.

Each’s focus is going to be important, each’s openness, readiness and how much each’s FULL BODY-FIELD CONSCIOUSNESS can shift easily and as all occurs vibrationally is KEY.

NEW Codons (CODE-ON = DNA/Genetic Codes being activated/turned on) within each’s Multi-Dimensional Body, have been the focal point of these higher dimensional light codes integrated over the last few months (and years). The New HUmanity Codes anchored within Gaia’s and our own Body templates as Gatekeepers intentionally holding these, are huge and affect all that we “call reality” here.

February was focused on taking each deeper on an emotional level to connect with themselves, each other, Gaia, their Universe, Galactically and all of HUmanity, clearing out anything of old conditioning/ego/duality programming that needed to clear the physical body (density) to elevate it’s consciousness for Ascending Collectives, as well as shifting collective timelines that all experience according to the physical dimension occupied, and dictated by each’s own level of consciousness accessed, available and embodied here.


March is a huge Gateway/Passageway through the Cosmic Christed Heart. An initiation of releasing all that is no longer vibrationally in harmonic alignment with PURITY CONSCIOUSNESS (which I’ve been writing about over the years as well as adding a section to the Awakening to Remembering “Plasma Crystalline LightBody Support” Page to assist/support all. The Equinox Gateway has also opened, as February happens to align with moon cycles that assisted with important cellular clearings, which is accompanied by an actual physical experience where there is any ego (separation) involved at all. The the observance of our SOLar Christed Galactic SOURCE Light StarGate Systems and Powerful Initiatory/Anchoring Gateways, is that July/August 2018 spiraled us (energetically) through a Vortex where that just keeps getting bigger and bigger, wider and wider, more expansive as we go. Higher and higher vibrationally, and if we are intentionally fully integrating as these frequencies/energies/codes activate, then the physical is aligned naturally, easily and organically through a harmonized flow that’s simple and quite exquisite, magical and beautiful, transmitting an experience that correlates to our own PURITY CONSCIOUSNESS held.

You will see me writing more about Purity Consciousness, to assist with the understanding of how this applies to our NEW EARTH LIVES here. The purer our entire existence, the easier all is. This means every ounce of ego/separation must be dissolved by each fully from within. For those who love to argue that this is not possible, yes it is. We’ve achieved it already, now each has to “learn” how to LIVE this, BE this themselves, through their own thoughts, feelings, actions and with their whole body/being too. Living Full Unity-Love-Consciousness with every breath, and aligning every aspect of our own lives with this. This is what each agreed to, prior to incarnating/walking in here. This is each REMEMBERING fully, with all veils dissolved, which is available to all who are truly ready to inJOY the highest dimensional experiences all of the time.

The alter-ego is never ready… so your highest aspect is the one that activates these realities for you/each to experience here.


Your roles here will start evolving as well, as many start to realize how much your energy matters, how to support/contribute matters, what you support matters, where you come from when you “do” matters and that all of this is VIBRATIONAL… the and has nothing to do with what your linear head tries to tell you, it’s a “seeing”, “feeling” and “knowing”, it’s a HUMANITY energy you re-connect with again, it’s YOUR HUmanity REMEMBERED, which is where all does make sense, just not in the way that it did before. As each starts to REAL-eyes through their own re-connection and DIVINE UNION with their own Soul, what’s truly important, matters and makes a difference here, the “shoulds” and “have to’s” fall away, and are replaced with a deep sacred honor, respect, integrity, appreciation and kindness that wasn’t accessible before. The self-preservation falls away, because you can see the bigger picture too, you can see THROUGH UNITY within you and through your own connection with/as the Unified Field of Love too. From this place, this space, this consciousness inside of you, you see new things, realize new things, understand all new things and this will shift your entire perception/reality for you.

Our Higher Consciousness HUmanity NEW Earth takes each one of us to re-connect and come from this place inside (and all of the time). You reconnect in the physical, when this is how you live…..

The Vibration that you hold/ARE, is the REALity that you experience here. The Consciousness that you function from, this is what dictates your physical reality too.

Higher Dimensional HUmanity is you/WE/Us… each one of us as the Gridwork/Network holding NEW EARTH as our realities and living as the EXAMPLE of what Purity Consciousness and Multi-Dimensionality is. It’s each one of us uniting as PARTNERS of NEW EARTH… Galactic Partners, Soul Partners fully invested in our new/highest realities here.

Pay attention to the VIBRATION that you function from, the mentalities and the Your Energy in order to understand and see through your own inner vision/eyes of Unity-Love-Consciousness too.


This Quantum LEAP, this anchoring of alternate realities and timelines occurs as each holds the new, instead of going back to the old. These higher timeline can become physical ones, because you’ve held it as your State of Consciousness long enough for your DNA to re-write itself, your body to clear the density and for your physical to re-calibrate/realign fully for this to be your new experience here. The old will exit, fall away, dissolve… because it’s no longer aligned. How easy this is, will depend on how much you truly understand and choose to shift/transition in/out of realities as they are ready to occur.

March is POWERFUL…. grab ahold of your highest “new”, get excited, explore, get creative and be wide open…. recognize your own resistance that creates the discomfort of anything that you experience. Open wide up! ♥

I love you! ♥ As multi-dimensionals, this is exciting. Get excited! Watch/observe and expect some surprises, more “new”, while experiencing through your own “advanced” access that you have through your own multi-dimensional existence too!

Remember, if you separate off/go human/shift back into your separation-mind, then this is the experience you will have here. Your emotions and mentalities are yours to observe, shift and tune to a much higher vibration yourself. ♥ If you are holding onto anything, this creates your own discomfort and suffering, because it’s all ego attachment/old beliefs that each holds/must dissolve/release/transcend fully from within. For the ego, it’s hang on (actually let go)… it’s gonna be a ride for sure. ♦

With the utmost respect and love from Kauai, ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


No Handbook for It – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Gratitude to artist


No Handbook for It

Another part of an Ascension ethnography is the service aspect of our existence here. We’re all here for a reason, a purpose.

One of mine is as a financial wayshower or steward of the Mother’s wealth, as are all … or most … foreign-currency holders.

It’s ironic because here I am, dearly wanting to go inwards and I find myself nevertheless drawn more and more to thoughts about organizing the Michaelangelo Fund, thinking through how the Hope Chest will operate, and planning out the new Golden Age of Gaia. Here are some of the questions that arise.

How will the Hope Chest service the lightworker community? In an additive manner? If lightworkers write in asking for aid for personal finances, (1) open a “Lightworker Department.”

If others write in asking for project funding, (2) open a “Projects Department.”

If I come along and ask for a three-year Universal Basic Income Program, (3) open up a “UBI Department.” Add on, add on, add on. Is that the way to proceed? That’s how I proceed with a database.

Then on to the Michaelangelo Fund. Its relationship to Ancillary Services (the Hub)? Its relationship to the Hope Chest. Hope Chest independent or department of the Michaelangelo Fund? Has to be independent. Around and around my mind goes.

I need to … almost write a manual. I need to lay out in as much detail as I can what each organization is being created to do, what its mission is, and other related matters. (1)

I also feel myself hitching up again to the discipline (not felt since the IRB) that an independent decision-maker follows and all that it entails.  I know it involves supporting my independence, compassionately but rigorously.

For the most part it means seeing that I remain impartial – that is, uninfluenced by any external source. I can have no conflicts of interest.

Let me illustrate what a discipline that is. I plan to help set up the Lightworkers Congress. I’d remain its financier and I’d look forward to being a participant in its discussions.

Wait a minute. That raises the specter of a potential conflict of interest. Probably deference will be granted to the financier in any discussion among participants. That is a development to be avoided. That can have a corrupting, elitist influence.

The answer would be for me to choose to be financier or participant. I choose financier. So if I participate in any of the programs of the Lightworkers Congress it would have to be at one remove from me – at arm’s length, in other words, so as not to invite even the appearance of a conflict of interest.

But for me being an independent decision-maker goes much farther than just the financial. In the design of the Michaelangelo Fund, the new Golden Age, and the new Hope Chest, I also need to remain uninfluenced by outside sources.

I have very definite goals I’d like to reach and I begin by articulating them. I’ll have to communicate them to all new senior employees and everyone we deal with.

Michael has already warned me that it’ll be busy and get busier. Yet, in reviewing notes from our readings through Linda, he says to me repeatedly that he still wants me to focus on communications rather than moving money.

So half a day to foundation work and the other half to writing.

Essentially an urban monk will be entering the business world. And, as with so many other things today, there’ll be no handbook for it.

When I told him I had no sense of any particular financial expertise (far from it), he said that I had a sense of fairness. As a refugee adjudicator, I regard fairness as a synonym for justice. OK, apply that, he said.

OK. I will.


(1) Immediately after this article was written I began work on a manual.


Gratitude to artist


Receive The Initiation Into Your Divine Heritage – L’Aura Pleiadian

Yoga meditation namaste watercolor art print – Ellen Brennerman Studio Etsy


Receive The Initiation Into Your Divine Heritage

Divine Children of Light, now is the moment for you to receive the awareness of your Divine Heritage.

As all shifts around you, welcome the fear that stands between you and the expanded you, as a sign of your evolving.

Step through this fear as the initiation point, to truly enter the unknown.

The unknown to your conscious mind is that which you have not yet experienced consciously.

The initiation through the fear is the breaking open, so to speak, of all that was held in your subconscious. This was held as a protection mechanism till now.

With great Loving power as in a Lightning Strike, we now penetrate the veil of fear, laying in the depths of what appears as only darkness. Yet this is the layer of frequency patterns, that separate the dimensions.

The Unknown is the Glory that stands beyond the fear.

The Glory and this leap through initiation, is the transcending Light that holds you through this.

WE initiate the awakening beyond all fear.

Your Divine heritage exists beyond your current subconscious barrier.

Remember this, you are held through this initiation process. Which is the great unveiling.

If internet, power and banking systems go down all around you, TRUST this is for good.

As to those you think do harm, KNOW all are pawns in the greater plan FOR the evolving of all.

The Plan is perfect.

There is a recalibrating now.

With the force of LOVE like a Lightning strike to ALL, this  creates a response action. One in fear and one that goes beyond fear.

Feel prepared as you read this, for that which you have not yet experienced.

Know that we are with You. Activating, initiating, into ALL that is the Divine Glory of consciousness. Love is the DIVINE placeholder for all that exists, beyond fear. And through it.

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