What is Ascension Like? – Part 3/3 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


What is Ascension Like? – Part 3/3

(Concluded from Part 2, yesterday.)

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Oct. 1, 2011.

Now, you say, well, what about those around me? What about the physical world? And the ability to create and co-create, not only with us, but with each other, is very strong in this new reality that is as ancient as eternity.

So there will be shifting of what you choose to construct. Now, this is not to say that you arrive in the Fifth and it is a completely blank slate. There will be what you need there.

But what you desire, or need, or believe you need, you will create. And the feeling, the belief that density and structure is the foundation of existence will not be part of that belief system, that reality.

You do not need, for example, central banks when you are able to simply create and collect the codes and have what you need. There is no need for protection by military or paramilitary forces, which is often how we think of your police forces, when you know that it is in harmony. (1) So these structures, or institutions, as you think of them, are nonexistent. They’re gone.  …

[The new environment] doesn’t have the same rules. Now, think of this, my friend.  We’re not suggesting that many of the structures you have have not been worthwhile. There are many, many, many worthwhile things that humans have constructed. But many more have been constructed on these false human paradigms that were not real. And they most certainly were not of this side. And they were not of love.

They were of belief in the need to control, or be greedy, or be lustful, or limit. This is the one that is always the most baffling throughout the universe. Why would you wish to limit any human being? Any being? It is like saying to a flower, only bloom once.

So many of your structures have been formulated on these belief systems that have been based on a much lower vibration than where you would wish to be. If there is love, there is trust. And if there is trust, you can organize yourselves. You are not going to wish to take what another’s land. The land does not belong to you, anyways. It is Gaia’s. She shares it with you.

And in this different reality — but this is what you will see when you open your eyes. You will see that you are part of that infinite mosaic. The connectedness will be there and the loneliness will be gone. The yearning? It will not be there. Not in the same desperation that we witness in so many. And that is not a criticism. It is that they yearn to be part of One again. They know that that is who they are.

We have waited eons for this time. That is why we patiently restrain ourselves during these months. … We are patient because this is our opportunity. We are meeting in the middle. You are lifting up to a level where we participate very differently.

So no, you cannot take all your precepts of the Third Dimension and apply them to the Fifth. What you can apply is that there is a choice and there is a form of physicality.

Yes, and you will have stars and a moon and a sun. You’re not shifting universes and galaxies, you are shifting dimensions. …

This is a conversation that needed to be had. It is like when someone says they are going on a safari and they are all excited, but they want to know, where am I going to sleep? How am I going to be fed? Will I be taken care of? The answer is yes. You will be taken care of. You will be given every form of assistance. But it isn’t like an adjustment program. It isn’t like a relocation program. It is instantaneous. You are there. …

So there will be a period of time when there will be a window, shall we say, that those who have already gone through the door can peek back or reach back, or what we call exhibit, so that they are also helping those who are in preparation for the next wave.

S: Is that what is meant by the return of the masters?

AAM: Yes. Only you always think of the masters as the ascended ones. But, of course they will be. [laughter] So, yes. Think of them as gatekeepers. …

What it takes is a heartfelt commitment, and an energetic boost. Like jumping a car. That is what it takes, if you have done your work. We are not suggesting that if you have lived a life completely outside the understanding of your spirit or your heart that you will be amongst that first wave. That is very unlikely to happen.


(1) That is, where the world is working for everyone.




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