Archangel Michael … Mentoring – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Buddha in China’s Henan Museum


Archangel Michael … Mentoring

The galactics have told us that we’ll all enjoy mentoring after Disclosure. Here are two Galactic-Federatioin sources stating that:

Galactic Federation through Sheldan Nidle: “We are here to be your mentors.” (1)

Galactic Fed: “This new realm is being created to prepare the means for us, at the right time, to appear before you. Our mentors are more than ready to walk with you down the path to full consciousness and to introduce you to the bright world that Heaven has so graciously set up for you.” (2)

SaLuSa through Mike Quinsey: “We are your mentors, in a dimension that you are soon to rise up to, where only the truth exists.” (3)

SaLuSa: “We are your mentors for the time being, but soon you shall stand along side us and together we shall explore the realms beyond us. We walk in love with you now, and you do not see us, but even that will change with time.” (4)

I wanted to offer you an example of that mentoring, a sneak preview of what I think awaits us all, once our star family lands and makes contact with us.

Here is me, wrestling with Archangel Michael over doing live broadcasts. I know he wants me to do them but I’m reticent. So I asked him….

Steve Beckow: What is the nature of my block to public speaking?

Archangel Michael: First of all there is concern. But this is, of late, [concern] with your [lack of] ability to remember everything you want to say. (5) But that is not the core of this concern.

One of the primary issues is the sense of exposure, the sense of vulnerability, of being seen and judged. (6)

Underneath that is the concern of not desiring to be seen as a leader or a guru and not leading people astray so that you are very hesitant to get up (which is a non-human trait, by the way) to say, “This is the truth. This is the direction. This is how we are going to go.” (7)

Because you know that opinion, even when it is of truth, interferes at times. And we are [referring to] people who are lacking clarity in the moment. They adopt your path instead of following their own. (8) So you are extremely reticent to do that.

Now, am I saying to you, do not do public speaking? No, dear heart, I am not. …

When you speak in that way, what you are doing, and I encourage you to do so, as a human being, you are sharing the experience and the expression of your divinity and that is absolutely a necessary part and parcel of Nova Earth.

If everybody keeps quiet about what they know, you aren’t going anywhere. And you have no difficulty in doing this as a scribe, as a writer.

But there is this reticence. Think of it. You are making a public announcement. You understand from Arcturus and elsewhere, the power of sound and what is truly included and encompassed in sound, which is energy and light and love and truth. So you are reticent to be the clarion call.

Let it go. (9)

Apart from Hour with an Angel, I’m still not ready to quit my day job writing, but I’m a little more open to live broadcasts. And I do get that some day I’ll need to be doing them. (10) By then my fears will probably have been addressed.

But is this not a foreshadowing of what our mentoring relationships might be like after Disclosure?


(1) Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation Update, as received by Sheldan Nidle, July 1, 2014 at

(2) Sheldan Nidle, Aug. 29, 2017.

(3) SaLuSa, April 20, 2011, at

(4) SaLuSa, Sept. 7, 2009.

(5) Since 2012, I’ve been unable to remember anything short-term. My long-term memory is fine.

AAM has said they want me not to concern myself with the Third Dimension but to forget about it.

He’s also said most recently that my memory will be returning soon. I used to have a photographic memory.

(6) My Dad was very quick to judge. I’m sensitive to judgments from males and tend to seek approval from females. These are vasanas or core issues.

(7) Very reticent.

(8) Yes, please don’t do that. Each of us has a unique path. I write about my own journey just for inspiration, not as some lock-step formula. If you get into lock step, it may be OK for a short while but you’ll only have to break out of it later.

(9) Archangel Michael in a private reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 20, 2016.

(10) “Your primary focus is and always has been and will be the communication aspect between the humans, the inter-galactics, the galactics and the higher realm.” (Archangel Michael in a private reading, ibid., April 10, 2012.)

“I have and will inspire and overlight you when the time is right for these messages to be conveyed.” (Archangel Michael, July 7, 2011.)


Buddha in China’s Henan Museum


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Terry Andrews: When Love Becomes Effortless @ Golden Age of Gaia

Samadhi by Jada Amazon Art & Design


Terry Andrews: When Love Becomes Effortless

Terry hosted me and Kathleen when we passed through Cannon Beach on the West Coast Express. What an active, passionate group we met there.

Twenty years ago as I walked across the dune to the beach, I had an extra-dimensional encounter with the light being called Jesus. When we have those experiences, we temporarily shift into a different reality, an altered space, and our only focus is on what we are experiencing. It’s vivid. It’s impactful. And it changes who we are.

In that space, in that brief moment that was beyond time, this light being appeared in his familiar physical form and shared that his teachings on Earth had been compromised. It was all about Love, interconnection thru Love, he told me, and I would soon be sharing that Love with other people. And not just me, but many would be doing this.

At that time in my life, this was about as far out of my reality as the planet of love itself, Jupiter. I couldn’t understand how it would happen, or why I would be involved, a person raised without religion.

But as I have cleared my old patterns and beliefs over the last two decades, what has arisen inside me is Love and the realization, the feeling, the knowing that—just like the Beatles sang—All you need is love. And in the last few weeks, there’s no longer any effort involved. It’s just happening. I don’t have to try to share the energy of Love, it’s just emitting from my newly wired system.

And I am being told this: Our systems are all being wired for Love, because this is who we are. The essence of who we are is Love, despite what we might have learned during our time on this Earth.

I never thought I would ever be someone talking about Love, but yet now that I am experiencing my rewired system, Love is what is happening. This is what will be happening to everyone. So if you need to get ready, please do. Although it I don’t know how you would prepare for this, except to surrender all your old ideas and encumbrances.

But here is what is coming thru: Love is All there is. Our systems are being rewired by the intense influxes of Light currently coming to the planet, and as we are wired for this new circuitry, we may experience a host of physical symptoms: spaciness, sleepiness or the inability to sleep, random aches and pains, no appetite or increased need for food, occasional blurry vision, and more. We may be fatigued and need a lot of rest. We become more sensitive, we might need more time alone. We may be overemotional. We lose our tolerance for the antics of the 3D world. We don’t want to stress the body too much as it goes thru this process. We want to be kind to ourselves and allow what is coming thru to come thru as the energies continue to intensify to push us into the frequencies required.

And then, when we are ready, the SOLAR LIGHT is lit and the flame goes thru us and the energy of Love begins emitting.

When this happens to us, we become magnetic. We pull others into this space when we interact with them. We experience joy and sometimes giddiness. The old world loses its appeal. We stop giving it energy and attention. Our energy goes into creating more of the new. We create by thinking about what we want, and we watch as it comes into being. Energy turns into matter. This you shall do and more.

When this first starts happening it feels like magic. But it soon becomes completely normal. What comes into my mind is a Mayan term I first heard years ago, that we are surfing the zuvuya,the inter-dimensional thread from the galactic core. It is a fluid space of creation, peace, joy, Love and unity. It is a space of synchronicity, where what you are creating based on your new resonance arrives in your new reality on fluid waves from the multidimensional spectrum. It is a dynamic space and we are currently learning to navigate this space and to use our creative powers in it as we emit Love. We are going moment by moment and feeling our way, sensing what is needed as we go.

And this is just another step in the process of ascension and embodiment of our divine consciousness and multiple multi-dimensional aspects. We are adapting to all of it as quickly as we can, learning all there is to learn, and feeling our way in these new frequencies. And please, trust yourself in this knowing: we’re becoming masters as we summon, from our own divinely infused cells, the physical reality of New Earth.

When I posted this piece, the word count was 777. Just for fun, I looked up the meaning of 777 and found: You’re acting in perfect synchronicity with the universe.

And this is what I am finding as we enter this new space: everything is synchronized. Everything is working for our higher good. Everything is coming together for us to experience life on New Earth. Everything is clicking into place for this new Love-infused crystalline consciousness to be the energy that we emit, that we receive and that we experience as the way things are.


Samadhi by Jada Amazon Art & Design


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Transcript ~ St. Francis: Anchoring Nova Earth – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

St Francis of Assisi painting by Michael O’Brien


Transcript ~ St. Francis: Anchoring Nova Earth, Heavenly Blessings, March 22, 2018

Thanks again to Ellen for this transcription.

St. Francis ~ Anchoring Nova Earth

“Nova Earth, in the most simple explanation, is based on generosity and sharing. It is based on what feels, looks, tastes, smells like love and joy.”

Heavenly Blessings ~ March 22, 2018

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 5:55 to 15:10]

St. Francis: Greetings, I am Francis.

Suzi: Welcome!

StF: And yes, you may call me Frank! And I say that not only to modernize myself, but also because I wish and I choose to be frank in my speaking.

Sometimes your people will say, “Oh, I just want to be frank with you,” and it really isn’t very pleasant at all; in fact, it is simply an excuse for being rather brutal. But when I say I am frank, I mean that I want to be plain-speaking. I want to be speaking, addressing, embracing you in ways that allow the gift of clarity and the expansion of our mutuality of love, of unity, to expand. It is just that simple.

And I welcome you to this time of spring, to this time of rebirth, to this time of Ascension of Nova Earth and Nova Being. And let me share with you: you can call the energy of spring unto your sacred self any time you need. These are the lessons that the Mother offers, and that Gaia literally brings forth in the beauty and majesty of her being.

But it is equally possible in the height of summer to call forth the energy of what you think of as winter, to cease the busyness and the exertion and to simply go into the time of stillness – yes, where the snow does cover the land, letting it rest and sleep and be nourished. Nature knows this. And you can call forth the autumn or the summer.

These are the lessons of the seasons and the cycles of life. And while it is often – and generously, by the way – brought in and interpreted literally, it is important to pay attention to yourphysical form and to know when you need the elements of each of the seasons – and in one season, you may need the elements and the qualities of all four seasons! Delight yourself, and pick and choose, and give unto your sacred self what you need.

When I left the home of my parents – and might I say, the decadence of a rather luxurious life – it was a life that was very discordant to my very soul. And while I say I chose to leave, it was also what my soul, what my very being demanded because although I lived in what many then, and even now, would consider the lap of luxury and privilege, it was a time of the winter of my soul where my soul felt frozen and isolated and buried. So those also can be the elements of winter, and so I sought the springtime and then the summer of my life, of my journey.

I want to put this in the reference, for each of you, into the realm of your sacred purpose. Now, my beloved friends, frankly and kindly, I am surprised sometimes when I hear some of you say that you are not fully cognizant and aware of what your sacred purpose is even though, as I gaze at you and as the entire Council of Love and the Company of Heaven gaze at you, as your guardian angels attend to you, we are always amazed that you don’t know your sacred purpose because, similarly and at the same time spontaneously and in the perfect synchronicity, you are living your sacred purpose.

I want to expand on this. This is something that many of you have intuited, and certainly have been told, but you don’t fully travel and look at the scope of your sacred purpose in the infinity, in the eternity, of the Mother’s creative realm. So I want to take you there for a moment and consider – not think – but bring all aspects of your being and consider when you first assumed form.

For most of you, it is going back eons. I am not asking you to travel there. I am asking you to consider this and to receive what I am saying. And when you took this form, you and your circle, many of us and the Mother, we had a conversation – what in modern terms you would think a conference or a massive planning session – and you would say to the Mother: “I wish to be X.” I will take this channel as an example, or I will take myself as an example: “I wish to be an Angel of Change.”

My sacred purpose as Francis and my sacred purpose in many lives has been to assist in the process and the laying down of the Grid of Ascension. That is why I have asked to come to you and speak at this time of rebirth – rebirth of each one of you, of the planet, in a beautiful springtime in the Mother’s time of new beginnings.

That has been, and I have had many applications in doing this, but my work is work of Ascension. And so you can truly think of this – of how I could not literally survive in human body form in a life that was filled with violence and greed and abuse of authority – and so I escaped to find myself. And that is what I did. Now that is what each of you do, in each and every one of your lives, in the fulfillment of your sacred purpose.

So think of what I am saying to you. Over 500 years ago, I came to the planet as who you think of as Francis, and I laid down in physical reality a pattern of ascension. Now you know what you are doing as a collective in terms of this ascension has never been done before. And as an aside, I will continue this ascension work even when we are doing it in other planetary systems. But I came those 500 years ago to begin to lay down that pattern of what it means to truly live my sacred purpose – and part of that was Nova Community and sacred partnership and Nova Earth.

It wasn’t so much that I was saintly – I would never claim that – that I could communicate with the birds or the animals or the trees or the sky. I was in union with the planet, with Gaia and all the kingdoms and all the beings, and that was the focus of our community. It wasn’t about living in poverty, but it was about living in alignment with our sacred purpose and not being distracted by the external world, so that we could truly experience the various dimensions, but particularly anchoring in the dimension of love.

It was never about numbers or labels for we did not really even consider such things, but the journey life after life after life after life was about laying down this pattern. When you do this, and in between lives – and for most of you, it is hundreds or thousands of lives – and you depart from this beautiful vessel that you have called “home” – I mean your body – and out of form you review. And it always comes back because you knew at the beginning, in that initial conversation with the Mother, what you were choosing to do as your sacred purpose, your service to Her – but more importantly your reflection of Her, what you were bringing to this experience of being angel in form.

And the diversity is part of the creation. You have groupings, yes – earthkeeper or starseed – but within those large nests, there is not one of you who has exactly the same reflection of purpose because it is your essence merged and married with the divine essence. And so then, between lives you will review and you will say, “You know, it kind of went awry there, so I think I’ll go back and address that,” not because of what you are thinking of as karma or punishment or retribution, but simply because you want to. This is the gift, in and out of form. It is free will.

And some of you say, “It is too hard, Mother. I love you, but I need a very long intermission.” (Note that I do not say “rest”; I say “intermission”.) And you are always granted what you are asking for. And sometimes it is gently – and not so gently – suggested to you that perhaps you need a very long intermission! But it is the unified decision-making grid. That is what we – and I mean my community – tried to replicate, and I think we did a good job for those times upon the planet.

It was each bringing their gifts of leadership, of stewardship, of excellence to the forefront, so that one would be an excellent cook and another an excellent mason, and we would learn a number of trades and we would share.

Nova Earth, in the most simple explanation, is based on generosity and sharing. It is based on what feels, looks, tastes, smells like love and joy.

Now I am not suggesting to you that in that life I did not have what you might call “off days”, and sometimes that led me to wander out to the hills, following the example of my beloved Yeshua, to seek solitude, to receive and to refill, and to let go, to surrender. And then there were times, if I was having an off day, that I would turn to what I believed was my true family and I would allow them to nurture me, to jolly me, to support me.

It was not leadership in the sense of giving or taking orders. It was more the ebb and flow, like your oceans. The ocean does not say, “I am in charge and you will obey.” But it is a good thing to pay attention to that ebb and flow because there are tides and there are storms, and there are perfect, placid sailing days. Nature has so much to share with those in form, and even those of us not in form.

The principle of sharing, of what you have termed and what we term as unity, not only consciousness but unity/community, is based on sharing, is based on mutuality, and it is based in a deep honouring, a respect and an acknowledgment and a recognition. Think of it. You are looking at your friends and you are saying, “Thank God you came again, and thank you for having the courage to come again and to be present on the planet.”

You, my friends, you aren’t laying down the Grid of Ascension. You have been given new grids, and it most certainly includes the energy fully of ascension, of heart opening, of higher consciousness, of unity realm. But you are doing ascension.

Now what do I mean by that? You are creating it. You are not like me. You are not going off into the countryside – and that does not mean that some of you are not fully intended to live in the countryside – but you are not expelling yourself from your current situation so that you can discover. Now there are moments where you certainly take yourself into the place of solitude; that is necessary, but so is living in the collective.

You are not just laying down the grid; you have been activated and you are in the fulfillment of what has begun eons and eons ago. This is not about decades or even millennia. This is about, at the same time as we are talking in eons and millennia and decades, it is in the eternal moment of now. And that is key to your ascension: to be fully and truly present in your now – not just in the Mother’s now, but in the moment and in your heart and in love, not just in and out.

Many of you have been experiencing the intensity – and you have been talking about this – the intensity of the energy at the moment. It is not just the Mother’s renewed Tsunami of Love. It is not just the energies of the Equinox. It is the energies of Ascension. And it is the energy of staying fully present in the love. It is the ignition point within your heart, within the seat of your soul, in that massive expansion – and staying there.

And that is why you are simultaneously feeling exhausted, disoriented, spacey, and euphoric. You are learning and adjusting literally, physically, emotionally, mentally, and certainly spiritually to a new way of being, and being in form. When you depart your body, the sense of bliss, of being in the love, is instant – you are Home! But you are anchoring that as a fully conscious being, living your sacred purpose, living your dream right now.

So is it a time of change and shift? Yes, it most certainly is! I am so overjoyed and in such deep gratitude to each of you for being here and for doing this, because this is the fulfillment of this chapter, of this segment of our Mother’s Dream.

When I was in form, yes, I was in sacred partnership with my beloved Clare. We were not sexually intimate; we used that energy to reach the higher planes. That is how we termed it and thought of it – that we could be in the union of souls. Now that does not mean that this intimacy did not include what you might think of as spiritual intimacy, which is orgasmic beyond belief! But this is what we were balancing, was the masculine and feminine, and our decision to be celibate was so we would utilize these energies rather than disperse them.

Now that is not the Plan nor the pathway that is recommended for unified Nova Earth, Nova Relationship, Nova Being, sacred partnership. But it was our path and it was a step, might I suggest, in getting you to where you need to be and where you are today. And I am not going to say, “Well, it was worth it,” because it was so much more!

It was a life – and I say this because it is true for you – it was a life divinely guided and lived in human joy, not hardship, not suffering and not searching, but being in balance not only with our environment and the paradigm of Nova Earth and Nova Community, but with ourselves.

We did not spend time like you are, transmitting this out to the broader planet, for that was not part of this segment of the mission. Our purpose was somewhat to create a haven for the anchoring of this energy – and as many of you know, Assisi remains a sacred portal of light even unto this day.

So many of you find your place and you think: “What am I doing here?” And what you are doing, my beloveds, is you are anchoring that realm, that part of the grid in the highest realm. You are anchoring Nova Earth, and it does not matter if it is in the corner, or a condo in the middle of the busiest city on Earth, or on a thousand acres in the wilds of Montana. This is what you are doing!

Now dearest Suzanne, where do you wish to begin?

Suzi: Oh, well, thank you for coming and thank you for setting the energy of the grids that you’ve done 500 years ago or whenever you did it. That’s wonderful. And I just really get that your life and your plan and your actions were different than ours are now because we’re in a very different place. Can you offer any more information about what’s next for us? Like I know we’re there, it’s all happening at this moment, but [chuckling] I’m really wondering if there’s going to be a really major influx of energy that’s unmistakable to all?

StF: The energy – and this has been mentioned before – and even in my time, by the way, we took this energy in what you can think of as waves. And although the energy is what you think of as uniform, it is different, and it will be experienced differently for different people. So, for example – and we are not going to use the recalcitrants as an example because they are given far too much credit [laughter] as the determiners of what happens on Nova Earth, and in fact that is not really the case. Are they active players? Yes. But are they the determining factor? The answer is no! But let us talk about this.

Suzi: Good news.

StF: That is correct. The determining factor is you. The determining factor is the number of human beings who not only give lip service to love, but actually embody. But let me go back to what I was going to say.

If you have been, say, a “disinterested”, for that is the term that our beloved Michael uses – a disinterested party with a rather cynical and self-interested point of view and way of living – and you have neither followed a path of love – I do not mean religion – and that you have disrespected and been disinterested in your fellow human beings, when you are hit… think of this as two levels… when you are hit by the new realm of existence, the Earth, Gaia and the energy on the planet is in a higher octave, in a higher dimension. Think of it as you will, it matters not the terminology. It is in a higher frequency, in a higher vibration than ever before.

You are seeing those people who have… they have not been terrible people, they have not been waging war, that’s why we’re using them as almost the neutral example… you are seeing them transformed. They are becoming kinder, nicer, gentler, more generous, more understanding, more compassionate. But when they are experiencing this higher realm of existence, “there is a chance to simply get back to where I was,” and then when they are hit by a huge wave of higher energy, highest energy, ascension energy, then they are laid flat.

You, my beloved community, because that is what you are: you are the continuation of our ascension community – you who have been diligent and consistent and aware and growing in your awareness and your decisions have been consistent. You feel the higher frequencies, you feel disassociated at times, you feel spacy, you feel unanchored, you feel sick, but you are knowing what it is. It is that you are in a different realm. When you are hit with higher frequencies of love, it is not as dramatic for you because you have already run most of the race.

Now let us also suggest to you, so often – and this is not a critique because we have done the same thing – so often, you are looking for this what you think of as external event, a singular event, when in fact you have been in the event for some time now. But what you also aren’t fully taking into consideration – and that is why I am so glad to talk about this – is your role in the ‘event’ as you would call it because it isn’t merely coming from externals.

Think of the Mother and why She uses this terminology of the Tsunami of Love. Think how, in the physical realm of your planet of Gaia, how the Tsunami works. First there are gentle waves; it feels like big waves, but it is nothing compared to the Tsunami waves! So it comes up and it comes up and it comes up, but when the Tsunami wave comes, when the full force of that Tsunami wave comes, what does it do?

It doesn’t just clear you. All these waves have been filling you, filling you, and expelling the debris – those grains of sand of lack of self-worth and self-love and denial of your brilliant intelligence and all your abilities. When it hits you, you are in that moment of sheer bliss and sheer terror – for some, sheer terror – and what is that? It is when the differentiation between being in form and being not in form in that moment is fully present, that you are fully united with Source and One. That is bliss. That is love. That is knowing. That is All.

Then… think of this… the Tsunami wave withdraws. Now, is it withdrawing just with the energy of the Mother’s love? No, because it has gone through you. It has been in sacred union with you. It is also taking your love, your beauty, your essence and carrying it out to the collective, to the entire planet, and might I say, the entire universe. It is a different way of transmitting, and you know that water is an excellent conductor and that is why the Mother speaks in these terms.

So you, beloveds, are the determining factor of this shift. It is not simply up to someone who has never embraced love to have a change of heart. That change of heart is happening because of the transmission from the Mother and from each of you. So that is why I say, “Do not merely look to the externals.” You have known this, and various philosophers and masters have told you this. You are the implementers of the change. You are the fulfilment of our Mother’s promise.

So then you say to me, “Well, Francis, when?” And I say, “What about right now!”

Suzi: Right now sounds really good to me! So may I ask a question about the future of human sexuality? It’s a power for us at this time and I’m just wondering how that will shift, if it does at all?

StF: Human sexuality – and you all know this – has been so misconstrued. And when I am talking about sexuality, I am not merely talking about copulation or intercourse. I am talking about the choice that each of you has made to embody a body that in fact is defined, in many ways, by your choice of gender, whether it is an embodiment of the more masculine or more feminine. And that is also why at this time upon the planet – although it has always been present – why there is so much blurring or choice-point in the choices of sexuality, of what you call “bisexual, transgender…” There is an array of terms, it matters not.

Too often upon this planet, sex and sexuality has been grievously misrepresented and abused, and you are certainly seeing this in the various disclosures and the various movements that finally this egregious behaviour has been exposed, and it will continue to be exposed. And the issue isn’t the exposure. The issue in fact is human beings saying, “I choose not to participate under any circumstance in that type of behaviour because it is not in alignment with love; it is not in alignment with my sacred purpose. It is not my sacred purpose to come here and be abused.”

Now, that is not to place blame/shame/guilt/fault on those who have been abused, quite the contrary. It has been an outrageous situation. Now you all know the power of kundalini and life force that comes – and sacred union, by the way – in climax, but climax is not necessarily sexuality. And what has also happened in the abuse and the disrespect of sacred intercourse, copulation, is that in many situations there is not climax, and there most certainly is not sacred union. It is manipulation at some of its most basic misapplication.

And then there are people by the millions wondering why they are even bothering! And yet, that seed of yearning, of knowing what is possible in true sacred union – and I speak to you as one who floated with his beloved on the rooftops – there is and will be massive redefinition, reorientation, of sexuality.

And it is not what some interpret as a return to the god or the goddess. It is the next step. It is the embodiment of balance, of male and female, divine and human, star being and not – so there is a massive redefinition. It is a clearing – yes, that old word – it is a clearing of the old.

It is not just misbehaviours or missteps that are being cleansed. It is these practices. And we are not talking about the atrocious practices. We are talking about the practices that happen every day, say, between man and wife where there is no sacred union; there is no union of heart and mind and spirit and support. Support doesn’t mean “I pay the bills” or “I do the dishes”. So there is a massive redefinition.

Does this answer your question?

Suzi: Yes, it does, in a vague sort of way, but you know, I think that that’s something we will discover when we get there. It’s just good to know that that’s going to be cleaned up and shifted.

StF: We are not talking about a distant future. We are talking about right now, where many of you are saying, “I do not want to be in relationship, in partnership, unless it is of the bliss, unless it truly is a mutuality.” And that is what you are creating. So you are not saying, “Well, I’ll settle with this until my true love comes along.” That has been old paradigm. And it has been settling for less-than, and what that does is it reflects into the belief that you are less-than – and you are not.

Suzi: Well, that’s a beautiful thing. I just have one more quickie question, if I may, as we’re kind of at the end of the show here. You had mentioned that you will continue on doing your mission of being an Angel of Change on other planets, when this one’s all tucked away, I suppose. Do we all continue on our missions in a similar way? Are we headed for change? Is it different for each of us?

StF: It is unique for each one of you because it is the choice, the reflection. Some of you will choose to stay on Earth for a very long time. Some of you will return back and say to the Mother: “Okay, I am finished with that piece. Can I go home now to Arcturus or to Electra?” So it is dependent, but each phase, each life, is still in alignment with who you are.

Suzi: You know, it just feels so uncertain at this time because we’ve been dreaming of having a beautiful home with a lovely view and living in community, and California seems like a really great place to do that, but who knows what the future holds. I don’t want to live it myself by thinking about things that I already know about, and I just want to leave it open to just being in loving community and comfortable and happy.

StF: When you are dreaming – and you know that we all say to “dream big”, and now we say “create big” – and you say, “California, because it is temperate, because it is liberal, because I can have a view and a home and community,” what you are doing is simply setting the parameters of what your heart truly desires. So go ahead and dream, sweet ones. That is part of your creation.

When I left by myself and wandered out into the countryside, I had a dream and that is what came to fulfilment. So follow the dream!

Suzi: Well, part of my dream is to have an Earth experience at the same time as a galactic one, so can we look forward to that?

StF: Yes!

Suzi: Good answer! [Laughter] Thank you so much.

StF: You are so welcome. Go with my love. Farewell.

Suzi: Thank you. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

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Harmony ~ Non-Attachment ~ Completion – L’Aura Pleiadian

Angelic Melancholy by Kurtzan @ DeviantArt


Harmony ~ Non-Attachment ~ Completion

Non attachment to end results, mental concepts, outcomes of relationships and overall purposes… to ANYTHING…Money? The shift?

The never-ending questions that always wonder ~ WHEN. How?

We LIVE as our Divine  BEING through being in a state of Being ~ that is Harmony.

Harmony exists through Freedom from Attachments.

This is a process.

We become aware of when we are suffering, we then choose to be free from suffering WITHIN ~ when. we are ready. This is a process.

The MIND feeds on adrenaline rushes. With thoughts of the past and future….racing…which consists of everything NOT present now and it does so from lack consciousness.

It needs to get, to have, to control, more.

Having to have. Having to Know. Tightly wound up…..unable to let go and BE.

Do YOU recognize this pattern of thought?

When we place our awareness on our HEART, when we observe OURSELVES…..we become the observer.

When we notice when we hurt, when we are in fear or worry, or sadness. We pay attention. We observe. We turn our attention to ourselves, to what is going on within us. WE do not deny what we are going through.

This ATTENTION, is the energy of love. Of caring, of listening to ourselves. We then, comfort ourselves. we become gentle and compassionate with ourselves. WE Love ourselves for the first time.

ONLY then can we be ready and be gentle and loving with others.

Everything you desire takes place THROUGH your Divine Presence. It is all here for you ~ WITHIN.

When we relinquish the need to attach, to control, we become free. This takes trust and courage. Because there are no guarantees with trust. That is what trust is and faith. We trust, we have faith, we love.

This is when life, then loves us back. Comforts us. Yet it all starts with ourselves, FIRST.

In Love, loving our lives, trusting the PRESENCE that is our Divine Self. Letting go of attachments, observing, having compassion.

Living in Harmony we are then FREE.

NOT knowing what is next..ONLY knowing what is now and that NOW we trust is always perfect. What is perfectly needed. Even if we don’t like it. IF we don’t like it, we love ourselves more. We observe more. We don’t go back to those patterns and attempt to control outcomes, or get caught up in attachments.

This takes courage. It takes being brave, to step out into the unseen and trust your Soul.

Enter your heart now.

Feel Your DIVINE Presence.

Be gentle and compassionate. And so the process continues.

Receive now. In love and glory, always.


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