Significant Events in Life are Planned – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art by Luisa Villavicencio @ Tutt’Art


Significant Events in Life are Planned

This is a very personal passage, but I share it because it repays reflection.

It shows how our earlier life experiences can be planned to equip us for the present moment. I see more and more of mine in that light. Here we discuss my “training” in justice at the IRB.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, June 9, 2017.

Steve: Am I right in saying that my training on the [Immigration and Refugee] Board and in other things was in part to have me explore and promote the paradigm of justice?

AAM: Yes, you are absolutely correct.

Now understand, when we talk about Nova Earth and Nova Being for that matter, we are not suggesting that everything that is of the old is erroneous or decrepit and needs to be thrown away.

There are many things in the old paradigm that in their essential self, stand true and valuable and need to be held onto in their true form. Now justice happens to be, as you well know, one of my fortés and one of my dearest treasures.

So yes, your training, and I mean that in the broadest sense and in specifics, has been very important because [you do not want] to be caught in the quagmire of inaction because of the legal system, and we separate that from the justice system.

The legal system has become a quagmire but justice, sweet one, is very important and it prevails.

Steve: Justice in a commonsensical way is fairness, is it not? (1)

AAM: That is correct. In the commonsensical approach but also very much in the divine. And there should be no separation. The divine quality simply has need to have an appropriate practical application.

Steve: Any sources you recommend that I read on justice?

AAM: You are doing just fine. We are not suggesting further training. We are not suggesting that you become an expert, but you are a holder of justice on our behalf. (2)

Maybe I can be allowed a comment, coattailing on Archangel Michael.

In An Hour with an Angel, March 15, 2018, he compared lightworkers to the person in the orchestra who plays the tuning fork before the performance and gets the orchestra in tune.

I really liked that metaphor.

It’s a metaphor of what Michael, in the March 15 Hour with an Angel, Michael called achieving collective unity. It is the ascended state: Oneness arising from Love; Love arising from Oneness, in an eternal figure eight.  We want to be around each other and working together. In my books, this is divine entrainment.

To be sounding the tuning fork around the subject of justice – but it could be around any subject – appeals to me as a model, a blueprint.

But, beyond that, here’s an archangel seen to be working with his servant and revealing and confirming that significant events in the servant’s life have been planned.


(1) I have the private feeling that it is but where better to get confirmation than from an archangel?

(2) Rather than delivering justice, as in a refugee hearing, as a financial steward, I’ll be delivering relief, in a just or fair manner.  The same principles of justice apply.


Art by Luisa Villavicencio @ Tutt’Art

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