The Golden Age in Modern Prophecy – Part 5/6 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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The Golden Age in Modern Prophecy – Part 5/6

Given the interest in Ascension, the Event, or a planetary heart opening, I’ve reworked two series from the past into one, going over all the voices I’m aware of who talk about the New and Golden Age.

This can also serve as an introduction to new readers.

(Continued from Part 4.)

Twentieth Century (Cont’d.)

White Eagle Predicts the New Age in 1967

In the past, we’ve discussed how word of the New Age has come from spiritualist sources in the 1870s (Imperator), the 1910s (Beinsa Douno), the 1930’s (Silver Birch), and the 1970s (David Spengler).

John adds to our knowledge base by pointing to passages in White Eagle in which that spirit teacher points to a New Age approaching from the vantage point of the 1960s.

White Eagle is a spirit guide who gave comfort and sustenance to many in the English-speaking world from the 1960s to the present. I recall reading his books when I first started out on the spiritual path and returning to them periodically.

His manner of expressing many spiritual truths and his universal love were always inspiring. Here is White Eagle predicting the coming of the New Age and the help we will get from spirits and galactics:

“A rapid development is taking place now, although man may be largely unconscious of it. In a little while the human race will be uplifted by its own effort and the effort of the [spirit] hierarchies.

“There is also great spiritual activity in outer space, a penetration of the mists of Earth by the angelic life. Man must learn to be receptive to these radiations from outer space. He must prepare himself by gentle, good thought, by abolishing all that is cruel, unseemly, ungoldly, to receive visitors from other worlds, physical, etheric and spiritual.

Moreover he has to become aware not only of the life in outer space and in other planets, but also of the conscious life in all nature, and his own relationship to it in every kingdom.” (1)

British Spiritualists of the Late Twentieth Century

In 1948, Alice Gilbert, as renowed for her Philip in Two Worldsbooks as Suzy Ward is for her Messages from Matthew, recorded her conversation with Sun-Ray, guide of a Mrs. Roberts, who predicted the coming events:

“Alice Gilbert to Sun-Ray, Mrs. Roberts’ spirit control: – Do you consider that there is a great drive going on in your world to educate people about [spirit]?

“He – Yes, certainly. In time, we shall be able to appear in our etheric bodies amongst you.

“Myself – That won’t be for a long time, will it?

“He – Not so long, perhaps in about a hundred years.” (2)

An unnamed master of the Brotherhood of Light used the occasion of Lesley May’s contacts with his mother to interrupt and predict the advent of a “new era” in which everyone will reap what they have sown. He went on at some length to describe the nature of the times.

Every vibration on the earth has been stepped up because you now stand at the threshold of a new era. Men are reaping the harvest of their sowing. Those who have sown violence will reap violence. Those who have sown peace will reap peace. For the harvest must be shared by all mankind; no man standing alone in his guilt, nor in his glory. Each is a fragment of the whole.

“Yet, my beloved, all is not lost, for I would reveal to you that within the law is yet a greater law, the law of transmutation.Many are they amongst you who have returned to earth at this time of crisis to enact the law’s fulfillment, as a voluntary service to all their brothers.

“Had mankind accepted and understood the teachings of the Master Jesus, the plan for your earth would have taken a vastly different course and the advance to perfection have been achieved with greater speed. However, mankind proceeded, unheedingly, upon a materialistic course, largely losing touch with the spiritual life-line of soul communion with the inner presence.

“Thus the harvest of their folly is upon them, but with the crumbling of the material edifice that they have built, the dross will be burnt away and the clear light of truth revealed. This will not be accomplished without suffering, yet, my beloved, much may be accomplished by those amongst you who have perceived the power of spirit, to turn the tide of disaster.” (3)

In his call to action, the master foretells the coming of our universal family to assist us with our evolutionary jump.

“Instruments are needed now, as never before in the history of your planet. Indeed, this is a momentous year and marks a beginning and an end of an era of evolution in the cosmic spheres, which will have repercussions, not only on earth, but in many planets and other planes of thought and action far beyond your understanding or imagining. There has been a vast concentration of energy from the cosmic spheres, which has been brought to a focal point at this time.

“A large measure of this energy has been and will be directed to mankind at your stage of evolution, both on your planet and to others in galaxies far removed. This we do not ask you to attempt to understand, for the reasons are beyond your comprehension. But we do ask that you should direct your thoughts upward in seeking for higher levels of attainment and that you should open your hearts and minds to the divine flow of cosmic energy. It is thus that the God Consciousness within you will be awakened to a realization of the encompassing love and compassion of the Divine Spirit and self-realization will be attained.

“Tread fearlessly on the path for though thousands may fall to the right and to the left of you, if you will but keep your minds single to the truth, no harm shall come nigh you.

“Go forward in confidence, my beloved. Listen to the still small voice within and be guided accordingly.” (4)

In our next article, we’ll look at other late 20th-Century voices.

(Concluded in Part 6.)


(1) White Eagle, Wisdom from White Eagle. Through Grace Cooke. (Liss: 1983; c1967).

(2) Alice Gilbert, medium, Philip in Two Worlds. London: Andrew Dakers, 1948., 227.

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On the Divine Mother at Navaratri – Part 1/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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On the Divine Mother at Navaratri – Part 1/2

Narendra has asked me to write about the nature of the Divine Mother on Navaratri. The Mother is worshipped on the Hindu New Year.

I always love to write about the Mother. I’m afraid there’ll be no holding me back.

This might go on for a couple of nights!

(I’ll attach a bibliography at the bottom of more articles on the nature of the Divine Mother.)

I’m going to go farther than just talk about the Mother. I’m going to talk about the whole Trinity.

In the course of it, I hope to show that Christianity and Hinduism worship the same Trinity and that the Trimurthy is itself a subset of the Mother.

What Vedantists call Brahman, Atman, and Shakti (the Divine Mother), Christians call the Father, Son (Christ), and Holy Ghost. (1) What the two sets are pointing to is exactly the same.

Parabrahman is the One, the All, whom Christians call the Father and the Godhead.

Atman is the Son, the Christ, the buddha nature, the firebrand plucked from the burning. Called also the Self and the soul, the Atman is the second member of the Trinity.

The Divine Mother is the third. She accepts the divine spark into her womb of matter, mater, Mother, and raises it up until it’s ready to know the Father. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

They are not entities, but levels of consciousness, known in corresponding levels of enlightenment.

As the story goes, Parabrahman, the Godhead, the Father wanted to know itself and had no way to do so, given that it was everything. How would you know yourself in that situation?

Knowing presupposes a subject knowing an object. Who is there to be an object when there is only one universal Subject?

Ibn Arabi explains what God chose to do: “I was a hidden treasure and I loved to be known, and I created the creation so that I be known.” (2)

The first thing God did was to “create the creation” – to create an illusory, holographic dreamworld, run on God’s laws.

The second thing was to create a version of Itself, a counterpart, to straddle the formless and form-filled worlds and operate this newly-created dream realm. We call the dream manager and operator the Divine Mother.

Into the Mother’s womb of matter, God dispatched sparks of itself, with the same mission: All of them were to find out who they are.

Who were they? God. When one of them realized their true identity in a moment of enlightenment, God met God. You wondered how God would come to know Itself? Well, this is how the mission was accomplished.

The operator of the dreamworld, the Divine Mother, has come to be known by a thousand names: Procreatrix/Prakriti; Creator, Preserver, and Transformer;  the Holy Spirit, Dharma, the Comforter Spirit, etc.

She is the one who operates the natural laws, against whom no word of disrespect should be spoken lest it rebound.

Mary, Mother of Christ, was one of her direct Incarnations, apparently.  Anandamoyee Ma was probably another.

I’ve had the great privilege of speaking to the Mother through Linda Dillon on An Hour with an Angel.

She confirmed with me that she is One with the Father – that she isthe One – that there is no essential difference between them other than the roles “they” have chosen.

Divine Mother: You may address me however you choose — Father/Mother One, All — but certainly I come to you this day in what you would think, or feel, as the presence of the Mother. (3)

There is no true separation between the Father and me. There is delineation and definition, just as there is in your own roles and the choices that you have made time after time. (4)

We can only get sure confirmation from the Mother. Never did I suspect that I’d be talking to her and getting it.

The only contentious equation in the Trinity might be whether the Holy Spirit = Shakti or not. And the Divine Mother confirmed that for me as a reasonable statement to make:

Steve Beckow: Is it correct on my part to say that Shakti is equivalent to the Holy Spirit?

Divine Mother: Yes. That would be a very good statement of clarity. (5)

So we can see that, in our quest for a cross-cultural spirituality, we can equate certain foundational elements of both Hinduism and Christianity and from there branch out to find equivalences in many other religions.

I hope I haven’t been too complicated, so far.

(Concluded in Part 2, tomorrow.)


(1) I believe Egyptians called them Osiris, Horus, and Isis. That’s just a guess.

On Hinduism, Christianity, and the Trinity, see “Christianity and Hinduism are One” at

(2) Muhyideen Ibn Arabi, Kernel of the Kernel. trans. Ismail Hakki Bursevi. Sherborne: Beshara, n.d., 3.

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(6) “The Divine Mother: Come to Me as I Come to You – Part 1/2,” oct. 17, 2012, at

Sri Shankara also confirmed the equation in another edition of An Hour with an Angel:

Steve Beckow: What is the connection between what Hindus call Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva,  and the gunas or the cosmic forces of rajas, sattwa and tamas?

Sri Shankara:  I can answer this very quickly. There are no differences.

These are cultural understandings. Now, you know, particularly to answer your first question, that in India there is a very lengthy, rich and proud tradition of belief. And I do not say this in any way to diminish, because, as I have said to you, the theme is unification. We have simply spent more time and more focus.

But yes, your understandings and your efforts to bring unification of terms — because that is what it is; it is simply language; it is different words for the same energies — [are welcome.] Now, do I ask you to stop using these words? Of course not.

But is there inherent in your growing understanding a cross-cultural, as you have put it, spiritual underpinning? Because we are not speaking religion. We are speaking spirituality. We are speaking faith. We are speaking the core of your life.

You do not have to change your language or your reference points, because they all end at the same place [Brahman or God]. They all begin, travel and end at the same place. (“Sri Shankara: Everywhere You Look Will be a Monsoon of Love,” June 26, 2013, at




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The Dimensions and Eternity ~ A Holographic Reality of Light – L’Aura Pleiadian

The Angel Hope – Keeper of The Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray


The Dimensions and Eternity ~ A Holographic Reality of Light

This Earth World is a Holographic meeting place of consciousness.

The Density ~ the Veil? Really?

Money and virtual money. Darkness and Light.

It is ALL LIGHT. As perceived by the observer.  It is the consciousness and frequency of the observer, that determines the experience.

The only difference is the level of awareness of the OBSERVER of what is consciously playing out IN the FIELD OF AWARENESS.

The LIGHT within. Your form and YOUR version of reality is held within YOUR Eternal Consciousness. Your Original Light.

No part of YOU is away from you. IT is what is animating your awareness.

It is only your subconscious that HOLDS within it any idea of pain and separation, that is in the process of releasing those old beliefs.

Your consciousness is eternal LIGHT.

What if ~ it was all beautiful as is?

What if every moment was perfect as is?

What if ~ all you SAW was the Light through BEING your Higher self, what will happen then?

You would see everything differently, You would exist in form through the Higher Dimensions.

This Earth World of consciousness existence, is a Holographic meeting place of consciousness. YOU are tapping into Being ALL of you everywhere.

Your subconscious is LIKE a present.

You are Opening the wrapping. Through each conscious experience.

As you observe this more and more, You SEE the present. That you ARE.

You see what appeared as hidden NOW brought to the Light.

It is going on NOW.

Your Divine Ascended BEING.

Your HEART fully Open and you functioning THROUGH IT.

You As the Divine Love of Your Eternal SELF now Present.

You are waking up to the process and to the PRESENT (Light YOU in totality) being revealed.

The WRAPPING is coming off the present. CONSCIOUSLY.

That is it.

The Shift is the revealing. The knowing. The seeing through the Eternal EYES of Your Awareness, that was always present.

Breathe this in. The truth of eternity and creation.

You AS Eternal Existing in ALL DIMENSIONS now.

You ARE existing in ALL dimensions. You Are unified. You ARE your original light. Nothing to wait for. ONLY to be revealed to YOU, through the subconscious becoming conscious.

The memories that believed otherwise, being dissolved now.

Watch closely, as all is revealed, THROUGH your Awareness. You will KNOW, your Eternal Self WAS always YOU.

In Glory and Love with the Divine Council of Overseers. Always present. Always Now.

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