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A spiritual creature created by Marta Wasilczyk


Each of Us Serves Something

Each of us serves something. Each of us is giving our ongoing attention to something(s) day in and day out.

It may be our family. It may be a church. It may be a political party.  But we tend to serve something.

That something we serve is what we say gives purpose to our days or lives.

I’m a collector. Every time I’ve begun a collection, and I seem always to be collecting something, from marbles to quotations, I’ve served that collection.

I focused on the result, which is accumulation, expansion, unfoldment. My actions were purposeful. I worked away at it day and night.

I thought about it every day. I took the objects of my collection out and admired them. I arranged them in geometrical shapes and enjoyed them. I carried them with me, actually or mentally.

I’m not arguing that people become obsessive/compulsive. But instead to give their best attention to serving what they serve and to serve the highest.

If we operate in this focused way, as a collector does, there are several points where we can make a difference by what we do. The first is in what we choose to serve.

What we share in common as lightworkers is that we all came here to serve some aspect of the Mother’s Plan for our Ascension and for all the Ascensions in the universe influenced by ours.

But, past that, what our unique service might be depends on our agreement with the Mother. A hint at what it might be is: Do what you love.

I was working the creation formula in Linda’s Conscious Creating with the Mother webinar. I was creating three things and was so-so in terms of enthusiasm.

Then the idea hit me that the very thing I was working on, day in and day out – the Michaelangelo Fund – could be made one of my creations. All of a sudden, my energy shot way up and I really got into things. This is what I mean by serving, focusing on something we love.

Our choice can have power, as in serving the divine, the One “I” of all. Or it can have no power at all, as in serving the “ego,” the small “I” of separation, scarcity, and survival.

“To be fully present in the Now” is the key to Ascension, St. Francis said on the most recent Heavenly Blessings. I can even make a collection of – that is, I can serve – being “fully present in the Now.” Knowing me, I’d collect moments of presence, moments of Nowness. (1)

We make a difference in what we choose, in the first place.

In the second place, we make a difference in our persistence – our valor, as Michael calls it – in continuing to serve that something and serve it and serve it, until it reaches fruition. Our persistence, our morale, our pushing forward also makes a difference, to us and to others.

Consider the strength of our service. Is it occasional, part-time, or fairly constant? Consider the extent of our commitment. Is it so-so and on/off or consistent and eternal?

“I had a dream and that’s what came forward to fulfillment. So follow your dream,” St. Francis said on HB. How was I to know that he’d speak on the very thing I was musing on before listening in?

Yes, follow what we serve, our dream, our vision – the Mother, Nova Earth, Ascension, Abundance.  Give it our full attention, day and night. Let it grow and expand. Focus on it but without losing our balance. That’s what will “come forward to fulfillment.”

Let our imaginations soar, as Francis invited us to do. We’re entering higher-dimensional climes where creative thought, creative imagination calls everything desired into being.


(1) One can also see this as capitalizing on one’s strength. For me this collective or acquisitive leaning can be put to good use in the service of the divine. For you it may be some other leaning that can be used as a strength in service.



A spiritual creature created by Marta Wasilczyk


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