How Can I Describe It? – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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How Can I Describe It?

I just completed a writing project and was enjoying the feeling of satisfaction that arises when the job is done.

And I found myself again in what sages call true love, real love, sacred love, etc.

It doesn’t seem to be far away. I just don’t put in the effort needed to “call it up” from my heart. I “forget,” etc., etc.

This is a higher-dimensional form of love than we’re used to here in our everyday world.

And I see again, from this perspective, that there’s no such thing as “universal love.”  In grammar that’s what’s called a pleonasm, a partial repetition of terms.

Real love is universal. It cannot be otherwise. Real love has its nature, qualities and effects. Its nature is to keep flowing outwards from Source as a river or Tsunami of Love, indiscriminately. It flows through everything. But we only derive value from it if we’re aware of it and accept it.

I cannot direct it – not the inner tsunami. I can direct a small amount of it to say the Beloved, but not the torrent or Tsunami itself. It cannot be contained or directed. You can’t save it up for later, although its expanding effects can persist.

Why would I go on and on about real love unless it was truly something? Is there anything else – besides bliss – that I devote so much attention to describing?

You could talk to me about love forever but I had no idea what was being discussed until I actually tasted this kind of love on March 13, 2015. “Oh, THIS is what they’re talking about!” as I exploded into a new domain of awareness.

It left me in a state of having everything I ever wanted and yet having a gift that I felt moved to share with everybody – real love.

Returning to our pleonasm, if real love is already universal, then what “universal love” becomes is “(universal [universal love]).” The “universal” is implied in “love” itself.

I’m explaining it grammatically but if you can use the example to imagine what real love must feel like … the torrential, outflowing, universal quality of it, the unstoppability of it though it may disappear at any second.  That could … perhaps … bring you an experience of it.

Just saying.

What does it feel like? The closest parallel for us at everyday level is orgasm. (Reader discretion is advised.) Not the blissful side of orgasm but the loving side.

I think orgasm is when we let our guard down the most and experience the reward the Divine intended for us to experience as a result of conjoining to create life. (And coupling for mutual pleasure.)

Real love is definitely what will make the world work, overnight.  Transforming, unforgettable, desired by all.

There isn’t anything we need to do to have it or could do to stop it. It comes with our mass and unstoppable Ascension.

At this moment, the love I feel is flowing out to everyone.  I could well see how this state could be called “unity consciousness.” When I feel love flowing out to everyone, my barriers that I ordinarily erect between me and them are down. In that space, all of us are – and everything else is – love.


(1) Actually, Sahaja Samadhi – a permanent and full heart opening – comes some time after it – a few subplanes in according to the Mother.

My Life as a Monk – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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My Life as a Monk

I can’t claim to be an awareness writer and not write on what’s actually happening.

I’m getting my wish to live as an urban monk. I’m living right now on such a modest sum that it’s like being in a forest cottage in Thailand.

A portion of my day is spent planning things out so as not to overspend. It’s my life right now. How can I not write about it?

I’m sure many of you are in the same situation.

It’s ironic that this should be our situation in the immediate period before the dam breaks.  Could it be that we’re being given a taste of what it’s like to live in poverty before being turned loose?

There’s a small group of us and we more or less pool resources. Whoever has some sends some.  The group has gotten smaller. One person left a couple of weeks ago to take a job. I won’t tell you who.

Michael says that my work in this period is to open to receive. I have “giving” down well enough, but I’m not as good at “receiving.” I need to change that: I am now open to receive.

He also says that it’s our time to demonstrate valor.

Valor is a poorly-understood divine quality in our society. It means the willingness to stick it out to the end. The last man or woman standing.

I’m a pillar. I signed up for that role. So it’s my job to stay to the last.

Being that my work is to open to receive, let me take a step in that direction by inviting you to consider giving to the upkeep and survival of this blog – but giving in a special way.

We very much appreciate single donations. Please don’t think otherwise. But what helps us even more are ongoing, monthly donations.

They allow us to know whether we’ll make it next month before next month arrives. That allows us to give our notice and downsize if we know we’re not going to make it. It can be a bone-rattling existence.

The blog receives around 50,000 hits a day (blog, Facebook, and email).

If several thousand of you agreed to give $5 a month, we’d be able to continue our work without the incredible sacrifices it so often requires.

We encourage you to make a monthly commitment to the continuance of the Golden Age of Gaia. And we thank you for your single donations as well. And gifts of love.

We know somehow we’ll make it. We just don’t know how and how much it will cost us in the moment. Our furniture? Our apartments? What would be next?

What does one do when one runs completely out of money?

Are we being asked to find out? If so, lead, kindly Light.