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Gratitude to artist


No Handbook for It

Another part of an Ascension ethnography is the service aspect of our existence here. We’re all here for a reason, a purpose.

One of mine is as a financial wayshower or steward of the Mother’s wealth, as are all … or most … foreign-currency holders.

It’s ironic because here I am, dearly wanting to go inwards and I find myself nevertheless drawn more and more to thoughts about organizing the Michaelangelo Fund, thinking through how the Hope Chest will operate, and planning out the new Golden Age of Gaia. Here are some of the questions that arise.

How will the Hope Chest service the lightworker community? In an additive manner? If lightworkers write in asking for aid for personal finances, (1) open a “Lightworker Department.”

If others write in asking for project funding, (2) open a “Projects Department.”

If I come along and ask for a three-year Universal Basic Income Program, (3) open up a “UBI Department.” Add on, add on, add on. Is that the way to proceed? That’s how I proceed with a database.

Then on to the Michaelangelo Fund. Its relationship to Ancillary Services (the Hub)? Its relationship to the Hope Chest. Hope Chest independent or department of the Michaelangelo Fund? Has to be independent. Around and around my mind goes.

I need to … almost write a manual. I need to lay out in as much detail as I can what each organization is being created to do, what its mission is, and other related matters. (1)

I also feel myself hitching up again to the discipline (not felt since the IRB) that an independent decision-maker follows and all that it entails.  I know it involves supporting my independence, compassionately but rigorously.

For the most part it means seeing that I remain impartial – that is, uninfluenced by any external source. I can have no conflicts of interest.

Let me illustrate what a discipline that is. I plan to help set up the Lightworkers Congress. I’d remain its financier and I’d look forward to being a participant in its discussions.

Wait a minute. That raises the specter of a potential conflict of interest. Probably deference will be granted to the financier in any discussion among participants. That is a development to be avoided. That can have a corrupting, elitist influence.

The answer would be for me to choose to be financier or participant. I choose financier. So if I participate in any of the programs of the Lightworkers Congress it would have to be at one remove from me – at arm’s length, in other words, so as not to invite even the appearance of a conflict of interest.

But for me being an independent decision-maker goes much farther than just the financial. In the design of the Michaelangelo Fund, the new Golden Age, and the new Hope Chest, I also need to remain uninfluenced by outside sources.

I have very definite goals I’d like to reach and I begin by articulating them. I’ll have to communicate them to all new senior employees and everyone we deal with.

Michael has already warned me that it’ll be busy and get busier. Yet, in reviewing notes from our readings through Linda, he says to me repeatedly that he still wants me to focus on communications rather than moving money.

So half a day to foundation work and the other half to writing.

Essentially an urban monk will be entering the business world. And, as with so many other things today, there’ll be no handbook for it.

When I told him I had no sense of any particular financial expertise (far from it), he said that I had a sense of fairness. As a refugee adjudicator, I regard fairness as a synonym for justice. OK, apply that, he said.

OK. I will.


(1) Immediately after this article was written I began work on a manual.


Gratitude to artist

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