My Life as a Monk – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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My Life as a Monk

I can’t claim to be an awareness writer and not write on what’s actually happening.

I’m getting my wish to live as an urban monk. I’m living right now on such a modest sum that it’s like being in a forest cottage in Thailand.

A portion of my day is spent planning things out so as not to overspend. It’s my life right now. How can I not write about it?

I’m sure many of you are in the same situation.

It’s ironic that this should be our situation in the immediate period before the dam breaks.  Could it be that we’re being given a taste of what it’s like to live in poverty before being turned loose?

There’s a small group of us and we more or less pool resources. Whoever has some sends some.  The group has gotten smaller. One person left a couple of weeks ago to take a job. I won’t tell you who.

Michael says that my work in this period is to open to receive. I have “giving” down well enough, but I’m not as good at “receiving.” I need to change that: I am now open to receive.

He also says that it’s our time to demonstrate valor.

Valor is a poorly-understood divine quality in our society. It means the willingness to stick it out to the end. The last man or woman standing.

I’m a pillar. I signed up for that role. So it’s my job to stay to the last.

Being that my work is to open to receive, let me take a step in that direction by inviting you to consider giving to the upkeep and survival of this blog – but giving in a special way.

We very much appreciate single donations. Please don’t think otherwise. But what helps us even more are ongoing, monthly donations.

They allow us to know whether we’ll make it next month before next month arrives. That allows us to give our notice and downsize if we know we’re not going to make it. It can be a bone-rattling existence.

The blog receives around 50,000 hits a day (blog, Facebook, and email).

If several thousand of you agreed to give $5 a month, we’d be able to continue our work without the incredible sacrifices it so often requires.

We encourage you to make a monthly commitment to the continuance of the Golden Age of Gaia. And we thank you for your single donations as well. And gifts of love.

We know somehow we’ll make it. We just don’t know how and how much it will cost us in the moment. Our furniture? Our apartments? What would be next?

What does one do when one runs completely out of money?

Are we being asked to find out? If so, lead, kindly Light.


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