Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: Sacred Union with the Entire Collective – Linda Dillon

Archangel Michael – Artist appreciation


Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: Sacred Union with the Entire Collective, AHWAA, March 15, 2018

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Archangel Michael: Sacred Union with the Entire Collective

What sacred union speaks to is the desire and the action, the aligned action, of holding, of being, in deep reverence, acceptance, surrender, and union with this entire collective. Michael also tells us that forgiveness is not necessarily re-engagement.

An Hour With An Angel, March 15, 2018

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow: Host, InLight Universal

Steve Beckow: Good evening, everyone, and welcome to an Hour with an Angel. I’m Steve Beckow, editor-in-chief of the Golden Age of Gaia, and with me tonight is Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, The New You, The Jesus Book, currently running a webinar on Conscious Creating with the Mother. But, Linda, I also set my clock according to your quarterly webinars and I believe we have the Spring Equinox free webinar coming up next week.

Linda Dillon: Yes, we do, Steve. I can’t believe that we’re already at that point of the Spring Equinox. It’s amazing! And so as you said and as I’m going to repeat, this is a free webinar, but what you need to do in terms of registering is to go on the Council of Love website and just register. And that gives you a choice of times that work for you to be present in this, really in this E-gathering all around the world.

So it’s interesting – when I started planning for the Spring Equinox gathering the Council told me, well this is always going to be, and this has been a theme for the last two years, that it’s going to be about Spring clean-up, about clearing out our chakras, balancing our male and female, and making sure our meridians and our various fields are, you know, bright and shiny and sparkly, just like how we do it in our house; we open up the windows and we dust everything off, at least we like to think we do (Laughter).

But then yesterday they also added that we would be talking about—and this ties into the webinar that we’re in the middle of—people’s sacred purpose. I’m kind of surprised actually when I hear from people that they’re not really clear on what their sacred purpose is, and especially now as we’re really moving forward, really getting down to the nitty gritty of creating Nova Earth, it’s important for each and every one of us that we’re really clear on why on earth we came.

And that’s related to our sacred purpose and then how we demonstrate it, you know in practical ways, and in workable ways and in creative ways as we go forward so we’re going to be doing that in the webinar as well so I hope everybody comes.

SB: Sounds like they’re dressing us up in our Sunday best and getting us ready and reminding us what we’re here for. (Laughter)

LD: Exactly. And you know it really is, I mean, you know at Easter… I grew up Catholic and so Easter was a big event and Easter was when you got, even when there was still snow on the ground in Montreal—we still got that little Easter hat and new, you know, patent leather Mary Jane’s so it’s like they’re fixing us up because, “Let’s go.”

SB: Um hmm. Well, that’s great. How’s your course going, Linda?

LD: The course is going amazingly and what I’m finding really wonderful is the level of creations and the variety of creations that folks are working on. We’ve already had a ton of manifestation within the circle that’s been kind of interesting so people are getting to do their add on add on. But it’s the application of the Universal Laws to what people are working on is we’re seeing how it’s really speeding things up so I can’t wait for the next few weeks as we just go flying.

SB: Very interesting. Uh, I’m certainly enjoying it myself so I’m learning a lot about creation and about, and putting it into practice, my gosh…

LD: It’s putting it into practice that’s the real key, and you know, before, I think we often found ourselves wishing on a star, but now it’s very practical application. I’m amazed at the number of people who are working on things to do with their bodies, you know making them in a generic way healthy, whole, vibrant, full of vitality. And that really speaks to the fact that we’re really realizing as lightworkers that part of our deal, part of our contract, is to stay here in form and do the joyous work of creating Nova Earth.

SB: I’m noticing myself feeling younger, my body looks younger, I can even shake off, like, I might get up feeling a little stiff in the morning, say—and in the old third we’d say “Oh, I’m getting old”—and now I can shake myself, you know, and it goes. (Laughter)

LD: Wow!

SB: Yeah, I know! It’s absolutely remarkable for me to watch this, right, anyway so that’s what I’m noticing.

LD: Oh, it’s you know, I think we really are living in miraculous time, and as we were just chatting about before we came on the air is that we all feel that we’re—you know, it’s game time and we are prepped and ready.

SB: (Laughter) Yep, yes. Uh, I’m going to turn to the coach in a minute. (Laughter). When he’s going to blow the whistle?

LD: (Laughter) Oh, haven’t we had enough of whistleblowers?

SB: (Laughter) No, one more! Well, why don’t I let you make your transition? And we’ll be welcoming Archangel Michael, who is going to be speaking to us about how to …not generate, exactly, but produce, manifest, a collective agreement, collective unity, collective consciousness, lining up. And so with that, I’d like to welcome Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: And welcome, beloveds, lightworkers, loveholders, wayfarers and wayshowers, pathfinders and pathseekers, for you are united in heart and you are united in purpose. And I come to you this day, yes as Michael, as Mi-ka-el, as Archangel of peace, warrior of love, and bringer of news. I have been called many things, including coach and referee, dear heart.

You enter, yes, you are already in not only in the Mother’s infinite ocean, the fluidity of time, you are also in the time, the chapter, the sequence, the unfolding, of the new beginning. And what does this mean? Well, you, dear heart, have been exploring this in your little book, and it is called the Golden Age, and the ascension, and the shift, and so many other names throughout the universe. But it is all one thing, and it is the fulfillment of our Mother’s dream. It is the fulfillment of our Mother’s Plan.

And in this chapter of your realm of existence, it is the fulfillment of your dream. And it is the fulfillment of your plan. There is not a computer upon your planet at this time that is capable of taking the myriad of variables for six, and close to seven, billion people, and to give you a print out about the various steps that each individual could take, should take, in order to achieve a sense of collective unity.

And, yes, that is what I want and I have asked to speak of this day. For sacred union, as you know, to all of us and this Council of Love, is a subject that is near and dear to our hearts and what we also suggest as part of your spiritual DNA, and part of your human psyche.

Sacred union is also near and dear to each and every one of you, particularly, as lightworker and loveholder. And yet, at moments, it must seem unreachable, unfathomable to you about how this sense of unity—not merely the cessation of war, and I mean that in a generic sense—how can this be achieved, and how can this be achieved in a workable, meaningful, tight timeframe.

First of all let us begin by saying to you, our beloveds, our sacred partners, that the work that you have done, the embrace that you have done, the anchoring that you have done, of sacred union, in your hearts, in your minds, in your lives, in your actions, in your behaviors, in your communities, has a depth and a breadth that perhaps you are not even fully aware of. The work that you have done has been stellar.

And it has been part of, and already well integrated, braided, woven into the new grid of humanity, and into the new grid of each and every one of you. So it is not you, with your nose pressed up against the windowpane looking longingly at this beautiful figurine or painting called sacred union. It is already within you. And it is already around you.

But, sweet angels of light, now you are taking it, as the Mother’s implementation team, you are taking it to the next level. And with us, in sacred union with us, in sacred action with us, you’re communicating this in every fiber of your being: in your field, in your body language, in your telepathy, in your written words, in your spoken words.

You are bringing this to the collective, to all seven billion of you, and is this a mighty task? Yes. And it is a task that you are completely capable of and up for. When we say sacred union—and there are reams of material that we have spoken of on this topic in previous programs, and that is over and above the conversations we have had with your heart—we do not use the term “sacred partnership”. Now, this isn’t a “how many angels are dancing on the head of a pin?” point.

Sacred partnership is that intimate conjoining in love, in true intimacy. Almost to the level of co-habitation—spiritual co-habitation—and we mean the sharing of sacred space, of your sacred space. So we are not suggesting to you that you are entering into sacred partnership with the collective, but what sacred union speaks to is the desire and the action, the aligned action, of holding, of being, in deep reverence, acceptance, surrender, and union with this entire collective. So we are not asking you to do this one by one by one by one. That would take too long, first of all; and for your information and for your terminology, the clock is ticking.

Now think about how we exist. We—and I say we, the Council of Love, the entire angelic, archangelic, seraphim realm, the entire realm of the ascended masters, the entire Company of Heaven—is in sacred union. It is not merely how we operate, it is who we are.

Sacred union is the deepest honoring and respect for your own sacred self. And I mean this in the broadest term, for your essence, for your reflection of the Mother/Father/One, for your sacred purpose, for what delights you, what you like to do, and what you do not like to do. Yes, even we have preferences.

Now that does not mean that I am in intimate connection with every angelic throughout the realm. But I do carry that reverence, that depth of honoring. So whether I was to ever encounter that being or not, there is a knowingness of that essence and of that being. You do not need to meet somebody face-to-face, or energetically, to know them and to honor them, and to have such deep reverence. Because they, like you, are of the Mother.

So there is an honoring of the Divine perfection and the joy, the excitement, the sweetness of each unique expression of that divinity, of the beyond number ways that there are to serve the Mother, to honor the Mother, and to reflect back to the One and to the collective the beauty and the love of who you are.

Now in your last conversation with Galea, a sweet soul, she had spoken to you about communication, yes, and the various forms of communication, but I wish to highlight yet again so that the importance of this as Nova Being, which you already are, act as if you are ascended because you are.

Your Nova Being, half of your level of communication, is in your field emanating directly from your heart and your essence. So think of this, these energetic waves that are emanating from you, just like this broadcast goes all over the planet and far beyond, so do your waves, your electrical magnetic impulses travel, and what do they say? They say “I honor you. I embrace you. I am amazed by you. And I love you, and I know your essence, and I know in that essence what you are truly here for and what you are truly capable of.”

The reason you have come in service to the Mother, to this unique time frame, you are not saying, as you send your love out, because that is what your impulses are, you’re not saying “I give you permission to misbehave;” you’re not saying, “I give you permission to act outside of love.”

What you are saying in fact is “I know what you are capable of. I see you. I know you, and I am willing to share my love with you so that it may ignite you, so that you will fully remember, so that you will fully step forward, so that you will fully know the joy of being in service and alignment with the One.” That is what you are doing.

Now you’ve been doing this subconsciously for eons, both on and off this planet. But now you are stepping forward as Nova Being, fully conscious and aware, not only of your power to transmit, but your divine authority to transmit, your responsibility, i.e., stewardship to transmit and to communicate, in clarity with the Mother’s grace and purity, what is the truth, what is truly peace.

And then you do this because, as you are doing this, what you are truly doing is entering into almost a form of anonymous sacred union with the entire collective. And then you hone that to your telepathic messages through your body language, through your language of speech, which is kind and loving and, yes, known by your galactic and intergalactic families as Saedor.

You are upping the ante. You are upping your game. And now I am saying, the clock is ticking and the whistle has been blown. Let us begin and, dearest Steve, where do you wish to begin?

SB: Well, with the whistle being blown, when are any of the major events going to show up on our doorstep? We’re all ready, we’re, you know, at the starting block, planning as we’ve been able to, and what are we waiting for, Lord? What’s—what’s holding up the show to speak?

AAM: We are waiting for you to be these transmitters in form.

SB: Okay, so a matter of vibration, a matter of values?

AAM: Values and the holding of this energy. You think that it is just us holding things up, and it is not.

SB: No, no, not you. Not you, although somebody is, or something, I don’t know. Is—is it us?

AAM: The collective vibration…there are still these whispers and they are but scattered fragments of those old paradigms—abuse of authority, shame, blame, you know the list dear heart.

SB: Yep, yep.

AAM: And those that have been actively, shall we say, practicing some of those old patterns, clinging to them, hoping to reconnect and rebuild them…

SB: (chuckles) Right.

AAM:…now they have been active. But when you have this collective sacred union, that will dissipate. It is not a matter of finger-pointing and of saying those people are wrong, bad, treacherous, abusers, murderers. Because in that, what you are doing, is you are simply mirroring their pattern of blame and shame and guilt and fault.

So when you truly begin to simply vibrate and say you are of love, and I see you as love, and there’s no room really for this other nonsense because that is what it is, it is aberrant nonsense. Then you are setting the bar—literally the bar for the collective—higher.

The one thing, if there is a commonality in those that still cling to the old, is that they want to be first. When you set a new bar and redirect the energy, then they will come because there is still that part of them, that ego part of them, that wants to be first. But what the lightworker/loveholder community is doing is you are literally changing the behavior, the actions, the mindset based on heartset of the collective. That has been the biggest stumbling block.

And we say and we repeatedly said you are not waiting for a singular event, you are already in the process. In fact, dear hearts, you are already on the playing field and you have been on the playing field for a while. So you are already fully engaged. And you know that from your own processes.

And I do not simply mean you, dearest Steve, I mean each and every one of you. That you are not energetically or practically the person you were a year ago or six months ago. Your focus, your vibratory rate, your discretion, your goals, your dreams has changed. And they have come from a place of being what you thought were very complex to in fact being simplified and simplified and simplified so that it is not filled with angst and effort.

You know your direction, and you know how you are proceeding, but you also know that you must—yes, must—proceed in the love, because that is the only thing. Not that works simply for us, but for you. So you have reached the point where you are saying, “I do not want to engage in any of the old dramas or games. I simply wish to proceed and be the love.”

SB: I agree with you, and let me tell you the difficulty I come upon time and time again and have not solved. It lies in the area of what you refer to as “forgiveness does not equate to permission.” There are some people that I’m hedging on forgiving because I don’t want them and their behavior back in my life. And I worry that if I forgive them that I’m saying, “C’mon back, you know, and do it all again” so to speak, and I’m not, you know what I’m saying? So that’s my major stumbling block.

AAM: So let us be practical. Do you really think, now we have infinite spaciousness…

SB: Right.

AAM: …that is hard for you to conceive of, or is it not?

SB: Oh, absolutely it is. (chuckles)

AAM: But we never suggest to you that say, heaven is overcrowded. But we are not suggesting to you that you are inviting that six to seven billion individuals, or souls, to move in with you. Let us be extraordinarily clear. You need to leave them alone, because they have their own path and their own work to do.

What you are doing, and we will get to the forgiveness part, but what you are doing, is that you are acting as a tuning fork, you are acting as a harmonizer, and the role of the harmonizer has become more and more important. You are harmonizing the entire orchestra.

So think about it—you aren’t taking the role of the conductor. This is a cooperative venture and you are taking turns being the conductor, and you are all incredibly talented conductors, so scrap that idea. But there is an individual who acts as a tuning fork before the orchestra plays Beethoven’s Fifth. And he harmonizes all the instruments and makes sure that everybody has their music, their positioning, their instruments that everybody is ready, and they are warmed up, as it were. That is what you are doing with the collective.

And what you are also saying, to the cellist, is “I know, dearest heart, that in fact you cheated on your income taxes and you are not faithful to your partner but that isn’t what we are doing here. I see you as the perfect cellist, pure and sweet and capable, so maybe when you are playing the music your tendency for these departures from the truth of your integrity will disappear. But I am not in charge of doing that for you.” So that is what is taking place as you vibrate out to the entire collective.

Now let us get to your question on forgiveness. And, yes, I will repeat yet again, forgiveness is not permission. So each of you have your own preferences of those that you think have been conducting themselves in abhorrent ways, that have been entirely recalcitrant, or perhaps even distant. You have your list and it is not a matter of denying it.

But then, and you are going to, we will get to that, let us go to the personal forgiveness, then there is the closer list, those that are truly within your frame of reference. And when I say your frame of reference, I mean your circle, and I mean your life. So this isn’t some distant politician, or industrialist or banker, or dictator who has offended you, this is someone that you have had experience with.

For many of you, that is a former partner, or a parent, or a sibling or a dear, dear friend and for a variety of reasons that may or may not have disintegrated or created distance, when I suggest to you that forgiveness is key. Love, trust, forgiveness, unity, connectedness and balance – these are the pillars of the Mother’s temple.

When I suggest to you that you are entering into or practicing, engaging, in forgiveness, and I have said this to you before, but the starting point of that is the forgiveness of your beautiful, wonderful, sacred self. There can be no sacred union unless you are first in union with your beautiful sacred self.

In that place of acknowledging that this has been, how shall I say, a lifetime to beat all lifetimes, that you have come at a time of shift on this planet when love is being reborn, but all those things that are not of love have been rampant and obvious, and discordant and in your face. Yes, each and every one of you have experienced this. So you are acknowledging that there has been discord, disagreement, despair, disappointment. And you’re forgiving yourself, and then you are forgiving the other.

Now you are not saying, and you need to be clear about this, “Not only am I not giving you permission. I am not suggesting to you that I agree with your behavior, your belief system, your path. But I forgive you so that you are not carrying the burden of my judgment on your shoulders. And I am not carrying the burden of my judgment on my shoulders.”

So what you are doing in discernment is you are saying, “I know you are a divine being, born from the heart of the Mother. And in my opinion, in my discernment, of my reality, and my path, I discern that I feel that you have misstepped, or that there is not room in my pathway to engage in this behavior, in this intimacy, in this action, but I forgive you and I set you free.”

Now some people that you forgive, you are standing there like a lost child, hoping they will say, “Well, can I come back now?” Let me give you the quick answer, and that is “no”. Because unless there is an alteration in the energy between the two of you, and I mean a fundamental alteration in both of you, then what you are really doing, is simply recreating the pattern.

In forgiveness there is generally, whether it is a space of five minutes, say, with a misbehaving child, or ten years, there needs to be a breathing space. There needs to be a realignment of self to self. When situations arise where on a very personal, intimate level where forgiveness is necessary, desirable and necessary, it means that there needs to be a realignment, there needs to be a reassessment, a realignment, and then the choice of reconnection or no reconnection needs to be evaluated in that reassessment.

But when you forgive, you take the burden off your shoulders and their shoulders so that you are both free to proceed in what you know in your divine authority and your divine knowing is your path. So forgiveness does not necessarily mean reengagement, dear heart. Let me be very clear about that.

SB: Lord, I’m beginning to think that I may not understand what forgiveness is. What—what exactly is forgiveness?

AAM: Forgiveness is stepping off your path…let us get even more basic than that. When one acts out of a position, usually egoic, even when you think it is spiritual, it is often egoic, and you place yourself in front of or above the Mother and that causes injury. Sometimes it is intentional, some say, “Oh, I didn’t mean it; it was unintentional”, deeper investigation and self-reflection will show that it, in fact, is intentional. Perhaps not fully conscious, but in alignment with what we would call other collective or egoic desires that are outside of love. When those injuries occur…now, are you clear on that part?

SB: Yes, I’m clear on that part, yes. Thank you.

AAM: All right, when those injuries occur there is need for forgiveness. Think of it in this way. It is almost as if you are sending a heart message, enjoining, enjoining – ‘en’ – enjoining with the Mother’s heart, so you are sending, think of it as a laser beam, to the Mother, enjoining with her compassion, and her ultimate wisdom.

And then through that, there is another laser line to the individual. And you are saying, “there has been a misstep, and I accept my role in that misstep, either for being the object of your misalignment or your ego,” And we call this forgiveness, this, tied with compassion, and you send that energy of love into the person’s heart, so that they can realign.

When you send to the Mother it is filled with an entreaty, not only to forgive the individual who has harmed you, created injury, you are also asking the Mother for your realignment at the same time. So when it goes to the Mother, and it bounces into the individual who has caused injury, at the same time there is an in pulse that comes directly from the Mother back into you that you are simultaneously and perhaps even slightly ahead of that forgiving yourself. You tend to think of forgiveness as heart to heart, but it is more triangulated than that. Is that clear?

SB: That part is also clear. Um, Hmm. So now you’ve brought apology into it, um…

AAM: Not necessarily verbal apology. I must be very clear about that as well.

SB: I wonder if what I’m looking for is, is a description of what happens inside the person who either forgives another or apologizes to another. What—what is, what occurs, that is what this is all about, do you know what I’m saying?

AAM: It is a freeing action, it is a liberation action because, as I have said, when you forgive what you are doing is you are taking the burden off your shoulders. Think of when you have been injured. And you think to yourself, “Well, I don’t know if I can forgive that person.”

And you think about it, and you think about it, and you ruminate, and your heart is heavy, and you’re emotionally a wreck. It is truly a burden. And why would you want to carry that burden which is really the judgment; I don’t….“you have been so wrong, you have done something so terrible, you have done something that has simply slighted me. But I don’t know if I can forgive you.” And then you say, “I don’t know if I can forgive you because I don’t want a repetition.”

That is why I am so emphatic that it is not permission for a repeat. So when you are trying to forgive, and this is so often what we hear the human saying, “I am really trying to forgive X” it is ridiculous because really what you are saying is if you dig underneath it—forget the other person—dig underneath it, and what you are really saying is that “I don’t know if I can forgive myself for being set up, a target, vulnerable, this way. I don’t know if I can forgive myself for misstepping, for being open this way.”

And at the same time here we are with you, saying “please stay open”. So as these old paradigms are dissolving, there has been this history of missteps, of misbehaviors, misconceptions, and misperceptions. But if you are not willing to forgive yourself, and with yourself of this burden, then you are limiting yourself, you are limiting the idea, the essence, of who you are.

SB: May I intervene for a moment, Lord?

AAM: Yes.

SB: Well there’s one element that’s being left out of the description, and that element is that resentment feels good. You know, in the absence of my thinking of myself as making any difference in the world, I’m in that place, then what I have to play with is a lot more restricted. And so feeling good, because I resent somebody, is akin to feeling like I’m doing something and also just plain feels good.

I’m a career complainer from the earliest age and you know a gunnysacker from a long way back so I’m an expert in this field. (laughter) And I know that I enjoy the feeling of well, “I got you, you know, because I’m not liking you” or whatever it is. And I see this too in, say, teenagers sometimes.

AAM: Yes. You see it, in adolescent, childish behavior. And that is what it is. When you say—and I am going to call you on this—when you say I enjoy resentment—

SB: (Laughter) Yeah.

AAM: —then you have just become one of those beings who is trying to rebuild the old.

SB: Yes I suppose so, yes, carrying the torch for the old, yeah.

AAM: And you are saying “the good old days where I could have enemies. Where I wasn’t required and restricted to love.”

SB: (Laughter) Something like that, yep.

AAM: And then you can laugh at it, because that is really what I am trying to make you do, is to laugh at it and say, “Well, that is a waste of energy.” Think about it. You have a hundred percent energy. And then you are going to give away, in this precious time of building Nova Earth, you’re going to give twenty percent away to feeling resentful? You need that energy to do other things. Be a conservationist—

SB: Well, that’s why I am (laughter), that’s why I’m talking to you.

AAM: And that is why I’m talking to you, beloved one.

SB: (Laughter) You know, the payoff of resenting which has been—just think of the wicked witch of the west kind of rubbing her hands together in glee—the payoff for resenting has been what I’ve settled for, really. And that was before I knew what love was. You know, now, having been shown what love is, I’m motivated to emerge from resentment, but now I’m trying to master the tools.

AAM: And when you restrict yourself to the love, you free yourself and that feeling of freedom gives you the spaciousness. And you can look at what went awry and you can look at it in a focused way that says “Well, that occurred and that did not feel good. Even resentment truly does not feel good. And so I can look at it and say well, I don’t choose to repeat that.”

That is why we say forgiveness does not necessarily entail reengagement. It may, but it may not. These are choice decisions, about how one proceeds in service not only to the Mother but to yourself. If you are allergic to soy, you don’t keep eating soy. You don’t keep drinking soymilk. So it is the same. You say “well, that doesn’t agree with me. It’s not that soy in and of itself is bad. But it most certainly doesn’t agree with me so I’m not going to engage with soy anymore.”

So you leave the judgment out of it. And you are right – it robs you of blame and shame and resentment, and it even robs you of guilt because when you have perpetrated an injury what you can do is you can say, “I am so sorry, I am so sorry, I am so sorry”, and you can live in the guilt complex as well. And that is a burden. So you forgive and you let go. It is like brushing off snow, melting snow off your coat.

And once it’s done, once the forgiveness has been expressed either telepathically or heart to heart or energetically or verbally, it is done. So you don’t want to engage with somebody and say “You know when I stole your ice cream ten years ago? I’m really sorry.” You let it go. Otherwise, you are wearing coat after coat after coat and it is burdening you down; you can barely move. And it is not keeping you warm.

SB: I wonder if the sensation of wearing coat after coat after coat does not grow over the years so that for instance a person of my age can start really feeling the coats, but a person of 33 may not and so continues on. There’s a payoff for these things, Lord, like, as you well know, for things like resentment. There’s a payoff and I think people may not make the switch until the rewards of the other are known to them and they’ve experienced a little bit of them and then all of a sudden the payoff of resentment is not so great anymore. But the twinkle in people’s eyes—

AAM: And how is that payoff—yes, the twinkle in people’s eyes—but also, what happens, and this is a perfect comment that you are bringing forward, is that the payoff…how do people, those seven billion people, how do they come to know the payoff? They come to know it because you are speaking to them, you are engaging with them, you are transmitting to them, in love.

And they may not be able, certainly in the short term, to point to it and say, “No, this love feels pretty good, this is a pretty good payoff”. But when they have conversation after conversation, experience after experience of love, in the practical sense of being reinforced, seen for who they are, being told that they are loved, being told that they are appreciated, being told that they are seen, they begin to realize that it simply feels better to engage that way rather in ways that make them stiff and sore and weighed down.

You all have this. You have people that you avoid because you feel weighed down every time you have a conversation or an encounter with them. You feel the pain literally in your neck and your shoulders, in your gut, in your heart. And so you begin to avoid them.

Well, if you think of this happening on a collective level. And those that are a pain in the neck begin to think “Well, gee, I have no one left to talk to and to connect with. I wonder how I should alter my behavior?” And that is happening. Fortunately, those who are being born, both the rainbows and the magentas, some of the crystals, they do not have this same urge to put on twenty coats. They move on rather quickly.

SB: And they’re confused by the way we operate!

AAM: Yes they are. Because they have a new paradigm of operation. They came in with it, and they are wide awake.

SB: Hum. Interesting. Again you said that when we saw the results of the way we’re being—I was going to say, by the way, that the people who resent and express resentment and all that with a twinkle in their eyes, they’re enjoying the feeling you know, whether it is superiority, or…

AAM: Well, it is a feeling of power, and this is them putting themselves in front of or above the Mother. “I am all powerful. And I am all powerful—I am more powerful than the Mother, who is all loving and forgiving, who is all compassionate and wise. So I am better than the Mother and I can make you squirm”. That is abomination.

SB: Well, we’ve come to see that in the passage of time when all the chickens come home to roost, yes. And we see the results of all we’ve done, so to speak, like Scrooge in Christmas Past.

AAM: And you are seeing it. And the collective is more, violently, verbally, expressing themselves, vigorously expressing themselves, that this is not acceptable.

SB: Yeah.

AAM: So there is a movement, it is not a movement of violence in the sense of force or abuse of authority, but it is violence in the sense of the perfect storm and it is already underway.

SB: Indeed. A lot of chickens are coming home to roost all over the place and I guess we can see it happening…

AAM: And this is part of the sequence of events, my love, so you say “When will we see the events?” You are seeing them every day.

SB: Yes. The Mother said in recent talk to the chorus that the Tsunami of Love had been amplified, I believe? Could you just extend that message to our listeners as well? Tell them what She said?

AAM: Our beloved Mother…if you are to think of this perfect storm and this has occurred very recently. She has amplified, within this past week, She has amplified and turned on the full faucet, shall we put it that way, of Her Tsunami. It is more than the final rinse cycle, dear hearts. It is to bring everything to fruition.

SB: Hum. Pretty exciting.

AAM: So if you are feeling that you are caught in the undertow or that you are being bounced about by the waves, turn to the Mother, grab your floatie or your rubber duck or your surfboard, or simply go to edge of the water and let it caress your toes, and let the Mother finish up what she has started. It is time.

SB: I think we’re just about the end of the program, Lord. Is there something you would like to say in concluding?

AAM: I would like to say, forgive yourself. Forgive that inner circle. Forgive your list, the one with politicians and bankers and naysayers, and then forgive, in a very full way, every single person, as one collective upon the planet, and receive, from that collective, their forgiveness.

SB: Thank you, Lord.

AAM: You are so welcome. And you are so loved. Go with my peace, farewell.

SB: Farewell Lord.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.


Archangel Michael – Artist appreciation


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Through The Matrix A New Novel by Suzanne Lie & The Arcturians

MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2018

Through The Matrix A New Novel by Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians


Dear Readers,
I will be releasing one or two chapters at a time from my newest book called, “Through the Matrix.” Please enjoy it as we see together how the storyline proceeds. 



I just moved into a new house. That is a “new house” to me, as the house is actually quite old. I inherited this house from my Grandmother who had lived there her entire life. The house is very big with many rooms, as well as a cellar and an attic. The cellar had far too many spiders, but as soon as I was settled in, I decided to explore the attic.

I climbed the small stairway, which was behind the mysterious locked door, for which I had finally found the key. It was an old fashioned key, an old fashioned keyhole, and an old fashioned door. Of course, my Grandmother cherished the house exactly as it had always been.

Therefore, outside of important repairs and appropriate painting, the house remained the way it had always been. I spent many summers at Grandma’s house, and searched vigilantly to find the key that I now held in my hand. The fact that Grandma never let me go into the attic only made me more and more anxious to enter it.

I am sorry that my Grandmother’s death is the reason why I could find the key that will, eventually, open the attic door. In fact, I have lived here every summer of my life. My parents were not too interested in raising their only child, me, so it was boarding school during the school year and Grandma’s house in the summer.

My mother had a nanny who sort of watched me when I wasn’t at Boarding School or Grandma’s house. However, the nanny was too expensive, so my parents dropped me off to live with my Grandmother fulltime when I was only 8 years old.

They did not even wait for Grandma to open the door when they rushed off to wherever they went. I was never so relieved when Grandma’s smiling face welcomed me into her, which was now our, home. I lived there happily with Grandma until I went away to college.

Thank Heavens for Grandma, or my Mother would have put me in a Boarding School all year round. However, I should not speak ill of my parents as they died in a horrid car accident when I was only 13. Because I had such a history of living with my Grandmother, the state allowed me to continue living with her.

It was the happiest moment of my life when I knocked on Grandma’s door with all my cherished possessions in boxes beside me. My parents barely said good-by to me and rushed off to wherever they went the second that Grandma opened her door. Somehow, I knew that this was the last time they would drop me off at my Grandma’s house, and that I would not see them again.

I was never so relieved than when I say Grandma’s smiling face welcomed me into her, which was now our, home. I lived there happily with Grandma until I went away to collage. I never saw my parents again.

I must say that my self-esteem was pretty damaged by my parents’ behavior, but Grandma’s constant love made up for that. However, now, as a young woman, I was alone. Unfortunately, Grandma left this world just before I finished college, but she left her home and everything she had to me.

There was a bit of money in the package, so I toured Europe for the summer after my graduation. I think it was too much for me to go to Grandma’s house and not find her waiting for me with a warm hug and freshly baked cookies. But, eventually, I had to go home to what was no longer Grandma’s home, but my house.

The last time that I saw my parents was right after I finished High School. I guess they thought their job was done, and they no longer needed to pick me up in the Fall and take me to boarding school. However, I did not realize they would buy a home far away and never invite me to see them.

I must say that my self-esteem was pretty damaged by my parent’s behavior, but Grandma had always made up for that. However, now, as a young woman, I was alone. That is accept for a very few friends from college and my beloved Grandmother.

Now, I didn’t even have my Grandmother. Fortunately, having Grandma’s house made me feel that I had I would always be close to her essence, as well as all my wonderful memories. Now the home that I had always loved to visit, was actually MY home.

However, there I was, standing in front of the door, key in the lock, but hesitating to turn it. I knew that I would NOT smell the fresh baked cookies, or enjoy the wonderful smell that always filled her home.

At least she had died suddenly, and in her beloved home. I am still guilty that I did not leave Europe to come to her funeral. However, I had a very vivid dream the very night after she died in which she came to me and said, “I have asked in my will, which I have attached, that I be cremated.

I ask that you do not leave your vacation to come to my cremation. I will come to you. Please allow me that final joy of showing you the lovely Lightbody that I now wear.”

Sure enough, that very next evening, Grandma came to me in a body of Golden Light. The only thing she said was, “Beloved Granddaughter, I have left everything I had to you, and most important, I have left you the key to the attic.

“I love you so deeply that I want to tell you that I now know that life is eternal and death is an illusion. Therefore, my love for you is infinite. Please remember that I will always love conditionally beyond all space and time.”

I was very confused by the “beyond all space and time” comment, as that was not the way my Grandmother spoke. Nonetheless, the statement made me cry uncontrollably, but not just for sorrow. Instead, I cried for the great love that I had always felt from Grandma, and for the love I would always have for her.


Finding the Journal

When I first returned from Europe, I went to Grandma’s resting place with a huge bouquet of her favorite flowers. However, as I got closer and closer to her “resting place,” I knew that I would not be able to face her grave, so I turned the other way, away from the cemetery and away from what remained of my grandmother’s body.

Then, after a few months living in Grandma’s house, I was finally ready to go to her final resting place. I was very tempted to turn away again, but then I remembered the vision of her in a golden body, which gave me great comfort. Also, I wanted to thank her for all the money that she had left me.

I still wonder how an elder woman who never seemed to have a job could have so much money. My parents had been very tight with the money they gave me, and said it was because my Boarding School was so expensive. But, later, I learned that my Grandmother had paid for all my education, including Boarding School.

When I was in High School, I found out that Grandma was paying for my education. I tried many times to ask Grandma how she could afford to give me all that money, but she always said, “Don’t worry about it dear. It is all taken care of.”

I never found out what she meant by, “It is all taken care of,” but years later she was still able to leave quite a bit of many after she had passed on. It was this money that allowed me to go to Europe and still not have to work for quite a while.

Fortunately, I was smart enough to get a good money manager, who put me on a budget, or I might have blown through my money like my parents always did. I am now enrolled in graduate school, which will not start for quite a few months.

I made that decision, so I would have to go to graduate school, but I would have more time off to get me life together, which included focusing my attention on taking care of “my” house, the large yard, and exploring the “locked attic” that Grandma would never let me enter.

In fact, she even refused to talk about the attic, which gave it such a great sense of mystery that made me want to enter it even more. Then, the other day I was rummaging around in some boxes in the pantry and found a key that said, “Attic” on it.

You would think that I would instantly run up and go into the attic, but now that I could enter it, I was afraid. Grandma was not a timid woman, so when she never allowed me to enter the attic, my childhood-self made up all kinds of stories of what mysterious things were happening in the attic.

As an adult I knew these stories could not be true, but the fear that my stories created, still remained deep inside of me. So, again, I found many reasons why I was “too busy” to explore the attic and put the key in a “safe place,” which I unconsciously made myself forget.

As soon as I realized that I was letting my fear get the best of me, I began my search to “find the key.” Of course, I searched the house for months and could not find it. Then, finally, one day, I was in a hurry to go on a date and could not find the necklace that I wanted to wear.

In my hurry and aggravation, I turned the jewelry box upside down to dump everything on my dresser. And then there, much to my surprise, was the key tapped to the bottom of my jewelry box. I instantly recognized the key and ran towards the door to the attic. But when I got to the door, I paused.

Why was I so afraid to go into that attic? It had been many months that I had very happily lived in this house. “There was no reason for my feelings,” I told myself again and again. For two days I tried to convince myself to open the hall door and walk the stairway up to the attic.

Then, I had another dream of Grandma in her Golden Body. All she said was, “Do not be afraid my love.” She might have meant something other than the key, but as soon as I awoke I put on some jeans and a t-shirt, took the key from the bottom of my jewelry box, and headed for the door to the attic.

When I had climbed the steep stairs up to the attic door, and stood there for are too long, I finally got the courage to put the key into the lock. I was almost hoping that the key did not fit, but it fit perfectly. In fact, it was also as if the key turned itself.

I tried not to ponder on that strange sensation, as I already had more adrenalin then I needed. The door opened as easily as the key turned. “This is weird,” I told myself. “One would think that such an old key would not work so easily on such an old door.

I did not realize that the high window towards the top of the house was for the attic, but there it was, with the Sun shining brightly on a particular pile of old papers. Since everything that had happened so far was surrealistic, I decided to look at that pile of papers first.

I carefully moved the loose papers and found a bound manuscript just under them. It was as if those papers had been put there to hide, or protect, the bound manuscript, which I carefully picked up. As I opened the manuscript to the first page, I found an introduction, which I will share, word for word. It was written by a person called Shara Lynn.

In fact, the manuscript was a journal, and it was written by someone named Shara Lynn. I am sure my Grandmother got this journal, which eventually turned out to be more like a book, at one of the many old bookstores she loved to go to. Was this the book that she always seemed to be looking for?

I remember going with her to many old bookstores and the joy of rummaging through the old book stacks in search of the mysterious book that Grandma was always looking for. I wonder if the book I just found is the one she was always looking for?

I guess I will never know the answer to that. However, if I read the book, I might get some clues as to what my Grandmother was up to. It was then that I began to silently cry. Up until then, I had pushed my sorrow away into a safe place until I was ready to visit it.

But, as I thought of the memory of looking through old, used bookstores with Grandma, searching for something that she never shared with me, I was suddenly filled with the great sorrow of losing her. Then, as I remembered all the wonderful times I had spent with my beloved Grandmother, I began to sob uncontrollably.

Finally, my tears spent, I was able to carefully open the old book to discover what was inside. To my surprise, the book was actually written by a person named Shara Lynn, and it was her personal journal.

Who was this Shara Lynn, and how did my Grandmother get her journal? “Well,” I told myself, “You will not find out until you take the book downstairs and start reading it.”

Thank Heavens, the “practical me” took over before the “sorrowful me,” and “the more lonely than I thought person could ever be me” took over. However, before I go more into my own problems, I want to share the first chapter with you.

“Wait! Who is this “me?” I thought? For some reason the name Shara Lynn kept running around in my mind. “Who is this Shara Lynn, and why does she keep coming into my mind?” I yelled to no one.

Once again, I felt an emanation, NO, I am sure it was the essence of my Grandmother’s sweet voice saying , “Read the book dear. I left it here for you.” Now I was really spooked to hear my Grandmother answer my thoughts. However, I then realized that she had been answering all my thoughts since she had passed on. (I cannot bare to say the word “died.”)

I think the reason why I actually opened the book and started to read it was to distract myself from my sorrow. I have always loved a good mystery, and this was, indeed, a mystery. Therefore, I took the book firmly in my hands, left the attic, walked down the long stairs and locked the door again.

Why did I feel a need to lock the door, and why did I “hide” the key to the attic in my jewelry box again? I am now able to realize that I was, indeed, following some form of “higher guidance,” but I did not even know about that term back then.

Even with the key back in my jewelry box and the, manuscript, or was it a book, recovered and waiting next to my bed, I did not even open it for more days that I can remember.

Why was I so frightened by this manuscript? But maybe it was not just any “manuscript?” What if it had something in it that I did not want to know. “STOP,” I told myself. “What could be so “scary” about what was likely my Grandmother’s Journal.

I was about to find out.

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 12:23 AM  



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This Equinox Passageway Floods Every Cellular Organism with the Highest Frequencies of PURE Divine LOVE – Lisa Transcendence Brown

The Miracle Of Love Painting by Elena Kotliarker @ Fine Art America


This Equinox Passageway Floods Every Cellular Organism with the Highest Frequencies of PURE Divine LOVE as DEEP Cosmic Christed Heart Openings Continue Powerfully and Pristinely for/within ALL

Days upon days of LOVE frequencies, flooding our atmospheres (inner & outer) for this Super Powerful Equinox Gateway we are in….

These pristine frequencies, sooooooo very soft, so simple to hold immense love in every exchange, flooding all to experience Divinity with great ease. The beauty of Divine Essence available to all embracing and allowing themselves this.

One of the purposes of all of these ultra-high Light Frequencies (Codes), is for all to RETURN to the Purity of Love that they ARE and assist with the physical/energetic release of all that is not LOVE. Each will be SHOWN THIS through their own energy, their own feelings, their own actions, their own experiences and what presents in the physical to also observe/see…. Everywhere that IS NOT LOVE…. these are Catalysts that assist with a huge cleansing process, on every level, which is imperative for our NEW Earth Existence here.

Highest Consciousness is about how we behave, how we treat ourselves and others, how we view realities, how we show up, how we relate, how we communicate, how we “do” everything. It is each going so deep inside that the Light of their own SOUL can emerge, so that all that is not kind, respectful and aligned with LOVE can become visible for each to see. This can be by way of one’s own feeling or what plays out in the physical…

The beauty that is available to each is beyond, the ability to observe self/all in order to consciously shift/align is as easy as each allows.

For that which exists in DUALITY… this is ego programming that has to be dissolved/resolved within each. The observation that there are some heavy-duty clearings going on for collectives, this is an important part of this collective up-shift, so be patient and kind to yourself. Let the judgement go. It’s a cellular cleansing of old unconscious programs that held all to unconscious realities before (deep beneath the veils of amnesia that continually lift for all). Heightened emotions and physical pain are an akashic clearing, a dissolving of the ego constructs and where they were held within each. The process of UNIFICATION occurs AFTER these old frequencies have been released/cleared and the body template is allowed to re-structure/re-code with new programming to replace the old… which can occur without you even being aware, in your sleep, while  you are having a conversation, out in nature, working, playing… or you may be “full blown” in the depth of a huge clearing, which will pass when all of that energy is “gone” or the moment you come into full consciousness (when your heart opens and your head is no longer in control).

These frequencies are pristine…. the COSMIC WEATHER very calm for days…. as we prepare and continue through this passageway for the completion of this Gateway that anchors in with the 3/31 Full Moon, thereby shifting us to other Gateways we are also currently in.

This is a process of full self-accountability, full self-responsibility, full self-awareness, without creating judgment feelings of blame, guilt and more. These passageways are OPPORTUNITIES to release/let go of all that is not love, all that no longer serves your highest purposes, all that you held onto before, all that represents separation within you…. so that you can breeze through and come out on the ‘OTHER SIDE’ FREE’r, more expansive and Light’r than you were before. Those old unconscious programs/emotions/thoughts/actions are of a vibration that cannot “pass through”. They have to be released… for they can no longer “exist” (live) inside of you.

Your next reality awaits you, one that is of a much higher vibrational MATCH. Not just one, infinite ones, that prepare right now to come forth/materialize in the physical as you HOLD your own HIGHEST STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS and allow the physical to realign for you. Our realities are SIMPLE, where we allow them to be…. for all we have to do is HOLD and ALLOW, while “doing” each moment/day, that which is highest aligned too.

On a deep SOUL Level, that Light inside of you is bursting to come forth. That beauty, that magnificence, that amazingness and that simplicity and ease…. will flood your entire body/system as you allow yourself this. The deeper you go inside of yourself, the more you allow to fall away, the more you resolve all AS LOVE, the simpler everything is… and the easier it is to fulfill your highest purposes/missions/roles, because all that is aligned to support you, is also “allowed” to come forth.

On a DEEP SOUL LEVEL, we each are re-connected through the Purity of LOVE. The only difference is whether our current realities are fully aligned or if there is something vibrationally that takes us down different paths. That connection though, is always there, for it transcends the physical everything. That connection can only be temporarily “severed” by our own ego/separation, yet on a deeper level, it never can. ♥

This passageway is both subtle and profound, it’s visible and it is not, it’s FELT and EXPERIENCED so deeply from within us and emanates out through our breath, our essence, our FIELD to touch the hearts of all other Souls open and ready to fully experience the PURITY of this too. ♦

I love you. It’s been the most beautiful everything…. I do hope that each one of you will allow yourself to experience these GIFTS and the ABUNDANCE available through a fully open heart/mind/body/energy and through Unity Love Consciousness as it washes and weaves through you too. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼



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You Are a Conscious Alchemist – Peggy Black & The Team

Art: Kobrin Nikita @

Greetings to my beloved Morning Message family March 20, 2017

___________ My Personal Message___________

Hard to believe this is the first day of spring here. The weather is shifting from day to day. We have warm spring like days and then a series of cold, freezing ones. The last few weeks we have had rain, hail and some snow.  I have been in the process of cleaning my art room. I am into my second week of sorting, clearing, tossing and donating. It is amazing how much one can accumulate over the years. Projects that were never finished or even started. I am so visual and I love to collage so you can imagine the files of images, pages from calendars, magazines and such. I have literally gone through the files and piles. It does feel good yet still more to sort.I have been so excited to respond to all the incredible feedback regarding my new website, I invite you to visit and check out all that is offered about my work, my garden, and my personal experiences of transformation.

I am planning to go to Kauai and visit my daughter for a couple of weeks next month. It will be so sweet to spend time with her. The probate is settled and now she needs to sort, clear and start the next phase of her life. I do seem to be the one my daughters engage to assist in cleaning the garage, packing to move, organizing and such. Many years ago I had a small business in which I actually did that for others. I was a professional organizer, long before the popularity of that service.

I am inviting you to join the “Bless the WATER.” World Water Day, on 22 March every year, is about focusing attention on the importance of water. The theme for World Water Day 2018 is ‘Nature for Water’ – exploring nature-based solutions to the water challenges we face in the 21st century. Get Inspired! Make Waves! Hold an Event! Learn more and enjoy stories about nature-based solutions on or or watch People are standing up for the Rights of Water on YouTube.

Please contact me if you are interested in booking appointments to have a personal interface and connection with the ‘team.’ I love making the ‘team’ available for these sessions, they bring clarity and guidance.

Thank you so much for your kind support. The emails, bluesky gifts and cards I receive from you are so inspiring. Your love and prayers are greatly appreciated. We are a powerful community of spiritual beings and I am honored to be a part of our service together.

I acknowledge each of you as you recognize yourself as a master of transformation when dealing with all that is occurring in your life and on our planet. We are making a difference. I acknowledge your magnificence as you willingly heal and transform all that you encounter. I invite you to live in gratitude. Together we will continue to envision a reality that is life sustaining for all. Blessings of grace and joy, Peggy

_________ Message from the ‘Team’ _________ 

You Are a Conscious Alchemist
Peggy Black and the ‘team’

We are here offering our support and our acknowledgement for your continued commitment to transforming this reality. We are aware that you sometimes question that commitment and even wonder if you and your action are making any difference at all.Let us reassure you that you are making a difference. There are many, many more of you who are aware of your personal power to create. You are triggering and spreading this knowledge with everyone you encounter.  This awareness vibrates in your energy field, it radiates around you, it is a gentle frequency that touches the other and reminds them that they are divine.

You are making a difference every time you recognize a misqualified thought or feeling within yourself and when you shift that thought or feeling into one that is coherent, more loving, more inclusive. Realize that each and every time you shift a limiting pattern or thought to a more expansive one, the entire collective field is affected, is uplifted.

Imagine that you are part of a movement, you are part of an evolution in consciousness. This is truly happening around your world, in small pockets of light, in large gatherings of conscious beings, in silent actions by the many light workers and transformers everywhere. Your numbers are growing; conscious light is igniting, kindling, the conscious light within others.  More and more are waking up and becoming aware of who they are as magnificent multidimensional beings.

Global gatherings are occurring because of your ability to connect with others around the world in a matter of seconds. Group mind is forming from the desire for life sustaining actions to be taking place. Meditation and prayers are being energized by larger and larger groups of people holding and anchoring the energy of peace and harmony. This is not the news that is broadcast.

The news that is broadcast and shared is filled with misqualified energy and invokes the weakness of humanity. It emphasizes the negative, the dividing and judging, the pushing against. The collective energy field is impacted and empowered by those that focus. Remember what you resist will persist.  So the best you can do from a place of awareness is to bless and transform all you encounter.

Imagine if every awakened earthwalker would focus uplifting results to all situations that are reflected in the media and the news. There would be a shift, we can assure you. Instead of adding your energy to the negative that is happening and being reported, by expressing your disgust or shock or judgment, pause and reset your response. This is the ability to develop a new skill, the skill of a master. Bless those that are harmed, and envision a shift or change of positive being birthed from this event. Implant the seeds of this shift in the quantum field. Imagine a world in which this did not occur.

We are not saying to ignore, or deny the horrific things that can occur on your planet. We are here to remind you that your physical experience in the dimension and timeframe is to bring about a life sustaining reality.

You are a divine creator, a manifestor, calling forth what you focus upon. You are here to awaken from the mass unconsciousness of limitation and herald the coming of a dimension in which there is harmony, compassion, equality and the many uplifting expressions of love.

We observe the unconscious ease in which you, as an empath, match the misqualified energies that surround you. There is no judgment about this; we are just offering this as a reminder. Remember that emotions are a vibration, a frequency and they are contagious.

The conscious shift that is taking place, that you are bringing about, is the awareness that humanity has learned to repress their emotions, to store them in the tissues, bones, cells and organs of their bodies. These dense frequencies of misqualified energy and emotions create disharmony with the light body, or energy, as well as the physical form.

There are many ways these emotional patterns and frequencies are repressed. Human beings have learned and are extremely skilled in suppressing uncomfortable, negative or misqualified emotions such as fear, anger, feelings of being unworthy, unloved, not having enough, deep sorrow and grief.

Among the ways humans repress feelings  are behaviors, substances and pharmaceuticals, as well as the most common method which is processed sugar. Processed sugar is the most legal addictive substance on your planet. It is used to shut those feeling down, to suppress and repress them. Processed sugar is the least expensive, most convenient substance to override your empathic abilities, which usually match the collective, and to keep any negative memory or feeling buried and stored in your physical body.

Each and every being on your planet is sensitive and empathic. Many have done their best to shut this gift and ability down because it can be too painful, too disruptive, too uncomfortable. Yet as a divine being you are here to transform these very emotions and frequencies.

Consider for a moment that you have repressed or stored a feeling of being unworthy from some early experience. You are now a responsible adult and moving about in your day; you pass someone on the street or at a social gathering who happens to be feeling unworthy (broadcasting a vibration of that unique feeling). Guess what gets triggered in your field? Yes, out of the blue, so to speak, you might begin to feel uncertain, unworthy, an old familiar feeling that you want to disown.

Realize that your stored, repressed emotions can and will be activated by others, by their words, actions or silent vibrations that match your own personal unconscious emotions. Your goal always is to realize what has happened and allow yourself to process and clear those old stifled feelings rather than find a method to restrain them again. Each time you allow yourself to clear any stored pattern, you free yourself up. You will begin to be less triggered by others.

You are a divine master of energy. You are here to transform all misqualified energy/emotions you have experienced, without judgment, without the story. Simply recall the feelings and witness the experience and allow yourself to express with sound the feeling of being angry, scared, unloved, unworthy. When emotions are express from a conscious place and a desire to clear them from your circuits, there is a shift. Once you have expressed those feeling, always declare and name the emotion/quality you want in its place.  For example, express your anger or rage until it feels complete; now name and call forth a sense of peace or understanding and sound that into place.

Each time you clear any personal misqualified or negative emotion you are also clearing an aspect of the collective misqualified emotions that match that vibration. This is the act of a Conscious Alchemist.

We honor your courage to experience negative emotions and your conscious willingness to transform them. You are doing good, great work in creating a reality that honors all. You are not alone. Call upon all non-physical divine beings to support and assist you. the ‘team’

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The Golden Age in Modern Prophecy – Part 6/6 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Adishakti The Eternal Energy Cosmic Version by Bhargav08 @ DeviantArt


The Golden Age in Modern Prophecy – Part 6/6

Given the interest in Ascension, the Event, or a planetary heart opening, I’ve reworked two series from the past into one, going over all the voices I’m aware of who talk about the New and Golden Age.

This can also serve as an introduction to new readers.

(Concluded from Part 5)

Twentieth Century (Cont’d.)

British Spiritualists of the Late Twentieth Century (Cont’d.)

In the late 1970s, Helen Greaves channeled a spirit who called himself an “Elder Brother,” and predicted Ascension, calling it “ascendency.”

“Oh, Closed Minds, open to the revelation of the Divine Law! Fulfil the teachings of the Great Ones; accept the Living Water of Truth into your minds in preparation for the New Age of the revelation of the Spirit!” (1)

“The New Age of Aquarius [is] now dawning on the world. …

“Yet, even as indeed we may be the Elder Brethren of your human race, and able to view the present trauma of your planet with detachment, still our duty and our joy is to release to your worlds some ray of that Divine Purpose by which all creation moves to its ascendancy.

“Such a moment in the plan for your cosmos is now immanent. These powerful vibrations of truth will make ingress into man’s mind and heart as the Living Water of the Aquarian Age is poured out upon all mankind, in the centuries when, following these tribulations of retribution for past cruelties, remorse for lost opportunities, and the dismal errors of the substitution of temporal power and affluence for Spiritual Grace, have been purged from all nations.” (2)

Around the same time, Sir Ronald Fraser was also telling us from the spirit planes that the Aquarian Age was coming:

“There are so many new forces about to be unleashed that we all long to warn you. Conserve your mental and physical energy. It will be needed.” (3)

“Earth is ending – or nearing the end – of a cosmic day which in this case synchronizes with the end of an Age and the entrance into the Aquarian Age. Such times are always times of great distress and unawareness.” (4)

In the same collection of postmortem writings, the Polish martyr of the Second World War, Father Andrew Glazewski, used his time with Helen Greaves to report a Second Coming.

“We can do so much more with your planet besides just looting and despoiling; and for that reason I am hoping that a moment will soon come when other beings will join you on earth to show and to demonstrate another way of living. I want you to reach out in thought to these greater beings by asking the Christ to bring his Christed ones within the earth vision. This is the plan for which we must prepare. It has been called the Second Coming. But it is not in the least like the original Coming of Christ. This will happen at first slowly, and all over the world people will appear possessing great dynamic force and power.

“They will not command. They will keep in step with all of you in all the different walks of life, but slowly, gently, they will impress the love ray, and their gentle influence will be felt and guarded. Take this into your conscious mind and hold yourself alert to meeting, as you may well do, one of these advanced beings. The earth is ripe for this even and there are an increasing number of awakened ones now in the body. See that the number grows and do not lose heart because of the apparent futility of your efforts.” (5)

No one would associate Theosophy founder Helena Blavatsky with the late Twentieth Century. However, at the end of the 1970s, she returned, to Robert Leichtman to discuss the “new teaching” expected soon.

“There is a new teaching coming out. It’s going to come from fresh sources. This is the nice thing about the differences in generations – fresh sources can come along. So let’s not call it yoga, although I think Alice used that particular term, and I did too. We meant something that is not literally yoga – not Hatha Yoga or Raja Yoga or Kundalini Yoga or any of the specific forms of yoga. It will be a new teaching that is distinctly Aquarian, distinctly western, distinctly new, distinctly open, distinctly clear, distinctly scientific – and I hope distinctly humorous too.” (6)

Not only did Blavatsky return but Arthur Ford also visited with Leichtman and gave the same message:

“Humanity is vaguely aware that something momentous is about to transpire.” (7)

“The reason you’re seeing so many second comings of Jesus, second comings of Buddha, and even the rise of black magic and Satanism is because humanity is vaguely aware that something big is going to happen. …

“Humanity is tuning in, more or less consciously, to these particular forces coming from within, from the inner planes, at this time. This is one of the reasons why there is such a rise in the interest in psychic phenomena, after all – because we are all making ready for the reappearance of the Christ. Jesus only had one harbinger, but the Christ of the New Age is going to have several million harbingers.

“As you know, several of the people who were associated with Jesus during His life have now reincarnated. They don’t advertise it, but these people are genuine.” (8)

Ford felt a single individual would arise as an avatar, but, really, we have several avatars alive today.

“Whenever there has been an avatar, there has been a lifting of the vibration of the whole human race. You can look for that and much more. The physical plane is rapidly moving into the fourth dimension. Part of the avatar’s work is to raise the consciousness of the planet so that this particular transition can be made. That is the first thing that will happen.

“You’re going to be noticing within your lifetimes that some things are not working quite like they used to, and this will be an indication that this transition is happening.

“At the same time there will be an increasing awareness of some of the inhabitants of the inner side of life – entities such as elves, angels, and spooks. This will be another indication of what is happening.

“The major work of the coming avatar is to lay the foundation for a truly spiritual civilization based on a clarification of ancient wisdom and a new revelation. He will guide us up the next evolutionary step for mankind, which is basically what every avatar comes to do. …

“I don’t think he will be working through the framework of traditional Christianity any more than Jesus Christ worked through the traditional framework of Judaism. He will probably have his beginnings there, because that will be the predominant religion of whatever community he is in. However, I’m sure he will go beyond it. We forget that Buddha began in the Hindu religion and broke through the traditional framework for that and created something new, too.” (9)

Thus many guides and spirits have been telling us since the 1870s that we could expect a new era, a new world, a new revelation, and a new dispensation soon on Earth.

It would totally recast human relationships, our relationship with the Divine, and the way life would be lived on Earth.

It’s surprising how accurate so many of those sources are when compared to what the Company of Light are saying today. Their names for the advent of Ascension and the Golden Age may not have lasted but the details of what they expected seem to have been for the most part borne out.

And now we stand on the verge of the first palpable Ascension events – perhaps a global heart opening – and the realization of all these men and women tried so hard to have us wake up to. The Great Awakening now begins.

(Return to Part 1.)

For your reading enjoyment, this series has been turned into a book.

Download it here by opening .pdf file and hitting “File – Save Page As”:


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On the Divine Mother at Navaratri – Part 2/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


On the Divine Mother at Navaratri – Part 2/2

(Concluded from Part 1, yesterday.)

She also confirmed the following important equation with me. It may be somewhat contentious for some people and I regret any upset it may cause.

Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva = Creator, Preserver, Transformer = Rajas, Sattwa, Thamas

The first three terms are the Trimurthy; the second three are functional descriptions; and the third are the cosmic forces, also known as the gunas. The Mother confirmed that they are all the same.

Here’s that discussion, which may not interest people unfamiliar with the gunas:

Steve Beckow: I have a question for you from our Hindu readers. They want to know if the gunas, the cosmic forces which are called rajas, sattwa, and thamas, are the same as the Trimurthy [Triad] of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Divine Mother: Yes. We are the same as that triad.

SB: And the Trimurthy of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva is a subset of the Universal Creative Vibration that you are at your essence. Is that correct?

DM: That is correct. [The Trimurthy] is much the same as we have been speaking of. It is a way in which my beloved children can come to know me and to have that experience. It is formless, and yet it is form. It is a way of connection, and it is a way of understanding and entering into a higher vibration of being. So it helps the emergence into my energy.

SB: Sort of like stair steps?

DM: That is correct. (1)

“We are the same”: She’s confirmed that the gunas are a subset of her; specifically, of her energy as the universal creative vibration which we know as Aum or Amen. Aum is not coterminous with the Mother; nothing is. The Mother uses the Aum vibration to create worlds.

But look again, in our hunt for identities. Let’s divide the sine wave that Aum is into its components: A-U-M = Akar, Ukar, and Makar. And what are they? We find they are the forces of creation, preservation, and transformation.

At the risk of blowing everyone’s circuits with complexity, we now have the following, extended but very useful statement of equality:

Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva = Creator, Preserver, Transformer = Rajas, Sattwa, Thamas = Akar, Ukar, Makar (AUM) = a subset of the Mother.

The two equations suggested here strike me as basic identities in a cross-cultural spirituality.

“The macrocosm and the microcosm rest in the Mother’s womb; now do you see how vast it is?” Sri Ramakrishna asked us. (2) Indeed, we do.

The Mother herself has confirmed with me that she’s much “larger” than our version of “Shakti.”

Divine Mother: When I have spoken about … Shakti, I have spoken about a part of me. As I have said, I am the bridge. I am the clasp between the Father and the universe and your world. And Shakti has been experienced — yes, inter-dimensionally for eons, as you well know – but she is not the totality of my being. My being is bigger than you can fathom, dear one.

So I do not simply mean that she is an aspect manifesting. But it is simply larger than any of you can imagine, particularly at this point.  (3)

The Mother encompasses everything with form, everything material, and, as it turns out, everything knowable. The Father cannot be known. We cannot approach the Father without knowledge of the Christ or Atman first; then knowledge of the Mother second; and at last we enter the unknowingness of the transcendental Father. (4)

It turns out that these three entities are levels of consciousness. Or levels of love. Or levels of bliss. All roads lead Home, to the higher dimensions beyond the seven-chakra system.

So for the benefit of all devotees of the Mother on Navaratri, this is the most up-to-date account I can give you on the nature of the Mother we all worship.

Happy Navaratri!

Happy New Year!

Jai Ma!


(1) “The Divine Mother: Come to Me as I Come to You – Part 1/2,” Oct. 17, 2012, at

(2) Paramahansa Ramakrishna in Swami Nikhilananda, trans., The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. New York: Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center, 1978; c1942, 106.

(3) “The Divine Mother: Come to Me as I Come to You – Part 1/2,” Oct. 17, 2012, at

(4) Which enlightenment experiences happen at the fourth, sixth, and seventh chakras.

Ascension occurs beyond the seven-chakra system. The opening of the seventh chakra or Sahasrara leads to Brahmajnana or God-Realization, a transcendental experience. But it’s still only halfway up the mountain.

Beyond it is Sahaja Samadhi, which is the culmination of our Ascension. Sahaja is a permanent heart opening and is known as mukti or moksha, liberation from Third-Dimensional birth and death.




Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the recent editing. If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link OR finding it on my website using the Search Button. ♥ Lakshmi Amrita 

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WEBSITE UPDATE 2 – Lakshmi Amrita

The Jewel in The Lotus by Alejandra Romo.



Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the recent editing. If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link OR finding it on my website using the Search Button.  Lakshmi Amrita 

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The Ego and Conscious Thinking – Trevor Taylor




The Ego and Conscious Thinking,

By Trevor Taylor.

“Islands are special places. They are finite, complete. They are of the sea, and because of that, their land has added value.

An island can become part of you, though perhaps not you part of it.

An island allows you to stop and stare, to look anew at things with which you’re familiar, and to find the things with which you aren’t. It gives you chances to look more closely at yourself.”

….Armed with the introspection of this eloquent introduction to the Island of St Helena, one of the remotest in the world, by Author Ian Baker, a visitor would perhaps have the concept of ego dimly at the back of his mind in his venture into the island. My goodness, what a shock awaits him, as it did me. Just a few miles from the sleepy capital Jamestown, lies Longwood House. St Helena is of course British, but Longwood House is French Territory. The visitor would not suspect this, until wandering into the grounds, and being confronted by the French tricolor flying proudly in the North Atlantic breeze, guarded by Napoleonic cannons glaring angrily out to sea, guarding the ghost of perhaps the greatest Ego in the history of the planet.  It is the last home in exile of Emperor Napoleon of France, and the place where he died, and with that, came the death of arguably the greatest ego known to mankind.

The visitor climbs the few steps to the cool verandah, and enters into the world of history that is Longwood House, and contemplates, forlorn amongst all the regalia of power and militancy, one of the last remaining campaign cots in which Napoleon slept in the battle-fields in his quest for glory for the people of France. And the visitor at the same time would be struck by the smallness of the cot, almost as if it belonged to a child. Then the visitor would notice the low ‘wear marks’ on the shutters, on the seaward windows, where Napoleon was known to peer out from his forced confinement, probably wondering if his army and ships would come to his rescue. Onwards, strolling around the beautiful gardens and fauna of Longwood House, he would notice how the paths were sunken, so that Napoleon could walk around his gardens without being seen. The Ego had become a ghost.

William Hazlitt, Political activist wrote that Napoleon’s triumphal march on Paris in 1815 was

.. the greatest instance ever known of the power created by one man over opinion .. it was one man armed with the rights of a people against those who had robbed them of all natural rights, and gave them leave to breathe by charter ..

And it was Napoleon, that at the height of his Ego, at the time, said “What is a throne? — a bit of wood gilded and covered in velvet. I am the state…


Yet Hazlitt goes on to say that Charles Darwin had a much greater vision than Napoleon in mind when he visited St Helena in 1836. With a conscious mind, he didn’t even bother to visit Napoleon’s Tomb in the hauntingly pretty Valley of the Tomb, nor Longwood House to pay his respects. In short he had no time for Napoleon and the Super-Ego.

Contrast this with the lonely prison cell that Nelson Mandela called home for 18 years.

On a bleak cold day in 1964, Nelson Mandela was imprisoned on Robben Island, off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa, where he would spend 18 of his 27 years in confinement.. In that single small cell sleeping on a sparse mattress on the floor and denied basic visiting rights, with one short visit allowed a year, and with every deprivation thrown at him, his life was hard labor in a quarry.

With a complete humility and gifted with a balanced Ego born of conscious thinking, Mandela turned the most hardened warder to admiration, was a natural leader with his jailed activist colleagues and took ownership of his own prison. He arose from impossible deprivation and isolation, to one of the world’s great leaders, to take on the great battle against apartheid and hate, thus creating a new democratic South Africa, and with it, being himself honoured with the award of the Nobel Peace Prize. With humility and pride in his people and with the ideal balance of conscious thinking in the Ego, he achieved greatness in his own lifetime.

These extreme examples of the power of The Ego shown here serve to remind us that it is the Ego that finds its voice in conscious thinking and awareness, that is most valued by us all and the more we find and express these values, the more valued we ourselves become.

– ♥ –

Trevor Taylor LLB (Hons)

Devon, United Kingdom

Award winning Commonwealth Writer and Academic Magazine Editor.


The Golden Age in Modern Prophecy – Part 5/6 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Rosa – Spirit Guide by Mara Diop

The Golden Age in Modern Prophecy – Part 5/6

Given the interest in Ascension, the Event, or a planetary heart opening, I’ve reworked two series from the past into one, going over all the voices I’m aware of who talk about the New and Golden Age.

This can also serve as an introduction to new readers.

(Continued from Part 4.)

Twentieth Century (Cont’d.)

White Eagle Predicts the New Age in 1967

In the past, we’ve discussed how word of the New Age has come from spiritualist sources in the 1870s (Imperator), the 1910s (Beinsa Douno), the 1930’s (Silver Birch), and the 1970s (David Spengler).

John adds to our knowledge base by pointing to passages in White Eagle in which that spirit teacher points to a New Age approaching from the vantage point of the 1960s.

White Eagle is a spirit guide who gave comfort and sustenance to many in the English-speaking world from the 1960s to the present. I recall reading his books when I first started out on the spiritual path and returning to them periodically.

His manner of expressing many spiritual truths and his universal love were always inspiring. Here is White Eagle predicting the coming of the New Age and the help we will get from spirits and galactics:

“A rapid development is taking place now, although man may be largely unconscious of it. In a little while the human race will be uplifted by its own effort and the effort of the [spirit] hierarchies.

“There is also great spiritual activity in outer space, a penetration of the mists of Earth by the angelic life. Man must learn to be receptive to these radiations from outer space. He must prepare himself by gentle, good thought, by abolishing all that is cruel, unseemly, ungoldly, to receive visitors from other worlds, physical, etheric and spiritual.

Moreover he has to become aware not only of the life in outer space and in other planets, but also of the conscious life in all nature, and his own relationship to it in every kingdom.” (1)

British Spiritualists of the Late Twentieth Century

In 1948, Alice Gilbert, as renowed for her Philip in Two Worldsbooks as Suzy Ward is for her Messages from Matthew, recorded her conversation with Sun-Ray, guide of a Mrs. Roberts, who predicted the coming events:

“Alice Gilbert to Sun-Ray, Mrs. Roberts’ spirit control: – Do you consider that there is a great drive going on in your world to educate people about [spirit]?

“He – Yes, certainly. In time, we shall be able to appear in our etheric bodies amongst you.

“Myself – That won’t be for a long time, will it?

“He – Not so long, perhaps in about a hundred years.” (2)

An unnamed master of the Brotherhood of Light used the occasion of Lesley May’s contacts with his mother to interrupt and predict the advent of a “new era” in which everyone will reap what they have sown. He went on at some length to describe the nature of the times.

Every vibration on the earth has been stepped up because you now stand at the threshold of a new era. Men are reaping the harvest of their sowing. Those who have sown violence will reap violence. Those who have sown peace will reap peace. For the harvest must be shared by all mankind; no man standing alone in his guilt, nor in his glory. Each is a fragment of the whole.

“Yet, my beloved, all is not lost, for I would reveal to you that within the law is yet a greater law, the law of transmutation.Many are they amongst you who have returned to earth at this time of crisis to enact the law’s fulfillment, as a voluntary service to all their brothers.

“Had mankind accepted and understood the teachings of the Master Jesus, the plan for your earth would have taken a vastly different course and the advance to perfection have been achieved with greater speed. However, mankind proceeded, unheedingly, upon a materialistic course, largely losing touch with the spiritual life-line of soul communion with the inner presence.

“Thus the harvest of their folly is upon them, but with the crumbling of the material edifice that they have built, the dross will be burnt away and the clear light of truth revealed. This will not be accomplished without suffering, yet, my beloved, much may be accomplished by those amongst you who have perceived the power of spirit, to turn the tide of disaster.” (3)

In his call to action, the master foretells the coming of our universal family to assist us with our evolutionary jump.

“Instruments are needed now, as never before in the history of your planet. Indeed, this is a momentous year and marks a beginning and an end of an era of evolution in the cosmic spheres, which will have repercussions, not only on earth, but in many planets and other planes of thought and action far beyond your understanding or imagining. There has been a vast concentration of energy from the cosmic spheres, which has been brought to a focal point at this time.

“A large measure of this energy has been and will be directed to mankind at your stage of evolution, both on your planet and to others in galaxies far removed. This we do not ask you to attempt to understand, for the reasons are beyond your comprehension. But we do ask that you should direct your thoughts upward in seeking for higher levels of attainment and that you should open your hearts and minds to the divine flow of cosmic energy. It is thus that the God Consciousness within you will be awakened to a realization of the encompassing love and compassion of the Divine Spirit and self-realization will be attained.

“Tread fearlessly on the path for though thousands may fall to the right and to the left of you, if you will but keep your minds single to the truth, no harm shall come nigh you.

“Go forward in confidence, my beloved. Listen to the still small voice within and be guided accordingly.” (4)

In our next article, we’ll look at other late 20th-Century voices.

(Concluded in Part 6.)


(1) White Eagle, Wisdom from White Eagle. Through Grace Cooke. (Liss: 1983; c1967).

(2) Alice Gilbert, medium, Philip in Two Worlds. London: Andrew Dakers, 1948., 227.

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(4) Unnamed Master of the Brotherhood of Light in ibid., 127-8.



Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the recent editing. If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link OR finding it on my website using the Search Button.  Lakshmi Amrita 

On the Divine Mother at Navaratri – Part 1/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Navratri – MusicIndiaOnline


On the Divine Mother at Navaratri – Part 1/2

Narendra has asked me to write about the nature of the Divine Mother on Navaratri. The Mother is worshipped on the Hindu New Year.

I always love to write about the Mother. I’m afraid there’ll be no holding me back.

This might go on for a couple of nights!

(I’ll attach a bibliography at the bottom of more articles on the nature of the Divine Mother.)

I’m going to go farther than just talk about the Mother. I’m going to talk about the whole Trinity.

In the course of it, I hope to show that Christianity and Hinduism worship the same Trinity and that the Trimurthy is itself a subset of the Mother.

What Vedantists call Brahman, Atman, and Shakti (the Divine Mother), Christians call the Father, Son (Christ), and Holy Ghost. (1) What the two sets are pointing to is exactly the same.

Parabrahman is the One, the All, whom Christians call the Father and the Godhead.

Atman is the Son, the Christ, the buddha nature, the firebrand plucked from the burning. Called also the Self and the soul, the Atman is the second member of the Trinity.

The Divine Mother is the third. She accepts the divine spark into her womb of matter, mater, Mother, and raises it up until it’s ready to know the Father. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

They are not entities, but levels of consciousness, known in corresponding levels of enlightenment.

As the story goes, Parabrahman, the Godhead, the Father wanted to know itself and had no way to do so, given that it was everything. How would you know yourself in that situation?

Knowing presupposes a subject knowing an object. Who is there to be an object when there is only one universal Subject?

Ibn Arabi explains what God chose to do: “I was a hidden treasure and I loved to be known, and I created the creation so that I be known.” (2)

The first thing God did was to “create the creation” – to create an illusory, holographic dreamworld, run on God’s laws.

The second thing was to create a version of Itself, a counterpart, to straddle the formless and form-filled worlds and operate this newly-created dream realm. We call the dream manager and operator the Divine Mother.

Into the Mother’s womb of matter, God dispatched sparks of itself, with the same mission: All of them were to find out who they are.

Who were they? God. When one of them realized their true identity in a moment of enlightenment, God met God. You wondered how God would come to know Itself? Well, this is how the mission was accomplished.

The operator of the dreamworld, the Divine Mother, has come to be known by a thousand names: Procreatrix/Prakriti; Creator, Preserver, and Transformer;  the Holy Spirit, Dharma, the Comforter Spirit, etc.

She is the one who operates the natural laws, against whom no word of disrespect should be spoken lest it rebound.

Mary, Mother of Christ, was one of her direct Incarnations, apparently.  Anandamoyee Ma was probably another.

I’ve had the great privilege of speaking to the Mother through Linda Dillon on An Hour with an Angel.

She confirmed with me that she is One with the Father – that she isthe One – that there is no essential difference between them other than the roles “they” have chosen.

Divine Mother: You may address me however you choose — Father/Mother One, All — but certainly I come to you this day in what you would think, or feel, as the presence of the Mother. (3)

There is no true separation between the Father and me. There is delineation and definition, just as there is in your own roles and the choices that you have made time after time. (4)

We can only get sure confirmation from the Mother. Never did I suspect that I’d be talking to her and getting it.

The only contentious equation in the Trinity might be whether the Holy Spirit = Shakti or not. And the Divine Mother confirmed that for me as a reasonable statement to make:

Steve Beckow: Is it correct on my part to say that Shakti is equivalent to the Holy Spirit?

Divine Mother: Yes. That would be a very good statement of clarity. (5)

So we can see that, in our quest for a cross-cultural spirituality, we can equate certain foundational elements of both Hinduism and Christianity and from there branch out to find equivalences in many other religions.

I hope I haven’t been too complicated, so far.

(Concluded in Part 2, tomorrow.)


(1) I believe Egyptians called them Osiris, Horus, and Isis. That’s just a guess.

On Hinduism, Christianity, and the Trinity, see “Christianity and Hinduism are One” at

(2) Muhyideen Ibn Arabi, Kernel of the Kernel. trans. Ismail Hakki Bursevi. Sherborne: Beshara, n.d., 3.

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(6) “The Divine Mother: Come to Me as I Come to You – Part 1/2,” oct. 17, 2012, at

Sri Shankara also confirmed the equation in another edition of An Hour with an Angel:

Steve Beckow: What is the connection between what Hindus call Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva,  and the gunas or the cosmic forces of rajas, sattwa and tamas?

Sri Shankara:  I can answer this very quickly. There are no differences.

These are cultural understandings. Now, you know, particularly to answer your first question, that in India there is a very lengthy, rich and proud tradition of belief. And I do not say this in any way to diminish, because, as I have said to you, the theme is unification. We have simply spent more time and more focus.

But yes, your understandings and your efforts to bring unification of terms — because that is what it is; it is simply language; it is different words for the same energies — [are welcome.] Now, do I ask you to stop using these words? Of course not.

But is there inherent in your growing understanding a cross-cultural, as you have put it, spiritual underpinning? Because we are not speaking religion. We are speaking spirituality. We are speaking faith. We are speaking the core of your life.

You do not have to change your language or your reference points, because they all end at the same place [Brahman or God]. They all begin, travel and end at the same place. (“Sri Shankara: Everywhere You Look Will be a Monsoon of Love,” June 26, 2013, at




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The Dimensions and Eternity ~ A Holographic Reality of Light – L’Aura Pleiadian

The Angel Hope – Keeper of The Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray


The Dimensions and Eternity ~ A Holographic Reality of Light

This Earth World is a Holographic meeting place of consciousness.

The Density ~ the Veil? Really?

Money and virtual money. Darkness and Light.

It is ALL LIGHT. As perceived by the observer.  It is the consciousness and frequency of the observer, that determines the experience.

The only difference is the level of awareness of the OBSERVER of what is consciously playing out IN the FIELD OF AWARENESS.

The LIGHT within. Your form and YOUR version of reality is held within YOUR Eternal Consciousness. Your Original Light.

No part of YOU is away from you. IT is what is animating your awareness.

It is only your subconscious that HOLDS within it any idea of pain and separation, that is in the process of releasing those old beliefs.

Your consciousness is eternal LIGHT.

What if ~ it was all beautiful as is?

What if every moment was perfect as is?

What if ~ all you SAW was the Light through BEING your Higher self, what will happen then?

You would see everything differently, You would exist in form through the Higher Dimensions.

This Earth World of consciousness existence, is a Holographic meeting place of consciousness. YOU are tapping into Being ALL of you everywhere.

Your subconscious is LIKE a present.

You are Opening the wrapping. Through each conscious experience.

As you observe this more and more, You SEE the present. That you ARE.

You see what appeared as hidden NOW brought to the Light.

It is going on NOW.

Your Divine Ascended BEING.

Your HEART fully Open and you functioning THROUGH IT.

You As the Divine Love of Your Eternal SELF now Present.

You are waking up to the process and to the PRESENT (Light YOU in totality) being revealed.

The WRAPPING is coming off the present. CONSCIOUSLY.

That is it.

The Shift is the revealing. The knowing. The seeing through the Eternal EYES of Your Awareness, that was always present.

Breathe this in. The truth of eternity and creation.

You AS Eternal Existing in ALL DIMENSIONS now.

You ARE existing in ALL dimensions. You Are unified. You ARE your original light. Nothing to wait for. ONLY to be revealed to YOU, through the subconscious becoming conscious.

The memories that believed otherwise, being dissolved now.

Watch closely, as all is revealed, THROUGH your Awareness. You will KNOW, your Eternal Self WAS always YOU.

In Glory and Love with the Divine Council of Overseers. Always present. Always Now.

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The Evolving Humans – Beacons of Light @ Espavo

Gratitude to artist


The Beacons of Light
Re-minders from Home

March 2018

~ The Evolving Humans ~ 

NOTICE: The following channels were given live on the VirtualLight Broadcast and can be heard as they were originally recorded. Below is an edited version of the same channel designed for print. These were edited with the groups oversight and approval. I hope you enjoy them.  Steve Rother

~ Time to Re-member ~

NEW Audible Light in Steve’s voice
Just play the video while you read.


Greetings dear ones, I am Merlia.

I have come to Earth this day to help you balance energy. There is so much moving on your planet and so many things taking place simultaneously, it is very Magical for us to watch from this side of the veil. We have told you about the 22 different waves that are coming through in 2018 and they are starting in earnest now. The bulk of them will be coming over three months: August, September and October. The energy will arrive steadily, so it will not feel as it did before with the waves hitting you so intensely, but more like a constant rise. Of course, the idea here is to get comfortable with change, because that is truly what is taking place. You have seen this affect many of your attributes on Earth in a variety of the different areas. It also has a lot to do with balancing the feminine/masculine on your planet, and we are so proud to watch. Dear ones, we realize that it is so scary and uncomfortable for humans to change. Humans resist change at every turn, and if they can slow it down or  stop it in some way, they will try.

Rebooting Your Past, Letting Go of Belief Systems

Quite literally the ground work is being laid for you in a new way. The ground is being cleared, because you have a new base energy in the fifth dimension. You are starting to see new things, although some you have been working on over and over again. Often these were seeds that were planted 30 or even 50 years ago, which are finally starting to bloom into reality. You have hidden some of these from yourself, perhaps even intentionally to motivate or control you in some way. Humans are starting to see things from a much higher perspective, making impossible to hide them any longer. We welcome that, dear ones, because now you are starting to see both yourselves and your game from our perspective.

Belief Systems

As we have mentioned before, the main challenge here is belief systems. Many people were raised with belief systems, and they are so deeply ingrained because many of them have been handed down from generation to generation to generation. Often, even relationships are built on belief systems. We have no difficulty with human beliefs; we believe that faith is very important. The challenge arises when you take one belief then build an entire system around it.  You are starting to evolve more quickly as these 22 waves arrive on Earth at an astounding pace. Dear ones, that is the part that we wish you to look at. Some of you have already examined your belief systems. Many have open belief systems which are not necessarily in touch with those around you, which can result in difficulties with your parents, siblings, and friends. That is because you built a relationship on one level, then you moved so suddenly that the relationship was not the same anymore.  You may even tend to break up relationships because of that evolution of thought. But do not fear if that is the case. The Family of E is now here en masse; you are here at a critical time. Although you may feel as if you are alone, as if there is no one who truly understands or who you can talk freely to, trust that you are never truly alone. Know that if you feel that way you are in the perfect place, because you are grounding the light in a very dark area.

Harbingers of Light

We are not telling you that one is right or another is wrong, but the evolution is well underway and taking everything with it. You have already seen a huge backlash to this, and will continue to as many people go into fear they move backwards in their evolution. They may try the old things or think they have simply been reaching too far with too much positivity. So, then they go backwards and try the things that have been handed down from generation to generation, because it worked in the past. However, now that you have moved out of the third dimension the fifth dimensional reality is here for you to ground in a new way.  We look forward to that tremendously, because you are the Harbingers of Light. You are those who have chosen to be here on this planet during these incredible times of change. We can hardly wait to see what you actually do with this, because you see it is up to you. Although many of you have traveled back from the future to be here at this moment, carrying something important to Earth and into the collective of humanity.  You might think that that means that the future is secure, but re-member every time you make a change it ripples forward in the timeline.

Time Travel

You are learning this now, because in the fifth dimensional reality you actually have the energy to time travel yourselves. This is new to all of you, although you have been dreaming about it for years. Yes, it has been in your science fiction for a very long time, planting seeds of hope. You are actually going to see time travel become a reality. We are not talking about going back eons of time, but rather going back in your own history and clearing something that was restricting you. Perhaps it has been a belief, event or some trauma that has occurred and you have carried forward in your cellular memories. That allows you to move through these changes very easily, because those are the things that will restrict you from moving and taking full advantage of these 22 waves arriving on Earth this year. To do that you must be unattached to your past, which is very difficult for everyone because you have built all your beliefs, energies and relationships in a linear fashion. Now that you are in the fifth dimension you do not have to stay in line anymore. Instead, with a little practice you can move to every aspect of it and we’ll be sharing more of that with you as we go forward.

Dear ones, you are in a new world and you are adapting into new physical bodies. Understand that your spirit moves first, for your spirit is the ethereal part of you that does not have density. Yet you blended with this physical body, creating this bubble of magic—we call it a bubble of biology–that houses your spirit for a short duration. It is that part of you which is finite, which has a beginning and an end. That bubble will house you for the timeframe that you are here, provided you take care of, nurture, and work with it. As such we now have to tell you that the bubble itself can be changing allowing new energies and attributed to come in, anchoring some of the reality of the fifth dimension for you. It does take time and practice, but all of you are in the perfect position to move forward in the most incredible timeframes and changes on your planet.

Re-membering Lightbody

Now, it is going to require a few things to happen. What does that mean? Do you have to move into light body tomorrow? No, dear ones, it will happen with each and every one of you in your own timeline, in the energy which serves you best when you are ready and not before. You are on the planet of free choice for a reason and we honor that with you. You are more magical than you understand and yet, you must find that out for yourself. You must move through all of these energies to collect all of your experiences on Earth all by yourself. Know that we are with you. Spirit is with you. Your higher self has a new connection to the physical you. By releasing your past history, changing and clearing it, you have opportunities to move into a higher vibrational status in the same physical body that you hold now. Eventually, everyone will move into light body. People will not have the density over a few short years and that is because once the process starts and people move into light body on a regular basis, within about 15 years everyone on Earth will have an opportunity to step into that more easily. You are here to hold the door open and take that first step forward. We wish your path was easy, but sometimes it will not be. Often your experience will be more difficult than those who follow, because you are the ones that have to pry that door open.  You are the ones that have to experience the most change. However, you are also the Family of E and you have done this before. In reality, when your memory fully returns and you begin to shed that body, you will start to understand who you really are. We will be there with big smiles on our faces, watching as that memory returns to you.

Many of you have done this through different games in places throughout the universe, more than you can count. What happens is when one of these games rises to a critical mass where these changes start to take place, the Family of E comes in and helps everyone reach a critical mass. The Family of E is now making a huge difference on your planet. Although they have been here for years, it is the collective of humanity that is now ready for those changes. So the critical mass has been reached and you are seeing things shift. Yes, things that had been stuck or maybe never worked before, they are suddenly working in new ways and changing all around you. It is astounding to watch and interesting. Be a part of it dear ones. Know that you have many more gifts than most of you are aware and you are well prepared for what is about to happen. We are here to help you hold those doors open, to hold the mirror up before you so that you can re-member and see who you really are.  Know that you have it all deep within you and everything that you need is here. You need nothing from the outside, dear ones.

As these next energies start to come in, you will experience different ways of thinking.  You have always held one thought in a linear fashion, much the same way that you experience time. Well, we have told you time travel is now possible in the fifth dimension. Many of you think that is wonderful so you can go back and live in an easier, softer time. But what happens is that your time is limited in those excursions, for the very simple reason that it ripples forward very quickly on the timeline.  Imagine it as a spiral in the fifth dimension. Although you can make a difference in your own life right now, as you go back you also clear things and set up opportunities for yourself. You go back and place little reminders or crystals in your path, so as you walk through it you suddenly re-member Home. You re-member the things that you wanted to:  your path, your contracts, and a little bit of who you are in these times. These are beautiful times to be here and the magic is just beginning. This is going to be a massive year of change dear ones, and you are ready for it.  The Family of E is well in place. We celebrate you and help you re-member who you truly are.

It is with the greatest of honor that I bring this message to you—a message of hope, a message of dreams realized. You do not quite understand your purpose yet. As the evolution of this planet and humanity start to take a new form, it is a beautiful time to be here. Your seat has been reserved and we are happy to see you in it. It is with the greatest of honor that we greet you in this way and ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity and play this new game well together.

I am Merlia. Come up and see me some time.


~ Amor Becomes the Teacher  ~

NEW Audible Light in Steve’s voice

Listen while you read click on the speaker.
Return to this page when the player opens and starts playing.

Amor Becomes the Teacher

Greetings dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time.

Welcome to all, as we take you to another story of Amor in the next chapter in the life of a young boy working through very similar times that you are having on your planet right now. Now in Lemuria, of course, things were quite different. They were accustomed to working with a connection of the heart that very few on Earth currently have. You have managed to separate quite a bit during the times since then and now your game is very different. Yet, as you evolve dear ones, you are coming back together to have heart connections very similar to the way they did. In reality, they had forms of communication that you do not have now and you do not yet need. You are not quite ready to have a heart connection completely, where you understand people on the very deepest of levels. Humans still prefer and protect their secrets. Deep contact is coming even in your new reality as humans are now well into the fifth dimension.

Let me take you a little further into the story of Amor now because we find Amor working in a job that he absolutely loves. He is an intake specialist. He did not call himself that, but basically he took people in when they came for their rejuvenation work. In the days of Lemuria you had Rejuvenation Temples; they were these simple, beautiful places lined with tuned crystals that were able to reflect your own energy back into you. We have talked much, dear ones, about the different signature vibrations that your body has and these crystals were designed in such a way that you could go in there for a short period of time and have all that signature vibration reset in your body. Because of that, you had lifespans generally in the 300-year range. Now let us take you a little further, because Amor became great at helping people to get the highest potential out of their time in the Rejuvenation Temples. He was highly thought of for his position and trained many other. In truth, he was able to help people to release many of their own restrictions so that they could re-set their own signature vibration and create the highest potential out of a very short experience. So, let us take you into that now.

We are at the stage at which Amor has trained many people Although he still deals with people coming in, he always has two or three people sitting behind him taking notes and trying to watch the way he does things. He spends much of his time answering questions and talking about that. At a very early age, Amor became a leader. Interestingly enough, on your planet you will notice that age usually has a lot to do with being a leader. Many times you do not look to young people to lead. That may be changing on your planet as well, for there are many wonderful leaders with fresh ideas coming without the handicap of age of having to carry all that energy with them from what they were taught so long ago. So, here we find Amor on a very critical date. He goes to work one day and he is met by what you would call his supervisor. Back in those days everyone was pretty much equal with different job descriptions and duties. Amor had let it slip by without notice, but today was his three-year anniversary at this job. Amor knew the customs well, for he had studied them well before he took his walk into life. The customs were very simple. Everyone would stay with whatever it is they were focused on or doing for three years, because they knew they could give their highest potential in three years with no problem. But after that, they would start to lose their peak effectiveness. So the tradition was you would move, you would change jobs, you would shift. You would leave the job for at least a year and if you wanted to, you could come back into that job. Things were arranged in such a way that everyone could literally take their place back if they wished to, and it was set up in a beautiful system of cooperation. No one was ever concerned that someone would return and bump them out of their position, because they were all connected in the heart. They all knew that this could be the highest potential and everyone wins from that—not a singular person. So competition was very rare in the days of Mu.

Here we find Amor considering all this and also studying the other parts of the tradition, because there were those that did not wish to leave after three years. If they wished to stay there, they would simply take responsibility for monitoring themselves constantly asking those around them, “Am I doing the job that I am supposed to be doing?” The customs in Mu were eventually replaced with what you call laws today. However, there was no need for laws in the days of Mu. When people decided not to follow the custom and go a different way, they would take responsibility for it. Sometimes this was even encouraged, because people could find new answers to old questions in this way. But whatever happened, they would always take responsibility for the choice they made and that custom alleviated many of the problems in those times.

So, Amor was faced with a decision. He had a job that he absolutely loved and was incredibly good at. He was training other people to do what he did, because he knew how to be the highest potential. He found his job fulfilling and he still offered the best to others. After several days of reflection, Amor decided to follow the tradition and step aside. He then told his supervisor “I will work for another week or however long you need, until you find someone to replace me. Then I will leave and take a little time to myself.” This was generally the custom because in Mu, one of the greatest things you could do was to treat yourself well. Amor said, “I will take this as a rejuvenation period and I will find other work, because I do not wish to be completely without work for a year. However, I will look to come back because I love this job and I love what I do.” And his supervisor simply said, “Amor, you will always be welcome back here. In truth, I think you will probably move on to find something else that will excite you even more. And simply know, Amor, as we have watched you through this period, we have watched you grow as a person. You have evolved as an individual, claiming your power finding your highest ability of empowering others. We tell you, you have an important part to play. We look for great things from you Amor. Yes, you can make a difference one heart at a time right here and you will always be welcome back. However, I kind of doubt that we’ll see you back here.” With that, Amor started his last week of work training individuals. He even wanted to start a training manual in which he could write down so many of the things that he successfully used in his work. He wanted to pass them on to other people, because there was really no competition in the same way that you know it here. Residents of Mu were much too close to each other to compete. They knew that what was effective to empower one, empowered everyone else around them as well. That is something that humans are now learning on planet Earth as time goes on. So, that was taking place when Amor said, “I will work one more week.” Obviously, he did not have time to write his entire manual in a week. But he started writing down some of the more important points. Something magical happened to Amor as he started to write, and soon he became aware that his writings were reaching far beyond teaching others to do his job. After the week, they had a great party at the Rejuvenation Temples to Amor. Many great gifts were brought to the rejuvenation temples; many of the people that had taken rejuvenation periods from him showed up to celebrate and offer gratitude. And then Amor went home.

The next day he tried to sleep in, but he was not able to. His thoughts were racing and his heart started searching for what to do next. He looked over at the tablets that he had been working on, with his writings spread out in different places by topic. His intent was to create a manual of how to help and work with people, and the ways in which his predecessors could be the highest use to others. He sat down and started to write some more. It was not long before Amor found himself writing as quickly as he could. The energy and thoughts were coming in so incredibly fast—even faster than he could write. He had to make a little notes off to the side, so he would remember to go back to these subjects. He found the information coming in incredibly fast and for the first time he realized he was hungry. Without realizing it Amor had spent the entire day at this table writing and now it was dark. Today, that is what you call channeling. Amor was trying to ground the energy just as quickly as he could.

The next day Amor did not sit at the table, but rather he took some time to talk to his friends and his parents. He talked to everyone to find out if anyone had experienced things like this before; in that special time something magical happened. He received some good advice, especially from his mother, but very few people he spoke with had similar experiences. He was so excited at his newly discovered gift that he spent the next few days at that table. It was not long before Amor started channeling a dear friend, Etu, whom he helped pass to the other side. Amor was so happy to reconnect; he was aware that Etu was now somehow different, more complete, Amor had been Etu’s transition team person which was the custom in the day of Mu. They had become friends, even though Etu was many years older. Amor was to be his transition person and when it came time for Etu to transition, or what you call to die today. Amor would be there to help him make that crucial step. He held his hand and worked with his family, helped him complete everything on this side of the veil so that he would be able to cross freely and comfortably. And now Etu was giving him information as a spirit. Amor was very excited about it and started writing down everything, as quickly as he could. He had papers and pieces of text all over the place not knowing if he would ever be able to put it all together. But his heart was simply filled with information and excitement, and now Amor could not think of going back to the Rejuvenation Temples. He was simply too busy and things were going too fast for him. So, for the most part he stayed in his home and wrote. He grounded this information and would take his time to center and nurture himself. He would even sleep in sometimes when his mind was not moving too fast for him to rejuvenate himself, knowing that is when he could be of the highest use to the universe and to the rest of Mu.

It was not long before Amor realized that this was not actually a manual any longer, but it had become a beautiful piece of literature about life. It was something very magical that he had taken in that day, so he began to write his book. Amor started to tell his story and it was not long before he felt a completion of sorts. He did not quite know how to make sense of it or put any of it together, because little parts of it were laying everywhere. He did not understand what this had to do with that, or how something related to this concept over here. However, he followed that pulling of his heart strings. Magically he had found that by going back and reading some of these things again he would find the highest order. Soon, Amor completed his writing. He had a story to tell and Etu helped him tell that story by channeling it through him. In truth, Etu was only tickling Amor’s memory; he was only helping him to come up with what he had already learned and putting it into a fashion that could help other people integrate it.  People could take it in and learn it through their own process. It is a very magical time for Amor and he never considered himself to be a writer. Of course, he never considered himself to be a teacher or a healer either, but in his job, he found out he was both.

Amor wanted to celebrate so he contacted Saroo, who was the love of his life. He tried to spend some more time with her, since he did not have to be at the Rejuvenation Temples all the time. Amor and Saroo struck up a friendship that turned into a deep love. It is a magical time for Amor. He felt like as if he was firmly on his path that he wanted to be on as an active participant in Mu. His father was very proud of him; proud that he was able to follow the traditions of Mu, to understand them, and to know really how to find the highest lifestyle in every moment.

Amor was starting something new, and soon others gathered around him. He started to find help to be able to put his books together in slightly different forms and what you have today. There were no publishers back then, but they did have their own stories which they told. Most of the time the storytellers were called just that—storytellers, and they were expected to come up with these magical stories mostly to entertain. Amor’s story went much deeper than to entertain. After many copies were made he passed them to some of the people he had guided through the Rejuvenation Temples. It struck an immediate chord and started to be read everywhere. People would go out of their way to learn Amor’s story, to read his whole triad about understand how humans and spirit work together to have this experience. The people of Mu loved his views even though they were quite different than many that went before him. They called him a new thinker, because they thought he had a new way of thought all together. It was very magical for Amor in those times and it is a magical day.

Amor spent the entire year writing and publishing his stories. And it was not long before he had the opportunity to actually go back and step back into the Rejuvenation Temples, which he had loved so dearly. Amor’s choice was just as his supervisor thought. It was not to step back, since it would simply be a backward step in his own evolution. He let them know that so that they could go forward and fill his position on a permanent basis. It was then that they made Amor aware that all the intake people were reading his stories. They filled his position and Amor never returned. From that day forward, Amor started to wear the hat of a teacher. The people of Mu loved to look through the eyes of Amor, for his different perspective allowed people to grow whether they fully agreed with him or not. It offered a whole new train of thought as to how a spirit has an experience pretending to be a human. Interesting.

Amor was constantly on watch to make sure that even though people came to him for answers, he never took their power from them even though they offered it, “Amor, just tell us which way to go. Tell us what to do and we will do it.” He would laugh quietly and know that that was not for him to do. So he would simply turn the question into another question and throw it back at them. “What would you think you would do at this point? If someone were asking you that same question how would you answer?” And then he would smile and people would start to get their own confidence. People would start to understand it was really their path that they had to write it. No one else could follow in the same footsteps. All he could do was to trigger some new thought on his beloved land of Mu.

The days of Mu were wonderful and Amor enjoyed his life tremendously.  He surrounded himself with empowered people; he and Saroo started living a life together as a couple. Both Amor and Saroo taught together and soon Saroo wrote her own stories. Yes, it was a wonderful time. They enjoyed each other tremendously and started to develop a very deep love. It was not long before Amor started writing another story, only this one he wrote with Saroo. Together they started talking about higher forms of relationships and the way energy can be transferred back and forth very clearly. They discovered how to work together as one, yet still keep their individuality. These were very magical times on planet Earth in the days of Mu. And so it was. Amor never went back to the Rejuvenation Temples. He had wonderful memories of it and he often wrote of his experiences there, but he stepped forward into a new time, energy and love. And that day everything was good in Mu.

Espavo, dear ones.

I am the Keeper of Time

The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

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The Golden Age in Modern Prophecy – Part 4/6 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Transparent Flower Seeds – Delicate DIY Garden Flower. The petals turn transparent with the rain. Amazing


The Golden Age in Modern Prophecy – Part 4/6

Given the interest in Ascension, the Event, or a planetary heart opening, I’ve reworked two series from the past into one, going over all the voices I’m aware of who talk about the New and Golden Age.

This can also serve as an introduction to new readers.

(Continued from Part 3)

Twentieth Century (Cont’d)

Silver Birch’s “New World”

From the 1920s to 1981, the much-loved Silver Birch, speaking through British medium Maurice Barbanell, repeatedly discussed what he called the “New World” that was coming. (1)

His was a much gentler voice than Imperator’s, but he covered all the same points, including the need to cleanse religion of its dogma.

The passage that follows is so relevant, I quote it at length.

“As always happens before there is a birth, there is much pain. The birth of the new order means much pain. Even when the new order comes, there will be growing pains.”

That rings true for me.

“But there has been planted in your world a seed that will grow and the efforts of those in high places to destroy the seed will fail. It was said, a long time ago, ‘Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.’ That is going to happen.”

This is happening as we speak (July 2016).

“There will be many big changes. There will be break-ups and there will be many upheavals. There will be what you think is darkness and difficulty. You will say, ‘Things are worse.’”

I have done this.

“But, all the time, there is behind it all a power which is making for the progress of the world.

“There are many of us who have been allowed by those who are higher and above us to see your world as it will be one day. That conception we try to transmit to those who are receptive, to inspire them to go on with their work.

“The pictures I have seen make your present world [seem] more ugly [in comparison?] than it is. I see what it could be like – and what it must be like. It is only a question of time.”

He now describes a higher-dimensional world, a world that works.

“One day, there will arise a new race that will recognize that all politics, religion, science and knowledge are part of one thing. Then pain, sorrow, fear, mourning and unhappiness will be banished and your world will be a place of smiles and happy laughter. …

“You have tried to build a world where, when one man has something, instead of using it to help others, he tries to keep it for himself, with the result that in time he makes a system that must collapse because its foundations are wrong.

“When you have people who develop their gifts, which all come from the Great Spirit, and use them for the benefit of all the others, then there will be built a system founded on that which is eternal.” (2)

People who develop their gifts and use them to help others – sounds like a lightworker to me. Building on an eternal foundation, of love and service, instead of an unstable foundation of greed and self-service.

“Silver Birch” himself is said to be a higher-dimensional, non-native being who used as his astral step-down transmitter on the other side a native American called Silver Birch. Here the higher-dimensional “Silver Birch” says that beings more evolved than he have showed him the future and that’s what he’s passing on to us now.

We have no way of knowing what dimensions he’s describing as “higher,” even when we read his descriptions of them. See if you can guess what dimension he’s referring to in these descriptions.

“The realm or sphere which is my natural habitat has a radiance and a translucence that you cannot understand, clogged as you are by matter.” (3)

“I come from a realm where all is light and colour, where hearts sing with the sheer joy of living, where all are busily engaged in congenial pursuits, where all the arts flourish, where each is imbued with the idea of service, with sharing what he has with those who have it not, where there is an intensity and vitality, a joy and radiance in well-doing.” (4)

“I have only just returned from the higher spheres which are my natural habitat. I have sought refreshment and renewal in higher spheres than the one I usually occupy when I communicate with you according to the manner of your world.” (5)

It’s at least the Fifth but probably much higher. “A realm where all is light and colour” could be a formless realm. Tenth or above?

There were other sources over the years discussing the coming Golden Age – David Spengler’s Revelation: The Birth of a New Age, Terence Mackenna’s zero-point writings, Eric Klein’s The Crystal Stair. The Sixties even saw a musical enacted about the coming of the Age of Aquarius. (14) The spirit of the “New Age” was fully alive back then in the flower children, Findhorn, Esalen, eastern religions, the drug culture, the whole potpourri. There was not a knowledge of Ascension among them however.

What’s the use of reading something like Beinsa Douno’s prophecy when we’re living in the times they’re describing?

When we as a world hit a time of chaos and uncertainty, such as the present dying days of the cabal, I find it reassuring, encouraging, and inspiring to read channeled sources from bygone eras who discuss everything that was going to happen – and is happening now. Hearing the accuracy of their accounts seems to stiffen my backbone to carry on when the circumstances weigh me down.

Reassurance, encouragement and inspiration are exactly what I need right now, as the cabal causes yet more chaos, lashing its tail hopefully for the last time and causing all kinds of reactions among lightworkers.

(Continued in Part 5.)


(1) See “Silver Birch on the New World” at A more complete database on Silver Birch can be found at

(2) Silver Birch, Teachings of Silver Birch. Wisdom from the World Beyond. Ed. A.W. Austen. London: Spiritualist Press, 1962; c1938, 42-3.

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(6) I’m referring to the musical Hair.



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The Golden Age in Modern Prophecy – Part 3/6 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

White Eagle by Gregory Clarke-Johnsen @ Fine Art America


The Golden Age in Modern Prophecy – Part 3/6

Given the interest in Ascension, the Event, or a planetary heart opening, I’ve reworked two series from the past into one, going over all the voices I’m aware of who talk about the New and Golden Age.

This can also serve as an introduction to new readers.

(Continued from Part 2)

Twentieth Century (Cont’d)

Beinsa Douno: The New Epoch is Coming

In between Imperator speaking in the 1870s and Silver Birch speaking in the late 1930s and 40s came the mystic master Peter Deunov, a member of the White Brotherhood, incarnated to tell us about the “New Epoch” approaching.

After his 1897 illumination, Deunov adopted the name “Beinsa Douno,” or the “the Bringer of Good through the Word.”

On March 9, 1914, Douno proclaimed the advent of the “New Era of Aquarius.” (1) From then until his death, he lectured about cosmology, the White Brotherhood, and the coming new world.

In 1917, the man later to be known as Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov met Beinsa Douno and became his fast disciple.

But it wasn’t until 1944, shortly before his death, that he made his most pointed and detailed statement, in which he called the climactic event Ascension:

“Everything that is around you will soon collapse and disappear. Nothing will be left of this civilization nor its perversity; the entire earth will be shaken and no trace will be left of this erroneous culture that maintains men under the yoke of ignorance. Earthquakes are not only mechanical phenomena. Their goal is also to awaken the intellect and the heart of humans, so that they liberate themselves from their errors and their follies and that they understand that they are not the only ones in the universe. …

“The earth is now following an ascending movement and everyone should force themselves to harmonize with the currents of the Ascension. Those who refuse to subjugate themselves to this orientation will lose the advantage of good conditions that are offered in the future to elevate themselves. They will remain behind in evolution and must wait tens of millions of years for the coming of a new ascending wave. …

“A new culture will see the light of day, it will rest on three principal foundations: the elevation of woman, the elevation of the meek and humble, and the protection of the rights of man.

“The light, the good, and justice will triumph; it is just a question of time. The religions should be purified. Each contains a particle of the Teaching of the Masters of Light, but obscured by the incessant supply of human deviation. All the believers will have to unite and to put themselves in agreement with one principal, that of placing Love as the base of all belief, whatever it may be. Love and Fraternity that is the common base! …

“Our mother, the earth, will get rid of men that don’t accept the New Life. She will reject them like damaged fruit. They will soon not be able to reincarnate on this planet; criminals included. Only those that possess Love in them will remain. …

“It is the end of an epoch; a new order will substitute the old, an order in which Love will reign on earth.” (2)

He said “there will be a new heaven and a new earth, and a New Humanity.” (3) In that new age, everyone “will have such freedom as when God first gave it to them.” (4)

“When we enter [the New Epoch], we will be as free as those who are our Advanced Brothers: the Angels, the Archangels, the Cherubim and the Seraphim.” (5)

At this time, “the idea of brotherhood will come into realization.”(6) In those times, “the strong will be the servant of the weak.” (7)

He painted a glowing word picture of what life would be like in the New Epoch:

“The houses will not be constructed as they are now, but will be built several kilometers away from one another. The animals will be given rest from the people. To the artists, musicians and other people of the arts, the best conditions for work will exist. …

“The inner wealth, the knowledge which a person possesses, will be available to all. Now you are provided with air, light and water. One day the bread too will be given to you like the air, the water and the light. …

“People will have bread in abundance. Everyone will have a home, a garden and fruit trees. When you pass through a place that is new to you, you will be asked from all sides to come in for a visit.

“In the new Order, everything old will disappear and all things will be completely new. …

“Somebody may say, ‘When we are perfect, what will we do?’ We will then begin to live. (8)

One cannot help but compare what Douno says to what SaLuSa, Matthew Ward and Saul say. They also predict abundant and a life of ease, in which people may pursue what interests them instead of slaving for others. They also say the animals will be given rest from people.

According to Douno, all of Heaven and the cosmos is interested in what is happening today on Planet Earth. This interest is also a common theme in contemporary 2012 literature. Douno says:

“That which now is coming into the world is so magnificent that all the Angels [peek] down from Heaven in order that they may see what is coming and what is taking place on earth.

“All of Heaven – the Whole of Creation – is interested in this. The Great Day is coming into the world.” (9)

The Divine Wave of Fire

In one of his lectures, Douno uses the analogy of a fruit tree to distinguish among three groups of people alive today – the ripe, the unripe, and the bad.

“We wonder what will happen to those people who were not able to accept the Divine. The issue is clear. I come to a fruit tree and collect the ripe fruit, and for the others, I will wait. When they ripen, I will pick them as well, and the bad fruit I will use as fertilizer.” (10)

The ripe will ascend; the unripe must wait for another chance; and the spoilt will be destroyed. The unripe are those who reject Ascension, The spoilt are those who so reject the Light that their energy is returned to Creator for reuse. These types too have been discussed in current literature on Ascension. (11)

Douno describes the time of sorting as being the time during which a divine wave of fire sweeps the Earth. This may be a description of the Ascension or it may be a more general description of our coming into the photon belt.

If the former, then the sorting process may happen quickly; if the latter, it may happen slowly.

This divine wave comes from what he calls “Cosmic Space” and what we would call the Galactic Center. Some will be be able to endure it and others would not.

“A new Wave is coming from out of the Cosmic Space: the Wave of Divine Love.

“It is also called ‘the Wave of Fire’. This Wave has powerful vibrations which not every human being can endure. … Those who are ready to withstand the vibrations of this Wave and assimilate them will become luminous.” (12)

Descriptions of residents of the Fifth Dimension often stress their luminosity when seen by residents of the Third.

The divine fire will wake sleeping souls and burn away impurities.

“Yet for those who cannot bear [the vibrations], it will be a Fire which will either consume them or will cause them to pass through great suffering. This will prepare them to awaken and receive Love. …

“Everything old and impure will burn in it. After man passes through this Divine Fire, the Kingdom of God will come to Earth. I say: when the Fire of Love comes, some people will become luminous; but others will burn, will pass through repentance. (13)

“This Wave of Fire will soon pass over the world and purify it.” (14)

Perhaps we will have to wait until after First Contact to find out whether this purification process will take place gradually over the next three years or will be more sudden. The outcome however is not in doubt: the outcome will be Ascension.

“All human thoughts and desires will pass through this Fire and become purified in the most perfect way. The Great Life will enter you, and you will become transformed.

“As the smith places the iron in the fire in order to refine it, so too, the Intelligent World will pass us through the Fire so that we can be purified and tempered.” (15)

“The Wave of Fire will pass through the minds of all people. You all will pass through this Divine Fire; you will free your souls and be liberated from bondage.” (16)

It would be best for all of us to have settled our old issues before that time, he tells us. “Woe to those who have not yet managed to settle their accounts.” (17)

Not all of what Beinsa Douno says is easily translatable into the language now being used to talk about the “New Epoch.” Not all of what he says is understandable.

Beinsa Douno was a mystic, a man far removed from the ordinary mind, communing with unknown realities, which, for many of us, may await Ascension to understand.

Nonetheless, it is affirming to hear another voice from the last century predicting events that we today see unfolding before our eyes.

(Continued in Part 4.)


(1) Beinsa Douno, “The Border between Two Epochs,” at

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CAPACITY TO LOVE – Archangel Oracle – Divine Guidance

Capacity To Love, from the Whispers Of Lord Ganesha, by Angela Heartfield, Artwork by Ekaterina Golovanova

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Capacity To Love,


PUBLISHED MARCH 18, 2018 BY DEE ~ ARCHANGEL ORACLE from the Whispers Of Lord Ganesha, by Angela Heartfield, Artwork by Ekaterina Golovanova

Capacity To Love: “It takes courage to open up and heal areas of deep vulnerability”

“Each human individual is created with a profound longing to feel loved. Out of this need for love, you may exaggerate and parade your fascinating qualities, while masking your weaknesses or fears. If you are not committed to looking at your root issues, you will feel disconnected from your true self.

Take a moment to look at how you are handling yourself. Are you being open and honest? Are you withdrawing from a situation? Are you masking a problem with some sort of avoidance tactic such as shopping, drinking, or eating excessively? Are you holding grudges?

When your heart is open, you will find that your actions tend to match your words. You rarely get offended. You are emotionally available. When your heart is open, you truly take responsibility for who you are and what your beliefs are. You love yourself more completely. Conflict resolves more easily and you have a desire to live in harmony with others.

Ganesha’s trunk represents the ability to consider how you are perceiving this situation which is significant in your spiritual growth. An elephant’s trunk is an important appendage that is used in its day to day functioning – it serves to remove trees and other large obstacles as well as for more fiddly tasks such as breaking open fruits to eat. An elephant has the capability to handle a range of tasks from minute ones to those requiring great strength. In this way, Ganesha’s trunk is an emblem of his great intelligence and his extraordinary capacity for love. Rely on your own vast array of abilities to tackle your problems and know that Ganesha is supporting you in this process.”*

~by Angela Heartfield

You deserve love. Divine love, family love, romantic love, love from your animal friends, love from your friends. You deserve to be surrounded by unconditional Love and support and true acceptance. How does that make you feel?

Do you shut down when you think of receiving love? Or do you open your heart, mind and arms wide to receive it? Do you feel completely worthy of Love? Are you able to give love and allow yourself to receive love in equal balance, or do you feel that you must give much more than you receive in order to be worthy? Do you see those you love or those who love you as above or below you? Or do you see yourself equal to all others?

These are all questions to ponder in order to see patterns in your life and your relationships. This is where the healing begins. It is so important to see ourselves as worthy and equal to others in loving relationships, and maintain a harmonious give and take of love and affection. We deserve it. They deserve it.

We are all One in Love.



~ Archangel Oracle

*Whispers Of Lord Ganesha, by Angela Heartfield, Artwork by Ekaterina Golovanova


Significant Events in Life are Planned – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art by Luisa Villavicencio @ Tutt’Art


Significant Events in Life are Planned

This is a very personal passage, but I share it because it repays reflection.

It shows how our earlier life experiences can be planned to equip us for the present moment. I see more and more of mine in that light. Here we discuss my “training” in justice at the IRB.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, June 9, 2017.

Steve: Am I right in saying that my training on the [Immigration and Refugee] Board and in other things was in part to have me explore and promote the paradigm of justice?

AAM: Yes, you are absolutely correct.

Now understand, when we talk about Nova Earth and Nova Being for that matter, we are not suggesting that everything that is of the old is erroneous or decrepit and needs to be thrown away.

There are many things in the old paradigm that in their essential self, stand true and valuable and need to be held onto in their true form. Now justice happens to be, as you well know, one of my fortés and one of my dearest treasures.

So yes, your training, and I mean that in the broadest sense and in specifics, has been very important because [you do not want] to be caught in the quagmire of inaction because of the legal system, and we separate that from the justice system.

The legal system has become a quagmire but justice, sweet one, is very important and it prevails.

Steve: Justice in a commonsensical way is fairness, is it not? (1)

AAM: That is correct. In the commonsensical approach but also very much in the divine. And there should be no separation. The divine quality simply has need to have an appropriate practical application.

Steve: Any sources you recommend that I read on justice?

AAM: You are doing just fine. We are not suggesting further training. We are not suggesting that you become an expert, but you are a holder of justice on our behalf. (2)

Maybe I can be allowed a comment, coattailing on Archangel Michael.

In An Hour with an Angel, March 15, 2018, he compared lightworkers to the person in the orchestra who plays the tuning fork before the performance and gets the orchestra in tune.

I really liked that metaphor.

It’s a metaphor of what Michael, in the March 15 Hour with an Angel, Michael called achieving collective unity. It is the ascended state: Oneness arising from Love; Love arising from Oneness, in an eternal figure eight.  We want to be around each other and working together. In my books, this is divine entrainment.

To be sounding the tuning fork around the subject of justice – but it could be around any subject – appeals to me as a model, a blueprint.

But, beyond that, here’s an archangel seen to be working with his servant and revealing and confirming that significant events in the servant’s life have been planned.


(1) I have the private feeling that it is but where better to get confirmation than from an archangel?

(2) Rather than delivering justice, as in a refugee hearing, as a financial steward, I’ll be delivering relief, in a just or fair manner.  The same principles of justice apply.


Art by Luisa Villavicencio @ Tutt’Art

Equinox & High Dimensional Light – Kara Schallock

Artist appreciation


Equinox & High Dimensional Light – 16-Mar-2018

It may seem that we are in a deep freeze; silent; inactive and still, while we dissolve remaining illusions, old beliefs and old patterns. A meditation that helps is to create a special room; perhaps a cave; with your favorite colors and items…or ask that it be created for you. This special space is your Pineal Chakra. When you meditate here, you activate and expand your connection to your Soul Guidance. Your Pineal Chakra is connected with your Crown and 3rd Eye Chakras, so these are activated as well. Your Pineal serves as the distributor of high dimensional Light when there are downloads, which is constant these days. It distributes this Light to where it needs to go. When we receive high dimensional Light, old energies surface; this is purposeful, for it readies us for action steps. There are some choices to make through Heart-intention…to step into our Power as sovereign beings or remain in the old and predictable comfort zone of staying small. Those who choose to stand in their Power will experience such Bliss and Light; with the coming Equinox, there is a profusion of Light that infuses us with more Love. With this choice to expand into being more Soul-merged, you may experience some High Heart phenomena.This can appear as butterfly wings or pressure or something else; do not be alarmed. This pulsing, pressure or fluttering is an expansion of your Joy Chakra (Thymus) and is activated by high dimensional Light. It is whatever is necessary for you to rise to be more. These rays of Light are quite high in vibration and not only infuse us, but infuse Gaia. Our energetic bodies are heightened, as is Gaia’s and this shifts us to a higher expression of Ascension.

As we increase vibrationally, there is some surfacing of old beliefs, patterns and illusions that bubble up for Transformation. These might include expectations of self and others and lies (illusions) we’ve been told and have allowed to integrate within us as truth and beliefs, only these illusions have only served to keep us asleep and in control. Many truths are slowly being revealed and as always, be sure you use Discernment with all you hear and read; allow it to resonate. And when you speak, speak with Integrity; your Heart’s Knowing (not your intellect). This includes no gossiping or complaining, for these keep you tethered to the lies of old. Be who you are, which may necessitate you to let go of wanting to belong. You belong to yourself and to a bigger version of who you have allowed yourself to be. If you are wearing a mask in order to be accepted, take it off and be the beautiful and shining being you are.

It is preferable to not be normal; in the New, there is no normal. Normal is an illusion. Express your Authentic Self and your sacred individuality. If fear or insecurity arise, release them, for they are driven by separate ego to hold you back in the old. Be free to be you. If this feels strange, let it be. Feeling strange and being unsure are wonderful aspects of the New. Follow your Guidance, for you are being led in the New, away from predictability and an unawakened state. Watch the children and learn from them. They are wise beings with fully immersed Souls. Allow for a new way of living, rather than the old “I gotta make money.” This frees you to manifest your Joy and Passion along with Freedom. Your Creativity kicks into high gear, so to speak, and helps you live in ways you thought you couldn’t. Be patient and trusting, as this is a shift and shifts take place only when you are ready.

We’ve never ever been in this new space before and this can bring up all kinds of fear. Release the fear and trust your Guidance completely. Trust yourself! There is so much change that is occurring within that it may feel as though you just aren’t you and you may feel very ungrounded. If this describes you, meditate and be in Nature as much as you can. Nature heals and grounds you. When you meditate, you access Truth, you ground to the New and you empower your Guidance, which comes as Intuition and Resonance. Everything happens in Divine Time, so let go of any penchant to look for results in your life. Continue to focus on your Guidance, for all comes when you have done your work and have placed complete Trust in your Guidance.

We have been in an unprecedented Expansion and with the Equinox, we expand even more into our True Selves. It may feel as though you’re being kicked out of your comfort zone. Remember that you have chosen this. Nothing or no-one does anything to you. Everything that is occurring is so you move beyond your self-imposed limitations. Get ready to blast forward. As you do, you release great life force. Be reminded that it is not just us who are expanding; Gaia is too. It is fascinating to observe how the long-standing countries, governments, religions and institutions are undergoing a metamorphosis, even while they try desperately to keep things the way they always have been. If they would just relax and allow things to shift, they would not be in such turmoil. Suggestion: do not complain about the “state of affairs,” for that only keeps countries, governments, religions and institutions strong in the old. Keep your focus on Source, rather than on the fascinating (separate ego) distractions of the world.

With all that is transforming within you and Gaia, this is when you shine bright. One way is to be strong in your Authenticity, another is to remove your attention from the distractions of the world and another is to anchor your Light within the New Earth Grid. Bring your Awareness to the New Earth Grid which is overlaid on Gaia. There you will find leylines connected by small spheres of Light. You are one of these spheres. Simply by being a part of this grid, you activate all other Lights and they become part of this grid (all One). Remember too that the earthly distractions are there to take you from being you by instilling in you fear and self-minimizing. Continue releasing emotions such as fear, control, anxiety, confusion, judgment, etc; for these dim your Light. As you release the old, you activate your High Mind, which is your Heart and intellect together as One. When your High Mind is integrated, all thought is Heart-driven; your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are One; and you transcend any separation and all things that are born of separation. Drop your old stories; you are no longer that person. And don’t invent a new story, for any story puts you in a box of limitation. Stories are illusions, whether you see them as “real” or if you make them up. Stories come from beliefs. See what is beneath each story and then let it go. Replace the void created with Love.

The energies are intense, aren’t they? More of the old keeps coming up to be transformed. Those who don’t understand what is happening may explode in anger, blame and judgment. And if you feel these things from others or from yourself, be sure to take a deep breath, place a hand on your High Heart and stay in Love; this is who you truly are. If you are guided to walk away from an unhealthy situation, please do; you need not take on others’ lower and separation energies; you can just love them. Everyone has a choice to react or respond to a situation. When you are focused on Love, that is what you create; how others perceive this is up to them.

The Equinox will accelerate us powerfully. It will accelerate our healing and wholing, as well as the Light we are. Wherever your attention is is what is accelerated in a big way. Choosing to be Love isn’t about saving or rescuing others; it is who we are; it is Source. You can’t be Love in one moment and judgmental in the next. You are Love in all moments. Love listens, accepts; it never judges or preaches.

Relax, Be and hold yourself in and as Love. Do only that which inspires you and keeps your vibration high. Even if others do not understand or accept you, do this for you; this is self-loving. Being Love is to stand strong in adversity. Honor who you are and who you are becoming.



Artist appreciation

The Golden Age in Modern Prophecy – Part 2/6 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Artist appreciation


The Golden Age in Modern Prophecy – Part 2/6


Given the interest in Ascension, the Event, or a planetary heart opening, I’ve reworked two series from the past into one, going over all the voices I’m aware of who talk about the New and Golden Age.

This can also serve as an introduction to new readers.

(Continued from Part 1)

Twentieth Century

Spiritual Awakening all the Talk on the Other Side

In the second decade of the Twentieth Century, discarnate journalist Julia Ames told editor and medium William Stead telepathically of the coming of a “great spiritual awakening among the nations:”

“What they tell me on all sides, and especially my dear guides, is that the time is come when there is to be a great spiritual awakening among the nations and that the agency which is to bring this about is the sudden and conclusive demonstration, in every individual case which seeks for it, of the reality of the spirit, of the permanence of the soul, and the immanence of the Divine.” (1)

Around the same time, John Heslop was telling his wife, from the Christ Sphere (Seventh Dimension?), that “a new heaven and a new earth” were coming:

“Angelic beings assist at the birth and development of these new worlds. They build up the conditions necessary for the ultimate production of life, though this process may take millions of years. At first the lowest forms only are produced. Gradually they rise in capacity till the world is ready for the highest intelligences. “It was so in your world and the angels are still working, as they have been since its inception. Recently they have begun a further and higher work. As a race you will rise, till in very truth it will become for you a new heaven and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.” (2)

On another occasion, Heslop returned to the topic:

“My Beloved, I want to tell you that I am busy with some new work for God. It is not very easy to explain, but it is all connected with the opening of reservoirs of Spiritual Power, which will ultimately flood your world as the waters now cover the channels of the deep.

“Many are associated with me in this work and I can best describe it as a gathering up of the pure Essence of Prayer and Love, ever rising heavenward from your earth and these spheres and forging them into bands of ‘Divine Energy.’ Then we direct them as rays of illumination into the prepared hearts of mankind.

“Already the effect of our work is becoming evident in the awakening of the people to perceive Spiritual truth. This is, however, only the first … of the outpouring that is to follow. …

“But do not be afraid of the present conditions of evil and unrest, the Christ is coming, and then everything will fall into its rightful place. The Christ is coming! Let all the earth keep silence before Him!

“To those who have attained the Spiritual vision he is already visible and from every part of the world will they greet Him and evil and evil-doers will flee away from the Light of His Presence. Then will He reign upon the earth in Righteousness and Truth. Pray continually that the day of His Coming may be hastened for we here are also working to this end. The joy and glory of that Reign of Peace will far exceed anything you can dimly imagine.

“But I cannot tell you how heavy our work is just now; there are so many evil forces around your world, which must be counteracted or transmuted. It is a transition period of vital moment to all those who dwell on earth and to the many planes and spheres which impinge upon it. Legions of Angels are employed to uplift and purify so that the Christ may come and reign in your midst. Keep you faith strong in the Second Coming of the Christ.” (33)

The medium’s mother stopped by and gave a similar message:

“You must try not to get too depressed about the difficulties that still exist; they will pass away in God’s good time for the Christ’s Reign of Peace is at hand.” (4)

Her friend “Stella” also dropped in to predict the “end of time.”

“My special work on earth just now is in helping to prepare the way for the Coming again of the Christ and His Reign of Peace and Love, for He is coming and you are all helping to make the conditions necessary for His reception.

“He is never far from the soul that loves Him and to such He frequently shows Himself. But what you are longing for is – His Visibility to all – so that everyone must see and acknowledge Him. When the time is ripe, that is coming too, for never did the earth so need Him as it does now. This is the ‘end of the time’ spoken of in the New Testament, so pray and pray that these days may be shortened, as we too pray for you here.” (5)

Finally another friend also reported the Second Coming of the Christ Force.

“Not only is the Christ coming, but He is actually now in your midst, and here and there are those who see and feel Him and thus know that this is true. Now, those to whom this certainty is given will also be permitted the joy of welcoming the Christ, when His Presence becomes more fully known upon the earth.” (6)

“What an honour to assist in preparing the way for His Feet! Rise to this Noble Mission, be worthy of this Great Honour, and, as you dwell upon it, the darkness will flee away and the sunshine from these brighter spheres will flood your soul.” (7)

A few years later, in Claude’s Book, Claude Kelway-Bember suggests an opening of the door between spirit and matter:

“There is a wedge now being driven in to open the door between the two worlds of matter and spirit, and I love to feel that I may be a tiny splinter of that wedge.” (8)

In 1922, medium Charlotte Dresser began publishing spirit communications from spirit control Mary Bosworth which also announced the new world coming:

“The time is coming, and coming fast, when there will be a reconstruction of the religion of the churches. Creeds will largely go, and love and service take their place.” (9)

Here an unnamed communicator predicts the New World through Dresser:

“We are a band of workers and wish to add our knowledge. We wait not only in hope, but in certainty; for we go far and near and see all sides of the work among many people and many nationalities. There is a slow dawning of a great day. It is coming, coming surely; and we can watch it from afar.” (10)

On another occasion, another unnamed communicator gave the same message to Dresser:

“Do you understand how different life would be there if all would try to give as well as to receive; if all would learn to serve unselfishly the world in which they live, and learn the higher happiness of spiritual thought and life? The coming of the new age is not for one or for two to bring in, but rather the mighty influence from here moving through the spiritually discerning ones there.” (11)

What better description of coming together to build Nova Earth?

(Continued in Part 3.)


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The Healing Power of Your Inner Truth by Cosmic Logos Mahatma – Natalie Glasson

Mahatma Cosmic Logos Ashram – Natalie Glasson

The Healing Power of Your Inner Truth

by Cosmic Logos Mahatma

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 16th March 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

To awaken is to remember, to remember is to see, sense or acknowledge, this is an inner knowingness which is often indescribable and yet it can be expressed in numerous unique ways and forms. To know is not to be wise or enlightened, it is to communicate in the means that is appropriate for you with the presence of the Creator within and around you. When you truly communicate, you are existing in harmony with the Creator experiencing balance, peace and love, in truth all that is the Creator. To do so allows you to recognise not only the Creator, who you truly are as an expression and deliverer of the Creator. Your truth is not personal to you; it is an aspect of the Creator your highest self has chosen to channel or deliver forth into the world to interact with others.

Your experiences, memories, painful and happy situations of your past, past lifetimes, present and even future are your creation determined by whether you were focused upon your truth or distracted elsewhere during your creation and experience of the creation in every moment of your life. Some situations and reactions you know would be different, or the results would be changed if you had been connected or focused upon the presence of the Creator delivering forth through your being.

There may be certain situations, experiences or actions of your past, present or that you foresee in the future which remain within your being as painful energies that cause turmoil or you to ignore what is occurring. If unresolved these energies can remain within you your entire lifetime. I, Mahatma, the Cosmic Logos, wish to share with you an insight which may support you in releasing yourself from these burdens while also reconnecting yourself with the beautiful energy of the Creator being delivered through you in this lifetime. The key is to reconnect with the presence of the Creator being delivered through your being; your truth and then allowing yourself to see, sense or acknowledge the Creator through the eyes of your truth. This process will invite you to ask how would your inner truth resolve this situation, experience, pain or whatever you are holding onto? Your inner trut h knows how to release limiting energies and the healing that requires to be brought forth. When you engage with your inner truth, giving it power to achieve what is necessary you take the power away from your mind and ego, who will try to resolve situations through the knowledge of your past. Your inner truth will resolve energies you are holding onto by using the highest frequencies of healing, wisdom and divine insights to support you in achieving all that is needed. Thus, the greatest healing possible is available to you, a healing which is transformational.

It is important to open to these energies and the divine assistance which is ready and waiting for you to receive at this time of ascension. The powerful ascension waves are causing many limiting energies to come to the surface to be released at a quick rate. It is challenging and sometimes overwhelming to deal with this without divine assistance. You are never alone in your ascension and life upon the Earth; your healing can be as quick, powerful and easy as the ascension waves anchoring into the Earth. Surrendering to your inner truth and the energies you are delivering forth from the Creator allows you evolve at a quicker rate.

Often when souls upon the Earth are impatience for their spiritual senses to awaken, their creations to manifest, their healing abilities to awaken or something like this, the impatience is a symptom of needing to surrender to divine assistance in order for limitations to be released and the outcome they desire to manifest. They know they are not far from embodying that which they wish and subconsciously know that limitations need to be released. The opposite to impatience is contentment; contentment comes when you access your inner truth and allow yourself to be an embodiment of this.

Delivering the Energies of the Creator

I, Mahatma, the Cosmic Logos wish you to imagine that you are the central character of a fantasy cartoon. In this cartoon anything is possible. As the central character, you have a mission to visit the Creator, the Essence, Source, God or whatever label you wish to use. You travel in the most appropriate style for your cartoon until you reach the Creator. There you take a moment to absorb how the Creator is portrayed in your cartoon. You walk up to the Creator, and you ask the Creator to give to you and share with you the energy and aspect of the Creator that is most appropriate for you to deliver through you into the Earth and humanity. In the most magical way, as can happen in cartoons, the Creator shares with you this energy, wisdom and understand that is for you to deliver through you and which is also labelled your inner truth. Take a moment to imagine and experience this.

I, Mahatma, have invited you to imagine connecting with your inner truth and the energy your higher self has chosen to deliver from the Creator in cartoon form, so you do not go about the task with the energy of seriousness. The energy your inner truth responds to is playfulness and light-heartedness. You may wish to experience this process many times, so you understand and become familiar with the energy of your truth flowing through your being, recognising the qualities and wisdom it promotes within you.

Releasing Limitations

The more you take time to connect with and familiarise yourself with the energies the Creator delivers through your being, the easier this next process will become. The key is to connect with your inner truth and allow yourself to view any limitations with and through the energy of your inner truth. In doing so you realign your entire being to your inner truth and reconnect the energy that is experiencing separation, so it may transform letting go of the pain or suffering being held within the energy and allowing love and truth to form. This is such a beautiful process as it can be achieved with relative ease and in a quick time.

  1. First take the attention of your mind to your inner truth, the energy of the Creator being delivered through your being. Allow yourself to connect into this energy, so you feel yourself as an embodiment of your truth.
  2. Continuing to connect with your inner truth, the core of your inner truth is revealed to you; this appears as a single eye of light blazing brightly. Imagine you are looking or observing the areas of energy causing limitations within your being through your inner eye. Light is being projected from your inner truth eye to the area of limitations you are focused upon within your being.
  3. Your inner truth eye of light absorbs the energy that is causing limitations, pain, suffering, challenges etc.; this energy is a part of your being that is experiencing separation. The separation is absorbed into your inner eye of truth, so the separation may transform.
  4. Allow your inner truth and knowingness to reveal to you the best way to move forth to bring about the complete healing and resolve the issue you have focused upon on all levels of your being, especially physically and within your physical reality.

I am ever present to assist and inspire you.

In cosmic love,

Mahatma, the Cosmic Logos

Mahatma Cosmic Logos Ashram – Natalie Glasson

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The Golden Age in Modern Prophecy – Part 1/6 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Gratitude to artist


The Golden Age in Modern Prophecy – Part 1/6

Given the interest in Ascension, the Event, or a planetary heart opening, I’ve reworked two series from the past into one, going over all the voices I’m aware of who talk about the New and Golden Age.

This can also serve as an introduction to new readers.

The point that’s being made here is that we have records of channeled sources discussing the New Age from as far back as the 1870s. And those are only the sources we know about. There undoubtedly are others.

Apparently the planning for Ascension and the Golden Age has been going on for a very long time. It has involved the cooperation of numerous levels of existence and we’ve been given notice of its nearness by quite a few sources from the late Nineteenth Century onward.

Matthew Ward tells us that “the highest universal council planned the Golden Age.” (1) SaLuSa describes these elevated beings as “great Beings of Light that dwell in the realms of pure Light,” (2) “exceptionally powerful Beings who will ensure that all action is completed in accordance with the Divine Plan,” (3), “mighty ones such as the Elders who direct all creation and observe the edicts of the Creator.”

He adds that “they operate on an unimaginable scale, holding immense power that reaches through the different Universes,” (4) humbly confessing that “there comes a time when the magnitude of them is even eye-opening to us.” (5)

He tells us that “the line of authority goes all the way back to God, and passes through various groups and councils of high evolution and consciousness. It finally reaches you through us and the Masters, who wait in readiness to return to Earth.” (6) Matthew says that “the powerful energy of souls you call ascended masters and the White Brotherhood and other light forces you don’t know about has been intensifying on the planet.” (7)

Nineteenth Century

Many teachings have predicted the coming changes, SaLuSa of Sirius tells us in contemporary times:

“The coming Ascension has been the subject of many teachings and messages for a very long time, as the end times have been clearly defined since this cycle began so long ago. It is the whole purpose of everything that has been taking place, and the plan has been played out so that you have gained the maximum benefit from it.” (8)

Moreover we’ve been preparing for it over many lives, he says:

“You have been preparing for this time over many lives, having already decided that you would put yourself forward for the process of Ascension. These final years are clearly the most important ones as they offer a unique opportunity to move out of the cycle of reincarnation. (9)

Saint Germain corroborates SaLuSa’s estimate: “You have been preparing for Ascension for eons of time.” (10)

Imperator’s “New Dispensation”

I’m only aware of the event being discussed in great detail from the mid-1870s on, when Imperator, the pseudonym adopted by the prophet Malachi, began discussing the event through his medium, Rev. Stainton Moses. He says:

“Ye know not how great is the work that is being done; how vast the vista that is being opened. Never before has there been such an outpouring of Divine Love as now. Silent influences are at work in men’s minds. All over the world they are being prepared to receive the teaching we are giving you here.

“Should it be necessary for the furtherance of this mission other great Intelligences will return, and bring their magnetic force to bear upon the earth. At present it is not needed, as the work is progressing.

“You are living in one of the remarkable epochs of the earth. The old creed must die before the new can be received; but it will die hard, as round it still linger the associations of many ages; but it is fast dying out, never to live again. Happy are ye, living in this age, and learning these new truths, if ye rightly appreciate and use the blessing.” (11)

“You are the recipients in no ordinary degree of a great development of spirit power. The spiritual sense is increasing amongst men, and, step by step, the presence of spirit agency is manifested. The wave of spirit influence now passing over your earth is analogous to that which passed over the world during the life of Christ.” (12)

Imperator called Ascension a “New Dispensation.”

“What you are now witnessing are the signs and wonders that prelude the opening of a new dispensation, the advent of the Lord, not as man has fancied and as your teachers have vainly taught, in bodily presence to judge an arisen humanity, but in His new mission (the fullness of the old), through us, His messengers and ministers, in the declaration of a new evangel to your world.” (13)

The part that Imperator and his band were to play was to present a New Revelation, doing for Christianity what Jesus had done for Judaism.

“You are gradually coming to know an Omnipresent and Omniscient Loving Father, and you will have a new revelation, which will blot out the old falsehoods and give you new ideas of God.” (14)

“That which we present for your acceptance is the complement rather than the contradiction of the old; the growth to a fuller stature; the development of a wider knowledge. (15)

“It is our task to do for Christianity what Jesus did for Judaism. We would take the old forms and spiritualise their meaning, and infuse into them new life. Resurrection rather than abolition is what we desire. We say again that we do not abolish one jot or one tittle of the teaching which the Christ gave to the world.

“We do but wipe away man’s material glosses, and show you the hidden spiritual meaning which he has missed.” (16)

Although the meeting he describes below is just a small one held for mutual refreshment, if we multiply it by orders of magnitude, we might get a picture of the councils that were held to plan the Golden Age.

“It is our custom, now and again, to join together in the praise of the Almighty. So we refresh our own selves, worn and wearied by the toilsome work of guiding erring souls. So we renew our power and gather fresh stock of gracious influence.”

“We meet thus when we need support from mutual counsel, and from the efflux of spirit influence from those who are yet higher and wiser than ourselves.” (18)

“We have but now returned from a great council of the angels and spirits of the blessed, wherein we have taken counsel and offered up solemn adoration to the Supreme. With one accord our voices swelled in an anthem of praise, and so we received the efflux of divine aid which shall support us in the conflict.” (19)

“If the eye of man could have seen the vast concourse of the shining ones, massed together for consultation, and for the reception of the larger efflux of the Divine Spirit, they would have been of good cheer.” (20)

So frank was Imperator about the need to reform religion and determined to do it that he debunked in great detail many of the Biblical prophets’ accounts and altogether challenged his reader to wake up in spiritual matters.

To fully appreciate the irony of “Imperator “stripping the prophetic record of its dross, we need to know that it was he, Malachi, who made the final choice of what would go into the Old Testament and what would not.

Probably no one has spent more time studying the prophets than he. And his New Revelation can be looked upon as what he might say today if he were to deliver the Biblical teachings a second time.

(Continued in Part 2.)


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Zarton’s Fourth Message Q and A from Zarton – Suzanne Lie


Zarton’s Fourth Message Q and A from Zarton


Fourth Zarton Message
Q and A for Commander Zarton


I am Zarton. You see me now in one of my favorite forms that I wear on my fifth dimensional Homeworld. I have just returned to the time/space of Earth from the NOW of my fifth dimensional reality.

I return to remind you of our ensuing landings on your world. Of course, to myself and my crew, this landing is occurring within our NOW, and your FUTURE. I know that your future WILL occur, as I have seen and experienced it during my NOW.

I am aware that our landing will only be visible to those who have expanded their consciousness enough to be able to consciously perceive, as well as remember, the vision of my fifth dimensional Ship, as well as the changing shapes of  my fifth dimensional forms.

Of course, there have been many Ships that have moved into the lower fourth and higher third dimensional aspects of Gaia’s atmosphere. Why do we limit our landings to that frequency of reality? To answer this question, please remember that your state of consciousness dictates your perceptual field.

It is for this reason, that it is primarily the members of humanity who have been able to expand their consciousness to embrace their “imagination” that will be, and are now, able to perceive us. Of course, perception also depends on desire.

You all have many perceptual options which you can, consciously or unconsciously, choose to perceive. Many humans can only perceive the reality of their physical life because they have not, yet, expanded their consciousness to respond to their higher dimensional brainwaves.

It is for this reason that I am here with you today to assist you to remember HOW to expand your consciousness, so that you can expand your perceptions. Of course, the expansion of consciousness is based on whether or not you have “kept your promises with your Higher Self.”

Whenever you keep a promise you have made with your Higher SELF, or even a promise you made with your 3D self, which can be as simple as “washing the dishes as soon as you finish eating,” to promising your self that you will go to college to get a higher degree, or train yourself to do that which you always wished you could do.

Whenever you keep a promise that you made with your self, your confidence expands and your ability to have “pride in” and “affection for” your self expands. When you enjoy, and are proud of, you own self, you are far more likely to fulfill your promises to your self, as well as promises you made with others.

When I speak of promises you made with your self and others, that also includes fulfilling any promises that you made with your Higher SELF to expand your consciousness. Then, as your consciousness expands, so does your perceptual field.

“Expanding your perceptual field” means that you can consciously perceive more and more of your third dimensional life. Then, as you are more consciously aware of your physical life, you will allow yourself to believe more consciously aware of your Higher SELF, as well as your higher dimensional perceptions.

These higher dimensional perceptions do NOT resonate to your third dimensional reality.

Therefore, since many humans cannot believe what they cannot perceive, they may doubt their fifth dimensional perceptions.

Of course, you cannot perceive that which you believe is “impossible.” Therefore, it is your “belief in a novel perception” that allows you to consciously perceive a higher dimensional perception.

Also, if you have a desire to perceive a certain thing, your unconscious will be assigned to the task of “finding that which you wish to perceive.” On the other hand, if you are afraid of something, you will unconsciously wish to NOT perceive that person, place, situation, or thing.

In other words, if you want to perceive our Starships, and are NOT afraid of that vision, it is more likely that you will see us, your Galactic Family. However, this higher dimensional perception is not just up to you.

You see, whenever we move into a frequency of reality that may be visible by humans, we cloak our Ships. However, our “volunteers to take an earth vessel” are dedicated to remaining connected with the frequency of our Ships. That means that they have promised themselves that, as much as possible, they will perceive the fifth dimension, even while they are wearing a third dimensional vessel.

There are more “galactic volunteers to take an earth vessel” within your present NOW, than there has ever been. It is within your NOW on Earth, that we, your Galactic Family, are planning to begin to reveal our Starships. Fortunately, we are able to read the overall frequency of consciousness of any given person and/or area.

Therefore, we choose to remained cloaked in some places and situations, to diminish our cloaking in other situations, and are increasingly choosing to reveal our Ships and/or our telepathic messages, to more and more of the Awakened Ones.

It is for this reason that many humans have perceived “Cloud Ships.” Our Cloud Ships are actually real Ships, but only those who want to see us will take the time and attention to perceive, and remember, that they are seeing and/or have seen a “real Star Ship that remained cloaked, usually as a huge cloud. Please understand that the reason why we remain cloaked is because we don’t want to frighten any humans, or give any Dark Ones, an excuse to send up bombs.

We are happily discovering that more and more members of humanity are awakening to their true heritage as Galactic Beings who volunteered to lower their consciousness enough to enter a third dimensional earth vessel.

Therefore, we will share some of the human questions that we have, as well as our answers.

Q:  What was the process of entering a 3D human body, when we already had a 5D body of light?

Answer:  In some cases you chose to go through the physical process of forming your earth body within your “mother’s” womb, as well as the process of physical birth. This birth process gave you a longer “time” to adjust to a third dimensional reality of time and space. Your reality in the fifth dimension and beyond was one of living in the HERE and NOW, as well as only experiencing Unconditional Love.

Taking the longer “time” of nine months of pregnancy gave you the chance to adjust (primarily through your mothers experiences) to the time/space of a third dimensional reality. Some of you chose to enter the body in late pregnancy, or upon the birth of the baby that you would move into.

Q: How did our early childhood differ from others?

Answer:  Many of you felt just like a normal human throughout your childhood and up into your early teens. On the other hand, even though you thought of your self as “just human” there was something inside of you, in your dreams, and in the many of your thoughts and imaginations that told you that you were, actually, very different from others that you knew.

Q:  How would the knowledge of our true SELF make us feel different from others?  

Answer: For one thing, you often had memories of a “some place else.” You likely did not know exactly what or where that place was. Suzille’s first memory of ‘some place else” was very vivid memories of life on the planet Venus.

Somewhere around that time, she also met the Arcturians, who did not talk about their planet, like the Venusians did. Instead, they gave her direct messages of what they wanted her to do, such as “make a website,” when there were maybe two other websites up.

Q:  How could you return to your Ship and/or your 5D self while still wearing your 3D body?

Answer: It is quite common for our Grounded Ones to return to their actual Starship during their sleep. However, it is also common that the “ascending ones,” as we call you, return to your Ship via your night body while your physical form is sleeping.  After, having quite a few “dreams” about these journeys, many of you were, and are, able to return to your Ship while your physical self is in deep meditation.

Q: Did we, The Galactics, come to assist humans or to assist the planet?

Answer:  We do not separate life-forms in the manner that humans do. To us, in the fifth dimension and beyond, every living being, whether it be humanoid, Arcturian, Venusian, Martian, Pleiadian, or any of the myriad other Galactic Beings, are ONE Being within the ONE of the HERE  and the NOW of our higher dimensional realities.

In fact, there are many other Galactic Beings than the ones we have stated, as well the many Ascended Masters, Angelic Beings and Elohim. The world as you know it on Earth is much like a single grain of sand at the edge of a huge ocean of life.

Q: How do you remember what you forgot, when you took your 3D earth vessel?

There are as many ways to remember as there are ways to forget. In fact, if you can remember the manner, or the time zone in which you forgot, even if it was during your birth, you can go into a deep meditation and go back into that situation.

You can also go into deep meditation and ask:

When did I forget my true Multidimensional SELF?

What made me forget my Multidimensional SELF?

Where was I when I forgot my Multidimensional SELF?

Who reminded me of my Multidimensional SELF?

Why was I reminded?


Blessings to you all. I invite you to join me on my Ship. Perhaps you can attend one of our fourth dimensional meetings that occur within the timeframe when your earth vessel is sleeping, or you are in deep meditation.

Either way, your consciousness has a much greater chance of expanding while your “daily mind” is resting. Then your “Fourth Dimensional Self” can more easily connect with your “Fifth Dimensional Self,” so that you can attend our meetings.

These meetings will occur in the NO Time of the Fifth Dimension. Therefore, do NOT be concerned about what Earth time you “tune into our meeting.”

When you wish to join us, please tell yourself :

“I am promise myself that I will remember going on the Starship.”

“I am also promising my self that I will document this experience as soon as possible, so that I will NOT forget it.

I look forward to seeing you on our Ship,

Blessings from Zarton

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 7:08 PM

Current Photonic Energies Increase: Your Electromagnetic Field PULLS Realities to You – Lisa Transcendence Brown

My Body My Temple Art by Autumn Skye Morrison


Current Photonic Energies Increase: Your Electromagnetic Field PULLS Realities to You – These are called “Experiences”


Wide open and off the charts… Gateways open wider and more…
Ultra-high photonic charging frequency winds super-charging/activating more Crystalline/Christed Consciousness DNA. Gamma in the mix to over-stimulate (there are many purposes for this that are necessary to “push” and clear). Cosmic HEART Rays blasting away and activating in every way.Your body Acceleration has begun again… observe yourself, your reality, your body and honor what is appropriate for you. Let go of the old beliefs and open up to NEW “reasons” instead (alternate realities) for what/why/how all is occurring and see the PURPOSES instead.These weave and wave and relax, while gamma does the opposite…. Charging your Star-Light Particles and Waves to open your own heart more, raise the overall vibrational frequency more and more and more. ♫These are each’s veils lifting, these are each’s suppression emerging, these are dismantling the old codes to replace them with new ones. Those codes, like a computer are the codes for your program that plays out in your own physical reality world. NEW Codes mean all new programs “loading” into your physical body template, so that you can transmit a whole new reality that REPLACES THE OLD.

Your body and consciousness ANCHOR YOU in whatever dimensions/realities you hold. If you hold your highest, most expanded one, then this anchors your consciousness in the reality you do desire. If you anchor your consciousness in a “lower vibrational one” then that is the one that plays out until all of that energy is gone, so that your heart can open more, for your body to unanchor from that physical dimension and re-anchor in a higher one. Your cells vibrate at a rate that dictate, your body is made up of cells. Your LightBody is ENERGY moving inside of your physical body and when this energy slows down or speeds up, then your physical body vibrates differently. The more plasma, the more crystalline your body is, the more you DIRECT ENERGY yourself. The more you FOCUS YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS, the more you can “pull” those alternate realities into this physical here. The more energy you PUT INTO that, the more you CREATE it to be. If unconsciousness is where you focus (duality) then this is what your ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD pulls to you…. these are called “EXPERIENCES”…

When your 24/7 is transmitting LOVE, transmitting LIGHT and transmitting your own HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS across all “dimensions & times”, then your ENERGY IS FOCUSED on what you are intentionally CREATING, what you are putting out into the world to PULL TO YOU the experiences that are magical, amazing and supportive… the MATCH to the VIBRATIONAL knowing and beliefs of your highest realities…

WHAT is your ENERGY PULLING TO YOU? What are you transmitting with your WHOLE BODY to experience on a daily basis here? Where do you focus your energy when you wake up, throughout your day and what’s the vibration that you function from in every moment here?

These “off the charts” frequencies are an opportUNITY for each to awaken more, an opportUNITY to raise your own vibration and integrate THE LIGHT CODES that shift your whole body to a much higher dimensional experience than before…..

Integration is KEY (KEYCODE). Full integration of the IMMENSITY of these Geometrics and Genetic changing codes, DNA changing codes, Light Enhancing Codes, new mathematical equations that change how you experience your physical here (Quantum Mechanics applied to your LIFE). Your whole body has to re-work the current coding to basically “throw out” those that no longer support/apply and replace them with “new ones”, the ones that fully align on a COSMIC LEVEL with your new reality, which changes in every nano-second now.

Your ‘NEW REALITIES’ are new programs, that are loaded into your template as you allow. Your body is your STARGATE for multi-dimensional travel/existence NOW. Your body DOES on a cellular level what it’s capable of, what you allow it to do and what it NEEDS TO AWAKEN FULLY to the highest consciousness multi-dimensional existence/experience here. Your body is in constant “release” mode with these accelerations and it takes all of our energy at times to just BE and allow our bodies to do what they need to do to reverse, repair, regenerate, re-calibrate, re-code and re-everything….

Just because you cannot see it or touch it, doesn’t mean it’s not always happening… because it is. Your access to see and understand is through your own full consciousness and re-connection from within. Your body must achieve certain things for all to be easier. It needs your support and for you to listen and honor it.

Your Quantum abilities return as you expand your own Consciousness and live as full Consciousness again. This is a very natural and organic process, one that occurs FOR YOU as you embrace, observe and CHOOSE what’s now fully aligned with this now. It’s going to change constantly, as this is how VIBRATIONAL REALITIES ARE. Nothing is affixed. Everything is CONNECTED in a whole new way. REALITIES built/constructed/shaped/formed and functioning from NEW EARTH ENERGIES are STABLE, because the FOUNDATION IS PURITY-LOVE-CONSCIOUSNESS and there are no distortions to dissolve/collapse. You are also “dealing” with UNCONSCIOUS PROGRAMS appropriately as they occur, instead of letting them continue to play out. These are called “timelines”, a word we use to describe vibrational realities, because we can SEE across “space and time”. A “timeline” dissolves or collapses, when the vibration changes. Full Consciousness can shift vibrations intentionally and activate/create/affect a whole new timeline or collapse it because it’s not meant to align. Full Consciousness can activate a whole new timeline, align timelines, shift timelines, merge timelines, unify timelines… as a natural ability RETURNED through the PUREST HEART, MIND AND BODY…. in every moment, without any effort at all. Then the every moments actions activate, accomplish and anchor those highest realities into the physical for an actual and “real” EXPERIENCE…..

This is just one small part of our MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EXISTENCE… the vastness is infinite, because our Full Consciousness is…

I love you. Open up fully. Honor your process, your body and you. Focus your energy and choose which dimension, timeline, reality YOU are ready to EXPERIENCE…. ones with your old conditions and limits or ones that are FREE, HAPPY and FILLED with the most brilliant, purest LOVE, JOY and HARMONY…. because this is where you “live” inside. ♥

My Body My Temple Art by Autumn Skye Morrison

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

“How To Elevate Your Vibration” – Taryn Crimi @ Angelic Guides

Artist appreciation

“How To Elevate Your Vibration”

Today we would like to focus upon the topic of deliberately changing your vibration. Certainly we are not denying that your reality is incredibly captivating. The duality that you exist within offers you a constant barrage of varying experiences in which to focus upon. What we would like to focus your attention upon is how you can more deliberately take a hold of your focus and shift it as you desire.

We are not denying that when good things happen, it is easy to feel good and adversely, when bad things happen it is more difficult to remain positive. However the more deliberate you become in consciously choosing the thoughts that you allow to expand within your mind, the more you become a vibrational match to similar experiences.

We have noticed that many humans often feel trapped by their circumstances. The physical experiences that you have at any given time are a direct reflection of the most dominant vibration you are holding at any given time. Many of you had a wide range in which you vibrate on any given day; ranging from very high to particularly low and everything in between.

What we want to briefly address is just how powerful you truly are in altering your state of vibration at any given time. The circumstances that happen around you are always going to contain a positive and negative aspect, as you are living within duality. However, there are triggers for all of you. Some thoughts trigger more positive, blissful feelings, while other triggers remind you of challenges or struggles that seem to be unsolvable.

The key to changing the most dominant vibration in your life, is to change your habitual thoughts. For all of you, there are areas of your life that have always worked well, they have been easy for you to manifest, while other areas have always felt challenging. Quite simply put, your habitual thoughts around the areas of your life that seem to always work out well for you are in alignment with the ease around that topic. You likely spend little time worrying over those areas of your life, and just expect them to work well. They always have, so why wouldn’t they continue? However the areas of your life that have felt like a constant struggle is no doubt different for all of you. But, one thing is likely the same in those areas of difficulty, there is more worry and concern around those topics. There is more awareness on the absence of what you desire and the presence of challenges. Remember what you focus upon will always expand, regardless of why you are focused upon it. Think of every thought as if it were an instruction to the Universe to “bring me more of this”.

Now, in regards to shifting your focus upon the areas of life that are working well, finding things that you can appreciate, or that just being a sense of inner peace are well worth your time to identify. You see, it doesn’t matter why you feel good, all that matters is that you do. You do not need to be focused upon your dreams in order to become a vibrational match to them. As you become more focused upon the thoughts that feel blissful, peaceful and joyful to you, you alter your vibration. The Universe is always reflecting back to you what you hold inside. You are a constant beacon of vibration, summoning more experiences, people and circumstances that hold a similar frequency. You are truly the creator of the reality you experience. Your dreams are held in the high vibrations of love, joy, optimism, excitement and peace. Become a match to those vibrations using any excuse you can find in your reality and you become a match to your dreams.

We hope that we have in some way served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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Much Love,

Dr. Taryn Crimi

Copyright © 2018 by Taryn Crimi. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy, share and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are 

From Another Planet ~ A Conversation – L’Aura Pleiadian

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From Another Planet ~ A Conversation

Being from another Planet.

What is that to YOU?

I am awakened to the Knowing, my Origin does not begin on Earth.

Yet I am on Earth.

What does this mean?

I co-exist with my Origin, on other planets, star systems, galaxies and Universes, and parallel worlds where I also live.

What is the Origin and how does it relate to the other existences.

The Origin from this Universe or another, is the Light embodiment of awareness, that I exist. In relation to the other existences, I function through them and enter them through my conscious awareness.

How is the Origin created?

The Origin through which one emerges as conscious awareness of its uniqueness always existed as One with the Original Light Matrix. Its emergence begins its unique individuation of its experience, held also in that origin of Oneness.

How can others be aware of their own origin and other existences?

It is a process of becoming real. That process transcends the thought process of understanding the meaning of oneself. Which strips away the beliefs in being anything other than Origin and uniqueness. Catapulting the awareness of WHAT one truly is and how one has existed into the forefront of experience.

Is this a Transcendence?

Not in the idea of an escape. But through true acceptance of all one has ever been and experienced, one then expands to greater realness.

What do you mean by realness?

Realness is wearing no masks, being child like and pure in all that you are.

Is it safe to be innocent and child like?

That is where the only true safety resides. Although this state is not common, and most do not understand it. It is the only way of being  connected consciously to the Origin.

How is a child connected to its Origin, does it think of this?

It is not a thought process. It is a connection in so-called real-time, which is the moment to moment truth of being and Origin, through the harmony with Original pureness of Light.

Can we all live as this?

Yes, This is inherent in all Beings the appear on Earth as the children of Light. It is held in the Blueprint of the DNA held deep within the Halls of Amenti.

What can we do to now access greater awareness of this?

Focus on your breath and attune yourself to your feeling nature. Feel your heart, feel that connection that takes you out of thought patterns, that unites you with the pureness of your eternal Soul. Your Origin Your Soul Star Matrix.

Thank you, will you answer more questions soon? Can we keep this open?

Yes, indeed, as it is open, we are connected, this is Now.

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From Glimpse to Permanence – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Brass Abhaya Shiva with OM & Trident Statue @ Lotus Sculpture


From Glimpse to Permanence

I have a speculation I’d like to make and it’s very heady.

No one can read this article who isn’t intellectually inclined. Reader discretion is advised.

I’m beginning to see what I believe are some correspondences in stages of enlightenment and the Trinity. I’d really appreciate being allowed to gambol … or perhaps jam a bit … on the subject.

I don’t mean to discuss the nature of the Trinity. There are many sources already available on that. (1)

The Trinity is called by Christians the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. By Hindus, it’s called Brahman, Atman, and Shakti (the Divine Mother). The two are exactly the same. (2)

Delving into its relationships is, for me, key to making many cross-cultural spiritual distinctions.

A glimpse of the Atman happens when the kundalini reaches the Fourth Chakra.

A glimpse of the Divine Mother happens when the kundalini reaches the Sixth Chakra.

A glimpse of the Heavenly Father happens when the kundalini reaches the Seventh Chakra.

These are not personalities but levels of consciousness. The realization of none of these is the culmination of Ascension. Ascension lies beyond the Third-Dimensional chakra system.

Usually we think of reaching the transcendental Father in Seventh-Chakra enlightenment as “complete enlightenment.” Leaving aside the fact that enlightenment goes on and on, nevertheless, Seventh-Chakra enlightenment is still only halfway up the mountain of Ascension.

I’ve confirmed with the Divine Mother that Ascension equates with what Ramana calls “Sahaja Samadhi” (3) and that occurs a few subplanes into the Fifth Dimension. (4)

Sahaja in itself equates to a full and permanent heart opening. It’s what Hindus refer to as mukti or moksha, release or liberation. Only then are the vasanas burned to a crisp and karma released, as we’ll experience upon the endpoint of our gradual-and-sudden Ascension.

I’ve never been able to correlate that to the Trinity and now I see a way that it does. Of course everything said here is simply metaphorical and speculative, rather than descriptive and actual.

The temporary heart opening that occurs with Fourth-Chakra enlightenment is a glimpse compared to the full and permanent heart opening of Sahaja Samadhi. That is the relationship between the two.

Sahaja is the same “Son,” Atman, or Self, glimpsed in Fourth-Chakra “stream entering.” But now the Self is confidently and eternally standing forth, forever established in the tsunami or ocean of love.

It’s our higher-dimensional Self – call it whatever you wish – drawing back in everything associated with the Third Dimension and dispelling it. (5)

In Fourth-Chakra “stream-entering,” we saw the ego swept away by the inner Tsunami of Love. But it returned. (6)

In Sahaja, I speculate the ego will be swept away once more, never to be completely destroyed, but never to achieve prominence again. A burnt rope, the sages have called it.

Therefore, if I’m right, the order goes: Glimpse of Self, glimpse of the Mother, glimpse of the Father, and establishment in the Self.

A final point. In the past sadhus had repeated experiences of the Self before the heart opened permanently in Sahaja.  Our repeated experiences are like repeated pulls on an outboard motor rope. On any one pull, the engine could start.

Apparently repeated experiences are no longer needed, as Archangel Michael explains:

Steve Beckow: I think it was Sadhu Arunachala or it might of been another sage, who said that, one needs repeated experiences like this, repeated before something major happens. For instance, Brahmajnana or Sahaja Samadhi. Is that a correct statement?

Archangel Michael: It is correct. (Hesitating) Now, when it was written it was absolutely correct. But as you also know, the governing rules have shifted and changed.

Now the reason that any being wants that repeated experience is that it is so beautiful. It is so fulfilling that you want to have it again and again and again until that sense of familiarity, the knowingness of your natural Self then becomes who you are.

I can vouch for that.

And so … you have no real desire to go back and assume some or these other masks or faces. It is not that you disregard them but your natural Self is more and more present.

So for some, once is enough. For others it is repeated. But it is nowhere near the level of repetition that might we say was once required because the separation – what people have thought of as separation – is not so strong. (7)

Just as Jesus said we would, we enter in by the door of the Self, which he’d call “the Christ” and Hindus, the “Atman. (8)

And we exit from this part of the journey, established in the Self, open-hearted, and ascended in attitude and vibration.


(1)  Here are many from this site:

On The Nature of the Divine Mother/Holy Father/Self/Trinity

(2) No, the Christian Trinity is not equivalent to the Hindu Trimurthy of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

These are names for the three gunas: Rajas, or creation, sattwa, or preservation, and thamas, or transformation. The three gunas are a subset of Shakti Aum – Akar, Ukar, and Makar. Shakti is herself a member of the Trinity. I’m sorry if it sounds complex.

(3) Here the Divine Mother confirms that Sahaja Samadhi equates to Ascension:

Steve Beckow: I’m trying to understand what level of enlightenment Ascension corresponds to. And I think it’s beyond the normal seventh-chakra enlightenment. I think it is what is called — and I’ll make this clear to readers — sahaja samadhi. Am I correct?

Divine Mother: Yes, it is beyond what you think of with your seven chakras. It is beyond, because what you are doing with the chakra system, even with the thirteen, we have emerged from the Third-dimensional realm, which is that reference point for the chakra system, into the new. So yes, you are correct, in this question and in this statement.

SB: It’s wonderful to have that confirmed. Thank you very much, Mother.

DM: It is wonderful for us as well, you know!

SB: Is it? How so, Mother?

DM: As we move beyond what you think of in your realm as emotion, that does not mean that the pervasive love and joy is not felt as we participate, witness, move and assist and beckon you forward. …

Now, you understand that most people – and yes, you will do a good job of explaining – have no conception of what this [discussion] really means.

SB: Well, you know that I have a website (1) that discusses sahaja samadhi at length. If I — and that’s from Sri Ramana Maharshi, more or less — if I take that material and present it to readers, would that be adequate?

DM: That will help. (“The Divine Mother: Come to Me as I Come to You – Part 1/2,” Oct. 17, 2012, at

Here is Ramana on Sahaja as liberation and as a permanent heart opening:

“In kevala nirvikalpa samadhi one is not free from vasanas [latent tendencies]and does not, therefore, attain mukti [liberation]. Only after the samskaras [impressions] have been destroyed [in Sahaja] can one attain salvation. … Even though one practices kevala nirvikalpa samadhi [Seventh-Chakra enlightenment] for years together, if one has not rooted out the vasanas, he will not attain salvation.” (Sri Ramana Maharshi in Ramananda Swarnagiri, Crumbs from His Table. Downloaded 10 September 2005, n.p.)

“The Sahaja Nirvikalpa [Samadhi] is permanent and in it lies liberation from rebirths.” (Ramana Maharshi in S.S. Cohen, Guru Ramana. Memories and Notes. 6th edition. Tiruvannamalai: Sri Ramanasramam, 1993, 88.)

“[The] Heart is the seat of Jnanam as well as of the granthi (knot of ignorance). It is represented in the physical body by a hole smaller than the smallest pin-point [the Hridayam], which is always shut. When the mind drops down in Kevalya Nirvikalpa [samadhi], it opens but shuts again after it. When sahaja  is attained it opens for good.” (Ramana Maharshi, ibid., 96.)

(4) Here the Mother confirms that Sahaja happens a few subplanes inside the Fifth Dimension:

Divine Mother: You are embracing your multidimensional talents yourself. So in that way it is very abrupt. It is the feeling, “I am not the same person as I was yesterday.” You may not know how or why, but it is very clear and very line-in-the-sand.

Steve Beckow: But that is not Sahaja Samadhi, Mother, is it? When does Sahaja Samadhi occur?

DM: It occurs with a more gradual awakening and lifting up. So there is the abrupt “I am not the same,” then there is the working and the anchoring, the integration, then there is another jump, and another jump, and another jump. And you don’t know it — well, some of you do — but you are leap-frogging. And then you will be there.

SB: Now, are those jumps equivalent to sub-planes?

DM: You can think of them as sub-planes, dimensional sub-planes, yes. (“The Divine Mother: We are Creating a New Species of Humans,” channeled by Linda Dillon, July 10, 2014, at

(5) Somewhat similar to what I did with worry, discussed in an article two days from now: See “Easily Distracted,” 

(6) See Bright Star’s account of the inner Tsunami of Love: “Bright Star: An Account of a Heart Opening,” 

Here are three more:

(7) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Feb. 17, 2017.

(8) “I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved.” (John 10:9)

I, the Self, the Christ, the Atman, am the door (referring to the opening of the hridayam or heart door in fourth-chakra enlightenment). The circuit of the kundalini is so designed that no one can reach the Father (seventh-chakra enlightenment) except by entering through the heart-door of Self knowledge


Artist appreciation

WEBSITE UPDATE – Lakshmi Amrita

Art: Inner Sanctuary by Carlos Quevedo


Hi everyone

I am in the middle of updating my website and all the Posts and Pages are still there but if you click on the old Link this is what appears: is no longer available.

The authors have deleted this site.


If you are following me this should continue to be the case although all the previous Facebook Shares for Blogs and Pages have disappeared. Below is the Link to my Home Page with the new Link.

May I take this opportunity of thanking everyone of you for following me, liking / sharing and I look forward in 2018 to be able to bring you more of the posts I resonate with.

Many Blessings …

Lakshmi Amrita

The Rainbow body buddha

The March Event: Gateway of Divine Will – Sandra Walter @ Ascension Path

Art: Zoltan Molnos @ Tutt’Art


The March Event: Gateway of Divine Will

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Empaths, Sensitives and Gatekeepers have seen and felt this for months: The Big Thing happening mid-March. Here we glow.

March 15-17 has been on our Gatekeeper radar since last December. This presented as an alignment of Cosmic Stargates, interacting with Solaris (the SUN) and enveloping Gaia in the consciousness-shifting, veil-dissolving frequencies. A complete infusion of high-frequency energies unlike anything that has come before.

While this passage (March 15 – 22) is critical to those on the path of Ascension, it is part of our Divine Service to anchor, amplify and distribute these dramatically different light codes, harmonics, rays and New Earth experiences and Primary Christed Timelines into the collective consciousness.

The message is direct: This Gateway alignment will set off a series of waves, dramatically increasing the flickering, flashing, dimensional-barrier-dissolving, consciousness-expanding light. The intensity and uniqueness of this influx presents in a completely new way, triggering consciousness-shifting energies on both cellular and lightbody levels. Anxiety is common as Unity Consciousness is a collective feeling activity. Your body and lightbody are experiencing a whole new range of DNA activations as these frequencies activate 13th and 14th strand 5D levels, as well as 7D and 9D 144 strand and 244 strand patterning (multidimensional strands.)

Lightbody Changes: Upgrading for the New Light Level

Our recent Lightbody upgrades have enabled us to accommodate this next level of Light. Heart centers, the three levels of crowns, and Solar plexus have been active, since they support the next level of Ascension Embodiment. Your Light signature is also purifying, Divinitizing to enable the New Earth experience as the dominant reality. No more distorted illusion at this level; the purified geometry of the new crystalline structure may present in vision.

The bizarre and strong activations within the crystalline Lightbody over the last few weeks were direct preparation for this influx. We can feel it in our activations as the collective and personal trajectories shift. Some will be transforming to Lightbody level this year, a decision made at OverSoul level. That process is a deep remembering, activated by the release of ancient codes through Gaia herself.

We continue to activate and distribute these ancient codes within Gaia. The codes do not operate like a collective all-on or all-off switch. Information is interpreted differently in every vessel’s DNA, directed by the free will of each unique expression of consciousness. However, global revelation of higher levels of consciousness is on track. We receive the pure photonic light available in this area of space, which un-veils collective and personal darkness – as well as Pure LoveLight.

Choose your focus wisely. Remember that focus on darkness keeps it running in the collective consciousness. Time to create the New, or at least your highest vision for HUmanity, rather than marinating in the flotsam of the old paradigm.

Preparation:  We are ready.  Call it Forth.

Many of you received the message to be as calm, rested and focused as possible for this month’s changes. I just returned from four days of restful retreat by the Ocean, which had to be complete by the 12th. Allow yourself to breathe and feel the Divine Will of this wave’s intent. It has a significant effect on crystalline Beingness, accessed through the Heart.

Keep in heart that these frequencies amplify everything. They turn up the volume on every thought, word, emotion and intention. This is when the refinements in global clearing occur, as requested by the awakened collective. Stay in a neutral and pure heart-space, remembering that Unity Consciousness is your safe place. Divine Service is as Divine Service does.

Fears, doubts and emotional instability are amplified, as are Pure Heart Creations of New Earth. Choose wisely, the amplification will get quite intense. You can shift anything in the Now moment. If you find your self swayed into fearful thoughts or emotions, this is your self-empowerment challenge. Step up into your Creator Beingness.

If you have a wide-open Divinitized heart, this amplification is going to be a brilliant, blissful and expansive new experience. Embodiers, this is when we shine. Expect the unexpected, as the global trajectories will shift on behalf of all concerned. To my consciousness, this is a passage of meditation, prayer, cleansing, highest trajectory choices, creativity, and total surrender in the moment.

Staying Aligned with Highest Trajectories

Recent messages and team meetings are indicating the strength of this influx. Even my dreams about this have been lucid and prophetic. We continue to call this forth as a palpable, positive global shift in consciousness for all concerned. At this juncture, we step into our Creator State and move forward with the highest of highs. All focus goes to the LoveLight of highest outcomes. If you are new to the Solar flash activity, which is already in progress, visit the last article here.

Our Inner Work: Questions to Assist with Focus

  • What is Divine Love asking of you in this Now?
  • How is your unique expression of Source changing? Witness this, feel this. Meditate on it.
  • Light-ground your experience (Write, Create) as we go through this influx. It will assist with collective clarity and calm as this unusual experience unfolds. Many are not able to identify what they are feeling.
  • What are your Higher levels requesting you to do in this Now? Notice the changes in trajectory, rather than repeating the familiar. All is changing to accommodate the Primary Christed Timeline experience.
  • Whatever provides heart-based clarity, joy, balance, calm, healthy energetic and emotional support – do it Now.

It may be helpful to drop extraneous/unnecessary tasks for the rest of the month. Let go of anxieties or worries about how Gaia or HUmans will handle the light, and envision global positive change. Live it, Feel it, Be it. All creations are amplified; use it for the good work.

This is an expedited delivery of Pure Creator LoveLight. Open your invitation!

Forgiveness is a huge part of revelation; it truly reveals your heart coherence. Grant clemency to all of the past, including yourself. We are brand new each moment. Match that vibration. This is New, Pure Light to work with; harmonize with it, co-create with it. Be in that space. Prepare your internal and external temple, clean your home and consciousness. The Christed State sheds material baggage; give away what is no longer needed.

The Experience is the Experience

A large group participated in New Earth timeline work at the Conscious Media Festival. We guided a New Earth Experience, utilizing pure Co-Creation for three timeline outcomes, each progressively more expansive. While this was a strong precursor to the upcoming influx, it also demonstrated how these energies may be experienced by the collective.

Some wept with freedom as pure joy turned on their DNA. Some went direct and unified with their Higher levels, Some had difficulty letting go of doubt, or were shy about feeling themselves as Source. Timeline work takes complete dedication; In the absence of doubt, we are all God.

Regardless of the level of consciousness, the final highest experience was palpable, and sent waves of New HUman creation rippling out through the field. It felt like sealing the deal; a Divine YES to the upcoming influx.

For the Beloved ones going all-in, this is a Divine initiation to a new level of Self-Realization. Let us unify for maximum amplification. We are ready, let us have our accelerated Ascension.

Light Tribe: This is a huge opportunity, let us Unify.

Here is our Higher level overview:

March 15-17: Cosmic Stargate alignment, opening the Solar and Gaia Gateways. Beloveds with skills, please participate. It might feel a bit Epic.
March 17: New Moon 6:14am PT. Gates open. Calling in Highest timelines for all concerned.
March 18 SUNday Unity Meditations at 8:11am, 11:11am and 5;11pm Pacific Time. You know what happens in these sessions; start feeling what is possible as this influx enters on the same day as our meditations. Call everyone available to participate; Unity is our Safe Haven, and our strength.
March 18-20: Influx intensifies via the SUN (Solaris) BEFORE EQUINOX. Solar flashing, flickering activity may be witnessed in the etheric as well as the physical; stronger than previous flashing activity we have seen. Do not hide from these light codes. Breathe. Stabilize. All is well.
Tuesday, March 20 at 9:15am PT: Equinox – Wayshower Global anchoring.
March 21 – April 7: Strong Transitional Embodiment phase for those integrating the multidimensional 5D-7D-9D Lightbody through the physical. Keep focused on highest trajectories for all concerned.

May all of creation be Blessed by our Unity

Gratitude to all who are overriding and overwriting the lower realities each moment with your love, dedication and pure Service. We see you, we feel you. We love you, we bless you, we thank you.

ENVISION, FEEL and MANIFEST the New Earth reality NOW. All can change to our highest, brightest creation of freedom for all – and we may launch it with this wave as ONE. This is a major timeline juncture; Let us Create responsibly with this energy. Feel it, draw it, sing it, speak it, dance it, create highest outcomes in this moment. All focus on highest creations; override all lower realities in this Now.

May all of Creation be blessed, renewed and purified into Divine Beingness by this Divine Light. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension.

In Love, Light and Service,


Art: Zoltan Molnos @ Tutt’Art


Cosmic Consciousness at play throughout the Universe – Altair Shyam


Art: Kusaba Kusuhisa


Cosmic Consciousness at play throughout the Universe


*Meaning “Pillar of Light blazing in the Unbound Space of Divine Mother’s Love”


I had a deeply moving and profound awakening dream. In it Sumire and I were lying side by side with our heads up against a wall. The wall was an inter dimensional wall separating life from death, an Immortality or deathlessness wall if you will.

I knew what it was in the dream. On the other side of the wall in a parallel world also with their heads up against the wall on the opposite side lay two people, my father who is no longer in this world and one of my very good friends who passed away when she was very young.

As I lay there I became aware of a golden-dust-Prana like Amrita or nectar in Breath form that we all breathe that is the life force that makes up the Universe. The two souls that were not in this world were breathing me information energy and divine consciousness through the inter dimensional boundary which manifested on my side as this golden haze like a mist.

I knew what this was in the dream and realized that Golden Prana Breath was the way we connected to worlds beyond ours and souls that we are close to that have departed. I saw the continuum and the links and said to Sumire we should all be so grateful for these Universal Gates of Being  ♥ ♥ ♥ 

As the mystic heat illuminates the darkness it blazes up the central channel to melt the Bodhi-Mind-Heart and give rise to unparalleled Bliss, in my case in the ‘form’ of our Mother and the secretion of Golden Amrita Prana flowing throughout this body. That is the clown or fool, Cosmic Consciousness at play 🌸🌸🌸

Love illuminates the darkness, Love blazes, Love melts all Hearts, Love gives rise to Bliss, Love is the Mother and the nectar and the Source of All Things. Love is Cosmic Consciousness at play throughout the Universe 💗💗💗

Art: Fredrick Mabago at pngtree

Love and Blessings

Altair and Mother … 

I AM THAT I AM, אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה ’ehyeh ’ăšer ’ehyeh 

I am here to do the work of Our Mother by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva, Archangel and Elder in assisting all beings to find Krishna’s Bliss, Christ’s Light and the Buddha’s Heart and Healing within.

gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā 


“go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”

☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ ه ☆

ALTAIR SHYAM – meaning:

Altair (Eagle, Pillar of Heaven) and Nirbandh Shyam (Unlimited Light of Divine Mother’s Love) when I was given them I was told I would be ‘unbound’. So I AM.

☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ 

A teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.

Golden Lotus

ARTIST APPRECIATION Gratitude to all artists


How Can I Describe It? – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Princess Mandarava – Gratitude to artist


How Can I Describe It?

I just completed a writing project and was enjoying the feeling of satisfaction that arises when the job is done.

And I found myself again in what sages call true love, real love, sacred love, etc.

It doesn’t seem to be far away. I just don’t put in the effort needed to “call it up” from my heart. I “forget,” etc., etc.

This is a higher-dimensional form of love than we’re used to here in our everyday world.

And I see again, from this perspective, that there’s no such thing as “universal love.”  In grammar that’s what’s called a pleonasm, a partial repetition of terms.

Real love is universal. It cannot be otherwise. Real love has its nature, qualities and effects. Its nature is to keep flowing outwards from Source as a river or Tsunami of Love, indiscriminately. It flows through everything. But we only derive value from it if we’re aware of it and accept it.

I cannot direct it – not the inner tsunami. I can direct a small amount of it to say the Beloved, but not the torrent or Tsunami itself. It cannot be contained or directed. You can’t save it up for later, although its expanding effects can persist.

Why would I go on and on about real love unless it was truly something? Is there anything else – besides bliss – that I devote so much attention to describing?

You could talk to me about love forever but I had no idea what was being discussed until I actually tasted this kind of love on March 13, 2015. “Oh, THIS is what they’re talking about!” as I exploded into a new domain of awareness.

It left me in a state of having everything I ever wanted and yet having a gift that I felt moved to share with everybody – real love.

Returning to our pleonasm, if real love is already universal, then what “universal love” becomes is “(universal [universal love]).” The “universal” is implied in “love” itself.

I’m explaining it grammatically but if you can use the example to imagine what real love must feel like … the torrential, outflowing, universal quality of it, the unstoppability of it though it may disappear at any second.  That could … perhaps … bring you an experience of it.

Just saying.

What does it feel like? The closest parallel for us at everyday level is orgasm. (Reader discretion is advised.) Not the blissful side of orgasm but the loving side.

I think orgasm is when we let our guard down the most and experience the reward the Divine intended for us to experience as a result of conjoining to create life. (And coupling for mutual pleasure.)

Real love is definitely what will make the world work, overnight.  Transforming, unforgettable, desired by all.

There isn’t anything we need to do to have it or could do to stop it. It comes with our mass and unstoppable Ascension.

At this moment, the love I feel is flowing out to everyone.  I could well see how this state could be called “unity consciousness.” When I feel love flowing out to everyone, my barriers that I ordinarily erect between me and them are down. In that space, all of us are – and everything else is – love.


(1) Actually, Sahaja Samadhi – a permanent and full heart opening – comes some time after it – a few subplanes in according to the Mother.

My Life as a Monk – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Artist appreciation


My Life as a Monk

I can’t claim to be an awareness writer and not write on what’s actually happening.

I’m getting my wish to live as an urban monk. I’m living right now on such a modest sum that it’s like being in a forest cottage in Thailand.

A portion of my day is spent planning things out so as not to overspend. It’s my life right now. How can I not write about it?

I’m sure many of you are in the same situation.

It’s ironic that this should be our situation in the immediate period before the dam breaks.  Could it be that we’re being given a taste of what it’s like to live in poverty before being turned loose?

There’s a small group of us and we more or less pool resources. Whoever has some sends some.  The group has gotten smaller. One person left a couple of weeks ago to take a job. I won’t tell you who.

Michael says that my work in this period is to open to receive. I have “giving” down well enough, but I’m not as good at “receiving.” I need to change that: I am now open to receive.

He also says that it’s our time to demonstrate valor.

Valor is a poorly-understood divine quality in our society. It means the willingness to stick it out to the end. The last man or woman standing.

I’m a pillar. I signed up for that role. So it’s my job to stay to the last.

Being that my work is to open to receive, let me take a step in that direction by inviting you to consider giving to the upkeep and survival of this blog – but giving in a special way.

We very much appreciate single donations. Please don’t think otherwise. But what helps us even more are ongoing, monthly donations.

They allow us to know whether we’ll make it next month before next month arrives. That allows us to give our notice and downsize if we know we’re not going to make it. It can be a bone-rattling existence.

The blog receives around 50,000 hits a day (blog, Facebook, and email).

If several thousand of you agreed to give $5 a month, we’d be able to continue our work without the incredible sacrifices it so often requires.

We encourage you to make a monthly commitment to the continuance of the Golden Age of Gaia. And we thank you for your single donations as well. And gifts of love.

We know somehow we’ll make it. We just don’t know how and how much it will cost us in the moment. Our furniture? Our apartments? What would be next?

What does one do when one runs completely out of money?

Are we being asked to find out? If so, lead, kindly Light.